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Vilaz Munin

Vilaz Munin

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19 May 2019 - 11:14 PM






There had been many things Vilaz wondered to himself throughout the days. What to pillage next? How long until his people would redeem themselves? How much longer could he fight? What age will he be before laying on his bed rest? Where did he came from? The latter was something that intrigued him more than questions of his future. He has little or no knowledge of his biological pedigree, leaving him with no answers of what legacy he carried from his lineage. Though throughout the years he started his own legacy, a child that followed a life of crime in the lawless plains of Concord Dawn would become a renowned warrior that was either admired or hated. He began to focus more on expanding his clan, providing for his family, and plundering worlds to live the traditions of the old Mandalorians. Little did he care about where he came from.


Until recently.


Recently he began his own research of trying to discover his bloodline, wanting to know more what mysteries his own genetic structure kept that remained untouched for many years. A problem was that he was no scientist nor where there any clansmen adept in that degree of genetics. The only advice he was given to answer these questions was to consult with an Arkanian or Kaminoan. The latter was an option that Vilaz would not consider taking as he had no desire to deal with the insufferable Confederacy nor near its territory. The former would have to do, though it wouldn't be simple as he'd liked it to be. The planet belonged to a now defunct New Republic, but just because the newly failed Republic lost authority didn't mean the planet was without a military presence. Perhaps some Republic general or admiral took advantage and made Arkania its bastion of power with their own sense of authority. Or maybe the Arkanians did so in a similar manner.


Didn't matter, all the Warlord knew was what he must do and how to properly do so. The Munin did not plan to schedule an appointment with an esteemed scientist and wait. No, he would see one in his own fashion of doing it.


And he wouldn't be alone.


"How are your bones, ni ruug'la dala," the warrior said to his beloved wife once they had left their ship, in which was cloaked to avoid being detected, and entered the harsh cold of Arkania. Of course, they wouldn't have to suffer that as their armor would warm their bodies properly. "Remember, we have to avoid being seen as much as we can. Pick our battles wisely that way we can get what we came here for quickly."


Was this course of action radical? Why, yes it was. They were Mandalorians. Everything they ever do was considered radical.


Briika Munin

Sapanyc Kad

11 February 2019 - 02:32 AM


  • Intent: To provide Alkor Centaris a nifty sword

  • Image Source: Here

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Vilaz Munin

  • Affiliation: Alkor Centaris

  • Model: Sapanyc Kad

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Beskar, Soul Steel, Fine Leathers


  • Classification: Sword

  • Size: Large

  • Weight: Heavy


  • Lightsaber resistance

  • Soul Steel Properties

    • Mixed emotions

    • Cackling electricity


  • Beskar Might: Forged out of pure Mandalorian Iron, Sapanyc Kad can take swings from a lightsaber

  • Can you feel the thunder: The blade cackles with electricity which allows it to shock opponents with painful electricity on direct contact and can even disarray electronics.

  • Emotions: Soul steel contains the emotions of fear, panic excitement, and resolve. A Force User can channel these emotions to support themselves and their allies in battle with excitement and resolve, or can crumble the enemy with fear and panic.


  • Force Null: Ysalamiri, Void Stone can nullify or weaken the properties of the soul steel implemented in the sword.

  • Force Light: The Dark Side of the Force resides in the sword, continuous hits from Force Light can either eliminate the soul steel properties or destroy the sword itself.

  • Heavy: Like all weapons made out of beskar, the sword is quite heavy and is advised to not be used for long periods of time. Battle fatigue will overcome the user and make them an easy prey on the battlefield.

  • Emotions: It goes both ways. The wielder can be distracted by these mixed emotions in the blade, especially if they are an untrained Force User. Even a Force User that isn’t holding the sword can use the emotions within the blade against the user and their allies.


Men that were once hostile towards each other for their beliefs and the banners they stood by are now turned in allies with a common interest: burn the Empire and erase its existence, so a new people can rise from it. Vilaz and Alkor both agreed to present gifts to each other as a token of goodwill and faith, and so Vilaz commissioned his miners to extract Mandalorian Iron from the asteroids of Echoy’la and an interesting ore called Soul Steel from the planet of Dromud Kaas.


The metals were then readied for the Munin smiths, the smiths taking precautions in this unusual project. Beskar met Soul Steel, and the smiths crafted the metals into a remarkable sword. One fueled with the Dark Side of the Force and produced a mixed bag of emotions as well live electricity that channeled throughout the blade of the sword.


Sapanyc Kad was the sword’s name after its birth from the fires.


After its creation it was then given to Centaris, hoping the man would enjoy his newly crafted weapon.

Ve'vut Kal

10 February 2019 - 09:51 AM



  • Intent: To provide Khonsu Amon a personal weapon for battle

  • Image Source: Here

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Here | Here



  • Classification: Battle Spear

  • Size:  Large

  • Weight: Heavy


  • Lightsaber resistance

  • Magnetic Adhesion Grips with automated sealant straps

  • Electro-plasma filaments with magnetic containment field

  • Integrated Ultrasonic Vibration Generator

  • Technology that is able to make the spear “telescopic”. The pole of the spear can be shortened in length (Think Senya Tirall’s lightsaber)

  • Bottom-tip of the spear is modeled to act like a Force Pike. Has the same features as a Force Pike


  • Beskar Might: From top to bottom the entire spear is made of refined Mandalorian Iron from the asteroids of Echoy’la. The spear is near indestructible to lightsabers, and capable of delivering powerful blows to hostiles.

  • Vibro-energy blade: Inspired by some melee weapons in today’s Galaxy, Munin engineers designed the spear to be able to leave gaping wounds in the flesh of foes with even the slightest touch and being able to rip apart metals such as durasteel with the ultrasonic vibration generator. Plasma filaments are also used around the edge of the spear’s blade; this makes the weapon able to parry off lightsaber attacks and “act” like a lightsaber.


  • EMP/Ion weakness: The spear has some defences against ion attacks, though limited. When enough damage has been done the spear’s ultrasonic vibration generator and the plasma filaments will cease to function. That isn’t to say that the spear is completely useless, just won’t operate as its true potential.

  • Heavy: Because of the spear crafted out of beskar it is heavy and can cause fatigue to the wilder when used for extended periods of time in battle.

  • Battery cells: Continue use of the spear’s plasma and vibration functions will drain the batteries. It is advised to use in strategic moments of battle as it can last up to one hour. When drained it will take time to replace the old batteries with newer ones.

  • Cortosis: Since the plasma filaments are quite similar to lightsabers, if an object made of cortosis comes in contact with the plasma, it will shorten out the plasma like any lightsaber.



The Mandalorians and the Thyrsians have clashed blades in the past, yet the Alor of Clan Munin is not bothered by these actions. Holding no ill will towards the Thyrsians, the warrior established a mutual relationship between his clan and the Sun Guards. After some time in this agreement, the Warlord commissioned a weapon for a fellow acquaintance of his.


Forged from pure beskar that was mined from an asteroid in the Echoy’la system, the spear was then engineered with electronics and other features that made it more than a primitive spear. The spear has a mechanism that can shorten or lengthen the pole’s size by pressing a button. This function can give an advantage to the wielder if applying it properly.


Two important features on this weapon are the ultrasonic vibration properties and the plasma filaments. There are two locations for the vibration fields: the blade of the spear itself and the bottom-tip. The difference, however, is that the tip acts akin to a Force Pike which allows the wielder to stun enemies or deliver painful tortures. The blade itself acts like any vibroblade and is able to cut through metals such as durasteel and cause gaping wounds in opponents. An electromagnetic field encompasses the blade of the spear which allows plasma filaments to run across it. This allows the user to parry lightsaber attacks and cause similar damage when in contact with an object.


This fine and remarkable weapon was then passed on to Khonsu Amon as a token of good faith between the Mandalorians of Clan Munin and the Golden Company.


Koda Fett's Armor

27 October 2018 - 10:00 PM





  • Intent:  Armor for Koda Fett
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight:
    • 20kg
    • Heavy
  • Resistances

- Blasters/Plasma: Extreme

- Kinetic: Very High

- Lightsabers: Extreme

- Sonic: Extreme

- EMP/Ion: Average

- Elemental: Very High




  • Mando Tough: With Beskar plates and the augmentations applied to the armor, its excellent quality against most kinds of attacks.
  • Shields Up: Personal shields are applied, being able to further protect the user from kinetic and energy/plasma attacks.


  • Electronics: Electronics are a must for armor these days, making the armor more than just metal or ceramic plates. The complex electronics is connected with the various systems of the armor such as the integrated weapons, HUD, and many more. With enough EMP/ion damage, it will render the electronics useless.
  • Plate coverage: The style of the armor is Mandalorian Shock trooper. Meaning, the plates don't the entire body for the sake of mobility. The armorweave is responsible for protecting the user in areas not covered by the plates; however, it will not offer great resilience when compared to the armored plates.
  • Armorweave-Bodyglove: The armorweave-bodyglove is a massive conductor. If the user gets hit with any electrical attack (Force lightning, electric judgement, etc.), they will suffer twice the damage and inflicted burns.

As an offer to the infamous Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Koda Fett, Vilaz and several of his smiths went to work to design and construct an armor for the Bounty Hunter to upgrade him from his current one. Fett was, too, involved in the process, as he communicated with Vilaz on what exactly he wanted. With the materials acquired from House Vizsla and an idea agreed on, they moved on to the next phase.


Engineers and smiths worked together in an efficient manner, building beskar-ciridium plates from the forges and integrating different pieces of hardware and software to the armor.


As the engineers and smiths of Clan Munin do their own armor for their fellow clansmen, this was not at all difficult to tailor for Koda. Thus it was done in a very timed manner for the Bounty Hunter, who approved of it after testing it out himself. Perfect and versatile for a warrior and a Bounty Hunter.

Rook Takes Pawn

05 October 2018 - 08:35 PM





Carlac was once an outpost of Deathwatch during the times of the Clone Wars, and it would be abandoned sometime later by the authority of Pre Vizsla. It wouldn't see Mandalorian presence for a good time since then, and its native inhabitants were thankful for it. They were pillaged and attacked by Vizsla's Deathwatch, their towns burned to ashes and their bodies dropped in the snow.


Unfortunately, their peace wouldn't be forever as Clan Munin came.


They were weak, and the strong would conquer them. They were driven out from their homes, slaughtered without remorse as Vilaz and his aliit claimed Carlac as their own, spreading their domain and influence.


Their arrival was recent, but they were fortifying themselves and establishing sites to harvest resources for themselves, and it was bountiful.


As work was being done, Vilaz awaited in some chambers expecting company outside of his Clan. A fellow by the name of Rook interested him, earning himself an invitation to speak with the Warlord in person.


Wasn't everyday the Concordian organized meetings as they were a waste of time, and time at his age was precious and not something to waste.


Quell Rook