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Mira Cavataio

Mira Cavataio

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#1824785 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 11 July 2018 - 03:28 PM

They were young, so young right now, Mira's mind processed. More from the sight of La'Ca than from what she felt about herself. She wasn't complaining, not at all though she used to think quite highly of the way they looked back then, the way their bodies matched each other. In her mind though, she had no doubt they would again. It was one of those things Mira never doubted.

Her fingers halted their exploration when she heard her Goddess clearing her throat, eyes shifting to find her. The Optivus Res waited for a moment to find out what it was that she wanted from them, from her, from La'Ca. She could do nothing but wait until La'Ca began to leave her side, clearly understanding what was expected of her. It would have felt lonely with La'Ca leaving her if their Goddess wasn't there. It wasn't, however, a complete departure, she realized as La'Ca turned and lifted her shirt, exposing a large tattoo on her back. The first thing Mira recognized was the symbol of the cult, belonging to their Goddess, just as she did. However, there was so much more to it. Snakes, flowers, circle... Mira looked to her Goddess for a moment, trying to understand what it meant.

The property mark of Mistress Mira Cavataio, La'Ca told her before the Goddess explained further. She thought it was a mark that fit her perfectly. It made La'Ca special, besides being on her first slave, a spell on the blood and soul to ensure she never had to question of her loyalty or love, shielding her mind from all influences that weren't her making. If she misbehaved or was perfect, it would be on her and not because of any outside influence.

Before she said anything though, Petra had moved in front of La'Ca and ordered her to her knees. With La'Ca lowering herself, Mira's brown gaze focused on her goddess. A more mind and soul that was all hers. She had lots to live up to though she hadn't failed her yet. Her tasks her simple - slaves but converts, training. Mira lowered her head at her goddess. "Yes, Dea," Mira accepted without hesitation. What her Goddess asked of her, Mira had no choice but to accept. There was no other choice for the Optivus Res.

Petra Cavataio

#1809295 Bells and Blasters | CIS Dominion of Hex X-41

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 June 2018 - 03:46 PM


Objective: Surprise sweet La'Ca
Wearing: This (protective tattoos not shown on image)
Post: Twelve

Her words and tone had been effective. La'Ca had stopped and gone to stand. Mira sat up, inspecting straps and readjusting her dress before she took the offered hand and stood. It was a delightful dress and she liked the way those strings held on to her skin. For later, the Witch reminded herself why she was doing what she was doing. Minor detail though, to the rest of it.

Mira had wondered about her gifts and sure enough, her favorite would deliver. She listened, moving closer as she adjusted the silver fabric on La. Not because of the dress or appearance, not at all. Two gifts were already waiting, she heard as her fingers traced overexposed skin. One was only fun. There were more targets but her pet hadn't done anything. "Show me," she requested. Those already waiting could wait. Mira was curious about the ones La'Ca was still watching.


La'Ca Cavataio

#1807214 Puppies for All

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 13 June 2018 - 02:13 AM

Her body leaned back at the push, finding the soft covers and pillow beneath her as she did, hands pushing away the clothes La'Ca didn't need on her. Kisses followed, Mira let them come. She enjoyed being worshiped and all her pets knew this. However, none of them knew just how to the way La'Ca knew. It came from an experience and knowledge, of two lifetimes spent together.

Mira sought purpose in her connection to the Force, fingers gesturing in mid-air as she used her telekinesis to liberate La'Ca from what the fabric slowly as the whisper came. I'm so happy that I was brought back to spend my life with you. She smiled, stopping her actions for her hands to wrap around her waist, keeping her in place over her for a short moment. "And you will. All the lives. Your soul belongs to me," she told her in return. There was a hint of quietness in her voice, hint of raspiness in her voice. Mira took pleasure in knowing La was hers. The only one left that was truly hers in that sense. There was no traitor, whose name she no longer entertained in her mind. Not after all this time. Everyone else, they were nothing more than discardable pets.

La'Ca Cavataio

#1807207 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 13 June 2018 - 01:31 AM

Hand outstretched towards the other girl though her body was still adjusting to her commands now. Mira was thankful as La'Ca came to her, hands moving around her, pulling her to her. With the help given, she slowly set up, her own hands finding La's sides, drawing her closer before she was hugged. She felt the kiss to her cheek, a burning sensation, a longing with her body pressing towards the girl she loved.

Mira was always more physical. She lovely very rarely. Though that she loved though, she loved with her entire soul. La'Ca was one of those very rare individuals in the galaxy who had that from Mira. And her love for her was tenfold and strong. La whispered to her. She had been waiting for her reward. Mira's head lowered into her neck, inhaling for a moment, familiarizing herself with the body that was as foreign to her as her own. She knew her though. She was her La'Ca even if she was somehow different. Her soul, it sang a slightly different melody than it used to. It was still here.

"Mine," she whispered before kissing her neck. With the presence of the Goddess and La'Ca, Mira felt more comfortable in her new skin, more herself in the body that wasn't her own. "Always mine," she continued, fingers moving, discovering unfamiliar territory over familiar presence. Touching her made her remember moments of their time. She remembered the girl and the teenager. She remembered them together and her La's marriage to the other woman. None of it mattered, La was hers.

La'Ca Cavataio Petra Cavataio

#1806101 Bells and Blasters | CIS Dominion of Hex X-41

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 11 June 2018 - 08:02 AM


Objective: Surprise sweet La'Ca
Wearing: This (protective tattoos not shown on image)
Post: Ten

Music played in the background, an odd tune that barely registered with the Dathomirian as La'Ca continued to have all her attention among the fallen chairs. Hands moved even as she had paused her kiss to call her name. Her favorite's kiss on her skin was moving from cheek to jaw to neck, quick as La'Ca did.

She didn't even remember where she had come or why she had arrived here, whether there was any other reason other than what was happening now. Mira didn't care in the slightest. She lived for these moments.

But. It was time to stop. Simply to do with the unconformability of the situation. Mostly the chairs beneath. "My sweet, stop," she ordered a tingle of sharpness in her tone, intended to reach La'Ca. The music on the loop wasn't much helping right now either. "Show me my gifts and then you will be rewarded," Mira whispered, sweeter now as her hands found hands to hold.


La'Ca Cavataio

#1806094 Puppies for All

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 11 June 2018 - 07:35 AM

All of them. La'Ca wanted all of them but the bad ones would be for Mira's familiar. She smiled as her hands lifted. La'Ca still spoke, talking about them serving them. Cuteness would be on top of those purposes but she would come first. Her fingers reached the back of La's head at the nuzzle, other hand finding the bare skin of her arm.

"Good," Mira whispered in return. She had a way about herself. Mira preferred being the one who got all the attention though she was hard as she used to be. Her selfishness was decreased to a point, where she was no longer the center of her own universe but instead, the Goddess was. That was most likely a defining quality now. Still, she wasn't possessive of her favorite. As long as La'Ca came back to her at the end of her adventures, she could have all the freedom she desired and needed. As long as she knew she belonged to her at the end of those adventures, she could have anything and anyone she wanted.

Her head lowered, planting a kiss on La's neck, hands wandering. "Then you can have every single last one of them," she promised.

La'Ca Cavataio

#1806079 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 11 June 2018 - 06:21 AM

At the words spoken away after the fingers snapping, her head turned slightly to the side to catch the female approaching. The first thing she noticed was the brand on her flesh, same as hers. Mira didn't have to look to see if the Optivus Res was on the body or not, it was branded into her soul either way. Slowly, she had watched the female as she approached, nuzzling the offered hand as the Goddess spoke.

The girl was the reason why she was here now, the one she should have thanked... the one she knew as La'Ca. Her mouth drew a sharp breath. With the Goddess at her side, her senses weren't reaching forward, focused still on the deity. However, as Petra said La'Ca, Mira found herself reaching for the female through the Force, touching at her soul to find her.

"La...," she muttered, body slightly moving, willing herself to move as hand left her own flesh, reaching out for the previous girl. She remembered, she didn't need explanations or words. She looked different yet watching her now, it felt like she knew her like she had known it was here.

Petra Cavataio

#1805263 Bells and Blasters | CIS Dominion of Hex X-41

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 10 June 2018 - 12:39 AM


Objective: Surprise sweet La'Ca
Wearing: This (protective tattoos not shown on image)
Post: Nine

A brow arched slightly when she was hushed. Before she'd opened her mouth to speak though, La'Ca had turned, grin on her face before she suddenly flopped onto her, pouncing her, causing the seat beneath Mira to collapse before she was over her.

A grin formed on her as she laughed, unaware of the crowd's attention before she was kissed. Mira remembered her Dharma perfectly but La'Ca was her own in a lot of ways. She didn't mind either way but her favorite was unique among all the others that held her attention. Enough for her to leave Dathomir just so she could be with her. Outsider rituals didn't interest her in the slightest.

She kissed in return, hands reaching, reclaiming what was already hers, little regard for those around. Quiet little sounds released before a smile spread. "La...," she whispered, summoning her attention.


La'Ca Cavataio

#1804567 Bells and Blasters | CIS Dominion of Hex X-41

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 09 June 2018 - 12:21 AM


Objective: Surprise sweet La'Ca
Wearing: This (protective tattoos not shown on image)
Post: Seven

Finding her Goddess hadn't been easy as she was met with along the way, falling to the ground immediately and waiting until Petra herself reached out for her chin to raise her. Mira obeyed, standing. "Dea," she breathed quietly just as the Goddess leaned towards her to whisper. La'Ca had been kept busy so she was likely to make a scene. She smiled at that news.

A soft kiss came to her cheek, lighting up the Optivus Res with joy at the affection before she was permitted to find La'Ca and have fun. "Grazie, Dea," Mira responded, smile still on her face, a small nod of her head before she'd departed from her, moving through the Hall, aware of her precious girl as she walked towards. When she had seen her, she took in the sight of her, the dress, the behavior. La'Ca shouldn't have been surprised, she could see her the same way and yet Mira still moved beside, fingers tracing against her shoulder before she took a seat beside her.

"Any gifts for me?" She whispered. The Goddess had warned her of a scene and Mira expected it but it didn't bother her too much. There was beauty in La'Ca. In her madness, in her thoughts, in her behavior. And Mira enjoyed her treatment with her favorite. She seemed to be the only person in the galaxy she didn't grow bored with.


La'Ca Cavataio Petra Cavataio

#1803413 Bells and Blasters | CIS Dominion of Hex X-41

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 07 June 2018 - 10:04 AM


Objective: Surprise sweet La'Ca
Wearing: This (protective tattoos not shown on image)
Post: Three

The ship docked to the Fotressa after the Optivus Res identified herself. She was Cavataio, she was the daughter of the Leritor's Viceroy... it hadn't been so once. She had been born to her daughter, was her granddaughter before she had become her Optivus Res but now, she was no longer Mira, daughter of Lauda. She belonged to her Dea more than she had ever. Mira bathed in this knowledge, her devotion only increased in the only way it could, in bringing her closer to Petra in the ways of her blood. She was pure now, a true Optivus Res, a true Cavataio. Daughter of the Goddess.

And tonight, the Optivus Res intended on surprising her favorite and dance. She could always do these two things but the surprise for La'Ca would no doubt be even greater.

Mira exited her ship, dress already on her as one of the staffers led her through the ship where the ceremony would be held. She didn't require an escort, her heart filling. She could feel them both, telling where her Dea was and where her La'Ca was. No doubt, they would be feeling her presence soon enough as well. Some floors later, the staffer merely pointed her forward, decorations making it obvious she had been brought to the right floor. She walked, endings of her dress trailing behind her. Her dress was a perfect fit, exposing enough for her to be comfortable with the fabric yet still... civil. That was fine though, she enjoyed the soft fabric for the moment.

Her heartfelt happier still as she approached the main hall, feeling the presence of both women. Mira walked into the already filling room, following the guide of her devotion until she had found the Goddess, kneeling at her side for a moment. Whether she possessed the willpower or not to make her see her favorite before she had seen her Dea, Mira didn't care much to find out, her devotion even without the hold was greater than she would always come to give her respects to her Goddess before fun time. "Dea," the Optivus Res only said, not paying attention to any passing faces.


La'Ca Cavataio Petra Cavataio

#1797814 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 31 May 2018 - 12:09 PM

Mirus was no more, she heard and blinked, realizing suddenly how calm she was at the moment. Inside her, a fire was borning, a scream was ready to unleash but on the outside, Mira was calm and not a single one of her emotions were truly threatening to erupt to the surface. His being is completely destroyed. Her soul screamed. She was angry with him, betrayed. Ever since he had rejected her. And then leaving her in the Netherworld, all by herself. It broke her heart, angered her. He'd made a mistake. For all the love Mira felt for Mirus, she was angry with him still, wanted to punish him for what he'd done for her. Once had been enough, the second time had been a crime on her soul.

The Goddess continued, pulling her out of her thoughts. She spoke of killing their family when she had Mira offer her life to her. She had kept Mirus alive to serve her until it was handled but Mirus lost a fight and transferred to a different body which cut his bonds to their Goddess. Traitor, the thought had passed through her quickly. Not only had he betrayed her, he had betrayed their Goddess. He hid from the Goddess until she had found him, centuries passing. "Traitor," she voiced.

A kiss was left on her forehead, sending a warmth through her body, to her soul. He was a waste, and he was gone. He failed to earn his life unlike her. Her favorite of the Optivus Res, loyal and devoted, her heart sang a beautiful tune to those words, a praise like no other. She was devoted and she was loyal. Mira gave her life and her favorite of slaves to her Goddess without hesitation and she was ready to do it again in a heartbeat.

She got something better for her, improved. Would she like to see? "Sí, Dea," Mira answered. She wanted to see.

Petra Cavataio

#1794066 Puppies for All

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 26 May 2018 - 02:13 AM

Her arms wrapped tightly around her, making her chuckle lightly at it even as it applied pressure to her. Mira was familiar with it that she let it happen and not concern herself with the strength and tightness of it. The excitement in La'Ca was so obvious, she understood it completely. Added to that, she'd received a kiss to her cheek before the hug had broken. A smile kept on her face as she watched the girl move around the room rapidly, dancing as she kept speaking.

A small giggle erupted in her in the way La'Ca corrected herself as she reminded herself their Dea was the greatest and Mira came second, saying she knew she agreed. Mira agreed but she allowed her sweet La'Ca to remember herself.

When the dancing had ended and La'Ca joined her back on the bed, she talking about Nachash had a full belly of Yorshi. "Oh? I thought you wanted all of them?" Mira herself wouldn't mind but she was under the impression La'Ca wanted to love them.

She crawled back in, sitting next to her, laying her head on Mira's shoulder before wrapping her arms around her. She returned the gesture, her hand moving around the small of the girl's back as La'Ca said she was the best, using her full name in the process before admitting that she loved her. She smiled at that, knowing full well the difference between the mention of her middle name. Most people didn't know what it was but La'Ca was privy to it. Mira's gift to her reward to her early on, sharing little secrets no one else could know. "I love you too," Mira whispered before her head moved slightly forward, tilting before she'd kiss La'Ca.

La'Ca Cavataio

#1790080 Puppies for All

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 21 May 2018 - 02:11 PM

The excitement was literally pouring out of La'Ca, hands shaking even and all before the words actually came through. She'd found the cutest thing in the universe apparently. Mira listened. These Yorshi. She still hadn't seen what those were but La'Ca wanted millions of them, begging and pleading; convinced Mira and Nachi would love them too. Mira just stayed seated, listening to her go on and on about them.

The many millions of them would be their kids, furry love kids even. It made her chuckle slightly as she talked.

Mira wasn't much of a dog person, she was a snake and rancor person, possibly even in that order. Yet she was a La'Ca person that the sight of her sweetest slave made her smile. When she did finally get the datapad to see what the animal was, she looked over the information before putting down the datapad onto her thighs. "So, you want the Yorshi, don't you?" Mira finally said completely calm. "Millions of them," she added. Completely calm.

Picking up the datapad, she put it on the nightstand before she looked back at the overly excited Mira before reaching out for her hands, pulling her closer to her. "If you want a million Yorshi, you'll get a million Yorshi but I don't want them making a mess out of this place. So they will have to be trained." That was her condition. Mira had no intention of walking into her bedroom and finding it smelling weird or having her sheets ruined.

La'Ca Cavataio

#1790066 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 21 May 2018 - 01:43 PM

Some spots on her body grew warmer as Dea's hands moved above her. The feeling was intoxicating, making her inhale sharply as her minds cleared. Images and voices fell more into place and became clear. She could see memories more clearly now. Cale, she had taken his life for her Goddess. He wasn't the only one whose life she had taken but he was her favorite of the slaves she'd taken. Other than Mirus, he'd been the only male she had ever developed such feelings for. He was the last she had seen though and in the great scheme that was Mira Cavataio's life, he was the most important either. He was just the last she remembered in that life...

With the clarity, his face left her mind though, placed in her memories where he belonged. Mira's mind arrived into the present completely, more aware of everything around her, of the skin she was wearing. It felt young and different. As the Dea spoke, she said it was over. No more time to spend among the dead, she'd told her. "Grazie, Dea," she responded within seconds, as the thought filled her mind. She had died for the Goddess and now she had been retired. Because the Goddess kept her promises.

Then, an odd question was asked. What did she remember before seeing her? Mira blinked and thought back. She remembered her precious Echis taking the lives of the slaves, remembered her last thoughts. One for Mirus, with love and disappointment and one for her Dea. For you, my Goddess," she spoke as she recalled the telepathic message she had sent before raising her hand slowly, moving against her skin before reaching the edge of her neck, searching for the bite marks she had ordered Echis to give her. "Echis bit me, I died," Mira recalled, fingers still touching at her neck though no mark was there now.

Her thoughts becoming clearer, she remembered a single thought her soul knew. "Mirus. He didn't stay with me. Did you grant him life, Dea? Is he here?" Her mind was clear but as her eyes diverted away as if he was going to be there. Mirus belonged here, at the side of their Goddess and her side. He belonged nowhere else but at their side.

Petra Cavataio

#1789385 Puppies for All

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 20 May 2018 - 01:41 PM

She'd been sound asleep when the doors pushed off, rolling against the heavy covers because it had gotten a little to warm for her sleeping form. The loud shout had caused her half awake but slipped into her dream with an ease, La'Ca's voice causing a tiny smile. Underneath, the bed began bouncing and more shouting occurred, finally working its way to waking her up. Her head turned as she let out a quiet moan in protest before she felt the long lick to her cheek.

It was why her eyes remained closed even as she woke, a tiny smile itching at the corners of her lips, knowing exactly who it was at her side now. La'Ca protested with a whisper. She knew she was awake. Her smile spread a little more even as eyes stayed closed. "I'm not the one that's teasing," she whispered back before eyes opened slowly, her body stretching just as she caught a glance of the kneeling La'Ca at her side. It took her a moment to realize she was fully dressed. "Why weren't you sleeping?" Mira wondered as she sat herself up, glancing around to see the room was empty. All that shouting seemed to clear out the room completely, as it did.

Felt like it was too early to be awake, of course, Mira ran on a different schedule than the average person. She hadn't woke up early since was a child waking for training at Mamma's request and so much time had passed since then, she wasn't even the same Mira she had been then.

Her hand reached out for the girl's cheek, fingers gently caressing her favorite. "Alright, tell me." There was something on La'Ca's mind, that was easy to tell. The excitement was evident on her and while one shout had been missed, the other hadn't been. It was without a doubt something, enough to send the slaves far away from the room and in a haste, no doubt.

La'Ca Cavataio