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Mira Cavataio

Mira Cavataio

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#1790080 Puppies for All

Posted by Mira Cavataio on Yesterday, 02:11 PM

The excitement was literally pouring out of La'Ca, hands shaking even and all before the words actually came through. She'd found the cutest thing in the universe apparently. Mira listened. These Yorshi. She still hadn't seen what those were but La'Ca wanted millions of them, begging and pleading; convinced Mira and Nachi would love them too. Mira just stayed seated, listening to her go on and on about them.

The many millions of them would be their kids, furry love kids even. It made her chuckle slightly as she talked.

Mira wasn't much of a dog person, she was a snake and rancor person, possibly even in that order. Yet she was a La'Ca person that the sight of her sweetest slave made her smile. When she did finally get the datapad to see what the animal was, she looked over the information before putting down the datapad onto her thighs. "So, you want the Yorshi, don't you?" Mira finally said completely calm. "Millions of them," she added. Completely calm.

Picking up the datapad, she put it on the nightstand before she looked back at the overly excited Mira before reaching out for her hands, pulling her closer to her. "If you want a million Yorshi, you'll get a million Yorshi but I don't want them making a mess out of this place. So they will have to be trained." That was her condition. Mira had no intention of walking into her bedroom and finding it smelling weird or having her sheets ruined.

La'Ca Cavataio

#1790066 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on Yesterday, 01:43 PM

Some spots on her body grew warmer as Dea's hands moved above her. The feeling was intoxicating, making her inhale sharply as her minds cleared. Images and voices fell more into place and became clear. She could see memories more clearly now. Cale, she had taken his life for her Goddess. He wasn't the only one whose life she had taken but he was her favorite of the slaves she'd taken. Other than Mirus, he'd been the only male she had ever developed such feelings for. He was the last she had seen though and in the great scheme that was Mira Cavataio's life, he was the most important either. He was just the last she remembered in that life...

With the clarity, his face left her mind though, placed in her memories where he belonged. Mira's mind arrived into the present completely, more aware of everything around her, of the skin she was wearing. It felt young and different. As the Dea spoke, she said it was over. No more time to spend among the dead, she'd told her. "Grazie, Dea," she responded within seconds, as the thought filled her mind. She had died for the Goddess and now she had been retired. Because the Goddess kept her promises.

Then, an odd question was asked. What did she remember before seeing her? Mira blinked and thought back. She remembered her precious Echis taking the lives of the slaves, remembered her last thoughts. One for Mirus, with love and disappointment and one for her Dea. For you, my Goddess," she spoke as she recalled the telepathic message she had sent before raising her hand slowly, moving against her skin before reaching the edge of her neck, searching for the bite marks she had ordered Echis to give her. "Echis bit me, I died," Mira recalled, fingers still touching at her neck though no mark was there now.

Her thoughts becoming clearer, she remembered a single thought her soul knew. "Mirus. He didn't stay with me. Did you grant him life, Dea? Is he here?" Her mind was clear but as her eyes diverted away as if he was going to be there. Mirus belonged here, at the side of their Goddess and her side. He belonged nowhere else but at their side.

Petra Cavataio

#1789385 Puppies for All

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 20 May 2018 - 01:41 PM

She'd been sound asleep when the doors pushed off, rolling against the heavy covers because it had gotten a little to warm for her sleeping form. The loud shout had caused her half awake but slipped into her dream with an ease, La'Ca's voice causing a tiny smile. Underneath, the bed began bouncing and more shouting occurred, finally working its way to waking her up. Her head turned as she let out a quiet moan in protest before she felt the long lick to her cheek.

It was why her eyes remained closed even as she woke, a tiny smile itching at the corners of her lips, knowing exactly who it was at her side now. La'Ca protested with a whisper. She knew she was awake. Her smile spread a little more even as eyes stayed closed. "I'm not the one that's teasing," she whispered back before eyes opened slowly, her body stretching just as she caught a glance of the kneeling La'Ca at her side. It took her a moment to realize she was fully dressed. "Why weren't you sleeping?" Mira wondered as she sat herself up, glancing around to see the room was empty. All that shouting seemed to clear out the room completely, as it did.

Felt like it was too early to be awake, of course, Mira ran on a different schedule than the average person. She hadn't woke up early since was a child waking for training at Mamma's request and so much time had passed since then, she wasn't even the same Mira she had been then.

Her hand reached out for the girl's cheek, fingers gently caressing her favorite. "Alright, tell me." There was something on La'Ca's mind, that was easy to tell. The excitement was evident on her and while one shout had been missed, the other hadn't been. It was without a doubt something, enough to send the slaves far away from the room and in a haste, no doubt.

La'Ca Cavataio

#1789375 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 20 May 2018 - 01:04 PM

...your Dea... here to save you... let the moment of now drift into the next... only focus on me...

There was power in those words, a magic that siped into her veins with such ease that made her obey. Her Dea commanded, her mind began to focus. Cale in her mind lost voice first and began to fade from her vision as Petra's vision became clearer in her head. "Dea," Mira muttered as her eyelids closed willingly just as they did when she bowed. She thought she was bowing, in her mind, she was but, in reality, she'd still been lying down even if she wasn't fully aware of the body she was in now. There was just a foreign feeling around her soul still.

Mira wasn't aware of the spell taking root but she felt her soul draw closer to her Goddess which she easily assumed was part of their connection from so long ago. She heard more instructions as her eyes opened, focusing back on Petra again. ...keep on relaxing... the words continued to drop into her consciousness. ...you are home, Jaa,... Home. What was home? "You are home." The thought presented itself with such as ease as she continued to watch. Petra claimed she understood the state of awareness and feelings that were not but she was fine. Mira trusted her words without asking how. Someone else would have asked, an Optivus Res didn't. The Goddess knew best. Her voice was already taking effect as it should have.

Petra Cavataio

#1788342 Praise the Song of the Siren

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 18 May 2018 - 01:42 PM

There was a tenderness in Dea's touch, calming and centering Mira with an ease very few ever had the possibility of doing. She was safe and happy, even when she was aware of the distance and time from old reality. Her chocolate gaze tried to focus on the Dea as an image flashed through her mind. Will there truly be a reward? For me. The memory made her blink, eyes trying to focus on her Dea even harder as she shivered, Cale's face flashed through her mine. "Dea?" Mira found herself asking, seeking guidance in her voice.

Her memories were hazy, the images in her mind were confusing. Not everything had come to the surface immediately. Her hand moved slowly, trying to reach her mind, her head was starting to hurt. It was his voice going into it, his words ringing true in her head. Focus on the moment here, she heard the Goddess tell her, her eyes trying their hardest to keep watching her. "Save me, Dea," she muttered, "your words... help," she managed out, with no more than a whisper as memories invaded her mind. She had killed. It felt so real now. Her brain seemed to process backward.

How did it feel to be awake? She blinked. Straniero... Differente." Mira wasn't aware of the fact she was speaking in two different languages, all the words sounded the same in her head. It was strange and different to her. Each time her eyes refocused on her Goddess but her eyelids were blinking without any will and in the moments of darkness, her brain was recalculating memories, trying to make sense of everything. Where was she? When was she? Why had Mirus abandoned her? Where was her La'Ca? Her Dea was here. "Dea...", she muttered again, willingly drawing her attention to the one person who could calm her, who could keep her focused.

Petra Cavataio

#1787368 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 17 May 2018 - 12:02 AM

Minerva Vessia *nods* You're welcome to come visit us on Dahomir, little one.


*snuggles La'Ca Cavataio*

#1787346 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 11:38 PM

La'Ca Cavataio *licks* Oh, but my writer informs me there is another :D

#1786926 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 11:07 AM

Cim Salro Oh, I have some things in mind already. :D

#1786898 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 10:02 AM

T h r e a d  T r a c k e r

IN THE IMAGE OF THE GODDESS // Witches of Dathomir // Witch Spellweaver

#1786897 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 10:01 AM


Mira Alexandria was a child born of lust and curiosity, in her mother’s early twenties. Lauda Cavataio was a child of two Sith Masters, altered in the womb with the use of the Force and delivered as someone meant to be perfect. Before Mira, her Mamma had given birth to Gemma with another powerful Sith Lord prior to engaging in a short encounter with a family slave and giving birth to Mirus and Mira, twins, after a ten-hour long labor in the middle of the night. They were born a week prior to their term though Dathomirians didn’t put much thought into this. Much like her Mamma in the earliest years, Mira grew as a good little girl who showed promise of becoming much like Lauda was, perfectly behaved and always doing as told. Her connection to her twin brother was instant and probably began even in the womb without them being fully aware of it. While Mira would become easy to connect to anyone, she stuck to her Ma’dri, Mirus and the five slaves given to her as they were to any Cavataio child.

She was curious about the Force and magic but she wasn’t always so focused on wanting to learn, and as time passed she began to develop a more carefree persona than Mamma had at her age, enjoying her time more outside with her friends than actually watching what adults were doing or questioning. It was quickly becoming clear Mira could respect certain things but she was going to have a mind of her own. Lauda allowed such thing for being a young parent back then, having only had experience with a child who was much like her. Her children were her pride and joy but perhaps too much of her attention was still on personal training and knowledge.

The first power that manifested in her was telepathy, and to Mirus at that. She couldn’t pinpoint when it had actually begun as she could easily believe it was always there. It would be at the age of six that both Mira and Mirus were summoned to the meditation room and had their Trial by Fire, with the Weather Sense. Following its completion, the two were given scrolls of their own with that very spell to pass down to their own children someday and their training actually began. With training came other lessons - languages, history and many other fields. Mira proved to be a bright child, progressing quickly and memorizing easy but more and more, her curiosity grew. Mira wanted to know what was beyond their territory. While Mira, to a point, always understood somehow what the importance of being Cavataio was, she didn’t know the full extent until Lauda set her and her brother down and explained to them how she came into the galaxy, how powerful their grandparents were, how big both the Cavataio and Starkiller families were. Only then did Mira get to a certain grasp on what was and what they could possibly but alone, she hadn’t begun to imagine just yet. Through most of her childhood, her Mamma continued to train and travel, taking the twins with her through her journeys, introducing both of them to Corellia (from where the Starkillers were), Bandomeer (from where Sanies was originally from), Ferro (where the family held businesses) and several other places. Mira ate it all up, the differences were almost magical to her. She took a special interest in the birthplace of the Sith where Lauda brought her only once and didn’t remain there long.

One day, a child walked into their territory, a girl from a different clan. Lauda reached out to her instantly, accepting the girl into the family when no one else had and the child, actually called Dharma Decuir, was dubbed Lauda’Caelum, La’Ca for short by Petra. When Mamma accepted her, so did Mira but that wasn’t all. There was something about the girl that interested Mira which she couldn’t immediately explain. At first, La’Ca followed Lauda around everywhere but Mira would have none of that, welcoming the younger girl under her wing, announcing to anyone who had come their way that she was her sister.

By sheer accident or workings of the Force, Mira discovered her maternal Aunt Isobel Starkiller who resided within the Dreaming River Clan. She took training from her quickly, wanting to know the woman better but when she did, she discovered a lot more about her than she had bargained for. Isobel told her of her mate, a woman who wasn’t Dathomirian. She also told about her grandfather’s family, especially of Nessarose who seemed to be a complete gem.


There was Darkness, Mira would soon comprehend. In her pre-teens, Mira understood what different clans represented, what the Nightsisters were and through it, learned from her Mamma of the Sith that the family had ties to. Suddenly, the darkness became an immense field of study for the girl which Lauda warned her off because while she too had Sith ties, she didn’t believe a child so young should dabble in them but instead, the training should take its course. Mira didn't listen, continuing as she wanted. The discovery of Sith Sorcery had become a special interest, especially since she could draw from her own spellcasting to the dark arts and understand them better that way.

It was in her teenage years that Mira realized a great many things about herself. She began to notice bodies and attitudes, the way they came together and found herself attracted to them. Rather than it just being one or two things, everything and everyone caught her interest, all of them beautiful. It was when her connection to Mirus and Dharma deepened. Her new discovery didn’t fully take her away from her studies, Sith Sorcery and its similarities to magic kept her interest. Around this time, Mira also found her gift of creating spells and how easy words came to her. And around the same time, Blade Peacecraft walked into their life, enchanting her Mamma in a way she hadn’t thought possible at the time. Lauda kept the Jai to herself for a while before he was to be brought before Nona, with the twins taking a while to meet him. Mira could easily see how close Mamma was to the man and how hooked the older woman actually was. The claiming followed some time after and Blade began to create a home for the family, twins included.

Years to come, more and more was she taken from her studies with the presence of one of the fives slaves that originally took care of her, him being Cale who had captured her interest more than most. If Mira was ever honest with her, she had fallen in love with him and he with her yet he was the one who taught her how to feed her hunger but also telling her of the words he had visited. He would become her most trusted friend and confidant, someone to turn to when she needed company even if she never revealed her feelings

Mirus left for Endelaan, making her feel lonelier than she had ever been before the Sanguine Potestatem arrived at Dathomir, bringing her brother along as they sat down for an alliance between their two factions. It was jealousy in the fact that Mirus had a life without her, so far away that she wished to train again. He invited her to come with him, promising beautiful slaves once she got there, and Mira accepted, leaving Dathomir to live somewhere else for the first time in her life. Endelaan felt secluded, even if the slaves promised were delivered, she still stayed though as Mirus continued to train, dying during one of the sessions. Mira felt as though she had died, with her heart shattering into a million pieces. Even with his return, the loss had been felt. Soon enough though, she’d travel to Ketaris as the faction met with the Galactic Empire, meeting Reon Memnoch rather than participating in the meeting itself. With her journey to Corellia, Mira met Leto Deadwood who instantly appealed to her. Her La’Ca was already grown up by then point, with a wife of her own and Mira wished to meet the lovely blonde.

Back on Endelaan, as Mirus finally picked up Mira’s training, he taught her how to use Force Drain. He couldn’t begin to fandom just how much she would enjoy the power, nearly killing her own brother through a kiss as she learned how to use it quickly. It was a power Mira was meant for, without a doubt. Mira wanted more, Mirus refused her for the first time in their life, leaving her furious and disappointed he could say no to her ever, beginning a cold period between them.

Her knighthood occurred at the Circle of Power as she challenged Laenda, the two of them battling with nothing but their Force Powers. Winning the combat earned Mira the right to call herself a Magician and a Sith Knight. Yet, the incident with Mirus had left her with a bitter taste in her mouth that she soon traveled to Sognoterra to see her Nona. In her eyes, Petra Cavataio was the only true deity and the single being in the galaxy who could understand when her own Mamma got upset with the bond she and Mirus shared. Her anger vanished as she was offered something she had never dreamed about, to become a true follower of her cult which Mira accepted without hesitation. She would become Optivus Res, branded by the symbol; Nona would become the Goddess and her will would belong to the Goddess. Though not fully aware of the results, Mira succumbed willingly to the changes from someone who never permitted feelings to meddle in her affairs too much into a willing slave who, for the first time, truly loved and adored someone, her Goddess. A brand on her chest would signify her position. Her devotion would soon be rewarded.

With the new position, Mira still held parts of herself when distanced from her Goddess yet it made her lonely to be so far. On Endelaan, she would find herself a new conquest, Razelle Breuner.


The Goddess asked for her death eventually and the good little slave complied, first sacrificing her favorites as the tribute. Those that didn’t wish to fall on the blade would be bitten by Mira’s snake familiar Echis and Cale, had willingly given his life believing he too would be rewarded but the reward was for her alone, her price giving those what she loved the most beyond her Goddess. Her death followed and her afterlife was lonely, as she came to see her twin was not at her side. When his soul had come, his visit in the Netherworld had been brief, with him escaping her grasp once more as he had vanished. And so she had remained lonely until the Goddess had called for her again, preparing a clone body for her to awaken into. Her reward had been given, the new body branded with the symbol she held in the past life. In the life, she could serve her Goddess again and be given another reward, her La’Ca. Mira spur into the new life with a fresh breath, returning to Dathomir where she had belonged. Mirus was missing, he had escaped the life he should have been given, hiding away. It upset her he could betray them so yet her La’Ca was faithful still.

And twenty years passed in a blink of an eye, the teenager created growing into a thirty-five-year-old. Yet, for a Dathomirian, it was so young. Morte Stronghold was her home once more as Mira grew accustomed to her new life and looks.

#1786896 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 10:01 AM

A c h i e v e m e n t s



#1786895 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 10:01 AM

P e r s o n a l P o s s e s s i o n s


#1786894 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 10:01 AM

K n o w l e d g e o f t h e  F o r c e



[Elder] Force Crush III
[Elder] Mind Weave
[Elder] Probe Spell III
[Elder] Spell of Mind Touch
[Spellweaver] Animal Healing
[Spellweaver] Call Mist
[Spellweaver] Force “Blanket” I
[Spellweaver] Force Crush II
[Spellweaver] Probe Spell II
[Spellweaver] Seeking Spell
[Initiate] Force “Blanket” I
[Initiate] Force Crush
[Initiate] Probe Spell I
[Initiate] Spell of Communication
[Initiate] Spell of Focus
[Initiate] Telekinesis I
[Initiate] Tempest I
[Initiate] Weather Sense


[Knight] Force Drain
[Apprentice] Aura of Pain
[Apprentice] Basic Telekinesis
[Apprentice] Force Persuasion
[Apprentice] Force Sense
[Apprentice] Telepathy

(( Training Information )):
MASTERS: Lauda Cavataio, Sanies Robur, Mirus Cavataio, Petra Cavataio

#1786893 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 10:01 AM

P e r s o n a l i t y


Wild at heart and a free spirit her Mamma never was, Mira enjoy hers freedom and funtime. From early on, she was and strived to be a lot more like Petra than Lauda. Her Nona had always been her role model though it hadn’t been always obvious and pretty much most things Nona did was what Mira loved and wanted to do herself. She doesn’t care what others think which reflects in her behavior and fashion. She doesn’t about who she likes, what their gender or species it because Mira doesn’t believe in defining one’s choices. It’s also why she’s never much cared for labeled - if she fancies them, she will let them know.

Despite her free spirit, most of her affection has always been reserved for certain people, like her brother and La’Ca, in which she’s selfish and puts herself first. Her display of emotion for others, even if she does care is decided on her own needs and desires. Throughout most of her early life, Mira has never heard no; strongly influenced by her Mamma’s inexperience as a parent and her strong bond with Mirus. Nobody ever refused her, resulting in her belief that what Mira wanted, Mira got - when she wanted it. Which made the rift between the twins extremely difficult when Mirus downright refuse to feed her Force Drain as she demanded for more.

The change in her personality came with becoming an Optivus Res, succumbing to Petra’s cult and becoming one of the most devoted slaves to her Goddess. While willful, she obeys. While strong-minded and stubborn, she listens. While hedonistic, she will put her Goddess before herself. Away from her Goddess, she feels lonely and while she can temporarily fill the loneliness for a time, it’s never quite enough. Mira loves her role. She’s both a slaver and a slave, loyal to her Goddess and herself second but her nature can flourish still. She has always looked up to her Nona and on some level, she may have always known the truth but even despite it, she sees her Goddess for the beauty she shows herself her to be and becoming her Optivus Res has made the veil over her eyes thicker. If the veil broke for everyone else, for her it wouldn't. She belongs to her Goddess.

Rewarded with a new life, Mira returned into the galaxy grateful for her reward to her Goddess and feeling betrayed by her twin brother, who had been in the Netherworld for a time with her but he had vanished long before her Goddess had revived her into her clone body. Returned, altered to fit more the image of her goddess in some regards, Mira sprung to life as a teenager. Most of her family was gone, her Mamma wasn’t quite sane anymore with Blade gone from her life. Mira had her Goddess and as a special gift, she was given La’Ca at her side for being such a good slave. In the twenty years since, she has adjusted to the new life.

(( Relationships ))
PARENTS: Lauda Cavataio, Sanies Robur
SIBLINGS: Gemma Cavataio, Mirus Cavataio, La'Ca Cavataio, Celeste Cavataio
FAMILIAR: Nachash, Kodashi viper
GRANDPARENTS: Petra Cavataio, Xander Starkiller
AUNTS: Nox Deus Cavataio, Loki Cavataio, Lugh Cavataio, Veritas Cavataio
UNCLES: Precious Cavataio, Evilina Cavataio, Siena Cavataio, Envy Cavataio, Petra’Dri “Squeak” Cavataio, Serva Cavataio, Antonio Cavataio, Michelangelo Cavataio, Ancilla Cavataio, Fabula Cavataio, Kristin Cavataio
COUSINS: Kisin Decuir (d.), Minerva Decuir (d.), Celestine deWinter
OTHER FAMILY: Blade Peacecraft (d.), Minerva Vessia, Dharma Vessia

(+) Dathomirian blood: Mira is the purified version of her old self, with Starkiller and Robur genetics eliminated from her system, making her all Dathomirian Human and Sith Pureblood, thus her aging process far slower than most species. She's still the daughter of a Force altered being but more importantly, her genetic make up now comes far closer to Petra Cavataio, which has altered her physical appeareance from her previous version.
(+) Force Sensitivity: Mira is a Scion of powerful lineages (Cavataio, Starkiller) and furthermore, the daughter of Lauda Cavataio who was manipulated by both Petra Cavataio and Xander Starkiller while still in the womb making Mira a second generation Force altered being, thus giving her quite a bit of potential with the Force; though not as drastic as her mother.
(+) Gifted Caster: Raised first a Witch, Mira has talent to perform and create spells more so than usual. Words will come to her on the spot, with her quick acting on her feet, making up new words for a spell.
(+) Clones Bodies: Mira, herself currently a clone, has several other clone bodies stored away by her grandmother along with several other members of her family of different ages.
(+) Languages: Basic Galatic Standard Bocce, Hapan Language High Galactic, Paecean
(+) A range of other skills: Communication Studies, Dancing, Dathomirian Laws, Economics, Feminist Studies, Galaxy Literature, Gymnastics, History, Martial Arts, Peace and Conflict Studies, Piloting, Weapons Training
(+/-) Twin-Bond: Mira is only half a person without her twin brother Mirus of which is unclear which was even born first. The two have always shared various connections, starting with a telepathic bond from very early on. They're attracted to each other like magnets and even when they're far apart, their connection has always remained strong, even to the point when Mirus died at one point in their former life, Mira felt it the worst, as if she too was dieing. This connection is the predisposition for the romantic feelings as well as they are literally two pieces of an apple or two parts of a single soul. Thus, one without the other lacks their full potential.
(-) Darkness within: Born to families focused on the Dark Side, Mira has always had more affinity towards it rather than even lingering in neutrality as her mother has often done. She draws upon negative emotions far more easily and adepts to darkside magic quicker than others.
(-) Act My Age?: Mira doesn’t always act her age, even as she’s considered to be an adult in the ‘verse but as a Dathomirian, she is still quite young and sometimes can be childish.
(-) Queen Bee: Born a Cavataio, related to a Sith Master she believes is a goddess, child of an omnipotent woman, granddaughter to a powerful Sith Master, Mira has no shortage of arrogance towards life. She is a Cavataio and a descendant of a deity and thus acts accordingly.
(-) Character Flaws: Absentminded, Arrogant, Audacious, Bigot, Bold, Callous, Childish, Egotistical, Envious, Fanaticism, Fixation, Flirt, Habit, Hedonistic, Hoity-toity, Impatient, Indifferent, Immature, Impish, Lustful, Nonviolent, Overprotective, Overconfidant, Overzealous, Perfectionist, Proud, Rebellious, Reckless, Remorseless, Seducer, Selfish, Smart Ass, Spoiled, Stubborn, Theatrical, Unpredictable, Vain
(-) Disorder: Acute Stress Order, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Insomnia, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sexual Addiction
(-) Phobia: Atelophobia, Cacophobia, Geraschophobia, Maieusiophobia, Obesophobia

#1786891 Mira Cavataio

Posted by Mira Cavataio on 16 May 2018 - 10:01 AM


(( Social Information )):


NAME: Mira Alexandria Cavataio
ALIAS: Mira Hi’jia
NICKNAMES: Mistress Mira (by La'Ca Cavataio )
TITLES: Optivus Res, Cult of Petra
SPECIES: Purified Force altered Near-Human (Dathomirian Human/Sith Pureblood)
SEXUALITY: Xenophile Pansexual
MARITAL STATUS: Single, belongs to her Goddess
CLAN: Morte Clan
LIVING SITUATION: Castello di Chaos (Morte Mountain, Dathomir)
CITIZENSHIP: Dathomir, Endelaan (currently), Ferro, Sognoterra, Hapes (formally)

(( Affiliation & Force Information )):

FORCE ORDER: Dathomirian magic
RANK: Spellweaver
CLASSIFICATION: Sorceress / Nightsister

(( Physical Information )):

GENDER: Female
AGE: Thirty-five
HEIGHT: 5’8’’ (173 cm)
WEIGHT: 123 lbs (56 kg)
EYE COLOR: Chocolate Brown
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
VOICE SAMPLE: Eiza Gonzalez

P h y s i c a lA p p e a r a n c e

Chocolate brown eyes, dark brown hair, tanned skin and standing at 5’8’’, Mira is a Cavataio. Most women of the blood were beautiful and enchanting by nature, seductive in their very behavior. Mira takes after her Mamma and Nona more than she does of her Pa’tre. Mira doesn’t necessarily hate clothes but she likes to feel good, sometimes it’s with little, sometime with none. She can dress up but most time it was because someone insisted or because she felt really good in her skin as she did.