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Sylvanan Glass

Sylvanan Glass

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#1676061 Beneath The Mask

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 26 November 2017 - 06:07 PM

People that carried around swords in the age of the sidearm were insane.


"Because I've got this," he motioned to the rather large hand cannon that hung openly from his hip. The weapon was big enough to serve as a carbine, yet it was clearly a pistol of sorts. Sylvanan regarded it with something of a paternal pride as he presented the weapon to the woman.


Then came the thugs and the chaos they wrought. Sylvanan watched in silence as they harrassed the woman; he could only guess that she had crossed them at one point or another in the past. With a furrowed brow, the Echani leaned back in his chair and flipped the safety on his weapon. The S-5 made a low thrumming noise as it came to life in Sylvanan's hands.


"Friends of yours?" He asked as the man reached for her. The S-5 cleared the holster in a fraction of a second, and the bulky weapon's weighted barrel was pointed square at the chest of one of the hooligans shortly thereafter. The Echani cracked a thin smile.


"I still think it's a bit much," he gave Saine's sword a quick nod. "But I suppose it works."


The weapon was lowered as silence fell over the cantina. Sylvanan cast the bartender an apologetic smile. "I take it you'll forget this so long as I don't report you for letting it happen?" A brow was lofted toward the bartender. The man grumbled and nodded as he moved to clean up the vomit.


Sylvanan turned toward Saine. "Who were they?"


Saine Kela

#1676038 Little Birds

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 26 November 2017 - 05:36 PM

(Anti-Imperial sympathizers only. No combat. Antags can attend if a PM is sent first.)


There were some that greatly disliked the current situation that the northeastern section of the galaxy now faced. With the Dominion and the Silver Jedi gone, there would be nothing to stand in the way of imperial expansion. The days looked dark indeed, yet some semblance of hope remained.


Messages on private forums had been exchanged. Those wishing to air their grievances with the dawn of the next imperial age were called to meet in person in a safe and private setting. Gormans, a bar in Ession's lower levels, had been chosen as the venue of choice. 


A thick cloud of smoke rolled up from Sylvanan's wooden pipe as he watched the cantina. The inhaled spice found its way to his tar caked lungs and found itself in his bloodstream shortly thereafter. The effects were immediate; his pupils began to dilate as his consciousness transcended into the realm of the ethereal The anxiety he'd begun to feel over this meeting was left behind along with the majority of his common sense as he ascended to the plane of bliss.


This only held for a few seconds before the high receded to the back of the Echani's mind. With its departure came the return of his mental faculties, though his perception of the world remained slightly altered.


The bar was mostly empty. Its owner had closed up shop early for the meeting. Sylvanan had been the first to arrive, and it was another half hour before individuals from a myriad of different species began to dribble in.


A hand came to rest upon the S-5 hand cannon hidden within his long coat as he watched the other visitors. Those invited had all been vetted in one way or another, but the possibility of their meeting could very well have been leaked. The last thing they needed here now were imperials.




Sylvanan blinked as the bartender pulled him from his stupor. "I thought you were closing up for the night?"


"You think I'm going to host you all without making a bit of coin in the process?" The Nautolan bartender snickered. "I would expect you to be smarter than that."


The Echani shrugged, "I s'pose so. Balmoraan Bluesky for me," a credit chip was slid across the bar as Sylvanan turned about in his chair. 

#1673701 Beneath The Mask

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 21 November 2017 - 09:57 PM



The cold night air caressed Sylvanan's pale features as he made his way toward the bar. The streets were relatively empty, though hints of the city's night life could be seen in alleyways and under awnings. The Echani paid them little mind; his thoughts lingered on the drinks that awaited him.


The bar itself was a hole in the wall called Borgan's. Sylvanan didn't know why it had that name - there was no one named Borgan that worked the bar - but he'd made it his port of call nonetheless. There wasn't much else for him to do in the evenings these days.


Calloused fingers ran through his mop of white hair as he settled on a bar stool. The Devaronian working the bar gave him a short nod and a smile; Sylvanan met the gesture with a wave.


"Balmoraan Bluesky."


"Again? You don't want to change it up?"


"Not tonight," Sylvanan offered the alien his best smile. The Devaronian offered no further protest, and only a few moments passed before a glass filled ot the brim with bright blue liquid was fizzing in Sylvanan's hands. 


Crynic was done. The hospitals and research facilities had been raided by the Sith during their assault. Assets worth millions of credits were liquidated overnight; regaining control after that disaster had almost proven to be impossible. The company had survived by the skin of its teeth, but rebuilding it from the ashes was not Sylvanan's current priority.



His brow furrowed as his thoughts drifted to the parade that had been held in the capital city. A brief moment of anger burned in his belly as he recounted the way the Sith had spoken down to Ession's people. They had sought to crush Ession's spirit, and for many, they had succeeded.


Not for me.

#1092266 The Truth (Holonet leak on Spacebook)

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 15 December 2015 - 05:02 PM

(The IC content was all recorded by Sylvanan's HUD, as mentioned in every thread he was in from the start. The Star Cabal fell apart, so he's issuing this as some form of revenge. A number of the lines have been spliced by him to get to the point, but an analyst could find that these voices are in fact genuine.)



There was a video spreading across social media as of late. It had been released on the dark net some time ago, and a lucky soul managed to upload it on Spacebook. Some believed it. Others saw it as a hoax. Either way, it was there for the whole galaxy to see if they wished.


It began.


A protocol droid sat in front of the holocam. It was old and rusted, missing one eye and was slumped over in the chair. It remained that way for a moment, until the remaining eye began to glow with a faint yellow light.


"People of the galaxy, forgive me for my use of this droid. My identity must be kept a secret, lest I be hunted down by those you will learn of today." The droid perked up. It was reading from some form of script. "Let it be known that an organization known as the Star Cabal almost brought about the collapse of galactic civilization as we know it. Composed of some of the galaxy's most influential people, the Cabal's goal was to eradicate the religious leadership of the One Sith, dismantle the Republic, and bring about an end to all other galactic powers. Their end goal was to erect a new galactic order in the form of a Communist Republic ruling from Coruscant. Their mission failed due to the actions of brave unsung heroes, but they are still at large."


"Today, I will be providing recordings, names, documents, and other sources to prove the guilt of those accused. Some of you will recognize these people as important figureheads. Understand that they seek to deceive you. Understand that they have sought to destroy your way of life in the past, and will likely do so in the future."


The view shifted to a still picture of Tmoxin Temi. Audio could easily be heard.



The video came to and end. The droid resumed speaking. "You've just seen Miss Temi agreeing to purchase a clone army for the purpose of overthrowing the One Sith. Keep in mind this video dates back to the days when she was a 'loyal' soldier within their ranks. Now the Techno Union supports her ventures? Who is to say they are not readying to turn on their allies? Sith Lords of the galactic core, I urge you to watch your back. Your allies may not be as they seem...moving on."


Geneviève Lasedri, staunch supporter of the Republic. friend to the Jedi, enemy to the One SIth...or is she? Our operative managed to place a bug on one of the Star Cabal's leaders. This is Miss Lasedri agreeing to a similar deal. Her plan? To exterminate the Jedi Order and consolidate her power as leader of the Republic."



'Yet another hidden viper. This woman plotted to purge the Jedi Order alongside the Cabal. Her entire senate is corrupt - they follow her example. Those that replaced her will be the same. Jedi, I ask you, what are you fighting for if your leaders are so eager to put you down once you've lost your use?"


An automated sound of amusement escaped the droid.


"Finally, a recording of a meeting between some of the major players within the Cabal. Judge how you will."



The clip came to an end.


"Obvious this is dated, but confirms things all the same. The Red Ravens crime syndicate operated on the Cabal's terms, and the majority of their populace was ignorant of that fact. Soldiers like Vaiden now support Imperial groups in the southern systems; groups One Sith people have made contact with. They, like the Techno Union, have plotted to overthrow you before. I will enjoy seeing if you wise up."


The droid chortled. "At one time, the Star Cabal had great influence over the galactic playing field. They might have been a threat, had their plans not fallen apart when Darth Arcis brought a sudden end to the rebellion on Balmorra. Fortunately, our slicers managed to recover these recordings. Let it be known that the men and women shown within these holovids are traitors to their people. They are untrustworthy, greedy, and power hungry. I have provided the documentation. the truth has been brought to light. Goodbye."


The video cut out.

#856364 Let's Make It Official

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 23 May 2015 - 08:45 AM

If she thought he would fall to her womanly charms, she was mistaken. Sylvanan did not crave the carnal desires that most men chased. They were for lesser creatures, sentients of a tier far beneath the Arkanian. He was pure. If he needed offspring, he would build them himself. He did not need the comfort of a woman in his bed to sleep well at night. Aye, he though Tmoxin to be a beauty, and perhaps if he were healthy, he might have succumbed.


Yet he could not feel the heat of her skin near his. He could not smell the soft scent of her perfume wafting from her hair and neck. He could not feel the electricity of her touch or the softness of her lips. None of it mattered to him.


"No." He stated firmly, the obsidian mask he wore over his visor evaporating. His voice was authoritative, and the seriousness in his gaze was reflected it. ​"Separating Crynic's holdings to different owners is a detrimental move. Not when it's unneeded. You won't sway me with your body, Tmoxin. We have a goal, do not try to sway me from our endgame." 


Tmoxin Temi

#854693 It's Only Business

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 21 May 2015 - 06:39 PM

The Prime Minister would receive two hundred men. Sylvanan would commission two hundred thousand. The hook had been set, and once she had access to loyal soldiers - unquestioning, dedicated warriors, she would want more. They always wanted more.

"The men and women will be loyal. An elite force. A sampling, you could say." He said reassuringly, turning about toward the exit.

"Two weeks, these exact coordinates. I'll be looking forward to it."

Geneviève Lasedri

#853505 Let's Make It Official

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 20 May 2015 - 05:54 PM


It was the underlying factor behind all business deals. Give this for that. Take more than you give, or you've failed to negotiate accordingly. That was how trade worked. Sylvanan rarely played it that way.

"If you're meaning to use Crynic to gain personal credits, I can oblige whenever you feel the need." He informed, tapping his fingers on the table. Crynic was his trump card. It was his livelihood, a neutral organization living off his own wallet. He liked Tmoxin. He trusted her. He could not give her a share of the company - that would sully its purpose.

"My dear, I fully intend to repay you for the lost funds - the Ravens are paying me triple my usual rate to clone beasts. Credits will not be an issue. If I were to give you a legal stake in Crynic, that would tie my organization to the Empire. That would destroy my neutrality. That would hinder our flexibility." He explained.

"How will I approach the Republic as a friend if the Sith own part of my company? The Levantines? The Mandalorians? Were it any other case, I would allow you fifteen percent. The most I can give you now are ten thousand loyal, effective soldiers within the next six months. I cannot give you part of Crynic, because then I would sully our only medium for neutrality. Do you understand?"

Tmoxin Temi

#853430 Let's Make It Official

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 20 May 2015 - 04:53 PM

Tmoxin was a smart woman. Obscurity was a necessity in this sort of situation after all, and a plausible lie would be needed to get this order through. So be it. Deceit was part of the game Sylvanan played on a daily basis - game he'd been participating in for the past eight years. It wasn't his first rodeo.

"You've noticed increased rebel activity on Balmorra, yes?" He lofted a brow. "That's my doing. The leader of the cell is a very headstrong Jedi. Powerful, intelligent, but ruled by his passions. He hates the Sith, more than either of us. He is a useful tool."

He slid a datapad over to her. On her was a simple contract for the production of a legion of Stormtroopers. Ten thousand to be exact, an entire legion. The template was taken from one Canal Tal'verda - Fett clones. "He will eventually become your ally, but for now, his activities justify loyal Imperial soldiers. He will incite revolution, these ten thousand men will be the perceived solution for the Sith. In truth, they will be ours to control, inhibitor chips and all."

He smiled.

"Do you agree m'dear?"

Tmoxin Temi

#853251 For those of you with a Clone wars itch that needs scratched...

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 20 May 2015 - 03:02 PM

Over the years, there have been a few reemergences of the Clones. The most recent and most successful being the CIS (now the Techno Union) breeding a small army of force dead Fett clones.

With that gone, and after a long rewatching of the clone wars, Crynic has opted to produce its own militarized clones. An agreement with the Republic's prime minister has paid for the production of two hundred clone men from different templates produced with inhibitor chips, and absolute loyalty to the Republic.

These soldiers are trained similarly to the soldiers from the Clone Wars to provide the brotherly bonds the clones were known for, and outfitted with reproductions of the canon Katarn armor. The rest of their equipment will mirror that of any Republic soldier.

If these clones are successful, production will increase. For now, there will only be two hundred - two hundred of the Republic's finest.

If anyone has been itching to roleplay this sort if thing, please let me know. It's always great to have more PCs involved.

#850268 Let's Make It Official

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 18 May 2015 - 11:13 AM

Ah, but that was the point wasn't it? To draw the eye? The Arkanian snickered to himself at her reply. Tmoxin was rightfully worried, what he asked of her was monumental, but things were under control.


They were always under control. He steeped his fingers into a pyramind of obsidian, and flicked off the obsidian matte of his visor. Beneath, he was smiling, the warm kind of smile that said don't worry. I will protect you. Everything I ask is only to keep you safe. 


It was the truth, to a point. Sylvanan liked the woman. She was intelligent, and could crack a joke now and then. Hell, if he wouldn't die from skin contact, Hans wasn't taking he to bed, and he gave a damn about romance, he might have taken her out.


That, of course, would never happen, nor would he fantasize about such. There were far bigger issues to discuss.


"Tmoxin, my dear, that is entirely the point. We draw a quarter of our funding from the ISB. You look like a good little soldier reinforcing the borders, for the Inquisition you might say. The rest..privately funded, yes. Consider it a token of friendship."


Tmoxin Temi

#850250 It's Only Business

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 18 May 2015 - 11:04 AM

His lips pressed into a thin smile. So the Prime Minister was interested then? Good, he would provide for her. He leaned forward slightly, and lofted a brow, though his expression was hidden behind his mask. She wanted a batch of clones? The Arkanian would deliver.


"I can provide you with a sampling...Two hundred men. Commandos. They will do whatever you wish, and free of charge. All I ask, is that you join me for an evening. There are people working on both sides to end this war Prime Minister, and we could use your help."


He was not lying. Gen was crucial to their plans, though things could still continue even if she did not join them. Sylvanan sincerely hoped she would listen though.


"We've eschewed political ties and religious views for one simple purpose. To bring peace to this galaxy, and stop any further religious wars brought about by radicals." He offered a hand. "Won't you at least come to see what we are about?"


Geneviève Lasedri

#844149 Let's Make It Official

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 12 May 2015 - 08:24 PM

Sylvanan did what he wished, more or less. It came with the territory both he and Tmoxin Temi shared. He needed full access to be effective, and those he worked with trusted him enough to allow it. That was trust well place, as it often paid off well for the others.

This would be one of those cases.

He pulled up a chair, and adjusted the tint on his helmet. His smiling face practically glowed through the transparent glass. "I came to talk about the clones. For the plan I mean. You need some, I would say about...six thousand."

He shrugged.

"I can flash clone them in two months. Another two to train them sufficiently. Then they're yours. We can find them with the Inquisition credits - put it down as a military expense."

The smile widened.

"That's what it is anyway. A contract with Crynic and the One Sith military to produce a military unit in four months."

#843766 Let's Make It Official

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 12 May 2015 - 03:28 PM

Sylvanan needed a contract. A proof of word and Sith funding to provide Tmoxin Temi with the clones that were needed. A legion six thousand strong of the best soldiers the galaxy had ever seen. These men were to be their strong arm, and the Sith would pay for every single one. It would be to the Dark Sider's advantage anyway - the men would serve them by extension. When it came down to it though, they were Tmoxin's men - and his.

He arrived at Morpho around noon. He was permitted easy access - the men knew him well. He had helped build the place after all.

Two clone soldiers marched at his flanks, bodyguards of the best kind. They served their purpose, and the Arkanian always made sure to pay them for it. Good men, the both of them.

He gave Tmoxin's office door a quick knock before letting himself in. The clones posted themselves on either side of the door.

"Tmoxin? I need to discuss something with you."

#843727 Here We Build Monsters

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 12 May 2015 - 02:59 PM

"That depends. This one is coded to myself. Others will be coded to buyers. Some will respond to certain key words, command codes, that business." Sylvanan explained, strolling up to the beast. He scratched it behind its right ear, and the Vornskr tilted its head forward in reply.

A low, pleasured growl escaped the beast. Sylvanan tapped it on the crown of its head - something these beasts particularly hated. It just looked up at him, puzzled. "Entirely. If the chip is destroyed, it wouldn't be able to move. It might not even be able to breathe at that point."

He pointed out.

"So...I would say the beast listens well."

Hans Vaiden, Tmoxin Temi

#843718 It's Only Business

Posted by Sylvanan Glass on 12 May 2015 - 02:54 PM

It was a gamble playing the walk-off card. It was quite likely that the Prime Minister might just let him walk off, forget this business and go her own way. Yet she had not, and Sylvanan's gamble was won. It was not to say he had influenced her - though he might have a small amount. Miss Lasedri just saw the opportunity he presented, and was smart enough to jump on it. He could not blame her for that - no, he applauded her.

"Ma'am." He began. "Cloning is a controversial issue. So is rolling over to a war machine run by a murder cult." He turned to face her. "I offer you an army. One designed to halt your enemy, and perhaps push back while your Republic gets back on its feet. In return, these men will receive the same rights as all human men, and military benefits. You can spin the story easily enough that way - we'll even let them volunteer rather than forced into it."

He shrugged. "They will, of course, eagerly join. Inhibitor chips and what not. Once the war is over, you can even destroy the chips. They will be free, eager men, we'll just birth them." He cracked the slightest smile, though the Prime Minister would never see it. "We've longed progressed past the archaic days of the clone wars."

Yet, he was not done. "As for ending the war...that would require the expulsion of the force from governmental positions...and if you would wish to discuss that, then I offer a meeting to you with those of a similar mind to myself. Their politics, you will not agree with, but they will end this war, and bring us peace. Seven years is too long for a war of this scale, wouldn't you say?"

Geneviève Lasedri