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About Me

NAME: CC-3368 "Reaper"
RANK: Specialist
SPECIES: Human (clone)
AGE: 23

SEX: male
HEIGHT: 1,83 m
WEIGHT: 79 kg
EYES: after a mission on geonosis Reapers helmet fell of and his left eye got a scar and changed into white but the right one had its original brown color.

HAIR: Reapers got a mohawk but you can only see it if he takes of his phase I helmet.
SKIN: light brown.




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Reaper is good in close combat and using a sniper rifle and has some medic training aswell and his weaknesses are that he is easily angered and he trust people to much.


Reaper is 1,83 m and weights 79 kg. Since Reaper is a clone he used the phase I armor but updated to phase II armor set. he has a tattoo on his cheek of a skull and with the words "fights and dies for my brothers". his helmet has the republic symbol on the both sides and his chest plate has a hand print. his phase II armor has a standared white color except the symbols on the helmet and the chest, elbow and knee that is grey. his shoulder pads are marked with a wolf.


Reaper was born on the clone homeworld of kamino. he was trained to become a soldier since he was like the rest of the clones. when he became full grown he did his first mission in geonosis and got his left eye wounded. hes been in many battles and seen many of his clone brothers die infront of him. He was one of the few that didnt not turn to the sith since he was able to see the difference between right and wrong. Order 66 was the only order he did not obey because he was friends with one of the jedi and he trusted him.

clones dont have personal ships.



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