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#1772329 Dead Trees [SJO vs The Cabal]

Posted by Cradossk on 20 April 2018 - 06:48 PM


Nobody ran a feast like Elder Kraknor. From the moment he'd disembarked, Cradossk had pumped out saliva at a prodigious rate. Now, halfway through his second plate, Cradossk confessed his high expectations met and exceeded. The Wookiee filet, a rarity in this infuriating age, went down like the finest eel. Tender wagyu bantha, served with only the slightest glaze of heat, contrasted richly with barbecued nuna kebabs. Each kebab held four whole nunas stuffed with Verpine ichor. Absolute bliss. Kraknor's cooks really knew how to tease the flavor from a fine cut of meat without overcooking.

Cradossk sipped human whiskey from a human skull and let out a belch of profound praise. Kraknor favored him with a gracious nod.

Tytos Ardik

#1772231 Sssuggestion: Ssspeciesss rank titlesss

Posted by Cradossk on 20 April 2018 - 03:52 PM

Whole contest took place while I was on LOA; this is the first I'm hearing about it. Doesn't really change anything, I suppose.

#1772172 Sssuggestion: Ssspeciesss rank titlesss

Posted by Cradossk on 20 April 2018 - 12:41 PM

I'd ssspeculate sssuccesssful ussse of categoriesss sssuch asss 'Aquatic,' 'Reptile,' and ssso forth.

#1772078 Sssuggestion: Ssspeciesss rank titlesss

Posted by Cradossk on 20 April 2018 - 09:20 AM

i think you spilled nacho cheese on your S key.

Humanosssentric biasssssss

#1772072 Sssuggestion: Ssspeciesss rank titlesss

Posted by Cradossk on 20 April 2018 - 09:11 AM

Filthy humansss everywhere. Many aliensss alssso. Ssseriousssly, alien ranksss would be exsssellent. Consssider the mossst common: Twi'lek, Zeltron, Chisss, Wookieesss, et sssetera.

#1768467 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 14 April 2018 - 09:19 PM

Katarine Falcon Culver Yardley

Light and heat marked the last moments of Cradossk's consciousness. The cooked plasma grenade detonated inside the airlock, right beside where his body hung. Trandoshans could regenerate an awful lot, but Cradossk was no longer young, and the close quarters of the airlock amplified the blast. He hung by the carabiner, limp and well toasted. A few heartbeats too late, the pilot sealed the airlock and finished angling for the steep rise that Cradossk had ordered. The dropship leaped into space, minus the grappling line and/or its occupant. Exeunt the Trandoshans.

#1768399 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 14 April 2018 - 06:28 PM

Katarine Falcon Culver Yardley

In Cradossk's opinion and experience, there were two kinds of fighters: people who talked and people who did things. Yardley's stunt caught him by plenty of surprise, to be sure, and the power armor's weight wasn't friendly either, but Cradossk found himself with a good few precious seconds to act.

<<Roll left,>> he snarled in the Trandoshan language, and the pilot obliged. The open hatch was now straight down, and between his carabiner and a good solid grip near the sealed inner hatch, Cradossk wasn't going to take that long fall.

The same couldn't be said for Yardley.


#1767852 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 13 April 2018 - 06:09 PM

Katarine Falcon Culver Yardley

"Ssswoop bike in rearview, sssir," sssaid the dropship's pilot. Cradossk bit back invective and eyed the altimeter. That speeder bike probably had enough of a flight ceiling to intercept his ship in atmosphere, and the dropship didn't have a lot in the way of weapons. Worse, he couldn't bring any of them to bear while clawing for space - not the forward cannons, not the ventral blaster. The best he could do might be...hmmm.

"Sssteep rissse, pleassse." He unholstered one of his ACP repeaters and headed for the service airlock on the port flank. One carabiner later, he was leaning out the hatch and firing at the bike. The ACP repeater put out a flurry of small yellow blasts.

#1767429 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 12 April 2018 - 06:39 PM

Draven Dursden

An invisible wave slammed Cradossk and company to the ground. The impact felt like concussion rifle fire, but more of a shove or a throw than a bone-shattering blast. Regardless, Cradossk felt quite a bit of pain. He found himself seriously displeased, and also minus a functional stun rifle. Note to self: fix stun rifle or steal new one.

The stun fire slackened, and then Dursden was gone, vanished over the edge of the roof. Cradossk picked himself back up and spat blood. Between the Jedi and the man in power armor, he'd taken serious losses.

The Trandoshan ships began to lift off, exit stage left, their bellies full of fresh new slave stock.

On the plus side - he thought to himself as he limped back into his dropship - a profit split between twenty slavers was significantly tastier than one split between forty.

#1767404 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 12 April 2018 - 06:15 PM

Draven Dursden

That greatsaber made a wonderfully huge target. Cradossk, who'd already come around to the back alley with two associates in anticipation of this exact moment, pretty much just fired...up. His stun rifle roared out wide blue blasts, and his two backup men followed suit with smaller stun blasters. The goal here was to numb, even paralyze, the climbing Jedi from the waist down. Cradossk sighted in on the Jedi's bulbous posterior and laid down punishing fire.

#1767200 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 12 April 2018 - 08:17 AM

Culver Yardley would receive no further pressure from Trandoshans; while they'd succeeded in partially shutting down his armor, he'd killed the entire squad. The other squads kept hunting slaves throughout the starport. Katarine Falcon was on her own.

About fifty yards away, Cradossk and a couple of Trandos waited outside the collapsed bar. Draven Dursden had brought a huge lightsaber to play, and bits of the blade came into view constantly. Burning or molten structural elements scattered across the alley. The gas, it seemed, hadn't worked. Cradossk adjusted his estimate of Jedi abilities. This one needed to get worn down farther before capture, even at the risk of reduced value.

He backed away from the collapsed bar and hissed an order. One of his associates fired a concussion rifle. The goal here was to destabilize and compress the rubble pile around Dursden... and weaponize all the burning, melted bits he was creating so industriously.

"Barbecued Jedi in pressure cooker. Serves sssix."

#1766950 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 11 April 2018 - 07:53 PM

Draven Dursden

"Gassss him out."

Cradossk recalled something about knockout gas not working on Jedi, but the more pressure the better. Besides, that rubble looked unstable, and concussion rifles at this stage could crush the value out of him. At Cradossk's order, another Trandoshan squinted into the rubble and lobbed in standard knockout gas grenades. Heavier-than-air mist flowed through the rubble. Maybe it would get the Jedi; maybe it would just flush him out. Assuming the latter, Cradossk swapped his ACP repeaters for a stun rifle and took a couple of associates around the back. He could catch glimpses of the lightsaber's huge, unusually intense beam through gaps in the rubble. If the Jedi carved his way out and beat the gas, Cradossk intended to be at ground zero.

#1766909 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 11 April 2018 - 06:11 PM

Katarine Falcon got a hiss and a grin. "Agreed," Cradossk said, and turned his attention to Draven Dursden. While he'd rarely seen Jedi abilities in action, Cradossk found himself assessing the situation from the human male's perspective. Presumably, holding up a large chunk of wall would monopolize attention and focus. Thus far, the Trandoshans had refrained from using stun grenades against Dursden for fear he'd send them back - but if he was busy holding up several hundred pounds of wall, wasn't this the opportune moment?

A couple of stun grenades arced over the improvised shield. Two more rolled underneath.

#1766695 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 11 April 2018 - 10:23 AM

Draven Dursden

Dead Trandoshans littered the street around the Jedi, and though they only represented a small fraction of the slavetakers, the losses stuck in Cradossk's craw. Others felt them more keenly: he had to snarl his orders repeatedly to get them to switch to nonlethal weapons. Otherwise they'd have just kept firing concussion rifles until Dursden was a puddle. Stun beams converged on the fallen Jedi from many angles. The goal here was to knock him out and sell him, with his lightsaber, on the open market. Maybe the Jedi Orders would pay to get him back; maybe the Sith would pay more. Cradossk had no real preference. Money was money.

#1766064 Slavering Jaws (Slave Raid - OPEN)

Posted by Cradossk on 10 April 2018 - 08:12 AM

Draven Dursden Culver Yardley

Without mercy or hesitation, the Trandoshans who'd cornered Yardley pounded him with EMP grenades and stun blasts. The goal here was to shut down his armor, knock him out, and sell armor and man to the highest bidder as a package deal. Cradossk stopped firing, mostly because he couldn't shoot at Yardley without hitting the Trandos who'd surrounded him.

Also because of the raging Jedi with the huge lightsaber. Talk about market value.

Your average concussion rifle fired a large shock sphere that exploded on impact. A concussion rifle's shot could send a target flying, break bones, rupture eardrums, et cetera. As the surviving Trandoshans scattered to keep away from the saber, a handful of them brought concussion rifles to bear. Lightsabers didn't do crap against concussion rifles - wonderful things for Jedi-hunting.