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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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In Topic: Mechanical Assault Platform "Aegis" Sentry Unit

Yesterday, 08:46 PM

I apologize for my suspicions and worry, but I personally find it strange how, within the last few weeks, you have threatened to ban three people, including myself, because we've disagreed with you and offered you our viewpoints and reasoning as to why such things should be allowed and shouldn't be limited. None of whom have had a history of abusing submissions that they have made.



I will not threaten people with ban, even with some disagreement. No-one is every going to completely agree on everything, that's part of what makes us human. However, "broken record" statements or aggressive debating are not something that I or other Factory staff (including FJs) will entertain for long. This statement triggered my warning to you:


I'll repeat again, this is not a mech.






If such issues and problems are happening, then something need to be changed and fixed with the current monthly approval system to stop something like this from happening. Even if this system is very much reactive to reports, which is a good idea, a more thorough look over should be applied to subs to ensure that things like this do not repeat themselves in the future. Auto-approving stuff, while it looks good on paper, can come with needless problems. I'm just going to throw this towards you as some advice for future factory submissions.


It's much different than how the old system worked, that's intentional. The intent was to make it the submitter's job (not the Factory staff's job) to make sure that things are okay. Likewise, the community itself now acts as the primary enforcers of what is and isn't considered acceptable, hence why some of your subs may have escaped commentary or complaints so far. I do not go looking for subs to bring under review (again), other people do and bring them to my attention.

In Topic: Mechanical Assault Platform "Aegis" Sentry Unit

Yesterday, 04:38 PM

Kraken Society, I don't agree with that it meets the guidelines that I have let out. In large part though, that's because those guidelines are subjective and open to different interpretation by different people. It would not appear that we both have the same idea of what's crossing the line when it comes to being biomorphic. That is something that the new guidelines currently be drafted will hopefully address adequately.


While I would agree that yes, it's theoretically possible to make a mech like you described in Star Wars, it does not currently fit in with the ambience of the Star Wars setting. That is the issue here, not if it's theoretically possible. I don't agree with you that we can simply take trends forward without any sort of limitation.  


While I am always open to hearing different viewpoints, at the end of the day, I do expect my guidance to be followed. If you want clarification on if something will work or not to fit into the setting, please feel free to ask me. However, please do not argue with me further about what should or shouldn't be allowed. If you continue to argue with me about what should and shouldn't be allowed, you will get a Factory ban.

In Topic: Ludex-Class Bidpedal Locomotion Siegeworks Heavy Combat/Artillery/Assault Pla...

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

Daan Sarnova, I'll reiterate that I'm working on complaints and reports. This one got a comment from someone else, hence the further scrutiny.


If you would like though, I can retroactively go back and pull those submissions for review as well if you want them to be all treated exactly the same.


The easiest option for all of us though would be to find a different image and modify the concept slightly.

In Topic: Ludex-Class Bidpedal Locomotion Siegeworks Heavy Combat/Artillery/Assault Pla...

18 April 2019 - 06:58 PM

The Audax would have more of an Animal Movement Pattern with its' ungulate locomotion and Biomorphic shape? Could you clarify what characteristics you would assign to the other two vehicles and then this vehicle?


This has the three characteristics that I have previously listed that turn this into mech:


1) Large Size: This is quite large, especially for a2 legged walker, being noticeably larger than an AT-AT

2) Skeletal Movement Pattern:It appears to move like a man

3) Biomorphic Shape: This looks like a person, especially since it has a head and those guns appear to be on articulated arms


On top of this, and not in any of the guidelines listed so far, this is intended to be operated by a single person (unlike your other submissions so far).



In Topic: Mechanical Assault Platform "Aegis" Sentry Unit

18 April 2019 - 06:43 PM

Kraken Society, this was a mass-approved submission, meaning that no-one looked at it before it was approved. It's a reactive system based on reports and complaints rather than the old proactive system of traditionally judging that the old Factory used. That's how this new system works with monthly approvals. 


I have provided guidance on our ideas of what is and isn't a mech in this thread. Please follow that advice along with the guidance I have already provided you in this thread.