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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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#1903780 Hammer and Anvil - SJO Dominion of Kintan Hex

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 January 2019 - 12:37 AM


Location: Kintan - somewhere in Khel'rath forest

Objective: Link up with other Silver Jedi Forces

Assets: elements of the 1st Directorate Rangers Regiment - "The Survivors of Eryn III"


Gir watched Matec fiddle with the comlinks. For something so common, Gir was surprised that he had never bothered to take a look at their internals: Tuffs of short wires snaked out of metallic prisms in irregular patterns that Gir could not comprehend. But Matec seemed to know his way around at least part of the internal circuits. After splicing two sets of wires from each comlink, he gingerly placed it back in a pouch.


"This is a one-time trick," explained the man, "and we need to be in the best place to use it. If we need to use it, that is."


Noticeable silver reinforcements had begun to stream into the battlefield. He had caught sight of at least one A-wing through the forest canopy, though he thought he could hear at least two of the ships. Similarly, the deployment of the RAC and its troops, especially when they were firing slugs, was something that was difficult to not notice. Their presence comforted him, if only because that meant that the cultistwould be far busier engaging everyone else directly that they may not notice the Directorate Rangers' gradual incursion into their rear line. Matec signaled for the squad tocontinue forward, causing the irregular line of troops to slowly advance among the foliage to towards the back of the ridge where the cultists engaged Calderon's Radama Raiders and their accompanying vehicles.


The admiral carefully followed in Matec's footsteps, using the man's path to not only ensure that he didn't make a misstep, but also to better conceal himself from the opposition. As they crept closer to the ridge, their consistent long stride through the woods turned into series of short but quickly executed bounds from cover to cover. He suddenly himself pressed up against a downed tree whose parts continued to smolder after being hit by weapons fire. He poked the top of his blaster rifle over the tree to look up at a handful of the enemy's positions. The enemy appeared to be operating in small, dispersed firing teams. Matec turned his helmet towards him.


"Now's the time to use it.We'regoing to fire, and then run away. You'd best be ready to move too, sir."


Gir nodded. The Rangers weren't exactly known forbattlefield theatrics or for playing fair. Shoot'em in the back and run away. I guess that keeps losses down. And I can't argue with that philosophy right now. Gir briefly scanned his near surroundings, noting that the rangers had taken precautions tobetterconceal their fighting positions by a mixture of draping their field cloaks over their positions and moving bits of foliage around to better conceal their position. Last thing I need to do is stick out here. Gir shifted somewhat over to his left, bracing his rifle against the crook of a branch that still clung to the tree. Hopefully, it'd better conceal him and provide him with some support against the weapon's recoil, as minimal as it was. He peered up through the weapon's site towards the nearest enemy position. Matec's voice flowed through the comm channels.


"Showtime in five, four, three, two, one...feedback time."


Matec flicked a switch on the jury-rigged comlinks. Nothing seemed to happen at first. He soon noticed a handful of heads pop from the cultist positions as the men struggled to take off their helmets and comlinks. Gir couldn't hear it, but judging by the expressions on their faces, he guessed that they had not been prepared for the sudden looping of loud feedback through their comm channel. The rangers opened fire on their surprised opponents. A hail of mag-pellets cut down many of the surprised troopers, which was quickly joined by a selective bombardment of grenades and light missiles from the squad's heavy gunners. One missile tore apart a downed tree that one of the cultists had been using as cover, spraying the men in a cloud of fiery metallic shrapnel surrounded by a larger cloud of wooden shards. One of the cultist's staggered out of that horror, clutching what appeared to be a branch impaled through his stomach. Without much thought, Gir squeezed the trigger on his weapon, cutting down the wounded cultist in an indiscriminate spray of ruby red blaster bolts. Gir felt a sudden slap on his shoulder.


"Get out of here. I'll cover you," said Matec.


Gir nodded. Got to get the brass out of the way before they get more in the way or wounded. The blonde man from Hast slowly stood up, fired another spray of bolts in the enemy's general direction, and fell back to the another tree that they had previously used for cover. He peered up his weapon's site to help cover the Rangers' withdrawal. The group's sapper, a surprisingly paunchy native of Eryn III, quickly fell back to join him. Yet the other's stayed and continued to fire, making Gir realize that they sudden assault appeared to have placed the enemy in the dilemma of being attacked from the front and the rear. They're unfocused and unorganized. But that'll soon change, or they'll be dead. Gir picked out a cultist peaking towards their position from behind a tree stump. Gir switched his selector lever toturn the rifle from repeater mode to cannon mode, and let out a single shot which forcefully pushed him away from his cover.



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#1902497 MandalArms Ultimatrix

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 January 2019 - 11:48 PM

I guess what im asking is, would that be the only way to get the result i'm looking for? (a wormhole drive)


I'm not particularly inclined to send you one way or the other. If you can think of another way to go about that, it's fine, but the end submission has to conform to board rules: no banned technology and conforms to the general idea of Star Wars. 

#1902463 Styx-class Assault Dropship

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 January 2019 - 11:43 PM


#1902460 Darth Harbinger's Star Destroyer

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 January 2019 - 11:43 PM


#1902459 I.M.D. Serenno Star Fortress

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 January 2019 - 11:43 PM


#1902453 Heaven's Light Space Station

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 January 2019 - 11:43 PM


#1902402 Question: .org to .cc

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 January 2019 - 10:37 PM

 Kei Amadis, at the moment, the current option is to resubmit the submission. 


While I am currently looking at possible alternatives to resubmitting the submission in question, I would not expect to see an alternative soon. The change in the factory philosophy has been largely to move more of the work, responsibilities, and freedoms to submitters now. I have not yet thought of a system that works well with that philosophy, but I'm always open to hearing possible solutions to that.


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#1901190 MandalArms Ultimatrix

Posted by Gir Quee on 13 January 2019 - 01:46 PM

Kaine Australis, while this is a neat idea and certainly a possibility from an in-character standpoint, this has some OOC issues that make this almost look like it should be denied right off the bat.




Capable of creating a temporary wormhole from one place in spacetime to another


This makes it look like a version of a Hypergate, except that it has the advantage of not needing a receiving gate. Hypergates are banned technology.




which is then bombarded by a focused gravitic polarization beam,


Gravitic polarization beams are superweapons, which means that they are also banned technology. 



Assuming that these issues are addressed, there is a couple of balancing points that I'd recommend looking into as well to avoid it from being reported.


1) This appears to entirely bypass interdictor technology

2) This transition through the wormhole sounds like it's instanteous, which makes it far faster than even the fastest hyperdrive



As a closing thought, the factory has approved one such similar device in the past, however, it was more a tool of escape rather than a reliable means of transportion. It did not have the ability to choose where a ship would arrive using the device, much like the canon Tumble Hyperdrive.


EDIT: Here is the subwith that similar device.

#1901184 Ship mod

Posted by Gir Quee on 13 January 2019 - 01:28 PM

sabrina, this should probably be a new sub then, largely because the way we regulate and balance some things has changed since that submission was made.

#1900534 Hammer and Anvil - SJO Dominion of Kintan Hex

Posted by Gir Quee on 11 January 2019 - 11:12 PM


Location: Kintan - somewhere in Khel'rath forest

Objective: Link up with other Silver Jedi Forces

Assets: elements of the 1st Directorate Rangers Regiment - "The Survivors of Eryn III

His helmet crackled with the low baritone of their advance scout.


"Hold, possible hostiles at ten o'clock."


The rangers around him slowly took up prone positions, and in the process seemed to melt into the forest floor as their Neti Field Cloaks blended them into the environment. He tongue-toggled the settings on his HUD, switching to thermal imaging. The immediate area around them seemed relatively cold, but nearly a kilometer away was filled with vibrant and frequently changing color patterns. Gir guessed that's where the Radama Raiders were entangled in fierce fighting. That caused the man's stomach to contort somewhat. He always felt better in space with a solid metal deck underneath his feet and powerful energy shields surrounding him, but that personal preference was offset by the knowledge that some things could only be learned on the ground. He felt the urge to wipe a bead of sweat running down his face. Gir fought to ignore the sensation as he looked for the possible hostiles.


A pair of hazy visages slowly coalesced on his HUD, but just as soon as he he spotted them they disappeared. The admiral frowned. Some kind of personal cloaking devices? A sudden wave of relief swept through him as he realized that his vision was only being briefly obscured by the local vegetation. They were moving on a predictable path. He glanced at the side of his HUD read-out. Nearly 300 meters out, too far for me to shoot, but not them. 


"Crestwave, what do you want us to do with them?" asked Sergeant Matec.


"I'm just an observer today," murmured Admiral Quee, "I'll defer to your judgement. You've been through more of these situations than I."


That was probably an understatement. The men were known as "the survivors" for a reason. Matec had been of the few who had managed to survive the fetid jungles of Eryn III. Rank meant little to Gir when it came down that sort professional ability, and he was loathe to act in any way that might suggest that he wasn't supporting that meritocracy within his forces. Matec's voice slowly dripped through the comm.


"Mag-rifle single shots only. One and two, take the right target. Three and Four, the left target on my count of three. Three...Two...One."


The first fire team fired their Stormfire Repeaters simultaneously. Four mag-pellets zipped across through the branches before plunging through the cultist's torsos. The two men briefly convulsed before crumpling onto the ground. Gir blinked. I guess if one of them missed, there still wouldn't be chance for a survivor to raise an alarm. Maybe a waste of a shot, but better than safe than sorry. Matec silently signaled the squad to press forward towards the battlefield. Maybe I'll have a chance to briefly comb through their bodies to gather some better intel. As Gir mulled over that thought, the squad diffusely spread out and crept through the foliage, ever steadily approaching the thick of the fighting. The Directorate rangers neared the bodies, and Gir became aware that the both of the cultists still had their rifles casually slung over their backs. They weren't expecting to fight, we're either in their rear lines or these guys are unbelievably sloppy. Matec already was crouching down and searching the men. Gir kneeled next to him to help sort out of the men's belongings. So far, the packs of death sticks, half-filled canteens, and a single data-pad filled with some popular video-games hadn't told him much about the enemy cause, except that these men were likely lower-ranking footsoldiers. Matec suddenly stopped as he carefully inspected a metallic cylinder he had found in one of he man's pockets. Gir hadn't seen anything quite like it before realization dawned on him. It's a comlink of some sort...The sergeant turned towards Gir.


"We're going to have some fun with this, if I can figure out its controls..."


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#1896636 Selah

Posted by Gir Quee on 01 January 2019 - 10:44 PM


#1896551 Starshrike-class Light Interceptor

Posted by Gir Quee on 01 January 2019 - 06:47 PM


#1896549 Typhoon-class Minelayer Corvette

Posted by Gir Quee on 01 January 2019 - 06:45 PM

Darth Tacitus, a single squadron would probably be about an "average" rating for a ship this size rather than "low". This means that this ship is about two ratings over what is typically considered to be balanced, but ultimately it's up to you if you want to change it. 

#1894705 J-2 Light Interceptor

Posted by Gir Quee on 25 December 2018 - 04:42 PM


#1894004 The Minotaur: Phalanx-class Heavy Destroyer

Posted by Gir Quee on 22 December 2018 - 11:24 PM