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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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#1734758 Mk. I Single Occupant Atmospheric Insertion Vehicle

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 11:31 PM

Kyli DT-6767, you can always add fields to a template, but you can never remove them. So this looks good from that perspective. It's a little late here, but once it gets moved to starship, I'll run through the starship judging process for this.

#1734727 Heir's Crown

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 10:07 PM

This looks pretty good.


Affiliation: Laira Darkhold, Faith Organa


For the purposes of claiming a canon item, which one of you is claiming this?

#1734694 Mk. I Single Occupant Atmospheric Insertion Vehicle

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 09:35 PM

Kyli DT-6767, I don't seem to have the power to do that myself, but I have asked someone to do that for us.


In the meantime, you could change some of the field headings to match the starship template. A lot of them are pretty much the same, but things like the "hyperdrive" (even if there is none on this particular pod) need to be added.

#1734526 Mk. I Single Occupant Atmospheric Insertion Vehicle

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 04:56 PM

Kyli DT-6767, if a key part of its design is spaceflight, I'd agree that it's probably best suited as a starship sub.

#1734522 Wendigo-4D1

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 04:50 PM

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

#1734508 Mk. I Single Occupant Atmospheric Insertion Vehicle

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 03:45 PM

Thank you for the edits. 


As far as the template question, we could go this a couple of ways in terms of templates depending on what you're trying to go for. Just for reference and to illlustrate this, I'm going to show you some previous submissions that are similar to this but went separate ways:


Starship examples: RX-5 Boarding Torpedo, ACS Modular Drop Pod

Vehicle example: KV-03 Intruz Stealth Dropship

Technology example: Saotome drop pod


Starships and technology have been the traditional routes for drop pods to be submitted.


The advantage of using the starship template is that it allows the pods to be used in deep space as a boarding craft. The disadvantage is that as combat craft, they typically take up spots used by starfighters. You may be able to get some wiggle room with this though since these are unarmed craft.That's sort of a gray area right now. Another thing to take in consideration is that stealth technology (like the reflec in these pods) is much more restricted in starships in terms of production levels.


Technology has been the most common template traditionally used, because the pods then don't have to worry about taking up starfighter or support craft hangar space. Additionally, in the current iteration of the factory, stealth is not nearly as restricted as it is for starships. The downside is that they can't be used as spacecraft. They can literally fall down to the surface and that's it. Alternatively, they have been a few breaching/boarding missiles and torpedoes made using the weapon template. The downside to this is that they now take up weapons space on a ship, which then needs to be specifically designed to use these.


Using a vehicle template is sort of a middle ground between these two. While they can actually move and maneuver on their own, it's only in the atmosphere of a world (not in space). It can't be used as a boarding torpedo then, as it has no spaceflight propulsion of its own. I see that this currently has a launching mechanism in the sub to alleviate this issue. And while that's doable with a vehicle sub, the launcher mechanism should have its own technology submission(weapon's temlate) then if it's going to give them a significant velocity. The alternative would be to use tractor beams to help move them along, but this comes with its own set of In-character problems.


Let me know which one of these sounds like the best option to you.

#1734486 MandalArms G1 "Taung" Gravitic Cannon

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Kaine Australis, just wanted to let you know that I got your tag. 


This is an ambitious and potentially ground-breaking weapon. There is definitely some precedence for a weapon like this in some degrees, but we're also entering some unknown area.


Because of that, I will need to take some time and do some serious thinking about this on a conceptual level. I will also be consulting some other factory staff members on this as well. It may be a little bit of time before I can get back to you with a solid answer,but you're always welcome to reach out to me to see where this is going if you have any questions or you want to know the progress on this.

#1734202 Mk. I Single Occupant Atmospheric Insertion Vehicle

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 12:55 AM

Boarding Craft: Due to their velocity, size and capability the Mk. I SOAIV can be utilised as a makeshift boarding craft during Naval Actions. They can be launched from the ventral surfaces of First Order Warships towards Hostile Warships and thanks to the sheer kinetic energy they exhibit act like a projectile; borrowing through the hulls of hostile vessels deep into the super-structure. Alternatively on extremely heavily armoured vessels they can land on the hull's surface and allow their occupants to gain entry via a nearby airlock.


The ability to operate in space like this is going to either turn it into a warhead or a starship. Vehicles can only be designed to work primarily as atmospheric craft. That said, it'd be possible to drop one out in space and let it drift towards the target vessel. But it would not have a high speed or much semblance of flight control.


Got to go fast: These drop-pods travel with velocities in the void of space and high-orbit that no fighter could hope to match, only the likes of missiles and weapons firing at fractions of the speed of light can hope to catch them when passed. This aids in their penetration of any orbital or terrestrial defences significantly as it reduces time sensor or weapon crews have to react dramatically.


The section that I've underlined will have to be removed. Part of this is because it defines the abilities of other people's abilities (how fast their ships are, weapon abilities, etc). Part of it is purely practical. If you can make an object this fast, why can't someone else?


Shooting me is a war crime: They're unarmed and can double as escape craft from stricken vessels, as a result they're regarded as protected by the same customary laws of war protecting life pods, ambulances and parachutists. Furthermore, attacking them is contrary to the ancient 'Jedi way' which typically prohibits the injuring or killing of a defenseless opponent. First Order military personnel treat those responsible for attacking such craft with one sentence; summary execution.


This simply isn't true. This is a military transport, carrying armed personnel for military missions. While the First Order can treat anyone it captures the way it wants, it is not a customary law of war to not shoot drop pods. Please remove this section, or simply state that the First Order treats shooting at these as a war crime, though other factions/governments do NOT consider it to be a war crime.


Restricted Numbers: Due to their expense and nature generally speaking a Frigate-class First Order vessel equipped with these vehicles will not feature more than two squadrons or 24 pods, barely large enough for a single platoon. While Star Destroyers equipped with deployment bays generally feature no more than 18 Squadrons which is equivalent to roughly two companies of troops. These pods cannot be featured on any vessels smaller than a Frigate as they rely on long shafts and electromagnetic rails for initial acceleration and propulsion.


The reference to squadrons here suggests again that this should perhaps be a starship. Or alternatively, the reference to the long shaft and electromagnetic rails could suggest that this might be better suited as a weapon (technology) submission.


Their lack of armament was a deliberate design decision to impart a level of legal immunity in the event the pods and their occupants affiliation are identified as the often precious special forces assets carried aboard them are completely vulnerable until they can exit the vehicle.


Again, it can be implied that this is an intent, but the galaxy at large will not recognize this. Drop pods have been used quite extensively here at Chaos in the past (Starships 2.0 had a whole system where drop pods replaced starfighters & space transports in hangars in ship submissions), and they have commonly been targeted by enemy ships and weapons as legal, military targets. 

#1734177 Plasma Surgical Scalpel

Posted by Gir Quee on 16 February 2018 - 11:45 PM

Farah, I have no objections to using the weapon's template for this. There is a certain doctor in SW canon that used a similar scalpel as an impromptu weapon.


If there is a chance that this could be used as a weapon though, I'd like to see that addressed within the submission itself. How does it compare to a traditional vibroblade in such use?


The blade of the plasma scalpel can easily slice through human skin as well as hides of tougher and more naturally armored races.


I'd like to hear a bit more about its abilities against "more naturally armored races" here if it can be used as a weapon.

#1733956 Quick Question

Posted by Gir Quee on 16 February 2018 - 05:55 PM

Iona Immarya, this is just my personal opinion, and not any sort of binding ruling, but I personally could see that as a heavy walker.

#1733510 A Night in the Clouds

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 February 2018 - 10:00 PM

Gir's lips slowly parted into a smile as John Locke stepped off of the elevator. His eyes briefly scanned the man's face: he had heard about the accident that had turned him into a cyborg, but hearing about and seeing the augmentation was an entirely different matter than seeing it in person. But whatever the man's physical appearance, he would be far more interested in the man's intellect. Locke and Key Mechanics was another well-known supplier to the Silver Jedi known for making innovative products. Gir quickly stretched out his hand to offer a handshake to his fellow executive.


"Thank you," said Gir, briefly looking up through the transparisteel dome towards outer space, "It was actually C4's idea here, to help set the mood..."


His eyes briefly wondered off towards the other passing guests. A little over dozen people had swept past them to enter the main floor itself. Several couples had taken to drinking cocktails at the bar, while a more adventurous couple had taken to a slow waltz on the dance floor. It'll grow larger as time goes on...I'm sure of it. In the process of that quick scan, his eye's briefly met the form of Matsu Ike, a renowned Silver Jedi whom he had met last time in the company of Sor-Jan Xantha, another business partner of his. He would be curious to see what Sasori was up to. He quickly turned his attention back to Mr. Locke.


"...but it seems that everyone has a different interpretation of what is, or what it embodies."


He briefly paused.


"This may sound the most unromantic, but I see the night sky above and simply think of space and the stars beyond...or perhaps I should say the starships beyond. I understand that Locke and Key has recently ventured into making starships, am I right on that?"

#1733413 Wendigo-4D1

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 February 2018 - 07:35 PM

- ​Uncomfortable:​ Like all weaponry within the ​AE, it is designed for effectiveness and brutality rather than comfort of their soldiers, the weapon may have a sleeker design but its weight makes the weapon dig into someone over time, as the recoil of the weapon will repeatedly drive the weight back into the user. This might cause muscle spasm over a period of an hour of use.


This could be a decent balance to a 'fluff' strength, but I do not think that it balances out the current strengths as a mass-produced design. Few RPs are going to have soldiers firing continuously for an hour, and if they did, I'd be more concerned about barrel heat and ammunition supply rather than an NPC's level of discomfort.


Being high power and rapid fire mean that this is going to go throw a lot of power packs and gas. Just those two traits alone mean that this is probably going to need a pretty impressive cooling system, which in turn is going to cost more power. I'd recommend lowering the ammunition capacity to an amount below our template blaster rifle (100 (power cell), 500 (gas canister)). This is where a different organic and practical weakness could come into play: overheating.


There are any number of ways that this could be played out. Perhaps soldiers using the automatic, high rate of fire have to take extended breaks to let the weapon cool off (not unlike some modern firearms). Alternatively, perhaps the weapons become more inaccurate the longer they are fired (again another real life issue with modern firearms) or the weapon begins toeat through power packs more and more as the cooling system needs to do more and more work to cool it off.


There are probably some other weakness ideas that you can come up with that would work this, and they don't necessarily have to be based on this overheating concept. But it needs to be something that is going to have an immediate, practical effect on their ability in combat.

#1733391 MandalArms G1 "Taung" Gravitic Cannon

Posted by Gir Quee on 15 February 2018 - 07:17 PM

I'm going to quote part of the Hypersace pulsemass generator's entry in the Imperial Sourcebook (page 67) to start this out:


The generator produces tiny spheres of hyperenergy that are shot out into an area of space. When ships traveling through hyperspace cross the equivalent area of realspace, they come in contact with the hyperenergy spheres. These overwhelm the blocking capacity of the ship's shields and shred the craft. These hyperenergy spheres do not affect ships in realspace, but if a ship enters a field of spheres, and then jumps to lightspeed it comes in contact with the deadly pulses.




The key point in here is that hyperenergy spheres do not affect ships in realspace.


This doesn't mean that it's not possible to create some sort of gravitational based weaponry, however. I'd personally suggest looking at tensor weapons or gravity bombs. It wouldn't be too hard to get at least some of the effects that you described here with a development from one of those items. But I would also not be surprised if you could find a little known piece of gravitational technology that hasn't been canonically weaponized yet to get another effect.

#1732921 A Night in the Clouds

Posted by Gir Quee on 14 February 2018 - 11:51 PM



Matsu Ike | Ala Crescent | John Locke | (any Silver Jedi or their allies are welcome)


A private Skyhook, over Kashyyyk


Gir walked around the rim of the encapsulated balcony, looking down at the darkened surface of Kashyyyk below. Forests of Wroshyr trees typically blanketed much of the world, but between their altitude and the expansive nighttime mists, he could only see peaks of the mountains breaking through. The higher he looked up, the more beauty he saw. The stars were in full gleam, with only one of the world's gleaming moons breaking that starry vista. A trio of wedge-shaped shapes briefly eclipsed the moon, engendering pride tempered with solemnity. The Deluge-class Battle Carriers that now orbited the world were but one of Lucerne Labs products that were now equipping the Silver Jedi and their ISAF allies. While starships were probably the most prominent product sold to the faction, there were equally important droids and vehicles that the company had funneled to group in the trillions of units. So far the relationship had been beneficial to both groups, and that did not seem likely to change any time soon. His comlink chimed.


"Yes? What is it C4?"


The precisely clipped tones of the protocol droid wafted out of the device, "Sir, the first of the guests have arrived. If I may so, you should be here to greet them."


Amusement swept over his face, "What if I don't show up C4? Do you think that the guests will be offended?"


"Sir, I must protest-"


"I'll be there shortly," said Gir, striding away from the balcony.


"How typical-"


Gir clicked the device, cutting the channel. While Gir appreciated the droid's attention, it's almost incessant nagging over the past few days was finally starting to get to him. It's a good thing this isn't a routine event. He strolled past the wet bar and the currently empty dance floor. A large buffet and tables had been arranged just off to the side of that, where the serving droids were placing the finishing touches on the exotic flower arrangements. His eyes swept past it all, briefly settling a neatly ordered stack of duraplast boxes emblazoned with the logo of the newly established Lucerne Personal Defense. A subsidiary which could have only come into existence with the backing of the Silver Jedi. Tonight, the new company would provide a taste of what the Silver Jedi could start to expect receive from their backers. The man from Hast arrived at the turbolift doors alongside C4, just in time to greet the first guests.

#1732878 Behemoth-class Super Star Dreadnought

Posted by Gir Quee on 14 February 2018 - 10:37 PM

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne