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#1926208 Renanscence Medical Center

Posted by Gir Quee on Yesterday, 02:04 PM



  • Military Base Name: Renanscence Medical Center

  • Classification: Military Hospital Base

  • Location: Boz Pity

  • Affiliation: Boz PitySilver Jedi, ISAF

  • Population: Moderate: The above ground and unclassified population of Renanscence medical center is fairly small, with a large number of medical staff and recovering patients. Several hundred sentientbeings, mostly human, form the organic core of the primarily droid-based Boz Pity Heavy Recon Regiment, and there are a small number of navy personnel who man the rescue craft and several starfighter squadrons dedicated to escorting the same rescue craft and supply convoys that make runs to the hospital.

  • Demographics: Renanscence Medical Center is a restricted to medical, military personnel and Jedi affiliated personnel only, which means that the population is frequently young to middle aged professionals. The exception to this rule are the small numbers of native Gargantelle who reside on base as part of Project Renanscence (65% human, 2% Gargantelle, 33% other)

  • Accessibility: Renanscence Medical Center's location is unclassified, as all public information on the base describes it as a simple military hospital. The actual underground portion of the Medical Center is classified and access is severely restricted by biometric security measures such as code cylinders. Not even all of the Medical Centers medical staff is aware of the underground activity of Project Renanscence. Being on a "dead world", however, there is no real need for the public to ever visit the base except in medical emergencies. In such instances, visitors are accompanied every step of the way by ISAF security personnel (typically a detail from the Boz Pity Heavy Recon Regiment) or by a member of the Silver Jedi Order.

  • Description: To most observers, Renanscence Medical Center and its surrounding grounds is the Silver Jedi's regional medical facility for the Halla Sector. As befitting such a facility, the Medical Center has extensive inpatient wards for treating injured soldiers and other government affiliated personnel. But behind this dull facade, Renanscence Medical Center is the site of Project Renanscence, or the rebirth of the Gargantelle race once thought extinct through genocide by the Electric Caliphs hundreds of years ago. Caverns underneath the hospital allow the Gargantelle to receive Silver Jedi aid and also allow study of Gargantelle biology, which has lead to the discovery and refinement of several drugs which have since spread throughout Silver Jedi space. Because of this strategic importance of this project, Renanscence Medical Center hosts concealed defenses, including internal shield generators, concealed anti-orbital artillery, and the Boz Pity Heavy Recon Regiment. Despite these safeguards, the Silver Jedi secretly fear that one day, the Gargantelle's reemergence will be discovered too early, and the base will be forced to reveal of its secrets to the galaxy at large.


  • Renanscence Medical Center: A massive, squat building that started out as an old CIS base before expansion by the Silver Jedi turned it into a state of the art hospital with a 300 inpatient beds and comprehensive ancillary services. Aside from providing Sector level medical resources to the Silver Jedi and ISAF, Renanscence Medical Center is also known as a government research hospital, with several upper floors being dedicated to studying prosthetics and multi-species coagulation. Most of the lower levels are dedicated to providing general patient care. The ground floor does host a visitor center along with a morale, welfare, and entertainment section contractedout to be run by Sasori Hostesses. While for most intents and purposes the Medical Center is an almost generic hospital, the building itself is fortified, being made out of duracrete with ferrocarbon reinforcement and Guardian-class Shield Generators. Renanscence Medical Center has no weapons or other means of offense as befitting a noncombatant medical center with international treaty obligations. The upper level of Renanscence Medical Center appears to be an enclosed greenhouse, supposedly to provide therapeutic and natural environment for patients on an otherwise desolate and barren world. In actuality though, most of the plants on this green level are Rostek's Hybrids, which allows the ISAF researchers an unusual way to secure the information of Project Renanscence.
  • Concealed Defensive Batteries: As an apparent backwater hospital, Renanscence Medical Center only appears to be lightly defended by a series of Light AA guns at the located around perimeter of the hospital grounds. Because of the actual strategic nature of the facility, however, the base also sports six Scorpio-class Artillery Emplacements hidden inside the maze of Gargantelle monuments situated around the hospital grounds. This emplacements are hidden visually by retractable walls and/or roofs that appear to be Gargantelle monuments. With their firepower combined, they can very quickly damage some of the largest warships in the galaxy. Unfortunately, they rely more on their hidden nature for protection, meaning that they are likely to be casualties in protracted engagement. These artillery emplacements are entirely manned by droids.
  • Project Renanscence Caverns: Project Renanscence necessitates a large amount of interaction between the Gargantelles and the Silver Jedi. Because of their great size, Gargantelles cannot fit into standard buildings, extremely large caverns were carefully hollowed out underneath the hospital facility, allowing the Gargantelle to comfortably obtain treatment and medical studies with Project Renanscence staff. This area has a large number of extremely large exam tables and other oversized medical equipment tailored for use with the Gargantelles. It also houses several chemistry laboratories to study the Gargantelle's blood work and reactions to experimental drugs, along with a pharmacy. Lastly, one cavern has been equipped to serve a conference room, allowing Gargantelles and the Silver Jedi to discuss their concerns and issues with Project Renanscence.
  • Hidden Gargantelle Village: One of the stasis compounds communities in which the Gargantelle have survived in has been relocated to a cavern adjourning the Project Renanscence caverns. Some Gargantelle have opted to remain in stasis there, but a larger number have set about to rebuilding their culture with Silver Jedi assistance. While nearing practical independence thanks to underground hydroponic farms, an underground industrial shop, and basic civilian infrastructure, the Gargantelle at the village are reliant on the Silver Jedi right now for more sophisticated products such as medicines and technology, as well as many raw materials needed for their own means of production.
  • Boz Pity Heavy Recon Compound: The Boz Pity Heavy Recon Regiment has a small set of above ground barracks located about half kilometer from Renanscence Medical Center itself. Right next to the barracks are a small motor pool for the Regiment's walkersand MDUs, along with a Fuel Point. While small and modest on the outside, much of the Regiment's infrastructure is actually beneath this compound in caverns and tunnels, where hundreds of walkers and deactivated Hoplite Synthetic Soldiers lay in wait to be activated. Turbolifts from these caverns bring up these troops into the covered motor pool shop, or to locations hidden within the Gargantelle monuments that surround the base. This compound is also protected by a Guardian-class Shield Generator, providing the immediate area with a means of defense against orbital bombardment and airstrikes.
  • Zek Memorial Starship Hangar: Just south of the Boz Pity Recon Regiment's compound is a large hangar where the base's starship complement is based. Starfighters based in the hangar provide escort to medical and supply transports arriving or departing from the Medical Center. This includes the dozen Sprint-class Rescue Craft which act as interstellar ambulances for the area. The hangar area also hosts a landing strip where large amounts of patients are transported to and from the medical center by Pelta II-class Frigates. As fitting for a backwater world, the hangars seems cheap and just barely maintained to international standards. This is largely true, though that appearance belies the fact that the hangar does incorporate a fully-functioning Guardian-class Shield Generator, which makes this location more durable than what first meets the eye. The Recon Regiment also frequently sends walkers by the hangar, in part for security spot checks, and in part because several entryways into the maze of Gargantelle monuments around the base in that same general area.




Installation Defenses


Combat Forces



Following the Silver Sanctum Coalition's arrival on Boz Pity, the Silver Jedi became aware that the planet's native Gargantelle had not in fact become entirely extinct. This led to somewhat tense start of a relationship between the two cultures, as the small number of Gargantelle's sought to rebuild their civilization. The Silver Jedi Order sought to aid the Gargantelle population largely by improving their basic healthcare and providing basic supplies to the survivors. To do this required logistical support, and consequently a facility. But to undertake a massive and open construction process would be to inform the outside galaxy, notably the Hutts, that the Gargantelles had survived despite their apparent demise at the hands of the Electric Caliphs. To hide this activity, the Silver Jedi began to rebuild the old CIS base on the planet, which had been known to the galaxy at large to be a medical facility. Refurbished once more, this facility does appear to the outside world to be a regional military treatment facility for ISAF forces working in the Silver Jedi's eastern half, as well as a research facility for prosthetics and multi-species coagulation studies. While it does fulfill this role, Renanscence Medical Center also has expanded tremedously underground to serve the native Gargantelle population in their nearby underground village. Supplies trickle for this population trickle in through standard supply drops, but the facility also hosts production facilities of its own to synthesize drugs for use by the Gargantelle population itself. This necessarily has required a large amount of interdisciplinary research not only by scientists and medical personnel, but also anthropologists, consular Jedi, diplomats, and Jedi healers. Some research from the facility born in this area has also born fruit and filtered out and back into the Silver Jedi territories at large. Unbeknownst to many, several antibiotics in ISAF field medical kits are derived from the hardy bacterial flora of the Gargantelle species. Another is a CoFast, a coagulant used to stop severe bleeding in combat trauma cases. This medication has been formed after the genetic study of the Gargantelle's own proteins involved in the species coagulation cascade. Needless to say, the success of this project has caused the ISAF to devote more resources into quietly building up its defenses to protect this new asset. This has resulted in the formation of the Boz Pity Heavy Recon Regiment - "The Outrider Rangers" being formed and based in subterranean passages around the medical center, along with some hidden defenses, notably an sextet of Scorpio-class Artillery Emplacements hidden within fake Gargantelle monuments around the medical center, as well as retrofitting the hospital itself with Guardian-class Shield Generators. Despite ISAF trying primarily to defend the installation by subterfuge, its true nature may be revealed to the public soon, as several Gargantelle leaders have been agitating to publically reveal themselves to the galaxy so far, though their numbers are still quite small. This has lead to continued secret negotiations at Renanscence Medical Center between the Gargantelle elders and leaders from the Silver Jedi.


#1925643 Voritor-class Speeder Bike

Posted by Gir Quee on 22 March 2019 - 06:51 PM


  • Intent: To provide Lucerne Labs and its customers with a rugged military speeder bike

  • Image Source: here

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Lucerne Labs

  • Model: Voritor-class Speeder Bike

  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi, Directorate, Closed Market

  • Modularity: ammunition for flechette launcher

  • Production: Mass-Produced

  • Material: Phrik frame, standard speeder bike components


  • Classification: Speeder Bike

  • Role: Recon/Fast Attack

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Average

  • Minimum Crew: 1

  • Optimal Crew: 1

  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift

  • Speed: High

  • Maneuverability: Average

  • Armament: Very Low

  • 1 retractable, swivel-mounted Hailstorm Flechette Launcher

  • Defenses: Low

  • Passenger Capacity: 1

  • Cargo Capacity: None


  • Particle Shield: The Voritor sports a light-duty particle shield in its forward arc that protects the rider and bike from from wind, sand, rain, and other common atmospheric debris. This generator can also nudge the craft away from glancing collisions. It does not usually provide any direct defense from most common weapons in combat.

  • Enhanced Phrik Frame: As a medium framed bike, the Voritor doesn't appear to be particularly durable or light at a quick glance, but this appearances the bike's cast Phrik frame, which both makes it lightweight and fairly durable. While this lightness improves the bike's speed and maneuverability, this also makes the bike much more sensitive to poor handling from injured or inexperienced riders.

    Hailstorm Flechette Launcher: Rather than an blaster cannon, the Voritor carries a flechette launcher in underslung, 180 degree rotating mount with a forward arc. This was primarily done to save on power usage in the speeder, but it also has the added benefit of requesting less precise aiming from the user, which in turn is partially offset by its limited ammunition capability. This mount can be retracted to improve aerodynamics.

  • HUD Link: The Voritor can be link to its user's HUD through a direct datalink or wirelessly, allowing users to keep quick track of their surroundings and the vehicle's performance without having to look down at the bike's control panel. This allows the user to aim and fire the bike's Hailstorm flechette launcher.

  • Sensor Jammer: The Voritor carries a slightly modernized Interference Box mounted into the vehicle's forward dash that can be flipped on with a switch. This blankets the immediate area around the bike with disruptive sensor noise to help prevent weapon's locks on the bike and can jam many nearby personal-scale communication devices. Unfortunately, this is a double-blind device, meaning the bike's own sensors and/or communications devices are equally affected by its activation.


  • Fast: The Voritor is an exceptionally fast speeder bike, almost reaching the speeds 750 km/h, putting almost with the speed range of dedicated racer swoops. This speed is the result of a high output engine and exceptionally light frame.


  • Fragile: As with many speeder bikes, the Voritor is fairly fragile, and anything more than a few blaster hits is often enough to make the vehicle inoperable.



The Voritor Speeder Bike is a military design loosely based on the Mobquet Overracer design. Lucerne Labs rebuilt that bike to more military purposes by redesigning the frame to take advantage of their ability to synthesize Phrik, adding more microthrusters, adding an underslung flechette launcher, and updating several other avionic systems for more rugged and military use. Using a rotating flechette launcher differs from the typical practice of using a light blaster, but the lack of power required by the launcher meant that more energy could be dedicated to the bike's high-output engine. Additionally, the ability to carry not only anti-infantry but anti-vehicle munitions can make the Voritor more dangerous to other vehicles compared to many other speeder bikes. Unfortunately, these advantages come at the cost of lower ammunition capacity, and riders need to be more conservative with using their bike's ammunition compared to the almost infinite ammunition of a blaster-based weapons. One of the other unusual improvements to the bike was the addition of a light particle shield to provide the rider with protection from the elements and the addition of a datalink from the bike to the user's HUD if they were wearing battle armor. While fairly minor improvements in their own right, they improve the user's ability to focus on combat and the situation around them rather just focusing on driving the bike itself. Taking a cue from the military version of the 74-Z speeder bike, the Voritor also incorporates a sensor jammer, an older Interference Box, due to the relative low cost and compactness. While not an exceptionally powerful device, it does make pin-point targeting of the craft difficult and also makes the bike ideal for sudden raids on enemy positions. Unsurprisingly, most Voritor Speeder Bikes see service in direct combat units, such as in repulsorlift companies or cavalry units. A smaller number see service in recon roles because they are exceptionally fast bikes, though they lack the good maneuverability and exceptional sensors preferred by many scouts.

#1925016 Faction Submission Modification Alternative Suggestion

Posted by Gir Quee on 20 March 2019 - 04:37 PM

Khonsu Amon, that's a good point.


We're going to look at roughly ten mods at a time for the moment, just because I know we probably have a pretty big back log coming our way. I'll add that to the original post as well. 


That may change in the future though.

#1924864 Faction Submission Modification Alternative Suggestion

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 March 2019 - 11:10 PM

Darth Carnifex, it is now live.

#1924863 Submission Modification Request

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 March 2019 - 11:07 PM

After a submission has been approved, it will be locked. If you want to make a modification to it at a later date, post your request here with the following outline:

Submission Name:

Link to Submission:
Move to Prefactory or Factory Archives?:

Reason for Archival (if applicable):



Once this request has been submitted, you will be notified in this thread that your submission e moved to the pre-factory forum for editing. Please make a note at the bottom of your submission summaraizing the changes to your submission. Once you are finished editing, simply tag Gir Quee,  Laira Darkhold, and/or Srina Talon. Your submission will then be moved to its appropriate forum for re-approval or archival.


At this time, please limit your requests to 10 submissions or less at a time.

#1924778 Faction Submission Modification Alternative Suggestion

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 March 2019 - 06:18 PM

Darth Carnifex, I like this idea in concept at a glance. The Factory staff will discuss it shortly.


I'm not guaranteeing that we're going to implement it though, or in the exact same format that you've proposed.

#1924546 Brightest Day

Posted by Gir Quee on 18 March 2019 - 07:02 PM

Earlier, in the recent past...


"...as much fun as a bantha in a rancor petting zoo."


Ariela hesitated for a brief moment as they strolled through the station's corridors, "Do the rancors do the petting there? Or do people try and pet the rancors?"


Gir snorted, "It's more of a free for all sort of thing. A messy affair. But that's besides the point. It's probably a meeting long overdue. As much time as I fret over our static eastern defenses, the truth of the matter is that a strong, mobile fleet is one of the better defenses that we can invest in."


"And what are you going to present to them?"


Gir briefly turned and gestured at a pair of armored humanoids shadowing him from a short distance. To the casual observer, the members of "The Admiral's Fist" would appear to be common soldiers. But in reality, the 'soldiers' were actually biomechanical battle droids. Gir thought about bragging somewhat of that achievement before he remembered who he wouldbe bragging to: a prototype of the project that had resulted in the synthetic soldiers.


"But I'm not sure if that's really something that I should present. I'm sure the others will probably more directly applicable advances to present."


The doors to the conference center whisked open, and Gir promptly took his seat at a hardlight projector, with Ariela Captisan sitting down next to him. She promptly pulled out a datapad to jot notes down on for appearance's sake, while his pair of bodyguards from the Admiral's Fist assumed guard positions right behind him. As other admirals and rangers filtered into the room, the blonde man began to brood over the challenges facing the Silver Jedi's Fleet.


In the present...


Admiral Quee listened intently to the presenters. He was little surprised he overheard that Sala'dine was at the forefront of some technological push. While the man had had little interaction with Rick Kaloo, he had heard that the mon calamari had been field testing new technologies, including several new large warships classes. That was undoubtedly good, and he had not met a successful battlefield commander who didn't like having options and surprises available for their use. Yet he couldn't help but find himself in agreement with Jessica Med-Beq and John Locke, perhaps because he found himself mentally preoccupied on a more conceptual basis rather than focusing on specific technology developments. The man from Hast waited for the room to quiet after Locke had finished speaking before he cleared his throat.


"Technological advantage is one avenue that we need to consider in our plan for strategic readiness," started Gir, "but grand strategy, tactics, training, politics, and logistics should also be being weighed in our thoughts as we discuss these matters.It is all well and good that we continue to develop new weapons, but personnel need to be trained how to properly use these weapons. Perhaps even more importantly, as commanders, we need to understand how to properly use these weapons to their fullest capabilities and develop standards of operations for their use in our own fleets.


It strikes me that many of us are barraged by daily duties and responsibiities that are unique to our own commands. I could present to all on the difficulty in raising up local defense forces on our Eastern borders, but I would doubt that the local commander here at Kashyyyk has the same concerns, and even if he did, the exact same specific problems or politically acceptable solutions to these problems. Our enemies know this, and if nothing else, the Sith historically have a penchant for finding and exploiting any weakness. But an unknown enemy, one that we can't even considerconceptualizing, could be doing the very same thing right now. So the question that I pose to the room then, is if I were a Sith Imperial admiral or even the Sith Emperor himself, what would I try to exploit right this instance? Not only technological mind you, but from a cultural and logistical standpoint as well..."

#1922081 Fortress Kh'aris

Posted by Gir Quee on 10 March 2019 - 12:21 PM



  • Military Base Name: Fortress Kh'aris

  • Classification: Desert Fortress

  • Location: Kintan

  • Affiliation: KintanSilver Jedi, ISAF

  • Population: Heavy

  • Demographics: As a local defense force base, the demographics largely match that of Nikto itself, though there are slightly more alien species in the Fortress because of offworld ISAF advisors: 97% Nikto, 3% other.

  • Accessibility: Fortress Kh'aris is a well-known cultural site and easily located because of its prominent position over the local wastelands where it can control the crossroads of several ancient trading routes. While these routes continue to see use, few have reason to actually stop into the fortress itself except for official business or emergencies. The local Nikto commanders are a suspicious bunch, especially of Force-users, and those they let into the fortress are kept under close watch during their stay.

  • Description: Fortress Kh'aris is an ancient desert stronghold that seem hundreds of 'owners' through the years, many of whom had upgraded or altered the fortress to meet their current needs. Its current owners, the Kintan government, are no different, having hired several Silver Jedi companies and local contractors to modernize the installation into a formidable if somewhat small redoubt. While many outside observers believe the planetary shield generator is the base's greatest strategic asset, ISAF itself believes the listening post is even more important, as it acts an advance warning system to any significant incursions into Silver Jedi space. On an immediate tactical level, the base itself has solid passive defenses and spirited defenders in the form of the 6th Kintan Infantry Regiment, a legion of battle droids, native Kintan Striders, and a small menagerie of combat vehicles. Fortress Kh'aris seems likely to be a significant breakwater to any future attack on the world.


The Bastion: The original keep of Fortress Kh'aris has been expanded to encompass entirely what was a walled compound. Made out of ferrocarbon structural framework that is encased in thick ferrocrete walls, this massive domed structure is a highly durable, being designed to withstand several direct artillery strikes before crumbling. Access from the outside is controlled by a pair of massive Turadium blast doors manned by a squad of sentries from the 6th Kintan Infantry Regiment. The Bastion itself holds all of the base's basic functions including the barracks for the 6th Infantry Regiment, a large mess hall, cafeteria, armory, gym area, and brig. The Bastion's subfloor allows access to variety of subterranean passages, notably Fenn's cavern.


Command Tower: Directly behind the Bastion is Fortress Kh'aris's highest tower, which acts as a command post for base and its occupying units. Aside from holding com-scans and communication equipment needed to coordinate all of these forces through a Castameer Tactical Display, the command tower also holds living suites for the local command staff. 


Silver Jedi Guest Tower: The latest expansion of Fortress Kh'aris, the Silver Jedi Guest Tower houses guests from the Silver Jedi Order and the ISAF, and notably is built to offworld standards rather than Nikto standards. It largely uses Preaestigiae Shop products in order to provide a more familiar and comfortable environment for travelers, notably using that company's living modules and beds. It also has a lounge with beanbag chairs, a soda fountain (with Diet Fizzyglug), holo-arcade, and a food court next door which includes a Pizza Hutt and Soul Brothers and Sisters.


Shield Generator Turret: The squat but wide tower located behind the Bastion and Command tower houses a single Bulwark Planetary Shield Generator which is normally covered by a retractable dome to better protect it from the world's harsh environment. When activated, this shield generator cannot only protect the base, but much of the world itself from orbital attacks.


The Twin Watchtowers: A pair of small watchtowers flank either side of the main path into the fortress. However, these can only be accessed by subterranean passages from the Bastion itself. In old times, each one was manned by a sentry to keep watch on the skies or the trade routes. With the base's recent modernization, the towers technically do not need to be manned, but they often are by recruits of the 6th Infantry Regiment as part of their introduction to military life. The right tower holds a 9954/I sensor array linked to several observation satellites that tracks movements in the geo-orbital space around Kintan, while the left tower acts as a sector listening post. This left tower contains a subspace radio and HoloNet transceiver manned by a team of hardwired NR-1100 slicer droids which sift through and try to break into transmissions picked up the watchtower.


Fenn's Cavern: Located just underneath the Bastion and the visible elements of Fortress Kh'aris is an underground area known as Fenn's Caverns, supposedly the original lair of Kh'aris Fenn. This area holds many of the base's long-term supplies, a water cistern, as well as the geothermal power shaft that provides most of the base's power. It also acts as a junction point to the rest of the fortress's underground caverns.


Tsyr's Cavern: Almost certainly apocryphally used by the Morgukai Tsyr, this cavern branches off of Fenn's Cavern. It serves as a storage and maintenance point for hundreds of deactivated battle droids, most of which are Legionairre Battle Droids supplied by Lucerne Labs. These droids can march through Fenn Cavern to reinforce the base itself, or deploy through concealed exit tunnels onto the surrounding plains. 


Bok's Cavern: Named after one of the original Morgukai inhabitants, this area serves as a holding area for the local Kintan Strider training program. While trained as guard beasts, the ISAF considers them to be unreliable despite the confidence demonstrated in them by the local Nikto. Because of this, most of this area is automated and only serviced by droids or the beast's trainers. A pair of tunnels allows the beasts to be remotely released around the base of the arch.


Hangar: Just to the side of Fenn's cavern is a hollowed out hangar bay that holds the base's starships and vehicles. Because of the harsh weather and radiation flare-ups on Kintan, the hangar is usually secured by a massive, 2 meter thick turadium blast door. 





Installation Defenses


Combat Forces




Fortress Kh'aris was first constructed by Kh'aris Fenn with Count Dooku's help around the time of the Clone Wars. But the original builder did not stay there long. Fenn and his Morgukai henchmen eventually abandoned the fortress after it had been successfully infiltrated by a pair of Jedi. From there on out, the fortress came to be occupied by a number of successive and intermittent squatters, from local scavengers and nomads to pirates and international criminals on the run. During the Gulag plague, the fortress finally came under the consistent rule of a Kajain'sa'Nikto clan chieftain, who started many of the expansion of the original bastion and its underground passages. When Kintan entered into alignment with the Silver Jedi after the defeat of the cultists, the fortress became property of the new world government, which then modernized the base into its current form with help from the ISAF and Lucerne Labs. Since then, Fortress Kh'aris has become home of the 6th Kintan Infantry Regiment and frequent stop for ISAF forces and Silver Jedi in the area.


#1921870 Second Chance

Posted by Gir Quee on 09 March 2019 - 12:25 PM

Allya Vi'Dreya, I appreciate you taking the time to explain the rationale for your submission.


I find that light-hearted submissions like these are hard to judge when it comes to the rule of "All submissions need to conform to the general idea of Star Wars" found in the General Factory Rules. On one hand, I would like to continue to keep the Factory to be relatively open to allow people to fully use their creativity. On the other hand, we do have this rule in place so that we keep the flavor of the board as being distinctively Star Wars.


As you have pointed out, this submission is entirely within the realm of possibility in terms of its capability, but I think that the combination of its capabilities as well as its distinct aesthetics does in fact violate the "All submissions need to conform to the general idea of Star Wars" rule. This submission will stay denied.


With that said, I think that it's entirely possible to achieve the practical effects of the Giant Rubber Duck Cannon, or to make a submission that launches harmless Giant Rubber Ducks as a gag. I would recommend focusing on only one of these features of the Giant Rubber Duck Cannon in the future.

#1921728 6th Kintan Infantry Regiment - "Keepers of the Promise"

Posted by Gir Quee on 08 March 2019 - 09:22 PM

"Are they really our allies?" ~anonymous Antarian Ranger




  • Description: The 6th Kintan Infantry Regiment is a locally raised ISAF unit from Kintan. Composed of red and green nikto, these warriors have developed well-honed marksmanship skills by countless treks into the desert wastelands on survival hunts from the ancient Fortress Kh'aris. These same hunts have made the nikto exceptional desert warriors, not only capable of surviving harsh arid environments, but using those same environments to their advantage. While impressive in their home environment, the 6th is hindered by the political pressures which led to the creation of the unit. Pressure from the possibility of the ancient cult returning and the looming Sith Empire forced a number of disparate Nikto clans and the ISAF to artificially create the group based on 'a promise' that the unit would keep all force-users, both Jedi and Sith, from dominating the world. Consequently, the "Keepers of the Promise" as they call themselves draw some philosophy from the old Morgukai cult, which has lead to some friction and distrust between them and their Silver Jedi / ISAF allies. Nonetheless, the 6th remains an invaluable fighting asset to the Silver Jedi and ISAF in their eastern regions of their territory.


  • Unit Size: Large 

  • Unit Availability: Common 

  • Unit Experience: Trained

  • Combat Function:  The 6th Infantry acts largely as a standard infantry, seizing and holding ground through their personal skill in battle with small arms and other light weaponry. Among other infantry regiments of the ISAF, the 6th distinguishes itself by their unusual hardiness and adaptation to desert warfare. Kintan is a difficult world to grow up on because of its unforgiving arid land and sudden radiation flares, which has formed its inhabitants into tough individuals with a strong will to survive and practical ingenuity needed to make that will a reality. Military training under the tutelage of Directorate advisors and equipment provided by Lucerne Personal Defense has only furthered the ability of these tough, individualists to better fight and survive in the desert. Part of this training is a high focus on individually developing excellent marksmanship skill, which is in part enabled by all of their battle rifles being equipped with rugged NightMight 4NS scope: soldiers of the 6th frequently must make difficult long-range shots to best opponents over the vast distances of the open desert before their opponent can get the drop on them. This reality has also caused the soldiers of the 6th to become wary observers and travellers. This manifest itself in combat by using loose and open formations and positions focused on observing the environment around them. The regiment frequently maintains this skill set by sending small groups of soldiers into the desert for week long hunts of natural predators and to simply 'survive' in the wastelands. This has had the side of effect of producing a large core of highly independent low level leaders. After being afforded such operational independence, they frequently feel constrained by the top-down leadership of their higher officers, who have mostly adopted the conventional doctrines found commonly in ISAF circles. Still, higher level commanders including Admiral Quee have used this dichotomy to their advantage, sending small elements of the 6th into long-range independent patrols deep into enemy territory, a role which many of the young leaders now cherish. 



  • Marksmen: The 6th is composed of excellent marksmen, who while not true snipers, tend to be more accurate over longer ranges than typical soldiers. This effect is the result of using long-range slug throwers paired with good optics and months of survival-based hunting on the radiation-blasted sands of Kintan. While typically the 6th uses simple solid slugs for most of their work, most carry also carry explosive-tipped rounds for use against apex predators and armored foes.

  • Desert Fighters: The Keepers of the Promise are all natives of the desert wastelands of Kintan, with an intense familiarity with that landscape derived from regular training exercises and grueling 'hunts' in the midst of the desert. The 6th are not only adept at fighting and living within the desert, but frequently use the environment itself to their advantage. This manifests practically in such ways as using sandstorms to disguise their movements or using sand to hide explosive charges.


  • Lack Heavy Weapons: The Keepers of the Promise almost entirely lack any sort of heavy weaponry because of their focus on individual marksmanship. While they can use grenades and explosive-tipped slugs effectively against some lighter vehicles, they typically have no real effective ways to stop concentrated armored attacks by walkers or tanks. Additionally, they do not have a reliable means to fight back against aircraft.

  • Social Friction: The 6th suffers from both internal and external social friction because of their clans, particularly between the racial and political divide of the green and red nikto. Externally, the "promise" has bred distrust between the Nikto and their ostensible Jedi and ISAF allies.


When Kintan fell under the sphere of influence of the Silver Jedi, the ISAF and local government felt the need to build a defense force in case the cult attempted to rise to power once again. The 6th Kintan Infantry Regiment is one of those newly established units of the world designed to combat that threat and the possibility of invasion by the resurgent Sith Empire. While united in their desire to raise a local defense force, the ISAF and local government found the actually building the unit to be quite contentious. A large degree of this friction was rooted in Kintan's clan-based politics, alongside with Nikto culture's general distrust of force-users like the Silver Jedi. As a result, Admiral Quee and Lucerne Personal Defense stepped in to become the mediators between these vying groups while simultaneously equipping and training the force out of the ancient Fortress Kh'aris. Because of clan politics and practicality, most of the 6th is composed of the "Red Nikto" subspecies native to the area around the fortress, though there is a sizeable "Green Nikto" subspecies minority that has developed close ties to Admiral Quee through their clan chieftain. Still rooted culturally in isolation, the nikto leaders of the 6th prefer to spend most of their time training on the grounds of the fortress, but political maneuvering and the eagerness of some nikto leaders means that the unit or subordinate units within are sometimes deployed as part of a larger ISAF expeditionary force.

#1921439 Decimation I-class Kyber Crystal Superlaser

Posted by Gir Quee on 07 March 2019 - 06:31 PM

Darth Prazutis, this looks like a superweapon to me.


The weapon is designed for use against capital ships, the weapon had the potential to destroy one of these class of vessels in a single shot



This is pushing it, but I think the OOC disclaimer below this section makes okay.


it could devastate the surface in the vicinity of where it struck, or wipe out an entire continent like this in a single blow.

The linked portion appears to be referencing this:


There was a massive eruption of energy from the bow of the ship a massive green beam cut through the atmosphere, breaking the clouds open like a god tearing open the heavens. As it cut down through the atmosphere for miles around Munto City the landscape was bathed in a deep green light, the beam visible across the planet. The beam was vast easily miles wide. As it rushed towards the ground there was a hurricane roar. As soon as it collided with the earth there was a deafening boom, a shockwave that swept through the entirety of Commenor as it cut deep. Nearly half of Munto City and the surrounding valley vanished in the beam, utterly annihilated as the earth shook ravaging the deep tectonic plates with so much force they shifted triggering a destructive earthquake easily exceeding 10.0 in magnitude through the local region. The earth buckled sending an avalanche worth of colossal chunks of debris thousands of feet into the sky the beam struck with such intensity, such ferocity the very earth buckled beneath it and it literally glassed what remained as all life died, the very temperature in the region rose as the entire area was bathed in the beams superheated plasma. It swept forward continuing the destruction and Munto City disappeared and in an instant eight million people died, devoured and swept screaming into the netherworld creating a massive disturbance through the force in their wake. The concussive wave of the beam sent massive tsunamis into the oceans over a thousand feet in height. Everything vanished beneath its might and just like that it was gone.


 This looks like a superweapon.


Please edit this submission accordingly.

#1921424 H.M.S. Carannia

Posted by Gir Quee on 07 March 2019 - 05:27 PM

Darth Banshee, I hate having to be a stickler for this when the intent is clear, but it's a factory standardized rule:


The entire template must be used in your submission. Users can customize templates to their own personal liking, but the template's fields are not to be changed/removed/altered, additional information may be added but base fields may not be changed or removed.



In other words, the "Main Front Hangar" should just be the "Fighter Hangar". The "Side Support Hanger" should be the "Support Craft Hangar".


#1921138 H.M.S. Carannia

Posted by Gir Quee on 06 March 2019 - 07:01 PM

Darth Banshee, if you'll edit your submission to reflect that per the template, there are two separate hangar fields. Both fields should be there as their own separate identities. They should not be combined as a single "hangar".

#1920041 I.M.D. Pipistrelle MkII

Posted by Gir Quee on 03 March 2019 - 06:47 PM

as they decloaked,


Does this have a cloaking device or something comparable then? Or is this just something that needs to be edited? 

#1918660 H.M.S. Carannia

Posted by Gir Quee on 26 February 2019 - 10:15 PM

Can I up the dropship count to 10 per squadron, and have one squadron Can I edit the pipistrelles, as they where meant to be elite fighters, so if they lose stealth, they will need rebalancing.


I've move this two back to the usual starship forum so that you can edit them accordingly.


Can have a few days to design a couple of drop ships, to get through the factory


Fine by me.