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#1789158 When Falsehood Can Look Like Truth [SJO/ME]

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 May 2018 - 11:29 PM

Location: Krakana-class Tactical Command Ship Obi-Wan Kenobi, near Barataria 

Objective: Fight back

Allies: Elijah King | Sala'dine

Enemies: Kaine Australis | Yasmyn Australis


"It looks like they have chose war," observed Gir dryly.


The space between the Kenobi with its escorts and the Mandalorian warships lit up with brilliant weapons fire. The Nibsani's Big Friend's proton beam cannon sent a massive beam of light at vessel, even as the Onagers sent a quartet of massive plasma bolts surging towards the bulk of the Dutchman's Bane. With sensor jamming in play, many targets could be difficult to hit, but a giant sphere was a relatively easy target to hit from a geometrical standpoint, even if they couldn't get pin-point accuracy on specific points of the warship yet. He felt the impact of the Mandalorian proton beam cannon hit the ship's triple layer of shields as it attempted to bore through the ship's defenses into the ship itself. Like its namesake, the Kenobi was a ship oriented towards defense rather than offense, which would likely give him some time to contemplate and better understand the strange ships in front of him. A whirling sound emanated from the right side of his command chair until it manifested into the hazy image of what appeared to be a three-eyed Gran wearing casual business attire. 


"What is it, Aurek?"


The avatar of the Atropos AI unit cocked his head to the side, "I have detected a network intrusion."


That wasn't terribly surprising in its own. While all of the larger Silver Jedi starships had some measure of anti-slicing defenses present, no defense was ever truly impenetrable, and the Mandalorians of the past were known to employ slicers from time to time. One had even tried to take over a Republic base's cannons in the past to direct the weapons to destroy their own infrastructure. Gir scratched his chin.


"I take it that you are dealing with this situation."


"I am feeding them mixed information as I attempt to learn more about it."


Aurek was perhaps the most experienced unit of the dozen units in existence. It had travelled with Gir to the edges of the Unknown Regions to engage petty warlords and marauding criminal cartels to the tip of the core where the blonde man had fought against the One Sith and the First Order. As much as its experience made it competent, it made it irritatingly curious at times as well. It's probably not only testing this enemy slicer... 


"If they have a two way connection with us, I'm assuming that you can use the same connection to enter their vessels."


The avatar nodded, "I have started to probe their network."


"Have you found anything yet?"


The randomly generated avatar shook his head, "Not yet, but I have inserted some holo pop-ups with clips of SuperKnight: The Awakening into their network."


Gir winced, "That's a horrible flick. You're intentionally trying to antagonize them, aren't you?"


The AI nodded, "It's one way to learn about one's opponent. I wonder what they'll do..."


"I'll leave you to run the PsyOps."


The blonde man turned his attention back to the tactical screen, noting that multiple cronau radiation bursts from hyperdrive reversions close to the Obi-Wan Kenobi that seemed to correlate with unusual impacts against the ship itself. Whatever weapon they're using seems to be ignoring shields. That troubled him partially, yet the ship's thick armor appeared to be working as planned, equally dissipating the effects of the attack across the massive ship's hull. Gir responded to query by one of his weapons department officers, authorizing the use of Plumbatasin his armada to blindly fire Anti-Ordinance EMP Probes at the areas where hyperspace reversions appear to be appearing. Trudo Point Defense turrets similarly were being allocated to block and push away ordinance coming in from those same areas. Maybe if we're lucky we'll be able to disable one of those weapons for future study. At brief glance at his console showed that the ship's shield officers were primarily focused on deflecting and absorbing the proton beam from the unusually decadent-looking NBF. Ariela cleared her throat as she looked at the holo of the vessel rotating above Gir's command chair.


"It seems to be the ship most interested in us."


Gir nodded, "One second..."


The blonde man typed in a few commands, causing the droid-crewed Vulcain and its accompanying fighters to move in close to where the impacts from the unknown ordinance were coming from. The armored cruiser would thus act as a physical shield, attempting to block of the physical impacts from the unknown ordinance. With those orders set, he turned his full attention to the enemy battlecruiser that was battering away at the Kenobi's layered shields with its singular, massive cannon. Why isn't more weapons fire coming out of it? A glance at his ship read-out noted that the ship's proton beam cannon was exceptionally powerful, though some of its bite had been reduced by the Kenobi's molecular shields, which had been able to partially absorb the beam's energy to repower its defenses. He ran a few rough mental calculations. But that won't last forever...it's a powerful weapon that will burn through our shield's eventually. He rapidly typed in a few commands into his console, causing the Kenobi to redirect its fire at the NBF. Hypervelocity rounds, homing lasers, turbolasers, and mass driver slugs began to slam into the other ship's shields. Tidefall Torpedosalvos began to fly out of his ships before speeding out to test their droid brain's mettle against the NBF's defenses. Gir noted that the ship appeared to have an equally strong defense. We won't beat in it a direct slugging match then...but maybe we won't have to...


"Focus the Auras on the NBF, density projectors set to make it more dense than us. Swing us about to their stern."


With that, the quartet of Aura Tractor/Pressor Beams latched onto the ship, making its mass denser than it should have been. Combined with a burst of the ship's thrusters, the Kenobi suddenly shifted position, placing it an maneuvering arc that would eventually take it out of the Nibsani's proton beam's fire arc. Gir stroked his chin. Perhaps they will reveal more weapons as we get closer to it....




Tactical Summary


Silver Jedi 4th Fleet


#1788924 Yoma

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 May 2018 - 01:57 PM

Affiliation: Individual Character Name (an individual PC/NPC who is permitted to use this item)


Should this be Maple Harte? As a related note, there are several sections within the description itself that mention Nine rather than Maple.



Model: Hydrastaff



Have you talked to Tef about using this? The IC rationale for this makes sense, but given that this wasn't a common weapon of the OS, and that it is restricted to smaller numbers than a mass-produced product OOC, I'm not sure about this. It might be easier to use a canon amphistaff for the base of this weapon.

#1788918 MandalArms Nanite Defence System

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 May 2018 - 01:48 PM

Strengths: Fantastically small bots able to be deployed in huge numbers for area defence


This is an area defence system, suitable for installation aboard a capital ship, military base, or space station, or to protect a small city. It doesn't have the scale required to protect a planet, or anything close to that size.


Since nanotech is a newly reintroduced, some things aren't fully defined yet. The scope of size is one of them. I'm not asking for edits on this one, but I'm letting you know that this may be needed later on.


Production: Semi-Unique Affiliation: Mandalorian Empire


This affiliation will need to be more specific because it's semi-unique. One thing that you could do islist semi-unique "swarms" by giving each swarm a name. Then you could assign them to different things later on by swarm name.

#1788912 Olympus Mauler

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 May 2018 - 01:40 PM

Image Source:


This field seems to be missing.


Armament: Average 1x Damorian Mortar (replaces bomb bay and torpedo tubes) 4x InterchangableLaser/Ion Cannon (wing mounted) 1x Ion Encumbrance Package (forard mounted)


This looks to be a bit more than an average armament, especially given that 4 of the guns are actually two guns. Please adjust the numbers of weapons present or raise the rating. For the former, I'd be happy with the interchangeableLaser/Ion Cannons being halved. In terms of ratings, what's currently listed is probably close to "High".


Squadron Count: Very Low: 1


"Very Low" is actually 4 fighters. So "None: 1" would actually be more proper for this. This also frees up a rating that you could use to increase somewhere else (like the armament).


Hyperdrive Class: Saotome Hyperdrive Very Fast: 1


A "x1" hyperdrive is actually "average". This means that there is potentially another rating that you could use to increase the armament. Alternatively, you could mention that the hyperdrive has been modified to be faster than x1.


Executive Suite


What does the executive suite do on this submission (given that's it appears designed to be used on larger vessels)?

#1788870 The Dagger Poised, For Shallow Minds

Posted by Gir Quee on 19 May 2018 - 12:29 PM

Near the Dolash-Pike Excavation Site, Eryn III


Gir took a deep breath, fully reveling in the fragrant smell of the pines just after last night's storm. He gently stepped onto the woodland path in front of him, immediately feeling the unusual give beneath his feet as crumpled leaves and detritus gave way to the dark soil beneath. Why do I live among the stars again? He turned his eyes to a nearby, towering pine that seemed to stretch to the placid blue sky above. His eyes drifted back to the surface, he caught the sight of a large, blackened patch of bark near its base. His countenance shifted from natural wonder and ecstasy to sober remembrance. Mere months ago, this very track of woods had the sight of grueling battle between the forces of the self-styled Supreme General Kossk and locals and their Directorate allies. He paused for a moment, causing one of his companions to clear his throat.


Fossk is dead.”


Gir turned his eyes to face Dav Hannish. The unwilling time traveller's square jaw was set firmly in conviction, and Gir wondered how many times Hannish had told his father similar sentiments. Gir's eyes darted to the man's partially holstered blaster pistol, noting that the old freetrader had turned off the gun's safety. Fossk is dead but you're still worried too...


Fossk is dead,” started Gir, “but that doesn't mean that all of his men are.”


Dav briefly cocked his head to the side as he scanned the treelines, “Maybe, but the rangers and locals have scattered any survivors far from here. I bet they'd rather run from our sight than fight.”


And that's why your blaster is ready?”


It's ready for whatever's in there,” said the brown-haired man, jauntily pointing a finger at a hill covered in trees.


Gir knew better. A detailed scan from orbit showed that not only was the hill almost entirely hollow, but a large network of caves and artificial passageways spread out from its base, almost like the roots of a tree. But the ground was too deep to reveal anything else. Not even the locals knew what was in it. Maybe there is some truth to the local rumors about the Rataka. But they should be long dead by now, should they not? But his actions belied those thoughts. Here he was wearing blast armor underneath his faded field jacket, accompanied by a personal shield generator and his finely tuned pistolhanging from his belt.


Only one real good way to find out,” said Gir, starting to trudge up the path, “we just have to wait for the Mechanicum to arrive to figure out the lock at the gateway.”


With that, they continued forward on the path, disappearing into a glade of trees at the base of the hill.


Archim Calixis

#1788631 Myntor Personal Shield

Posted by Gir Quee on 18 May 2018 - 10:45 PM




  • Intent: To provide a basic personal shield generator in Lucerne Personal Defense's line-up

  • Image Source: here 

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Xythan Force Shield: Myntor's base shield is actually a variant of the Xythan Force Shield. Rather than producing a continuous deflector shield bubble, it produces a rotating sphere of energy hexagons that can absorb energy weapons fire like a molecular shield.

  • Auxiliary Shield Module: As the Xythan Force Field can only protect against energy weapons like blasters and lightsabers, Lucerne Personal Defense included a modular hardpoint that allows it to take a secondary shield module that allows it to incorporate other shielding technologies to make it more versatile, such as particle shielding, environmental thermal shielding, ionic shielding, rad-dampening shielding, and sonic dissipators.

  • Dataport: Myntor features a scomp-link accessible dataport on its underside. This allows its settings to be accessed and changed through a datapad, droid, or armor suit HUD.


  • Rotating Shield: Myntor's Xythan Force shielding appears as a sphere of rotating hexagonal panels that swiftly rotate around the user. This means that damaged shielding is continually replaced by a fresh area of localized shielding against sustained fire, such as from a blaster or prolonged lightsaber cutting, which in turn makes it more difficult to penetrate by such attacks.

  • Absorbent: Xythan Force Shielding acts much like molecular shielding, allowing to absorb energy attacks and use them to help power the device.

  • Modular: Each Myntor has a slot designed to accept a modular auxiliary shield, which allows it to be adapted to better suit different environments or foes.

  • Expandable Protection: Myntor shielding typically provides protection in an oblongfield just large enough to encompass its user, but it can be expanded up to a radius of three meters, allowing it to provide protection to people and objects besides the user in its field.


  • Individually Weak Shield Faces: The rotating xythan shield panels are individually weak and prone to be penetrated by concentrated energy attacks, such as from a disruptor or heavy blaster. In such instances, the shield panel collapses and thus reduces the damage dealt by that weapon and, but it does not fully stop it. In some instances, the rotation of the collapsing shield itself can also partially deflect a portion of that attack away from the wearer (or a specific area of the wearer) itself.

  • Limited Duration: The power pack that comes with the Myntor only provides enough power for 10 minutes of continuous use or to absorb around 50 blaster rifle shots. While theoretically, it can recharge itself by being hit by blaster fire, the Myntor needs to be powered down for 1 minute after reaching its breaking point in order to not overheat. If it does overheat, there is an exponentially increasing chance that the device will melt down or its radiation scrubbers will fail, which would expose the user to harmful radiation.

  • Lack of stealth: Xythan Shielding is not remotely stealthy, forming a light, glowing blue sphere around the user, as well as a crackling sound which is exacerbated by the movement of air currents.

  • Thin shields: The more the Myntor's shielding is expanded, the weaker and even more susceptible the shielding (both Xythan Force Field and from the auxiliary shield) becomes to being penetrated. At its maximum radius of three meters, most blaster rifles and heavy blaster pistols can pierce through the xythan force shielding.

The Myntor Personal Shield is Lucerne Personal Defense's first foray into the realm of personal shielding. While motivated to be exceptionally competitive in the field by the successes of pioneering industry giants like ArmaTech, LPD actually turned turned to a more obscure and older shielding type for the basis of their system: the Xythan Force Shield. Originally developed for use on droids like the JK-13 security droid, LPD took the technology and modified it for use by organics. Unlike many energy shields, the Myntor's shielding does not present itself as a nearly invisible, continual placid sphere. Instead, it appears like a swiftly rotating sphere of cyan-tinged hexagons. Each hexagon is actually its own distinct energy shield facet, meaning that it operates independently of the rest of the shield hexagons. This means that each facet is relatively weak but easily recharged. However, because these hexagons are constantly rotating, it means that sustained fire or contact usually effects multiple facets that are rotated into place before or as the previous facet fails. This makes the shielding more resilient to rapid fire blasters and contact weapons like lightsabers, though it is conversely weaker against slower-firing weapons that are typically more powerful and penetrating. Realizing that many threats on the battlefield do not come only from energy weapons, Lucerne Personal Defense included a secondary modular slot within the Myntor to allow it to equip other types of more specialized shielding to allow its users to better adapt to different types of enemies and environments. This slot takes up approximately forty to fifty percent of theMyntor unit's power, making it about as formidable as the Xythan Force Shield. While a variety of devices can be easily plugged into the scomp-link and power supply of the shield with some modifications, the following are common aftermarket-options supplied directly by Lucerne Personal Defense:


Xythan Force Shield: This module is actually a duplicate of the main system, however, its shields rotate in the opposite direction of the primary shield, which lessens the ability of more powerful weapons to fully pierce through these energy shields.


Particle Shielding: This module contains a particle shield generator, providing the user from protection from slugs, shrapnel, many melee weapons, and other threats of a physical nature. This is probably the most commonly used auxiliary slot. Those who use it conjunction with a physical weapon, such as a slugthrower, often synchronize it to their helmet's HUD to allow it to briefly flicker off when they fire their own weapon.


Ion Shield: This module contains an ion shield generator, providing protection from Ion/EMP warheads as well naturally occurring ion storms.


Sonic: This shield is actually a sonic dissipator, which rapidly reduces incoming sound waves to a fraction of their volume and power. This not only protects the user's ears from loud noises, but actually breaks down the ultrasonic waves of sonic pistols, blasters, and other like weaponry.


Radiation Dampening: This shield absorbs and protects against radiation from both artificial sources (like reactors or radiation grenades) and natural sources (solar winds, etc). This is most commonly used by spacers onboard starships (especially when engaging in salvaging operations) or scouts on radiologically contaminated worlds.


Thermal: This shield provides an exceptional amount of insulation to the user, protecting them from extreme differences in cold or heat. This is useful to protecting its users from extreme environments and exotic weapons like flamethrowers or cyroban weaponry, but it does not provide protection against blasters, slugthrowers, and most common weapon types.


While the base Xythan shielding unit is commonly run in conjunction with the secondary shield, it is possible to only divert power to one of the devices to boost its effects through the Myntor's capacitor overcharger. Overcharging one of the shields does not double its power, however, as the base shielding components are not able to fully withstand that power surge with remaining small enough to fit in its compact package. Instead, maximum protection in the overcharge mode is around 140-160% of its normal power depending on the shielding unit involved. It is possible to shift energy supplies in different ratios to either of the shields though, such as 75% to the Xythan Force Field and 25% to a particle shield further allowing the user to customize the shield to different situations. The shield can be further customized by altering its radius. By default, the shield only encapsulates the user and the immediate objects that the user is carrying. However, it is possible to expand the shield's radius up to three meters, allowing it to protect others in the immediate vicinity of the user. This setting comes with a number of limitations however, including lower relative shield density and the problems of battlefield coordination. As an example of this, someone could not leave the protection of the shield without the shield itself being deactivated, as the Xythan Force Field would fry them. Because each Myntor is fairly small, the only visible external controls are on and off switches for the main and auxiliary shield unit, and a powerpack release and insertion lever. The other shield settings must be altered through using the scomp-link port, either through a datapad, droid, or personal armor interface.


Myntor is entering a crowded market, and Lucerne Personal Defense is conservatively betting that it will not achieve high market penetration. However, the company's association with the Directorate as ensured a small, steady production which supply certain personnel and units within the group. However, it is expected that numbers of units will find their way into the hands of other groups with similar leanings to Lucerne Labs. LPD has decided to incentivize their sale by including them in packages with its armor suits, notably the Anakkona Heavy Armor.

#1788526 When Falsehood Can Look Like Truth [SJO/ME]

Posted by Gir Quee on 18 May 2018 - 07:58 PM

Location: Krakana-class Tactical Command Ship Obi-Wan Kenobi, entering the Barataria System

Objective: Lock and Load

Allies: Elijah King | Sala'dine

Enemies: Kaine Australis


Gir lightly rubbed his right clavicle, massaging around where the harness strap onboard the Backwash had kept him safely buckled in as the corvette had streaked across hyperspace. The command chair of the Kenobi was a far more comfortable affair, having more in common with a reclining chair than the minimal design found on the Backwash. He spun about on his chair to face Ariela, his alleged secretary, but the HRD was far more engrossed in rapidly typing in commands into the consoles to notice his attention.


"Any suggestion that the Mandos have accepted Admiral King's offer?"


"Not yet."


She didn't even bother to look up at me...nor pause. Gir made a mental note that he would the programmers alter her mannerism patterns the next time they were in Hast. He turned his eyes around the bridge, checking to see if any of the bridge crew had caught that awkward exchange. But nearly all of them seemed engrossed in preparing their departments and double-checking their systems for the imminent battle. Perhaps I'm being too paranoid. He turned his attention to Admiral King's last received instructions, thinking of multiple possibilities for orders which would doubtlessly be best informed by the immediate circumstances of their reversion to hyperspace.He felt a slight shift in the ship's artificial gravity, which signified that the warship was reverting into realspace. The crew began to mumble and chatter as their screens lit-up with information from their new environment. Gir began to join them as he flipped through various systems screens and reports.


"Heavy sensor and communication's jamming," noted the HRD.


That much was to be expected. Mandalorian Hypernautics had been at the cutting edge of ECM warfare development, which seemed to have passed on to the latest generation of Mandalorian fighters. Yet Lucerne Labs hadn't been far behind, and his company's influence showed in the warship's electronic warfare module that hung from the bottom of the vessel. Now a battle of skill and power. His technicians and operators would begin to leverage the ship's sensor jammers to deny the Mandalorians solid sensor readings on the Kenobi. The ship's Oracle communication's package would have to rely on comm-lasers to transfer information to their escorts. That wouldn't be a problem for the capital ships accompanying the battle cruiser, though their fighters would be hampered until the Hiridiu-boosted comm's suite would be able to fully burn through the enemy jamming. he flipped through another screen, noting that the rapid response elements of 4th fleet had arrived roughly perpendicular to the Mandalorian forces under General Kaine, but oriented above the Mandalorian's forces, as if they were diving downwards towards the top of his fleet. He singled out a single large vessel that appeared to be flanked by a pair of other Silver Jedi Warships.


"Power up the Onagers," decided Gir, "and target the Dutchmen's Bane. We'll hold our fire until they make the first move..."


Even as the massive railguns began to build up their plasma charge, countless other weapons across 4th Fleet began to reorient and turn to face the other threats of the assembled Mandalorian Armada. Their targeting data wasn't consistent given the sensor operators will still trying to comprehend the methodology of the Mandalorian sensor jamming, forcing many of the gunners to rely on manual aiming through the use of EPRs, but as time passed, each side's ECM specialist would be able to better break through or thwart the other's efforts to target other.


Tactical Summary


Silver Jedi 4th Fleet


#1787293 When Falsehood Can Look Like Truth [SJO/ME]

Posted by Gir Quee on 16 May 2018 - 10:08 PM

Liberté-class Light Corvette Backwash, in hyperspace somewhere in the Slice


"Status of 4th Fleet?" questioned Gir.


None of the other four occupants answered him as they tried to navigate through their own screens. He spared a moment to stare out of the viewport, watching the stars streak past him as the little ship zipped through hyperspace. Barely a warship in its own right, the Backwash wasn't really suited for the command duties that he was pressing the corvette into. Yet he couldn't exactly drag along a full-sized star destroyer everywhere he went, especially on private business. He gave a sideways glance at his secretary as if to reiterate his request. The brunette turned her hazel eyes on him after scanning through the ship's communication's console.


"Elements are dispatched en route to Roche. We should be arriving slightly ahead of them. Reserve elements from the local ISAF defense forces are mobilizing to replace the central forces."


Gir nodded. His command centered on Ceraluen mostly kept watch out to the galactic northeast of Silver Jedi territory, where a Sith Empire incursion seemed most likely. Yet that front had been relatively quiet as of late, aside from a few unwelcome visits by slavers and pirates trying to test the waters and their mettle. His regular patrols hadn't encountered much difficulty in beating them back, leading Gir into a false sense of security. The threat always seems to come from where we least expect it...He turned his forward once again. His sapphire blue eyes scanned over the information flowing from the Silver Jedi assets closest to Barataria. Mixed signals intelligence...Well, that should at least make things interesting. The blonde man could recall some of the darker days of the old Republic-One Sith War, where a variety of unconventional strategems and ruses were tried in an effort to try and gain an advantage over the other side. As he read about the distress signal, he couldn't help but recall one incident where a particular clever hacker had managed to temporarily jam everyone's local subspace radio network with such a distress signal: people didn't even realize that there other's out there trying to communicate, broadcasting a distress signal of their own. Those diplomats got lucky. I wonder if that will be the case this time. He glanced at his wrist chrono. Only time will tell this time...

#1784641 Tidefall-class Brilliant Torpedo

Posted by Gir Quee on 12 May 2018 - 10:41 PM




  • Intent: To provide a capital scale warhead more capable of surviving a ECM dominated battlefield

  • Image Source: here

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Anti-Capital Ship Warhead

  • Size: Very Large

  • Weight: Heavy

  • Ammunition Type: Plank Gas Plasma Warhead

  • Ammunition Capacity: 1 Warhead

  • Reload Speed: None

  • Effective Range: Battlefield

  • Rate of Fire: Average

  • Stopping Power: High

  • Recoil: Average


  • Plank Gas Plasma Warhead: This warhead uses ionized Plank Gas as a payload. Typically, upon impact, it creates a focused heat jet that is designed to cut through heavy armor. As it expends energy in this manner, it reverts to its gaseous state of being typical Plank Gas. In its gaseous form, it corrodes and eats away at objects it comes into contact with.

  • Droid Brain: Each Tidefall is piloted by a Psykhe Droid Brain located in the middle of the missile. This makes the Tidefall a larger variant of a brilliant missile, allowing it to think as it reacts to threats on the battlefield, whether its a hostile starfighter or electronic sensor jamming.


  • Defense in Principle: Much like the Statet Grav Missile or the Starcore-class Concussion Missile, the Tidefall is designed to survive many of the new electronic-based anti-missile technologies being employed through principles of design. This includes extensively using Biolux series organoform circuitry to make it resistant to EMP/Ion weapons and using an isolated droid brain for guidance purposes to make it resistant to sensor jamming and generally immune to missile deactivator transmitters.

  • Maneuverable: The Tidefall incorporates vectored thrust nozzles as well as lateral thrusters built into the midway point of the fuselage. This allows the warhead to sidestep some point defense fire and other obstacles, as well as allowing it to better adjust its trajectory to better hit fast and maneuverable targets.

  • Long-Range: The Tidefall has fairly long range for a warhead of its size, largely because it relies heavily on coasting, much like the Firelance-class Torpedo before it, to near its target before rapidly accelerating to strike its target.


  • Isolated Telemetry: While not having a wireless communications system of its own means that it doesn't have an access point from which to be deactivated, it also means that it does not have the ability to use sensor data from other sources or to communicate with other friendly forces. This also means that once the missile is launched, the users cannot deactivate it or change its target, as the missile can only receive its orders through a physical dataport located on the side of its fuselage.

  • Delayed Effect: While being designed to coast over long distance grants the torpedo exceptionally long range, it also means that it is relatively slow compared to other ordinance, even compared to other long-range ordinance like energy torpedoes. However, this is not true as the torpedo nears its target, as it shift all remaining fuel into the engine to rapidly accelerate the torpedo.

  • Large Launcher: Tidefalls are exceptionally large torpedoes, meaning that this needs heavy warhead launchers such as the Harpoon-class General Purpose Launcher to effectively deploy. It is too large to be carried by starfighters or to be fired through typical hypervelocity cannons like the Angon-class.


The Tidefall Brilliant Torpedo was conceived around the same time as the Starcore-class Concussion Missile as another munition type designed to better survive on a battlefield increasingly being dominated by electronic warfare. However, the Tidefall took the opposite approach of the Lightcore. Rather than essentially reverting to an unguided shell when struck by ECM, the Tidefall is actually a larger variant of the brilliant missile, essentially making each missile a disposable battle droid. Because it is operated by a droid brain, Tidefalls can rationally solve problems as they are encountered on the battlefield, making them harder to destroy before they hit their targets.


The Tidefall's basic fuselage uses carbo-plas plating laminated in several layers to form a solid hull. Thus the fuselage plating also serves as its framework. While this makes it less durable upon impact, and thus does not penetrate as much as many warheads, it also makes it more survivable against point defense weapons like laser cannons or flechette launchers as the plating overall is thicker than many of its contemporaries. Several small chemical fuel slug engines are mounted in a ring at the rough center of the missile and at the aft. This engines can be ignited individually, providing the Tidefall with exceptional maneuverability that is almost comparable to a typical starfighter. The rear of the fuselage contains a VASIMR drive that is almost directly copied from its predecessor, the Firelance Torpedo. Typically this engine is fired in short bursts, allowing the warhead to stealthily coast on inertia towards its targets. At full throttle though, combined with its auxiliary chemical thrusters, the Tidefall becomes quick and agile, behaving much like a drone starfighter. Just ahead of the engine and its fuel supply is the Tidefall's Psykhe Droid Brain, which acts essentially as the torpedo's pilot. Its dual-core processor is well-suited for this task, as one bio-computer can focus exclusively on flying the missile to avoid obstacles and immediate threats, while the other processor can focus on analyzing the battlefield, such as deciding if a new target should be selected if the target is destroyed or otherwise disappears, or processing through sensor noise caused by sensor jamming. Its ability to provide some of these tasks is enabled by its quartet of knowledge cylinders. Typically one is devoted to understanding realspace environments, another to common starship tactics, another to starship schematics and starship subcomponents, and another to processing sensor data in the context of electronic warfare. Just in front of the droid brain is the sensors that allow this to happen. This includes a trio of passive electro photo receptors for short-range guidance and a long-range heat detector. This sensor package is entirely passive, which allows it to target objects without pinging back enemy sensor operators. Using a composite sensor signature also means that it is less likely to fall victim to blanket noise jamming, especially in conjunction with its sensor processing software. Just ahead of the sensors is the plasma warhead itself. This warhead contains magnetically sealed plank gas that has been superheated into a plasma form. When this warhead hits its target, the magnetic seal at the tip of the warhead disappears, causing the superheated plasma to rush into the impact zone. Its high heat is thus focused forward and designed to superheat and/or burn through materials. In the event that the material rapidly absorbs this high heat, the plasma loses its energy reverts to plank gas, which then begins to eat through any material it comes into contact with. It is possible in some instances for the plasma to cut through a weakly armored section hull, flood a compartment and in the process lose all of its energy and turn into plank gas, which will then eat away at whatever is in that compartment.


Tidefalls are fairly large missiles which limits their deployment, meaning that they can only be carried on capital ships with large warhead launchers like the Harpoon General Purpose Warhead Launcher. Those ships that can carry the weapon find it useful as a means of long-range harassment, especially in obstacle-ridden environments such as asteroid fields. Typically they are deployed en mass, where their numbers and maneuverability improve the odds of at least some of them hitting their targets. As precision weapons, these warheads are typically programmed to hit specific components on a ship, where their plasma jet warheads can surgically disable or destroy targets. 

#1784110 The Ablution

Posted by Gir Quee on 11 May 2018 - 08:40 PM

Vanessa Vantai, I apologize for the wait, I was discussing the viability of being able to channel Force Lightning through the craft with the Factory staff. The consensus is that this is not feasible.


There is very limited canon evidence to support something so powerful. The closest thing that we have is in the game Jedi Starfighter, in which a jedi pilot can sometimes zap another starfighter with Force Lightning, but it's nothing at this magnitude of power or its breadth. Additionally, there are some issues with being able to target so many different vessels at once, especially if they're not line of sight. Perhaps a bigger issue would be the overall power draw needed to accomplish something this significant, which would probably be incredibly high.


I can see such a network in place with the stipulation that it can only target one ship at a time, not outright destroy it in a single shot, have some sort of notable recharge time, and be limited to about point-blank range. These caveats need to be very explicitly stated within the submission itself. This would be the sort of thing that might be useful in blocking a single precisely aimed torpedo or warding off a boarding craft, but not something capable of causing widespread destruction. 

#1783601 Don't Call It A Comeback - I’ve Been Here for Years [Liberation of Nibelu...

Posted by Gir Quee on 10 May 2018 - 09:01 PM

Location: Union II-class Assault Carrier Sapphire Seas, entering the Nidhog System

Objective: Break through the defenses

Allies: Jyoti | Charlie | Sala'dine | Aubrey King

Enemies: Kiso


Admiral Quee watched the holo of the ongoing engagement, watching the incandescent exhaust trails of the starfighters as they surged towards the Ancient Eye vessels. Even though he seemed to be placidly observing the battle, his mind was hurriedly juggling different possibilities along with the best contingency plans to thrive in those events. Yet he had not considered the possibility of Jyoti's proposition. He briefly furrowed his brow as his mind switched gears.


"There's no harm in offering them a chance to surrender," said the blonde man, "though there's no guarantee that they'll take it."


Part of him wondered why he hadn't considered that possibility. Has my mind been too warped in fighting the Sith for so long that I consider them to be a monolithic block? On an intellectual level, he knew that they were just as disparate a group as those that opposed them, yet he had a hard time considering that they would actually do so. He could only recall a single Sith that had surrendered once both as part of his journey of redemption to the lightside. He turned his eyes briefly away from the commanders to the starfighters surging ahead. But maybe we'll be able to save some our lives in the process as well...


Directorate Order of Battle

#1783481 Arks Mechanicus

Posted by Gir Quee on 10 May 2018 - 05:07 PM

Archim Calixis, this looks solid and it's a nice piece of worldcrafting as well. Only one thing:


Molecular Shields: A special form of deflector technology, absorbing energy fire instead of deflecting or neutralizing it so that it may be converted into powering an Ark's own weapon systems. In addition to being more durable than standard capital grade shielding, this absorption process allows for the carrier to return fire even under reactor strain. Resistant to most short ranged weapons fire, a sustained barrage is the most effective method of attack, although the deflectors are more vulnerable to heavier hitting weaponry like HVCs, heavy turbolasers, and concussion missiles.


Molecular shields do not provide any resistance to physical attacks (HVCs, concussion missiles, etc). This is why the Emperor's Chrysalide beasts were able to simply claw and eat their way through the X-1 Vipers at Byss. What I'd recommend doing is making some mention that this also has some sort of separate particle shielding or other related technology.

#1782415 MandalArms God'Buir-Class Fighter

Posted by Gir Quee on 08 May 2018 - 07:58 PM

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

#1780920 MandalArms Kiffu-Class Carrier

Posted by Gir Quee on 05 May 2018 - 09:30 PM

Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

#1780907 MandalArms God'Buir-Class Fighter

Posted by Gir Quee on 05 May 2018 - 09:13 PM

This looks pretty solidly balanced. It's technically one rating over, but not having shields compensates for this in my opinion:


The laser cannon submission that this is using is not approved yet, so I can't approve this yet, but I think it's otherwise already. Tag me when that's approved, and I'll set this to pending approval.