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Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

Member Since 15 May 2013
Offline Last Active Sep 17 2018 09:53 PM
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Omega Pyre

F.A.Q.'S So you’re not just mercenaries? No. While Omega Pyre is a Private Military Contractor (PMC),  we are also a company with resources in shipping, Bacta, fuels, ores, and technology....

  • Members: 95
  • Created: 23-March 13
Arceneau Trade Company

The South Systems Syndicate has opened it's doors for all manner of businesses within the Mara Corridor and the Corellian Run for their Galactic Bazaar.   Here, all manner of businesses,crimin...

  • Members: 100
  • Created: 04-May 13
Witches of Dathomir

The Witches of Dathomir are a neutral group of Human Force-sensitives and Non-Force Users native to the planet Dathomir. Also known as the Daughters of Allya, the history of these females (and male...

  • Members: 63
  • Created: 23-May 13
Hapes Consortium

The Hapes Consortium was the ruling government and consortium of the Hapes Cluster.A hereditary monarchy based on the capital world of Hapes, it ruled over the region in isolation since before 3,00...

  • Members: 43
  • Created: 04-September 13
The Order of the Silver Jedi

  The Order of the Silver Jedi   The Axis of Evil is spreading across the galaxy.    Star systems fall to the merciless grip of Sith warlords, Imperial fleets and fascist dicta...

  • Members: 705
  • Created: 12-May 14
Tion Hegemony

The Tion Hegemony -- legendary for creativity, growth, nobility.  Once the prosperous heart of the Sith Empire, liberated by the Jedi,now occupied once more by the Sith, the Tion Cluster is a...

  • Members: 17
  • Created: 10-July 14
The Bounty Hunters' Guild

  "Republics may fall, empires may rise. But the Bounty Hunters' Guild stands strong."   The bounty boards of the Holonet had stagnated for some time, and that was not for a lack of war....

  • Members: 53
  • Created: 16-November 14
Outer Rim Coalition (The Underground)

We were the Underground: raids and gunrunning, decentralized and more than a little disreputable. We've fought the Dark Side from the Deep Core to the Unknown Regions. After liberating Demonsgate w...

  • Members: 515
  • Created: 12-January 15

The Galactic United Information Database Enclave welcomes you!   Join the revolution of knowledge by helping us create a galaxy-wide connection of useful information for all people. Courageous...

  • Members: 32
  • Created: 30-March 15
Trade Conglomerate

Powerful and driven, funded and ever on the rise. A joining of numerous concerns, the Trade Conglomerate is the product of plentiful like minded businesses and associates. Garnering an expansive po...

  • Members: 16
  • Created: 28-June 15
The Chiss Ascendancy

The Unknown Regions have been seen as a beacon of turmoil and strife since life in the galaxy began to appear. Thousands of worlds left to fend on their own against any and all threats that plague...

  • Members: 27
  • Created: 15-August 15
The First Order

"The Galaxy is calling. We will let it know we have heard."   Dark winds are blowing in the Force, a new power is rising from the outer-reaches of the galaxy and the red maw of conquest is bei...

  • Members: 698
  • Created: 08-September 15

The Last Jedi Welcome to the Alliance-in-Exile. Once a beacon of hope and justice dedicated to the expulsion of the dark side from the galaxy, we are now a hunted people. Led by what remains of Hig...

  • Members: 670
  • Created: 15-September 15
The Holo

Welcome to The Holo.     This "Faction" represents a gathering place on the Galactic Holonet, free from the watchful eyes of the Galaxies various Governments. Here, a range of activities...

  • Members: 10
  • Created: 03-October 15
The Trade Federation

The Trade Federation was once legendary for its size and political clout: a massive commerce guild growing to encompass entire star systems with a sizable private military at its back. The Trade Fe...

  • Members: 7
  • Created: 12-December 15

  The Underworld is not a government. It is not an organization, syndicate, or any structured group. There is no one leader of the Underworld, there is no ruling council, and there is no one...

  • Members: 150
  • Created: 02-February 16
The Free Colonies

    "When there is no place to be free- Men and Women break away, and form their own Freedoms. That's what this is. Freedom, a Confederacy run by a loose Colonial Government. Free people...

  • Members: 20
  • Created: 09-February 16
The Sith Triumvirate

Under the guidance of three Sith Lords, the Sith Triumvirate seeks to build and maintain a sovereignty of the dark side to overcome eons of injustice and weakness in the galaxy.

  • Members: 42
  • Created: 12-February 16
The Corellian League

The Sith are gone... The Broken World is healed, or healing well enough. The Galaxy at large has moved on from Corellia, and forgotten her. Now as she lays in the cradle of her own ashes, we write...

  • Members: 25
  • Created: 05-August 16
The Galactic Empire

  "Resistance...Rebellion, you will burn these ideas away"   - Galactic Emperor, Palpatine   Shattered Remains...   That is what we inherit, but finally, the true Galactic Empi...

  • Members: 189
  • Created: 28-November 16
The Sith Empire

 The time has come to Eclipse the Light.  For too long have the Sith waited in the shadows, clinging to the edges of obscurity. The Light has tasted its victory and has grown fat while w...

  • Members: 532
  • Created: 12-March 17
The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Millions are Afraid. They are terrified of being caught in the crossfire as titanic nations go to war. Terrified of being exploited by those less moral...or being sacrificed in the name of the gre...

  • Members: 404
  • Created: 21-July 17