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Danger Arceneau

Danger Arceneau

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In Topic: Super busy

24 July 2018 - 07:37 AM

Okay... It looks like things just might slow down for me starting August!


Here's to crossing fingers so I can get back to rping at a consistent rate :) 

In Topic: Corellia Planet Submission update - Crowdsourcing

10 July 2018 - 10:24 AM

Just a quick bump for any Corellia information! Deadline will be July 20, 2018. 

In Topic: We've got the Moves like Jabba | CIS Dominion of Tatooine

07 July 2018 - 07:19 AM



Objective 2: Aid, Feed, Heal [aid the locals]
Tatooine has suffered incredible damage at the hands of the Galactic Empire. Famine rages among the survivors, many of which are injured and in need of medical assistance as well as food. Take over Jabba’s Palace and establish it as our HQ where food can be brought and locals can be helped.


|| Jabba The Hutt's Palace

Jyoti Nooran, Cathbodua, Valae Kitra. Darth Metus

Finding someone in charge proved to be a bit more difficult with the bustle going in and out. At this rate, Danger instead found herself in a position of assisting with the deployment of goods. While the vibrancy of her silver streaked auburn hair was covered, the sheer presence she seemed to naturally carry along with the recognition from her own employees meant that they gravitate to her instruction.

“Which of the outposts have checked in?” There were dozens of course, not to include the main cities. Those were already being assisted by Arceneau Trade and Confederate personel. Out in the Waste, however, there were scattered outposts that went from one side of the Jundland to the Western Dune sea.

“These trading posts have checked in,” a man with weathered tanned skinned replied. He was all of twenty five years old but living on Tatooine made him appear close to forty. He pointed to a small holographic map of Tatooine. Arceneau Trade had conducted a planetary mapping expedition after Netherworld, so they had an idea of where the trading outposts were. If any more had survived the last few years or if new ones popped up was infirmation they should update.

Danger gave a nod.

“I want several survey groups to prepare for another expedition. We will update our database to map out what is out there—and touch base with any that might need aid.” It could take weeks to complete, the climate and environment made it a difficult task. Not to mention dangerous.

But it was one they would need to take.

“Utilized Haven Shipyards new line of all terrain survey vehicles. That should help with the speed and protection.”

In Topic: Business as Usual [TSE Dominion of Etti IV Hex AN-17]

04 July 2018 - 12:37 PM


Intergalactic Solutions Towers

Irajah Ven Jairus Starvald Darth Carnifex

Oh, it was one of those situations. 
Both Irani and Danger had to deal personally with a few matters. She couldn't judge him any more than she could do herself.Sometimes, things had to get done or for efficiency sakes,matters had to be taken up with their own hands to ensure that those who did them wrong would remember why they shouldn't poke the proverbial Bha'lair. 
At her side, Aeri made a small gesture to gain Danger's attention.Speak of the devil,Danger would muse with mild amusement.With a flick and switch of Aeri's coral hand,the Zeltron brought up a feed of an approaching Emperor's flagship, the Behemoth. 
Darth Carnifex had arrived. 
While the Emperor would obviously have other matters to attend to, now that he had come to Etti IV himself, it meant that this just might need an even more personal touch.Irani had it right when he questioned when her meeting with the Zambrano would take place. 
"Do try not to get that pretty face of yours hurt, Irani.I've grown fond of it."Arceneau replied,moving up and out of her seat towards the holographic screen. 
It was obvious he was with someone else, which at least brought a measure of assurance that Irani wasn't going to end up with a few holes in his back. 
"I reckon I'll go about and see if the Emperor is available; although I've a hunch that his attention likely is on the Exo and the corporate counsel." 
"I'll make a few calls.Pay our respects." a pause, "Make sure whoever is with you keeps your hide in one piece, Irani.I'll see what I can do until you can make your way here safely. " 
A small snap of her fingers and Danger gave instructions to Aeri. The channels to contact the Emperor were many, but could take time.Danger knew well that she wasn't on the top of the list of who could immediately get an audience with the Emperor, but she could start with determining if there were local Sith contacts that could get a word with him. 
"Contact the Sith.Relay a message that Danger Arceneau welcomes the Emperor and while she is certain he has other more important matters to attend to,  it would be an honor to catch up and pay her respects. "
There was much to be done. It wasn't just a new location for Haven Shipyards now; it meant including doing business with the Sith Empire. While they were always promoting trade and business, Danger knew that it came with specific expectations and tariffs.Nothing she wasn't willing to pay; it took money to make money and with it brought a measure of safety. But at least she had her reputation on her fair business deals.
It was reputation, you see. Reputation was all a girl really had in the end. 

In Topic: Corellia Planet Submission update - Crowdsourcing

02 July 2018 - 12:32 PM

Submission Name: Corellia/ Brokellia


Link to Submission: http://starwarsrp.ne...lia-brokellia/ 


Summary of Modification:


Reason for Modification: Updating lore