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Corellia Planet Submission update - Crowdsourcing

02 July 2018 - 12:28 PM

Hey folks,


It has been a while since I submitted the Corellia planet into the codex ( August 2016).In that time, I know we had a lot of neat interesting stories, new locations, organizations, and lore for this planet in our Chaos board.


I will be submiting a modification request to update the Corellia Planet sub I submitted.I would like for you guys to please help me collect the relevant information. What I need are the following:


New Lore


1)Little snippets and blurbs about what has been going on since the One Sith Empire fell.What is going on with the government? Is there a new council?I need updates on government, society, and the inhabitants if possible with all relevant roleplayed links.


What is common knowledge? What is known only to a select few?



New Locations


1) if there are new locations either via the codex locations as a sub or roleplayed in a thread, please provide a name and a link to the location sub ( or if no location sub a link to the relevant completed thread)I would be happy to add these to the Notable locations or point of interests



New Organizations


1) are there new organizations tied to corellia?if so, please provide me little info blurbs that I can add.The same thing goes with providing all applicable roleplay / codex links. 


 My goal is to update this in two to three weeks.So my deadline for all the information i need to submit the modification will be July 20, 2018. 




Final Tatooine Crowdsource

28 June 2018 - 07:11 PM

Hi guys,


Finally am finishing up the Tatooine sub. ( yeah it only took me a year). 


I managed to go through Codex, Factory, and the Public Roleplay forum to find all public threads and notable locations that could be found on Tatooine.


However, while I did just scrub five years of public roleplays and submissions, I wanted to ask if anyone in the private roleplays has anything that is common knowledge that would be known?


I didn't go looking through the private threads because I didn't consider that to be "common knowledge" per se.However, if you think something happened that was notable or want to point out a neat location that isn't in the Codex but you roleplayed it, please link it here.


I'll be steadily writing out what is canon for Tatooine into the submission along with summarizing the various history from the roleplays I've managed to find. 


Also, if you feel like subbing a location before i sub Tatooine, feel free to link it here!  


I don't mind adding it :)

[Canon] Tatooine

26 June 2018 - 11:50 PM



Intent: To submit the lore and chaos history of Tatooine on SWRP Chaos. Original Crowdsource
Image Credit: Tatooine Wiki
Canon: Legends TatooineTatooine
Roleplay Links




Planet NameTatooine
Demonym: None

RegionOuter Rim Territories
System NameTatoo system

System Features: 


Suns:  2

Orbital PositionFirst

Diameter10,465 kilometers (6,503 miles)

Rotational Period23 Standard Hours
Orbital Period304 Local Days


Major Imports:

  • Metals
  • Foodstuffs
  • Chemicals
  • Medicine
  • Technology


  • Bando Gora slaves
  • Death sticks

Major Exports: 

  • Armormech
  • Armstech
  • Art
  • Artifacts
  • Biotechnology
  • Botanicals
  • Cybernetics
  • Death sticks 
  • Exotic Goods
  • Foodstuffs
  • Illegal munitions
  • Minerals
  • Narcotics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sculptures



  • Bando Gora slaves





Climate: Hot and arid.  Due to the extreme conditions, only a relatively mild region of its northern hemisphere was habitable, and less than 1% of the planet was covered in surface water. The average humidity level was 5.4%.


One of the many extraordinary features unique to Tatooine was the mysterious mists, which rose regularly from the ground where desert sands met cliffs and mesas. Various theories of this moisture's origin were disputed by meteorologists and geologists, like water suspended in sandstone veins beneath the sand and complex chemical reactions which made it rise when the ground cooled, then fall underground again with the double sunrise.


Primary Terrain: 

  • Desert
  • Some oases
  • Mesas
  • Buttes
  • Canyons
  • Formerly: oceans, rainforests

AtmosphereType I (breathable)

Major Locations: 




Notable Locations



Race Tracks


Geographical Points of Interest

Tatooine Map - Image Credit



Native Species: 

Immigrated Species:





  • 800,000 - 2,000,000 million ( Higher during SSB Bazar Auctions and Expositions)


  • 70% Humans
  • 5% Tusken Raiders
  • 5% Jawas
  • 20% Other

Primary Languages:



Daily life


Tatooine was a sparsely inhabited circumbinary desert planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. It was the homeworld to the influential Anakin and Luke Skywalker, who would go on to shape galactic history. Part of a binary star system, the planet was oppressed by scorching suns, resulting in the world lacking the necessary surface water to sustain large populations. As a result, many residents of the planet instead drew water from the atmosphere via moisture farms. The planet also had no vegetation.
Initially inhabited by native Jawa and Tusken Raider species, it saw a population explosion following the search for valuable mining deposits on the planet's silicate surface. Finding the ore to have unwanted metallurgic properties, mining firms left the planet en masse, leaving behind valuable equipment, most notably large sandcrawlers, which were later used by the Jawa population.
Arceneau Trade Company, the Exchange, Nari the Hutt as well as other cartels and companies maintain a presence in the desert world.Trade along with scrap technology and smuggling have become its major economic resource. 




The inhabitants of Tatooine included many different species from many parts of the galaxy, as can be seen in the multiple bars and cantinas in the cities.  Human natives of the planet often had unusual-sounding last names, such as Fardreamer, Sandskimmer, Darklighter, and Skywalker.


Tatooine originally had only a few port cities, including Mos Espa and Mos Eisley. As Arceneau Trade expanded its reach and warehouses, several new spaceports planet side, as well as the vast network of orbital stations, increased trade traffic.


Despite this, Tatooine continues to attract many criminals, prompting small strongholds scattered across the desert beyond the main city.Most settlers of Tatooine operate moisture farms in the expanse of the desert. 


Lawful inhabitants on the planet often utilized moisture vaporators owing to their energy efficiency, resulting in their status as one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for survival. While single vaporators often cost 500 credits each, some individuals bought and owned multiple units, creating moisture farms. Often utilizing the extra water for small hydroponic gardens, few gardens yielded enough to make substantial profits. In addition, vaporators required frequent maintenance and security systems to deter attacks from Tusken Raiders, who believed all water was sacred and belonged to them. The Raiders, native to the planet, were a nomadic tribal society with strict social and moral codes, along with defined territorial boundaries. Frequent colonial trespasses on their sovereign territory, along with the collusion between old values and galactic modernization, often forced the Tuskens to attack colonists whom they both vehemently feared and despised.
Jawas were also a native species to Tatooine, and as such deeply entrenched into a nomadic lifestyle. Unlike the Tuskens, whom they attempted to avoid, Jawas frequently sold collected scrap metal and droids to the scattered settlers on the planet, earning a reputation as merchants and vagabonds. Myth and folklore also played an important part in Jawa society, with the Jawa's belief that the great Dune Sea was once a true ocean. Later research into ancient fossil-bearing rock and eroded canyons seemed to support this notion. Nonetheless, most of Tatooine's inhabitants refused to believe the story, finding it far-fetched and ludicrous.
While slavery is no longer blatently conducted within the main cities, it can still be found in outlying outposts.Here, the criminal syndicates peddle flesh to make a profit while constantly on guard of being discovered.



While there is no distinct art style for the entire planet, there is no doubt that the Tusken Raiders and the Jawa clans have created traditional as well ingenious works of art and technology from traditional means and salvaged scraps. Woven rugs, dyed baskets, and even the Sand People's robes and gaffi sticks prove that care, skill and attention to detail are put into each completed work.




Podracing is Tatooine's main sport.Most creatures on the planet loved to gamble on nearly everything, especially podracing.Podracing has quickly grown on the desert world, with its vast canyons and extreme environment allowing an ever-shifting landscape for several pod racing competitions to take place.


Tusken Raiders often attacked isolated settlements on the fringes of their territory such as Anchorhead, and often took potshots at podracers during the Boonta Eve Classic, the largest annual podrace in the galaxy.It was celebrated once every year as part of the Boonta Eve holiday celebrating the famed Hutt Boonta Hestilic Shad'ruu and his ascension to godhood. There, thousands of spectators would congregate, hoping to see their favored racer win, to catch a glimpse of a spectacular collision, or to win a fortune gambling on the race's outcome.





There is no singular organized religion on Tatooine.Instead, the inhabitants of this desert world maintain their own unique belief systems that is as scattered as the grains of sand upon the Western Dune Sea.While there are a few more organized belief systems, such as those of the Sand People and the Jawa Clans, for the most part those who call Tatooine home or are merely passing through have a varying outlook of not really caring to praying to whatever higher power they decide.




GovernmentThere is not a single planatary government. Instead there are scattered local councils, tribial leaders (Jawa and Tuskan Raider), and corporate entities


AffiliationIndependent Hutts, Independent Criminal Organizations, Arceneau Trade Company, Southern Systems Syndicate, Independent inhabitants


Wealth: Low to medium for the overall planet,High for areas affiliated with Arceneau Trade Company and the Southern Systems Business Bazaar.


Stability: Tatooine is relatively stable due to its relative isolation and harsh environment. For the most part, stability comes from the various companies and criminal organizations that control small sections, each generally keeping to their own.Arceneau Trade Company maintains order and oversight along the major trade cities, spaceports, and the Southern System Business Bazaar locations, as these are considered to be neutral locations.However, organized crime is still active across the planet, proving that no amount of funds or clout could ever tame the planet of the Twin Suns.


Freedom & Oppression: While there is more organized stability with the various companies and criminal organizations maintaining a semblance of order, the planet is rife with organized crime beyond the major cities and into the Jundland Wastes.It is advisable to not stir the notice of the cartels or poke any of the larger organizations such as Arceneau Trade.The common understanding is this: Leave well enough alone and no one will bother you.Unless you have a bounty on your head; then you're up for grabs.




Military: There is no established singular unified military for Tatooine. Instead, there are scattered outposts and strongholds of independent cartels, companies, and various outpost milita forces such as those for moisture farmers.The majority are self-defended with their own assets, each varying in strength based on the cartel, company, or entity. 


Technology: Technology is medium to high but this is mostly due to the ingenuity of the Jawa Clans that wander the desert world salvaging and acquiring (stealing) various bits of technology and improving upon it.The Jawa Clans are not alone in this venture, as other companies also produce and manufacture various armtech, cybertech, and armortech here.Moisture farms utilize technology to farm the moisture from the atmosphere and even despite their dislike of technology, the Tusken Raider clans still utilize advanced weaponry that they are able to find such as sniper rifles.



The Past: Infinite Empire, Old Republic, and New Republic


There is little information left from the time prior to the Gulag Plague.What is known is from various salvaged datacrons or information databanks that have survived.None the less, there are stories that tell of a time where Tatooine was a lush planet full of water and vast amount of flora.Some say that it was a great disaster that befell the planet and prompted the once lush world to become the hot, arid desert world it is now. 


The Gulag Plague, The 400 Year Darkness

Very little has survived in terms of what occurred during the Gulag Plague and the 400 year darkness. What is known is that being a backwater planet, it was fairly easy for Tatooine to lose contact from the rest of the sector and ultimately, the rest of the galaxy as the Gulag Plague ravaged entire systems.


While it was secluded from the rest of the 'verse, those native to Tatooine had one advantage; their ability to survive even in the harshest of environments.Their isolation and their backwater world was a hidden strength that allowed the small population of survivors to continue on.Moisture farmers, criminal exchanges, the great Jawa clans and the Tusken Raiders were able to continue their legacy, allowing for the plant of Twin Suns to remain.


Southern Systems Triad Syndicate,Arceneau Trade Company, & The Hutt Cartel


Yet despite the darkness, there would always be one constant when it came to this particular hive of scum and villainy; crime. The various gangs, cartels, and exchanges that used Tatooine as their home port or hide out would do as they always had done and fight for territory.Among the very first to make its name known was a small Hutt cartel that tied itself to the Southern Systems Triad Syndicate.


Led by Crime Lords with vision,both the Hutt Cartel and the Southern Systems Triad under Stargo worked to carve their legacy on Tatooine.They managed to spread across the local systems,slowly building up their power base by gathering other like-minded individuals to join their circle.


Among these was a growing trade company that had managed to carve a mark on the desert world.Arceneau Trade Company. After the Gulag Virus hit and Tatooine cut off from the core worlds, Montgomery Arceneau prospered as the company retained connections within the nearby Southern Planets via their contracted ships and Captains. There were credits to be made in necessity, and there was no denying the golden egg that ensured food was in their belly, keep the company prospering, and the ships maintained.

As the first generation of Arceneau's began to gain more and more influence over Tatooine, the more they began to deal with more than just the crafting of weapons and armor; they began gun-smuggling, as their ancestors had been wont to do in their raids. A rather, violent takeover of Notsub Shipping gave Arceneau Trade Company the edge it needed to expand the entirety of Tatooine, bringing into the fold workers and droids for its shipping, transport, and fueling business, providing the majority of the basic every day needs to the more exotic for a higher fee.
Ties to the tech-savvy Jawa clans also gave an edge in salvage tech; the need for water purifiers in distant outposts provided more revenue. It was undeniable four hundred years of darkness gave ATC a solid foothold on Tatooine. Neigh on nine years that Dangeruese took upon the responsibility of Arceneau Trade at the widowed August Arceneau's death leaving Dangeruese Rose Arceneau to hold the reins of his little empire, making her the sole owner and overseer of the seventh generation Trading Company based off Tatooine. 


However, as it was the case with many criminal syndicates, internal fighting and clashes with competitive gangs ultimately led to a chaotic shift of power for the Southern Systems Triad.In the wake of Stargo's disappearance, Danger had to take up the helm of the Syndicate, coming to rule the majority of Tatooine under her keen business interests.


By that time, Danger Arceneau already had a plan to spread the Arceneau Trade name well beyond Tatooine. Using her business skills and networking connections, the Southern Systems Syndicate now had a new purpose; to use its resources and growing reach to become what is now known as the Southern Systems Business Bazaar.  


It was then that she expanded the business deals with the Hutt Cartel branch located on Tatooine and beyond, where she provided fuels, transports, supplies, small weapons and ordnance for their missions, setting vast trade outposts and warehouses on Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Makeb, and Ylesia. This is where she personally secured herself as their main provider of arms, and where she would meet Barrett Haskins, the crime lord in charge of the Black Sun Syndicate.


Tatooine had once again, became a port of call for smugglers, criminals, and anyone wanting to disappear from the face of the 'verse.


Galactic Trade Guild

Among these groups that would come to Tatooine to meet with the Southern Systems Syndicate and the Hutt Cartel was the Galactic Trade Guild.While still in its infancy, the Galactic Trade Guild held a growing power base of like-minded businessmen and women.Companies like Santhe,Baktoid, Blas Tech, and a local trade company native to Tatooine, Arceneau Trade Company.  


The Galactic Trade Guild built their headquarters on Hypori, with the intention of spreading their influence. It was this very connection that would eventually bring the quickly expanding Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Twin Suns.


Confederacy of Independent Systems


One could say that the original Confederacy was established on the wealth of the Galactic Trade Guild.Circe Savan had led a hand in it.What she could not see would be how much it would cost her in the future.At that time, the late Omega Protectorate had an open bounty on the businesswoman.Unfortunately, Savan's exploits in her rise of power had resulted in a bitter lashback.With bounties on her head and her subsequent disappearance, the assets of the Galactic Trade Guild found themselves under the control of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. 


Understanding the circumstances, and with Tatooine under the radar of the growing Confederacy,Arceneau once again found herself at a negotiation table, this time with the Grand Marshal of the Confederacy.It was to Tatooine's benefit that the Confederacy came not with an iron fist, but with an extended hand. They had no desire to wage war but instead instill a measure of order and prosperity. In a mutually beneficial discourse, Arceneau agreed to assist the Confederacy with fuel, arms, and various resources for the continued sovereignty of Tatooine under the Confederacy rule. Krest at one point had been the Guardian of Tatooine through the Knights Templar.This allowed Tatooine to continue as normal, with business, trade, and the various seedy activities such as the black market and smuggling runs that were the very lifeblood of many a smuggler. 



The Netherworld Event -  Abrion Corporate Alliance, Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Techno Union


The Netherworld Event saw tragedy befall several systems across the galaxy.While Tatooine had been spared the brunt of Akala's wrath,it still became subject to chaos and tragedy.


Nearly two-thirds of the population disappeared off the plant of the Twin Suns.The Tusken Raider Clans and pirates saw this as a venue of opportunity, attacking the panicked and distraught cities in savage raids.It was during this time that the Abrion Corporate Alliance forces arrived on Tatooine under the leadership of Irys Arist'lar.They came with the intention to aide the surviving citizens in any way, and with their assistace managed to bring order. 


The desert world would see different incarnations of the Confederacy rise and fall.From the original incarnation, through Abrion Corporate Alliance, and the second Confederacy of Independent Systems.Through it all, Tatooine managed to maintain a version of independence. Some say it was because it was a desert world with little to give.Others claim that the growing clout of Arceneau Trade managed to deter interest through the Southern Systems Business Bazaar.Known by all to be a neutral territory,there was a growing reputation that those that left well enough alone could find there were better ways to deal.Credits were to be made, and at the very least the booming market and growing trade that the Bazaar provided ensured the constant flow of that. 


When the Abrion Corporate Alliance banners were once again replaced with those of the Confederacy and finally the Techno Union, Tatooine saw another shift in power and an evolving government.Unlike the Confederacy of old, the Techno Union drew focus on the growing nobility lines and several monarchies.It was commonplace to find these growing elite flourish into businessmen and women with a more refined purpose.Drawing on her influence once more,Danger Arceneau established herself as the overseer of Tatooine's interests.Another Viceroyalty would be assigned upon her departure,but by then Tatooine resumed it's typical day to day cycle.By now the vast orbiting stations of the Southern Systems Business Bazaar had turned Tatooine into a major trade port.And although the flux of traffic came and went with the semi-annual auctions and expos,the bulk of the traffic would remain in orbit rather than on the arid planet itself.Combined with the natural ore that made the use of comms difficult, Tatooine would remain a world where it would be easy for one to disappear amidst the ever-shifting dune seas and vast canyons.



The Galactic Remnant / Empire

As the years passed and the Omega Event took place amidst the great One Sith and Republic war, Tatooine once again became a world few took interest in.The Techno Union under the nobility rule waned and attention was shifted elsewhere.For several years, the arid desert world simply continued the cycle of one bazaar to the next.Those that took advantage of what they could saw a rise of criminal acts to include a slave auction in the outskirts of Mos Eisley.However, it was the crashed space train that drew attention, the public transport sending its passenger crashing into the deserts of Tatooine. 


The Imperial Remnant in its infancy was thousands of people with similar ideals coming together to form a military-based faction operating near the Mara Corridor. The goals were set from the start, revitalize the Galactic Empire and bring order to the galaxy.Gathering at Kamino, Rishi, and Void Station, the Imperial Remnant grew into the Galactic Empire in short order, increasing its presence in an aggressive expansion.


However, it was an act of terror that brought a spotlight to the Tatoo System.The Imperials came seeking the culprits responsible for the terrorist attack on its throneworld of Kamino.By order of the Emperor, all crewmen of the 52nd Imperial fleet were to report to Scarif. The subsequent investigation of the terrorist attack and chase of the culprits brought a spotlight to Tatooine.There, on Mos Anek, Imperial forces converged to snuff what they could find of those responsible of the rebel forces that had come to find refuge there.


From that day forward, Tatooine came under the jurisdiction of Imperial rule.While the familiar wedge-shaped star destroyers were a common sight, it was business as usual for companies such as Arcneau Trade.As long as they were willing to abide by Imperial guidelines and a few custom checks, Tatooine was left well enough alone. 


At least, until a series of events led to that fateful day that brought something new to Tatooine's doorstep: Total War.


At the same time that the Galactic Empire had begun to flourish, so too had the third incarnation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.However, this new entity had learned from the history of its predecessors and had become great in its own right. This Confederacy of Independent Systems had been born as an act of defiance. The Southern worlds refused to quietly disappear within the borders of a foreign power, sending their children off to die in distant lands. But they could never stand and survive alone. As such, several worlds came together under a single banner once more; intent on championing the idea of Independence across the Southern Systems.


Yet Freedom, as every nation knows, is not Free. It takes work. It takes time. It takes a willingness to Fight. In light of this reality did the Confederacy rise with the intent to defend itself from the numerous, foreign powers. It already had a tense relationship with the Imperial State: Dagobah had been the last straw.


What had begun as a training exercise quickly evolved into a fight for survival. Numerous Confederate personnel had made the trip to Dagobah - by Darth Metus' direction - in order to extend an olive branch to the Galactic Alliance. Together, as allies, they were to play a game of war within the murky depths of Dagobah. The Galactic Empire had other ideas. While the War Games were in their opening phases, the Imperial Warmachine trekked across the stars in order to rain fire down upon their heads. The situation was...admittedly...a mess - but it was one that the Allied Forces quickly sorted out. 


In the end, the Galactic Empire retreated and the Vicelord immediately departed from the backwater world. An emergency meeting with the Viceroyalty culminated with a single, furious request of their Vicelord: Total War. It had gone on long enough - the repeated threats to the Confederacy and her allies had been allowed to roam free without check. A response had to be given. 


And unanimously, the Viceroyalty agreed. 



Total War - The Confederacy of Independence Systems and the Galactic Empire


The war that had ravaged the galaxy between the First Order,The Sith Empire, The Galactic Republic, and the Silver Jedi had finally reached Tatooine.The backwater world would no longer simply be an observer but the site of an enormous naval battle that brought the clashing might of the Confederacy against that of the Empire. 


The naval battle was fierce as was the one that took hold on the ground.All the while, the Confederacy, Empire, and Arceneau Trade attempted in their own methods to avoid as much collateral damage as possible.Perhaps this was the one goal that had managed to ensure that innocent lives of the inhabitants and traveling spacers were spared.Blood none the less had spilled that day, resulting in deaths on both sides. In the end, the Empire managed to retain control of the sector, but its labor pains birthed a need for retribution that would resonate for those involved for years to come.  


What remains to this day is the scattered partial naval ship remains of both Confederate and Empire alike.The mangled frames of star destroyers, cruisers, and frigates alike form a ship graveyard that floats near Tatooine's orbit.These are what remained that had not been tugged back to their respective territories, unusable partial ships that were only good for salvage. A new grisly monument that salvagers have braved to find parts for sale and profit as tried and true of any Tatooine salvager alike.  


Present Day


The Great Galactic War would affect the entire galaxy,and Tatooine knew this all too well in the wake of the battle between the Confederacy and the Empire.While the Imperials had been victorious, the toll and the subsequent conflicts that ensued would prompt discussions that had not been considered before.It wasn't long before word had spread that the Imperials would be relocating their assets and naval presence into First Order territory.Some say that it had to do with the need to consolidate forces in the wake of the Galactic Alliance fall,others perhaps, see it as an advantageous move to perhaps instill a measure of control from within. Ultimately, while these stories were nothing but conjecture, the end result was the same; Tatooine would steadily see a decrease in Imperial activity and scouting parties.  


The desert world would once again see itself left alone to fend for itself, but this was no problem for the inhabitants of Tatooine.They had plenty of experience of surviving and being able to fend for itself. Be it through corporate entities like Arceneau Trade or criminal cartels such as Nari and Gorba the Hutt, the world of the Twin Suns would continue to be a haven for trade, smugglers, and scoundrels alike.

MTX - Bio-Hyperfuel

19 June 2018 - 06:47 AM








  • Classification: Hyper Refined Biofuel Substance

  • Weight: Very Light

  • Resistances

    • Blasters/ Energy: None

    • Kinetic: Average

    • Lightsabers: Very Low

    • Other:EMP/ION Average

  • Color: Very pale green



  • A sustainable hyper-enhanced sustainable biofuel akin to coaxium and capable of highly enhancing engine performance in power and speed over short period of time.



  • Sustainable Hyper Biofuel: Highly enhanced biofuel meets and exceeds current liquid biofuels in lubrication and density. With the increase of availability of alternative fuels, the economic strain has lessened, allowing this fuel to become more widely available. It yields lower emissions of particles, greenhouse effects, and to a moderate degree, its ions emissions cool faster to burn clean. This extremely refined solution has been known to have as much power and speed as the reknown Hyperfuel known as Coaxium.Only a small amount is able to provide a powerful boost of power and speed over a short period of time. 



  • Flammable: This is a fuel product and it is highly flammable to blasters and energy shots. Lightsaber strikes may also combust it, allowing for flames to produce if sparks make contact. Requires mandatory flammable decals and should be transported in secure MTX fuel containers.

  • Short bursts: This bio hyperfuel is only meant to be used for short bursts of power and speed.Testing and research is still ongoing and while this bio hyper fuel can be used with any engine in the market that uses fuel, it has been found that consistent longterm use as a fuel replacement may wear down, strain, or even prompt a hyper engine to exceed normal safety levels of use.Use sparingly. 




PharmaTech's Research and development team with the conception of the "Eden Project" have been sending scouts, researchers, and used it's vast resources under Arceneau Trade's Colagoramate's arsenal to go forth and try to find new species of plants and botanicals that may produce new medicines, technology, or sustainable energy sources.

Enter the Dorumaa Algae.  


While algae using CO2 to generate fat is not new, it’s the amount of fat produced by the algae that’s noteworthy. Fatty algae make the strain more fit to eventually produce biofuels at an industrial scale. Success in developing algae-based biodiesel at commercial levels will provide a number of tangible benefits. The fuel emits fewer greenhouse gases than most conventional energy sources, and that will help strengthen our ongoing transition to low-emission energy resources. Also, unlike other biofuel feedstocks, such as corn, algae production at an industrial scale would not stress food production.


Thus, it was decided to attempt to research how to enhance the algae's benefits. Under the research of the Eden Program, Morodin, Ho'din, and Ithorian horticulturalists and botanists used the Morodin's natural slime to enhanced the naturally high-fat content of the algae.The most distinctive feature of the Morodins was their ability to secrete a nutrient slime trail that promoted growth and mutation in plant life that it covered. The composition of the secretion varied with the Morodin's diet, and they were always experimenting with new combinations by eating plants, exuding the secretion to create a new, more nutritious, strain of flora which then entered their food chain.

This resulted in an enhanced Doruma Algae bloom, allowing an increase in fat and enhancing its oxidizing abilities. It is currently cultivated at The Eden Project Biodomes and Eden BioDome Stations.  As such, research went into refining this biofuel into a new sustainable fuel for spacecraft and vehicles alike.


Fuels such as sustainable biofuel have the advantage that few or no modifications are necessary on the spacecraft itself, provided that the fuel characteristics meet specifications for lubricity and density as well as adequately swelling elastomer seals in current aircraft fuel systems.


MTX BF 1 is the first of sustainable fuel products in the MaraTibx line. MTX BF 1 enhanced biofuel meets and exceeds current liquid biofuels in lubrication and density. With the increase of availability of alternative fuels, the economic strain has lessened, allowing this fuel to become more widely available. It yields lower emissions of particles, greenhouse effects, and to a moderate degree, its ions emissions cools faster to burn clean.


However, Mara Tibx in conjunction with Haven Shipyards and their research into Clouzon-36 and Coaxium prompted a new study on how they could hyper enhance MTX BF1 into a hyperfuel akin to Coaxium but in a sustainable format.


The result was MTX - BioHyperfuel.


This extremely refined solution has been known to have as much power and speed as the reknown Hyperfuel known as Coaxium.Only a small amount is able to provide a powerful boost of power and speed over a short period of time. 


However,this bio hyperfuel is only meant to be used for short bursts of power and speed.Testing and research are still ongoing and while this bio hyperfuel can be used with any engine in the market that uses fuel, it has been found that consistent longterm use as a fuel replacement may wear down, strain, or even prompt a hyper engine to exceed normal safety levels of use.Use sparingly. 


Much like any other fuel, this is a fuel product and it is highly flammable to blasters and energy shots. Lightsaber strikes may also combust it, allowing for flames to produce if sparks make contact. Requires mandatory flammable decals and should be transported in secure MTX fuel containers. 

Super busy

10 June 2018 - 08:03 PM

Just a general notice to those I owe posts to that work has been hectic and this weekend was busy with having folks over.

I’ll do my best to catch up in the next couple of days!

This deals with Danger, Saffron, Aeri, Kaile and Choli posts!

Thanks for your patience :)