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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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In Topic: NPC unit tournament?

19 May 2019 - 01:27 PM

Tathra Khaeus


I have to go to work for eight hours so you can start haha I'll reply when I get home

In Topic: We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

19 May 2019 - 11:30 AM



Objective: Artifact searching on hold, lesson time at the fore

Equipment: In signature

Allies: (just tagging nearby for now) Romi Jade Adenn Kyramud

Enemies: (just tagging nearby for now) Coren Starchaser


More Force Light, honestly? Honestly? He might say things are different now, but by the balance, the Jedi were using the technique way too much now. Did they really think the Sith hadn't adapted to it by this point? At least Coren was throwing his protection bubble at her as a projectile to distract her from the Force Light heading for Romi. She could use her own command of the Force to take control of the projectile of energy, but it was much easier to just not be in the way. She disappeared into black smoke again and reappeared in front of Romi now, the blazing energy of the light heading directly at her now...


And as she had done with Veiere, Taeli called on the teachings she had learned from her travels. Holding out her arm that was wielding her lightsaber to draw the light into it, she used the neutral and balanced teachings of the Baran Do, the hassat-durr, to channel the light side through her and out through her other hand. For the moment she was doing so, her yellow eyes resumed their natural purple, the light escaping out of her fingers into the ice and stone of their surroundings to dissipate. Like water flowing through a channel. But she started to swirl it, harness it...


From her free hand, arcs of white lightning erupted out towards Coren as the last of the light side energies were converted into a Baran Do style of Force Lightning. Purple eyes slowly turned back to yellow as the attack left her hand, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips.

In Topic: This Path Wasn't Meant For You (Romi Jade)

18 May 2019 - 11:59 AM

Veiere Arenais Romi Jade


They never learn, she thought, as Veiere attacked with a far more potent application of Force Light towards her shade and Romi. The clearing was filling with light, the Jedi Master attempting to banish the shadows... probably destroy her protective shade and rupture Romi's connection to the Force... to the dark side. Unacceptable, she thought, completely unacceptable. But as she had said before, the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.


Yavin IV was a world of the dark side, as much as Skywalker had tried to turn the world into a Jedi praxeum centuries ago. Naga Sadow and Exar Kun had irreversibly stained the world in darkness, between the rituals they did on the world to their lingering presences within the temples of the world. The jungles were a natural expression of the cycle of life and death, of survival of the fittest. A perfect expression of the dark side at work within the natural world. The edges of her shade were starting to burn away, but those glowing eyes were sparking with power.


"Fool!" she said, a taunting laugh issuing forth. "This world was claimed by the dark side long ago. Your light has no power here! Hadzuska iw Iyiyirau, Midwan iw Zutahori. Asidra ri Rokatsa is sis Kurja, dia nuri Nimyi Zutaikima is qyasik!"


From beyond the clearing, shadows of unending blackness formed and launched themselves at the conjured light. Her Sith magic strove against the light, piercing it in places as the shadows tried to reach Veiere. He had his own reserves to call upon to fuel his Light, but a moon's worth of darkness was at her command to extinguish that light. To smother it and its creator, drag him down and stain his connection to the Force with darkness. If the moon didn't have this power to draw on, her spell wouldn't be nearly as effective. A neutral location in the Force, or one steeped in the light, would have been a far more practical location for such a meeting. Plus... the struggle between the two would be sensed in the Force and the Saaraishash would be deploying their forces to their location soon.

In Topic: We All Thaw This Coming | ORC Invasion of Rhen Var

18 May 2019 - 11:40 AM


Objective: Delve greedily and deeply

Equipment: In signature

Allies: Darth Voracitos Romi Jade Kyrel Ren Darth Ledgermayne Adenn Kyramud Ahani Zambrano Vereshin

Enemies: Coren Starchaser Yula Perl Zef Halo Zak Amroth Mav Vohaloveer


She smiled as she felt the pulse come, triggering a vision of the artifact's resting place... deeper into the city, the center... a shrine surrounded by corpses. Appropriate, she thought. She had to wonder if those that brought it here had fought amongst themselves at the end, killing each other for the prize. A subject for research at another time. And then... some nerfherder decided to call in a bombing run she guessed as explosions rocked from above... and a cascade of snow, ice, and rock came crashing down all around them. It was a whirlwind of shifting white, only the Force protecting her as she driven away from Romi and the other forces she brought in the collapse. Relying on the Kro Var watershaping she had learned from Kaalia, she was able to control her descent to some degree, at least enough not to drown or be crushed in the snow and ice.


That detached part of her mind was already analyzing who could have called it, and she was fairly certain it hadn't been the Sith forces under her command. They would know better... which could only mean...


Bloody Jedi.


Eventually the thundering came to an end, and she forced the snow out of her way. She was quite livid at this point, but in the chaos, she could sense one less light in the ruins. Good, very good. And Romi was... ah yes, he couldn't resist could he. Coren was with her. Time to end that irritation once and for all, she decided. The avalanche would have stalled any attempts to retrieve the artifact for the moment, everyone focusing on surviving such a rash decision that could have killed everyone here and for what?


In a swirl of dark smoke, she disappeared and traveling through the Force by tracing her link to Romi, she reappeared as she had on Ossus, forming from dark smoke into physical form, lightsaber in hand and a creeping coldness and darkness to meet Coren's light and heat.


"At least you admit that you didn't even try," she said to Coren, eyes shifting from their amethyst tones to the blazing yellow of the Sith. Red light erupted from her lightsaber. "Again and again, Coren, you show yourself a blind zealot with no regard for those around you as long as the ultimate mission continues."


She looked at Romi, at her apprentice.


"You only ever appreciated what she could bring to the mission, even as she suffered silently. Maybe you even lied to yourself and her that there was something more, but when it came to the choice... you cast her off as a lost soldier and continued with your obsession. Loyalty rewarded with abandonment. Strange that it is a Sith that is constantly helping her, protecting her as she grows stronger, teaching her that life is more than just a duty to the galaxy." The last bit was layered with contempt for the Jedi idea that the fate of the galaxy was more important than the lives within it. The lives they ignored, that suffered... that constantly provided a stream of recruits for the Sith and Imperial forces in the galaxy to escape the lawlessness the Jedi and their allies allowed to persist.


"Today, you're going to learn a vital lesson I tried to show you when the Alliance fell," she continued, bringing her lightsaber up into a Makashi salute. Yellow eyes blazed behind the red. "You don't know how to fight us."

In Topic: A Mind Undone, Raien's Elegy (Taeli/Ahani)

17 May 2019 - 12:25 AM

Yasha Cadera


As her shuttle settled into the landing bay, and Taeli caught sight of her welcome committee, she could sense the damaged presence in the Force that was Ahani. Even from this hangar, she could sense the condition of the Empress had definitely deteriorated. Descending from her ship, swathed in deep purple and black robes, she appeared to be every bit the Sith sorceress that she was. She had to wonder if these Mandalorian warriors acting as honor guard respected her? feared her to a degree? She had built herself quite the reputation, and vastly different from the ones the Zambranos had forged for themselves.


But a smile broke across her face as she met the curtsy of Adara with her own slight bow.


"I came as quickly as I could, and my trip was pleasant enough. You really to need persuade your mother to visit more often, especially with Nerralyn now there," she said to the young girl, taking her gloved hand within her own dark gloved fingers. Walking beside the girl and the medical man, she listened to Adara's rushed explanation of what may have triggered, reading over the datapad from the doctor of the neuro-scans. The skiff took them swiftly through the gargantuan vessel, that feeling of brokenness only intensifying.


When they finally reached the destination, Yasha with the levitating Empress... oh that couldn't be good.


"I wish it was under better circumstances that I was visiting, Mand'alor," she responded quietly, moving carefully and slowly. She did not want to spook the Empress if she was projecting her powers uncontrollably. "Do you remember me, dear?" she asked the Empress.