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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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In Topic: Business As Usual

Yesterday, 12:00 PM

Darth Tacitus Fiolette Raaf


"Of course you want to buy more property," Taeli replied, rolling her eyes but still wearing a teasing smile. Fiolette just could not stop herself from looking for places to buy, and while Taeli appreciated her drive to want more, she also had to wonder... why? Was it just sheer boredom for her beloved? Unlike her beloved, Taeli was much more reserved when it came to purchasing land or places. Usually, if it wasn't for her company or for a new secret laboratory, she refrained and spent her wealth on other pursuits.


The escort through the citadel to their meeting place was certainly designed to, once again, show them the power and stability of this world. She could appreciate the design of the place, with its arches and sharp angles that evoked a sense of military tradition. The people they passed also spoke and acted in a similar fashion. Efficiency was the name of the game, along with showing proper respect to guests, but there was that underlying rule that duty was paramount. Fiolette must be loving it here.


Their host was waiting in the conference room, and Taeli took a moment to observe him. His greeting was polite enough, and the dark side rose off him, but she also remembered how he had interfered during the fall of Coruscant and... in her pocket, the leather journal could be felt.


The Eternal Empire though? He might want a few more worlds under his dominion before claiming that ancient title in her opinion. Still, she gave him a smile and small bow in return to his greeting.


"A pleasure to finally meet you," she said. "Just water for myself."

In Topic: Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

14 January 2019 - 12:24 PM

Location: The surface above the Expeditionary Library

Allies: The Sith Empire Ithnan Cryo

Enemies: The Jen'ariDarth Soma


Equipment: In signature


The ice finally broke to reveal metal, and she smiled. Oh so close to new sources of knowledge, but the smile faded as she considered the fact that interesting presence was just not coming. Such a disappointment to be sure, but there would be another time and place in the future perhaps. Crimson light erupted from her hand, her lightsaber starting to carve its way through what was the ceiling of the library. She could sense her apprentice nearing through the tunnel she had formed from the ice. She wondered if he had enjoyed himself in this excursion. A taste of what a real war might look like.


Her lightsaber finished carving as her apprentice neared. The metal falling away into the library itself.


"Behold, apprentice, the Expeditionary Library," she said, gesturing for him to enter. "Mind the drop."


It would be a shortfall to an upper-level walkway, and what they would see in the dim light was books upon books upon books. The Chiss, she was told, did not believe in using data preservation because one too many ice storms or freak accidents had wiped drives. No, they had gone the traditional method of ink and paper.


"Every scrap of knowledge the Chiss have ever recorded about the Unknown Regions is accumulated here," she said, her purple eyes gazing for any sign of enemy forces that might have been waiting for them. But there was nothing. She supposed the siege of Csalpar had drawn all of their attention. With a flick of her hand, she drew out her comlink.


"Command, this is Darth Arcanix. Inform Admiral Thorne that the Expeditionary Library is in Sith hands and it appears there is no damage to it any of the collection. We will be investigating thoroughly though."

In Topic: Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

13 January 2019 - 12:48 PM

Location: The surface above the Expeditionary Library

Allies: The Sith Empire Ithnan Cryo

Enemies: The Jen'ari Darth Soma


Equipment: In signature


"No," she replied through her comlink to her apprentice. The presence she had felt had still not arrived, and she was not going to wait for it any longer. If it wanted to come along to her objective, it could meet her down there. "When you arrive, follow the ice tunnel you will find."


Leaving the instructions that vague, Taeli started to draw upon her command of the dark side and the knowledge she had obtained from her fellow Triumvir in the art of watershaping. With a slow breath out, vapor appearing in the air, she started directing her will towards the ice in front of her. It started to shift and move, unfreezing and freezing as she shifted it aside and out, a divet appearing... then a shallow hole. It kept going as she slowly started to walk forward, gesturing with her arms as she did, making the hole length in one direction, the excess ice coming up and forming a lotus around her.


She had not chosen this spot for no reason after all.


Beneath the ice here was the Expeditionary Library of the Chiss, a repository of their knowledge about the Unknown Regions. A remote location by design, far from the frontlines of the battle, Taeli wanted to obtain some of the knowledge within here for her research purposes. Plus, securing it for their Chiss allies would further secure their alliance in case their adversaries tried to destroy the knowledge to deprive everyone of the information within. The forming tunnel lengthed, and she disappeared down into its depths, cycling her arms in a graceful pattern as she manipulated the ice away and around. It wouldn't take her long to reach the ceiling of the library.

In Topic: ***Map Thread Updates***

13 January 2019 - 12:00 AM

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In Topic: Family for the Holidays [Taeli][Natasi]

12 January 2019 - 01:35 PM

Fiolette Raaf Natasi Fortan


Taeli smiled at the youngest as she complimented her dress, but her purple gaze was matching the teenager as she appraised her. She could sense resentment from Ryssa, but underneath it, there was a curiosity. She might not want to admit it ever, she was a teenager after all, but Taeli could tell.


"We met during some business meeting, and it just progressed from there," Taeli answered, for both Natasi and Ariel's queries. She wasn't going to get into the whole story of it now, that would take too long and infringe into subjects she was not about to share with almost total strangers. The announcement for dinner was almost a welcome relief for her... until they reached the table, and lo and behold, it was almost all Galidraani style food. She once again had to fight to roll her eyes as they all had to wait for Fiolette to try the food first. Honestly, a simple check with the Force could tell her there was no poison. Silly tradition.


At Fiolette's question, she gave a thin smile.


"I'm alright," she whispered back.


She did know, though, they were going to be having some discussions about the overwhelming Galidraani formalism for next year. Her own Life Day celebrations, in her younger years on Lorrd, had been much more fun and lively. This... this was not going to be what she wanted for... the future.