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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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In Topic: The Less You Know The Better [ TSE Dominion of Zygerria ]

Today, 11:28 AM

Objective 3: Attend the slave market, obtain "willing" test subjects


No, not him. Not him. Definitely not him. Sighing internally, she continued to review the current stock of slaves from this specific slave master. Nothing she was seeing in their medical files about what she wanted, and of course, the Zygerrian would only allow her to examine the wares if she purchased them first. With a disappointed sigh, she passed the datapad back to them and continued on her way. Walking through the slave market, she could appreciate the history here.


"My Lady Sith, do please come and see what I have," a voice called out. Another Zygerrian. "I promise only the finest specimens this side of the Rim."


"I'm sure," she said. She had heard that many times before already, and with only a handful of specimens so far, she was... lackluster enthused at best. Still, she followed him to his corner of the market and was mildly, but happily, surprised to see the actual specimens in front of her. Not holos, not profiles on a datapad.


"Where do they come from?"


"Scattered communities here and there, a few raids into... more equitable territories. Not your Empire of course."


"May I?"


"By all means, a merchant such as myself aims to please."


Now that was what she liked to hear. 

In Topic: Kent's Haven

Today, 09:42 AM

Under review

In Topic: Darth Caligo

Today, 09:40 AM

Under review

In Topic: What Are Friends For? [The Rescue of Darth Isolda] (Sith Empire, Alliance-in-...

Yesterday, 11:37 PM

Objective 1: Free Darth Isolda

Location: ???

Allies: Darth Carnifex Lassiter (soon) Pythia @other Sith as they join

Enemies: Azala Kyse


Back on Tython, it had only been a short time since the world had been brought into the Alliance and now... it was a final holdout, a refuge for those fleeing the collapse. She knew why of course, and it had everything to do with the prison Omai Rhen had established on the world. Coren might have loved his magma cells on Sullust, but Tython was remote enough being in the Deep Core and protected by Alliance forces, to house some of the worse Sith and other Dark Siders captured by the Alliance.


A shame that once she became Grand Marshal she had obtained the list of prisoners, which meant the Emperor had the list of prisoners. Isolda would be free, one of the few Sith from the One Sith that had known about her mission because of her status as the Eye. A rescue operation, cloaked in an attack to dislodge the Jedi from their safe haven, but for Taeli... it also meant she could further her studies of a specific native of the planet Tython.


She had surreptitiously arrived a few days before, and begun her task.


"Jeehd-ay burn?"


"Yes, the time has come to burn them. Free the prisoners, and you shall know true power," she said, cloaked and hooded next to the massive monster.


"Jeehd-ay burn!" the warchief roared, and his large band of Flesh Raiders began their charge towards the old fortress of Belia Darzu. In exchange for samples of their elixer and the promises of power that they would receive as loyal servants of the Sith, Taeli had convinced one of the war tribes of the Flesh Raiders to support the attack on the fortress. She didn't expect many to live, but they would certainly soften up the defenses further.

In Topic: Welcome to Stormvale [Taeli]

Yesterday, 11:07 PM

Fiolette Yvarro


"Of course, of course, we definitely want her to be comfortable with her decisions," Taeli replied. Maybe it was because of what happened with her family, but she would have felt the need to keep a close eye, or at least some tabs, on where her family was at all times. Disappearing sisters would have that effect on a woman, especially when they had vanished without so much as a single trace.


"Hmmm I think, before we make any additions to the property, we get better situated with what we have," she said. She also didn't see the point of a specific event area when they had massive grounds and gardens that could serve the purpose. Maybe it was one of those Galidraani things that was just going over her head at the moment? "Seems a little silly to add something like that to me when we can easily just set up and tear events throughout the grounds as needed."


One day she would figure out how Fiolette's mind worked completely, one day.


"The triumph for Operation: Eclipse is soon," she added, giving the official name for the downfall of the Alliance, even though many even among her own agents called it the Endgame.