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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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#1753325 Pursuit of Knowledge

Posted by Taeli Raaf on Today, 12:37 AM

Taeli gave a small smile as Ara repeated the question from Varonat, dragging the silence out between them even longer as she took another sip of her tea and savored the flavor. Now, she could answer it directly as had been stated back during their last conversation... or they could play around with it. They had plenty of time, unlike their meeting at the ball, and there was no rush truly. It was not like the world was going to be attacked any time soon. The League of Voss was the only active organization that might appear, but they were quite busy what with all the dying and running from the ever expanding Sith Empire.


"I did indeed say directness was encouraged," she finally said. "And I certainly appreciate that you remembered in asking your question yet again. But, as we are not in any imminent danger of full scale planetary attack and lockdown, directness can be tempered a bit by our love for the game I think."


She poured herself another cup of tea, swirling it around in her cup with the faintest of smiles still on her lips.


"Perhaps we can start with your evidence, suspicions, and predictions on who I work for," she continued. She was honestly curious to see if, out of all the beings in the galaxy, that Ara Zambrano was the one to pick up on the subtle clues she gave people. It was always so dull when no one could pick up the game and play it, although it greatly amused her whenever she was in the same room as the great Jedi Sentinel Coren Starchaser. "And then we can see whether you are correct or not? I promise that any question you ask over the course of our little game I will answer with the truth."


Well a version of the truth, but that was all part of the game.

#1753249 And a Star To Steer Her By [TSE Dom of Littora, AH-13 Hex]

Posted by Taeli Raaf on Yesterday, 09:55 PM

Objective 4: Collect and Research Specimens


This was a fascinating world, she thought, as her collection team setup their current position. A moving ocean, constantly shifting. A galactic oddity, and one that she was glad to have caught sight of as her ships entered atmosphere. While it was interesting, and eventually she could see her company establishing itself here in partnership with one of the native corporations, she was here for an entirely different reason. The trip to the planet, she had been reading up the admittedly limited details on the native fauna.


Of particular interest to the Lady of Secrets was the Protea species and the Sun Jellies species. Both sounded like something that could be quite useful for... new experiments. Upon arriving, her sweeping team had located several specimens of Sun Jellies and scooped a few up for study at a specially designed research platform. She had then proceeded to the Intertidal Zone to see if they could locate a few of these Protea on the hunt, and she had lost a man to some sort of creature within a patch of mud. A Floodflower worm, and an impressive specimen. At least four meters... once they extracted it from its pit.


"Absolutely fascinating," she muttered, running a scanner over its body while it was processed for moving.


"My Lady, we have located a Protea specimen approaching," a voice on her comlink informed her. "Wait, a second one is emerging from the water."


Excellent. Most excellent.

#1753225 Noasian Leviathan

Posted by Taeli Raaf on Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Kaine Australis


Pending approval


Allyson Locke

#1752749 Noasian Leviathan

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 18 March 2018 - 08:47 PM

Kaine Australis


200 and I'll stamp it pending.

#1752740 Noasian Leviathan

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 18 March 2018 - 08:27 PM

Kaine Australis


800 kilometers seems a bit much to me to be honest. These are roughly the same size as whales in real life, and their songs/echos can reach a max distance of 160 kilometers. I would be willing to go between 160 and 200

#1752732 Noasian Leviathan

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 18 March 2018 - 08:19 PM

Kaine Australis


Before I start the judgment, just an odd thing I noticed. Your demonym is Noasian (no)asian. Odd thing that. Anyways, on with the review.

  • So, seems pretty straight forward for a while sub, I do have one question about this 

    Can communicate over massive distances
    how far are we talking here?

#1752399 Noasian Leviathan

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 18 March 2018 - 12:18 PM

Under review

#1752011 It's Raining Raiders [TSE Dominion of Irn Hex]

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 17 March 2018 - 05:23 PM

Objective C - Negotiate with the clans, watch the girl.


Joycelyn Zambrano


She didn't speak much during the rest of the process, only a few words here or there. No, she spent the entire time watching the participants. Joycelyn was able to handle the negotiations well, especially as much of it revolved around military details. She had to say the young woman used her height to her advantage. It could be an intimidating tool against these savage fools as who wanted to argue with a woman that towered over you and could likely pick you up without the Force?


Mogroll and Jarakk would need to be dealt with. Taeli doubted either could be trusted to actually be worthwhile allies and servants to the Sith Empire. Naming Mogroll the governor of Irn would appease him... for a time, but revenge ran too hotly in his blood, pillaging always a sentence away. No, it was not a situation that would or could last. Rhall could be useful. He was not as hotheaded as Mogroll or Jarakk, and clearly he had ambitions that the Sith could nurture.


With the treaty signed, it would be a matter of days for the promised garrison and weapons arrived and the planet would be theirs. Walking back to their ship, her mind wandered down the nearest futures this planet might take. She saw villages burning, people screaming... the Irnish being slaughtered by the scores, both civilians and military personnel. Purges, that was what the future held under Governor Mogroll. The plan would only be followed long enough for him to assert control and then... he would have his petty revenge.


"He is not fit."


In that, she and Joycelyn were in agreement.


"Indeed," she muttered back. "Wouldn't it be a shame if, in the final moments of their victory, the new governor and his deputy perished and left Rhall to command?"

#1751944 Atomic [Taeli]

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 17 March 2018 - 03:19 PM

Fiolette Yvarro


"It's a pleasure to meet you as well," Taeli replied, still smiling as she took her seat. She noticed the wandering eyes, but refrained from mentioning anything at the moment. "And I suspected the purposes of this meeting were going to be. Your company has been doing some steady purchasing from us, and I agree that the relationship should be... more solidified."


As Miss Yvarro set up the holoprojector, and waved over the waiter, Taeli set a datapad on the table and connected it to the holoprojector.


"Bastion Black, iced," she ordered. "And... the nerf steak and thakitillo."


Turning her attention back to Fiolette, she folded her hands onto the table.


"So, to business. What were you looking for, specifically?"

#1751716 It's Raining Raiders [TSE Dominion of Irn Hex]

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 17 March 2018 - 12:42 AM

Objective C - Negotiate with the clans, watch the girl.


Joycelyn Zambrano


With the negotiations back on track, and actually progressing forward, she fell back into silent observation. She was noting which of the chieftains, even now, were still hesitant or resistant. Mogroll would need to be watched, and two of the other chieftains were being quiet. If she so chose, she could peer into their minds and scoop out whatever their secret thoughts were... but she didn't. No, her role was simply to help the young Zambrano keep the negotiations moving in a positive direction for the Sith Empire.


It was her show after all, she was merely the adviser in this case and...


Settling back into her chair, she was glad her mask hid the scowl on her face. These truly were uncomfortable chairs. Did these barbarians not know that keeping foreign dignitaries comfortable was important and showed manners?

#1751715 Pursuit of Knowledge

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 17 March 2018 - 12:35 AM

"Taeli, please," she said as Ara expressed that Taeli could call her such, without honorifics. As Ara Zambrano caught the attention of a waitress to get her own order of Bastion Black Tea, Taeli studied her. There was an ease in giving the order, a practiced confidence that her order would be carried out as she requested. While this was a cafe, it also spoke to how she gave orders to her followers and to the First Order members beneath her. She also noticed how the girl's eyes traveled over her environment, taking quiet observations of her surroundings.


"A pity," she said after Ara's order was placed. "It is going to be quite the discussion. But, then I suppose running the Panatha and its subjects must take up a good deal of your time."


The mention of Varonat physically made her sigh, rubbing her temples for a moment. All for show, but the Ara wouldn't exactly know that yet.


"Don't remind me of Varonat," she said, heaving another sigh. "That fool Thuku jumped the gun on the plan, rushed right in before any of the signals were given that your fleet was out of position or the infiltration teams were in place. I will admit disappointment and irritation on my part that our last encounter was cut short because of that, just as we were progressing to an interesting part of the conversation."


Did she really care she was airing her grievances with the Twi'lek admiral to an erstwhile enemy? No, not really.


"But, that is in the past and we sit in the present," she added, taking a sip of her tea as Ara's was delivered.

#1751110 Relyana Vasq

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 15 March 2018 - 04:17 PM




  • Intent: To provide an NPC adversary for the Galactic Alliance and to flesh out a subordinate to the Lady of Secrets
  • ​Image Credit: https://www.artstati...m/artwork/6vQ1r
  • Role: A lesser Sith Master in service to the Lady of Secrets (Taeli Raaf)
  • Links: Order of Shadows


  • Age: 37
  • Force Sensitivity: Master
  • Species: Miraluka
  • Appearance: Relyana is a lithe individual, typically garbed in dark robes or gowns, wearing an armored chestpiece. A face mask covers the approximate location of where eyes would be, standard for a Miraluka. The tattoos on her face, given to her by the Lady of Secrets, act in much the same as her Master's, being used as an anchor or hiding place for her dark side aura when she is on assignment where stealth is key. They appear when her dark side presence is revealed or she is channeling the dark side. She also has a cybernetic right arm as result of injury from the One Sith-Republic War.


  • Name: Relyana Vasq, Darth Augura
  • Loyalties: Taeli Raaf as the Lady of Secrets, the Sith Empire by extension
  • Wealth: Somewhat wealthy due to access to her Master's assets when she requires them
  • Notable Possessions: Lightsaber, cybernetic right arm
  • Skills: 
  1. ​Force Pull/Push - Master
  2. Force Lightning - Master
  3. Force Sight - Master
  4. Force Concealment - High Knight
  5. Elusive Presence - High Knight
  6. Sith Magic - Knight
  • Personality: Relyana is a methodical high functioning sociopath, trained by her Master to be a manipulator, infiltrator, and assassin. Throughout her service to Taeli Raaf, she has displayed a need to plot out her missions to the smallest detail, and has been taught to take advantage of a situation to adjust those plans accordingly. Those that encounter her describe her as charming, but this friendly demeanor masks the true darkness that, at the order of her Master, can be unleashed on a sadistic whim.


  • Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber and the Force
  • Combat Function: While she can duel with her lightsaber, she is by no means a master of the blade and any accomplished duelist could easily overpower her. Relyana's preferred method of fighting is to either attack from long range with lightning or sorcery, or conceal herself and strike from the shadows in rapid fashion. Trained by her Master, she has developed an older skill that allows memory of her to slip away from those who have encountered her, if she so chooses to maintain her aloofness while carrying out her Master's wishes. She actively avoids anything related to void stone, ysalamiri, or anything else that might disrupt her connection to the Force as she would lose her ability to see completely.



Relyana Vasq has been in service to Taeli Raaf since the time her Master ascended to Sith Ladyship during the One Sith Empire. The Miralukan woman before falling into the service of the Sith, was already a master manipulator. Employed by various factions to gain secrets from targets, she always found herself wanting something greater. That chance came when she encountered Lady Arcanix while the newly raised Sith Lady was traveling in the galaxy.


The new Sith Lady began her training in the ways of the Sith, forming her into an ideal infiltrator, an even more masterful manipulator, and assassin. One mission during the One Sith-Galactic Republic war she was sent on cost her right arm, and a cybernetic replacement was provided by her Master. When her Master "defected" to the Jedi, Relyana was among those servants of Arcanix that established Horizon Station in secret, leaving the One Sith behind to further the hidden agenda of Taeli Raaf.


Acting as one of the Paradox Adepts in her Master's Order of Shadows, Relyana helps oversee various operations of her Master's, including being a point of contact between the Lady of Secrets and the Mecrosa Order... if the need arises for interaction.

#1750533 It's Raining Raiders [TSE Dominion of Irn Hex]

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 14 March 2018 - 02:06 PM

Objective C - Negotiate with the clans, watch the girl.


Joycelyn Zambrano


Now there was an idea, she thought. Attack the farmers, deprive the city folk of food, and they would have to come out into the open to fight you or starve. The only issue with such a tactic would be it would engender ill will towards the tribes the Sith were supporting. She could already foresee a future of farmer revolts, unrest sweeping across the planet. That would tie down far more Sith forces than the Emperor would likely want to spare for this backwater.


"If the farmers are poorly defended, there is an avenue there," she said quietly. "Weapons and artillery won't be an issue, as the Lady Zambrano can attest to."


It would be older equipment of course, as why would the Sith give these savages their most advanced technology?


"I do not believe you need to raid the farmers," she continued, still speaking softly behind her mask. "But the shipments to the Irnish... those would be quite vulnerable and would bring about the same effect... but in a better way. The Irnish would be forced to dispatch small units of their forces, they wouldn't march out the whole army. You can then ambush them at your leisure."


Surreptitiously checking her chrono, she figured that the Sith forces in orbit would be engaging the Force Hunters by now. That would weaken the Irnish position if they couldn't count on the extremists to help them.

#1750451 Pursuit of Knowledge

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 14 March 2018 - 11:10 AM

Hmmm the Lydrax operation will have to be put on hold for now, she thought to herself. Blasted Republic Remnant forces had gone and taken the planet, and she honestly did not want anything to do with them at present. They were chasing something that had died out years ago, clinging to the past and not realizing where the future lay. Ah, maybe they and the Ancient Eye would destroy each other. That would be amusing to watch. She could feel Ara Zambrano approaching. Good.


I must say, your take on the excavation of Temple of Ossus and the potential ramifications of the escalation of the conflict between the Silver Jedi and the First Order was insightful. May I join you?”


She smiled and gestured at the seat across from her, saying, "If you thought that was interesting, your Majesty, stick around for the panel two days from now. I have to give a lecture on the nature of the light and dark sides of the Force, and the roles major organizations of both alignments have had on the galaxy."


The young Arch-Queen looked more in her element here, Taeli decided, than she did in her official raiment. If she hadn't known better, she would think the girl was any other older student here at the campus. The contacts were a nice touch. Depending on how their meeting went, perhaps Taeli could show her how she could hide crimson and amber corruption of the dark side from her eyes. It was always such a giveaway, and contacts could grow tiresome at times.


"Thank you, by the way, for accepting my invitation," she continued saying, taking a sip of her tea. "I rarely get a chance to visit my homeworld, and considering its neutrality, it's an excellent meeting place."

#1749417 Pursuit of Knowledge

Posted by Taeli Raaf on 12 March 2018 - 04:11 PM

Kanz Sector, Lorrd, Lorrd City


It had been a long time since she had been back to her alma mater, the University of Lorrd, but when the chancellor has reached out to her to do a lecture series... who was she to refuse? After recent events with the Alliance, she had felt a three day series of panels and lectures on a whole range of topics from alumni and experts in their fields was just what was called for. It also would serve to be an easy way to arrange a meeting.


The young Queen of Panatha's last question had gone unanswered as Taeli had been escorted away in light of the Alliance attack to the safe room. A simple mind trick later, and cloaked in the White Current, she had left the manor and then the planet. But that discussion had stayed with her... and the girl deserved to have a nice place to chat so she could get answers without the possibility of conflict coming up. So, to that regard, Taeli had extended a quiet invitation to Ara Zambrano to come to Lorrd. Who knows? The girl might learn some things about the galaxy she didn't or couldn't get in First Order space.


Taeli herself had just finished her last panel for the day on intergalactic affairs and how they might impact archaeological expeditions, and was relaxing in the small cafe in the university's library. A small pot of tea sat on the table, a full cup, and a datapad opened to the latest news from the Core Worlds.