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Jungle Tour

29 April 2019 - 10:06 AM





As the Triumvir of Power, the one responsible for overseeing the Sith Empire's alchemists and sorcerers, Taeli had decided some lessons were needed, especially for the up and coming generation of Sith. To that end, she decreed that the planet Valrar be opened to exploration to the Sith of the Empire and to those that were allies or at least friendly to the Sith. The planet of jungles and rain forests was host to Taeli's personal Sithspawn laboratory, and the results of her experiments roamed the world.


I - Lessons

At the Cradle of Secrets, the Sithspawn creation facility controlled by Taeli Raaf, lessons are on offer by the Lady of Secrets and her loyal alchemists and sorcerers on Sith alchemy and sorcery. Included in these lessons would be a tour through most of the facility, although certain sections such as her personal lab are off limits to those without clearance from her.


II - Great Hunt

Sponsored by the Lady of Secrets, she has opened the planet to those interested in hunting her creatures for sport and trophies. Guests will arrive at Outpost A-X3 for any that want to hunt through the large preserve maintained by the outpost. Her only stipulation, that any encounter with the Sithspawn on world be recorded, with all sensor readings and video delivered to the nearest outpost for scientific studies on the creatures... all in the pursuit of improving on their deadly capabilities.


III - Safari

For those with a more scientific, or even tourist, inclination, the Lady of Secrets and her followers have arranged a safari of sorts. Traveling through the different biomes on the world, guests will be allowed to study the monsters of the world, take samples and specimens for their own research purposes, and otherwise explore the world under the watchful eye of the Order of Shadows.

Valrar [Canon]

20 April 2019 - 11:19 PM





  • Planet Name: Valrar
  • Demonym: Valrari
  • RegionMid Rim
  • System NameValrar System
  • System Features:
    • Star - One Sun (original name unknown, renamed by Taeli as Aleema in honor of the Krath witch who destroyed the Cron Cluster)
    • Moons - Three Moons (original names unknown, renamed by Taeli as Sorzus, Karness, and Dreypa)
    • Planets - No other planets
    • Asteroid Belts - One close to the sun, the theory being it is the remains of a planet destroyed by some long forgotten calamity
    • Orbital Position - Habitable Zone
    • Rotational Period - 25 Galactic Standard Hours
    • Orbital Period - 382 Galactic Standard Days
  • Location: In between Iridonia and Fornax within the Fornax hex
  • Major Imports:
    • Scientific Technology and Compounds
    • Experimental Specimens
    • Food Stuffs
  • Major Exports:
    • Alchemical Creations (Sithspawn, poisons, etc.)
    • Genetic and Biological Treatments and Serums
    • Experimental Weapons
  • Unexploited Resources:
    • Rainforest Woods


  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Temperate verging onto a lushly humid
  • Primary Terrain: Rainforest/Jungle, Mountains, Oceans
  • Atmosphere: Type I


  • Capital City: There is no settlement on the planet that would classify as a city, however, all experimental outposts dot the surface to examine the various experiments that are ongoing in the jungle and all of them report to the main laboratory at the Cradle of Secrets
  • Planetary Features: The planet has mostly been left in a wild state, all the better to study the released Sithspawn on the world and to retain untainted testing grounds for new experiments. 
  • Major Locations:
    • Cradle of Secrets - The primary laboratory and base on the planet for the Lady of Secrets' organization, the Order of Shadows. The facility is heavily guarded and produces the monsters that have now come to populate the world. Most of the planet's current population reside at or near the facility, with all of them either being security or the scientists, alchemists, and other followers of the Lady of Secrets.
    • Outpost A-X3 - The northern most scientific outpost on the planet. The facility, located near the northern pole of the world, plays host to a large hunting preserve for Sith or other invited gusts to hunt the creatures that can be found on the world. The researchers here also specialize in anatomy and taxidermy as some invited guests want trophies to take home for display.
    • Outpost W-X25 - A scientific outpost located on an island in the middle of the world's western ocean. The facility is the primary aquatic Sithspawn creation facility on the planet, populated by alchemists and marine biologists. Underwater holding cells contain their experiments while the oceans have slowly started to fill up with their finished works, the researchers tagging creatures to study their migration patterns... and their savageness. 
  • Force Nexus (Optional): There is no actual nexus on the planet, but due to the massive numbers of Sithspawn creation on the worlds and the experiments taking place, the planet has a general dark feeling within the Force for those that can sense such things.


  • Native Species: Unknown, any creatures sentient or non-sentient on the planet that originally existed were wiped out by the Sithspawn released into the wilds of the world
  • Immigrated Species: Due to their created status, the Sithspawn that roam the planet are classified as immigrated by the Order of Shadows for now.
  • PopulationSparse (This is in regards to the researchers, alchemists, etc. that make up the Order of Shadows presence on the planet)
  • Demographics:
    • Human - 87%
    • Kaminoan - 3%
    • Pureblood Sith - 2%
    • Various Other Alien Species such as Togruta, Umbaran, Anomid - 8%
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic, High Sith
  • Culture:
    • The culture of the researchers is a combination of the lives of those living as citizens within the Sith Empire and the amoral and competitive nature of the Order of Shadows. Their daily lives are centered around the various research projects and experiments they conduct on the planet, both for themselves and on behalf of their dark master. Scientific minded, almost to a fault, many on the world have no cares about such, what they consider, trivialities as sports, arts, or other entertainment. Leisure time, at least for a decent chunk of those on world, are spent reading articles or texts from the galactic scientific community, debating their fellows, practicing their dark arts if they are among the Sith present, or spending time with their families if they are present.
    • In regards to religion, all of the population living on the world subscribe to that of the Sith Empire, mainly the veneration of the Emperor and the high ranking Sith and the Rule of Order that was created to codify the Brotherhood of the Sith. However, main are not deeply religious or motivated out of a sacred duty, but rather the pursuit of science and many may very call them agnostic or atheistic in that regard.


  • Government: Theocratic Magocracy (As an extension of the Sith Empire, they operate under its system of government even if the planet is not a formal part of the Empire)
  • Affiliation: While it is currently in neutral space, the Order of Shadows and by extension the Sith Empire, have extensive influence over the world bordering on complete control of the system as an unattached enclave.
  • WealthWealthy While the planet does not have a booming economy or actual trade with other worlds, the facilities on world are able to draw upon the vast resources of Taeli Raaf's company Aurora Industries and the Sith Empire to fund their work and procure materials and specimens for their experiments.
  • StabilityHigh - Due to the only sentient beings on the planet being part of the Order of Shadows and under the rule of the Lady of Secrets and the Sith Empire.
  • Freedom & Oppression: The scientists and alchemists on the world have all the rights and freedoms of those citizens living within the Sith Empire as outlined within the Sith Empire's Codex of laws, with additional freedoms to pursue whatever projects they so desire. They answer to the Lady of Secrets, Taeli Raaf, as her role as leader of the organization. While they are in neutral space, their work and research would likely be illegal within Jedi controlled or affiliated space as it stretches well past moral and ethical boundaries.


  • Military: The planet is not heavily fortified, but the facilities are protected by the Shadow Legion, the personal army of the Lady of Secrets, and the Sithspawn on world can be used by their Sith creators in defense of the world. Heavier weaponry such as ground based turbolasers and more extensive defenses such as a cloaking field and deflector shield are centered around the Cradle of Secrets.
  • Technology: The planet is slightly above Galactic Standard in certain fields due to the advanced research into genetics, cloning, biology, and alchemy, and the creation of bleeding edge technologies centered on those fields. In other regards, the planet is at Galactic Standard currently.


The planet of Valrar has generally been left alone by the galaxy at large throughout its history, with major galactic events passing over the world in favor of its more famous neighbors in the Glythe Sector such as Vortex, Fornax, and Iridonia. Mentions of the world can be found in surviving records from the first Galactic Empire founded by Sheev Palpatine, mainly from the Imperial Remnant led by Grand Admiral Thrawn as a world incompetent officers or favored servants that failed in their missions would be assigned to guard for their failures. Once Thrawn was defeated, the world was abandoned by the Imperials and left to its forgettable existence as scans had not revealed any exploitable resources such as doonium under those thick jungle canopies.


Attempts were made to colonize the world over the next years, but none them ever panned out either because they found no resources desired by Core Worlds or galactic conglomerates or support for the project ran dry and the colonists left for better worlds in the Mid Rim. Those that remained tried to eke out a living by harvesting exotic woods for use in furniture and other luxury goods, but their corner of the market remained small due to the abundance of Kashyyyk wroshyr wood on the markets. By the time the Gulag Plague came to the world on a trade ship, the latest colony was already on the verge of failing. With the arrival of the devastating disease, the planet was left without sentient life for the next four hundred years.


As galactic society recovered, Valrar remained untouched by the emerging powers. Falling within the sphere of influence of the resurgent Galactic Republic by 835 ABY, the planet was once again ignored for its fellows in the sector, mainly Iridonia in this time of galactic war and upheaval. After the Akala Incident in 844 ABY, the planet and the Glythe Sector found itself under the control of the One Sith Empire. It was during this time that a young and recently promoted Sith Lady Darth Arcanix or Taeli Raaf discovered the world while leading Sith forces to take the world of Iridonia. While it might not be important to the One Sith Empire, Taeli saw the planet as a potential location for her experiments to remain undiscovered, both by her fellow Sith and the Jedi once she began her mission to infiltrate them.


The first facility was begun as Taeli made preparations to infiltrate the Republic and Jedi, known as the Cradle of Secrets, and established her power base on the world. All through her infiltration mission, both with the Republic and its successor the Galactic Alliance, the facility and its experiments grew. Outposts were established across the planet, specimens were released for study in the wild and to eliminate natives species, and the world became a dark place of amoral experimentation all towards the goal of furthering the practices of Sith alchemy, genetic manipulation, and biological research. The planet, now in neutral space once again, has effectively become an enclave of the new Sith Empire through the Lady of Secrets, Darth Arcanix's new title.

Kraujas Rowa - Blood Wolf

14 April 2019 - 04:24 PM










  • Name: Kraujas Rowa - Blood Wolf
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • OriginsKessel
  • Average Lifespan: 4 Galactic Standard Years
  • Estimated PopulationPlanetary
  • Description: A horrific lupine figure of glowing red crystalline lines, extremely vicious fangs and claws, glowing red-orange eyes, and haggard fur. They do not resemble anything of their former lives, nor do they retain much of their former sentience. They are monsters, with only one purpose: to tear apart anything before them.


  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.8 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Red
  • Hair color: Dark gray to dirty white fur
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive physical traits of the Kraujas Rowa are its extendable and incredibly vicious claws and fangs, and the red crystals that have grown through its body. When enraged, those crystals will show through the beast's skin and fur as glowing red lines.
  • Races: No other races
  • Force SensitivityNon-Sensitive


  • Kraujas Rowa have a greatly increased strength, due to the alchemical alterations done to them and the Creeping Lignan implanted into their bodies. Easily three times the strength of a Wookiee, they can easily tear apart victims or hull plates or really anything that stands in their way.
  • On top of the already impressive speed and reflexes from their base Shistavanen, Kraujas Rowa are even further enhanced due to the Creeping Lignan within them.
  • Due to the Creeping Lignan within their bodies, Kraujas Rowa have an enhanced tolerance for pain, able to take more punishment before they are unable to continue.
  • When enraged, their claws and fangs grow longer, with several additional spikes sprouting above their hands to act like a secondary set of shredding appendages. Additionally, and more insidiously, if a victim survives being scratched by the claws, a very fine powder of Creeping Lignan coats the claws and will enter the bloodstream.


  • Fire is a very effective weapon against the Kraujas Rowa as their fur ignites easily, and even their increased tolerance for pain won't save them for very long.
  • Force Light and other direct applications of the light side can and will wound or kill the Kraujas Rowa depending upon the intensity of the attack.
  • Even with the increased symbiosis between the Creeping Lignan and the Kraujas Rowa, eventually the crystals will overgrow the beast and turn it into a statue of the crystalline substance.
  • Lightsabers can easily cut through them, and even though they have a high tolerance of pain, blasters and slugthrowers can still wound and kill them easily enough.


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Howls and roars, can understand orders given through the Sith language
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior: Kraujas Rowa are vicious beasts, designed only to terrorize and eviscerate enemies of the Sith. With their sentience stripped away, they have reverted to a feral pack mentality, often living in and hunting in groups of three or four initially until the pack grows larger. They will mark their territory by scrapping their claws on surfaces, leaving marks that slowly start to grow Creeping Lignan due to the powder left behind in the scratches, and are fiercely protective of their boundaries. During mating season, Kraujas Rowa will have litters of five or six, but only those pups that survive being infested with Creeping Lignan will be allowed to stay with the pack.


At the direction of the Lady of Secrets while she was on Genesia, the Order of Shadows base on Kessel was to continue their work on developing and fine-tuning the Creeping Lignan they were cultivating there and to create new experiments with the substance. To that end, many various specimens and people were taken to the hidden base on the spice world to be subjected to the dark side twisted crystals. One group of those taken were an unfortunate colony of Shistavanen, the lupine sentients sparking ideas among the alchemists at the facility.


Warped and twisted by the Sith alchemy of the Order of Shadows, the poor wolf-like men and women were then infested with the red-black crystals of the Creeping Lignan. The experiments performed on them was designed to give them an even closer symbiosis with the crystals while also stripping away their sentience, the hope being that a closer link between crystal and creature would allow them to last longer before suffering the ultimate fate of all infested with Creeping Lignan without the Force.


The new creatures, dubbed Kraujas Rowa or Blood Wolf in High Sith, are absolutely vicious monsters. The experiments and their infestation have increased their strength, speed, reflexes, and tolerance for pain beyond expectations. The researchers also observed that, when they became enraged, they could extend claws and secondary spikes to act like an even more cruel set of claws, to tear apart victims or mark their territory. To their satisfaction, observing survivors and creatures that had died, they found Creeping Lignan dust in the wounds, a coating of which was contained on their claws.

Shatunja iw Sososuta - Herald of Corruption

07 April 2019 - 11:34 PM





  • Name: Shatunja iw Sososuta - Herald of Corruption
  • Designation: Sentient
  • OriginsAmaltanna
  • Average Lifespan: 200 Galactic Standard Years
  • Estimated PopulationUnique
  • Description: At a glance, the Shatunja is a fusion of graceful aquatic beauty and monstrous armored crustacean. Red and black organic armor cover much of its body, with large spiked fins emerging from its back almost like wings.


  • Breathes: Type I, can also breathe underwater
  • Average Height of Adults: 3.8 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 1.9 meters
  • Skin color: Blue
  • Hair color: No hair
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive physical traits of the Shatunja are its organic armor appendages formed from the fusion of the Melodie and Sauvax subjects, the large prominent fins that emerge from its back like wings, and the long aquatic tail that is also covered in the organic looking armor.
  • Races: No other races
  • Force SensitivityAll (There is only one individual)


  • Like all Project Aura Sithspawn, the Shatunja is immensely powerful in the dark side of the Force and has focused her powers into abilities that compliment its aquatic theme and icy demeanor:
    • Cryokinesis
    • Watershaping
    • Alter Environment
    • Protection Bubble
    • Dark Energy Trap
    • Telekinesis
      • Levitation
  • The armoring that covers most of its body is highly resistant to damage, even lightsabers will take several blows before it will be pierced.
  • If the Sith bindings on its Melodie arms are ever broken, its powers over the dark side will grow stronger and it may freeze the environment around it into something analogous to Hoth at night.
  • The ice tridents it creates through its power are incredibly deadly, having a freezing touch similar to carbonite on victims that are wounded by one, and can pierce most medium armors.
  • The Shatunja is able to breathe underwater and on land due to its fused origins of a Melodie and Sauvax.
  • Because of its proclivity for icy abilities, and alchemical alterations to its body, the Shatunja is immune to cold temperatures.


  • If subjected to a ysalamiri bubble or void stone, not only will the Shatunja lose its abilities, it will also be a fish out of water and will be utterly helpless and unable to defend itself.
  • While it can free itself from its bindings for a short time, eventually they will grow back and limit its powers again.
  • Like all Project Aura Sithspawn, the Shatunja is susceptible to direct applications of the light side but can handle more attacks than other Sithspawn.
  • If attacked with a weapon of extreme heat or particularly potent flames, the armor that covers its body will begin to melt and will be weakened enough for normal weaponry to break through and injure the creature. However, once the heat is gone, the armor will solidify again rapidly.


  • Diet: Omnivore, Force Energies
  • Communication: Can speak and understand Basic and High Sith
  • Technology level: While she has access to Galactic Standard technology, like her fellows, the Shatunja eschews its use.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Like other Project Aura Sithspawn, upon her creation, the Shatunja reveres the Sith Lords and Ladies of old and today. It became her belief that every victim that she froze or drowned were feeding the power of the beings she worshiped, to eventually bring the dead Lords and Ladies back from the Netherworld and strengthen the living beyond any challenges.
  • General behavior: The Shatunja is an acquisitive and possessive creature. Whenever she is dispatched to attack the enemies of the Sith, she will take trophies back to her lair with those trophies generally being the frozen bodies of victims that attempted to stop her directly. She is protective of these trophies, often referring to them as her precious collection, and she will strike against any that attempt to take one of her collection. Besides that, the Shatunja is a solitary creature and prefers to lurk in a lair near bodies of water or frozen places.


As the next subject for Project Aura, the first and only one that Taeli would oversee through her apprentice Eldaah Aderyn, the search began for someone of a more aquatic nature. Traveling to Yavin VIII, Eldaah abducted a recently turned Melodie named Mirissa, placing her in stasis and bringing her to the lab on Amaltanna. The Melodie was kept in a special cell filled with the waters and specific minerals needed for the Melodie while the second subject was procured.


The second subject was a Sauvax, albeit one that was anathema to his species. The Sauvax, never taking a name, believed war was the purest way to everlasting peace and had incited several bush conflicts in the Outer Rim to gain experience to eventually assault his homeworld. However, before he could attempt this attack, he was defeated in battle by a militia organized by a galactic shipping conglomerate after he raided one of their storehouses. His forces devastated, he would have died as well if not for Eldaah spiriting him away.


He was offered a chance to become stronger, and readily accepted it. Taken to the Project Aura ritual chamber, the Sauvax and Mirissa were enraptured by the dark spells and alchemy. Fused within a cocoon of blood and dark energies, Mirissa's spirit dominated the Sauvax as her latent Force Sensitivity ignited, cajoled into existence with a little prodding from the Lady of Secrets. Emerging from the cocoon, the new creature, Mirissa's Melodie form was fused and overgrown with an organic armor, the remains of the Sauvax forming the appendages emerging from her back. Taking the name and title of the Shatunja iw Sososuta, Herald of Corruption in Basic, the new creature was prepared to serve her new Sith masters in a frosty possessiveness.

Remalis Nokoma

07 April 2019 - 02:00 AM





  • Age: 54
  • Force SensitivityMaster
  • Species: Human (Onderonian)
  • Appearance: Remalis is above average height, standing at 2.17 meters tall, with braided white hair and a haggard goatee to match. Facial tattoos in the Sith style mark his grizzled and severe face, amber eyes peering out from a prominent brow. Cybernetics and integrated Sith artifacts crafted by Remalis himself replace his right arm and chest, crackling with a red aura that marks the man as a servant of the dark side.


  • Name: Remalis Nokoma, Darth Kishi
  • LoyaltiesTaeli Raaf as the Lady of Secrets and head of the Order of Shadows, the Sith Empire by extension
  • Wealth: Remalis is relatively wealthy as he has access to the resources of the Lady of Secrets when they are required
  • Notable Possessions: The most notable possession Remalis owns is his extensively modified and alchemized right arm. Besides this, he owns various alchemical creations all of his own creation.
  • Skills:
    • Force Abilities
      • Sith Alchemy - Master
      • Sith Magic - Master
      • Mechu-deru - Master
      • Force Destruction - Master
      • Kinetite - High Knight
    • Other Abilities
      • Engineering - Remalis is highly proficient in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering
      • Cybertech - Remalis is highly proficient in the field of droid design and creation
      • Smithing - Remalis is a master smith, capable of crafting exquisitely high-end and powerful arms, armor, and artifacts
  • Personality: Remalis is an extremely gruff individual, generally uncaring of decorum or proper etiquette. Possessing a violent temper, Remalis is an unforgiving taskmaster to his underlings, punishing failures severely or fatally depending on the severity of the mistake. He is unscrupulous in his goal of crafting extremely powerful and dangerous alchemical creations, all in service to the nefarious goals of his master.


  • Weapon of Choice: The Force and his cybernetic arm (can be used to channel his dark side powers through it like a cannon, also contains his lightsaber)
  • Combat Function: When forced into combat, Remalis can act in both a long range and close combat capacity. When at range, he utilizes his cybernetic arm like a cannon, launching blasts of dark side energy at enemies or commanding his constructs to attack. When engaged in close combat, Remalis uses a modified version of Juyo with the lightsaber blade that can emerge from the center of his right palm.


  • Remalis is a master Sith artificer and alchemist, able to create potent and dangerous artifacts and constructs to further the Sith goal of domination and the destruction of the light.
  • Because of his cybernetic implants and integrated Sith artifacts, he possesses incredibly enhanced strength and durability, along with an increased connection to the dark side of the Force.


  • Due to his reliance on his alchemical implants, ysalamiri bubbles and void stone fields can be fatal to Remalis.
  • His temper can be used against him in a fight, as his failure to destroy his opponents will increasingly frustrate him and he will make exploitable mistakes.


Born on the jungle world of Onderon in the continent-spanning city of Iziz, Remalis Nokoma knew nothing but poverty and adversity growing up. His parents lived in the rundown slums of the city, his father drowning his misery and what little funds his mother made at the rundown laundry in the bottle. This harsh life influenced Remalis' world view even at this young age, hardening his heart and invoking a belief that strength and violence were the only ways to escape the squalor.


The day before his ninth birthday, his father, in a drunken rage, killed Remalis' mother and sold his son into servitude to a small time blacksmith for the money to buy another bottle to drown his guilt in. Remalis swore revenge on his father, but his servitude to the blacksmith revealed his innate talent for working metal. The smith, recognizing that talent, decided to teach the young boy everything he knew. As the years passed, Remalis developed into a skilled smith, far better than his master, and used that skill to barter with the master smith the chance to study engineering, expenses paid. Remalis took to the studies quickly, and with his knowledge base growing, he became a highly sought after artificer in the city of Iziz. When he turned twenty, he arranged the incident that claimed his master's life and took back his freedom and the shop his master owned.


However, fate had other plans for the newly emancipated smith as galactic forces were starting to stir. New powers were rising in the galaxy, their agents looking for individuals, businesses, and worlds that might ally with them. Remalis was approached by an agent of the Sith Empire emerging in the Outer Rim, a Sith Knight that recognized the dormant Force potential of the artificer. He was offered the chance to learn the ways of the dark side, tempted by the Sith's description of arcane artifacts and constructs of the ancient Sith, powerful and dangerous weapons. Remalis agreed and left Onderon for Korriban, becoming a Sith acolyte in 828 ABY.


His time at the Sith academy shaped his nascent cruelty and abilities, his thirst for knowledge on Sith alchemy never being sated as he sought ways to create such powerful devices as those that existed in the stories and vaults of the Sith. However, his studies suffered a reversal when the Sith Empire fell, the dark forces scattering to the winds. Unlike some, Remalis did not join the secretive exodus into the Deep Core, but returned to Iziz. There, he found nothing of his old shop as a major galactic corporation had purchased the surrounding area and developed it into state of the art factories.


Starting anew, Remalis used what he had learned to forge and experiment with alchemical devices, subtly dispersing them into the back alleys and slums to desperate souls. One of those desperate souls was his own father, now a slave to the son he had sold so many decades ago. His plan was to use the followers he gained, enhanced by his devices, to overthrow the government of Iziz and create a new monarchy based on the old Naddist beliefs. However, his plans were discovered by the Republic and local authorities. The assault, by Jedi and Republic soldiers, decimated the nascent Sith's forces before he could even launch his first attack, and Remalis suffered grievous injuries. The only bright spot to the slowly dying man was his father had died in the assault as well, killed by the Jedi.


Missing his right arm, and having suffered horrific wounds to his chest and internal organs, it was likely Remalis would have died if not for the intervention of hidden One Sith agents that secreted him away to their stronghold on Coruscant. There, he received life-saving cybernetics that replaced his right arm and much of his upper body. Recovering, Remalis came to the attention of a younger and more powerful and quickly rising Sith: Darth Arcanix.


Taeli Raaf recruited the artificer into her circle, finishing his training in the dark arts of Sith alchemy. Using that knowledge, Remalis fashioned himself some artifacts to replace his cybernetics, integrating the Sith devices into his body, strengthening himself and his connection to the dark side. With the resources of Darth Arcanix behind him, Remalis became her premier artificer, even after Taeli began her mission to infiltrate the Jedi. A Paradox Adept within the Order of Shadows, Remalis now wields enormous influence and can pursue any project he desires, and constantly works on the Sith devices that are part of himself in a bid to grow even stronger and seeking a perfect balance between metal and flesh.