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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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Taeli's New Robes

14 October 2018 - 04:54 PM






  • Manufacturer: Taeli Raaf
  • Affiliation: Taeli Raaf
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No modularity
  • ProductionUnique

  • Material: Cortosis-weave, Armor-weave, Photoreactive Fibers


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances Very LowLowAverageHighVery High, Extreme

- Blasters: High

- Kinetic: Low

- Lightsabers: Very High

- Sonic: Low

- EMP/Ion: Low

- Elemental: Average



  • Due to the cortosis-weave, a lightsaber won't cut through the robes for some time, but because it is not pure cortosis, they will not short out
  • Photoreactive fibers allow the robes to change color


  • Resistant - The robes, due to their make of cortosis-weave and armorweave, are highly resistant to energy weapons and lightsabers
  • Shifting Appearance - The photoreactive fibers of the robes allow Taeli to change their color to whatever she sees fit for the time


  • Ballistics - Ballistic weapons like slugthrowers can go through the robes rather easily
  • Color Reversion - If hit by an energy weapon or an EMP/Ion attack, the photoreactive fibers are deactivated where the hit occurred, changing back to the standard black color.


During her fight with Coren Starchaser during the events of Endgame, Taeli Raaf and Coren had engaged each other in a contest of strength, powerful light side and dark side energies mixing. The result was a massive explosion that injured both Force Masters, and Taeli's armor and robes, the same Jedi Shade Robes she had developed for the old Galactic Republic, were destroyed.


Rather irritated at their destruction, Taeli had to create some new robes she would wear into battle. To that end, she took the lessons learned in the previous robe's construction and designed new ones in the Sith style. They have the same properties as the old ones, including their weaknesses, but that was fine to her. She rather enjoyed the surprise of her enemies when the lightsaber hit didn't go through her robes immediately.


14 October 2018 - 04:17 PM





  • Name: Chloro-Miri
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • HomeworldNavrozh
  • Language: No language
  • Average Lifespan: 8 years
  • Estimated PopulationPlanetary
  • Description: To an observing eye, the Chloro-Miri appear much like a normal Ysalamir except for their skin pigmentation being green instead of the usual yellow. Besides that, there are no real distinguishing outward markers anything is different.


  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average height of adults: 0.2 meters
  • Average length of adults: 0.5 meters
  • Skin color: Various shades of green
  • Hair color: No hair color
  • Distinctions: Besides the green skin, an observer would not be able to tell anything was out of the ordinary about the Chloro-Miri. However, the true genius of the new lizards resides within their cells and genetic code thanks to tampering undertaken by Spaarti Creations and Aurora Industries.
  • Races: No other races
  • Strengths
  1. Like all Ysalamir, the Chloro-Miri are able to project a bubble within the Force around themselves, completely negating the use of the Force within that circumference. If multiple lizards are present, their bubbles can overlap and cover a greater distance.
  2. Due to genetic tampering by Spaarti Creations and Aurora Industries, the Chloro-Miri's cells have been altered with synthetic chloroplasts, allowing them to derive nutrients and energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. This has also eliminated the need for them to sink their claws into the olbio tree or nutrient frames their cousins need to survive as they can survive on sunlight and a steady diet of olbio leaves and water.
  • Weaknesses
  1. They are no stronger or tougher than a normal ysalamir. A blaster, a knife, even sufficient blunt or concussive force is enough to kill them.
  2. If deprived of sunlight or the starship equivalent UV light for a period of 72 hours, the lizard will die.
  3. The process done to create them can only be done on embyros, existing lizards cannot be altered into a Chloro-Miri


  • Diet: Olbio leaves, light
  • Communication: Hisses and pheromones
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior: Much like their normal cousins, the Chloro-Miri are a docile creature, although as they are no longer bound to the olbio tree, they are rather curious about the world around them. They tend to gravitate towards places of sunlight or where olbio tree leaves are plentiful, laying there to collect energy and nutrients. If threatened, the Chloro-Miri will try their best to climb out of reach or sight of a predator. During mating season, females will emit a pheromone that will entice males to her, but she will not accept any if they do not bring enough leaves as an offering or if their pigmentation is not to the female's liking.


Originally, the project that would create the Chloro-Miri began out of a desire to understand the lizards that were the bane of many Force Users. Taeli Raaf, CEO of Aurora Industries and Spaarti Creations, had tasked several of the geneticists and biotechnicians within the two companies to work together to study the creatures. As a Sith Lady, she wanted to understand and perhaps learn more about how the creatures created their bubbles within the Force, but there was no way to use the Force to do so. The scientists made great strides in examining and collecting data on the specimens obtained on Navrozh, but they were no closer to figuring out how they projected the bubble.


Frustrated at the elusive answer, Taeli had been ready to abort the project altogether when another idea came to her. While the mystery of their ability within the Force remained, the scientists had made a multitude of observations on the creatures themselves and their relationship with the olbio trees or the artificial nutrient frames popular for transporting them. They theorized that they could, through genetic alterations, eliminate the ysalamiri reliance on the olbio tree for nutrients. Taeli greenlit this new side of the project.


Using carefully constructed synthetic chloroplasts and an experimental gene therapy treatment, the scientists from the company began altering several ysalamir eggs and embryos, introducing the new cells into those of the still-developing lizard. While there were some rejections, a few proteins not meshing correctly in subjects, enough of the experimental eggs survived to term, hatching small baby ysalamir that were green in color due to the chloroplasts.


The new babies did not gravitate towards any olbio tree in particular, nor did they sink their claws into the bark. They simply found the sunniest spot in a tree and started eating the leaves. Once full, they started to wander around the lab. When Taeli heard of the success, she immediately ordered Spaarti Creations to begin cloning procedures as she sensed a viable commodity the company could sell... and the gene therapy research was quietly moved to Nar Shaddaa for other experiments.

Kraujas Dtirsina - Blood Crystal

13 October 2018 - 03:34 PM





  • Name: Kraujas Dtirsina
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • HomeworldKessel
  • Language: No actual language
  • Average Lifespan: 3 years
  • Estimated PopulationRare
  • Description: At a glance, this species of energy spider has been completely overgrown with a reddish-black crystal. Crystal covers its entire body, and the blades on its limbs have morphed into extremely sharp red crystals.


  • Breathes: Type I 
  • Average height of adults: 3 meters
  • Average length of adults: 2.5 meters
  • Skin color: Reddish-black
  • Hair color: No hair
  • Distinctions: Besides the crystal that has overgrown the creature's body, the most distinctive features are its multiple limbs, each tipped with an extremely sharp crystal blade. Females have six legs along with a larger abdomen while males have eight legs and have an extra set of small mandibles. Eyes glow red from the infusion of the dark side within the creature, giving it a menacing appearance.
  • Races: No other races
  • Strengths
  1. Much like the creature they were before, the Kraujas Dtirsina feed upon energy. Blaster weapons are utterly useless against them as they will just consume the energy. In addition, with the infusion of dark side energy from the Creeping Lignan and alchemical meddling from the Lady of Secrets, the Kraujas Dtirsina have gained a potent version of Force Drain.
  2. While the Creeping Lignan would normally freeze the creature in place soon after reaching the stage of covering the body completely, the Lady of Secrets and her alchemists have forced the change into a closer symbiosis. The crystal will stop growing as long as it receives a constant supply of energy. This has given the Kraujas Dtirsina a strong crystalline armor and extremely sharp crystal blades.
  3. Due to the Creeping Lignan infestation in their bodies, the creatures have greatly enhanced strength, capable of flipping a speeder or even a light tank.
  4. Much like the base creature, the Kraujas Dtirsina can still spin webs provided it consumes enough rock and silica. However, because of the symbiosis with the Creeping Lignan, the webs are no longer glitterstim spice. Instead, the webbing it can use to cocoon prey and form its lairs is a sticky version of Creeping Lignan that can be harvested and refined.
  5. If a victim is cocooned by the creature's Creeping Lignan infused webbing, the dust of the Creeping Lignan will enter the victim and start growing within them, assuming they live long enough.
  • Weaknesses
  1. The creature still has an aversion to light, and while it no longer has glitterstim in its body to activate, it will flee from anything brighter than a glow lamp or lightsaber.
  2. If the creature does not feed upon enough energy, the Creeping Lignan covering its body will rapidly harden and it will reach the final stage of infestation, becoming little more than a statue of crystal.
  3. While blaster weapons are ineffective against the creature, ballistic weapons such as a slugthrower or mass driver can and will break through its crystal armor and can injure or kill the creature.
  4. Force Light and other direct applications of the light side can severely harm or injure these creatures.
  5. A curious side effect to the deeper symbiosis forced on the Kraujas Dtirsina, if they are attacked by a sonic weapon, they will immediately shatter into pieces of crystal.


  • Diet: Electrical energy, Force Energy, Rock and Silica
  • Communication: While they have no language of their own, they communicate with others of their kind through unsettling chittering. They can understand commands given in High Sith.
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior: Kraujas Dtirsina are generally solitary creatures, except during mating season. They tend to the darker tunnels, spinning their lairs with their Creeping Lignan infused webbing and hunting for prey to consume and entrap within cocoons. Once prey is caught, the spiders will keep the subject alive, feeding off their bio-electrical and Force energy but never actually killing them. Order of Shadows researchers suspect this is because the spiders know the cocooned subjects have been infested with Creeping Lignan themselves due to fine crystals within the webbing. The spiders are also fiercely protective of their territory, to the point where Sith Beastmasters are required to accompany teams sent down to collect more of the Creeping Lignan for experimentation.


The Kraujas Dtirsina began as a further experiment into the original energy spiders that were subjected to Creeping Lignan infestation. The original spiders were only able to survive for a few weeks at best before becoming statues of Creeping Lignan crystals, but they had served their purpose as an initial source of the substance for the Order of Shadows to experiment with.


Having received the first reports, the Lady of Secrets, Taeli Raaf, ordered further experiments be done on both the energy spiders and the imprisoned subjects. Taeli personally began overseeing work on the energy spiders, desiring a way to alter the symbiotic relationship between the crystals and the host. Using Sith alchemy, she began altering that relationship, deepening it and changing it so that the crystal would not finish the final steps of the process, i.e. turning the spider into a statue, but would stop once it had covered the body if the spider was able to feed on enough energy.


To help the new creature, dubbed the Kraujas Dtirsina or Blood Crystal in High Sith, Taeli gifted it with the ability to feed on the Force and life energies of a victim, in addition to its ability to feed on electrical and plasma energy. She noted in her observations on the first subject of her alterations that it had developed a sense of preservation when it came to its victims, wrapping them in a cocoon of reddish-black webbing and then feeding on the subject in all ways right up to, but never crossing, the point of death. They would even give the subject time to recover from the ordeal.


Taeli suspected that the spider would do this because the trapped sentient was also infested with Creeping Lignan crystals due to a fine crystal powder within the webbing. The experiments were duplicated, and while they number only a few dozen currently, and are kept within the dark tunnels below the secret Order of Shadows facility on Kessel so Creeping Lignan can be harvested, Taeli suspects they are the key to further experiments with the substance.

League's End - TSE Dominion of Munto Codru

11 October 2018 - 02:15 PM

Munto Codru




A planet that had kept itself aloof from the rest of the galaxy. While it had fallen within the domains of the old Sith Empire, the Republic, and the Silver Jedi, the native Codru-Ji had largely been left to their own devices.


It had made the planet the perfect last refuge for the League of Voss, an organization that had once thought it could hold back the tide of darkness that was the Sith Empire.


Their fleet and ground forces had been decimated in numerous campaign, none more so painful than the fall of Voss and the recent fall of Mon Calamari. Their leadership was goneā€¦ Jedi Master Kokkim had fallen on Voss, Admiral Oottall was lost over Ciutric IV, General Lodelon had disappeared into the vastness of the Sith Empire, executed, and Nomdi Lumohd had just died on Mon Calamari.


What was left had scattered, many survivors hanging up their weapons and hoping to escape the notice of the Sith Empire. Others had gone on to the Core, thinking if the fight had been lost in the Outer Rim, they needed to strengthen the Core for another attempt. Only a small core group of diehards remained, centered around Jedi Knight Norga Kokkim, the son of the deceased Jedi Master.


The Jedi Knight had rallied several Codru-Ji tribes to their banner and established his headquarters in one of the ancient castles on the world. This new alliance has upset other tribes in the complex game of Codru-Ji tribal politics.


A deal had been struck. The lives of the Codru-Ji that were sheltering the remaining members of the League of Voss were now forfeit, soon to be claimed by the Sith Empire.


OOC: This dominion is not going to have objectives per se, but will be more of a sandbox experience. Targets to assassinate, enemy tribes and forces to slaughter or enslave, other tribes that want to negotiate further with the Sith Empire, explore the castles on the planet, and so on. Do what you feel fits you best!


Creeping Lignan

06 October 2018 - 09:36 PM






  • Name: Creeping Lignan
  • Manufacturer: Taeli RaafOrder of Shadows
  • Affiliation: Taeli Raaf, Sith Empire, Closed-Market
  • Homeworld (optional): Kessel
  • ProductionLimited

  • Modularity: No modularity
  • Legal Status: As it is a brand new substance, no laws exist against it, but it is highly probably this substance will be outlawed in any Light-aligned faction or system.
  • Ingredients: GlitterstimYaladai SpiceLignan OreAnothian Living Crystal


  • Classification: Drug
  • Method of Consumption: Can be consumed orally or inhaled, with most applications only requiring a single use to begin the process, but continued hits will enhance one's experience and accelerate the process.
  • Average Life: Indefinitely after the first hit, unless treated properly. Once taken, the spice crystals will start to root and grow in the subject's body, slowly forming a twisted symbiosis with the host. The more one does, the faster this process goes.
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose:
    • Possible Side Effects - Possessiveness, Paranoia, Chronic Pain, Headaches, Pale Skin, Reddish-Black Veins, Complaints of a voice in their head


  • Due to the tampering with the energy spiders by the Order of Shadows, the Creeping Lignan, when consumed by an individual, starts to create a parasitic bond with the consumer. Slowly at first, and only noticeable as a gradual paling of the skin and reddish-black veins, the crystals will take root and grow within a host. Eventually, larger crystals will start to emerge from the subject's skin as a twisted form of symbiosis forms. Eventually, the crystals will overgrow the subject's body, creating a rough crystalline armor until the final stage when the crystals completely overtake the host and they become unable to move and form a new source of the Creeping Lignan.
  • A consumer with a connection to the Force can draw upon the power of the Creeping Lignan crystals in their body, greatly enhancing their strength and reflexes, gifting them with a greatly increased tolerance for pain, and a heightened connection to the dark side of the Force. However, this does accelerate the growth process of the crystals unless carefully done.


  • Greatly enhances a user's strength, easily three times that of a Wookiee
  • Greatly enhances a user's reflexes, placing them on par with a Knight-level Force User
  • Greatly enhances a user's tolerance to pain
  • Greatly enhances a Force Sensitive's connection to the dark side of the Force, the crystals forming an extra energy supply to draw upon
  • Once sufficiently grown, the crystals can form a rough armor for the user


  • Once a few days have passed after consumption, there is no way to reverse the process and stop the growth of the crystals. If caught in the early stages, they can be cleansed from a body through the use of bacta and Force Healing. After roughly 96 hours, however, the only way to hinder the growth of the crystals is with the user communing with them through the Force, and even that only slows them. A non-Force User has no chance of doing this.
  • While they greatly enhance a user's strength, reflexes, and tolerance for pain, they also can degenerate a user's mind. Paranoia and possessiveness are the two most common mental side effects, but after a certain point, users can be reduced to a feral state where users will break small chunks of the crystal off and try to force others to consume it.
  • While they enhance one's connection to the dark side of the Force, and act as a potent reserve of energy to draw upon, doing so will accelerate the growth of the crystals. Growth that might take weeks or months to occur will happen within days, if not hours.
  • Once the crystal overgrows the body to a sufficient degree, the user becomes completely immobile, rendered into a giant chunk of Creeping Lignan that can be harvested for further distribution and testing


A shadowy project begun by researchers of the Order of Shadows, Creeping Lignan is an insidious new substance. First created in a recently established base on Kessel, the Order of Shadows began their experiments by introducing strands of Lignan crystals and Yaladai spice into the bodies of Anothian Living Crystals, forcibly changing their crystalline structure until the entire creature was a living example of a Lignan crystal.


Once a subject had been sufficiently created, they introduced the subject into the path of Kessel's native energy spiders for consumption. When consumed, the energy spider would be subject to a parasitic symbiosis with the Anothian Living Crystal as the crystal creature began adapting the glitterstim spice within the bodies of the spiders into more of the newly dubbed Creeping Lignan. The new creation was harvested from the energy spiders, and tests began on captured subjects from the Sith Empire's recent campaigns.


Subjects reported enhanced strength and reflexes, along with a greatly enhanced tolerance for pain. The Order of Shadows researchers did note some psychological side effects, but they were well within acceptable practices to continue observing the experiments. Captured Force Sensitives reported feeling the dark side flowing through them, an incredible rush of power at their fingertips. Several subjects even demonstrated this by using the power of the Creeping Lignan to sustain powerful arcs of Force Lightning and other applications of the Force.


However, it quickly became clear what the costs were.


The crystals emerged from the test subject's skin, slowly growing over their bodies. Those who had been recklessly drawing on the power only accelerated their transformation into crystal covered abominations, slowly losing their minds to a voice in their heads. Two researchers were forced into quarantine when one agitated subject forced them to consume a crystal they had snapped off their body, the test subject screaming they needed to know the power and hear the voice.


Eventually, all test subjects became encased in a crystalline armor, and days later, rendered inert. All that remained was a silhouette of their body within the still pillars of reddish-black crystal. The Lady of Secrets immediately greenlit more tests when she received reports from the facility.