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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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Victory Processional

Today, 12:32 PM


Ravelin, Bastion, Braxant Sector


It had taken far more time to organize than anyone would have liked, thanks to the various Rebel cells and their attacks on the Sith Empire. But come, it finally had. A mighty triumph had been arranged in the capital city of the Empire, Ravelin, in celebration of the Empire’s victory over the Galactic Alliance and the victories won on Coruscant, Fondor, and so many other worlds in the massive campaign.


Thousands upon thousands of soldiers and officers, in full dress uniform and adorned with various medals of valor and service paraded down the streets of the city. Even more marched in perfect formation, their armor spotlessly gleaming, weapons at attention and a salute in place. Hundreds of thousands of civilians watched along the parade route cheering. For those unable to directly get a spot at the front, holo-images of the parade were scattered across the city. Screens had been erected, showing recordings from the battle. The destruction of the Vanguard and the Jedi Temple were especially popular, and a roar of exultation would rise up every time those videos cycled through.


Behind the soldiers were the enemy, prisoners, soldiers, Jedi, and bureaucrats alike, captured from the Alliance and the foolish Rebels that had tried to attack Dubrillion. Chains rattled as they walked, the Jedi forced to wear Force Inhibitor collars. Boos and jeers followed them, their eyes blank as humiliation was heaped upon them. These souls, once the parade concluded and the parties began in earnest, would be shipped to Kol Huro or wherever else it was deemed necessary.


Patriotic music blared, inspiring and full of the power and might only this Sith Empire could project. And overlooking it all, from a raised dais built in front of the Emperor’s Palace, there would be the Emperor himself, raised above all others. Arrayed around him would be the high officers of the Sith Empire and the most prominent of the Sith Lords and Ladies, and among them, those who had played a major role in the destruction of the hated Alliance.




All her hard work had paid off, and the parade before was in celebration of that victory. Taeli remembered, once, how she had been on the margins of the One Sith. She may have been a Lord, but her old Master had seen to it that she was a pariah. It had taken so much effort and time to move beyond that shadow. Now…


Now she sat near the hand of the Emperor himself. The Rebels might be trying to halt the spread of their Empire, but with the destruction of the Alliance, the brightest bastion of the light, their efforts were futile in the end. Dubrillion had been retained, and even now, preparations were underway for a retalitory strike against the Rebels. The sight before her only confirmed in her heart that the galaxy desired Imperial rule… and only the Order that the Sith could bring to bear on such a chaotic galaxy.





This thread is a triumph, a party essentially, for all the hard work that went into Endgame and the invasions/rebellions of the past few months. Join the parade or sit among the Sith Lords and Ladies. Be among the crowd cheering, or even start a party somewhere in the capital. This thread is intended to be a social and relaxing time, mingle with others you haven’t before and enjoy!

Spaarti Phase I Trooper

01 July 2018 - 11:36 PM





  • Unit Name: Phase I Troopers
  • Affiliation: Spaarti Creations, Faction or Individual that has purchased a company
  • Classification: Infantry
  • EquipmentArmor Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Flash Training Thermal Detonators Ion Grenades Vibroblade


  • Availability: Uncommon
  • DeploymentMass
  • Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Due to their flash training and additional training at the hands of Khonsu Amon and Vilaz Munin, the troopers are highly competent at any role they are given and in most combat situations

+ Loyalty is imprinted into their genetic template, they cannot betray a superior or a superior's order unless it violates proper procedure in the faction or individual they are serving under

- While they do have the training to fight against Force users and other specialized units, the Phase I troopers can still be easily defeated by them

- Because they are still relatively fresh, they can be easily defeated and outmaneuvered by more experienced units as they can still be prone to mistakes




After Spaarti Creations had been restricted to cloning soldiers after the disastrous Red Dawn incident, the company floundered and stagnated. With Taeli's recent seizure of power in the company, she began restarting the clone soldier program. Locating a template in Khonsu Amon, work began on developing clone soldiers from his DNA and subjected to Spaarti's improved flash training module.


Once the clone was fully developed, they would be transported to a training facility established on Thyrsus and equipped with Spaarti Mk I Armor and AI-331m blasters. Under the supervision of Khonsu and a Mandalorian named Vilaz Munin, the clones were put through additional training and development to make sure they are stable enough to serve whatever faction or group they end up under.

Interitus Nanite

23 June 2018 - 02:12 AM






  • Manufacturer: Aurora Industries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Closed-Market
  • Model: Interitus Nanite
  • Modularity: Programmable to consume different metals 
  • ProductionLimited

  • Material: Nanite Components


  • Programmable - The nanites are able to be programmed to consume different metals


  • Programmable - The nanites are designed to consume different metals, depending on what molecular structure has been programmed into them
  • Consuming - The nanites are able to consume metals, at differing rates of time, by eating away the molecule of the metals in their lattice. A single swarm of nanites takes a decent amount of time to eat through durasteel, while stronger metals like phrik or beskar take much longer when exposed to a single nanite swarm depending on the thickness of the plate
  • Multiplying Strength - If exposed to more swarms, the time to consume the metal will decrease accordingly


  • One time Programming - Each nanite swarm can only be programmed one time, with one metal. To weaken another metal, a new swarm will be required programmed to attack it.
  • Noticeable - Nanite swarms can be avoided as they appear as a silvery cloud when in the air, or silver flecks on the ground
  • Heat - Extreme heats will destroy the nanites
  • Cold - Extreme colds will destroy the nanites
  • Ion and EMPs - Being subjected to an ion attack or EMP will destroy the nanites
  • Short Life - The nanites can only survive for a day at most once dispatched, after that, they will die off on their own
  • Failsafe - While the urge to send swarm after swarm is powerful, especially against materials such as phrik and beskar, the nanites have a built-in failsafe that will, if three swarms are deployed against any given target, they will actually turn on each other and temporarily strengthen the target in question


As Aurora Industries continued its research into the uncertain field of technology that was nanotechnology, some of the Anomid researchers began seeking a way to weaponize nanites. They were hoping to develop some sort of nanite that could consume different metals, and the Interitus Nanite is the current culmination of their work. For these Anomid engineers, based in the Aurora facility on Nar Shaddaa, the Interitus was a proof of concept to them, regardless of the severe drawbacks and shortcuts they had to take to reach this step in their research.


Before they are deployed, the nanite swarm can be programmed to consume the molecular bonds holding together the metal's individual molecules by uploading the specific molecular structure of that metal. Each swarm can only be programmed to consume one metal, and the time on how they take to consume it depends on both the material in question and the thickness of the material. Standard durasteel can be eaten away in a decent amount of time by a single swarm, but compounds like phrik or beskar can take much longer depending on the thickness of the plate to even begin weakening. Continued exposure to multiple swarms would be required to eat through it as fast as durasteel.


Extreme hot and cold temperatures will outright destroy the nanites as they have no environmental protections, and ion and EMPs will also outright destroy them. Even if not destroyed, the silver-gray cloud they form when deployed is very noticeable, and each nanite only has enough power to survive a standard day. After that, they are rendered inert and crumble away.

A Cordial Lesson

17 June 2018 - 01:01 PM

Coruscant, the Works, Order of Shadows Operations Center

Two Days before Fleet Day and Endgame


Only two days until her masterpiece began, two days until all of her work over the past ten years came to fruition. Having recently arrived from Genesia herself, she was overseeing final preparations from her agents. The operations center for Order of Shadows that had established in the Works, created in the initial days after the Alliance's liberation of the world, was ostensibly a Directorate-affiliated operation to oversee security for Coruscant's water and power infrastructure. The truth was far different. It was a training ground for her Adepts, one of a cluster of nerve centers in her network, but the closest to the Jedi Temple and Alliance High Command.


It was the location where she and Ara Zambrano would have their first meeting since Lorrd.


She was curious what the young woman had been up to in the meantime, and whether she had been considering the request to meet for some time. Taeli had been more than happy to arrange for the young Zambrano an easy access to the planet. An Order of Shadows operative in Alliance Control had arranged for a false flight plan to be filed for the girl's ship, placing its port of origin and trajectory from Denon in CSA space rather than Panatha from the First Order. Once she was clear to land, she would be directed, again by one of her agents, to land at a hidden landing field in the Works that connected to the operations center through an underground tunnel.


Taeli was curious what the girl might want to learn first, and how this meeting would go.

Enmesh-class Interdictor Cruiser

16 June 2018 - 10:14 PM







  • Manufacturer: Aurora Industries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Closed-Market
  • Model: Enmesh-class Interdictor Cruiser
  • ProductionMinor-production

  • Material: Durasteel reinforced with Trilamnium, Quadanium Steel, Glasteel, Turadium


  • Classification: Interdictor Cruiser
  • Length: 800 meters
  • Width: 400 meters
  • Height: 160 meters
  • ArmamentAverage
  • DefensesLow
    • Deflector Shields
    • Hull Plating
  • HangarLow: 1
  • Maneuverability RatingModerate
  • Speed RatingHigh
  • Hyperdrive Class: Class 2


  • Standard Life Support and Escape Pods
  • Standard Comm Array
  • Standard Sensor Array
  • Holotransceiver
  • Encryption Modules and Frequency Jammer
  • Medical Bay and Crew Quarters
  • Cap Drains
  • Socket Guards
  • Tractor Beam Projectors



  • Trapped - Much like its predecessor, the Enmesh-class makes use of two gravity well generators to ensure enemy ships cannot escape
  • Speedy - Unlike its predecessor, the Enmesh-class has a significant increase in its speed due to the Siaber Crystal power generator
  • Maneuverable - Unlike its predecessor, the Enmesh-class is moderately maneuverable 
  • Heart of Siaber - The Enmesh-class was designed around Siaber Crystal technology, allowing it an enormous amount of power to keep its systems operating optimally


  • Limited Weaponry - A design choice was made to strip the ship of turbolasers, leaving it only with ion cannons and defensive emplacements. It might shut down your ship, but it won't be destroying anything on its own besides fighters and enemy projectiles
  • Limited Hanger - While it might be a step up from its predecessor, the Enmesh-class has a smaller hanger than most other ships its size
  • Don't Crack the Crystals - If the Siaber Crystals are damaged, they will cause a catastrophic reaction that will, in all likelihood, destroy the ship



A curious choice for the next ship in Aurora Industries' modernization program, but the engineers and design teams wanted to overhaul the old Constraint-class Cruiser. Completely overhauling the frame, the new Enmesh-class Interdictor Cruiser appears nothing like its predecessor or the old Judicator hull frame. That was only the start for the redesign for the Enmesh-class.


The Enmesh-class was enlarged fifty meters to accommodate a small hanger bay and not cripple its ability for interdiction duties. Two gravity well generators were installed, along with the design being powered by Aurora's Siaber Crystal technology. The engineers also decided on stripping away some of the more redundant armor and shielding systems, along with upgrades to the engines to give the ship better speed and maneuverability.


Weapon systems were redesigned as well, going for a more protective ideal than before. Turbolasers were stripped away, but more ion cannons were added along with point defense lasers, quad cannons, and flak guns. It might not be able to do much to an enemy ship bigger than a starfighter than disabling it, but if the enemy is powerless and trapped in the system... well there's all the time in the world.