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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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Relyana Vasq

15 March 2018 - 04:17 PM




  • Intent: To provide an NPC adversary for the Galactic Alliance and to flesh out a subordinate to the Lady of Secrets
  • ​Image Credit: https://www.artstati...m/artwork/6vQ1r
  • Role: A lesser Sith Master in service to the Lady of Secrets (Taeli Raaf)
  • Links: Order of Shadows


  • Age: 37
  • Force Sensitivity: Master
  • Species: Miraluka
  • Appearance: Relyana is a lithe individual, typically garbed in dark robes or gowns, wearing an armored chestpiece. A face mask covers the approximate location of where eyes would be, standard for a Miraluka. The tattoos on her face, given to her by the Lady of Secrets, act in much the same as her Master's, being used as an anchor or hiding place for her dark side aura when she is on assignment where stealth is key. They appear when her dark side presence is revealed or she is channeling the dark side. She also has a cybernetic right arm as result of injury from the One Sith-Republic War.


  • Name: Relyana Vasq, Darth Augura
  • Loyalties: Taeli Raaf as the Lady of Secrets, the Sith Empire by extension
  • Wealth: Somewhat wealthy due to access to her Master's assets when she requires them
  • Notable Possessions: Lightsaber, cybernetic right arm
  • Skills: 
  1. ​Force Pull/Push - Master
  2. Force Lightning - Master
  3. Force Sight - Master
  4. Force Concealment - High Knight
  5. Elusive Presence - High Knight
  6. Sith Magic - Knight
  • Personality: Relyana is a methodical high functioning sociopath, trained by her Master to be a manipulator, infiltrator, and assassin. Throughout her service to Taeli Raaf, she has displayed a need to plot out her missions to the smallest detail, and has been taught to take advantage of a situation to adjust those plans accordingly. Those that encounter her describe her as charming, but this friendly demeanor masks the true darkness that, at the order of her Master, can be unleashed on a sadistic whim.


  • Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber and the Force
  • Combat Function: While she can duel with her lightsaber, she is by no means a master of the blade and any accomplished duelist could easily overpower her. Relyana's preferred method of fighting is to either attack from long range with lightning or sorcery, or conceal herself and strike from the shadows in rapid fashion. Trained by her Master, she has developed an older skill that allows memory of her to slip away from those who have encountered her, if she so chooses to maintain her aloofness while carrying out her Master's wishes. She actively avoids anything related to void stone, ysalamiri, or anything else that might disrupt her connection to the Force as she would lose her ability to see completely.



Relyana Vasq has been in service to Taeli Raaf since the time her Master ascended to Sith Ladyship during the One Sith Empire. The Miralukan woman before falling into the service of the Sith, was already a master manipulator. Employed by various factions to gain secrets from targets, she always found herself wanting something greater. That chance came when she encountered Lady Arcanix while the newly raised Sith Lady was traveling in the galaxy.


The new Sith Lady began her training in the ways of the Sith, forming her into an ideal infiltrator, an even more masterful manipulator, and assassin. One mission during the One Sith-Galactic Republic war she was sent on cost her right arm, and a cybernetic replacement was provided by her Master. When her Master "defected" to the Jedi, Relyana was among those servants of Arcanix that established Horizon Station in secret, leaving the One Sith behind to further the hidden agenda of Taeli Raaf.


Acting as one of the Paradox Adepts in her Master's Order of Shadows, Relyana helps oversee various operations of her Master's, including being a point of contact between the Lady of Secrets and the Mecrosa Order... if the need arises for interaction.

Pursuit of Knowledge

12 March 2018 - 04:11 PM

Kanz Sector, Lorrd, Lorrd City


It had been a long time since she had been back to her alma mater, the University of Lorrd, but when the chancellor has reached out to her to do a lecture series... who was she to refuse? After recent events with the Alliance, she had felt a three day series of panels and lectures on a whole range of topics from alumni and experts in their fields was just what was called for. It also would serve to be an easy way to arrange a meeting.


The young Queen of Panatha's last question had gone unanswered as Taeli had been escorted away in light of the Alliance attack to the safe room. A simple mind trick later, and cloaked in the White Current, she had left the manor and then the planet. But that discussion had stayed with her... and the girl deserved to have a nice place to chat so she could get answers without the possibility of conflict coming up. So, to that regard, Taeli had extended a quiet invitation to Ara Zambrano to come to Lorrd. Who knows? The girl might learn some things about the galaxy she didn't or couldn't get in First Order space.


Taeli herself had just finished her last panel for the day on intergalactic affairs and how they might impact archaeological expeditions, and was relaxing in the small cafe in the university's library. A small pot of tea sat on the table, a full cup, and a datapad opened to the latest news from the Core Worlds. 

Kirjis iw Kadzuska (Order of Shadows)

06 March 2018 - 02:01 PM




  • Intent: To codify the dark side NPC organization that will be a recurring antagonist for the GA
  • ​Image Credit: Made by the ever talented Tirdarius
  • Role: Dark side organization
  • Links: N/A



  • Group Name: Kirjis iw Hadzuska (High Sith for Order of Shadows)
  • Classification: Dark side organization
  • Headquarters: Byss (formerly), cells located on numerous worlds with a central command center in the Unknown Regions (Frozen Moon)
  • Loyalties: The organization is loyal to the Lady of Secrets, the Sith identity for Taeli Raaf
  • Description: The Kirjis iw Hadzuska or Order of Shadows serve as an extension of the Lady of Secrets' will, carrying out various operations and experiments in her name. They can just as easily be sabotaging a military facility or production line as they would be intimidating a planetary official or ransacking a database for information, to kidnapping and experimenting on innocent beings and creatures to create new monstrous Sithspawn, even fighting against the Jedi and light-aligned forces in pitched battle is not outside of their operations.



  • Hierarchy: 
  1. ​Lady of Secrets - At the top of the organization is the Lady of Secrets herself, the powerful Sith that lurks beneath the surface of an unseeming and polite Jedi Master. Her will is law within the organization.
  2. The First Daughter - The Sith apprentice to the Lady of Secrets. She oversees the organization when her Master is unavailable, although as any within it know, if the First Daughter is present, their Master is as well...
  3. Paradox Adepts - Paradox Adepts are Sith Masters that serve as overseers of each individual cell of the organization, answering only to the Lady of Secrets and her apprentice. Not as powerful as their Sith counterparts, they are still a dangerous foe to face.
  4. Enigma Adepts - The core Sith that serve the Lady of Secrets, they make up the bulk of the organization and typically are the agents encountered by the Jedi. Trained on a level of a Sith Knight, several specializations exist among their number (Beastmasters, Alchemists, Dark Consulars, Blademasters).
  5. Shadow Legion - Trained on Carida at her personal request, the Shadow Legion are non-Force users in the Order of Shadows that serve as security and a trained army for facilities and operations.
  • Membership: Attract the attention of the Lady of Secrets or one of her top lieutenants
  • Dogma/Doctrines: The Order of Shadows follow the tenets of the Sith Order, with the Lady of Secrets word being absolute law. Power and knowledge are important structures within the organization, with the Lady of Secrets actively encouraging her adepts to push the boundaries of their understanding of the dark side.
  • Goals: The organization's goal, besides serving their Master's will, is to destabilize and weaken the GA and the NJO while collecting information on potential threats to the Sith's plans for galactic domination. 




Taeli Raaf (Lady of Secrets) - Leader

Eldaah Aderyn (The First Daughter) - Second in Command 

As Taeli Raaf, then publicly known as Darth Arcanix, began planning her departure from the One Sith, she had to figure out a way to move the power base she had been cultivating covertly. It wouldn't do to throw it all away, considering her mission, but she had to be careful in these beginning stages of her deception. To that end, she established the Order of Shadows out of a hidden facility in the Unknown Regions, with a faux headquarters established on Byss following the collapse of the One Sith.


The Order of Shadows, initially, had little contact with their Master while she helped fight against the One Sith with the Republic and then the Galactic Alliance. Instead, their Master's apprentice, Eldaah Aderyn, was the mouthpiece of their Master's will until such a time Taeli felt it safe to meet with her adepts. With the passage of years, Taeli began to recall her forces to establish themselves across the galaxy. Ostensibly, the Order of Shadows masquerade as employees and security forces for Aurora Industries, working out of the Horizon Station facility and other hidden facilities in the galaxy such as in the Pluthan Asteroid field.


05 March 2018 - 02:29 AM



Coruscant, New Jedi Temple, High Chamber


It was a few standard days after Omai Rhen's funeral, and the temple was smothered in a cloud of uncertainty. While everyone was going about their duties, melancholy and a sense of unease were a common sight on faces she saw. This couldn't continue to be the case if they wanted to fight against the dark forces in the galaxy, or even help the people within the Alliance. The order needed new leadership, a direction to carry them forward in these foreboding times.


She had seen fit to send a call out, across the Alliance and to Jedi out on assignment, that a conclave to determine Grand Marshal Rhen's successor was to be held. If they could attend, either by holo or in person, it would help give the Order a sense of stability. She had even sent the call to some of the Fringe Forcers. If they wanted to get their house in order enough to actually fight against Sith or Ren, they would need support from those not within the NJO's purview.


So now, she waited as was her habit, in the High Chamber for others to arrive.




This thread is to determine the next Grand Marshal of the NJO. Both members of the New Jedi Order and allies are welcome to attend.

We Can Help (GA Dominion of Thyferra)

26 February 2018 - 01:09 PM



From a distance, Thyferra didn't look that bad. The greenery might have disappeared, but water was still visible on the surface. The atmosphere was intact, it even looked like clouds were forming. It was only once someone got closer that the true devastation visited on the world by the Sith became clear. Clouds became giant ash storms rolling across the surface. Spots of water were oceans and rivers heavily polluted by the destruction. Cities were rubble, choked by debris, ash, and leftover radiation from the bombardment and ruptured reactors. It was a true hellscape.


And even then... a certain determination had been born from it. In orbit, the Galactic Alliance had established Phoenix Station to help begin restoration of the planet. The Thyferran government, what was left of it, had stationed themselves on the station. Contact had been established with small groups of surviving Vratix on the surface, while many of the natives had begun to return from across the galaxy to help their homeworld. But even on the station, some try to take advantage of suffering. A small criminal element has popped up on the station, taking supplies and hoarding them for themselves or selling them to desperate colonists for an exorbitant price.


The Alliance has promised to help the Vratix deal with the issue, and to speed up the restoration efforts... and one more thing. Samples and equipment needed to restart bacta production survived the bombardment in one of Zaltin Corporation's facilities. However, the security droids and measures have gone haywire, killing any teams sent to try and retrieve what is being guarded. The situation requires a stronger touch than the security teams the corporation or government currently has.





  1. Begin the process of rehabilitating the planet, in any way you can contribute. It can be as easy as bringing supplies to survivors, beginning terraforming, etc. If someone has a GA-friendly company, they can consider work done in the course of this thread as a contract (five posts) or sponsorship (ten posts) with the GA.
  2. Someone has been skimming restoration supplies on Phoenix Station. Find out who and put a stop to such criminal activity.
  3. Delve into the Zaltin facility to retrieve the bacta samples and equipment for bringing back to Phoenix Station.
  4. As always, BYOO