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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf

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First Steps into Darkness

15 January 2019 - 11:26 PM

Dromund Kaas

Dark Force Temple




The Lady of Secrets waited within the inner sanctum of the Dark Force Temple of Dromund Kaas, pacing slowly around the chamber for the young woman she had summoned. The events of Ossus had demonstrated to the Lady of Secrets that her newest investment, Romi Jade, required a more direct hand. She might have only arrived at the end of her confrontation with Coren, but what she had seen showed her someone that needed proper tutoring in the dark side.


That was why she had chosen this place.


The temple had once been a refuge for the Prophets of the Dark Side, an ancient order founded by a heretical Sith of the Rule of Two. Over the centuries, this place had become overflowing with dark side energies, an extremely powerful nexus that had even survived the assault by the Mandalorians on this world decades ago, even when the rest of the world had turned cold and frozen.


This place would mark the first lesson, a first step for the former Jedi to fully embrace the dark side of the Force. Sith poison and spells were all well and good to get one started on the path, but it took a true master to have them embrace it of their own free will and show them true power.

Talos Seeds

13 January 2019 - 05:50 PM






  • Name: Talos Seeds
  • Manufacturer:  Taeli RaafOrder of Shadows
  • Homeworld (optional): Nar Shaddaa
  • ProductionSemi-Unique

  • Affiliation: Taeli Raaf, The Sith Empire (limited to individuals that have Taeli's IC permission)
  • Modularity: None
  • Legal Status: It is likely extremely illegal in places outside of the Sith Empire
  • Ingredients: Nanogene Seeds, Sith Alchemy


  • Classification: Alchemical Mutagen
  • Method of Consumption: Orally, Injection, Inhalation
  • Average Life: Indefinite
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: The seeds have no nutritional value, as their purpose is to mutate a victim's cells into a metal-resin of sorts. Side effects are extreme bodily aches, fatigue, and skin discoloration


  • Transforms the victim's body, down to the very last cell, into a durable metal-resin type substance. Major organs are converted into metallic facsimiles of the original organs, with the brain becoming almost like a highly advanced droid brain


  • The Talos Seeds mutate a subject's body into a metal-resin type substance, held together by an electromagnetic field emitted from each "cell"
  • Time from infection to transformation is relatively swift, taking only a maximum of thirty minutes or so until the change is irreversible


  • Force users can counter the effects of the Talos Seeds if they are trained in the art of mechu-deru or have another ability, such as Art of the Small, that can manipulate the infectious seeds.
  • A powerful source of heat can burn away the seeds while they are still infecting an individual, rendering them completely inert and saving the subject. However, if the transformation goes too far, the heat source will only slow the infection.


Birthed from inquisitive minds from the Lady of Secrets' Order of Shadows, the Talos Seeds are an attempt at a next-generation technovirus for the creation of a new type of technobeast. Born in partnership with the Anomid Doctor Votoc and several alchemists in the service of Taeli Raaf, the project was begun at a hidden research lab on Nar Shaddaa.


Votoc was fascinated by tales of the technovirus, a creation of Sith alchemy and droid technology, that could mutate a subject's body into metal. In his mind, the creation of a new technovirus would create the next-generation of his Masquerade droids, but he found several flaws with the original nanogene spores. They would lobotomize a subject and the transformation was haphazard at best. Votoc and the alchemists working with him began working on perfecting the new spores or seeds, Votoc designing the coding and material the subjects would be transformed into while the alchemists worked to perfect the alchemical transformation process.


Poor denizens of the world were secreted away by the Order of Shadows to their lab, where they were subjected to experimentation by the doctor and the alchemists. Votoc was intrigued as he watched many subjects die from the various samples they had been developing, their bodies failing partway through transformation. But, as Hysen Whita, the chief alchemist working on the project said, discovery required experimentation.


Eventually, they were able to create what they dubbed Talos Seeds, a successful upgrade to the technovirus. When they presented their results to the Lady of Secrets, they were given her approval to begin producing more of the seeds for the Doctor's project and for potential use by trusted individuals within the Sith Empire.

Maelstrom Advanced Targeting and Tracking System

31 December 2018 - 02:34 PM



  • Intent: To develop a next-generation shipboard combat system
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: TAT Tri-Tracker
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Aurora Industries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Primo Victorian, Closed-Market
  • Model: Maelstrom Advanced Targeting and Tracking System
  • Modularity: While the individual systems cannot be modified, the weapons and sensors they are attached to can be different
  • ProductionMinor-production

  • Material: Circuitry, Data Processors, Virtual Intelligences, Crystal


  • Virtual Intelligences, similar to those found within certain holocrons like the Noetikons
  • Advanced data processors, designed by Anomid scientists


  • Making use of a ship's sensors suite, the MATT will greatly increase the efficiency of a vessel's weapons by analyzing and extrapolating enemy forces that enter those sensors ranges, making calculations in fifty milliseconds
  • If certain key orders are given by a ship's commander, the MATT can control all defensive emplacements such as flak guns, point defense laser, and such on a ship
  • Using her knowledge of holocrons and datacrons, the Lady of Secrets and the Anomid scientists under her developed a specialized crystal matrix to act as a data core for the virtual intelligences of the system


  • The MATT is heavily reliant on a ship's sensors, and if those get knocked offline, they can only guess what an enemy will do, greatly reducing their efficiency until sensors are restored
  • The crystal matrix that acts as the heart of the system, if damaged, will immediately kill the system and it will be unusable until a new one is installed
  • The MATT is vulnerable to EMPs, requiring several long minutes to reboot and recalculate if taken offline


The Maelstrom Advanced Targeting and Tracking System, known by Aurora engineers as MATTs, began when Fiolette Raaf mentioned to Taeli a system that had been prevalent on First Order ships when she served in their navy. Not having access to one for study, but going off what Fiolette said it had done, Taeli tasked several of the Anomids that worked in her company the task of designing something similar to the system. They began their work by studying the old Tri-Tracker system, making notes on what could be improved from it.


While droid brains had been the original thinking of her scientists for the analyzing components, Taeli decided that those were simply not good enough. She visited the scientists and gave them information on the creation of holocrons and datacrons, requesting they create something much like the virtual intelligences that one could find in certain types of those rare artifacts. Using crystal provided by the Lady of Secrets, and brain and personality scans from veterans of the Sith military, the Aurora engineers created several virtual intelligences for the new system. These new intelligences, unlike artificial intelligences, could not grow or learn beyond their specific programmed routes. They were designed solely to compute, analyze, and otherwise increase the efficiency of starships equipped with them for combat purposes.


The new system relies heavily on a ship's existing sensors, with the MATT system using that data input and filtering it to the weapon systems. Gunners are granted access to optimal firing solutions in milliseconds, with the system even able to automatically fire defensive weaponry if the ship's commander gives the order. 

Subsumed Cetus

12 December 2018 - 02:21 PM





  • Name: Subsumed Cetus
  • Designation: Sentient
  • HomeworldMon Calamari
  • Language: Sith, can understand Basic but cannot speak it
  • Average Lifespan: 30 years
  • Estimated PopulationPlanetary
  • Description: Subsumed Cetus are horrifying mutations, done through the new strain of the rakghoul plague by the Lady of Secrets. Glowing yellow eyes, enhanced biting jaws, pale skin, and extremely sharp fins denote the viciousness of the new monster from its original form


  • Breathes: Breathes underwater only
  • Average height of adults: N/A
  • Average length of adults: 4 meters
  • Skin color: Pale white to a sickly gray
  • Hair color: No hair
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive traits of the Subsumed Cetus are the glowing yellow eyes, their enhanced and infectious jaws and fins, and also the cybernetics grafted into their backs. Females will have an extra set of maneuvering fins while males have two large crests that run along their back parallel to the cybernetics
  • Races: No other races
  • Strengths
  1. As part of the Subsumed strain of the rakghoul virus created by the Lady of Secrets, the Subsumed Cetus retain their sentience, albeit the inbred compulsion to be loyal to their Sith Masters and the dark side of the Force. They can learn and adapt as they hunt their former brethren.
  2. Just like the base rakghoul, the Subsumed Cetus are able to pass along their specific strain of the virus. If a victim survives a bite or being slashed by the extremely sharp fins of the monsters, they may become infected and fall into a coma soon after where they will be taken to a processing center to be fitted with the necessary cybernetics by the Subsumed Cetus themselves.
  3. The Subsumed Cetus, like their land cousins Ghouls, have been injected with the EX-324 serum. The serum has given their jaws and an extreme boost in biting power, being able to bite through durasteel. They also are able to swim incredibly fast due to their muscles being enhanced by the serum.
  4. Due to the EX-324 serum, they also have an enhanced healing factor, able to heal most non-lethal wounds in moments. They cannot regenerate limbs or wounds they prove fatal, however.
  5. The cybernetic pumps on the back of the creatures inject a supply of a synthetic version of the Flesh Eater elixir, increasing their aggression and bloodlust. The pumps also serve a secondary purpose of injecting a coolant into their bloodstream to prevent overheating from their rapid metabolism.
  • Weaknesses
  1. They have completely lost the ability to go on land, if they are forced to the surface, they will die in moments as they cannot breathe out of water.
  2. If the pumps on their back are damaged in any way, the coolant they need to survive will cease to enter their bloodstream and they will literally burn up from the inside out within moments, killing them.
  3. Due to a complication from the EX-324 serum, if the creatures come into contact with any organism carrying Yuuzhan Vong DNA, even if wounded by a Vong weapon, they will rapidly suffer cellular degeneration and become nothing more than a pile of organic goo and cybernetics.
  4. Because of the EX-324 serum enhancing their strength and healing factor, they have an increased metabolism. Not only do they need to consume twice as much as other beings, but their healing factor is not perfect. Repeated injuries will cause the wounds sustained to heal improperly, leading more to infected wounds and possible death.
  5. If an infected individual is able to be injected with bacta before they fall into the coma stage of infection, the plague will be cured. If they fall into the coma, complete submersion in a bacta tank with regular treatments of anti-virals can cure it. Once the transformation takes place, however, there is no going back.
  6. Force Light and other direct applications of the Light Side of the Force will wound or outright kill them.


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Sith language or roars to intimidate their enemies, can understand Basic enough to accept commands issued by commanders
  • Technology level: Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: Unlike their land brethren, the Subsumed Cetus had formed a religion centered on the worship of the Miri Kuiaisiri. The Subsumed Cetus respect the power and death the larger monster bring, offering them prepared sacrifices of captured Mon Calamari or Cetus that have fallen in grace in their society as a form of protection from being consumed by the monsters themselves.
  • General behavior: Much like their land brethren, the Subsumed Cetus is focused around war and survival of the fittest. The creatures that have the highest body counts tend to be leaders of their communities, located in the darker parts of the underwater trenches of Mon Calamari. Unlike Subsumed Ghouls, Cetus are not sterile, with females laying clutches of eggs of the monsters. They are fiercely protective of their nests, attacking anything that draws near them. They also reproduce, like other rakghouls, by infecting other Mon Calamari with their plague, dragging them back to their lairs for processing if they are not outright killed.


As the Sith Empire brought its iron fist down upon the world of Mon Calamari, subjugating it, the Emperor decreed that Mon Calamari lives were forfeit and they were to be hunted down. The Lady of Secrets, however, requested live captives be brought to her for experimentation. While her Deep Leviathans were proving to be dangerous foes, she had grown curious about the effects her Subsumed strain of the rakghoul plague would have on the native population of the world.


The results were... pleasing to the Lady of Secrets. The captured Mon Calamari underwent horrific mutations from the virus, losing their ability to survive on land but becoming extremely effective predators for the waters of the galaxy. They still retained their sentience, although they were fully enslaved to the whims of the Sith and those they commanded, and the loss of their arms in the mutations forced them to adapt, eschewing the use of weapons in favor of their jaws and fins. The Lady of Secrets also had the subjects injected with the EX-324 serum and the synthetic Flesh Raider elixir, also giving them modified construction droids for use in their lairs and communities.


The new mutants were released back into the deeps of Mon Calamari, and they would lead the hunt for their former brothers and sisters. The will of the Emperor would continue, and if someone survived an attack from the new Subsumed Cetus, they would be dragged back into the darkness... only to emerge as a new member of the Subsumed.


11 December 2018 - 02:09 AM





  • Name: Qitculea - Sith for Pummel
  • Designation: Semi-sentient
  • HomeworldBastion
  • Language: No spoken language, can understand the Sith language
  • Average Lifespan: 50 years
  • Estimated PopulationScattered
  • Description: Generally the creatures take the shape of inanimate objects, such as books, chests, holocrons, and other various items of import. Their true form is an amorphous mass that can shift and change into various different shapes.


  • Breathes: Type I and II
  • Average height of adults: Varies depending on the object they are impersonating, normal form is about a meter tall
  • Average length of adults: Varies depending on the object they are impersonating, normal form is about half a meter
  • Skin color: In their natural state, they have an off-white coloration
  • Hair color: No hair
  • Distinctions: Besides their ability to shift shapes into different objects, the distinct traits of each member of the species can vary depending on the object they are impersonating. Bioluminescent growths to simulate electronics, skin can look and feel different such as wood, metal, stone, etc. The arms they form, however, generally appear as two muscular humanoid arms based on their creator's own physique.
  • Races: No other races
  • Strengths:
  1. The Qitculea have the ability, thanks to the original Shi'ido specimens that created them, to shapeshift. However, unlike the original specimens, the Qitculea have perfected the ability to become an inanimate object they see or are ordered to become. They will look like the object, feel and weigh like the object, and even pretend to activate like the object by using a form of bioluminescence to pretend to be electronics or other light producing sources.
  2. When approached by an unauthorized being, such as a potential thief, the Qitculea will form a powerful set of limbs when the potential victim is within arms reach, demonstrating strength twice that of a Wookiee, and they will attempt to beat the victim to death.
  3. The Qitculea are extremely loyal to whichever Sith they imprint upon, done when a Sith feeds them a drop of their own blood and will accept any command given to them. They will also not harm those their master has shown them to be friendlies, such as their own acolytes, servants, and superiors, and when a certain phrase is uttered in the Sith language to placate them.
  • Weaknesses
  1. While they have the ability to shapeshift, a powerful electric current will force them into their natural form and they will be completely defenseless.
  2. Powerful applications of the light side will force them back into their natural state, and most likely kill them
  3. The Qitculea are not very durable creatures, and if someone can get free of the arms before they are grabbed or punched, a blaster, a lightsaber, and other common weaponry can easily kill them


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: They cannot speak, but they can understand the Sith language
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior: The creatures are generally docile, remaining in the shape their masters have commanded them to take, whether it be something mundane like a book or table, or something of high value such as a holocron, priceless treasures, or art. When approached by someone that is not their master, or something their master has instructed them to expect, they will form a powerful set of arms and attempt to grapple the intruders. They will proceed to viciously beat, in any way they can, the victim and once dead, the victim is consumed by the creature in its natural state... and then it goes back to docilely sitting as an urn or whatever shape it was before.


The idea that would become the Qitculea came from the Emperor Darth Carnifex himself, his demands being a creature that the Sith might use to lay traps within ruins and other places Jedi and other enemies of the Sith might frequent for lost treasures. The Lady of Secrets decided, as a test for some of her younger alchemists, to have them create several different varieties for the Emperor to select for mass creation. They were given a list of criteria to meet, and enough Shi'ido specimens, cloned in Spaarti labs, to work with.


When the specimens were created, Taeli sent word to the Emperor that several creatures had been created and were awaiting word on which he desired more of. Taeli herself was rather proud of the work done by a Falleen alchemist named Yaala Gygax within her service. The monster was quick, small, and could become any object it saw swiftly. It had proven to be aggressive, and Yaala had given it a reproduction system through fission once it absorbed the blood of a victim.


The Emperor arrived... and while he admired several of the designs the students presented, including Yaala's... to utter bafflement of Taeli and the other senior alchemists present... he chose the work of a Houk alchemist named Bruc Morg. Morg had created something to the specifications given, but he had made it so its preferred method of killing was creating two powerful and muscular limbs, with the strength of twice a Wookiee, and then beating the victim to death.


When Taeli asked the Emperor later about the decision, she only received the response, "Those arms could put a Jedi through a table... and I want to see that."