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Verdict Hook

Verdict Hook

Member Since 16 Nov 2014
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About Me

NAME: Verdict Hook
FACTION: The Mandalorians
RANK: Mandalorian Captain
AGE: 29
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6 feet 2 inches
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: Light Tan




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : Verdict is a weathered Warrior, Strengths:


Stamina and Speed, He has trained his reflexes to be one of the fastest most responsive warriors. He has been known to run and fight for hours without tiring. Verdict isnt the strongest of fighters, but he was taught by Chiss warriors about the preassure points of every species. He knows the most efficient way to take down an enemy, instead of the strongest.


Acclaimed Marksman: Verdict is best with a Sniper Rifle, but always carry's two blasters at all times that can be single-shot, or burst fire (firing 3 laser blasts)


Full of Suprises: Verdict never finds himself un-prepared. On his person he always carrys a knife. His Mandalorian wristguards have blades attached to them, they have a certain electric charge which allows them to repel lightsaber blows. This allows him to defend himself from any foe. He also always has a scatter-blaster attached to his Jet-pack, which he will use in last possible moment. He calls it the Equalizer. (He plans on using it in a last case scenario, against an enemy, or himself.)




Strength: Verdict has above average strength, but he still wouldn't be able to win in a fight against greater species such as a Wookie, or a highly skilled Sith or Jedi. When placed in a fist fight, Verdict will not try to best his enemy with strength, but rather his cunning. It is for this reason that he always carries smaller weapons on his person, will try to subdue an enemy before killing it.


Piloting: Verdict is a terrible Pilot. He will always prefer to be a gunner or a co-pilot, but never the actual pilot. He has crashed many Ships in the past, and he knows that there is someone better than him.


Family: Verdict was adopted by the Mandalorian Army when he was a small boy. He never knew his parents or anything about his past. Where-ever he goes, there is always something, eating at him from the inside, that he was meant to do something different.



APPEARANCE: Verdict is a Toned Warrior. Just a little over 6 foot, he looks average in his Mandalorian armor, but when one can see his body, they will see he is a great specimen. He is Physically perfect, toned muscles, and sharp reflexes. He has scars on his chest from 3 blasters, all on his left side in between his left nipple, and his belly button.


BIOGRAPHY: Verdict was found at age 4, by a platoon of Mandalorian warriors on Lotho Minor. They were investigating a crash of a Starship that they had shot down and had fallen to the planet. It was Clear that Verdict had been there for sometime. He was rummaging through garbage, looking for food. The Captain of the Mandalorians was named Gethro, a skilled famous Mandalorian Captain. He had compassion on the boy, and decided to raise him as his own. Verdict learned the ways of the Mandalorian, and was adopted into the culture and society. Before Gethros death, he sent Verdict to Csilla, the Chiss homeworld to learn the War knowledge they were known for throughout the Galaxy. For Years Verdict Studied, learning tactics, species, and the martial arts in order to survive against any foe. At the age of 25 he returned back to Mandalore, as one of their greatest warriors and Assets.


Kom'rk-class fighter:

52.4 meters[1] Height/depth
13.23 meters[1] Engine unit(s) Hyperdrive rating
Equipped[5] Armament
4 laser cannons; 2 fore, 2 aft[3] Crew
4[1] Passengers
24[3] Life support
Equipped[5]Usage Role(s)KILLS:




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