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Lara Zambrano

Lara Zambrano

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About Me

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NAME: Lara 'Straife' Zambrano.
ALIAS: Straife, Kushiban Girl.
RANK: None.
SPECIES: Human/Epicanthix
AGE: 10.
SEX: Female.
WEIGHT: 74 lbs.
EYES: Emerald Green
HAIR: Blonde.
SKIN: Caucasian.
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, untrained.






Climber - A favourite past-time, Lara can occasionally be found stuck up a tree, her ability to climb has broadened to now be able to climb houses, or other high areas. This proves extremely useful when either in trouble, or when Lara needs an extra bit of height on her side.


Stealth - Being as small as she is, Lara is able to sneak between places without getting caught. She has lived on the streets with her friend, Gabriel for long enough to learn how to use this to her advantage.


Basic Blaster training - With the help of her friend, and father figure Gabriel, she has managed to learn the basics of shooting. This has proved useful at times, however she only uses it when she absolutely has too.


Force Sensitive - Unaware to Lara Straife, she holds the ability to use the force. However, being untrained this leaves Lara's potential left to be swayed by those she meets on her journey.


Defense against mind attacks - Lara being half Epicanthix allows her to possess a rare genetic immunity to Force-assisted mental tricks, influence, domination and mind reading




Force sensitivty - Where this can also be a strength, while Lara is untrained in using the force this leaves the threat of Lara's emotions becoming out of control and leaving her exhausted. This is a trouble in itself, especially if she finds herself in danger with no one around to help her. Lara holds a massive amount of potential, ready to harness with the right training. However Lara has experienced force visions or 'dreams' that she finds difficult to decipher and understand.


Curiosity - Lara as a child is naïve to the surrounding galaxy around her, having only overheard stories of the Jedi, Sith, and other factions doings in passing within the street. This often leads to her pursuing her curiosity wherever it may take her, and as a child would - doesn't take into account the consequences to such actions.


Stubbornness - Lara Straife has always adorned a terrible stubborn attitude, once her mind is set on something, rarely anyone can change it. This can either be a good or bad thing, in Lara's case upon Nar Shaddaa where she resides, it usually is the latter.


Ill-mannered - Lara has a tendancy to have an attitude towards those she does not trust, and often says things that are upon her mind without thinking it through. She seldom holds her tongue, which leads to Gabriel scolding her and usually apologising for her actions.





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Lara Straife is a ten year old girl, with long blonde hair that falls halfway down her back. She usually likes to leave her hair as it is, not being overly fussed by her appearance but is regarded as beautiful by those who meet her. She has green eyes as bright as emeralds, which are usually one of the first things people notice when meeting her. She is small and thin with legs often compared to like birds. She wears a white dress, brown boots, and an overly-large green jacket gifted to her by Gabriel for her 10th birthday which acts to keep her warm in colder weather. She wears a small green gem pendant which has inscription within it when opened, saying "Love, your parents."




Not much can be remembered by Lara regarding her history, beyond eight years of age. The only clue that has led to Lara believing her parents didn't abandoned her willingly, is the pendant in which she wears around her neck - a present from them. She awoke in a hospital upon Nar Shaddaa, with injuries to her head. Lara had over-heard amongst the nurses that she would be sent to an orphanage due to her age, this led to Lara fleeing the hospital to escape the clutches of the authority at the time. Still wounded and injured, Lara struggled within the streets of Nar Shaddaa, desperately searching for her parents until she fainted.


When she awoke next, Lara was in an abandoned flat with a teenaged Cathar, Gabriel Vestex. He had explained at the time he was the only person to stop and help her, where other civilians passed by leaving her for death. With a warm meal and drink in her stomach, the two quickly became friends. And Lara ultimately learnt to trust again after the traumatic history she had forgot. Two years has passed since Lara first began her life on Nar Shaddaa with Gabriel, during that time she has learnt to steal, use weapons gifted to her by him (Blaster and a pocket knife), and ultimately learn to survive. But that doesn't stop Lara dreaming for an adventure of her own with her friend, Gabriel.


Lara hopes to overall learn the truth of her long forgotten history, in her future adventures.


Lara's story so far


http://starwarsrp.ne...ex/#entry659961 - Lara, Gabriel, and Dianna's first encounter on Nar Shaddaa.
http://starwarsrp.ne...be/#entry665449 - Lara and Gabriel meeting Lok Jorrun for the first time, first encounter with the black sun and also gaining a ship.


SHIP: http://starwarsrp.ne...er/#entry308495 - Gifted to Lara and Gabriel by Lok Jorunn.





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