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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

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#1770940 Sanya does Sign/Avi/rank/Logo's/colour edits

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 18 April 2018 - 12:59 PM

Decided to do one of these to keep my self busy. 


Please place the images you would like used into a spoiler and tell me how you'd like me to mash them up into what you'd like. 


Slots open -

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open 
  5. Open

Examples -

Colour edits 


Avi -


Sigs -



Plus much more...

#1766208 Vote on new Faction Owner

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 10 April 2018 - 02:12 PM

Raveem Va'ah, Aria Black, Gib, Allyson Locke, Aithne Charr, Gilamar Skirata, Zesiro, Sunrise Latakia


I thank you all for the support you have given me but so far and that you have believed in me. As of this moment I am going to step down from running, not only that but I am handing in my resignation of ORC admin. I have decided that even tough I love this faction and you all are my family, I trust y'all (the members) to keep things cool. As for now I am going to focus my attention on a new project with my fiancée. Gib you have my spot so do me proud and don't let anyone kick you around. :3


Bryce Bantami am gonna go ahead and lock this.


Julius Sedaire Congrat. i'll be watching!:popcorn:

#1764906 Vote on new Faction Owner

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 08 April 2018 - 09:17 AM

Jorus Merrill (>^-^)> 

#1762147 ORC faction owner nominations

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 03 April 2018 - 08:31 PM

Bryce Bantam - I gracefully accept your nomination and it warms me knowing you are placing your faith in me to do you and the members of ORC proud. Firstly I’d like to tell you all a bit about who I am. I’m a goal oriented person who has a constant ideas how to drive this faction and I am a strong believer in working towards a smart target that hits not just IC but faction goals. I take pride in caring for others and I am patient when it comes to hearing out other people’s concerns and finding a solution to meet their needs. Since becoming a member of ORC I have demonstrated my loyalty and honoured commitments to see through responsibilities. Most of you know I likes to look at everything in a positive perspective and even in conflict I maintain to be a grounded person. 
While I don’t possess the experience of a faction leader it does not alter my determination. With inexperience comes mistakes and when/if I do mess up, I will try my best to assure it wont impact the faction negatively. I will from time to time mess up but I hope you all point it out to me in a way that isn’t malicious but constructive. I will only ask that you are as patient with me as I am with you while I learn to become a leader that you can look up to. I’m aware a few will look at my most recent mistake badly. I attempted to take on too much responsibility at once and I failed to communicate in a way that made my intentions transparent. While it pointed out to me in a manner that caused stigma. I quickly learnt I messed up and admitted it. Me and the team listened to your voice quickly rectifying the problem so things could move on in a peaceful manner once more. Along with that the call for the vote was voiced and I assured everyone that i’d notify Bryce to put it up and it was. 
I was also inexperienced as an admin to when I came here, I think since I joined this faction I’ve came along way and I picked it up in such a little time. I believe I can do you all proud just as much as Bryce believes in me.

#1760482 ORCtoberfest - Trash Manda ​Edition

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 31 March 2018 - 10:11 PM

Yasha Mantis ¦ Strider Garon

Julius Sedaire


As the younger woman dressed in armor and a noticeable baby bump approached Sanya shed smile warmly. "I thank you for coming all this way to meet with me and welcome to Caupona..." She said greeting the woman politely. "and yes le..." She'd soon be cut off by an old man one she didn't directly or indirectly know. Heads turned and several people rushed over. not only was there Mandalorian guards but Sanya's royal guards rushed to their feat along with security details readying their stun blasters. It seemed many was on edge especially with events that happened almost three months ago. Instantly the mans words caused her to frown and even touched a nerve with her, the man had no idea what he was partially speaking about and began to order where she could and couldn't go on the station she owned. 


It didn't surprise Sanya that the Manda'alor's guard tried to usher the woman away to a safe location as the tall rough looking guy aimed a blaster at the old man. Yet Yasha had seemed to get a quick handle on things. "I had no intentions not to leave anyway Mand'alor." she said raising her hand gesturing to her guard to stand down then a second to enter the room. As the mandalorian woman and her guard walked past Sanya blocked the door way blocking the man. Her darkly expression showed her furiousness. 


"I don't know who you are or what gives you the damn right to act as you have authority on Inquisition property that has been declared as neutral territory. but you are out of line. I'm not here just on the terms of my world... that was secondary due to it been my own interests. I was requested on behalf of the coalition. Thanks to your stunt you may have just cost it. That's on your head not mine." She spoke with a hushed voice and a strict seriousness to it. "You are lucky I'm not detaining you right now and shoving you into a cell." The words came as bitter and slight anger giving no chance for the man to respond to her stern telling off. Even her black tail flicked at the end. She'd hand the man a slip of paper to choose his meal. "Write down what you want to eat." The feline woman moved from out the way before he could reply.

The room now seemed crowded with many people in there. The guards seemed to remain standing and that just wouldn't do. "Please everyone sit. There are seats for a reason." A small chuckle escaped trying to lighten her own mood. "If you could all pass these around and write what you'd like to eat. if you are not hungry feel free to leave it blank." Sanya moved around to where she had hung her robe on the back of the seat and sat down looking at all in the room. The woman was curious to how everything would now play out. Diplomacy would potentially be off the table until things could be resolved. There was no telling how long that would take.

#1759489 ORCtoberfest - Trash Manda ​Edition

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 29 March 2018 - 06:00 PM

Event sponsored by Inquisition Industries – Heartbeat House – Primo Victorian
ZmlfXSi.png – js88M2L.png – e1iePri.png
It had been a around twenty four hours since the Mandalorians had arrived at Caupona, The luxurious station resort that had began to get its name in the Rim. It was hard not to find a booze the station didn’t have to offer. It even offered much entertainment the most popular been the Heartbeat house. Yet while most spent the night getting drunk, Sanya had spent the night writing her proposal ready for the meeting that was to go down later that day.
She had the Ancoran one set up ready, but she had only bits for the Coalition. She was hoping to rely on the others for support. As to why she was Requested to the Coalitions diplomacy team she hadn’t a clue. Maybe the title she wears with pride gave them the assumption or maybe that she had experience and dealing with a delicate matter needed just that, experience.
The meeting wasn’t due to start for another thirty minutes. It gave her time to fill up jug’s of water and set down clean glasses at each seat. Not only that but assuming the meeting would run through lunch each member would request a meal upon entry. Sanya had requested a Roast Ash Rabbit dinner with a Caf cake as dessert. 
The thought made the woman's belly ache with hunger. “I knew I should have ate before I left.” She muttered to herself standing away from the round table and looking at it, checking it looked presentable. It was almost time. The Feline woman noticed looking at the time she’d walk over to the seat at the head of the table placing the robe on the back of it. 
“I wonder how many will be here today?” The woman asked herself as she now walked with a confident step towards the double doors. Her hands gripped the golden handels and pulled open the frosted glass doors wide open. She remained at the doors waiting to great each person as they arrived.
Objectives -
Social Butterfly Trash Panda (BYOO) - 
Eat, Drink, party Have fun and do whatever.
Wasted -
You have woken up severely hungover with no recollection of the night you just had. You will also find the clothes you are wearing have been replaced. Men will find themselves in ladies clothes two sizes to small. Ladies will find themselves in mens clothes three sizes to big. (you can wake up in another char of the opposite sex clothes.) Retrace your night and uncover what the chit happened... Wait I think I left my ship keys in my pants… KARK!
Diplomacy -
Sit down, talk about the nature of the relationship of the two governments. Enjoy a fancy meal and a good drink. Sign some paper. Talk some more. Wait did I mention talking? Yes there will be plenty of that.

#1758144 Major Factory Update

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 27 March 2018 - 02:45 PM

Darth Carnifex maybe but i still miss development threads. it was the peak of my rp's

#1756494 IRL Picture thread!

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 25 March 2018 - 11:26 AM


#1754808 Faction thread vote

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 22 March 2018 - 05:26 PM



So this month while I've settled into the seat I've been think we need something on the go. So I've plopped a few ideas into a poll that will be looked at tomorrow same time. 

#1751479 Exciting Event Rewards

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 16 March 2018 - 02:35 PM

I actually like the idea of these... I mean in top of the nifty gadgets for players and such that get handed out the mandates and such could really make fraction wide participan more worth it.

#1750727 The Fractured Planet [Republic Remnant Dominion of Makeb]

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 14 March 2018 - 08:27 PM

Sanya sat watching the commotion been caused. Really she found it amusing and everything the man said was well just utterly wrong. It was clear the guy liked to stir up rumours to help his ego. Still she sat there drinking the turquoise cocktail. The place was kind of dirty and furniture that looked as if it had been broken a thousand times and probably did. After all the people sure gave her the idea they often got some rowdy people in. A woman came in and put him in his place quickly. Her methods was somewhat similar to most of the neighbouring worlds that had a rag tag law enforcement.
Sanya stood up her ears twitched and tail flicked. Credits for the drink was dropped onto the table as she finished it in a few gulps. Her eyes focused onto the woman who seemed in charge. She must be the one to speak to about the area. The feline woman walked up to the woman with a sway I her step. “So miss. I take it you have some authority around here correct?” Sanya asked clearly probing for information straight away. “My name Is Sanya Val Swift, Queen of Ancora and CEO of Inquisition Industries. I have came here in search for land I could set up on. Although I’ve noticed many places are taken.”
“You see I’m currently looking to relieve someone of their facilities that is sat on a rich area of isotope 5. Maybe someone who causes issues for the area or has a less favourable moral disposition. Don’t suppose you know anyone or where do you?” There was no beating around the bush with the questions. Simple was best and normally came with simple answers. Although she had a feeling that there would be something she’d have to do in order to receive the information. A place like this colony looked as if it could always use the extra work. "I mean if need be I could simply help you with the republic. You see my people and my allies are allies with them so you could say we have a good relationship." 

#1747465 Delegated (ORC - RR -Ancora)

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 09 March 2018 - 05:54 PM

Location - Ancora diplomacy centre 
Sanya waited in a large room with a rounded and decorated ceiling. There was no one in there but her although she was soon expecting someone, someone from the republic remnant. In a way she was excited and yet nervous at the same time. Diplomacy and political endeavours wasn’t her strong suit. Yet as a queen it was something she had to deal with, and not only that but she was representing the outer rim coalition. 
Finally taking a seat from pacing she’d set the papers down. Most of them were empty sheets to take notes and hopefully form a contract that works in everyone’s benefits. The small com link device beeped a tone. A single finger would press it. “Yes?” Sanya said. “The delegates will be there shortly. Clearance codes check and we have guided them to the diplomacy centre’s hanger." “Thank you, can you send someone to guide them here?” “of course.” The feline woman talk a deep breath and let her feet sit flat on the floor. 

#1719391 Of old friends....and new beginnings!

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 28 January 2018 - 05:25 PM

Kian KarrBelizarius KrusiMereel Vaun | Avin StarfireTyrena KaiaThe Dark Man


Sanya stood there besides kian looking towards the group, her tail flicking and hear ears shifting slightly in the directions of each person who spoke. "I can't deny my roots nor should I. I learnt a great deal of lessons under the Jedi that shaped who I am today. Although Avin..." She said now looking at the Jedi with her orange eyes. "I am in an agreement and disagreement with that statement . While yes kian is a fine leader he makes a much better guide from what I do know of him. The Jedi as been dependent on a soul leader many times and takes away a sense of individuality from a majority." The Kel Dor began to speak again hitting the next point she was about to make almost. "I don't think a single council later on down the line is suitable either. Amusing the republic will expand many worlds will slowly fall under the light of peacekeeping. One group over many worlds is a tough. May I suggest that an area has its own council and the appointed leader of those then make up the main council that bring forward a larger voice. not only that but it brings the advantage that each area can tailor the needs of more future force users."

#1717111 Of old friends....and new beginnings!

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 25 January 2018 - 10:06 PM

Kian KarrBelizarius KrusiMereel Vaun | Avin StarfireTyrena KaiaThe Dark Man


The Libita Accompanied by two Hammerhead star destroyers flashed from hyperspace above the planet. "Mi'lady? This still could be a trap. I urge you to take the guard with you." Asuna said in worry for her queens safety. "For the last time... I said no. The message came over a old Jedi line. I trust it. So another word from you about it possibly been a trap I will have you shipped back to Ancora for you to clean every brothel floors with your tooth brush." Sanya said in agitation ending with an empty threat. It Still made Asuna cringe at the thought. The woman walked up the ramp of the gunship she used to actively fly as a Jedi a few long years ago. As she looked from her view ports the long stretched hanger seemed quiet. It was mostly people servicing the star fighters inside or making some fixes to them so they would perform to the pilots liking's. A new messaged popped up. one she no doubt one she had needed.



The engines started on the small gunship as she took her arms from the sleeves of the heavy robe she wore. The vibrations could be felt through the floor her feet barely reached and the seat she was sat upon. Her fingers wiggled on the controls as she held it and began to take off. The catapult pressor would push the ship forward giving the ship impeccable speed. After clearing the mouth of the hanger the ship would spin and dive towards the world. Sanya felt refiled that her fiancée wasn't with her for this trip after all the woman wasn't fond of Jedi. In some ways Sanya wasn't fond of them either. In her eyes they followed a flawed religion that paints over some cruel acts as for the better of the public. She also though that serving the force was a silly ideal. When thought about logically some people are able to use the force more fluently than others. In some ways it was like playing an instrument. Some can some can't. Thus Sanya cast out the idea that a dark and light exists. She uses the force and well it is simple as that. As the Gunship broke atmosphere the shields directed forward as a smile reached her lips. Sanya had no intentions to slow down just yet.


with a squint she began to make out the facility she had been given to go to and in moments she pulled up close to the ground to roar over the top. In a wide loop she began to decrease speed on her approach to the hanger's. Adrenaline rushed through her just like old times. It took a few minuets for her to land and get ready to venture out the ship. After all she knew people would give her some looks. Some of curiosity for her race and been a stranger, others that would be displeased for making such a noisy entrance. As Sanya walked down the ramp she'd clip both sabers to her belt. The place seemed immaculately clean as she walked thought the Enclave constantly asking for directions. The Feline woman made it outside greeted by a breeze sweeping across her side. She stood in the door way for a second looking around till a small quiet voice spoke behind her. "Excuse me please." said the teen. Sanya turned around and looked at the kid with her orange eyes but kind smile. On the surface people would look at her eyes and assume sith but they where her natural colour. "I'm sorry sweet heart." Sanya said warmly and walked from out the door way. "Don't suppose you could help me out sweet cheek's? I'm looking for Kian." She said toying with the kid making him look uncomfortable. "uh-h Master Karr would be by the large tree over there." "Thank's hunni." She said winking with a smirk taking enjoyment in it.


Sanya made her way to the tree where a few people had gathered around the Kel dor. She waited for the others to speak before she did. "Hello old friend." the voice said behind the people as she walked around them and approached the man. "It's been far to long." A wide smile reached her lips as she turned to face the other's. She didn't bow to them or anything just a simple small wave. "I assume the classic introduce one's self right?" Sanya said chuckling. "I'm Queen Sanya Val Swift, Grand Master of the Ancoran Force user Academy, CEO of Inquisition Industries and no I'm not a Jedi or Sith or Gray Jedi." She could tell by looking at most that she was one of the younger ones amongst the group. Yet she was on a level much higher than them all. She was a woman who had bathed in Force nexus's for most of her years spent away from the Jedi. After all that is her roots.

#1713493 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Sanya Val Lerium on 21 January 2018 - 02:44 AM






As she kept running her ears picked up a loud this behind her. Her feet would stop and leaned against her momentum as her body twisted around to face the one thing she knew that loomed on the world. Sith… This was the second time. Although she could feel the strength of the assailant. Wait he knew her name… but she didn't recognize him. “Yeah, well I guess you did sith.” She said examining his withdrawn facial features. Her eyes then glued into the pistols. She knew who they belonged to and that there made her stomach drop with a sickening feeling. Clipping both sabers together a look of anger as her face scrunched up. A hand reaching out pulling the guns to her belt and one to her hand. “Where did you get these. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!” Sanya shouted as her orange eyes began to gain a glow.


The woman wasn't confined by the restrictions of the light nor the dark. Putting the other gun onto her belt the hand would clench then slowly open as she drew the force to that one spot. Three shots whizzed past her likely aimed at the Sith. Her soon to be wife, the mother of her soon to be children was backing the feline woman up. Sanya leaped towards the man lunging at him with a basic swing to sweep with the blade that faced backwards expecting him to be ready for such attack. “I’M GOING TO FETHING KILL YOU! WHATEVER IT TAKES YOUR DEAD!” She spat out in anger quickly leaping back after and unleashing a heavy wave of force that could be seen. The blast traveled quickly across the floor. In instinct the feline woman unclipped both blades dropping into a defensive position ready to strike once more.


In some sense Sanya was glad Ayhia was someplace safe. Once this is over Sanya knew she'd have to contact her friend who was in the sith to find out who this was. As for Sanya had no idea the one who stood before her was the Emperor. What she did know is he killed someone of her family and he would pay with his life. If not today then one day in the near future. The woman was beginning to drown in rage as if suffocating in it. As if she was losing herself in it. ‘There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no emotion, there is peace.’ A line that one time calmed her no longer did. As behind those words was every memory of the man surfacing to the top.