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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

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Sanya does Sign/Avi/rank/Logo's/colour edits

18 April 2018 - 12:59 PM

Decided to do one of these to keep my self busy. 


Please place the images you would like used into a spoiler and tell me how you'd like me to mash them up into what you'd like. 


Slots open -

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open 
  5. Open

Examples -

Colour edits 


Avi -


Sigs -



Plus much more...

twerk'lek dat

01 April 2018 - 03:52 AM


four years prior to current events...


Recent events had caused the woman having to lay low for a short while. It was trying times in a galaxy that was waging war against her, or at least it's what it felt like. The smell of the streets smelled of things rotting and decomposing. Enough to make any visitor wanting to gag under the foul stench. It felt like her shoes was sticking to the floor with every step taken, and yet even with everything about the world it was one of the closest places one could quite literally get lost in. 


Both her sabers was stashed under her clothes away from the sight of anyone taking glances at the hooded woman. It was clearly every man, woman and child for their selves. The poor thrived of petty violence in some ways they where the lucky ones. Anyone with coin here probably had a hand full of slaves. A practice Sanya found despicable. Been passed off as property was one thing but she was certain a lot of them was subjected to beatings and shock collars. Still she was looking for some place to go although it was proving difficult due to her decisiveness.

ORCtoberfest - Trash Manda ​Edition

29 March 2018 - 06:00 PM

Event sponsored by Inquisition Industries – Heartbeat House – Primo Victorian
ZmlfXSi.png – js88M2L.png – e1iePri.png
It had been a around twenty four hours since the Mandalorians had arrived at Caupona, The luxurious station resort that had began to get its name in the Rim. It was hard not to find a booze the station didn’t have to offer. It even offered much entertainment the most popular been the Heartbeat house. Yet while most spent the night getting drunk, Sanya had spent the night writing her proposal ready for the meeting that was to go down later that day.
She had the Ancoran one set up ready, but she had only bits for the Coalition. She was hoping to rely on the others for support. As to why she was Requested to the Coalitions diplomacy team she hadn’t a clue. Maybe the title she wears with pride gave them the assumption or maybe that she had experience and dealing with a delicate matter needed just that, experience.
The meeting wasn’t due to start for another thirty minutes. It gave her time to fill up jug’s of water and set down clean glasses at each seat. Not only that but assuming the meeting would run through lunch each member would request a meal upon entry. Sanya had requested a Roast Ash Rabbit dinner with a Caf cake as dessert. 
The thought made the woman's belly ache with hunger. “I knew I should have ate before I left.” She muttered to herself standing away from the round table and looking at it, checking it looked presentable. It was almost time. The Feline woman noticed looking at the time she’d walk over to the seat at the head of the table placing the robe on the back of it. 
“I wonder how many will be here today?” The woman asked herself as she now walked with a confident step towards the double doors. Her hands gripped the golden handels and pulled open the frosted glass doors wide open. She remained at the doors waiting to great each person as they arrived.
Objectives -
Social Butterfly Trash Panda (BYOO) - 
Eat, Drink, party Have fun and do whatever.
Wasted -
You have woken up severely hungover with no recollection of the night you just had. You will also find the clothes you are wearing have been replaced. Men will find themselves in ladies clothes two sizes to small. Ladies will find themselves in mens clothes three sizes to big. (you can wake up in another char of the opposite sex clothes.) Retrace your night and uncover what the chit happened... Wait I think I left my ship keys in my pants… KARK!
Diplomacy -
Sit down, talk about the nature of the relationship of the two governments. Enjoy a fancy meal and a good drink. Sign some paper. Talk some more. Wait did I mention talking? Yes there will be plenty of that.

Faction thread vote

22 March 2018 - 05:26 PM



So this month while I've settled into the seat I've been think we need something on the go. So I've plopped a few ideas into a poll that will be looked at tomorrow same time. 


19 March 2018 - 04:57 AM

It was the early evening on Ancora and the evening air was warm but cooling after the hot day it had been. The feline woman had endured the quarterly meetings at Inquisition for the entire day been stuck inside a room for the most of it. Now she was at home her mind was in business mode still like it was unable to switch off. Although one of the topics had her thinking. She swiped though files trying to find her plans of expansion for the company. She wanted to touch upon them once more with new ideas in mind. Some she hoped Ayhia would like too. It took a moment for her to finally find them buried in a maze of files. 
The woman transferred the files over to her datapad and walked into the living room to find Ayhia out on the balcony sitting in one of the reclining chairs busy. “Hey you busy? I’d wanna to go over something with you ifit’s okay?” She asked with a warming tone. Sanya moved out side with her and sitting into the recliner next to the echani. “So I’ve had an idea about expanding my company here on Ancora, something to handle the more demanding work load... And I thought that it could be something we both do and gain from. Building facilities is one thing but if we constricted a mega factory we could streamline our process together.”