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Sanya Val Swift

Sanya Val Swift

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In Topic: "Armor for the Protectors"

13 February 2018 - 11:35 PM

Ayhia Katar


Sanya moved to sit in the edge of the bed and looked up to Ayhia. “is everything okay?” she asked just before her fiancée began speaking, and so she listened watching the woman walk around the room. She’d pick up some paperwork. Sanya hummed acknowledging what the woman was saying know in it was leading to something. Once the papers was in her hand she began to look over them. Everything looked solid and well planned out. “well I’ll certainly say you seem ambitious about this.” Sanya said as she stood up. “firstly, what’s mine is yours. I trust you and well I do have a few questions.” The woman began to walk out the room beckoning Ayhia to follow. 
“Firstly have you thought about costs of resources? Hiring is costly but people often look down upon companies that use droids heavily.” She’d lead Ayhia to the kitchen and flicked on the caff machine. “Anyway, what do you need me to do?” The machine began to pour the drink into the cup. The brown looking almost black liquid filled the cup in seconds as steam rose. 

In Topic: "Armor for the Protectors"

13 February 2018 - 03:07 PM

Ayhia Katar


The feline woman stood on the bridge feeling the warm glow of the collapsing sun as it set. All official business had been done almost four hours ago. No longer in her usual clothes but something more comfortable, she’d hadn’t done much of anything other than walk or daydream as she looked over the city below. Her comm sounded off snapping her attention back as she rushed to answer it. “you m... And you hung up...” She said to herself without getting a word out. Sanya couldn’t shake the feeling her fiancée didn’t like it here or more that she felt uncomfortable. 
It took some time getting to the floor they called home. Before entering Sanya slipped her footwear off then continued. The whoosh of the door made more noise than each of her footsteps as she walked. There was a light on further upstairs. “I’m Back.” She said loudly hoping for a response as she walked up the stairs into the living room. “Heyy.” Sanya smiled at the sight of the echani woman “you look a little frustrate, what’s up?” Sanya walked over to Ayhia close enough to kiss her on the cheek with having to go onto her tiptoes. 

In Topic: Animated Avatars?

02 February 2018 - 09:09 PM

Verd'ika believe it or not photoshop is how I do mine

In Topic: Of old friends....and new beginnings!

28 January 2018 - 05:25 PM

Kian KarrBelizarius KrusiMereel Vaun | Avin StarfireTyrena KaiaThe Dark Man


Sanya stood there besides kian looking towards the group, her tail flicking and hear ears shifting slightly in the directions of each person who spoke. "I can't deny my roots nor should I. I learnt a great deal of lessons under the Jedi that shaped who I am today. Although Avin..." She said now looking at the Jedi with her orange eyes. "I am in an agreement and disagreement with that statement . While yes kian is a fine leader he makes a much better guide from what I do know of him. The Jedi as been dependent on a soul leader many times and takes away a sense of individuality from a majority." The Kel Dor began to speak again hitting the next point she was about to make almost. "I don't think a single council later on down the line is suitable either. Amusing the republic will expand many worlds will slowly fall under the light of peacekeeping. One group over many worlds is a tough. May I suggest that an area has its own council and the appointed leader of those then make up the main council that bring forward a larger voice. not only that but it brings the advantage that each area can tailor the needs of more future force users."

In Topic: Hola

26 January 2018 - 04:32 PM

Sargon Vynea welcome to the lawless people's paradice