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#1719391 Of old friends....and new beginnings!

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 28 January 2018 - 05:25 PM

Kian KarrBelizarius KrusiMereel Vaun | Avin StarfireTyrena KaiaThe Dark Man


Sanya stood there besides kian looking towards the group, her tail flicking and hear ears shifting slightly in the directions of each person who spoke. "I can't deny my roots nor should I. I learnt a great deal of lessons under the Jedi that shaped who I am today. Although Avin..." She said now looking at the Jedi with her orange eyes. "I am in an agreement and disagreement with that statement . While yes kian is a fine leader he makes a much better guide from what I do know of him. The Jedi as been dependent on a soul leader many times and takes away a sense of individuality from a majority." The Kel Dor began to speak again hitting the next point she was about to make almost. "I don't think a single council later on down the line is suitable either. Amusing the republic will expand many worlds will slowly fall under the light of peacekeeping. One group over many worlds is a tough. May I suggest that an area has its own council and the appointed leader of those then make up the main council that bring forward a larger voice. not only that but it brings the advantage that each area can tailor the needs of more future force users."

#1717111 Of old friends....and new beginnings!

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 25 January 2018 - 10:06 PM

Kian KarrBelizarius KrusiMereel Vaun | Avin StarfireTyrena KaiaThe Dark Man


The Libita Accompanied by two Hammerhead star destroyers flashed from hyperspace above the planet. "Mi'lady? This still could be a trap. I urge you to take the guard with you." Asuna said in worry for her queens safety. "For the last time... I said no. The message came over a old Jedi line. I trust it. So another word from you about it possibly been a trap I will have you shipped back to Ancora for you to clean every brothel floors with your tooth brush." Sanya said in agitation ending with an empty threat. It Still made Asuna cringe at the thought. The woman walked up the ramp of the gunship she used to actively fly as a Jedi a few long years ago. As she looked from her view ports the long stretched hanger seemed quiet. It was mostly people servicing the star fighters inside or making some fixes to them so they would perform to the pilots liking's. A new messaged popped up. one she no doubt one she had needed.



The engines started on the small gunship as she took her arms from the sleeves of the heavy robe she wore. The vibrations could be felt through the floor her feet barely reached and the seat she was sat upon. Her fingers wiggled on the controls as she held it and began to take off. The catapult pressor would push the ship forward giving the ship impeccable speed. After clearing the mouth of the hanger the ship would spin and dive towards the world. Sanya felt refiled that her fiancée wasn't with her for this trip after all the woman wasn't fond of Jedi. In some ways Sanya wasn't fond of them either. In her eyes they followed a flawed religion that paints over some cruel acts as for the better of the public. She also though that serving the force was a silly ideal. When thought about logically some people are able to use the force more fluently than others. In some ways it was like playing an instrument. Some can some can't. Thus Sanya cast out the idea that a dark and light exists. She uses the force and well it is simple as that. As the Gunship broke atmosphere the shields directed forward as a smile reached her lips. Sanya had no intentions to slow down just yet.


with a squint she began to make out the facility she had been given to go to and in moments she pulled up close to the ground to roar over the top. In a wide loop she began to decrease speed on her approach to the hanger's. Adrenaline rushed through her just like old times. It took a few minuets for her to land and get ready to venture out the ship. After all she knew people would give her some looks. Some of curiosity for her race and been a stranger, others that would be displeased for making such a noisy entrance. As Sanya walked down the ramp she'd clip both sabers to her belt. The place seemed immaculately clean as she walked thought the Enclave constantly asking for directions. The Feline woman made it outside greeted by a breeze sweeping across her side. She stood in the door way for a second looking around till a small quiet voice spoke behind her. "Excuse me please." said the teen. Sanya turned around and looked at the kid with her orange eyes but kind smile. On the surface people would look at her eyes and assume sith but they where her natural colour. "I'm sorry sweet heart." Sanya said warmly and walked from out the door way. "Don't suppose you could help me out sweet cheek's? I'm looking for Kian." She said toying with the kid making him look uncomfortable. "uh-h Master Karr would be by the large tree over there." "Thank's hunni." She said winking with a smirk taking enjoyment in it.


Sanya made her way to the tree where a few people had gathered around the Kel dor. She waited for the others to speak before she did. "Hello old friend." the voice said behind the people as she walked around them and approached the man. "It's been far to long." A wide smile reached her lips as she turned to face the other's. She didn't bow to them or anything just a simple small wave. "I assume the classic introduce one's self right?" Sanya said chuckling. "I'm Queen Sanya Val Swift, Grand Master of the Ancoran Force user Academy, CEO of Inquisition Industries and no I'm not a Jedi or Sith or Gray Jedi." She could tell by looking at most that she was one of the younger ones amongst the group. Yet she was on a level much higher than them all. She was a woman who had bathed in Force nexus's for most of her years spent away from the Jedi. After all that is her roots.

#1713493 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 21 January 2018 - 02:44 AM






As she kept running her ears picked up a loud this behind her. Her feet would stop and leaned against her momentum as her body twisted around to face the one thing she knew that loomed on the world. Sith… This was the second time. Although she could feel the strength of the assailant. Wait he knew her name… but she didn't recognize him. “Yeah, well I guess you did sith.” She said examining his withdrawn facial features. Her eyes then glued into the pistols. She knew who they belonged to and that there made her stomach drop with a sickening feeling. Clipping both sabers together a look of anger as her face scrunched up. A hand reaching out pulling the guns to her belt and one to her hand. “Where did you get these. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!” Sanya shouted as her orange eyes began to gain a glow.


The woman wasn't confined by the restrictions of the light nor the dark. Putting the other gun onto her belt the hand would clench then slowly open as she drew the force to that one spot. Three shots whizzed past her likely aimed at the Sith. Her soon to be wife, the mother of her soon to be children was backing the feline woman up. Sanya leaped towards the man lunging at him with a basic swing to sweep with the blade that faced backwards expecting him to be ready for such attack. “I’M GOING TO FETHING KILL YOU! WHATEVER IT TAKES YOUR DEAD!” She spat out in anger quickly leaping back after and unleashing a heavy wave of force that could be seen. The blast traveled quickly across the floor. In instinct the feline woman unclipped both blades dropping into a defensive position ready to strike once more.


In some sense Sanya was glad Ayhia was someplace safe. Once this is over Sanya knew she'd have to contact her friend who was in the sith to find out who this was. As for Sanya had no idea the one who stood before her was the Emperor. What she did know is he killed someone of her family and he would pay with his life. If not today then one day in the near future. The woman was beginning to drown in rage as if suffocating in it. As if she was losing herself in it. ‘There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no emotion, there is peace.’ A line that one time calmed her no longer did. As behind those words was every memory of the man surfacing to the top.


#1711139 Powered up

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 17 January 2018 - 09:49 PM

Jorus Merrill


It was a meagre few moments the ship was doing it's jump before bursting into the already ongoing brawl. The two udarnik's had managed to grab the attention of them all but shields had begun to take heavy damage. "Deploy fighters, bombers focus on the Corvettes first. Let's get the damage output down." Squadron by squadron a screen of fighters bailed out from the mouth of the ship straight into engagement. "Load up the mass drivers. Fire all capital guns in sight of the interdictor, all others focus on the nearest enemy ship." The woman loomed over the table in the middle of the room as each ship was showing up in it's real time position. "Sundance, we are updating your display now. Please focus on those who remain targeting the Udarnik's." Another woman said that was working on keeping contact with multiple squadron leaders

Sanya rushed to one of the assault pods knowing there was little time. She was accompanied by her guard and a single astromech. It was a good opportunity to test it's power consumption after been on constant recharge. Her plan didn't include the droid. Well not the one in her head. At most it would be handy for shortcuts and possibly hindering enemy movements. Although she didn't let on that once she took the bridge she'd cut the air supply to the ship and vent as much out as possible. Those succumb to the vacume of space wouldn't feel a thing. It would be instantaneous death. Not that she cared how they died or got disposed of. She had no love for these people. For those to really come to know the woman they'd learn that she had a bad side, a side not to trifle with. 


The woman climbed into the pod standing against the board. Her arms reached up pulling down the harness over her chest till it locked in place. The Libita remained pushing the lines as volleys of shots flew from every gun with sight of something. "Duel mass loaded." "Bring us twenty degrees to port and ram them slugs down the dictor's throat." "yes Captain." The collosal ship began to turn facing head on at the Interdictor. An alert went out to all allied ships to stay clear of the front of the ship till the shots had bee fired. Both slugs Accelerated down the massive barrels with a fast speed that shuddered the ship. Neither shot was aimed to destroy the ship but to clash with just the shield. if they were to pass through them the slugs would graze the tops layers causing minor damage. As they both impacted the shield it caused enough strain to make them deactivate. "Pod launch in sixty seconds." The automated voice announced. "Okay everyone, once we are in our first priority is to locate a control station. From there the droid will hook up Birdy, your group will cover our rear. Mon'mirr your group will stay center, you are to cover group one and three making sure we don't get cut off. Judie our group will push the advance. Our objective is hostile take over. Lets show these wench's they messes with the wrong queen." She said with a plan in her head. Even if there was no direct stratagie she didn't know the exact layout and would have to wait for the droid to slice a map for them. "Roger that Sanya." Judie answered as Sanya fitted her mask on

#1711005 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 17 January 2018 - 07:53 PM


#1709309 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 15 January 2018 - 06:09 PM






Sanya’s eyes flared up as if something had ignited within her as Ayhia forced herself from the woman's arms. “It was never my intention to leave, It was my intention however to get to my damn ship where you’d be safer!” She said loudly and with a strong serious authoritative tone. Sanya watched Ayhia pull a com out, and it have her a moment to think of what to say. “We don't have to be in the ground to still help protect. The end of the day, I want to protect you above all others. If that means you want to fight then that means I won't leave you. No one is more important than you in my eyes.” Her voice sounded more calm as the idea of having to be ground side sunk in, she wanted to get Ayhia safe, but she was far to stubborn. Then again so was Sanya when the time arose.

Another pod landed somewhere close making a large crack in the rocky dealing above. The noise was defending, once more her hands cupped her ears as Ayhia said something. Not only that but it was enough to also send sanya off balance. “FETH!” She said as her ear rung for a moment. The feline woman stood back up as the ringing quickly passed. With a few steps closer to Ayhia so taking a shot at an enemy sanya looked at her with concern. “At least stay safe okay… I don't get why you refuse to let me protect you...” Sanya said it in a way that is sounded like a question, although it wasn't one. No matter what she's be ready to stand on front of a hail of bolts to protect Ayhia. “Because I don't know if you can feel it or not but there are more than soldiers here. Last thing I want is you to get hurt.”

Sanya would reach out with the force pulling a long support beam that had fell to the floor below. She guided it to the ledge making some decent cover for Ayhia. “I'll stay close…” Sanya leaned in, her hand reaching to the back of Ayhia’s head as her lips pressed against the woman's for a quick kiss. Before moving completely away sanya took off the robed part of her outfit and putting it around Ayhia. “Should keep you protected from blasters and sabers. I'll be back soon.”

The woman reared up to the ledge taking both sabers to hand as she fell backwards and landed a short few seconds after. A quick leap over the crowds once more she was on her way again making sure to stay in her lovers sights. Her movements was swift as she charged. With a small leap her body would spin quickly as sabers ignited pink and the other purple. The first strike landed against the helm as the second to the neck carving though. The man or woman didn't notice Sanya till the last second by then it was to late. Although she remained In motion. Soon reaching a clear platform that had recently seen battle.



#1705574 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 10 January 2018 - 08:36 PM






The two walked side by side as they made their way into the city. A smile loomed over her face like it was there to stay. It was happy times. The woman she was with was bearing her children and to top it off they'd be married some time soon. Yet Sanya couldn't help but pick up on Ayhia unease. “You feeling okay?” She asked with concern. “I've not upset you have I. I mean I know I keep going on about the baby's but I can't help it I'm excited. If you'd like me to tone it down a little I can try?” She said looking at the echani woman as they kept walking and holding hands.

They'd soon reach where the shops where. “H…” She was about to say something as the hairs on her tail stood at end and something dark was present. She could feel it in the air and her senses. “We need to get out of here Ayhia.” Her voice was clear in it's tone that she could feel something off. Moments after a loud crash defending to Sanya erupted not that far from them. People ran screaming away from where it happened. Her hands cupped over the two feline ears that sat on top of her head as she bent down for a moment. Quickly standing back up and taking a firm hold of Ayhia’s hand Sanya began to lead them back towards the ship. “I'm going to get us out of here okay. Feth!”

Even with contending with the blackwing virus Ayhia hadn't seen this Sanya this protective since, if not more so now the realization of children had truly sunk in. A million negative thoughts ran through her head worrying about the worst as the queen stayed oddly quiet leading them through the hoards of people and nudging those who got in the way. As they got back to the landing pad the two would be met with a wall of people trying to force through. “Slap me later okay.” Sanya said with some confidence sweeping Ayhia into her arms. “Get ready and I'm sorry to do this.”

The woman crouched down then leaped up into the air. Her tail would move about a lot keeping them up right. This had been the first real time Sanya took charge but not only was her mind focused on getting Ayhia safe but it had sunk into her state of mind for war. Her objective was protect the VIP at all costs. As they came down to land Sanya put Ayhia down with care.


#1704584 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 09 January 2018 - 03:25 PM






“This is Sanya Val Swift, we are breaking away from fleet. Good luck and we’ll meet you at the Restaurant after your big meetings okay.” She said sending the ship into a wide roll as it moved and pulled away burning at full speed. “You might wanna strap in beautiful.” Sanya said with a light smirk on her lips. This was a ship she was very comfortable with and knew its uttermost limits as well as how to push those limits. Although as they began to enter the atmosphere she pulled back to have a controlled descent.


A part of her wanted to do her normal risky entry coming in at breakneck speeds and pulling up at the last moment, but now she had to think about the babies that was in the oven so to speak. “It’s been a long time since I have been here. It was back when I had my first student. We came here to get supplies and well we was lured into a trap. Saw the kid come to close to the darkside when we faced that sith it made me think hard that I wasn’t the best one to train him. Still we both made it out and well he couldn't face me after that and ran off. Think he thought he had failed me or something. I never got the opportunity to set him on the right path.”


“I will say though. I hope I don't make the same mistakes. Our children deserve the best and I wanna give that to them, and you.” Sanya reached over taking hold of Ayhia’s hand and kissing it quickly before letting go. “Pau City, This Is Queen Sanya Val Swift of Ancora. Requesting a pad to land.” She said into the com’s. It took a moment no doubt they were checking her iff’s to see if it matched her claims. “Landing pad six on floor Forty two is open for you. Welcome to Pau City… Miss Val swift.” The Deep voice said granting her clearance. “One good thing perk you will like about been a queen Ayhia… you will get priority landing.” She said remembering Ayhia didn’t like the thought of queen and even didn’t like been called one. Even if the woman wasn’t yet one.


The ship soon settled onto the pad, they were far enough down that the sunlight didn’t hit the pad. Although noon would be soon upon them and then the temperature in the city would rise been a sun trap and all. There was a long sustained hiss from the back of the gunship as its ramp opened up. Sanya took a moment to turn everything off before unbuckling her harness to stand up. As she moved around her seat the Feline woman would take the Robe off the back of her seat and put it on as she lead the way off the ship. Sanya waited at the bottom of the ramp for a second for Ayhia to join her and held her and out for her partner the hold.


“So we have a while, where to first? We could look around some of the shops that sell baby stuff? That reminds me that we will need to convert one of the rooms back home. I might have my training room moved to one of the lower floors. Getting the sand out of that room would be a pain in the butt, but its the only room with neutral colours on the wall and is a decent size.” She said as they began walking. Her eyes would look towards the group of three people pulling a fuel hose up to Sanya’s ship. “After it’s cleared out we can decorate it ourselves, before you get to big that is.” She’d giggle a little after with a warming smile.


#1703537 Codex Contest VI: Their Finest Hour

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 08 January 2018 - 01:30 PM

o.o hellooooooooo

#1699090 504th Joint Fighter Wing

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 03 January 2018 - 12:19 PM


Intent:To create a small fleet that is diverse
​Image Credit: Humikane Shimada


Role: Small Strike force made to handle blockades, first respond defence or Air superiority​

Task Force Fleet Name: 504th Joint Fighter Wing AKA Strike Witches

Allegiance: Ancora, Sanya Val Swift, Inquisition Industries™, Outer rim coalition

Lead Ship:
Split wing T-90
YT-1300 modified
Dynamic class
Inquisition Gunship
RZ-1 A-wing interceptor
Missile boat 
Tuition Support Boat 
S-250 Chela-class starfighter

Total Length: 248.34m

Notable Characters: N/A

Ports of Call:
Libita-Class Command ship

Diverse - The 504th Joint fighter wing is made up of a variety of Starfighter. This means that each one plays a different role but as a well uniformed team, this makes the fleet suitable to take on different types of missions.


No capital ships? - Due to the fleet been made up of entirely starfighters it has no major advantages against capital ships in combat. Especially when it comes to those that are made to deal with starfighters. Unless the 504th JFW has back up they would likely be forced into retreat.

Description: The 504th joint fighter Squadron Is made up from a complement of starfighters that all have different abilities. While they are all different they all play a vital role in each mission they take part in. Altogether there is 11 ships that make up this feet coming in at 248.34 metres. Eight of the starfighters are tasked with dealing damage to other vessels or starfighters. one of them is tasked with taking the majority of the damage whilst the other two play a supporting role. the fleet has no ships above the size of a freighter making the largest one up to 50 in length.

#1698582 Bucketheads vs Trash Panda's [Invasion of Utapau ME vs ORC OOC]

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 02 January 2018 - 09:30 PM





Also looking for a tango partner

#1689205 Leather Collar/Choaker

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 19 December 2017 - 07:51 PM


Intent: to make a present for my secret Santa recipient.
Image Source: Google images
Canon Link:
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A
Manufacturer: ”Sanya Val Swift”, Darth Banshee
Model: Harem Collar/choker
Affiliation: Secret Santa Recipient
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Black leather

Classification: Accessory

Weight: .20kg

Quality: 1


Accessorise - it looks stylish and in some way elegant.

So what is it not good for - well it won't protect anything at all. Like nothing. It's just to look good.


As part of the orc secret Santa initiative. Sanya had been given a name of who she'd be making something for. With the name in mind she decided to make something that looked elegant and sexy to suit this person. The collar/choker is made mostly of treated black leather with aurodium studs. It is fully adjustable to suit the size of the neck.

#1689171 Caupona Station (hex M-52)

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 19 December 2017 - 06:41 PM



  • Intent: To make a Tavern/ inn

  • Image Source:By Dmitry Vishnevsky

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source:N/A



  • Classification: Tavern/Inn

  • Length: 3500m

  • Width: 3500m

  • Height: 1500m

  • Armament: None

  • Defenses: Deflector Shields

  • Hangar:

    • 200 civilian ships

    • 20 Large civilian ships (via Docking port)

  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low

  • Speed Rating:Very low




  1. The station has well trained security to deal with unwanted guests and those who get rowdy

  2. While it is made for luxury the station’s prices are affordable for accommodation and even sections open to rent.



  1. The station has no real defencive capabilities against a fleet attacks



The Caupona Station is a luxury Inn that also has many taverns/bars onboard. The station first opened on Life day eve bringing in nearly one thousand five hundred customers the majority been those who belong to the outer rim coalition and the worlds that fall under its jurisdiction. Almost every accomidal room has been made to look like a penthouse room. Inquisition Industries have also partnered with other companies like Heartbeat house The station also has top quality bathhouses and pools, as well as gym’s arcades and live entertainment shows. Anyone looking for a weekend getaway or even a honeymoon Caupona station is for you. Each hanger is capable to take fifty freighter sized ships in each of the four, five floored hangers. Not only that but the station also has twenty docking ports for ferries and large ships to move in and out.

#1688963 Not All Are Over Powered

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 19 December 2017 - 10:01 AM

Marina DeVoe nano tech was banned for the reason people began to start using them to become immortal. We are not talking about never aging but also bodies been able to repair themselves infinitely. 


There was many others similar to the over powered level as this. That is why nanobots are banned and I stand by my vote as a judge at the time that it should remained banned. 

#1688309 Operation ORCmass - Dominion of hex M-52

Posted by Sanya Val Swift on 18 December 2017 - 09:43 AM

Ayhia KatarDavin SkirataVaudin MiirMara D'Lessio MerrillFiolette YvarroJanick BeauchampBryce BantamJoza PerlHylocereusJorus Merrill3X744 Noah Corek


Sanya looked at the young man who approached her and thanked her. The guy looked young but she wasn't going to question it. "Ehh you are welcome. After all I like to watch people enjoy their selves. It is a time of year where people everywhere comes together and well been grateful for what we have." She said with a warming tone as she took her glass of Double-dip Outer Rim Rumdrop and walked away from the bar that was beginning to become crowded fast. Everyone looked happy and having a good time yet she herself still felt nervous. Things may have been going well but she'd yet to see Ayhia. 


Bryce of course made an entrance that made Sanya shake her head. Although she was glad to see the man had a companion with him. As she thought about it Sanya still didn't really know these people all to well. Not on a personal level that is. The woman took as sip of her drink as she slowly weaved through the crowd of people. Her eyes caught the attention of someone purposing but didn't pay all to much notice. It just made her smile as she made her way out of the bar area. To walk the halls for a moment. Her hand tapped onto the com contacting the central command. "How we doing on capacity?" Sanya asked knowingly they'd be almost packed. "We are getting close. Security are running overtime with keeping on top and we a planning now how to manage shift changes." The masculine voice said over the com's. "Is there is anything I can do to help?"


"Yes, if you could can you maybe take off Déna for her dinner brake?" He'd ask with confidence in his voice. "Sure I can." Sanya said in reply and closing the com. The woman walked back into the room and went straight up to the bar as she downed her drink. She had just one and yet it made her feel tipsy. "Another double dip outer rim drop and tell Déna to head for her dinner. I'll be taking over for her till she's had her brake." "Coming up. Have you ever mixed drinks before?" "Not really no. I can deal with the taps if you'd like." She said watching the mandalorian fill his helmet. "That will have to do for now."


Sanya walked behind the bar and went straight to work taking her first series of orders from the punters. As she made her way across taking orders and serving she'd reach Davin Skirata who she saw drinking Buy'ce out of his helmet. It was a moment of quietness now the wave of punters had their drinks and drinks for their friends to. She took back a big gulp of her own drink before leaning onto the bar looking at the mando. "You know hun we do have mandalorian beverages too. We just don't keep them out front. All ya have to do is ask. Actually you'll have a hard time finding a drink we don't."