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Sanya Val Swift

Sanya Val Swift

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504th Joint Fighter Wing

03 January 2018 - 12:19 PM


Intent:To create a small fleet that is diverse
​Image Credit: Humikane Shimada


Role: Small Strike force made to handle blockades, first respond defence or Air superiority​

Task Force Fleet Name: 504th Joint Fighter Wing AKA Strike Witches

Allegiance: Ancora, Sanya Val Swift, Inquisition Industries™, Outer rim coalition

Lead Ship:
Split wing T-90
YT-1300 modified
Dynamic class
Inquisition Gunship
RZ-1 A-wing interceptor
Missile boat 
Tuition Support Boat 
S-250 Chela-class starfighter

Total Length: 248.34m

Notable Characters: N/A

Ports of Call:
Libita-Class Command ship

Diverse - The 504th Joint fighter wing is made up of a variety of Starfighter. This means that each one plays a different role but as a well uniformed team, this makes the fleet suitable to take on different types of missions.


No capital ships? - Due to the fleet been made up of entirely starfighters it has no major advantages against capital ships in combat. Especially when it comes to those that are made to deal with starfighters. Unless the 504th JFW has back up they would likely be forced into retreat.

Description: The 504th joint fighter Squadron Is made up from a complement of starfighters that all have different abilities. While they are all different they all play a vital role in each mission they take part in. Altogether there is 11 ships that make up this feet coming in at 248.34 metres. Eight of the starfighters are tasked with dealing damage to other vessels or starfighters. one of them is tasked with taking the majority of the damage whilst the other two play a supporting role. the fleet has no ships above the size of a freighter making the largest one up to 50 in length.

Leather Collar/Choaker

19 December 2017 - 07:51 PM


Intent: to make a present for my secret Santa recipient.
Image Source: Google images
Canon Link:
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A
Manufacturer: ”Sanya Val Swift”, Darth Banshee
Model: Harem Collar/choker
Affiliation: Secret Santa Recipient
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Black leather

Classification: Accessory

Weight: .20kg

Quality: 1


Accessorise - it looks stylish and in some way elegant.

So what is it not good for - well it won't protect anything at all. Like nothing. It's just to look good.


As part of the orc secret Santa initiative. Sanya had been given a name of who she'd be making something for. With the name in mind she decided to make something that looked elegant and sexy to suit this person. The collar/choker is made mostly of treated black leather with aurodium studs. It is fully adjustable to suit the size of the neck.

Caupona Station (hex M-52)

19 December 2017 - 06:41 PM



  • Intent: To make a Tavern/ inn

  • Image Source:By Dmitry Vishnevsky

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source:N/A



  • Classification: Tavern/Inn

  • Length: 3500m

  • Width: 3500m

  • Height: 1500m

  • Armament: None

  • Defenses: Deflector Shields

  • Hangar:

    • 200 civilian ships

    • 20 Large civilian ships (via Docking port)

  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low

  • Speed Rating:Very low




  1. The station has well trained security to deal with unwanted guests and those who get rowdy

  2. While it is made for luxury the station’s prices are affordable for accommodation and even sections open to rent.



  1. The station has no real defencive capabilities against a fleet attacks



The Caupona Station is a luxury Inn that also has many taverns/bars onboard. The station first opened on Life day eve bringing in nearly one thousand five hundred customers the majority been those who belong to the outer rim coalition and the worlds that fall under its jurisdiction. Almost every accomidal room has been made to look like a penthouse room. Inquisition Industries have also partnered with other companies like Heartbeat house The station also has top quality bathhouses and pools, as well as gym’s arcades and live entertainment shows. Anyone looking for a weekend getaway or even a honeymoon Caupona station is for you. Each hanger is capable to take fifty freighter sized ships in each of the four, five floored hangers. Not only that but the station also has twenty docking ports for ferries and large ships to move in and out.

Operation ORCmass - Dominion of hex M-52

14 December 2017 - 01:47 PM

ORCmass Special




It was that time of year where the ORCmass special was upon us once again. Your probably thinking "Oh boy this will be lame." But sit back relax for the story to unfold. This is a new story to be told. 



The lights white, green and red sparkled over head, all the little orc boy and little orc girls tucked tight in bed. Now as you hear this narrative you may think this is a heart warming tale, but face it those story's make us go pale. No no the night was young, the adults came out now let's have some fun. 


Badly wrapped presents sat around the tree. They were probably expensive, what did you think giving is free? Patrons gathered around the fireplace keeping warm in this bar and it's time of grace. You'd not find one soul without a drink in hand. Even those that you've seen in that one cantina band. Now I'm just rambling thinking of words to say, how about we watch how this night will play. 





The room was crowded with many unfamiliar faces. It was booming with life which surprised the feline woman as the place had only just been finished. It was heartwarming to see so many gathered in one place. The atmosphere was enough to make her smile yet she felt nervous. It was her first time celebrating life day with the orc family but not only them there was also Ayhia Katar too. Sanya was in a sexy red outfit that made her feel slightly out her element but Joza Perl Insisted she was to wear it. 


The woman would walk up to the bar and dropped a large bag. "Drinks are on me tonight." She said the the bartender. "You sure hunni?" The woman said with a shocked look. Sanya gave a simple nod with a smile. The blonde haired woman would ring a golden bell a few times grabbing the attention of all. "LISTEN UP EVERYONE, DRINKS FOR TONIGHT HAVE BEEN COVERED BY THIS LADY!" The woman shouted out loud. 



1. Join in the festive gathering at Caupona bar and inn Space station. 

2. have fun and do what you want all is welcome.


mistletoe is hung from every doorway be warned. 

Past meets Future

05 December 2017 - 12:50 AM

Ayhia Katar


The freighter dropped out of hyperspace at the location Ayhia provided. It was no region of space that was familiar to her but the coordinates was accurate. Something happened at this place, an echo in the force clouded the area. It was like a place where ships came to die along with the life's abourd then. Chunks of metal flooded the area and very little was left intact. Sanya looked over to Ayhia for a second. "We are here." She said as she quickly looked back out the window slowly taking them deeper into the debris. "Do you know what we are looking for?" Everything here looked ancient. From a forgotten time. Well almost forgotten. 


Sanya wanted to know, she wanted to know the history of the old times. A time that not much left remained anymore. Although Ayhia probably remembered it like all this was yesterday. A battle felt it's scars imprinted into the memory. A scar that was permanently there to wretch you awake at night. Sanya had her fair share of those kinds of scars. She had her time of spending nights waking up drenched in sweat to then stay up for days after. "What happened here?" Sanya asked hoping it wasn't painful.