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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne

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Factory Roster & Open Applications

14 November 2017 - 05:17 PM

Factory Administrator:Factory RPJFactory Judges:Training Judges:

LOA/ Vacation:
The factory roster will be updated as necessary during staffing changes.


Factory Open Applications

While the Factory may not always be actively recruiting it will now have an open application policy for the times when new Judges are needed. If you are interested in joining the Factory team as a Judge, please feel free to read below and apply.

To be a successful applicant you must:
  • Be prepared to work with members to get their submissions approved.
  • Be able to work in a team and take instructions.
  • Be polite and balanced in your rulings.
  • Have experience with the Factory before hand with submissions.
  • Discord Chat accessibility. This is mandatory for all Factory Judges.
Please read everything before submitting your application in a single pm to Factory staff Jamie Pyne, Nadja, Taryc Ap'Irae

In the pm state:
  • The profile you would want to judge in.
  • Examples of your best Factory submissions / Previous experience.
  • Why you want to become a factory judge?
  • How you would help make the factory better? Ideas?
  • Your discord name.
If you do not follow these instructions, your application will be ignored.

Factory Change: Company Tier Ups & Minor Fixes

22 August 2017 - 12:16 PM

In light of the recent factory changes, and the community's reaction to those changes, as well as the suggestions made, one change we are making effective immediately is the following with regard to company advancement. This rule can be seen in the Factory Standardized Rules section in the future. This effects modifications and tier ups going forward. I can't go back and retroactively grant bonuses prior to this announcement.


That being said, below are the changes in green:


Change #1:


Company Tier Unlocks

Below are Tier Level Company unlocks


Change #2:

  • We've removed the Company Index thread as it was becoming too large and cumbersome to maintain, therefore it has been replaced with the 'Tier Tag' search function.

Company Expansion and Growing in Tier 

Company Index by Tier Level: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Change #3:

  • We've added Workshops to the Company Modifications thread for clarity, and included the requirements for tiering up.


More changes based on your feedback will be coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

In Wild Space: Are You A Pirate Or Survivor? [Open To All]

09 August 2017 - 12:16 PM



2 Hours Ago...

1900 Hours - Galactic Standard Time


Alarms fired throughout the countless decks as passengers were violently awoken. A low rumble of explosions erupted elsewhere on the ship, rocking the vessel in a quake. Clanking of boots against metal flooring came from those assigned to security making their way to alert passengers of their perilous situation. Thumping of gloved hands against closed cabin doors served as a secondary means of rising still sleeping crew, if any were yet unconscious. Areas of the ship already deemed volatile were sealed off, leaving those within to their grim fates. It was an unfortunate sacrifice, but those trapped within would provide the rest of the survivors the necessary time to evacuate the ship before suffering catastrophic failure and imminent destruction. High above Zakuul, the passenger vessel Tisza was in grave danger. With a nonfunctional hyperdrive, and its ion engines damaged, the ability for the bridge command to evade or flee had been stripped away. The ship, caught in the planet's gravitational pull, was slowing being brought out of orbit on a crash course with Zakuul's surface. To make matters worse, pirates had been lying in wait within the system just as the Tisza dropped from hyperspace. Power had been redirected to the life support systems on board, thereby sacrificing what limited weaponry the ship possessed, leaving the crew with no option but to allow the pirates to board. Hopefully, with any luck, their lives would be spared, and what little cargo they carried would suffice as the villains bounty.


The sound of grating metal against metal rang out as men began to cut through the hatchway. Panicked crew stood fast with blasters aimed towards the entrance. It was a last ditch effort to prevent their demise and save their passengers from harm. Little service it would pay, as their vastly outgunned and heavily armored adversaries cut them down with swift precision found only in highly trained mercenary bands. For their effort, the captain of the ship was jettisoned from the airlock promptly after witnessing the merciless slaughter of his surviving crew one by one. A woman by the name of Victoria, a communications officer and the man's newlywed wife was coincidentally the final life executed before the captain's own demise. Fire had well spread across several decks below the command bridge, enough to engulf those already trapped below, while those facing the rear of the ship and the upper decks had yet to realize the full breadth of their situation.


While a number of pirates searched the cargo and shipping containers, others spread out through the still accessible areas of the Tisza, killing and robbing each and every passenger they located. The more technically inclined figure within the group shut down the distress signal set by the captain prior to his demise, as well as worked to shut down power to the remaining reactor, while simultaneously destroying the terminals thereafter to ensure any survivor fortunate enough to escape their eye would be incapable of reversing the work done to ensure the crash on the planet's surface.


The explosions that racked the ship prior to the boarding party arriving, perhaps fortunately, sealed one corridor with debris and rubble, ensuring the survival of at least six passengers within that wing. Jamie found herself there, awoken by the sudden klaxon of alarms with the understanding of what exactly that meant, though without the understanding of why, or who was responsible. Wild Space was largely untraveled territory, star charts and maps only provided a glimpse of data into the area. Despite her best attempt to rationalize who may have been the hand that drove the hammer she was at a loss. By the time she reached the hatchway, finger pressing on the terminal along the wall to release the hydraulic door it was already too late. The blonde got a quick jolt from the panel as her finger touched a live wire, immediately forcing her to recoil with a yelp, and a flicking of her finger in reflex. Banging on the door and yelling proved to be of little help, and it would take quite some time to burn through the reinforced hatch with a lightsaber. Still, that was her only means of escape, and freeing the other passengers trapped along with her. With gravity in control of the vessel now, a certain measure of direction could be felt as the Tisza was slowly brought out of orbit.


Quickly the blonde rushed back to her quarters, pulling from within her bag Rominaria, the lightsaber she built in place of the one stolen and subsequently returned to her by Castor Ren. By now the other passengers had begun to gather, some talking among themselves as to what was going on, what to do, and whether or not it was best to wait or try and break free. For all their bickering Jamie ignored them, intent on escaping herself, rather than leaving her fate up to chance. With a flick of her finger the blade activated, the emitted pressed firmly against the seal of the hatch, by which she slowly began the arduous process of cutting through.


Another explosion shook the hull to its very core. One of the reactors below deck had finally given. The overhead bins within the corridor tore open and several heavy containers shot out as quickly as a slug left the barrel of a gun. Before the blonde had a moment to turn or otherwise save herself, a heavy piece of durasteel caught her against the back of the head, dropping the young woman to the floor and into unconsciousness before ever realizing it. The weapon she carried fell with her, its bright orange hue collapsing back inwards as the hilt hit the metal floor with a clank.




2100 Hours - Galactic Standard Time

Present : Two Hours Post Crash


The blonde groaned as her cerulean eyes pulled open, groggily looking about what was left of the ship she had been on. The corridor, if one could even still call it that, was torn open, a gaping hole on the western wall where her quarters used to be. Several bodies lay lifeless, strewn about the hall in a smeared mixture of debris and blood stains. Silence echoed throughout. Jamie had been propped up against the reinforced hatch that only hours before she was attempting to cut through. That meant at least someone had made it, discovered she was still alive, but perhaps was unable or unwilling to carry her wherever they were going, perhaps to find and return with help. Though perhaps not. For all she knew, she was on her own now. Thankfully whoever had abandoned her left her lightsaber with her. A generous gesture for sure. Observing herself quickly, it appeared that she still had all of her fingers and toes, and aside from more than a dozen bruises, and being covered with soot, dirt, and sweat, she was no worse for wear. Still, pushing herself up from where she had been sitting was no simple task, and her body ached and protested every step of the way. Those lying on the ground were most certainly deceased, there was no question of that, and thus, where Jamie would otherwise always try to save a life, she knew it would be of no service there.


Forcing herself to the gaping hole in the hull, the blonde stood, bracing herself with either hand along the jagged metal, and gazed out into the vast jungle that was Zakuul:

A planet rich in the Force, of both Light and Dark.

Was she alone? Were there other survivors? Had the pirates followed the Tisza to the surface?



Suvion & Perzys

07 August 2017 - 01:54 PM


  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Workshop Name: Suvion & Perzys
  • Location: Naboo
  • Specialty: Force Trinkets
  • Tier: I

One would have to do some serious digging to hear about this workshop. As there is no storefront, listing, or otherwise identifying location to find such a front, discovering it would pose quite the challenge for even the best detectives and sleuths. Specializing in Force oddities and trinkets, Jamie's goal is simplistic in nature: To create small personal affects intended to perform a basic necessity to make life safer among the cosmos. Commonly found as simplistically designed jewelry or tools, each piece serves a unique purpose to its owner. Exclusively reserved for Jedi, these light side artifacts are modest in nature, and are made with great care and delicate hands one by one. No two will ever be alike in that regard. Crafted with the sole intent of protection and safety in mind, no trinket will ever be designed with the intent to bring lasting harm or lethality to another being.

Given Jamie's stance for peace and neutrality within the galaxy, this small workshop was taken up as a means to broaden that scope of view. To create small trinkets designed to keep others safe and out of harm, while continuing to forge the path of peace, rather than war. The workshop itself is primarily based on Naboo, though has no official means of locating and submitting an order through conventional means. Thus, one would have to have prior knowledge of Jamie's modest operation, or stumble upon one of her unique creations to learn of her secret. Every trinket is uniquely personalized for each recipient, requiring at least a meeting or two before any work is to be done.


Zaela Station

04 August 2017 - 11:40 AM





> Intent:  To submit a galactic space station for Naboo.

> Image Source: [X]

> Canon Link:  N/A

> Restricted Missions: N/A

> Primary Source: N/A




> Manufacturer: Royal Naboo Shipwrights

> Model: N/A

> Affiliation: Naboo

> Modularity: No

> Production: Unique

> Material: Durasteel | Transparisteel | Titanium | Quadanium | Mythra




> Classification: Civilian Multipurpose Space Station

> Length: 9,500 meters

> Width: 10,000 meters

> Height: 8,500 meters


> Armament: None

> Defenses: Average

> Shielding: Particle, Ray

> Shielding (Secondary): Thermal


> Hangar: 525 Docking Bays

> Bays 0-250: Accepts vessels up to 200m at their largest measurement.

> Bays 251-400: Accepts vessels 201m up to 500m at their largest measurement.

> Bays 401-520: Accepts vessels 501m up to 1000m at their largest measurement.

> Bays 521-525: Accepts vessels 1001m up to 2000m at their largest measurement.


> Maneuverability Rating: Very Low

> Speed Rating: Very Low

> Hyperdrive Class: 1




> 4,500 Refugee Dorms

> 1,200 Intergalactic Research Science Laboratories

> 5,000 Storefront Spaces

> 5,000 Warehouse & Factory Spaces

> 365,000 Occupant Capacity

> 525 Docking Stations

> Orbital Adjustment Thrusters




[ + ] Large station accommodates galactic trade on a massive scale that would otherwise prove prohibiting on the surface due to size and space restrictions.
[ + ] Well suited to providing refugee housing, medical services, as well as ample security and protection from nefarious agents and governments.

[ + ] Self-Sustaining habitat situated within the core of the station provides necessary environment for Type II atmospheric species to survive within the station.

[ + ] Fully open to businesses providing legitimate services and products, including warehouse and factory space of all sizes.

[ + ] Station security force maintained by extended branch of Naboo RSF.

[ + ] Weapons are banned on station and must be relinquished upon docking and screening. Any found in violation will be held by RSF Security.



[ - ] No armaments. This station, like Naboo, maintains neutrality across the galaxy.

[ - ] Should the core of the station be destroyed or compromised, the self-sustaining atmosphere will be lost.

[ - ] Nearly immobile, the station is capable of only minor adjustments in orbital path. It cannot avoid enemy fire.

[ - ] An agent that manages to evade screening could potentially cause great havoc on the station if RSF become overwhelmed.




Zaela Station was built by the government of Naboo as an orbital civilian station dedicated to three main purposes: accepting and relocating galactic refugees fleeing war torn, impoverished worlds, scientific research and development, and intergalactic trade in a secure, peaceful, and legitimate setting. With the capacity to accommodate a wealth of businesses and occupants, the station aims to welcome any and all galactic businesses searching for a new frontier, while offering a limited number of tax exempt offices to those offering charity and humanitarian work. Weapons are strictly banned on Zaela Station and all visitors disembarking from their vessels must submit to RSF screening prior to admittance onto the station. Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal from the station or face charges of criminal intent. Prohibited weapons includes, but is not limited to: Lightsabers, blasters, slugthrowers, whips, batons, stun guns, knives, and swords. Any person(s) found in violation of this post-screening will be found in violation of RSF and Naboo law and will be held for investigation.


At the heart of the station is the bio-dome. Within is a living, breathing environment capable of sustaining life on the station without the inherent need for typical systems found on other stations orbiting planets within space. The bio-dome acts as a fractionally small scale Type II environment, taking in sun rays to grow and produce a similar ecosystem found on Naboo which is quite expansive and more than capable of supplying the necessary oxygen, water, and solar energy required to operate the station. The dome itself has retractable quadanium steel plates in the event of impending asteroid strikes, or the unlikely event of collision with other foreign objects or attack. Furthermore, the entire station is protected by shielding, both particle and ray, as well as a secondary advanced thermal shield. Both sets of shielding are powered by individual generators to prevent catastrophic failure in the event they become necessary.


Over five hundred docking bays support the various size vessels that the station is capable of accommodating, though the larger ships are limited as to their docking locations, with the largest of ships forced to dock at the fringe points of the station. Automated shuttles are available at no cost to the main levels of the station. Security is provided by an extension of RSF, and are the only security force permitted on the station, as well as the only uniformed guard permitted to carry stun-based weapons.


This station is open to the public, and all businesses, provided they are a legitimate storefront, are permitted to operate on the station.