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Lily Kuhn

Lily Kuhn

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13 March 2018 - 11:41 PM

I am moving things out of my house and into my new one from tomorrow thru Saturday-ish. LOA might extend into Sunday, but I'm pretty sure it won't.


This will clearly effect everything as I won't have access to the website between that and working besides a few moments here and there via mobile.

Epilogue I

10 March 2018 - 05:19 AM

It was a quiet night, the humidity hardly noticeable with the pleasant cool air that drifted over the sea of green that swayed in the breeze just outside. Things were comfortable here, different than what life had been just weeks ago. She stood in front of the bathroom sink, staring into her reflection in the mirror, while one hand moved with practiced caution to apply her mascara. There was a vacant expression on her face, her thoughts lingering elsewhere, as she glanced away to put away the bottle of mascara. This was her routine most nights, to make things as pleasant for A'sharad as possible when he returned home. And tonight it had been several days, almost a week, since Lily had watched him leave for Dagobah. He was supposed to be home tonight, last she heard, and a small smile emerged at the corner of her lips as she glanced back up to her reflection in confidence at her preparation for his return.


After slipping into a simple black dress and a comfortable matching pair of heels, she quietly poured herself a glass of wine in the kitchen and left an empty glass out beside the bottle as she lingered towards the door. 'I hope everything went well.' It was the singular thought that punctuated her thoughts regarding the fight for the First Order's expansion into Alliance territory. She was still bitter over hearing that the capital of Alliance had moved to Coruscant, practically neighboring her homeworld, but that was still far from her mind at the moment. She was considering the idea of trying to get a position in the government, assuming she wasn't under scrutiny for having defected from the Alliance just a short time ago, as a way to keep herself preoccupied while he was gone and to show her willingness to try to support him in any way she could. 'I'll bring it up after he's had time to settle in.' Lily thought to herself, nodding her head to confirm her commitment to the idea.


Asharad Graush

Starship 5.0 Sub-Capital Ship Tool

05 February 2018 - 06:50 PM

Welcome to week 6 of Factory 5.0!


We have a new addition to the Starship 5.0 excel tool today!


Added to the excel guide for 5.0 Starships, previously only a tool for capital ships, is a tool to check your ratings on Starfighters and other ships under 50 meters.


You can still find this at the bottom of the Starship 5.0 templates, in the reference material section, bundled with the previous iteration of the excel guide for capital ships.


Things you might notice:

  • Squadron size only features ratings: Similar to our process of assigning a 'default' maximum size per rating for hangars, the Squadron sizes have their maximum amount listed for each rating listed in the Squadron Count field within the template. When selecting a rating the number which correlates to that rating is in our template.
  • Hyperdrive Speeds: As whether or not a starfighter has a hyperdrive can greatly impact their use, as without one would require the use of capital ship hangars, as well as how fast or slow one is. Because of how much of an impact a hyperdrive can put on the use of starfighters, we've included their ratings (None or No Hyperdrive, Very Slow, Average, and Very Fast) into the tool so you can determine how much of an impact it has on your ship if you were to make its hyperdrive faster, slow, or remove it altogether.

As with the previous iteration of this tool, it does not take into account the use of advanced systems and other strengths present in the submission. You may still be asked to amend your submission if your ship is thrown out of balance by adding additional strengths and advanced systems.

Starship 5.0 Capital Ship Tool

26 January 2018 - 10:24 AM

Welcome to week 4 of Factory 5.0!


We have a new addition to the Starship Template today!


As promised with the previous update to the Starship section, the Factory has come together and created a new excel guide to replace the retired one.


You can find this new excel sheet at the bottom of the Starship 5.0 templates, grouped with our other reference material.


Things you might notice:

  • Hangar size is replaced with the actual rating (so rather than clicking an arrow to add squadrons or remove them you will just select a rating from a dropdown menu): These ratings correlate to the amount permitted for the size of the ship you are creating, which is located in each of our starship templates.
  • All starships over 1000 meters are now in a single sheet: Due to simply going with pure ratings, which will correlate to the default sizes in the templates or any size which matches the rating you've chosen in the tool, we have far fewer splits in sizes.
  • Sizes under 1000 meters are split from 50-100, 101-200, 201-500, and 501-1000: As you might have noticed in the template, certain ship classifications lack certain ratings. An example would be the 50-100 meter corvettes, which only have the Average, Very High, and Extreme ratings. This tool accounts for this by having a separate sheet for each of these ranges.
  • There are more clear instructions when ratings and production are too high: The guide will let you know if you are one or two ratings over, and provide some suggestions for how to resolve this. It will also let you know if your ratings are low, so you don't end up accidentally submitting something that is under powered on accident!


Just remember that this sheet does not take advanced systems and other special strengths into consideration! You may still be asked to lower ratings if you add additional advanced systems or strengths while already at your maximum amount of ratings and production.

New Hangar Ratings!

14 January 2018 - 11:46 AM

Welcome to week 3 of Factory 5.0!


Today we have an update for the Starship section of the factory!


Those of you who use the Starship section of the factory to make capital ships may have noticed some considerable limitation on hangar sizes, especially on larger ships.


As of today, starting now, those limitations have been lessened considerably. Each template, and their cookie cutter examples, have been updated to reflect the new sizes for each hangar rating as according to the size of their ship. Here is an example from the Star Destroyer template:




You will now see the maximum amount of squadrons that a rating will allow, and the size of the ship it correlates to, in each template. All examples have been updated to reflect these changes.


Unfortunately, this also means we will have to say farewell to Raziel's excel guide while the factory works on making a new excel guide to help submitters in the future.