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07 November 2017 - 01:37 AM

As we have recently removed the master rank titles, which had a set of permissions (such as the "Show Edit by" line and the little text box that let us fill in a reason for an edit, or a checkbox to not show the Edit By line at all), I'd like to suggest that these permissions be given to writer accounts, or, if possible, writer and character accounts. I'm not really sure how these permissions work(ed) in the first place, so if this isn't feasible that's okay with me.

B14-NC4 "Bianca"

05 November 2017 - 05:15 AM




  • Manufacturer: Onadax Droid Technologies
  • Model: B14-NC4
  • Production: Unique
  • Affiliation: Bianca (B14-NC4)
  • Modularity: No
  • Material: 
    • Phrik
    • Synthskin
    • Biofiber
    • Human Replica Droid Components


  • Classification: Fourth Degree, Human Replica Droid
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: 
    • None Built-In (Bare-Hands)
  • Misc. Equipment: 
    • Advanced Vocabulator
    • Ultraviolet - Night Vision - Infrared Optical Sensors
    • Advanced Internal Heads Up Display (HUD)
    • Internal Commlink
    • Concealed, Internal, Holorecorder
    • Advanced Heuristic Processor
    • Advanced Personality Matrix
    • Specialized Mathematical Subprocessor


  • Special Optical Sensors - Ultraviolet, Infrared, and Nigh vision.
  • Advanced Heuristic Processor - Capable of learning as a somewhat gifted human would, through experience rather than by initial programming or being told.
  • Advanced Personality Matrix - Combined with sentience programming, this allows B14-NC4 to think, feel, and value her own life - as well as granting her individuality, especially in regards to her personality.
  • Specialized Mathematical Subprocessor - A specialized, dedicated, processing unit which increases the ability of and the efficiency in solving complex problems that can be approached from a mathematical perspective, such as using a series of equations to determine the best position to fire at a target in the distance from.
  • Phrik Bone Structure - While not as light as human bones, the phrik bone structure mimics, to some extent, the relative mass of a human being. It also provides incredible durability for the internal components of B14-NC4


  • Phrik Bone Structure - Although not quite as lightweight as human bones, the phrik structure, designed to mimic the human skeleton, provides incredible durability and protection from potential damage. The most vital of B14-NC4's components, such as her droid brain, are stored within a phrik skull.
  • Heightened Processing Power - Containing a specialized secondary processing unit, a mathematical subprocessor, B14-NC4 is capable of utilizing a mathematical approach to a given scenario, such as determining probability, at a heightened rate of efficiency. This processing unit is designed specifically to increase the speed and efficiency at which mathematical equations can be applied to a situation and solved. An example of this being used to her benefit would be to calculate the trajectory of a bullet for the purposes of assassination.


  • Data Gap - Despite being equipped with an advanced personality matrix, which allows B14 to think and feel as though she were any ordinary human being, she still has trouble understanding the emotionally-charged decisions that organics make, and becomes extremely flustered and more or less becomes a nervous wreck when experiencing one of these herself. This is perhaps due to the migration of her data and consciousness from her previous model to this largely more advanced model, creating gaps in understanding that might have came naturally without any amount of stress if she had been created and programmed with this particular model and its hardware in mind. In some ways she is more naive, while other times overwhelmed when attempting to make a choice between the logical decision or the emotional one. A similar scenario would be a hormonal teenager just entering puberty - with the emotional understanding of an eight year old.
  • Flagship Simulation - Just as any prototype serves the purpose of acting as a proof of concept, as well as a way to discover any potential faults in a given invention, B14 acts as a prototypical unit for the eventual model line that will be produced with a similar, but cheaper, schematic and hardware. Because of this she is subject to an experimental programming for sentience, which is not limited like a normal droid might be in order to grant her the fullest experience as a free-thinking entity might were they organic, and similarly experimental heuristic processor. Due to the nature of being experimental, and thus being the first to be equipped with this programming, she is potentially capable of running into malfunctions or glitches and errors that could cause harm to herself and potentially those around her. An example of this would being subjected to an intense emotional episode and locking up due to an unexpected infinite loop, causing a full system reboot that could take several minutes - which, in the case of a real world example, would be witnessing someone that has grown incredibly close to her die and having a system crash. These issues could permanently alter her data and personality, perhaps even to a greater extent than one suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the importance that her droid brain places on writing her personality and consciousness through experience. The only possible form of recovery for these issues would be a full system wipe, erasing her entire memory bank and effectively restarting her personality growth from day 1. In either scenario, B14-NC4 will be irreversibly effected in some negative way if a major system error or malfunction were to occur, which is calculated to have a seventy-percent probability of occurrence in the span of B14's period of activation.
  • Achilles' Heel - Ion weapons, from blasters to cannons, are the bane of nearly all droids' existences. B14-NC4 is no exception, fully vulnerable to the effects of ion weapons. And, unlike the previous model she had inhabited prior, the phrik skeletal structure is not encapsulated by a material to harden it from short-range EMP bursts, sacrificing that edge to blend in further with the rest of humanity.


B14-NC4 has been something of an enigma. She existed, originally, as a human replica droid belonging to the ASN model line, a series of droids that were produced to experiment on the nature of sentient programming. A dozen or more droids were produced, each dropped on various backwater worlds infested with criminals, and were monitored for eighteen months while they attempted to blend in with the rest of the organic life they came into contact with. Those that were unable to assimilate were rounded up and recycled for parts, while those that assimilated and formed vague forms of self-awareness were retrieved for their upgrade to prototype units that were each one of a kind. "Bianca", or ASN-B14-NC4, was one of these select few that were considered a success and this specific unit was designed, programmed, and tailored to the personality and habits that B14 had formed while living on Nar Shaddaa.


Gone was the assassination protocols built into her primary directive - in fact, her primary directive and all semblance of a guiding hand in the way of programming was wiped clean from her memory. The resultant consciousness, devoid of its original purpose to serve as an assassin for whomever owned it, was uploaded to the new, experimental, droid brain. The brain itself, containing an advanced heuristic processor, specialized mathematical subprocessor, and an advanced personality matrix, was created from scratch and engineered with an unique design that made it entirely one-of-a-kind in regards to hardware, and the uploaded consciousness was that of the original B14's, including the social knowledge she'd gained from over four hundred hours of simulations in her old unit, with her original purpose erased and a completely removed limit on sentience - from the moment of her activation she will cease to function, from a processing standpoint, as a normal droid would and instead function as a simulation of the human mind.


There are several issues with being the first foray into the prospect of a perfect simulation of the human mind, especially being the only unit produced with her hardware and the sole prototype for the model to be produced following her probable success as an experimental candidate in creating the perfect replication of a human, and the largest is the importance that the core programming that houses her intelligence puts on writing her personality changes and knowledge data banks through experience. Due to the nature of simulating human emotions at varying extremes and the lack of a quantitative measurement of human sensitivity to emotions beyond physical pain and pleasure, calibrating her personality matrix to perfectly mimic the human mind's capacity to process emotions and deal with them is impossible without extensive testing that would defeat the purpose of attempting to make the unit develop in an uncontrolled environment. Being tuned to such a high sensitivity to the sensation of emotions, and due to the experimental nature of her personality matrix and heuristic processor, her programming and hardware is not capable of handling all emotional processes at a one-hundred percent efficiency - meaning that especially intense emotional episodes may cause the unit to completely lock up and will cause lasting psychological trauma that is comparable to, and potentially exceeds, that experienced by one inflicted with PTSD.


There are some differences from humans and the unit - aside from the fact that B14 is a droid, of course. The most notable is the phrik skeletal structure, which was done to protect the internal hardware of the unit in the instance of physical harm in order to salvage the droid brain and other important parts in case she needs to be rebuilt or recycled as a basis for future units. This skeletal structure, specifically the skull, provides an incredible amount of durability without an insane amount of added weight, as the ASN model had when using Quadanium steel for the skeletal structure. Unfortunately, in order to otherwise retain a human biology beyond the skeletal material, the layer of material used to harden the ASN line against EMPs was not included for B14's unit in order to not trip various medical sensors. Much like other droids, despite being intended to replicate the human condition, B14 is still vulnerable to ion weaponry.

LOA Tuesday thru Saturday

16 October 2017 - 05:09 PM

I will be without a computer from tomorrow until the weekend, as I'll be house sitting for family, so I won't be able to respond to any role-play threads during that time.

TIE-S "Subjugator"

28 September 2017 - 04:14 AM


TIE Subjugator in action

  • Manufacturer: The Sith Empire Santhe Corporation
  • Model: TIE-S "Subjugator"
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Knight-rank force users or equivalent non-force users and above only
  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
  • Durasteel
  • Transparisteel
  • Starship Components
  • Classification: Elite Starfighter
  • Length: 10 m
  • Width: 9 m
  • Height: 4 m
  • Armament: High
    • ​Laser Cannons [x3]
    • Heavy Laser Cannons [x2]
    • Proton Torpedo Launcher [x1; x2 Torpedoes per]
  • Defenses: Average
    • ​Deflector Shield
  • Squadron Count: 1
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: None
  • Standard Deflector Shields
  • Twin Ion Engines
  • Heavy Firepower: Carrying a bold armament, the TIE Subjugator is fully capable of fulfilling its role as an elite attack craft.
  • Swift: Both faster and more maneuverable than average, the TIE Subjugator can hold its own against many starfighters in maneuvers and speed comparisons.
  • Expensive: The sheer cost of the TIE Subjugator has reduced its availability to a tiny fraction of the Sith Empire, permitted only to Sith of the mid-rank (Knight) and Sith Lords, and the navy's equivalently ranked pilots.
  • Real Estate: In order to push the speed of the Subjugator above the average fighter it had to sacrifice something in order to get there - its hyperdrive. Because of this it will always need to be ferried by a capital ship in a hangar; however, a single TIE Subjugator also takes up the same priority of a squadron of TIE Fighters, thus making holding more than one Subjugator in any given capital ship highly impractical. A hangar capable of holding ten squadrons of fighters, for example, could only hold ten Subjugators rather than one hundred and twenty TIE Fighters.

Designed for the role of attack craft superiority, and available only to members of the Sith Empire that are either Sith of Knight caliber or their non-force user equivalents and above, the TIE Subjugator is both swift moving and heavily armed. Its capabilities are not without drawbacks, however, as they are especially expensive to produce and are not equipped with hyperdrives. Because of the lack of a hyperdrive, in concert with its squadron count of one, the Subjugator not only relies on capital ships to ferry it to distant locations but also hampers these capital ships as each Subjugator takes the priority of an entire squadron of starfighters. That means a hangar that could hold ten squadrons of TIE Fighters can only hold ten Subjugators, artificially adding stress to the importance of the craft when its price is also taken into consideration.

Fostering Hate

16 September 2017 - 11:53 PM

Izalith Vora


In truth, Ananta had not anticipated that she would ever be one to take an apprentice - at least not before realizing her goals far in the future. And yet here she was, standing in the halls of the Sith academy on Bastion. It was a quaint place, a tame one at that; she had been raised in a culture of combat and treachery, in which one was raised from childhood with a blade in one hand and a dagger in the next. That was a primitive era to the standards of those lucky enough to not be engaged in a war lasting hundreds of years without end, however, and many Sith of the modern era only learned the brutality that came along with the robes and the lightsabers after meeting their foes for the first time. It was partially because of her disdain for the naivete displayed by the acolytes she had met that she had taken two as her apprentices, expecting to provide the modern era with at least one more Sith that would be trained not only in the force and combat, but in the importance of victory as well.


The room that she had designated their training space for was secluded and dimly lit, opting to make conditions to train in physically worse in order to make the acolyte work harder and grow more resourceful for when it truly counted, and the Sith lord herself had garbed herself in vibrant red robes and little else - a saber, perhaps, clipped to the belt at her side. Her acolyte, standing across from her, was as fresh as she could find - untouched by the merciful and guiding hands of the other ilk that lined the halls and had begun to make names for themselves. "Welcome to your first day of tutelage, apprentice. I am Darth Ananta." She said, her face nearly expressionless.


"Let us hope you make it to the second."


She looked doubtful, if only momentarily so, but there was certainly some potential if she was willing to give her time to train the acolyte. "I will not waste our time boasting of what skills I might possess, what matters is that you learn abilities which suit you and that you learn to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way." She said, pausing momentarily to gauge the acolyte's reaction. "You will learn the basics of each methodology in using the dark side of the force, and you will be trained in each style of lightsaber combat. Whichever areas you excel in or show promise will be the skills I will focus on teaching you through the second stage of your apprenticeship on your path to becoming a christened Sith lord." The Sith explained, putting a slight emphasis on what would be the end result of their training together.


"Before we begin, do you have any questions?"