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Varas Kyrel

Varas Kyrel

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#1732177 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 13 February 2018 - 08:28 PM

Objective: Try to hold on
Location: Near the Cave of Evil [Dropship crash wreckage] 
Unlike the bridge of the Alliance Command vessel where there had only been only one strong Jedi, the swamp was filled with lightsiders who had focused their energy on draining the darkside away from the Nexus and bathing the area with Light. Even as Kyrel offered his own strength to bolster Varas’s waning power, it was too late. The attack upon Mishel to slow the former Ren had taken too much stamina, and the brunette clone was susceptible now.
Instead of infusing her with this need to lash out the way she had during the blockade - to save the Jedi Zark from her father, this time, the Light - washing over her as though she absorbed it through osmosis - created a painful ache as the darkness fled her body.
“I’m not strong. I’m pitifully weak.” While the words were said aloud, her feeble whisper ensured they would not reach her father. Telepathy was out of the question.
Whether the Cave of Evil would survive beyond the battle which raged around them, Varas did not know. She could only focus on whether she herself would survive. One by one she felt the darkness which swirled so strong around her companions extinguish. Was the swamp a graveyard of Ren? Would the purge of darkness on Dagobah last? The potential permanence of the situation frightened her, and she lay back down, catching the glazed eye of Therran Graush across the bog, the Sith unmoving. 
Or was it an illusion? Was he even there?
It felt so good to close her eyes too as though she were back in Tipoca City, having worn out her two week old clone body to the tsks and clucks of the Kaminoan, crawling back into a medical pod which would boost her stamina so she could start the next day training to use her semi-atrophied body anew.
She could feel nothing now. Not even Graush’s last stand.
Sleep or death - did it matter?
Varas let her power wane and lay eyelids fluttering, motionless, powerless and incapable of movement.

#1729064 Please welcome our new RPJs!

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 09 February 2018 - 09:47 AM



Therran Graush Vela Kryss

#1728702 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 08 February 2018 - 06:59 PM

Objective: Use Force Slow on Mishel Noren
Location: Near the Cave of Evil [Dropship crash wreckage] 
Allies: Kyrel Ren Therran Graush Rolf Amsel The Major @Karyce Ara Zambrano @whoeverismissing
Varas felt a tug at her leg and realized that, despite the two women colliding, she was still alive - luckily even as an impact like that could have killed them both. The Knight grunted, saber falling out of her hand, landing with a sploosh in the mud, but she called it back to her hand.
And as soon as she could feel the hilt back in her gloved palm, she also landed with a plop in the ooze, the malodorous silt breaking her fall. She'd been released by the fellow experiment.
On her hands and knees, Varas lifted her head, wet dirt dripping off of her armor. Kyrel's saber was beside her, but as she engaged her muscles to rise, she realized she could barely lift her arms and spine. Mother of Kwath, not the leeches again, she thought, trying to scramble up.
Nothing is broken. There is no pain. But it felt as though an invisible siphon was draining her energy. Peace and calm clashed with her turbulent emotions. The darkside Nexus felt... decidedly weak.
Glancing to her father who had Mishel in his sights, she finally sat up after a brief struggle to do so and concentrated on the Cave of Evil, upon the power that bled from every organic and non-living surface, the immense power that could cause the most vivid hallucinations or could enhance an object, baptizing it with the Dark Side of the Force.
"Help me, convert me... give me power," she whispered. Under her helm, Varas's skin grew sallow, dark circles blossomed like bruises, but her energy grew. In addition to whatever bone-crushing telekinesis Kyrel had inflicted upon the former Ren, the brunette clone thrust her hands out, using the darkside to slow Mishel down. The power manifested itself primarily in the Alliance Jedi's mind, but if she did not deflect it or counter it, Mishel would feel suddenly exhausted, groggy and uncoordinated, certainly not in any physical state to continue zipping around like a laser-pinball.

#1727662 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 07 February 2018 - 07:08 AM

Objective: Duel Mishel Noren
Location: Near the Cave of Evil [Dropship crash wreckage] 
Allies: Kyrel Ren Therran Graush Rolf Amsel The Major @Karyce Ara Zambrano @whoeverismissing
Twin scarlet sabres humming in the dark mist like two beacons of the hope Varas felt when she thought about the First Order ruling the galaxy. And her father’s love and acceptance, something that had always been just out of her reach.
They were omniscient and indestructible together. Or so it seemed.
Varas knew that Mishel was a broken creature much like her. But she and Kyrel had never discussed exactly what had happened to the Disciple. And whatever journey she was on had taken her to the light, though she was still wild and unpredictable.
And could that be exploited?
At the end of her father’s tirade, she caught the morsel of information that would make her act: “Synchronize. Move as one by fighting together we have a clear advantage against our enemy then apart."Behind Mishel, two more Jedi appeared through the fog - a human and a togruta. The Jedi Master stepped up, twirling his saber, hurling insults at the Ren. And as though the darkside cave had manifested them itself, Varas could feel more Ren closing in on their location to aid in the fight.
She watched Mishel speed away and finally shouted: “Remember that day you brought me to my knees in training?”
As she leapt into the air, she heard explosions and felt a great disturbance in the Force. Something was very wrong. She could feel the darkside energy pulling away from the area, but her aim was clear. It had to be.
There were far too many Jedi to not be victorious.
“Father now!”
Using enhanced speed and brute strength, Varas flung herself at Mishel, saber high, ready to crash into her and have Kyrel follow up with an immediate attack, however something tugged at her, causing her to lose focus. Her mind slowing, she considered spinning away, even locating a small patch of mud to land in, but like an asteroid careening into a lush and populated planet, the Knight was on a collision course with the teenager, and if she did not parry Varas’s saber the two women would clash with such intense Force power it might actually kill them both.

#1725895 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 05 February 2018 - 07:15 AM

Objective: Duel Mishel Noren
Location: Near the Cave of Evil [Dropship crash wreckage] 
The environment of Dagobah could be described as a third assailant in this fight. Between the fog, the hungry creatures and the difficult terrain, Varas watched the elements eat away at both trooper and battledroid. Casualties would be high on both sides.
She fed off the darkside energy - from both her father and the nearby cave, the Force pulsating like a blackened heart. Kyrel began to speak and Varas turned her head just a fraction to hear him. 
“I will not run,” she said plaintively. “Nor will I ever turn on you again.” The words expressed what she felt in the moment, not necessarily the creeping feelings of resentfulness that may return in times of peace. But inside she was touched and elated that here it was - the love and adoration from her father that she constantly craved.
“What up fam!”
Varas’s dark brows knit in confusion. Mishel had always been an unpredictable Disciple, but her current state could only be described as unhinged. Speaking words that, yes were Basic, but ones that she did not understand, the brunette clone canted her head to the side as the former Ren babbled nonsense.
Unlike when the pair last fought side by side, this time his daughter would not move, nor advance, nor attack. There would be no spinning her TIE Fighter off to seek glory on her own. She would not strike him in a moment of weakness.
Varas now stood resolute, saber high, the killing machine that her father bred and trained for months. She would fight upon his cue.

#1725883 The You're BANNED! Game

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 05 February 2018 - 06:24 AM

Banned for name being cut off in your avatar gif.

#1724463 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 03 February 2018 - 08:24 AM




Objective: Locate Kyrel Ren and fight off enemies (Mishel Noren, MagnaGuards)
Location: Near the Cave of Evil [Dropship crash wreckage] 
Allies: First Order, Galactic Empire Therran Graush Kyrel Ren Emilia Ravel (RIP) The Major Rolf Amsel Kayrce
Where am I? How did I get here?
Disorientation hit her, the Darkside Nexus finally breaking down her defenses, eliminating any trace of light and causing Varas a stomach-churning confusion for a moment. Once she mentally clawed back to reality, frantically grabbing her bearings, she realized what was happening.
Kyrel’s growling baritone yanked her to the front-line of her consciousness: 'Foolish Child!! Focus... Such a simple distraction can be fatal and if you allow the agent to be captured by the enemy then you will face more than my wrath and in the end, will leave you begging for death... Do not fail.'  
The focus came back and all around her was pandemonium.
She immediately honed in on her father’s location using sense and his Force signature and squinted through the mist to see him with her own eyes. But before the Knight could reach him, a green lightning snaked over her and caused her to fall into the muck. Pulling herself up with a pained grunt, one foot slipped behind her, and she was down again.
No environmental simulation had prepared her to fight in these conditions. Still on her knees, she glanced upward to the trees.
She slipped yet again. At this rate she’d suffocate in the mud, Varas thought, letting a chuckle escape her lips. Amusement gave way to anxiety as the brunette clone realized there could actually be something in the water that might drag her down, either the quicksand like silt or a creature of some sort. Using the power of the Force, the muscles in her legs propelled her upward until she reached a snaking, slimy tree branch and pulled herself up. This high she could almost see the entire swamp - when it wasn’t obscured by fog.
And here she watched for a moment, hoping her inaction would not cause their opponents to prosper. 
The LAAT rose up from the muck and flew through the air towards the Alliance, courtesy of Therran Graush. Two Magnaguards stomped to the very position Varas had just vacated, reminding her that if she were to land back on the ground, she would surely have to fight them both. At the same time the LAAT had been diverted to the brush due to the increasing number of Jedi heading into the area, she noticed that the FOSB agent had died.
With no light left inside of her, she barely registered the whispering of life snuffed out below her. She was no longer in a conflicted space as she was onboard the Alliance Command Vessel. Varas was consumed now by the Darkside of the Force. She scrambled across the branches and vines until she found her father, dropping down by his side like a Dagobah python about to strangle its victim. The clone’s armor was caked in mud and grime.
“I will not fail you,” she said.
Mishel’s predatory aura grew closer as did the Magnaguards.
But who would they face first?

#1721600 Taking a Break

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 31 January 2018 - 06:35 AM

Good luck on your creative goals! We'll always be here if you need to take a break. :D



#1721108 Thus Always to Tyrants | Galactic Alliance Invasion of First Order Held Varon...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 30 January 2018 - 04:56 PM

Location: Lower City Residence
Allies: The First Order | Ara Zambrano Itash Mecetti
Unknown Enemies: The Galactic Alliance | Taeli Raaf
Soundtrack: In These Shoes?
Varas Kyrel stood on the round platform which overlooked the Upper City of Edgefields-on-Varonat for one more minute than she should of. The brunette clone could not get enough of the beautiful view, but sighing, her patent leather heels clicking on the stone, she took the turbolift down, down and down even further until she was technically in the Lower City and on the bottom level of the castle owned by Ms. Klakk. The interior of this expansive, multi-leveled mansion worked not against the tropical environment of the planet, but with it. Instead of wild and untamed foliage and wildlife, trees, vines and palms were groomed to please the eye. Topiary was in abundance. Peacocks strolled the gardens unabated. 
The guests at this specific event included dignitaries, the wealthiest and most influential citizens and retired military personnel. There would likely be privates and ensigns from the nearby navy outpost attempting to crash such a lavish affair so invitees were to be checked and scanned carefully.
Varas had a target, but she had not been able to locate him. Partly this was due to the fact that she was in the heated and cacophonous kitchen. The hostess, a jewel bedecked financier named Melleriana Klakk did not allow droids on her estate and preferred sentient servants. Disguised as a server, Varas would be able to move freely around the property to find and disable her target. 
If I can only get out of this blasted furnace, she thought, wanting to wipe the sweat beading on her brow, while the rest of the servers lined up to begin drink service. For some strange reason the Head Matron saw fit to infantilize the girls on some level, calling them baby dolls and pinching their cheeks. Varas was not amused and longed for her last undercover assignment where she wore mechanics fatigues instead of a black and white uniform.
Before heading out with the circular tray carefully balanced on her white-gloved palm, she took a sneaky sip of champagne and luckily no one-
"Saw that," clipped another serving girl before she whirled off in the opposite direction. Varas tried to hide her sneer, but maybe she let her dead-eyed stare linger a little too long.
Once the Knight of Ren walked out into the ballroom, she scanned the room for the governor’s aide. The only description she had of him was that he would be wearing a bow-tie.

#1720287 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 29 January 2018 - 03:37 PM

Objective: Rescue Station Agent Emilia Ravel and fight Alliance and Allies
Location: Near the Cave of Evil
Directly engaging: Coren Starchaser Ever Dawnracer
Nearby: Tiland Kortun, Veino Garn Qymaen sil Jurai
Soundtrack: Goo Goo Muck
“Help me!”
“It’s on the way!” Varas shouted back. They had to rescue Agent Ravel. She was not only one of the most valuable assets for the FOSB, but also what would it look like among the ranks of the Ren, with the news laddering up to Sieger Ren himself, that three Force Users could not even save one spy?
As rotten as that festering pile of bones in the swamp, thought the clone.
Cutting through the pea-soup of fog and the strong darkside current underscoring everything around them, Varas felt the Lightside of the Force, a small ember in the gloom, raking annoyingly at her psyche. As she glanced in the Jedi’s direction, she could see the saber blade shining like a torch, knowing her own crimson sword glowed just as bright on the other side of the swamp. In fact, she parried a few shots from a blaster, either from nearby Alliance soldiers or from the Jedi himself.
At the time when the Remnant Ranger had detected only the shapes of the Jedi on her thermal scanner, she would have also noticed other forms, some small and some quite large, but none of them human in appearance at all. The noises and cacophony had piqued the interest of various swamp creatures, from Dagobah pythons which hung from the plentiful gnarl trees to giant slugs skimming around the fetid water.
One of these hulking beasts, a dragonsnake began to head towards the crash site, but turned instead to see the first line of B1 Battledroids marching mindlessly over a muddy ridge towards the swamp. It lurched from the water, swinging its long tail, mowing down the mechanicals like rumble pins.
Kyrel’s lightsaber did not plague her with visions as it normally did - perhaps even the object was humbled by such a strong darkside presence which had tamed its mischievous side. Varas merely watched as her father and Therran used the Force to blast the soldiers away from the mud-soaked agent, Kyrel even picking up debris from the dropship and hurling it with telekinesis towards the rangers. But by this time, the Battledroids had also reached the perimeter of where the crash site was and were currently being menaced by a dragonsnake in pursuit. Her green eyes widened as the droids appeared anachronistic - if not utterly helpless - against the clearly prehistoric reptile. Still, her leg itched beyond belief, and Varas reached down shaking her boot off when she realized a group of leeches clung to her bare leg, having slipped inside the pants of her armor somehow.
“Augghhgghhhhhhh!” The brunette clone plucked them off, leaving her pale limb a sanguine mess. “Oh sweet Mother of Kwath,” she cursed, channeling her one of her mother’s favorite phrases. “So fething gross.” As she threw the last one into the swamp with a disgusted grunt, she heard Kyrel’s voice now either aloud or in her mind:
Her head whipped up to see him grinning like a sly devaronian. “I promise you, the most sublime annihilation you’ve ever witnessed,” Varas spoke back. 
As soon as I get rid of all of the blood-sucking leeches on my leg, she thought, her body shivering at the cold muck that was inside her boot once she put it back on.

#1719129 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 28 January 2018 - 08:06 AM

Objective: Rescue Emilia Ravel
Location: Near the Cave of Evil
Directly engaging: Coren Starchaser Ever Dawnracer
Soundtrack: Blue
As they grew closer to the core of the swamp, the air closed off around them, fog replacing the last remnants of sunlight. Force Sight was not a skill Varas had yet mastered so she relied on her own vision and occasionally the commlink in her helmet audibly grounding her to her task group.
“Varas, Varas?”
She heard a soft female voice with a foreign accent, a sing-songy chipperness to each consonant. And though in the thick soup of mist in the swamp, the brunette clone knew this familiar voice was both inside her head and coming from the cave.
“Looks like the Cave might have to wait, we must not allow the enemy to capture her." 
The Knight fumed momentarily, longing with every cell to head in the direction of the darkside Force Nexus with an urge so great it nearly ached, a physical pain in the pit of her stomach. Once glance over to Therran before he disappeared again into the fog told her that he felt the very same way. 
Their mission changed maddeningly to rescuing a high-level FOSB agent who had crash landed nearby. The trio stomped through the muck to reach her, Varas unaware that Therran plotted her murder if she were to become captured.
They were not alone when they reached Emilia.
"Halt and identify yourself.” She heard the echoing voice from across the swamp. Varas froze where she was and attempted Force Sight now, focusing her vision on her mind’s eye to cut through the gloom and identify the enemy. And sure enough, the clone could see their silhouettes clearly now, but no details. Still, two enemies and likely not native inhabitants. No, not barking out a soldier’s question like that.
Varas ignited her own lightsaber, Kyrel Ren’s cast off. The blade was cursed, she’d known that for some time, and occasionally it filled her with horrible, wrenching visions of her father’s past. What the weapon would do when smothered by the strength of the darkside near the Force Nexus, she did not know, but held a sense of foreboding that in addition to losing her life here in the fetid swamp, she might also lose her mind. It made little sense to show her position, but Varas reasoned that she could at least try and confuse the two Alliance soldiers momentarily taking the pressure off of Emilia.
“Step away from her!” shouted Varas from across the swamp. “You are surrounded by at least two hundred stormtroopers who have their blasters trained on you.” While it was not the truth, disinformation mixed with the swamp vapors, mixed with the permeation of the darkside could make anyone - light or dark aligned - confused and disoriented.

#1718189 Hello SWRp Chaos :)

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 27 January 2018 - 08:12 AM

Welcome to Chaos! Velcerd13

#1717706 The Temple of Pain...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 26 January 2018 - 05:10 PM

(OOC: I'll be slow due to other commitments so please move on without me :))


Olrunn Darr Darth Excidium Vereshin

#1717700 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 26 January 2018 - 05:01 PM

Objective: Exfil invaluable FOSB asset near the Cave of Evil
Allies: First Order, Galactic Empire Therran Graush Kyrel Ren
Enemies: Galactic Alliance
… but killing her father would be complicated as she had realized, and still mourning the loss of her right hand, it was easy for her to back away from any thought of vengeance. Because that’s what the feeling boiled down to. Not a crisis of conscious, nor the urge to save her own skin. Vengeance fueled her desire to eventually kill her father Kyrel Ren. But like flipping a switch on a boiling kettle, she allowed that impulse to settle and stop bubbling.
And finally her mind was a still pool, as calm and thick as the algae-ridden swamp of Dagobah below.
As sensors from the dropship crackled, Varas belted into a seat near the back of the cockpit, closing her eyes. Therran monitored the reports, what little he could glean from the noxious pea-soup of the unpredictable jungle planet’s atmosphere. Suddenly, the FIV Allegience fell silent as though it was the only vessel in space, sinking down and down, until it finally landed in the swamp near the rendezvous point.
As her father pontificated about a traitor, Therran stopped him with a curt reminder that there was no time for chit-chat. Varas assumed the cave was a vision that only she caught wind of, only slightly aware that the darkside began to slowly permeate all of their hearts and souls with its powerful energy.
"The dark side calls,” Graush muttered, and then Varas felt it too, the same Force signature that Kyrel did. “Mishel?” she asked, recalling their duel with interest. But there were other auras scattered among the fog, and the brunette clone honed onto them like radar, almost forgetting the mission of search and rescue that kept them bound together.
“Let’s spread out,” she said instinctively despite both men holding higher rankings than she did. “I know the pull of it is tempting, but we still need to clear the area.”

#1716939 The Temple of Pain...

Posted by Varas Kyrel on 25 January 2018 - 06:20 PM

Rausvas considered herself lucky that she’d arrived on Ziost, still free of her family burden to continue the Sveni lineage within the ranks of The Sith Empire. Presently she was cleaning her father’s expansive study along with an ancient T3-series droid. 
Wikmu had replaced her with another librarian named Ahoikair and for the first three days that Rausvas was back on her homeplanet, she’d convinced the fellow pureblood that she was the Head Librarian and had him scuttling around, fetching her books and stimcaf.
Cleaning Wikmu’s office was punishment for her charade.
“Rausvas, sit down.” Her father stood behind her and she was not sure how long he’d been standing there, so lost in thought she was. “Tomorrow you go to Fresia. You can’t escape your destiny for much longer.”
She knew exactly what he was talking about and began to protest, but stopped when she recalled that she could not set foot on Nar Shaada again. Not with Rabozz’s small bounty on her head.
Besides I’m done fighting and running and scraping by, she mused. Under the care of Wikmu and whoever he had picked out to take her on as an Acolyte, life would be a little less touch and go, right? She’d have square meals and a comfortable bed. I’d have to give up my spice…
“Okay. Whatever you say.” 
His eyebrow stalks quirked upward in surprise, but he gave her a warm grin nonetheless.
Yes, she’d been mistreated by the last Sith Lord, not to mention Rabozz the Hutt. But look how convincingly she’d fooled poor, gullible Ahoikair. Persuasion and street smarts. How much would those come in handy?
While Rausvas could not categorize her unease as fear, a restless, nervous flutter made its home in her stomach, her mind awhirl with the likelihood of danger on such a mysteries and dark-imbued planet such as Fresia.
With no lightsaber and little practical application of the magic she studied for hours on end as a historical archivist on Ziost, the honey-locked pureblood could have been in deep poodoo for all she knew. Her new Master, Darth Excidium and her fellow novitiates were complete strangers. But she and the Sith Lord did know her father, so at least they had that in common.
The blood-curdling howl of a creature broke her away from her self-serving thoughts and into survival mode, but with only a vibro-dagger and blaster as her weapons, she would need to rely on magic alone to save her crimson-hued skin and impress the one who judged with the most discerning green eyes. Rausvas's yellow orbs landed on Olrunn Darr and Vereshin
"Let's begin."