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Varas Kyrel

Varas Kyrel

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A Moon Full of Stars and Astral Cars

21 January 2018 - 04:53 PM

Soundtrack: The Pyramid Song

Location: Caradim, The Pyramid of Ascension




On her last assignment Varas had been dressed as a maintenance engineer. However, the once-gangly and awkward Ren realized her undercover wardrobe was much more comfortable than the last disguise. The fabric was made of synthskin with a light layer of zoosha fabric to protect her from the blazing sun. Seemingly heavy and burdensome to the outsider, the dress felt light and airy, and despite it’s deep purple color, reminded her of something she would see on a Coruscanti red carpet.
A small, black rat-monkey clutched her bony shoulder, riding along on his perch, occasionally pawing at her long black braids. The soft priestess gown whispered along the stone floor of the Pyramid of Ascension.
She was surprised at how many immigrated species walked through the halls of the Pyramid. Yet there seemed to be a marked difference between castes which had been readily seen as she entered the great hall and witnessed a pathetic, emaciated group of humans and near-humans repairing a hole in the structure, dressed in rags, some without sandals on their feet.
Varas had arrived on Caradim to seek esoteric, ancient wisdom and perhaps boost her darkside skills. From elementalism to necromancy to finding the fabled Ancient Eye itself, she’d discussed a trial to bring some type of totem, spell or artifact back for father and daughter to share and perhaps spread the knowledge further within the ranks of the Ren.
"May I be of help to you?" she asked a Higher Priestess offering to carry the impossibly long, bejeweled train of her own gown. The woman nodded silently and Varas stepped carefully behind her, memorizing each twist and turn of the pyramid the best she could.

Kru Zruyk

01 January 2018 - 08:21 PM

Kru Zruyk
RANK: Elite Praetorian Guard
SPECIES: Yuuzhan Vong/Human
AGE: Twenty-six
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’8"
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black and thick
SKIN: Pale pink to orange toned
+ High tolerance to pain
+ Force dead except to extremely Force powerful attacks
+ Well versed in Teräs Käsi
- Arrogant. Even though she from the lowest Vong caste, she still considers herself better than a human.
- Zealous to the First Order and loyal only to Sieger Ren. It’s likely if you aren’t the Supreme Leader or another Elite Praetorian Guard she will double-cross you. 
- Sadistic. Naturally, she’s a Yuuzan Vong.
While Kru may be tolerable to human standards of beauty, due to her human characteristics, she would be considered highly unattractive to the Yuuzan Vong, the race in which she was born. She has a flesh-tone to her skin (unlike the ashen grey of the Vong), a humanoid nose and is not as tall as a normal Vong would be. She has the sapphire eyes of her mother, but the cranial and cheekbone ridges of her father.
Born a half-breed, Kru Zruyk was always an Extolled (or The Shamed One) from the beginning. She only knew her crèche parents until she was fifteen, and then she was told that her father was a Shaper from Domain Shai, and her mother was a slave which he experimented upon and eventually slaughtered after she outgrew her usefulness.
[WIP - more to follow]

A House of Frozen Fire

27 December 2017 - 05:54 PM

*** not long ago***
Pain and then shock from the blood loss. She recalled being hauled away to somewhere safe, somewhere slightly clinical, but it was the most uncomfortable medbay Varas had ever been in. And being a clone, she would never be able to forget the sterile white rooms of Kamino, the low and gentle tones of aliens worrying over her.
Her father was still there. Good.
Cold and bumpy. Loud. A rumble, then a whoosh.
Fire and then blackness.
*** now ***
Her eyes opening slowly, Varas took in her surroundings. She was in a true medical bed and not in the escape pod anymore. There was a little bit of pain, raw and acute, but the phosovane salts fought the ache, dulled her senses and made her brain feel like it was covered in cotton. While much of her memory was gone from the incident on the Itsukusk bridge, but she knew with a sinking feeling that she’d lost her hand. Even before she felt the strange sense of it being there but it wasn’t.
The brunette clone finally worked up the nerve to look at where her hand used to be. There was only metal, no flesh left. She didn’t dare move it, afraid that if she did, something truly terrible would happen like it would fall right off and thunk onto the floor.
The room came more into focus until she saw him.
Her father. Her closest family member. Her only family. And yet something wasn’t right. She gazed up at him, eyelids still droopy from the medicine. Unlike the escape pod the room was overly warm, her blanket too heavy.
“It's a relief to see you," she said plaintively, hoping Kyrel would fill in the long blanks.


25 December 2017 - 11:18 PM

Just letting everyone know I'll be taking a brief LOA to use up some vacation days and spend a little more time with my family over the holidays.


I will continue to post as Varas Kyrel and Morro in the invasion to see it out to its completion, but after that activity will slow until I come back.


Happy Holidays Chaos! :)

Battlefront II Release: Xbox Chaos Party Part Deux

13 November 2017 - 07:25 AM

The pre-order release starts tomorrow with the official release on Friday. Kyrel Ren and I are looking for other Xbox users to play Battlefront II with. If interested, reply below with your gamer tag and we can organize some group missions.


My gamer tag is Scotty808


Tagging everyone who participated in the Beta: The Matador Tanomas Graf Zul Grimm Kayrce