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Varas Ren

Varas Ren

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#1861750 Ambition & Avarice | First Order Dominion of Tibrin Hex

Posted by Varas Ren on Yesterday, 04:35 PM

Location: Resort, Tibrin
Objective: Have fun
Post: 6
The starfish had a gooey, prickly feel, but it moved slowly, and as Varas turned her hand to the side, the echinoderm did not slide off but clung, its survival instincts kicking in against gravity. Wide eyes following the creature, she gently sat it back down into the sea.
With the free hand that wasn’t now holding the camera, the brunette clone reached into the pocket of her romper shorts.
“Someone at the resort, gave these to me and said that the parrots are fond of eating them.” 
She held out small pieces of a bright, dried yellow-hued fruit to show Primat. “They smell sweet, but I haven’t tried to eat one yet. Shall we?”
The two took a path off of the main resort that lead into the jungle. The shade from the tree canopy above them, quickly blocked out the sun, causing the picturesque area before them to darken, mist rising from the leafy ground. The jungle was considerably quieter though the faint rush of the tide coming in could be heard in the background.
“Look,” Varas whispered, nudging Primat playfully and pointing.
A low branch was dotted with colorful red and blue parrots, quite crowded with them actually. “Maybe they’re used to getting fed here. They seemed to be expecting us. Want to try?” 

#1861140 In need of a break

Posted by Varas Ren on 17 September 2018 - 09:08 AM

Totally get where you are coming from at times. Be well and get some rest. <3



#1860156 Ambition & Avarice | First Order Dominion of Tibrin Hex

Posted by Varas Ren on 15 September 2018 - 04:32 PM

Location: Resort, Tibrin
Objective: Have fun
With: Primat Ren
Post: 5
Soundtrack: Your Lovin’
In the distance, Varas could hear the rhythmic tapping of bongos or some other type of island drums. All senses were suddenly assaulted with the pleasure of island life - her lover in front of her tentatively circling around, trying to make out the best way to catch the sea creature, the water lapping on her smooth calves, the sun warming her face and the drums tapping out a conga-like beat. 
She held the camera up and said, “Smile!”
Varas pointed the holo-recorder down at the water and seeing all of the colorful fish, exclaimed: “Primat this depth would be great for snorkeling!” Oh whoops, you're supposed to be filming him and obviously keeping quiet as my babbling on would just ruin the footage.
Focusing on her lover she watched him gently place the creature into his hand, and now he held it out for her to hold it. Holding the camera in one hand - as steady as she could get it - she turned her palm upward, and Primat put the exotic starfish into it.
“It’s so beautiful,” she said in a whisper, fascinated and unafraid. Pointing the camera back up at him, she caught his sheepish grin, so adorable and heart-warming at that moment. “Good job, baby. Maybe we can find a parrot next!”

#1860152 Returning Home

Posted by Varas Ren on 15 September 2018 - 04:10 PM

“I can’t wait,” Varas responded. A line of speeder taxis suddenly appeared all vying for the couple’s credits. The Knight of Ren flagged the first one, driven by a female Chiss. She climbed into the back to let Primat negotiate with the driver and give her directions.
“I’m flattered, baby,” she said to him, using a pet name, one she’d picked up from a holomovie. Sweetie, honey, pateesa, pet, mesh’la, dear. Those had been considered, but baby just flowed the best off of her tongue. “I-I want to be your family no matter where we are stationed.”
Thinking of family as they began the journey to Primat’s parent’s farm, Varas thought about how she would describe her own parents. Biting her lower lip in consternation, she mused on this for awhile, pensively glancing out of the window. “So I am planning to be somewhat truthful to your mother and father about my parents. Tmoxin, my mother is a politician for the Confederacy and Kyrel? I guess I will call him by his familial name, Thomas and explain that he is a man from Dossun. Not quite sure how to explain the estrangement. Maybe we can say they both didn’t approve of our desire to help the Peace Corps in dangerous war zones?”

#1859233 Returning Home

Posted by Varas Ren on 13 September 2018 - 11:28 AM

Dark brows furrowed in concentration, Varas listened carefully to Primat. He was right in a way about Sieger and the Ren leadership. Maybe her grievances with the First Order had to do with politics and not necessarily with ideology.
As the shuttle dove into a bumpy landing, cutting off the discussion for a moment, once they hit the solid ground of the launch pad, the clone said, “I guess… I don’t even know what the right way of doing things is.”
But soon her gaze was distracted to the beautiful city before them, the towering skyscrapers, horizon dotted with starships, transports and even birds. “Wow, I didn’t realize that Akarr was so big. The way you described Tamora… well, I expected more of an agricultural world.” She slung her bag across her shoulder, the strap so long that her belongings nearly brushed the ground. Varas looked over at Primat studying his expression, which she found hard to read. She knew he was excited, but his wonderment of Akarr seemed a little different than hers. Was there a wistful nostalgia there imprinted upon his features? Was he nervous?
As she waited to see if they were getting picked up or would need to hail a speeder, she asked, “Do you ever get homesick? I mean, not know obviously, but when we’re at the Bastion or something?”

#1858892 Song Dedication thread!

Posted by Varas Ren on 12 September 2018 - 05:13 PM

Primat Ren

#1858728 Ambition & Avarice | First Order Dominion of Tibrin Hex

Posted by Varas Ren on 12 September 2018 - 08:32 AM

Location: Resort, Tibrin
Objective: Have fun
With: Primat Ren
Post: 4
Calf-deep in the water, as she watched Primat jog down to meet her, she thought about the Kaminoan “family” she’d had. At the time, Varas had resented them. The pale, long-necked aliens, while not cold and unfeeling, frightened her and drove her to nearly impossible feats on her new clone legs. But in hindsight she thought fonder of them. The Knight did not miss them, but her anger and confusion towards her situation of being born a clone had been smoothed over by just participating in life as a part of the Order.
Once Primat arrived, she pulled out her datapad, juggling it in her hands so she didn’t drop it into the sea - the device was tough but probably couldn’t survive being waterlogged in the beautiful blue ocean. She wished Marriskcal Lati was here so she could frolic around with Varas.
“There’s one. Look at it, Brother! It’s so colorful.” The brunette pointed to a small magenta and cerulean starfish minding its own business below their feet. “I feel bad having to disturb it, but you did say you were good at catching these things.” 
Her smile could not be any wider.

#1857834 Returning Home

Posted by Varas Ren on 10 September 2018 - 02:45 PM

Right away, Varas noticed Primat’s jumpiness. Oh my poor sweet brother, she thought. He’s really nervous about this trip. She welcomed the kiss as a chance to ease his fears, letting her lips linger upon his as long as he would let them. This always left her a little breathless as being alone with him seemed like such a novelty.
“I think so,” she said. “It’s a nice fantasy to believe in doing good for once. Not that the Order is evil…”
I mean were they? Really good? Varas liked to believe the First Order’s values mirrored her own, but who was to say when she’d been specifically created in a laboratory to fight on their behalf.
Breaking through the atmosphere always made her stomach lurch just a little, but once Tamora grew closer, the round ball of light in the view port hypnotized her for a minute, until she asked, “Do you think the First Order strives for good? Do you ever think about what we do and wonder if we’re on the wrong side?”

#1857476 Ambition & Avarice | First Order Dominion of Tibrin Hex

Posted by Varas Ren on 09 September 2018 - 05:50 PM

Location: Resort, Tibrin
Objective: Have fun
Post: 3
“Oh Primat, must you make me speak Kaminoan on the spot?”
Varas wrinkled her nose at him playfully, thought for a minute and said, “ La tee lo iiaasotee so laso sodoh.” She let out a musical laugh and continued, “It means, I bet you can’t catch a sea-mouse, much less a starfish.
Sipping the rest of her pina colada so fast, her mouth on the straw made that rattling noise when only ice was left at the bottom of the glass, the brunette clone stood and said, “I saw some starfish earlier by those flat shoals. Race you?”
And without waiting for him to respond, Varas took off towards the water, feet kicking up behind her like a wild horse on the sand. She stopped when she got to the turquoise sea, turned around and waved her arms frantically, shouting, “There are like hundreds of them here! All different colors too!”
Close or afar, sweet or teasing, Varas was falling deeply for this man, and she wanted to make sure every second she spent with him on the resort was full of fun, pleasure and love. Their time together always felt incredibly short. How to make it last was a constant negotiation in her mind.

#1857418 Balance the Edge of Order [The First Order & Atrisian Commonwealth]

Posted by Varas Ren on 09 September 2018 - 03:59 PM

Varas was completely content to remain in the background, though a small part of her did wish for sudden violence to break out if only to punctuate the monotony that appeared to be two or three dignitaries hammering out some political thing or another.  
A pause in the conversation was thankfully provided by the strange sight of a giant field of green crops. Medicinal? A biological weapon of some sort? Dark bota… sounded like some sort of spice.
The thick layer of Bogan upon the planet warped her senses, instilling a hatred and scorn inside of her which only amplified as the minutes ticked on. The blade at her side called to her like it sometimes did, the whisper of it tickling her ear until she heard her name upon the wind. 
That was not Kyrel’s lightsaber. That was the young nobleman talking.
The brunette Knight blinked and stared at the agronwood pipe. Assuming it wasn’t poison, her curiosity piqued and she said, “If I’m understanding this correctly, you are offering a taste of Dark Bota. To us?”
Varas stepped forward and addressed Mythos, her green eyes flicking back and forth to this enigmatic Lord Mythos, to Primat and Marr, and then finally Lucius.
"I'll try it. Primat, would you like to try it with me?"

#1857251 Returning Home

Posted by Varas Ren on 09 September 2018 - 06:24 AM

Hummmmmmmmmmm. Rrrrrrr. Rrrrrr. CRASH!
For the days leading up to her trip to Tamora, Varas focused on saber training with two fresh Disciples of the Order, anything to distract herself from the excitement. She would be traveling with Primat - alone! Alone! The entire upcoming trip seemed too perfect to be true, and the brunette Knight worried that someone was going to snatch it away like a well-earned piece of chocolate cake after a week of fasting.
Now they were in the shuttle on the way and Varas was much more relieved than nervous. This was actually happening!
She put a hand on Primat’s bouncing knee to steady it. “I’m more excited than anxious. And I can’t wait to meet your parents, truly.” Though Varas’s words were genuine, her tone gentle, she worried slightly that she would feel a strange envy over her lover’s upbringing.
But instead of feeling so poignantly estranged from your own parents, could you adopt his as your own, she wondered?
“I hope they like me,” she said, voicing only a sliver of the doubt in her mind. Like her lover she wore a casual outfit, mostly black, and not quite sure what the temperature would be when they landed, she’d brought a soft jacket which hung in the crook of her arm. Furthermore, the couple’s subterfuge was twofold. On one hand they had to lie to the Ren to make it seem like they were searching for intelligence on rebel forces and Jedi on Tamora, and then on the other, they would have to completely not mention the Ren to his parents and pretend they just met…
“Wait, what is our story again? Where did you and I meet?”
Oh poodoo, I'm going to completely kark this up.

#1857021 Ambition & Avarice | First Order Dominion of Tibrin Hex

Posted by Varas Ren on 08 September 2018 - 05:34 PM

Location: Resort, Tibrin
Objective: Have fun
Post: 2
But the pina colada was such a nice pairing with the sun and sand! Varas could not help but drink it too fast, giving herself a serious brain freeze more than once.
The brunette laughed at Primat’s attempt at the Ishi Tib tongue. “I’m not great with alien languages either, though I can speak a little Kaminoan.” It was a clone thing obviously.
The mischievous grin that her Brother gave her enticed her into considering another drink so she would eliminate the nagging worry that someone on the resort would see them carousing, eventually flirting more intimately and then kissing, but as Varas looked around them she noticed that no one really seemed to care. The location was so beautiful that all of the guests were absorbed into their own experiences - little attention was paid to the two handsome lovers. To punctuate this reckless feeling, Primat kissed her on the forehead causing her to give him the biggest smile.
“Thank you,” she said to the compliment, her hand touching her face where his lips had been. “I’m really interested to witness your starfish catching technique. Maybe I’ll take a holo of it for posterity,” she laughed, picking up her datapad. In addition to the physical sensations and emotional closeness that Primat provided, Varas felt she was growing into the woman she wanted to become, hoping to leave the awkward clone behind. She didn't want to leave this idyllic paradise, though it was inevitable.

#1856634 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Varas Ren on 07 September 2018 - 04:38 PM

Location: Ballroom, Blakeslee Falls Estate
Objective: Make a hasty exit
If anyone in the upper echelons of the Ren could see the pair, alarm bells might have gone off, the same as they did when her father had warned her of getting too emotionally attached. Sighing and holding Primat as they swayed to the music, Varas realized that she was too far gone in her dependence. To pull away from her Brother would be far too painful and what purpose would it serve? 
Appeasing her callous creator? Ministering to Sieger Ren, a figure she barely knew and had no demonstrative connection to? They might as well both be statues! Cold stone or marble, standing only as a reminder of all of the things she wanted but could not have.
Varas did not want Primat to witness the frustration on her face over these thoughts.
“I do,” she said, attempting a smile before she took his hand again and headed towards the exit. As a serving droid rolled close, a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice atop its flat-head, the Knight of Ren snatched the bottleneck so they’d be able to enjoy its sweet, bubbly contents once they piled into the speeder limousine.
~~ sortir en vitesse ~~

#1856006 Ambition & Avarice | First Order Dominion of Tibrin Hex

Posted by Varas Ren on 06 September 2018 - 05:48 AM

Location: Resort, Tibrin
Objective: Have fun
With: Primat Ren
Post: 1
Varas sipped from the straw of a frosty pina colada. “It’s sweet.” Her smile attested to the fact that she enjoyed it very much. “Like you,” the Knight said as she leaned over so no one would hear that proclamation. She had tried the coconut-flavored drink one previous time when she’d gone gambling on Pho during a reckless phase where she would sneak out of the Mustafar castle and carouse the night away.
Freckles had emerged on her pale skin from the bright sun which bathed the colorful resort in a golden light. With her slender fingers, she plucked a sliver of pineapple off of the glass rim and placed it in her mouth.
“And I think you’re saying it right? But can you say it in Tibranese?” She clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, mimicking the strange language of the Ishi Tib.
Varas wore a striped romper with a black, bandeau bikini underneath, but her skin was still relatively alabaster due to the amount of time the two Ren spent training indoors or out on the field in full armor. Still her dark locks were wavy and sun-kissed, bringing out the half-Hapan radiance in her demeanor. She wore her mother’s grace well today and felt only mildly clumsy compared to her normal awkwardness in social situations.
“What should we do today? I hear there’s a jungle nearby.” The brunette clone swirled the little umbrella around in her drink, realizing that it was quite strong for the day. She resolved to have only one so that she and Primat, who looked quite adorable in a casual denim shirt and shorts, could explore the resort and go exotic bird-watching.

#1855746 Song Dedication thread!

Posted by Varas Ren on 05 September 2018 - 05:32 PM