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Katarine Ryiah

Katarine Ryiah

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#1911033 Went to a garden party (Invite)

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 06 February 2019 - 08:59 PM

Her bright green eyes lit up when she saw her old friend. It was very rare that Kat got time to socialize with people she had know. So many were spread out now, and as an investigator Kat was usually undercover anyway.

“It’s good to see you too. Please sit. I ordered us some punch.”

No sooner had she mentioned it than a droid brought out fruity drinks in coconuts with little umbrellas.

“How are you? There have been rumors you got married and have children now?” She was so happy when she had heard he was doing well.

Kahne Porte

#1910439 Went to a garden party (Invite)

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 05 February 2019 - 04:30 AM

Spira was beautiful. It seemed like no matter how the galaxy changed, and who owned what, some planets would remain jewels of beaches and warm sand.

Katarine was sitting at a small table and for once did not have on her customary flight pants and jacket. She hat chosen instead shorts and a T-shirt over her swim wear. The water was wonderful and the scene picture perfect.

While Eli was catching up with an old friend Kat had decided to do the same. She was actually waiting to have lunch with a face she had not seen in a long time.

Kahne Porte

#1886656 Zedious

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 28 November 2018 - 02:08 PM

That is what worries me... Zedious

#1885840 Angelic

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 26 November 2018 - 03:22 PM


  • Intent: This is to help fill in the Ryiah history. It's just for character development. This is a story I developed since 2007 on a few different boards. I would just like to continue it here.
  • ​Image Credit: N/A They appear human
  • Canon: Not Canon
  • Links: N/A


  • Name: Angelic
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Aviprine | http://starwarsrp.ne...38615-aviprine/
  • Language: Galactic Basic / Enochian
  • Average Lifespan: 200 Standard Years
  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique
  • Description:

The Angelic appear human. A noticeable difference is their musical voices and the way their skin gives a soft glow. Their hair and skin come in varieties from black to white. Upon first glance the Angelic look completely human, with the only noticeable difference being the sheen of their skin and their bright eyes.






  • Breathes: Type 1
  • Average height of adults: 1.5 meters - 1.8 meters
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Black, White, Tan,
  • Hair color: Blonde, Brown, Red, Black, White
  • Distinctions:

Their skins give off a faint glow right from birth. This can either be a dark shadow or a bright white light. 
 Lightsiders give off a faint white light while darksiders give off a dark shadow light. Their eyes also glow these colors. When they wish, they can appear to have wings made of the white glow or the dark shadow.


  • Races:

  ◦ Dark Angels - give off a faint shadow and have an affinity for the darkside

  ◦ Light Angels - give off a faint white light and have an affinity for the lightside

  ◦ Doppelgangers - (Rare. Only 2 known) Can change their glow from shadow to light


  • Strengths:

 + Musical voices make them easy to talk to and persuade others. Others are fascinated by their sound and their beauty

+ Age slower than humans so their lifespan is longer

+ Slightly faster than average humans


+ Flight


+ Faster healing than normal humans


  • Weaknesses:

- Unable to be "grey" in the Force. Must be either dark or light

- Emotional creatures can easily be distracted and make rash decisions based on feelings.

- Despite their heavenly name, they are mortal and can die.

- They are weak to harm just as humans are. What can hurt a human can also hurt an Angelic.

- Struggle with technology



  • Diet: Standard Human Diet
  • Communication: Talking, Writing, Hieroglyphics (Enochian) The Force
  • Technology level: Very primitive. They have electricity and the rulers of the planet have airships but the common people live in villages with none of these things.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Angels are monotheistic. The god they worship they sometimes refer to as “Invari” and is believed to be the creator of the entire galaxy. The Force is thought to be a manifestation of the Invari’s will, and is a great power that the Invari blessed the Angels with.

Angel Creation Story:

The Invari was lonely in the Heavens so he made two Angels, a light female and a dark male. These angels were to keep him company and be his greatest creations. As the Angelic prospered and began to have families of their own, the Invari created Aviprine for them to have a home.  Unfortunately being so far away from the Invari corrupted the Angelic, and soon the light and dark Angels began to war against each other.


Doppelganger Prophecy:

The Angelic believe that the two original Angelic will be reborn and bring peace to the warring sides of light and dark.


  • General behavior: There is a wide variety of behaviors in the Angelic. For example temperament and personality vary with the individual Angelic. A few generalizations can be made for the entire race.



Family Life: Angelic are typically family oriented. They desire strong ties between their family members. Mates are almost always the same orientation as the Angelic, lightside or darkside. The only exception is that of the Doppelgangers, who wed each other and bring balance to the Angelic. Arranged marriages are typically how mates are chosen for the Angelic. Angelic families often travel all over Aviprine to find suitable mates for their offspring. Children are taught the ways of the Force, either the lightside or darkside depending on if the Angelic parents are light or dark. Children are considered adults on their 17th birthday when they go through the claiming ceremony. This ceremony consists of the Angelic seeking solitude and meditating for days alone. After the meditation the Angelic will have fully embraced the light or the dark, as Angelic cannot be grey in the Force. After the child has been claimed by either the light or the dark they are considered and adult and the Angelic community celebrates. This can be especially stressful during times of war between the light and dark Angels, with children feeling pressure to conform to their family’s orientation or risk being cast out of the family.


Interactions with Others: Angelic are often viewed as mysterious by other races. The soft glow of their skin, and their musical voices make them seem almost supernatural to other races. Though they typically look human, they are very off-putting to real humans who can tell the Angelic isn’t quite the same. Their supernatural beauty and grace can either be captivating or freakish to other species of the galaxy.  Another factor that adds to other species view of them is the fact that the Angelic struggle with technology. The galaxy is so technological advanced, but Aviprine is not, so many Angelic struggle in the outside galaxy.




The ancient history of the Angelic is unknown. Legends say they fell from the Heavens after a great disturbance in the Force, but there is no documentation to support this. Written accounts of their history begin with a Holy War waged on Aviprine between the Dark Angels and the Light Angels. This war lasted centuries and claimed the lives of almost every Angelic in existence. After centuries of fighting Zedious Ryiah, a dark Angel fell in love with a light Angel named Isabella. Their marriage helped stop the fighting between the two sides. For a short period there was peace and Isabella gave birth to sons.


During the peaceful times Aviprine began to flourish again. The war torn villages started rebuilding and the local populations began to trust the few remaining Angelic once more. Life went on until a devious Dark Mistress named Lady Sinistra began her quest to hunt the remaining Angelic. Lady Sinistra hunted the Angelic to near extinction, until only a handful survived. Using ancient magic, Lady Sinistra possessed the body of one of the remaining Angelic named Anastasia Darkrose. To keep the bloodline of the Angelic pure, Troy Ryiah entered into an arranged marriage with Anastasia , not knowing that the woman he was marrying was taken over by a cunning Dark Jedi.The two wed and gave birth to twins Katarine and Daxium Ryiah.


When Troy realized what was happening to his bride he performed an exorcism to banish the Dark Jedi spirit. During the ritual Anastasia told Troy of a prophecy she had witnessed. The prophecy stated that Doppelgangers of the original angels would be able to restore their race and lift their fallen companions back to the Heavens. She believed her own children, Katarine and Daxium to be the doppelgangers the prophecy spoke of. From that moment on Anastasia made it her mission to raise Katarine and Daxium as strong Force users so they could rescue the rest of the Angelic who had perished.


Unfortunately in her desire to do this Anastasia became cruel and obsessed with her children's holy mission. She tried to teach them the darkside, and while her son Daxium excelled in this, her daughter Katarine was too pure of heart to embrace the darkside. As soon as Katarine could she fled Aviprine and joined the Jedi. Dax has hunted Katarine relentlessly to fulfill the prophecy that his sister does not believe in. During this hunt a fellow Jedi named Alphonse Haven killed Troy Ryiah, leaving Katarine and Daxium as the only known Angelic left in the galaxy.Anastasia's fate remains a mystery.

#1885801 It has come to this...

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 26 November 2018 - 01:17 PM

Welcome Rycherd Alistair

#1883538 Drops Of Jupiter OOC

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 20 November 2018 - 08:55 PM

Finley Dawson I left it open so that you could be dusting for prints or you could be scanning the market or researching the stone. Hope that helps you get in

#1844541 hi

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 13 August 2018 - 02:57 PM

It's so nice to see you here! 

#1838868 Making a New Character and Looking for Inspiration

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 03 August 2018 - 10:48 AM

I'm making a new character but I would like to have a few stories lined up to help flesh it out.Maybe some people who knew the character before or maybe someone is wanting to also start a new character so we can be posting buddies? 


Depending on who answers and what they want to do I can be swayed in different ways. I haven't solidified many details yet because I want to see who bites.

#1835158 This is How an Angel Cries (Eli)

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 28 July 2018 - 05:08 PM

Katarine hated politicians. They lied and conned and politics itself was boring and difficult to follow. Maybe it was her upbringing. Her parents had beat every aspect of running a kingdom into her head and politicians all felt like they were running their own little kingdoms. That being said she was sure to hate this mission on principle so it wasn't a surprise she was in a bad mood.What was surprising is why.


They were on a smaller backwater planet that supplied the Silver Jedi with much needed fuel. Because of this the royal family and the people of the planet could call upon the Jedi for help when needed and it was certainly needed now. There had been an assassination attempt on the princesses life. Now all of the royal family was in protective custody and Katarine got the fun job of protecting the little brat. Well she wasn't exactly little. The girl was nineteen and pretty and dainty and absolutely adored her Jedi protectors.One of them anyway.That was probably the source of Kat's bad mood more than anything.


Princes Elsa had made a big deal of thanking Eli for coming and wasted no time hugging him and telling him she felt "oh so safe already." The king had thanked them both but Elsa had done nothing but order Kat around since they got there, or completely ignore her and fawn over "how big and brave" Eli was.Honestly if the assassins didn't get to it quickly Kat might do the job for them.


She was sitting at a small table outside Elsa's bedroom. Eli was securing the perimeter. This was their first night there and so far security was up to code. The people did a good job here and so far they weren't able to sniff out any political grudges. Whoever had tried the assassination hadn't left any clues behind, which meant they planned very well or got very lucky.


The door to Elsa's bedroom opened and Katarine stood up.Elsa emerged in an elegant sleeping gown that showed way too much cleavage. She had make up on and her hair was done in neat blond spirals.


"Is something wrong Princess Elsa?"


Elsa looked disappointed that Kat was outside her room."Oh no. I just wanted to check and make sure the Jedi were here."


"We are here. We aren't going anywhere. You should have nothing to worry about."


"Where is that other Jedi? Jedi Corsair? I'd feel a lot better if he could come say goodnight to me."


Kat gritted her teeth and tried to smile. "Corsair is making sure the rest of the palace is safe for you. You should really get some sleep."


"Could you send him in when he gets back? I expect I won't be able to sleep until I know he's out here protecting me."  She smiled and returned to her room.



When Eli finally did arrive back in the royal chamber Kat had a look of murder on her face, which she wasn't doing an adequate job of hiding at all. "Her majesty has requested you visit her bedside."



Ellion Corsair


#1802926 Dressed to Kill - SJO Dominion of the Umbara Hex

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 06 June 2018 - 03:36 PM

Objective: Ghost Hunters
Location: Mining Facility, Altoa
Standing Within Earshot (but not eyesight of) :Yuroic Xeraic Suna Gallia Dajara Boshtet Sigrid Forsberg
Standing Right Next To: Gianna Aegis and Minerva Vessia


Everything went dark and they were joined by a new Jedi.Katarine cussed internally to herself. She really wanted to return to the ship, and at least get medical supplies. They could hear the others were in trouble and she didn't want it coming off that she couldn't follow simple orders or that she thought she was better than standing by the ship.


"Now what?"

#1800575 Dressed to Kill - SJO Dominion of the Umbara Hex

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 04 June 2018 - 12:30 AM

Objective: Ghost Hunters
Location: Mining Facility Landing Platform, Atoa
Post: 5
Minerva Vessia

Katarine followed the woman, thinking in her head as she did so that this situation was odd. She could feel darkness radiating off the woman yet they were working together. The galaxy was such a different place than the one she remembered.

Minerva was right and soon enough they could see the others. Katarine turned to the woman and smiled uncertainly.

“My orders are to wait with the ship but the party is just up there and they said for you to join them. “

This all felt so odd to Kat.

#1800539 Cale Gunderson

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 03 June 2018 - 11:27 PM

This character looks really cool

#1800531 Dressed to Kill - SJO Dominion of the Umbara Hex

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 03 June 2018 - 11:19 PM

Objective: Ghost Hunters

Location: Mining Facility Landing Platform, Atoa

Post: 4

Tags: Minerva Vessia


They walked towards the entrance, the droid trotting along behind them.The woman question made her think.Was she with the Silver Jedi? She was more like an intern, trying to figure out her place in the galaxy."A few weeks I think.Time flies when you are having fun. "


She could feel the darkness in the cave. It wasn't the easiest to digest, especially given her particular weakness."Any idea where the others are?"She hadn't ever intended to come into the cave.

#1800420 Dressed to Kill - SJO Dominion of the Umbara Hex

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 03 June 2018 - 10:53 PM

Objective: Ghost Hunters

Location: Mining Facility Landing Platform, Atoa

Post: 3


Kat watched as the woman helped up the droid and then suggested they head inside.  "Actually I'm supposed to wait by the ship in case they need a quick getaway." She frowned as the comm went out. It didn't sound good.


"I guess we could at least make sure they are okay.I can always come back.Come on Clumsy." The droid whirred angrily.It didn't appreciate the nickname.



Minerva Vessia

#1800094 Dressed to Kill - SJO Dominion of the Umbara Hex

Posted by Katarine Ryiah on 03 June 2018 - 04:35 PM

Location: Mini Facility Landing Platform - Near Ship

Post #: 2

Objective : Ghost Hunter



It was quiet, well unless you counted the noise of her teeth chattering. She was just about to go back inside the ship, and find a blanket to wait by, when a lot happened at once. There was steam, and did she see green mist or was that in her imagination?Then suddenly poof there was a woman there, speaking to her. Katjumped in fright.Maybe this place really was haunted! The droid seemed to think so.It whirled and buzzed and went zooming towards the ship, where it hit the side of the ship, and fell over.It was now struggling to stand up with the ice below its wheels. 


"Umm hi. Yea the Silver Jedi are here. "She was looking at Minerva Vessia as if she was a ghost. She looked almost familiar, yet not.


She picked up her comm unit and messaged the others.  "I have a member of the Confederacy here. Offering assistance. Awaiting orders." Suna GalliaYuroic Xeraic Dajara Boshtet Sigrid Forsberg