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Katarine Ryiah

Katarine Ryiah

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29 November 2018 - 07:56 PM


  • Intent: This is to fill in Ryiah family backstory. I've written they are from a planet with little technology, and I'd like to actually create it. I don't have huge goals for it. I'd just like it to appear in personal roleplays and be a home for Dax and other members of his family.
  • ​Image Credit: No image
  • Canon: No
  • Links: N/A


  • Planet Name: Aviprine
  • Demonym: Aviprinian
  • Region: Unknown Regions
  • System Name: Aviprine System
  • System Features:
    • Moons: KItra and Sora.
    • Sun: Zed
    • Other Planets in System: None
    • Astroid belts, spatial anomalies, other features: N/A
    • Rotational Period: 25 hours
    • Orbital Period: 400 days
  • Coordinates: S8
  • Major Imports: Medicine, Minor Technologies
  • Major Exports: N/A
    • Aviprine is a very primitive planet. The villages grow their own food. There isn't really riches on the world. There are mines for gemstones but they aren't worth much. It's fertile and can sustain farming, but it has little technology and no cores that would be good for mining. It's basically a backwater farm world.


  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Primary Terrain:
    • Grassland
    • Mountains,
    • Oceans
    • Tundras
    • Forests
    • Rivers
    • Desserts
    • Rain forests
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Major Locations:
    • Castle
      • The castle is the home of the Ryiah Family, which is currently only occupied by Dax Ryiah. It is a small castle with 30 rooms and grounds that include a lake. It is surrounded by a dark forest, which cuts off the castle from the rest of the villages. This castle is being rebuilt, as it was burned to the ground only recently.
    • Assorted Villages
      • These are small villages where the natives live. Dwellings are typically built of stone and are single family occupied. The villages do not have a lot of technology. They rely on farming tools.
    • Temple of the Angels
      • The temple is located upon the castle grounds and is used in religious ceremonies by the Angelic species (under review). It is a small stone square building with hieroglyphics on the walls and candles inside.
    • Crystal Falls
      • Waterfalls located in the southern portion of the planet. These are beautiful and empty into a lake that sustains local fisherman with their catches.
    • Crystal Lake
      • The largest fresh lake on Aviprine, this lake is home to a small fishing village. It is used to supply the villages with fish and seafood. It is also used as a vacation spot for the Ryiah family.


  • Native Species:None
  • Immigrated Species: Cathar & Human & Angelic http://starwarsrp.ne...c/#entry1889149
  • Population: Minimally Populated
  • Demographics:
    • There are scattered villages around the planet that are mostly populated with human and cathar creatures. There are very rarely any other aliens on the planet as it's out of the way and not much of a travel destination. The Cathar and Humans are each about 50% of the villages. The villages are very xenophobic to any non Aviprinian, but they get along well with each other. They prefer to stay on their planet and not interact with the outside galaxy. Cathars and Humans both interact well together on Aviprine, as they are all united in poverty.
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Standard Basic
  • Culture: Live on Avirpine is a struggle. The planet has little in the way of technology and the villagers spend their days doing hard labor. The villagers are either farmers, fishers, or craftsman. There is a yearly festival the planet celebrates to honor their twin moons. During this lunar festival the villagers are allowed to take the day off of their duties. The planet is ruled by a monarchy, with Dax Ryiah being their current king. The riches of the planet belong to the king and most of the villagers struggle to feed their families.
    • Religion: the planet was once inhabited by a species called Angelic. They are worshiped as deities by this planet. The villagers believe in a prophecy known as the doppelganger prophecy. This prophecy states that reincarnations of the original dark and light angels will take form and bring back the other angels that went extinct. After the angels come back Aviprine will flourish and the villagers will not suffer any longer.
    • Sports: A yearly tournament to honor the twin moons is held. There is jousting, circus performers, gambling, sword fights, and races. Villagers have half day work days the whole two weeks, and those competing are allowed to stop their duties to train.


  • Government: Monarchy
  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Wealth: Low: the planet has little technology or natural resources to sell. It's just a farm world.
  • Stability: Medium
    • The monarchy has all of the wealth in the planet. Citizens live in small villages and struggle to make ends meet. They often barter for goods with each-other and struggle to pay taxes for the monarchy.
    • It would be dangerous for a traveler to come because these people have never seen a lot of technology. The monarch holds the only space port and the only means of tech, so the people would be scared and think that any travelers were supernatural and evil because they don't understand the tech. That being said villagers with swords and sticks are easily overpowered by blasters and lightsabers.
    • Dax Ryiah is the current King of Aviprine. The villagers follow his laws and he will execute any who do not. He believes himself to be a divine being while the villagers are just "common mutts" so he is not fussed about their general welfare. 
  • Freedom & Oppression: The villagers believe the king rules because he is a divine being (Angelic: application pending). They follow his law because they believe he is a deity. They fear him and are in awe of him and his family.


  • Military: Foot soldiers wielding ancient weapons such as swords and shields. Would be completely obliterated if invaded. The military is just used to enforce the kings will.
  • Technology: Not technologically advanced. The only space port is located on the castle grounds. Only the monarch has access to most tech. Even weapons such as blasters and vibroblades are rare outside of the castle.


How was the planet discovered?

  • Legends says that the god the Angelic worshiped created the planet so that his children would have a place to live.

How , when & why was planet settled?

  • Angelic grew and prospered on the planet. When the war broke out they separated and went to different places. This happened 300 standard years ago.The Angelic needed servants so they brought Cathar and Humans from their previous homeworld to serve them.

Important Historical Events

  • Doppelganger Prophecy: the birth of twins Dax and Katarine Ryiah is believed to be a fulfillment of this prophecy. When the twins were born the planet rejoiced, believing that the twins would restore the Angelic to rule and create prosperity.
  • Betrayal: Raised as Dark Jedi, Katarine Ryiah was unable to embrace the darkside. She fled the planet, meaning the prophecy went unfulfilled.
  • Death of Angelic: The death of the twins father and the vanishing of their mother meant that Kat and Dax are the only two Angelic known alive in the galaxy. With Kat gone the people are in despair and are ruled by the ruthless Dax alone.


Koga I see you

28 November 2018 - 07:25 PM


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26 November 2018 - 03:22 PM


  • Intent: This is to help fill in the Ryiah history. It's just for character development. This is a story I developed since 2007 on a few different boards. I would just like to continue it here.
  • ​Image Credit: N/A They appear human
  • Canon: Not Canon
  • Links: N/A


  • Name: Angelic
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Aviprine | http://starwarsrp.ne...38615-aviprine/
  • Language: Galactic Basic / Enochian
  • Average Lifespan: 200 Standard Years
  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique
  • Description:

The Angelic appear human. A noticeable difference is their musical voices and the way their skin gives a soft glow. Their hair and skin come in varieties from black to white. Upon first glance the Angelic look completely human, with the only noticeable difference being the sheen of their skin and their bright eyes.






  • Breathes: Type 1
  • Average height of adults: 1.5 meters - 1.8 meters
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Black, White, Tan,
  • Hair color: Blonde, Brown, Red, Black, White
  • Distinctions:

Their skins give off a faint glow right from birth. This can either be a dark shadow or a bright white light. 
 Lightsiders give off a faint white light while darksiders give off a dark shadow light. Their eyes also glow these colors. When they wish, they can appear to have wings made of the white glow or the dark shadow.


  • Races:

  ◦ Dark Angels - give off a faint shadow and have an affinity for the darkside

  ◦ Light Angels - give off a faint white light and have an affinity for the lightside

  ◦ Doppelgangers - (Rare. Only 2 known) Can change their glow from shadow to light


  • Strengths:

 + Musical voices make them easy to talk to and persuade others. Others are fascinated by their sound and their beauty

+ Age slower than humans so their lifespan is longer

+ Slightly faster than average humans


+ Flight


+ Faster healing than normal humans


  • Weaknesses:

- Unable to be "grey" in the Force. Must be either dark or light

- Emotional creatures can easily be distracted and make rash decisions based on feelings.

- Despite their heavenly name, they are mortal and can die.

- They are weak to harm just as humans are. What can hurt a human can also hurt an Angelic.

- Struggle with technology



  • Diet: Standard Human Diet
  • Communication: Talking, Writing, Hieroglyphics (Enochian) The Force
  • Technology level: Very primitive. They have electricity and the rulers of the planet have airships but the common people live in villages with none of these things.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Angels are monotheistic. The god they worship they sometimes refer to as “Invari” and is believed to be the creator of the entire galaxy. The Force is thought to be a manifestation of the Invari’s will, and is a great power that the Invari blessed the Angels with.

Angel Creation Story:

The Invari was lonely in the Heavens so he made two Angels, a light female and a dark male. These angels were to keep him company and be his greatest creations. As the Angelic prospered and began to have families of their own, the Invari created Aviprine for them to have a home.  Unfortunately being so far away from the Invari corrupted the Angelic, and soon the light and dark Angels began to war against each other.


Doppelganger Prophecy:

The Angelic believe that the two original Angelic will be reborn and bring peace to the warring sides of light and dark.


  • General behavior: There is a wide variety of behaviors in the Angelic. For example temperament and personality vary with the individual Angelic. A few generalizations can be made for the entire race.



Family Life: Angelic are typically family oriented. They desire strong ties between their family members. Mates are almost always the same orientation as the Angelic, lightside or darkside. The only exception is that of the Doppelgangers, who wed each other and bring balance to the Angelic. Arranged marriages are typically how mates are chosen for the Angelic. Angelic families often travel all over Aviprine to find suitable mates for their offspring. Children are taught the ways of the Force, either the lightside or darkside depending on if the Angelic parents are light or dark. Children are considered adults on their 17th birthday when they go through the claiming ceremony. This ceremony consists of the Angelic seeking solitude and meditating for days alone. After the meditation the Angelic will have fully embraced the light or the dark, as Angelic cannot be grey in the Force. After the child has been claimed by either the light or the dark they are considered and adult and the Angelic community celebrates. This can be especially stressful during times of war between the light and dark Angels, with children feeling pressure to conform to their family’s orientation or risk being cast out of the family.


Interactions with Others: Angelic are often viewed as mysterious by other races. The soft glow of their skin, and their musical voices make them seem almost supernatural to other races. Though they typically look human, they are very off-putting to real humans who can tell the Angelic isn’t quite the same. Their supernatural beauty and grace can either be captivating or freakish to other species of the galaxy.  Another factor that adds to other species view of them is the fact that the Angelic struggle with technology. The galaxy is so technological advanced, but Aviprine is not, so many Angelic struggle in the outside galaxy.




The ancient history of the Angelic is unknown. Legends say they fell from the Heavens after a great disturbance in the Force, but there is no documentation to support this. Written accounts of their history begin with a Holy War waged on Aviprine between the Dark Angels and the Light Angels. This war lasted centuries and claimed the lives of almost every Angelic in existence. After centuries of fighting Zedious Ryiah, a dark Angel fell in love with a light Angel named Isabella. Their marriage helped stop the fighting between the two sides. For a short period there was peace and Isabella gave birth to sons.


During the peaceful times Aviprine began to flourish again. The war torn villages started rebuilding and the local populations began to trust the few remaining Angelic once more. Life went on until a devious Dark Mistress named Lady Sinistra began her quest to hunt the remaining Angelic. Lady Sinistra hunted the Angelic to near extinction, until only a handful survived. Using ancient magic, Lady Sinistra possessed the body of one of the remaining Angelic named Anastasia Darkrose. To keep the bloodline of the Angelic pure, Troy Ryiah entered into an arranged marriage with Anastasia , not knowing that the woman he was marrying was taken over by a cunning Dark Jedi.The two wed and gave birth to twins Katarine and Daxium Ryiah.


When Troy realized what was happening to his bride he performed an exorcism to banish the Dark Jedi spirit. During the ritual Anastasia told Troy of a prophecy she had witnessed. The prophecy stated that Doppelgangers of the original angels would be able to restore their race and lift their fallen companions back to the Heavens. She believed her own children, Katarine and Daxium to be the doppelgangers the prophecy spoke of. From that moment on Anastasia made it her mission to raise Katarine and Daxium as strong Force users so they could rescue the rest of the Angelic who had perished.


Unfortunately in her desire to do this Anastasia became cruel and obsessed with her children's holy mission. She tried to teach them the darkside, and while her son Daxium excelled in this, her daughter Katarine was too pure of heart to embrace the darkside. As soon as Katarine could she fled Aviprine and joined the Jedi. Dax has hunted Katarine relentlessly to fulfill the prophecy that his sister does not believe in. During this hunt a fellow Jedi named Alphonse Haven killed Troy Ryiah, leaving Katarine and Daxium as the only known Angelic left in the galaxy.Anastasia's fate remains a mystery.

Drops Of Jupiter OOC

19 November 2018 - 10:34 PM

Thread: http://starwarsrp.ne...er-hair-invite/



I will let this be an invite thread so if you are interested in joining please post here.


Premise: an artifact is stolen from a backwater museum. Who is the thief? Who are they working for? Kat is a Jedi investigator and she intends to find out.

With Drops of Jupiter in Her Hair (Invite)

19 November 2018 - 10:33 PM

Ylik - Outside The "Museum of Natural History."






It was raining outside the museum, echoing off the tall chambers where skeletons and other artifacts hung from the ceiling. Katarine was absorbed in a poster on the wall, but she was keeping tabs on what the museum curator was saying to her partner.


"Is there anything missing?"


"Just a stone that's been here forever. It's not worth much. Fraks me why the thief wouldn't take anything else. Tons of gold in the other room."


"Nothing else missing at all?"


"Nope. We don't really get a lot of crime this way. Surprised the Jedi even showed."


"You are pretty close to silver space. It was no trouble. I'll let you know if I need anything else."


She heard the footsteps as she was approached by her partner."I don't think this was an ordinary. The thief was after something in particular."


"I agree. Do you recognize this symbol?"


"No. Should I?"


"It seems familiar. I just can't place it."Kat shook her head.She had a feeling she had seen the symbol before.




If you want to join this thread please post here: http://starwarsrp.ne...of-jupiter-ooc/