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Tmoxin Temi

Tmoxin Temi

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In Topic: Guess I just stumbled in here.

24 December 2018 - 01:38 PM

Welcome to Chaos! DoomGal

In Topic: Are we in a downward spiral/Where have all the Majors gone?

24 December 2018 - 08:26 AM

I'll keep this short. I agree with Lis.


Until writers begin to respect each other OOC, I personally have not and will not enjoy PVP for awhile. Two observations that have lead me to say "no thanks" lately:


- Getting harassed directly in PMs about how a writer's character is gonna wreck mine.

- Invasions being a format for someone to promote their character as the MOST IMPORTANT FIGURE IN THE INVASION and downright ignoring one on one stories in an effort to be some kind of manufactured MVP. The grandstanding is tiresome.


I'm not claiming to be perfect myself, but until the above changes, my forays into invasions, skirmishes and PVP will be limited unfortunately. I'm not saying we all have to like each other, but a little respect goes a long way.

In Topic: A Very Kenway Christmas [CIS and Allies Life Day Party]

24 December 2018 - 07:22 AM

Location: Kenway Keep
Wearing: White dress and red heels
There to meet: Caesar Kenway
The galaxy holiday adopted from Wookiee culture, Life Day, always promised to be a week-long affair with cheer, gifts to cherished ones, comfort food and lots and lots of alcohol. Tmoxin rarely mixed with the rank and file but she made an exception for her loyal Morpho Security Team, so after hosting a quiet, informal party at her ranch for the soldiers who’d served her for so many years, she set out in the Sovereign Stingray to Kenway’s Keep for a lavish Viceroyal fete at the Minister of War’s palace.
She’d met him once during an assignment to loot an Imperial holdout on the Void Station asteroid, only recalling that he had a flair for the dramatic, which on some level she appreciated especially at a huge event like this one. Perhaps during battle itself she appreciated it less, but with her lightsaber safely secured on her ship and security thick both inside and outside of the palace, the red haired Hapan eased into a relaxed stroll as she walked through the entrance. She wore a festive, white dress, slightly provocative with peekaboo lace on the bodice and sleeves and a pair of shiny, candy-red six inch stilettos, and located the table which would seat Minister Kenway, and then not bothering with seating arrangements or formalities such as that, boldly walked to that specific table and nestled in beside the Chief Metal Lord, but with one empty chair between them. Perhaps her obnoxious sense of entitlement had only gotten worse as she grew older, but in the last year she’d launched a successful rebellion upon her home planet of Hapes, re-establishing the Hapan Heritage Council as an advisory committee to the Queen herself. If she could manage to find a way to make a bid for the monarchy she would, but for now she bid her time in that regard.
She’d brought a gift for Minister Kenway, an ornate and antique Hapan lute from the era of the first Queen Mother, Ta’a Chume. Also in typical do-what-she-pleased style, the Viceroyal of Lok did not place her present under the tree, but clutched it upon her lap as she wanted to hand deliver it to Minister Kenway.
She ordered a glass of champagne from one of the servers, noting it was still early, though guests began to stream in at a steady pace.


In Topic: First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

05 December 2018 - 11:52 AM

My apologies also - I'm very busy IRL and my posting speed is hindered. Anyone who is interacting with Tmoxin should expect a slower pace.


Ella Nova

In Topic: Seven Moons Rising (CIS Trade Expo, open by invitation)

27 November 2018 - 06:47 PM

Location: Second Floor
Directly playing a sabacc round: KeCholo Shoma Ike Zai Avery @Darth Tactitus
Once she’d had more than enough Smuggler’s Red, the urge to produce a winning hand would trump all else for Tmoxin, however she was not necessarily at the table this very moment for the art of the game but the art of the deal.
While her cards were playable, she lay them face down upon the felted table and said, “I will also fold.”
Besides, this way with her head not in the game, the redhead Hapan could greet others that entered the room. “I feel as though we’ve met before,” she remarked to Fiolette, knowing full well who the woman was. Tmoxin made it a habit to keep tabs on all of the notable female figures in the galaxy and Admiral Raaf had an impressive enough record that she’d taken notice of the officer’s career.
The Bothan servant scuttled to and fro, huffing with a fastidious mumble, serving the newly arriving guests to the second floor. “Why yes it has, Ms. Raaf.” Again, Tmoxin’s memory failed her on when or where she’d met Taeli. She only hoped it was not as a foe and had to assume it was given the woman’s benevolent smile.
She watched KeCholo bet and then turned to Ella Nova , the woman’s beauty as stunning as ever. “Great minds think alike,” Tmoxin quipped noting that Ms. Nova also folded her hand.
Amethyst Atreides and Darth Tacitus slid into the room just in time to make it into this round of betting. “Pull up some chairs. We are all friends here.”
Like her Blood Monarch moniker - one of which she went by as an officer in the One Sith Army - the Hapan sat in her chair regally as though she were Ta'a Chume herself. For now she just presided quietly over the gathering, watching the game and the guests with interest.