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Tmoxin Temi

Tmoxin Temi

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#1894387 Are we in a downward spiral/Where have all the Majors gone?

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 24 December 2018 - 08:26 AM

I'll keep this short. I agree with Lis.


Until writers begin to respect each other OOC, I personally have not and will not enjoy PVP for awhile. Two observations that have lead me to say "no thanks" lately:


- Getting harassed directly in PMs about how a writer's character is gonna wreck mine.

- Invasions being a format for someone to promote their character as the MOST IMPORTANT FIGURE IN THE INVASION and downright ignoring one on one stories in an effort to be some kind of manufactured MVP. The grandstanding is tiresome.


I'm not claiming to be perfect myself, but until the above changes, my forays into invasions, skirmishes and PVP will be limited unfortunately. I'm not saying we all have to like each other, but a little respect goes a long way.

#1894377 A Very Kenway Christmas [CIS and Allies Life Day Party]

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 24 December 2018 - 07:22 AM

Location: Kenway Keep
Wearing: White dress and red heels
There to meet: Caesar Kenway
The galaxy holiday adopted from Wookiee culture, Life Day, always promised to be a week-long affair with cheer, gifts to cherished ones, comfort food and lots and lots of alcohol. Tmoxin rarely mixed with the rank and file but she made an exception for her loyal Morpho Security Team, so after hosting a quiet, informal party at her ranch for the soldiers who’d served her for so many years, she set out in the Sovereign Stingray to Kenway’s Keep for a lavish Viceroyal fete at the Minister of War’s palace.
She’d met him once during an assignment to loot an Imperial holdout on the Void Station asteroid, only recalling that he had a flair for the dramatic, which on some level she appreciated especially at a huge event like this one. Perhaps during battle itself she appreciated it less, but with her lightsaber safely secured on her ship and security thick both inside and outside of the palace, the red haired Hapan eased into a relaxed stroll as she walked through the entrance. She wore a festive, white dress, slightly provocative with peekaboo lace on the bodice and sleeves and a pair of shiny, candy-red six inch stilettos, and located the table which would seat Minister Kenway, and then not bothering with seating arrangements or formalities such as that, boldly walked to that specific table and nestled in beside the Chief Metal Lord, but with one empty chair between them. Perhaps her obnoxious sense of entitlement had only gotten worse as she grew older, but in the last year she’d launched a successful rebellion upon her home planet of Hapes, re-establishing the Hapan Heritage Council as an advisory committee to the Queen herself. If she could manage to find a way to make a bid for the monarchy she would, but for now she bid her time in that regard.
She’d brought a gift for Minister Kenway, an ornate and antique Hapan lute from the era of the first Queen Mother, Ta’a Chume. Also in typical do-what-she-pleased style, the Viceroyal of Lok did not place her present under the tree, but clutched it upon her lap as she wanted to hand deliver it to Minister Kenway.
She ordered a glass of champagne from one of the servers, noting it was still early, though guests began to stream in at a steady pace.


#1889526 First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 05 December 2018 - 11:52 AM

My apologies also - I'm very busy IRL and my posting speed is hindered. Anyone who is interacting with Tmoxin should expect a slower pace.


Ella Nova

#1886320 Seven Moons Rising (CIS Trade Expo, open by invitation)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 27 November 2018 - 06:47 PM

Location: Second Floor
Directly playing a sabacc round: KeCholo Shoma Ike Zai Avery @Darth Tactitus
Once she’d had more than enough Smuggler’s Red, the urge to produce a winning hand would trump all else for Tmoxin, however she was not necessarily at the table this very moment for the art of the game but the art of the deal.
While her cards were playable, she lay them face down upon the felted table and said, “I will also fold.”
Besides, this way with her head not in the game, the redhead Hapan could greet others that entered the room. “I feel as though we’ve met before,” she remarked to Fiolette, knowing full well who the woman was. Tmoxin made it a habit to keep tabs on all of the notable female figures in the galaxy and Admiral Raaf had an impressive enough record that she’d taken notice of the officer’s career.
The Bothan servant scuttled to and fro, huffing with a fastidious mumble, serving the newly arriving guests to the second floor. “Why yes it has, Ms. Raaf.” Again, Tmoxin’s memory failed her on when or where she’d met Taeli. She only hoped it was not as a foe and had to assume it was given the woman’s benevolent smile.
She watched KeCholo bet and then turned to Ella Nova , the woman’s beauty as stunning as ever. “Great minds think alike,” Tmoxin quipped noting that Ms. Nova also folded her hand.
Amethyst Atreides and Darth Tacitus slid into the room just in time to make it into this round of betting. “Pull up some chairs. We are all friends here.”
Like her Blood Monarch moniker - one of which she went by as an officer in the One Sith Army - the Hapan sat in her chair regally as though she were Ta'a Chume herself. For now she just presided quietly over the gathering, watching the game and the guests with interest.

#1885462 Seven Moons Rising (CIS Trade Expo, open by invitation)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 25 November 2018 - 05:27 PM

Location: Second Floor
Directly playing a sabacc round: KeCholo Shoma Ike Zai Avery Ella Nova
Though the quiet of the cozy room in which she sat was welcoming, as she heard the first footsteps heading her way, Tmoxin's heart galloped along at a quicker pace. Her servant adjusted the volume of the music up just slightly, the notes from a Hapan lute audible over the percussive smazzo beat, a fusion experiment that thankfully seemed to work as the soundtrack for a game of sabacc.
A tall Duros entered the room, so tall in fact that he likely had to duck to get through the doorway. “Well, hello Mr. KeCholo. It’s very nice to meet you.” The Hapan stood and warmly shook his hand. She’d learned to keep her xenophobia well under wraps at these types of events. The redhead Dark Jedi sat back down and watched the Duros businessman sample the cigarras.
“Thank you,” she responded, eyeing his briefcase full of credits next. “I see you’ve come prepared.”
Then Tmoxin noticed a young Atrisian had entered.
“Oh please sit down. We are nearly ready to play,” she beckoned. The Viceroyal took a liberal sip of smuggler’s red, inhaling the cigarra smoke in the room. It smelled so spicy and exotic - even from the lungs of an alien - that If she became tipsy enough she may just try one.
Without even noticing the droid dealing, it seemed like two cards had magically appeared in front of her.
“Mr. Avery, yes! Let’s play a few rounds shall we?” 
Noting one more guest had arrived, the Hapan smiled at the familiar face. “And Ms. Nova. I was hoping you would accept my invitation. Are you watching or playing?”
KeCholo was to the left of the dealer so it was his bet first. As Tmoxin waited she asked the Atrisian, “What is your name, Sir? And just why do you look so familiar?” She thought he was a monarch of the world, but she’d been in the Southern Systems so long, news of the northern parts of the galaxy often escaped her notice.

#1885340 Starting over

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 25 November 2018 - 10:28 AM

Welcome to Chaos!


Card Null

#1885326 Love Gods [CIS Dominion of Aikhibba | W-40]

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 25 November 2018 - 09:50 AM

Objective: Diplomacy with the Aikhibbans (and failing miserably)
Post: 5
Allies: Assisting Taramaz Laurs 
Even for a Hapan, Tmoxin had to admit that what had been going on within the government of Aikhibba was inhuman at best, downright bizarro at worst. And despite her penchant towards nonchalance over her enemy’s plans, she was unsettled by Ms. Rato’s words.
“Whether I attack your assets personally or take the entire Confederacy to the intergalactic court on Coruscant, you will not see the last of me.”
Tmoxin stifled a laugh. “Intergalactic court? Do you think the Republic operates as it used to. From my knowledge, the New Republic is just a shadow of what it was. And Coruscant cares only about Coruscant. The Southern Systems has grown in power, influence and alliances. If you were to embark on any kind of larger attack - be it militarily, legally or even through a trade embargo, Aikhibba could essentially be choked off. Left to hermitize. And after what you did to the male population on your planet, growing the population of your planet will be challenging.”
She had walked into this holding area, feeling sympathy for Ms. Rato, but now she only felt a cold rage over the woman’s bold threats.
“Perhaps you will be the court martialed one, but if you want to see more of me, I assure you, you will have a bloody battle upon your greedy and bruised hands.”
She could hear Ms. Rato grumbling, threatening, complaining behind her, but Tmoxin turned on her heel and left the room. After a quick appraisal of the rescue operation, she made her way back to a Confederacy staging area. Again her curiosity piqued over what had been done to Mr. Laurs, but the Hapan would not pursue it. Not yet. Once the two finally reconnected planet or assignment or even in downtime, she may be able to gage his psychological damage.

#1885143 Public Apologies

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 24 November 2018 - 10:49 PM

While an apology like this goes a long way, perhaps you need to reach out individually to those you've wronged? Either way, kudos for the effort to patch things up.


But regarding invasions - once your faction becomes a Major Faction it is always subject to invasions unless there's a moratorium on them sanctioned by the admin staff. It's not personal; it's just part of the map game.


Darth Vyrassu

#1884839 Seven Moons Rising (CIS Trade Expo, open by invitation)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 24 November 2018 - 08:16 AM

Location: Second Floor
Wearing a neck wrap made of endor ferret fur and a skirt with a matching fur accent, long ginger hair tied in a thick braid which fell down one shoulder, Tmoxin was on the second floor of her ranch, sitting alone at the sabacc table. Around the room were strategically placed adult party favors like expensive cigarras, flasks filled with Corellian whiskey and of course, beside the Hapan was her ubiquitous glass of Smuggler’s Red precariously perched on the edge of the table.
As the smooth taste of the crimson wine began caressing her senses, she crossed her legs and shuffled a deck of sabacc cards. Tmoxin hoped Ella Nova , the Humbarine Senator would make an appearance and they could continue their conversation over trade between their respective regions. And there was one other she hoped would show, but the longing for him was more painful than she cared to consider right now. That specific love-sickness was quickly remedied by her Bothan servant, beckoned by a flick of her finger, pouring another liberal glass of red.
“The guests are arriving?” she asked Dettun in Bothese, which she’d become proficient in since owning her ranch for a few years. 
“Yes, Ms. Temi. I can hear the lift now bringing some visitors up to join you.”
“Perfect. Let’s hope in addition to winning some credits here, we can win a few business deals for Lok and Bothawui.” She smiled, lowering the large brim of her hat to skim her eyebrows. The art of trade had much in common with gambling, and both gave her the subtle thrill of chance with an indeterminate outcome.

#1884831 First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 24 November 2018 - 07:08 AM

RAINBONE! He can chase around some keffis!


You are both welcome Archim Calixis Caesar Kenway


I failed to mention it's completely open to Confederacy members - CIS do not need invites. I'll amend the original post with that now.

#1884590 First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 23 November 2018 - 05:25 PM

Thread is live! Hopefully everyone got their tags.



#1884585 Seven Moons Rising (CIS Trade Expo, open by invitation)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 23 November 2018 - 05:05 PM

Tmoxin hadn’t thrown a large party in over a year. Due to major damage on her ranch caused by a couple of hearty saboteurs, the renovations just to get her Bothawui home back in working shape was time consuming and costly. Holding a soiree was out of the question until now.
With a little imagination, some credits and an army of party planners, Tmoxin Temi, Viceroyal of Lok, had transformed the interior of the Seven Moons Ranch into a cowboy’s paradise, something straight out of a Spaghetti Western holo, though it wasn’t a stretch. The ranch on which she bred keffis was situated in a lush green valley in the foothills of Drev'starn where one could ride the majestic beasts, native to Anaxes, up to the most stunning views in all of Bothawui. Tumbleweeds and rattlesnakes need not apply - there was no such thing as roughing it at the Seven Moons.
Despite the frivolity of a party, the event was quite important to the growth of the Confederacy. All Viceroyals would be expected attendees - provided they had freed their schedules - and Tmoxin had organized a trade exposition so that dignitaries, executives and entrepreneurs alike could mix, mingle and make lucrative business deals.
When guests arrived at the entrance from any type of transportation - speeder or ship they would be greeted by a Bothan in a tuxedo giving them instructions on where to go.
“The First Floor is the ballroom where you can drink and dance. The Second Floor is more intimate and there will be a high stakes table of Sabacc available for anyone who wants to play. Outside are more refreshments and music and if you fancy a keffi ride they are all saddled and waiting for you. The only rule Ms. Temi has for tonight, other than having fun, is no violence. However, if you find yourself in an argument that cannot be solved by sharing shots of Corellian whiskey there are Tof Soren slugthrower pistols in each goody-bag along with various promotional items from Lok’s Morpho Sports Complex. You may challenge each other to an old fashioned pistol duel but outside of course. Ms. Temi has spent a year getting blood out of her Gherlian fur rug."
“Now go enjoy! Ms. Temi is on the second floor ready to play Sabacc. Five-thousand credit buy in."
Please tag your posts with: First Floor, Second Floor or Outside.

#1884441 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE Controlled Copero OOC

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 23 November 2018 - 08:46 AM

One ticket to the war, please.



#1884438 First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 23 November 2018 - 08:33 AM

Excellent! If it's not too much trouble, may I have the individual names of the faction members attending?


That way I can tag them when the thread is live Darth Vyrassu

#1884008 First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

Posted by Tmoxin Temi on 22 November 2018 - 06:46 AM

Added! Zai Avery


An update that I'll be putting the thread up on Saturday, 11/24 after the US holiday passes.


Rick Kaloo Alessandra Creed Cato Marek Darth Tacitus KeCholo Ella Nova Jyoti Nooran Fiolette Raaf John Locke Shoma Ike Sankt Yora Sko'saht Jessica Med-Beq Zai Avery