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Tmoxin Temi

Tmoxin Temi

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Seven Moons Rising (CIS Trade Expo, open by invitation)

23 November 2018 - 05:05 PM

Tmoxin hadn’t thrown a large party in over a year. Due to major damage on her ranch caused by a couple of hearty saboteurs, the renovations just to get her Bothawui home back in working shape was time consuming and costly. Holding a soiree was out of the question until now.
With a little imagination, some credits and an army of party planners, Tmoxin Temi, Viceroyal of Lok, had transformed the interior of the Seven Moons Ranch into a cowboy’s paradise, something straight out of a Spaghetti Western holo, though it wasn’t a stretch. The ranch on which she bred keffis was situated in a lush green valley in the foothills of Drev'starn where one could ride the majestic beasts, native to Anaxes, up to the most stunning views in all of Bothawui. Tumbleweeds and rattlesnakes need not apply - there was no such thing as roughing it at the Seven Moons.
Despite the frivolity of a party, the event was quite important to the growth of the Confederacy. All Viceroyals would be expected attendees - provided they had freed their schedules - and Tmoxin had organized a trade exposition so that dignitaries, executives and entrepreneurs alike could mix, mingle and make lucrative business deals.
When guests arrived at the entrance from any type of transportation - speeder or ship they would be greeted by a Bothan in a tuxedo giving them instructions on where to go.
“The First Floor is the ballroom where you can drink and dance. The Second Floor is more intimate and there will be a high stakes table of Sabacc available for anyone who wants to play. Outside are more refreshments and music and if you fancy a keffi ride they are all saddled and waiting for you. The only rule Ms. Temi has for tonight, other than having fun, is no violence. However, if you find yourself in an argument that cannot be solved by sharing shots of Corellian whiskey there are Tof Soren slugthrower pistols in each goody-bag along with various promotional items from Lok’s Morpho Sports Complex. You may challenge each other to an old fashioned pistol duel but outside of course. Ms. Temi has spent a year getting blood out of her Gherlian fur rug."
“Now go enjoy! Ms. Temi is on the second floor ready to play Sabacc. Five-thousand credit buy in."
Please tag your posts with: First Floor, Second Floor or Outside.

First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

20 November 2018 - 07:16 PM



Please note that the CIS Trade Expo is open to any characters or factions, even if you aren't a part of the Confederacy but requires sign-up for an invitation which you can do by replying to this thread.


If you are a member of the CIS, no invitation is needed. The thread is open to all Confederacy members.


Guest List: Rick Kaloo Alessandra Creed Cato Marek Darth Tacitus KeCholo Ella Nova Jyoti Nooran Fiolette Raaf John Locke Shoma Ike Sankt Yora Sko'saht Jessica Med-Beq Allyson Locke Kyrinov Darth Vyrassu Taeli Raaf Nine Lives


Are We Having Fun Yet?

17 September 2018 - 05:22 AM



The red haired Hapan executive adjusted her navy, short-shorts, nervously kicking the right heel of her yellow flats against her left shin.
After the Viceroyal vote on cloning, Tmoxin Temi had sent Derek Dib a message to his datapad on their secure line: “Here are the coordinates where I’d love to meet with you this Saturday. I’ll be there, even if you decide not to come.”
The Dark Jedi had picked a whimsical place. If he doesn’t show up, maybe I can still have fun by myself, she mused, always wanting to go to this specific location as a child, but being told it was too crass for the Temi family. But most of all she wanted to rekindle her relationship with Derek. Stoke the embers again, even if the flames were weak and less efficacious than predicted. She was confident, given proper attention, their connection could turn into that fiery union they’d experienced not so long ago.
What Tmoxin didn’t want it to be was melancholy. Or tense. Or stars-forbid boring. So she’d booked two tickets to the one place where both of the politicians could forget their cares through sights, sounds, even motion, through thrills or even nostalgia.
Alright, alright it’s a bit cheesy for me, thought Tmoxin as she awaited his arrival in a nearby hotel lobby. And probably for Derek too. But then again, she’d turned Lok into a major tourist attraction with the Morpho Sports Complex which had it all - races, gambling, concerts and restaurants. It wasn't as if she'd made her livelihood on anything but a high-end, hedonistic, pleasure dome.
They would go at night, when the neon was at its brightest and the younger children would not be screeching and underfoot, tucked away in their beds, so the adults could play throughout the park. Tmoxin had a few things activities planned, and afterwards they would fly to Naboo to canoe down the Solleu River where an expensive spa awaited them after a long day upon the water.
Hopefully she could correct the assumption that despite being good with business and excellent at stirring up trouble, she was really, fething terrible at this thing called love.

Sailing the Seven Seas

13 May 2018 - 02:59 PM

Location: The Seven Seas Resort on Leritor
The beauty of the Seven Seas Resort was impressive. Tmoxin Temi, Vicerene of Lok, had been so taken with the resort during the Confederacy masquerade ball that she booked it for a vacation with Derek so they could catch up without the background noise of politics. Yet no masks would be worn tonight.
In fact, she resolved to come clean to her companion about anything he wanted to know. While Tmoxin could survive among a social milieu built on an ice-thin layer of trust, she knew that did not last. Eventually you fell and succumbed to the freezing water of betrayal.
She would never do that to Derek. He’d always been the one lighthouse she could sail back to in her fog of confusion and self-manufactured misdeeds.
The Hapan Dark Jedi had lots of surprises planned, but first they had dinner reservations in the expansive ballroom on the main floor. Tmoxin wore a more revealing gown now that she and Derek finally weren’t in a meeting room or other such sterile bureaucratic atmosphere. White and form fitting, it clung to curves sculpted from years of military service.
Her red hair had grown out from the shorter style she’d worn previous. Tmoxin had let Derek go down to the ballroom first, so she could take her time getting ready. With an anticipatory smile, after entering she looked around for the man she’d met, as fate would have it, killing a hutt with her bare hands as they both escaped an exploding pleasure yacht. Derek would have information of the Confederacy advancements, and the Hapan ruler was especially keen to know just what their Vicelord had been up to, filtered through the Kiffar’s strong intellect and instinct.