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Name: Kurogan (Kr.o.gan)
Faction: Silver Jedi
Rank: Padawan
Species: Shistavanen
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight: 214 lb (97 kg; 15.3 st
Eyes: light blue
Furr: Dark gray, light gray with a mix of white
Skin: most likely pale.. not going to shave him
Force Sensitive: Yes





- Determined (once hes ask to do something he will make sure that it's done even if it kills him)


- Loyal (He is loyal to anyone he works with or anyone he consider to be a friend)


- Fighter (He knows how to defend himself either unarmed or with a blaster. He also knows how to use a sword but will use his claws as a last resort)


- Enhanced senses (With his Lupine appearance he dose have a heighten sense of smell and hearing. These senses help him when he hunts or trying to track a pray.)


- Increased speed (He can run pretty fast on all fours. Which is grate if he needs to get some where fast or for hunting)


- Increased strength (He can lift things that are a bit heavier for other avrige species)





- Enhanced senses (Yes these can be a good thing but there are certain smells that will bother to the point where he can't continue with what he's doing until it's gone. He also have problem with high frequency sounds, when he hears them it will bother him all most to the point that he's in pain)


- Increased speed (Speed can also be a good thing. But when he's running on all four he can easily miss things.)


- Aggressive (Kurogan, can become extremely aggressive to the point where he will go in a full frenzy. Anger can some time get him into this stat other time its when he kills.)


- Appearance (Because of his Lupine/savage appearance Kurogan is often by himself. Many believe that he or his kind might hurt them.)


- Quick to anger (Kurogan, can often be come in rage by the smallest annoyance or if someone ticks him off)




Usually can bee seen wearing a black shirt with green military vest and green military pants. More often he can be seen wearing a leather coat with metal shoulder pads, metal buckles finger less metal gloves. Wearing black pants and a black type shirt clothing under the coat.


His fur is dark gray, gray mix with white. The color have many people believe that he's old but he's actually young for his age.



Force Skills:


* Telepathy


* Telekinesis







Not a lot can be found on Kurogan childhood. He was born on Uvena Prime or Uvena I the home planet of his species, where he was raise by his mother and father. There he learn how to use blaster and his hands to defend himself he also learn how to hunt in order to survive if he was living in the wilds, even as a young one Kurogan was known to be extremely aggressive and easily angered. It is unknown what happen to his home and family there are those who say that Kurogan went berserk and killed them, there after setting fire to his childhood home and all who resides in it he manage to board a ship and left for Hapes. The only thing that can be proven is the ashes of a burnt down building of where his old home stood, Kurogan has refuse to reveal any thing more about it.




On Corellia Kurogan begin to take on some odd jobs. Working for some shady characters and ruffing up some people who owed his boss some credits, he did this for four years until he was arrested. While in jail a judge saw his potential and gave him to options either seeing he was at legal age (18) he could either waist six years of his life in jail or join the military for a few years, he took the deal and join the military. Believing that he wasn't going to like the military Kurogan wasn't planing to stay for long. It turn out that he loved going out and shooting things his training as a kid help with this. He became some what skilled in using his sense of smell to find things, not to mention with his hearing no one dare to talk about him for fear of what he might do. He stay in active service for eight years (26) he's now out looking for something new and better to do.

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