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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

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In Topic: Military School Brats

Today, 08:25 PM

Adron Malvern


that works! So you wanna skip the school bit and head straight into assignment?


EDIT: For those that have it, go on and jump in Discord so we can talk 'bout dis! https://discord.gg/WUMTx3

In Topic: Military School Brats

Today, 06:51 PM

John Locke you won't even write Myri wif meh T^T


But if you think you can swing it I'd love to see ya!


Kafh-en-ma-nofre Taru Cadera Adron Malvern Zahori Denko


Damn looks like we've got a whole damn class. What say you all, Starfighter Corps or Navy?

In Topic: Minor Factions, Rebellions, and "The Map Game"

Today, 06:49 PM

Zahori Denko But its not tangible like the map game or in the past like slapping that new rank on you/your company which was more what I meant. 


But I agree that you can Progress but I don't think most people on here have the patience any longer to sit through two, three threads building their refugee camp or navy, or skills when now there's no need to nor a way to, for lack of a better term, show it off. 


I guess a better example would be...


In Call of Duty you wouldn't call its Progression system "Progression" if anyone could slap the Prestige title on their account their first day. But that's a different topic that's been beaten to death on Chaos...Besides, the suggestion happened to be already planned update lol

In Topic: Minor Factions, Rebellions, and "The Map Game"

Today, 05:53 PM

Zahori Denko I agree. It's just hard to provide writers with a sense of progression with all the requirements for various things being stripped away

In Topic: Rebellion Rules Update

Today, 05:49 PM