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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

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23 March 2019 - 07:36 AM

looks like a hotshot pilot. sadness

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21 March 2019 - 08:20 PM

Character: Gilamar Skirata

Story: Your Character Choice. Was alive during the final years of the Mandalorian Resource Wars, fought in the Sith Wars, Great Galactic War, and several other board events.Also these chronicles (A B) and ran MandalMotors which was for a long while one of the largest independent Shipwrights in the Outer Rim

Faction: Mandalorian born and raised

Interview Format: IC


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21 March 2019 - 08:20 PM



  • Intent: To provide a fun event for Mandalorians of all walks to gather around
  • Image Credit: Link
  • Links: Second Mandalorian Excision


  • Media Name: Vormur Feast
  • Format: Festival
  • DistributionPlanetary / Scattered
  • Length:  Recurring
  • Description: An almost semi-centennial festival that rolls with the tide of the rare Vormur super-bloom. The festival has grown to include Bes'uliik Jousts, foot races, drinking, eating, dancing, and a variety of other physical challenges over a period of several days. There is no end time and no official start time, however the main event was Trial of Iron were completed the winner of the Trial of Iron was allowed to address the Mand'alor or Elder Council directly with their personal grievances. Champions of clans usually used the time to search for a boon for their clan or express some worry. The Trial of Iron included a footrace that could take several days, a marksmanship contest, one on one duels, and finally a Bes'uliik duel. Once the Trial of Iron was completed it was customary to have another day or two of feasting, drinking, and dancing. Special wines and spirits that are aged specifically for this event are broken out, and almost all work stops on the planet as the whole system celebrates. The super bloom of Vormur was often coupled by a superbloom of its sister flower, the Mandalorian Ironweed, in the white sand deserts of Mandalore which made even the deserts sparkle with bright colors.


  • Author: Not Applicable
  • Publisher: Mandalore
  • Reception: One of the most popular and talked about festivals in the Mandalorians' large grouping of festivals and holidays.


  • Nebulous
  • Almost every 50 years, but skips some seasons and is sometimes late or early by as much as two years.


  • Event Name: Vormur Feast
  • Links: N/A
  • Participants: Mandalorians
  • Overview: 
    • ​Confirmation of a planet-wide Vormur super bloom
    • Trial of Iron Begins
      • 100 Km Footrace that takes the racers partly through one of the vormur fields as well as various deadly and treacherous obstacles. Often through old and abandoned towns or through known beast dens/territory
      • Test of accuracy. Blaster, Slugthrower, long distance, and besbiiv
      • One on One Duels
      • Bes'uliik Joust at Kyrimoruut. A one on one duel between the final 6 warriors on bes'uliik
      • Final Feast
    • During the Trial of Iron various feasts, dances, and other events occur. This is a popular time for weddings or reaffirming vows.
    • Final Days of the festival were the straggling parties and feasts held individually all over Mandalore.
    • Off-world events by Mandalorian colonists and enclaves also occur during this time for those who can't make it to Mandalore.

An event unlike any other in Mandalorian tradition its origins were lost to traditional histories. However, its roots were believed to be in the semi-annual hunts of ancient Mandalorians in which they took on large prey such as the Mythosaur, Beskar Epar, or some other fearsome beast native to the Mandalore system. These hunts often took place around the middle of spring during Vormur blooming season. Eventually with the extinction of the Mythosaur and the believed extinction of the Beskar Epar these hunts and the festivals attached to the victorious returns of these hunts were reserved for momentous occasions and eventually became associated with the almost semi-centennial super-bloom of the Vormur. The Vormur Feast was an incredibly rare event and most Mandalorians didn't see more than one of these in their lifetimes. Its original name was lost to time but was eventually changed to Vormur Feast. Off-worlders often wrongly assume it is named as such because it is a time of feasting based around a flower's super bloom but it was actually named so because the vast fields of Vormur were a feast for the eyes, nose, and soul. The most recent Vormur Feast occured much earlier than expected due to the Second Mandalorian Excision. Utilizing advanced terraforming technologies the Mandalorians were largely able to repair their world. While it was believed the next Vormur Feast wouldn't have been for two or three hundred years, the opposite occurred marking it the first time a Vormur Feast occurred within less than 100 years.

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13 March 2019 - 08:40 PM

aww thanks!

In Topic: A Spark of Hope [Rebels!]

09 March 2019 - 12:34 PM

He didn't have a code cylinder and hadn't been at the first meeting, but recent events had driven him away from his home system back into Outer Rim Coalition space. But now with his official power over his own House removed and limited and the threat of the Sith growing every stronger he reached out to the only man he knew with the resolve to do what was needed to turn the tide of darkness. Luckily Coren had responded and given him these coordinates...An old Alliance Jedi security code got him cleared to land despite his lack of the cylinder. 


As his freighter  touched down on the base he could see the progress they were making on the makeshift base. He could only guess that it wasn't their first nor only base. He'd heard rumors when he was in Coalition space of an Alliance holdout somewhere in neutral space but he didn't even have a name on the system. 


The old man's eyes flicked from left to right, memorizing and noting details of the base. Best places to set up an ambush, places that needed better fortification, and the like. It was obvious the base wasn't completed but he was sure he'd have some way to help shore up the defenses here. Constructing a base from scratch was difficult, of that he knew from decades of experience and dozens of battles. In all honesty, he wanted to be done with war. Not very Mandalorian of him, he knew, but war was so much different from fulfilling a bounty or mercenary contract. War held stakes unlike any in the Galaxy and he had been in too many wars and lost too much to be fond of them.


When the landing gear touched the surface and the boarding ramp fell he was already waiting to get off. The air of Borleias was like a fresh smack to the face. He'd been in space so long he forgot what air that hadn't been through a recycler tasted like. He took the moment to just...breathe before he made his way into camp. It was busy, and bustling but despite that he was easily able to pinpoint Starchaser. As expected he his life was running 100 km/h and a crowd followed him wherever he went. He'd linger behind the group and wait for the crowd to disperse before he ambushed the Jedi General. 


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