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#1903136 Achilles

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on Yesterday, 05:32 PM

*makes note*

#1902839 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 16 January 2019 - 09:38 PM

Objective: Survive the attack!

Allies: Mig Gred Ambrose Cadera Kaine Australis Cassiopeia Australis Yasha Cadera

Enemies: Amun


The bacta flowed through him like a cool river. The darkness eating away at the corners of his vision slowly began to recede, but then the side effects of the bacta began to kick in and his eyelids fluttered closed and locked him in darkness. The limp body of Gilamar was heavy, but probably not as heavy to the large amazonian woman. The red clad guards moved with the Mandalorians as they moved from the room. Hawke limped along with help.


"There's a med bay, 12th floor. He looks bad, we need to get him into a tank ASAP, he's loosing too much blood under all that armor," Hawke's voice rasped. Despite thinking of the older man first, Hawke was in no better shape. The warrior struggled against the sedative laced bacta stim he'd received. The bleeding had thankfully been stopped because of his armor, Gil on the other hand hadn't even seemed to have a chance to activate his own internal tourniquet and was dripping blood between plates. 


They could find the hunter later, or maybe not. After all, they had all survived the attack. But it had gotten Hawke thinking...Who had hired the killer? Who wanted to weaken Junction so badly as to assassinate himself and the Mandalorians? Maybe the Sith were already at his door and he just didn't realize it. 

#1900735 Rule Tweaks

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 12 January 2019 - 11:55 AM

I always figured words like "true" and "Official" didn't matter anyways, the same way having a "canon" named company is just...a name. Instead of saying "You can't use these words in the name" instead how about a tweak saying that those words don't recognize as any one faction more legitimate over another of the same name?


Let's not police words now. Treat the names like we already do Canon items and Canon names, especially since those words help separate and indicate the goals of said faction. For example, now we have two Chiss Ascendencies. While the idea of having two of the same faction isn't an issue, actually distinguishing the two at a glance is. Where before one could glance at the names of said factions and potentially ascertain loose goals or even the kind of faction it would be.



EDIT: And on a clerical side-note, I imagine it would cause the same sorts of confusion in searches that I assume are also the reason why players can't have the same name? 


Valiens Nantaris

#1900092 Rekr-Class Heavy Cruiser

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 11 January 2019 - 12:46 AM



  • Intent: To diversify MandalMotors product line and better mold created ships into a more believable sense of scale
  • Image Source: All art and animations by LordDoomhammer
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: Retcon of this ship


  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Affiliation:
    • Mandalorian Empire
    •  Closed-Market
  • Model: Rekr-Class Heavy Cruiser

  • ProductionMinor 
  • Material: 
    • Durasteel
    • Mandalorian Steel
    • Various Starship Parts


  • Classification: Heavy Cruiser
  • Length: 900 Meters 
  • Width: 200 Meters
  • Height: 350 Meters
  • Armament: High
    • 3x Super Heavy Quad Turbolasers
    • Turbolaser Turrets
    • Point-Defense Quad Laser Cannons
    • Forward Facing Heavy Ion Cannon
    • Flex-Tube Missile Launcher
    • Tractor Beams
  • Defenses: Average
    • Deflector Sheilds
    • Dampner Aerosol Missiles
    • Armor Platting
  • HangarVery Low: 1 
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating:  High
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2 


  • Targeting Systems
  • Encryption Module
  • Hyperwave Transciever 
  • Combat Radar Suite 
  • Escape Pods
  • Life Support
  • Deflector Shields
  • Barracks
  • Med Bay
  • Standard Starship Safety Systems
  • Aural Sensor


  • Advanced Encryption Network
  • Emergency Catapult-based Rear Hangar
  • Holonet Trasciever 
  • Military Target Tracking Systems
  • Advanced Military Firewall
  • Slave Rig [Unified Fleet Hyperspace Jumps, various other non-combat related systems]
  • Long Range Communcation System
  • Compartmentalized Power and Build Structure


  • Compartmentalized Build: Split into several sections throughout the ship, each section has the ability to function on its own should the ship come under a slicing attack or should some areas become destroyed, allowing for a longer fight in bloody space brawls. The ship was able to survive full perforations to the hull even and keep on fighting.
  • Rear Hangar: The rear of the Rekr-class Heavy Cruiser acts as a run way for friendly fighters during combat which greatly increased the efficiency of refueling, rearming, and repair. 
  • ​Point Defense: Both sides of the Rekr were littered with point defense quad laser cannons, which made a nearly impassiblescreen of fire and kept the ship safe from all but the best of pilots. 


  • Ion Weaponry: With slave rigged systems in place, heavy ion weapons could cause cataclysmic system shutdowns in enough parts of the ship. 
  • Heavy Turbolaser Batteries: While on paper the Rekr-Class Dreadnought may have around the same amount of firepower as many ships of its class and some beyond, with most of its punching power stacked behind three powerful turbolasers that can't fire simultaneously, coordinating combat and getting the right shots off at the right time leaves it vulnerable to smaller, faster targets like frigates and corvettes. 


Taking design cues from other Mandalorian ships like the Alor-Class of Mandal Hypernautics and the Ordo-Class Frigate of MandalMotors, the Rekr boasts an internal bridge located near the prow of the ship. Similarly to the Alor-class it is connected to the outside world via a complicated network of sensors and cameras as well as the (comparably) small viewport at the front of the hangar. Tangible holo displays projected from the captain's chair allow the captain to always be aware of the battle outside. It also prevents direct, targeted shots from obliterating the bridge mid-battle. Like most of the ship, the bridge is also compartmentalized and offers its own life support system should the ship come under electronic attack or other parts of the ship become inoperable, allowing for the ship to stay in fights longer.
The Rekr also boasts incredible firepower with its main gun, three triple barreled heavy turbolaser batteries. Powerful and destructive, they took the place of the several dozen turbolasers ships of its size tend to carry. Despite holding such power, each cannon can only be fired one at a time and must fully be at rest before the next can fire. While this creates a slower firing rate than most other Turbolasers it also allows for pinpoint accuracy as while one is firing the other batteries are able to be targeted and ready as soon as the okay comes through the system to fire again.  
The first "Star Destroyer" class ship created by MandalMotors since before the Omega War, the Rekr-Class Dreadnought brings both power and versatility to the Mandalorian company's fleet of battle ready ships. Originally planned to release, its unveiling was delayed due to the destruction of Mandalore and then pushed even further back after MandalMotors tower and their orbital shipyards were damaged during the Civil War. However, now with Zeke Farthen running the factories and financial day to day of the company, the plans were revitalized and modified slightly to reduce cost and pump out a small Star Destroyer-class vessel ready for mass production by the company to drive sales and increase the flow of credits in the company. The Rekr-Class Mandalorian Dreadnought is a ship made to be marketed towards privateers and small to medium sized companies that wish to protect their goods. Able to be staffed with a minimum crew the ship fits well alongside some of MandalMotors other smaller ships, providing a solid core to any small Task-Force. 

#1899082 BBC-105A Mythosaur-Class Super Carrier

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 08 January 2019 - 10:17 PM




  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Model: BBC-105A Mythosaur-Class Super Carrier
  • Affiliation:  Various Mandalorian Major Factions , Closed-Market (STOLEN)
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: 


  • Classification: Heavy Carrier
  • Length: 3.5 Kilometers
  • Width: 2 Kilometers
  • Height: 1000 Meters
  • ArmamentLow
    • Turbolaser Batteries
    • Ion Cannons 
    • Tractor Beams
    • Point Defense Laser Cannons
  • Defenses Very High
    • Mandalorian Steel Armor Plating
    • Dampener Aerosol Missiles
    • Cap Drain
    • Deflector Shields
  • Hangar Extreme - 30
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating Low
  • Hyperdrive Class Slow: 8 


  • Targeting Systems
  • Encryption Module
  • Hyperwave Transciever 
  • Combat Radar Suite 
  • Escape Pods
  • Life Support
  • Deflector Shields
  • Barracks
  • Med Bay
  • Standard Starship Safety Systems
  • Aural Sensor


  • Compartmentalized Design
  • Drop Pod Hangar
  • Basilisk Drop Hangar
  • Advanced Communications Arrays


  • Super Carrier: Originally designed to overwhelm the Sith Empire with their superior starfighters, the Mythosaur-class Super Carrier boasts six separate hangers capable of holding hundreds of fighters. 
  • Defender: With its speed and ability to move freely severely lacking the Mandalorians implemented a Mandalorian Steel structure similar to the Alor-Class Battlecruiser. It sports a triple layer of Mandalorian Steel armor plating, with four around the slightly exposed internal bridge of the massive warship. It also sports several point defense weapons along its hull near the bridge.
  • Command Ship: Filling its role as a support ship, the Mythosaur contains complex communications networks and sensors allowing it to help coordinate Mandalorian fleets.


  • Slow: Because of its bulk the Mythosaur-class Battlecruiser is extremely slow, making it an easy target.
  • Unmanageable: The size of the battlecruiser makes making complex maneuvers difficult. 
  • Exposed Rear End: Because of the ship's speed and limited ability to move, most of the time it is easier to just keep it in one place throughout a battle. Its point defense weapons are also focused more towards the front of the ship, leaving the rear engines open to attack.

Description: Originally designed prior to the Dark Harvest tragedy, the Mythosaur-Class Super Carrier saw limited use in its proto-type stage during the Mandalorian War against the Sith Empire where it famously singlehandedly destroyed the surface of their then capital world of Dromund Kaas. After the war however, MandalMotors slowed its own warship production as larger players like Mandal Hypernautics and ArmaTech Industries moved in to the market, slowing further development of the Mythosaur to a halt.
After the Mandalorian Civil War, Zeke Farthen uncovered several designs that had been shelved or left incomplete in the ruins of MandalMotors tower. With Keldabe and a new city, Kelita finished MandalMotors set to work on producing projects that Mandalore's destruction had stopped, including the production model of the Mythosaur-class Super Carrier. 
Built with Mandalorian Steel honeycomb frame and armored hull, the beastly machine would rival the Alor-Class Battlecruiser in size at 3.5 Kilometers. With several hangars, a drop pod bay and even a hangar for the increasingly popular Basilisk War Droids the Mythosaur could field an incredible amount of starfighters, but not much else. While it had enough armor plating and weapons to defend itself for a time, its real purpose was to produce swarms of starfighters mid-battle to overwhelm an already exhausted enemy, making escorts imperative when using the ship. Borrowing from many Mandalorian designs, it also utilizes a compartmentalized design, offering individual functionality to the six main hangars and the bridge of the ship should it come under electronic attack or suffer severe damage. Complex hangar systems also provide the ability to shift starfighters into opposite hangars should they become severely damaged during a long battle.

#1898248 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 06 January 2019 - 11:03 AM

Mig's comment drew both Gil's and Hawke's gaze. Hawke cared little for these scientific achievements. Junction was not a world devastated by ecological disaster like Mandalore. In fact, it was relatively safe, functional, and modern. They weren't a verdant garden world by any means, it didn't have any major exports except old Mandalorian weapons and war artifacts. The occasional Mandalorian, Sith Imperial, or Republic helmet. Hawke had heard rumors of people finding lightsabers out past the walls of New Junction, but other than that it mostly imported goods and exported labor and some minor minerals.


But the people were happy, safe, and satiated. He didn't need the Mandalorians to show him their harvests, he needed to be sure they weren't going to abandon the planet again...And that he would keep power here himseslf. Before Hawke could say anything to either Mig or Cass Gil stood up to address the rather talkative guard. He'd had time to read up on Mig on the way planetside. There were rumors that he was force sensitive but the old man cared little for "feelings" and other mysticism. 


"Mig, let me speak to you for a moment outs-"


He didn't finish his sentence. While the shots would miss the visor because he stood, the shots from the rifle shattered the transparisteel of the window in dramatic fashion. Gil whipped his head towards the window to check if Yasha and Hawke were alright, but found his vision turning upward quickly. Suddenly his face was on the cool star speckled black tile and he had no recollection of falling. His breathing was labored and his head was throbbing. Through a cracked visor he looked down at his armor which was already slick with blood. Slugthrower? No, it was too quiet for a slugthrower. A shatter rifle of some sort, probably Verpine.


He winced.


"Get cover," he croaked loudly just in case anyone was too shocked to move. The shot had hit him somewhere in his torso between the creases in his armor and a second shot had cracked him in the head, leaving a dent in his helmet and his visor cracked. He could feel blood dribbling down from somewhere on his head. Until he got to a medbay there was no telling exactly how serious the wound was, but he'd been shot enough times to know this one was bad. His armor didn't have any sort of triage systems in place. For now all he could do was reach into his utility...


Darkness clawed at his vision and the sounds of the office and claxons began to fade out in his left eye and then the right. Gil was down.




The shots through the window rained transparisteel down on the group. Luckily it had been designed to not fall in large shards and fell harmlessly as little nuggets and pebbles, though a few of them did scratch his face under his beard. His arms went up and he turned his back to the large pane of glass to protect himself from further cuts and he leaped to his left so as to not run into Yasha. He felt a shatter rifle round clip his shoulder. It lodged itself in the armor with a crack, the force of which threw off his leap. The second one cut an artery in his leg. It didn't hurt much, but he was losing blood fast. 


The man barked out a curse and started tapping buttons on his wrist mounted controller. Without anything to bite on he groaned as inwardly as possible as the bodyglove underneath his armor began to tighten and reform, creating a tourniquet. After that he couldn't feel his right leg, not a good sign, but he had one good one. 


"Initiate shut down! Find the assassin!" Immediately after that, two red legion commandos burst into the room. They both went around the room in opposite directions in a sweep. The one closest to Hawke helped him up and acted as his crutch. Alarms blared throughout the spaceport.


"Gil has stims in his utility belt usually, get one in him now," the older man barked at the three other Mandalorians if they hadn't been wounded. "Get him up we need to go!"


Amun Cassiopeia Australis Mig Gred Yasha Cadera

#1898026 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 05 January 2019 - 09:11 PM

Hawke frowned at Yasha's statement. Whether or not that had been her attempt at humor he couldn't tell. It seemed that the young warrior lacked discretion or modesty on top of an apparent lack in diplomatic skills, though that was a field many Mandalorians struggled in. There were other ways to gallivant across the galaxy collecting allies than showing up with enough firepower to reduce a continent to dust. 


"There are plenty of smaller, less threatening ships a leader could have brought to what is supposed to be a diplomatic meeting without bringing the firepower to wage a full campaign while not being the equivalent to a junk hauler or...stripper pole. But I digress,"


Her question about his artifacts brought a playful grin to Hawke's lips as the strangely armored Mand'alor inspected Hawke's small tribute to Mandalorian war and conflict. He was a little confused at her cryptic comment about Rekali though. Every military leader worth their salt knew that Ember had been dead for years now. He cast Gil a quizzical look but the old man's black visor stared back at him, giving him nothing in the way of confirmation or closure. 


His brows raised as his smirk turned to a wistful smile as he thought back to his younger days.


"You could say a little bit of all of that," he replied about her inquiry on Rekali's symbols. And then the guard spoke, unannounced and frankly un-needed. He wanted to retort but again Yasha began to speak and he decided it was more to his benefit to listen to her than worry about the loose tongue of a guard. Sitting in his chair the woman towered over him and he felt himself tense up as she spoke down to him, her tone grave. Much of what she said was true. An Alor-class was formidable, able to take the brunt of an assault from multiple warships on its own and when supported by some of the other smaller ships and station emplacements, Junction could prove a difficult world to take with conventional means.  


The mere mention of the Sith Empire's flagship drew a reaction from Hawke and he started to think that maybe Gilamar wasn't crazy for bringing Yasha along. It was good to see potential partners true colors and he had a feeling he was getting a glimpse of her's. But her height was beginning to get to him and so he started to stand when the meeting was again interrupted by someone he wasn't sure should be there. He stood quickly, years of combat and war and survival kicking in...Only to see a rather beautiful young woman with a tray of...what he could only assume was food enter. He stood and listened to the Mand'alor, all the while trying to judge if the Mandalorians had truly gone soft. In other words, examining the young blonde woman with a look of confusion and intrigue. 


"Hrmm...Maybe the Mando'ade aren't lost," he said quietly but loud enough for all to hear.


Yasha Cadera @Amun @Cassiopeia Australis Mig Gred

#1896882 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 02 January 2019 - 07:03 PM

Hawke frowned and looked first to Gil, then back up at the strange helmet looking down at him.


"That's actually pretty close to what I expected Gil and Strider to drop in on. Maybe a pleasure yacht if Strider were flying," He put his hands on his hips and shook his head "But not in a damn Battlecruiser." He gave the pair a shrug and turned around.


"Though mine is better," He said playfully.


He began walking towards the door finally and led them through the spaceport to what could only be his office. The trip was done in silence as Hawke chewed on what Yasha had said. His office was several stories up a turbolift and overlooked the entire city of New Junction. The walls were a plain but pristine white and the floor was a star speckled black. The room was littered with old battle worn Sith, Mandalorian, and Republic relics from armor to lightsabers. The display was neatly arranged with battered battle flags hung like tapestries from the three factions indicating what relics sat below. 


It was like walking into a small museum. One item in particular made Gilamar cringe. He was no fan of Dark Jedi, but Ember Rekali and his clan had been valuable allies for many years and he knew that if Ember were alive to see this he would be in a fit or rage, because there sat right next to one another were the battered and broken armor of Rach Kol-Rekali, Martyr of Mandalore. He grit his teeth but sat down when the invitation was made.


"Quite the collection you've got," he said through grit teeth. That armor belonged to Clan Rekali, and Hawke knew it. Hawke simply smiled as if he'd just won a prize from a carnival game before turning his gaze to his clasped hands.


"We are aware that the Sith have been...Moving. Their tactics have been increasingly...Grim." Hawke tapped a button on his screen that displayed the horror of Mon Calamari. Images of the black oceans, slick with the oil from the dead sea life. The bodies of Mon Cala, Quarren and a variety of other sea life bobbed on the surface. The image flashed to transports taking away surviving Mon Calamari in chains. Gil stared at the images appalled. He'd heard the Sith had taken the world and its shipyards but not...Not like this. 


"But we are not those weak willed merchant fish," he said sharply, almost as if they insulted him with their mere presence. "We're proud warriors here and we fight just as well if not better than you lot. We've been watching your slow progress reaching out to our old worlds...Reestablishing connections with them and as a friend I promised I would hear you out so. Let's hear it!" Gil began to speak but Hawke stopped him.


"No, I want to hear from her...This new Mand'alor."


Yasha Cadera

#1896018 Freedom through Victory. Victory through Contest. Mandalorian Empire Dominion...

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 30 December 2018 - 10:02 PM


Location: Exiting Space over Nyriaan

Objective: Rain down fire on all those that would assume to take the Mand'alor or Mandalorians as slaves




He wasn't sure what the call was about, but it didn't really matter. When the call came from the Mand'alor for reinforcements the Mandalorian Empire scrambled. The first wave thankfully was sent by Ginnie but other, less agile ships were not so quick to deploy. Nyriaan was famous for its gladitorial arena. While he wasn't sure what the Mand'alor hoped to accomplish there (he had a feeling it had something to do somewhat with her bleeding heart), whatever it was had failed miserably. Or at least that's all Gil could assume. Mandalorians were imprisoned, forced to fight in the arenas. 


The bridge of the Preserver was bustling with activity, more than usual despite its skeleton crew. Stretched stars danced over Gil's black visor as they moved through hyperspace. All around them Mandalorian fighters new and old flew through the bright blue, star stretched expanse. Then stars began to take shape again, blue faded to black and Nyriann was in sight. All at once fighters fell on the orbital station and turbolaser fire rained down on the meager defense force the planet held. A half dozen Rekr-classheavy cruisers dropped out beside the Preserver. A few Bothan Assault Cruisers, a Golan Defense Platform and two ancient battleships (which were basically space stations now due to their aged and malfunctioning engines) stood between the might of the Mandalorians and their Mand'alor and nothing was going to stop them. It seemed as if the Mand'alor had really stumbled upon a powerful slave empire.


Gil stepped forward a few steps and peered out of the viewports. The planet was essentially surrounded with Mandalorian ships. The Fenn Skirata and the Spear of Botajef, two Legacy-Class battlecruisers dropped out of hyperspace. They were followed by two shiny, new Crusader-Class Dreadnoughts, the Pitiless Spirit and the Shadow of Intent. This was their debut battle and the sharp lines and unmolested paint jobs drew the eyes from some of the bridge crew. Even Gil could barely hold back a grin behind his helmet. They had all come from various systems, rushed at the call of the Mandalore. 


The slavers didn't stand a chance. Bothan Assault Cruisers, while formidable in numbers, didn't stand up to the might of the super star destroyer and the large Mandalorian fleet that had come with it. Dozens of the turbolasers of the Preserver lanced out at one of the cruisers and cracked it like a warra nut. The holo display before him indicated that the Shadow of Intent had also fired nearly all of its weapons into one of the assault cruisers and blasted it to slag. To his left he could see the light from one of the Rekr-class cruisers brought by the Mandalorians as the Golan's turbolasers wrecked havoc on its shields and hull, blasting chunks of starship into the inky black of space. He returned his gaze to the battle unfolding before him. They would surrender soon. No sane captain would willingly throw everything away for slaves or pride. The mandalorians outnumbered and outgunned the small slaver force 10,000 to 1 and soon as retribution the planet would be theirs and Yasha would use the opportunity to free all of the slaves, further bolstering their numbers. 


He felt a little sorry for the slavers as turbolaser fire demolished their cruisers and peppered their battleships. The Mandalorian response was probably far too over the top, but the Mand'alor was in danger and so everyone and their mother came. He wouldn't be surprised if more Mandalorian ships began flooding the system in the next few minutes. From the ground the massive Mandalorian dreadnoughts could be seen, which likely brought fear to the slavers and arena owners. The slave rebellion was over now. The Mandalorians just needed to wait for the chain of command to fold like DX battle droids.



#1895701 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 29 December 2018 - 04:05 PM

Hawk wasn't short by any human standards. He stood a good few inches taller than Gilamar and had broad shoulders, but still he had to look up at the creature that stood before him. A very strange, very nontraditional helmet stared down at him. He couldn't help but stare with his one good eye as the trio approached. He shook his head and clasped arms with Gil when they finally reached him. The two men embraced.


"Its good to see you Gil, though I wish you hadn't brought a battlecruiser to my doorstep like this," he said with a smirk. Gil frowned.


"I wish I was here in better circumstances as well...This is serious Hawke. I," Gil paused and looked up at the Mand'alor. He couldn't tell if she looked imposing, ridiculous, or frightening. Maybe it depended on the lighting. "We, needed to speak to you."


Hawke frowned and nodded his head towards the apparent female that spoke up. 


"Who're you? I thought Strider was coming down."


"I'll let her introduce herself, but Strider is watching the ship. Like I said, things are getting serious Hawke."


Yasha Cadera Mig Gred

#1894900 Are we in a downward spiral/Where have all the Majors gone?

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 26 December 2018 - 05:15 PM

The only goals left on the site are that of major factions.


I think this is one of the bigger issues on the site right now definitely. A member recently put forth an update proposal for a slight revamp/addition to Rebellions and I think that would really pump life into non-major faction play and by extension, pump more life into the site.  


but when you have a story to tell, when you want to do something for most people their faction is the first place they look.


I think this is important too...While we are all here to write our characters' stories, they aren't in a vacuum by virtue of being here on this shared board/galaxy. ESPECIALLY if you're playing the map game. We work together or things will just get worse. 


Over the last year especially I've seen too many MF staff and owners become frustrated because THEIR story isn't the one being told. If you're running a major faction, its not supposed to be there to stroke your egos. You run a MF to facilitate the cooperative storytelling of the board, your faction, and the map. Its not about US its about THEM.


#1894486 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 24 December 2018 - 02:47 PM

He smirked behind his helmet at Yasha, her apprehension palpable to the older man. He shrugged and walked into the cockpit and gave a nod to the pilot. The repulsors fired up and the boarding ramp closed. Up above them the heavy hangar doors creaked open. The blue environmental shield was already active, protecting those in the hangar not in starships. The pair of Fang TypeNu fighters flew out of the hangar, closely followed by the Mandalorian shuttle. 


They flew through the cold darkness of space and entered the atmosphere of Junction. From the viewports the massive city of New Junction came into view. 


"Mandalorian shuttle craft, please follow our escort to bay 17. Fang Escort we order you to stand down."


The order didn't go over well in the cockpit with the pilot giving Gil a sideways glance. Gil pressed a button on the dashboard and activated the com.


"Junction command, we copy. Fang escorts will stand down and return to the Fenn Skirata." Cries of protest came over the Mandalorian coms but were quickly shut down and they turned around. In their place two purudii-class fighters dropped into escort duty and brought the transport down to the starport. With a hiss the ship's repulsors activated, slowing down the ship as it entered the hangar. 


They were here, and Hawke was waiting for them flanked by two soldiers clad in modified red legion armor, the repulsors blowing his cape around.


Yasha Cadera Mig Gred

#1894445 Searching for Gurlanin (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Ord Mantell/Qiilura)

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 24 December 2018 - 12:41 PM

A long range transmision reached Gil when he was touring the droid foundries on Ord Matnell. Something had happened on Qiilura. He cursed under his breath and activated the beck-and-call from his helmet. A few minutes went by before his ship landed in a junk clearing. When he was aboard he listened to the message in full. 


A message went out to Kyrimorut and a pair of cruisers were mobilized to head to the Qiilura system to provide support. The Mandalorian Empire would be in Ord Mantell soon enough, but it looked like he was headed for Qiilura now, only a few jumps away. His shuttle flew from the surface and brown haze turned into the star speckled black of space. With his coordinates in he punched the hyperdrive and stars began to stretch and the blue of hyperspace enveloped him and his ship.


Ambrose Cadera

#1894171 New Aquaman Movie

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 23 December 2018 - 04:22 PM

someone suggested calling the justice league and Arthur or someone else said no.


The only people he was dealing with were Atlantians. Sure they might know the "Justice League" but at this point the Justice league isn't official in ANY capacity. There's no watch tower, no established communication (especially considering at the end everyone kind of went their separate ways), and its pretty clear throughout the film that Atlantians are very much private people and all of them were bleeding nationalists in their own way. None of them would want a land dweller to interfere. It would have also probably delegitimatized Arthur's claim to the throne if superman or wonderwoman were flying through atlantis helping Arthur solve all his problems. 

#1894149 New Aquaman Movie

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 23 December 2018 - 02:47 PM

the impact that this movie had on the DC universe as a whole was minimal at best
  • Arthur stops Atlantis from destroying the surface world/subjugating it to a tyrant/corrupt king
  • Creates 3 enemies
  • Arthur officially takes command of the largest military force on earth. NOTE: How they handled Atlantis on the surface was a little stupid. In the comics atlantis is a known quantity and it should be so in the DCU, my only gripe.

Those are some pretty significant impact as well as power shifts on Earth.


Anything about that seem familiar?

It does...because that's been his origin story for decades as well as a comic arc several times, most recently in the New 52 Reboot which the DCU seems to be borrowing from heavily. Its supposed to sound familiar. Its not a corporate ploy as much as it is an adaptation of several story arcs in Aquaman's long history


I find it incredibly annoying that the rest of the justice league didn't show up to help Arthur


Why was this an expectation? This never happens in superhero movies unless its said/supposed to be a crossover movie or the characters have a close relationship with the hero in that universe (Ala Tony and Peter in the MCU) Aquaman has always been more of a loaner and issues of Atlantian politics have rarely really involved all of the Justice league


It sounds like you went into this movie with all of the wrong expectations irrespective of the genre/hero origin/hero history :/