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Gilamar Skirata

Gilamar Skirata

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#1923230 Codex Highlights January/February

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 13 March 2019 - 08:40 PM

aww thanks!

#1921871 A Spark of Hope [Rebels!]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 09 March 2019 - 12:34 PM

He didn't have a code cylinder and hadn't been at the first meeting, but recent events had driven him away from his home system back into Outer Rim Coalition space. But now with his official power over his own House removed and limited and the threat of the Sith growing every stronger he reached out to the only man he knew with the resolve to do what was needed to turn the tide of darkness. Luckily Coren had responded and given him these coordinates...An old Alliance Jedi security code got him cleared to land despite his lack of the cylinder. 


As his freighter  touched down on the base he could see the progress they were making on the makeshift base. He could only guess that it wasn't their first nor only base. He'd heard rumors when he was in Coalition space of an Alliance holdout somewhere in neutral space but he didn't even have a name on the system. 


The old man's eyes flicked from left to right, memorizing and noting details of the base. Best places to set up an ambush, places that needed better fortification, and the like. It was obvious the base wasn't completed but he was sure he'd have some way to help shore up the defenses here. Constructing a base from scratch was difficult, of that he knew from decades of experience and dozens of battles. In all honesty, he wanted to be done with war. Not very Mandalorian of him, he knew, but war was so much different from fulfilling a bounty or mercenary contract. War held stakes unlike any in the Galaxy and he had been in too many wars and lost too much to be fond of them.


When the landing gear touched the surface and the boarding ramp fell he was already waiting to get off. The air of Borleias was like a fresh smack to the face. He'd been in space so long he forgot what air that hadn't been through a recycler tasted like. He took the moment to just...breathe before he made his way into camp. It was busy, and bustling but despite that he was easily able to pinpoint Starchaser. As expected he his life was running 100 km/h and a crowd followed him wherever he went. He'd linger behind the group and wait for the crowd to disperse before he ambushed the Jedi General. 


Rick Kaloo ZFR-9EI Coren Starchaser Ava Cartwright Frielle Kinniak 

#1921398 Six Years of Chaos

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 07 March 2019 - 02:33 PM

Darth Metus but would you REALLY

#1921350 Six Years of Chaos

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 07 March 2019 - 10:48 AM


#1921330 Fighter & Support Craft Hangars - Hmm.

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 07 March 2019 - 08:46 AM

Thorne a situation like this forces you to use the fight hangar count and use that for your shuttles.

#1920414 Zoe Rosella | Information Panel

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 04 March 2019 - 08:44 PM


#1917433 Beware Freelancers! [Anthem - PC]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 23 February 2019 - 05:22 PM

Shia Kryze Do you play on PC?

#1917430 Beware Freelancers! [Anthem - PC]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 23 February 2019 - 05:20 PM

Anyone pick up Anthem? I'm looking for people to play with and squad up! 


#1916893 Don't Mind me...

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 21 February 2019 - 06:47 PM

I've been looking for a new angle. I'm not sure if Gil will be my face here or not. Mostly just wanted to RP with some new folks. :] 

#1914692 First Order.... I want Endor

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 15 February 2019 - 08:06 PM

*laughs in Mando*

#1906498 Codex Opening Sometime This Weekend

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 25 January 2019 - 11:01 PM



Honestly the best news I've had all week. 



#1904726 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 21 January 2019 - 11:15 AM

Hawke gave the blonde woman a long sideways look before being handled by the massive Mand'alor. By the time he got down the medics and medical droids had already cleaned the wound. He was on a repulsor gurney headed towards one of the large bacta tanks. Hawke himself limped over to one of the medical tables and was suddenly swarmed by medics who began removing his armor. A thoughtful scowl was plastered on his face and his gaze fell on the Mand'alor.


"It seems someone didn't appreciate me meeting with you Mand'alor Cadera," he winced as the armor around his wounded leg was peeled off, now sticky blood adhered to the inside of the plates. They were cutting his bodyglove off now and the cool air of the medbay brought a chill to his bones.


"It looks as though the Sith have indeed been moving on our worlds...This act of aggression will not go unanswered...!" Anger welled up in his voice.


Cassiopeia Australis Yasha Cadera

#1903747 Type IV Keldabe-Class Battlecruiser

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 18 January 2019 - 11:48 PM





  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Affiliation: Closed Market
  • Model: Type IV Keldabe-Class Battlecruiser 
  • ProductionLimited 

  • Material: 


  • Classification: Destroyer
  • Length: 3000 Meters
  • Width: 900 Meters
  • Height: 1500 Meters
  • ArmamentVery High
    • Quad Heavy Turbolasers Batteries
    • Turbolaser Batteries
    • Flex-Tube Missile Launchers
    • Turbolaser Turrets
    • Heavy Ion Cannons
  • DefensesModerate
    • Mandalorian Steel Armor Platting
    • Deflector Shields
    • Chaff
    • Dampner Aerosol Chaff
  • Hangar Very Low: 3 
  • Maneuverability Rating Low
  • Speed Rating Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 1


  • Battlecruiser Sensor Suite
  • Battlecruiser Safety Systems
  • Battlecruiser Encrytion Network
  • Holonet Reciever
  • Escape Pods
  • Standard Military Starship Systems 



  • Wall of Light: Covered top to bottom in turbolaser cannons and heavy ordinance.
  • Combined Arms: Keldabe Type IV battlecruisers could bring a massive amount ground vehicles to a system and single-handedly act as an invasion platform and deploy them from orbit via rapid deployment pods.


  • Imperial Design: Exposed bridge tower
  • Poor Maneuvering: The Keldabe Type IV had poor manueverability
  • No Point Defense: While the the Keldabe Type IV had an impressive array of weapons, it relied on its small starfighter compliment and escorts in battle.
  • Atmosphere: The Type IV Keldabe-Class Battlecruiser could not maneuver in atmosphere.

Description: Developed in the shadow of war and riding on the curtails of the Crusader-Class Battlecruiser, the Keldabe Type IV was a cutting edge battlecruiser constructed by MandalMotors for the Mandalorian Imperial Navy. After years of development, the battlecruiser was meant to replace and directly compete with pseudo battlecruisers like the Mandalorian Star Destroyer and Gragatus-Class Dreadnought. However, the sudden growth of the Mandalorian Imperial Navy required many of its predecessors to remain in service. Instead the Type IV Keldabe-Class Battlecruiser was adopted by the Mandalorian Admiralty as flagships for Mandalorian Battlegroups.


Several kilometers larger than its direct predecessor, it dwarfed the Type 3 Keldabe-Class Battleship. The large space frame was unique but functional. The bow of the massive vessel was shaped like a hatchet, evoking the harsh and aggressive designs of older Mandalorian designs like the Kandosii-Type Dreadnoughts and the Guardian-Class corvettes. The wedge shape housed numerous concussion missile tubes and flex-tube ordinance launchers. Two hangars on the port and starboard hull offered the battlecruiser some flexibility in its fighter compliment while a third hangar placed between the engine housing was typically reserved for advanced starfighters. A large ventral hangar was equipped with docking clamps and powerful tractor beams which were used to capture smaller capital ships like corvettes and small frigates but was also used to house the bulk of the ground assault walkers and dropships. This hangar was connected to the ship's barracks which could house legions of Mandalorians. 


The stern of ship ballooned outward into what was essentially a massive gun platform for hundreds of heavy turbolaser and ion cannon emplacements. The hull was a tiered superstructure both the dorsal and ventral portions which allowed a massive range of turbolaser and ion cannon fire. Missile pods dotted structure as well though it lacked the iconic and archaic spinal mass driver cannon. 


Needles to say, the crew requirements for this vessel were enormous. A large portion of the embarked crew as a result were droids. Maintenance droids, astromechs, medical droids, and security droids were employed throughout the ship to help supplement. The ship would later remove its Isotope-5 reactor and go on sale generally throughout the galaxy.

#1903136 Achilles

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 17 January 2019 - 05:32 PM

*makes note*

#1902839 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Gilamar Skirata on 16 January 2019 - 09:38 PM

Objective: Survive the attack!

Allies: Mig Gred Ambrose Cadera Kaine Australis Cassiopeia Australis Yasha Cadera

Enemies: Amun


The bacta flowed through him like a cool river. The darkness eating away at the corners of his vision slowly began to recede, but then the side effects of the bacta began to kick in and his eyelids fluttered closed and locked him in darkness. The limp body of Gilamar was heavy, but probably not as heavy to the large amazonian woman. The red clad guards moved with the Mandalorians as they moved from the room. Hawke limped along with help.


"There's a med bay, 12th floor. He looks bad, we need to get him into a tank ASAP, he's loosing too much blood under all that armor," Hawke's voice rasped. Despite thinking of the older man first, Hawke was in no better shape. The warrior struggled against the sedative laced bacta stim he'd received. The bleeding had thankfully been stopped because of his armor, Gil on the other hand hadn't even seemed to have a chance to activate his own internal tourniquet and was dripping blood between plates. 


They could find the hunter later, or maybe not. After all, they had all survived the attack. But it had gotten Hawke thinking...Who had hired the killer? Who wanted to weaken Junction so badly as to assassinate himself and the Mandalorians? Maybe the Sith were already at his door and he just didn't realize it.