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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

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In Topic: Into Darkness (Firemane)

Yesterday, 11:28 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



Elpsis watched while Laira introduced Mara to the wonders of modern television. "Uh, I might know the actress. What's her hair colour?"


"Black," Mara replied.


"Does she have a butterfly tattoo on her back?"


"Uh, yes."


"Oh, that's the one. Selene. I know her. She's real nice. Anyway, get some rest, Mara. If you need anything, just hit the red button and I'll come over." Having gotten Mara accommodated, the pair departed the chamber. They eventually came across Tegaea. Her praise caused Elpsis' expression to brighten.



"Thanks, Mum. I'm sure Firelust would be great for Laira. I could give her a tour of one of the studios," she said cheerfully. However, her demeanour soon turned more serious. "Jedi, Sith, Vong - seems like the common folk down there don't have any overlords who aren't jerks," she stated bluntly.



"Do we know anything about what kind of capabilities they've got planetside? Defences and stuff. And we're gonna keep Mara, right? She's tried to be strong, but she's terrified of being punished by the Jedi Inquisition and I believe her when she says they'd hurt her for conspiring or nonsense like that."

In Topic: Meet the Family

Yesterday, 11:13 AM




Elpsis awaited Tempest's answer with a mixture of expectation and trepidation. It felt like an eternity and all that. She broke into a smile when the Dahomian finally said the words. "We're great for each other," she finished when Tempest stumbled over words. "I'm not the flowery speeches, flowers and rings type. I don't need you to gush about your feelings all the time. I want you just the way you are, my big strong amazon." Holding Tempest close, she kissed her sweetly.

In Topic: Meet the Family

24 September 2018 - 05:17 AM




"Suuure," Elpsis drawled, not believing a word of it. However, her moment of triumph did not last long, for the Tempest decided to strike back, unleashing a tickling offensive of her own. "Hey." Elpsis gave as good as she got, but eventually she was forced to capitulate. This coincided with Tempest getting on top of her. Elpsis did not mind. "Mercy, I give up," wrapping her arms around the Dahomian, she gazed into her eyes. She just felt so...content. Blissful. "I love you, Tempest. So much," she blurted out, before kissing her heatedly.

In Topic: Into Darkness (Firemane)

19 September 2018 - 10:29 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



Mara winced slightly when the needle went into her arm. She looked relieved when it left. "I am not sure how much help I could be...but I am glad. I hope this is for my people's benefit. What happens now?" she asked, while Elpsis administered a plaster. She suppressed a yawn, feeling a little sleepy.



"For now, you rest, sweetie," Elpsis spoke, patting the girl's hand gently. "Someone will come over in a bit to give you some food. There should be some snacks and stuff to drink in the fridge," she put the needle away and strode towards a shelf. "There's a couple magazines, a telly and the holonet, too. Laira, can you, uh, show her how to access things?"



Elpsis was no longer able to check her Spacebook page. Sometimes she asked Tempest to read what was on it for her. Watching holotelly did not do much for her because she could not see what was going on. Speaking of entertainment, some of the magazines and channels might shock poor Mara a bit. Suffice to say they were not PG-13. Firelust was a thriving enterprise. Elpsis visited its studio sometimes. She was always a welcome presence.






Nyssa had expected a rebuke. Truth be told, that was how she would have responded. So she was surprised when Tegaea took the time to elaborate instead. The Pureblood disagreed, but she appreciated the fact that the human took the time to talk to her. Even though she was puzzled by that.



"I see," she stated finally. From what she had seen the Dahomians were tough warriors, so getting involved there might have been a net gain. But Kaeshana must have been a waste of time, since the Eldorai were weak, whiny and useless. "I reckon it is a boon to have ideas, but you must know when to let reality guide you. Many amongst your crew do not trust me. I will not stoop so low to attempt to fawn my way into the affections of people I do not care for by yammering about how much I believe in quests to uplift the unfortunate and the Firemane way. But I shall share my observations, fight at your command and slay your enemies."

In Topic: Submission Modifications

18 September 2018 - 10:33 AM

Submission Name: Tephrike

Link to Submission: Here

Summary of Modification: Update Major Exports by specifically listing materiels.
Reason for Modification: Planet creation template states that materials and ores should be specifically listed. The submission of my planet sub preceded the introduction of this rule, but I mentioned raw materials being an important resource, which was one of the reasons why Tephrike was first colonised centuries ago. So in compliance with rules, I want to codify some (non-restricted) materiels that will flesh out the place a bit more and make it potentially interesting for explorers.


In Major Exports, change:





  • Major Exports: Technically N/A. Potential exports: Wild animals, timber, drugs, raw materiels.


to this:


  • Major Exports: Technically N/A. Potential exports: Wild animals, timber, drugs, raw materiels (Durasteel ore, Phobium, Agrocite).