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#1864561 Into Darkness (Firemane)

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on Yesterday, 11:28 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



Elpsis watched while Laira introduced Mara to the wonders of modern television. "Uh, I might know the actress. What's her hair colour?"


"Black," Mara replied.


"Does she have a butterfly tattoo on her back?"


"Uh, yes."


"Oh, that's the one. Selene. I know her. She's real nice. Anyway, get some rest, Mara. If you need anything, just hit the red button and I'll come over." Having gotten Mara accommodated, the pair departed the chamber. They eventually came across Tegaea. Her praise caused Elpsis' expression to brighten.



"Thanks, Mum. I'm sure Firelust would be great for Laira. I could give her a tour of one of the studios," she said cheerfully. However, her demeanour soon turned more serious. "Jedi, Sith, Vong - seems like the common folk down there don't have any overlords who aren't jerks," she stated bluntly.



"Do we know anything about what kind of capabilities they've got planetside? Defences and stuff. And we're gonna keep Mara, right? She's tried to be strong, but she's terrified of being punished by the Jedi Inquisition and I believe her when she says they'd hurt her for conspiring or nonsense like that."

#1864551 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on Yesterday, 11:13 AM




Elpsis awaited Tempest's answer with a mixture of expectation and trepidation. It felt like an eternity and all that. She broke into a smile when the Dahomian finally said the words. "We're great for each other," she finished when Tempest stumbled over words. "I'm not the flowery speeches, flowers and rings type. I don't need you to gush about your feelings all the time. I want you just the way you are, my big strong amazon." Holding Tempest close, she kissed her sweetly.

#1864048 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 24 September 2018 - 05:17 AM




"Suuure," Elpsis drawled, not believing a word of it. However, her moment of triumph did not last long, for the Tempest decided to strike back, unleashing a tickling offensive of her own. "Hey." Elpsis gave as good as she got, but eventually she was forced to capitulate. This coincided with Tempest getting on top of her. Elpsis did not mind. "Mercy, I give up," wrapping her arms around the Dahomian, she gazed into her eyes. She just felt so...content. Blissful. "I love you, Tempest. So much," she blurted out, before kissing her heatedly.

#1862011 Into Darkness (Firemane)

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 19 September 2018 - 10:29 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



Mara winced slightly when the needle went into her arm. She looked relieved when it left. "I am not sure how much help I could be...but I am glad. I hope this is for my people's benefit. What happens now?" she asked, while Elpsis administered a plaster. She suppressed a yawn, feeling a little sleepy.



"For now, you rest, sweetie," Elpsis spoke, patting the girl's hand gently. "Someone will come over in a bit to give you some food. There should be some snacks and stuff to drink in the fridge," she put the needle away and strode towards a shelf. "There's a couple magazines, a telly and the holonet, too. Laira, can you, uh, show her how to access things?"



Elpsis was no longer able to check her Spacebook page. Sometimes she asked Tempest to read what was on it for her. Watching holotelly did not do much for her because she could not see what was going on. Speaking of entertainment, some of the magazines and channels might shock poor Mara a bit. Suffice to say they were not PG-13. Firelust was a thriving enterprise. Elpsis visited its studio sometimes. She was always a welcome presence.






Nyssa had expected a rebuke. Truth be told, that was how she would have responded. So she was surprised when Tegaea took the time to elaborate instead. The Pureblood disagreed, but she appreciated the fact that the human took the time to talk to her. Even though she was puzzled by that.



"I see," she stated finally. From what she had seen the Dahomians were tough warriors, so getting involved there might have been a net gain. But Kaeshana must have been a waste of time, since the Eldorai were weak, whiny and useless. "I reckon it is a boon to have ideas, but you must know when to let reality guide you. Many amongst your crew do not trust me. I will not stoop so low to attempt to fawn my way into the affections of people I do not care for by yammering about how much I believe in quests to uplift the unfortunate and the Firemane way. But I shall share my observations, fight at your command and slay your enemies."

#1861519 Relic Run

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 18 September 2018 - 06:25 AM




"So...a Pureblood, huh? Don't see many of those running around."


"Rumours of our extinction are greatly exaggerated, I'm afraid," Nyssa said very dryly. "Most just prance around with lightsabres and run after whoever's dark lord."


"You don't?"


The Red Sith shrugged. "I like to defy expectations. Besides, you're not worth anything there unless you can do magic tricks."


Two more goons fell in line behind them. Both of them were doing a poor job hiding their blasters in their jackets. "The stuff we do - it's rewardin', but dangerous. Once you're in - if you get in - there's only one way out," at that he made a chopping motion with his hand." Nyssa resisted the urge to roll her eyes.


"Got it." She was led to what she assumed was some sort of office complex.


"Your girlfriend's turned all quiet. Hope we haven't scared her. No need to worry, girl, we won't hurt a hair on your pretty head."


"Oh, I'm good. You lot seem real organised," faux Elpsis chimed in. Hopefully no one had seen that the apparition had flickered slightly. By now the real Elpsis was quite far away.


"Don't mind her. She won't be a problem."

#1857675 Into Darkness (Firemane)

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 10 September 2018 - 03:05 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



After more debate, the Council adjourned. The Battlemaster watched the various Masters file out, committing the voices of those who had dissented and - more importantly - those who had hedged their bets to memory. Master Airla appeared at her side. "Master Kolar may be a problem, along with the..."


"The Grand Inquisitor, yes. Always watch the silent ones," Battlemaster Mahtara spoke. "They will be monitored. The Grandmaster's guards are being replaced. The populace is being distracted with the celebrations of our latest victory against the forces of darkness." A hollow laugh escaped her throat. "I trust that you will be able to establish contact with the outsiders and show the necessary discretion."


"Yes, Battlemaster." No doubt the Consular recognised that her superior could always disavow her if things went ill.





"Haven't dealt with Vong much. Not keen on them. Creepy buggers. My mother killed a bunch of them and their beasts. They die just as anyone else if you know what you're doing," Elpsis chimed in, just before the nurse entered.


"I just need to make some injections for our guest," the Firemane nurse explained. "Unless you would like to administer the vaccination?"


Sensing how nervous Mara felt, Elpsis held up her hand. "I can do it. Don't worry, Mara. It's...just a little prick."


The lame joke seemed to go over the girl's head. "Alright. I trust you."




"And sometimes they burn cities out of stupidity, while polishing their halo. Then they give the perpetrator a slap on the wrist and blame it on the Dark Side," Nyssa remarked. Being a blood knight with a rather ruthless approach to warfare, she did not object to burning cities per se. But it had to serve a purpose. Rather than being caused by sheer idiocy and ignorance. It was vexing that many of her people did not seem to understand it.



"What do you want with this planet? It is populated by ignorant, fractured people reenacting wars from centuries ago. They will appeal to you as long as they believe you can benefit them and lash out the moment they believe your presence is inconvenient." A very cynical point of view, but perhaps a realistic one. Perhaps it was not the best idea to address your superior in such a direct manner, but like many warriors Nyssa was a blunt sort.

#1855067 Into Darkness (Firemane)

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 04 September 2018 - 11:27 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



"Our supreme leader is the Grandmaster of the Order," Mara declared piously. "He was chosen by the Council a few years before I was born and has guided us since then. We...do not see him much, but that's because he's in deep communion with the Force. He can cure any disease and smite evildoers with nay a thought. Sometimes...bad ministers try to deceive him by withholding the truth, he sees through them."


It took a good deal of Elpsis' self-control not to interject and ask Mara if she really believed any of that. She'd built up a rapport, but it was still a fragile one. She took notice when Mara admitted that not all of the Dominion's leaders were good, but naturally excluded the Grandmaster from this. Did she really believe this or was it just the only safe way to express criticism in the Dominion without appearing disloyal? "That's very enlightening. Ruling the Dominion must take up all his time," she managed to say. "You mentioned a Council. I guess he's got some important lieutenants who help with the governing. Any that stand out?"


Mara thought for a moment. "There's the Battlemaster, Master Mahtara. She is of the same race as the ancient Grandmaster Soda. She is a very wise woman and a strong warrior. When the machinations of the Dark Side caused many of our brethren to vanish into Chaos, some went astray. But she stepped in to keep order. Our foremost diplomat is Master Airla, and there's also the Grand Inquisitor" she shifted a bit awkwardly, "he is in charge of corrections."


Elpsis glanced towards Laira briefly when Mara spoke of people disappearing. Netherworld, she thought to herself. Akala's mad rampage had left none of the known worlds untouched. It stood to reason that she had affected Tephrike as well. Sensing that Mara felt uncomfortable, she patted her hand gently. "No one's gonna put you through correction. You're helping your people make friends, remember?" she said encouragingly. "Now, our scanners picked up an underwater city in the north of the planet. Quite big, formidable defences. Anything you know about that?"


A expression of revulsion crossed Mara's features. "Red Colar City? It's a den of anarchists and brigands who call themselves the Republican Guard. When we extended our hand to them and offered them peace, they bit it and killed our ambassador. They claim to fight for freedom, but instead of uniting with us to bring the Sith to heel, they support terrorists."


"Does this mean they're in cahoots with the Vader fanboys?"


"No, they hate Force-Users and want to wipe them from the planet. Any Force-user, even Younglings, who falls into their hands is lobotomised or executed. They've fallen under the sway of soulless demons...Vong." Apparently the whole planet was really weird and stuck in time. If Elpsis had been more of a history buff, she might have wondered whether a copy of Valkorion's not so Eternal Empire was lurking in the shadows. At this stage she would not be surprised if they bumped into Kiliks or Lost Red Sith. At least the latter might cheer Nyssa up. Or not. At this point in time, a nurse knocked on the door. She was here for Mara's vaccination.






Nyssa felt a bit disappointed about Tegaea's lack of bellicosity. Ah, well. There was bound to be a fight. As for hammering some hard truths into the skulls of whiny trainees...Where she came from, such weaklings would have been removed from the gene pool in short order. "It takes a lot to knock that sunshine and rainbows 'be excellent to all' mentality out of them and remind them that the Galaxy is not a shiny and happy place. And the Jedi are the worst. Pampered little brats who think their opponents will fall on their knees if they only wave their lightsabre around and say some platitudes. The earlier you start beating sense into them, the better," her tone was clipped. She spoke in a deep contralto.

#1853525 Play With Me The Game Of Fire

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 01 September 2018 - 03:28 PM

Rael Rus



Order of Fire was an unintentionally ironic name, as the leader of the group was incapable of using pyrokinesis. When queried about this, Siobhan would insist that it was symbolic. Fire could destroy, but also warm and was the first step towards human using technology. Balance this, balance that and so on. Or just say that it was a branch of Firemane. Besides, her hair was red.



Regardless, Elpsis sensed something emanating from the High Priestess. A feeling that was akin to hunger - and directed towards her. However, it was not hunger in the way Elpsis was used to. Not the sort that hinted at fun behind closed doors that would upset censors. She considered her words carefully before responding to her offer. Interaction with religious cults could easily turn dangerous. A blasphemous word could easily cause hostility. Respect for one's skills could easily turn into animus if you were perceived as a threat. Still, she was interested. "Oh, I'd be down to see your students in action. Maybe we can learn a bit from each other," she said jovially.



Nyssa said nothing, but gave a curt nod. She had helped herself to the meal after ascertaining that it was not poisoned. "This is good," she muttered. Having received what passed for the all clear, Elpsis helped herself to some food as well after thanking the head cleric. It did not take long for the meal to end and the three ladies were on their way out. All seemed normal - as far as things could be normal here!



Then they suddenly heard a terribly loud animalistic, yet metallic, roar. Danger instincts took over as Nyssa reached for her lightsabre. Then the majestic beast flew overhead. Huge wings, spike, sharp edges and an enormous mouth that looked like it could feast on a subcapital ship. Even at this distance, its size and majesty were unmistakeable.



"Goddess. It's huge. What is that creature called?" Elpsis asked aloud. She was a bit on edge, but more curious than nervous.


"We're not bringing a baby one home," Nyssa growled.


"I was only asking about its name," Elpsis sounded just a bit indignant.


"That's how it starts. The moment you run into something big, clawedd and carnivorous, you want to befriend it."


"You're just jealous because animals like me, unlike you."

#1852612 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 30 August 2018 - 11:25 AM




Elpsis was in the dark about how much their pool activities had disturbed poor Purity. She was lost in her own world. By the time their lovemaking had come to a close, she was thoroughly satisfied. There was a content, somewhat dreamy look on her face when she looked upon Tempest.



She could not, alas, perceive her physical features, but she could gaze into her aura. It was a proud, in some ways harsh one. What Jedi would call the taint of the Dark Side was clearly visible, unable to elude her ethereal eyes. Yet Elpsis did not see it as a corruption. Tempest could be cold, even brutal, but she was not evil. And she did not lie to others or to herself about who or what she was.



A hand lazily travelled across Tempest's face, as if seeking to map it. So beautiful. I think I could..., she trailed off, brushing the thought aside ere it could reach its conclusion. Instead she planted a kiss on the Dahomian's earlobe. "Did your little firemane wear you out?" she asked teasingly. Feeling a little devious, she moved down. Positioning herself in front ofone of Tempest's feet, she licked her toes. Then she proceeded to tickle said feet.

#1852066 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 29 August 2018 - 05:34 AM




"Not bad?" Elpsis exclaimed with mock indignation. "I rock your world and you know it." Why else would a zombie hive mind have tried to manipulate Tempest by using the image of a shiny happy future with her one true beau?! Alright, that was probably not the best endorsement.



Willow had to be naughty and splash them. Cool water caused goosebumps in her skin. "Pet is being very naughty and must be reminded of her place," Elpsis said in what passed as a poor imitation of Siobhan's mistress voice, then giggled. "You just want to be part of the action," she added, then kissed Tempest, sliding her tongue into the Dahomian's mouth.

#1851584 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 28 August 2018 - 03:47 AM




Elpsis was very liberated. Or a big exhibitionist, if you were feeling unkind. Hearing her girlfriend whistle, she posed a bit, then made a show out of bending down so that Tempest would get a good view of her undeniably perfectly round, firm, tight butt and athletic legs.



"Like what you see, huh? Wanna take me at the pool?" she asked teasingly. "I promise not to be too loud. Well, maybe a little." Turning around, her hands roamed over Tempest, in some cases they might have gone places that could upset the censors. This one would not know.



She loved how Tempest's strong muscles felt beneath her fingertips. There was more than a decade between them, but the age difference did not bother Elpsis. If anything, it was a turnon. She'd always gravitated towards mature wine. Older women tended to know what they wanted and there was less drama. "So pretty."

#1851579 Into Darkness (Firemane)

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 28 August 2018 - 03:31 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold

Given their divergent life experiences, both girls approached matters from different angles. Elpsis' father had been a Sith. However, he had not turned good. He'd been a monster and died as one. She was the spawn of him forcing himself on her mother Coryth Elaris, whom he had also sadistically tortured and infected with Sith Poison. Siobhan had ripped his spine out and sent him to the Netherworld, where Elpsis had achieved some catharsis by beating the crap out of him.

And the Kerrigan-Alcori clan had spent many years fighting Sith. Siobhan had been possessed, Tegaea tortured by one. So in short, she was not inclined to believe in redemption. To her, Vader had not atoned for his sins by saving his son. It did not wash the blood away. Bottom line, when she saw Sith, she shot them. She did not sit them down and ask them to explain themselves.

Was the Dominion good? Probably not. It's led by Jedi, after all, she thought. She'd sensed Mara's very palpable fear of being punished for 'heresy'. But how much of their authoritarian, reactionary nature was due to circumstance and Tephrike's long isolation and how much due to malevolence? After all, Firemane had dealt with the Eldorai and the Qadiri, even uplifted them to an extent, and neither of whom had been nice sorts.

Perhaps Mara sensed that one was sceptical. She was not inclined to suddenly let this go. "I can show you on a map," she said determinedly. "They have their base in a castle. It is a cursed place. They sustain themselves through the toil of slaves."

"You can show us," Elpsis patted Mara on the shoulder. "Laira...can you access the datapad over there and bring up the pictures Mum sent us?" she would have done it herself, but it was a bit awkward to play with a computer screen when you could not see anything on it.

"Thank you," Mara said gratefully. "Have you fought many Sith?"

"A bunch of them. Killing them is kind of the family business. Heavy risks, but it's less me sleep easier knowing that there's a couple monsters less to hurt innocents. Fought a Dark Lord level Sith Lady twice. Burnt her lung. That was fun." The part where Elpsis lost an arm had been less fun. Her left arm itched slightly. Phantom pain was a thing.

"You must be very brave."

Elpsis looked a bit embarrassed, coughed. "Yeah, well, just doing my part. Anyway, after you've shown us, there's something important we gotta do. There's a lot of diseases your people would not know of and I don't want you to go catch something and get sick. So we need to administer..."

"Vaccination," Mara interjected. "Yes, I understand. The Dominion has such things as well."


Nyssa would, ironically, take offence if she was compared to the 'cultist Sith', as she referred to them rather disparagingly. To her, they were poseurs, fakes and thieves who had appropriated and bastardised the culture of her ancient, proud people. They had desecrated Korriban and the other Sith worlds and now had the gall to claim that they were true Sith. This was one of the many reasons why she did not affiliate with any of the 'Sith' groups.

"I see the poseurs did not even have the decency to pick a proper Sith as their icon. No, it had to be Palpatine's attack dog. Another human. Are you sure they're not Lost Ren, ma'am?" she asked contemptuously. "Can we eradicate them?" she asked half-seriously. A woman could dream, after all.

She would be alright with killing Jedi, as well. Both would be ideal. Being a Red Sith who had been raised on stories about the Old Republic's campaign to eradicate her people, she did not trust or like Jedi one bit. She hoped Elpsis was not too trusting just because their captive was cute and had innocent doe eyes. She frowned slightly. "The Death Troopers are a secretive lot. Evasive. Closed cult. Could not discover anything concrete yet. Seemed upset about missing the action - not that there was much to miss. You don't trust them."



It was phrased as a statement, not a question. It was difficult to run a campaign when you felt the need to look over your shoulder. This she knew as an experienced soldier. Others might argue that this could be a peaceful first contact, but Nyssa was inherently cynical. She would never trust Jedi.


The Council was in uproar when Mahtara arrived. This was supposed to be the place where the wisest of the Jedi Masters determined the will of the Force in peaceful communion and saw to it that said will was executed. She had yet to see this happen.

"We must enter negotiations with these outsiders," one of the Jedi Masters declared.

"Have you lost your mind? They are emissaries of darkness. Demons made flesh, animated by the Dark Side. We must resist this incursion."

"And they appear to have technology far in advance of ours. Would you have the faithful die for nothing?"

"Better to die on your feet than serve evil on your knees.Do you even know for certain their technological terrors are so advanced? Machines cannot overcome the will of the Light" a radical Master thundered.

"We must attend to reality, not fantasy, my friends. If life has survived beyond Tephrike, there may be more Jedi. Moreover, who is to say that the star people will not extend aid to the Sith or the heretical rebels if we turn them away? Then our enemies will multiply and our worst fears will become reality."

"So you would choose cowardice over..," the Master never got to finish this train of thought as the Battlemaster entered. Her arrival was heralded by her two guards, who each carried a halberd.

"Enough." Her voice was strong enough to carry across the entire room. "Some battles are fought by a clash of blades, others through subtler means. Consider this: It is almost certain that the Vaderite barbarians and the rebel heretics have spotted the starships in Tephrike's orbit. We cannot afford to think in parochial terms. When our forebears proclaimed that no life existed beyond Tephrike, they were operating on the best of information they possessed at the time. Their decrees shielded our world from the darkness that engulfed the Galaxy. But it may be the will of the Force that we enter into contact with the outside world once more. We will treat with these outsiders and learn their secrets for the betterment of the Dominion."

#1850748 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 26 August 2018 - 07:18 AM




Elpsis made a face. She neither liked nor understood monogamy. Or the whole concept of saving yourself till you walked down the aisle. The whole fetish about virginity being some sort of prize struck her as a patriarchal concept to control women. Anyhow, she was not the lecturing type. Besides, it looked like Tempest was bored.



"Think we're done. Let's go back. Anyonw wanna hit the pool?" she asked, giving her girlfriend a wink. Taking Tempest's hand, she interlaced their fingers. She was inherently a touchy-feely person. Even more so because she could no longer see facial expressions.

#1850323 Into Darkness (Firemane)

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 25 August 2018 - 04:20 AM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



Nyssa read the message, then switched the device off. The Twi'lek acolyte whimpered, nursing her bruised lekku. The Sith Pureblood sighed. "Oh, cut the drama, will you? Woman up a bit. I could have used my robotic hand on it. If you can't handle someone grabbing the overgrown worms coming out of your head, there's the door." With that she left the training room.





Uh, ok. I'll bring up the needle thing, Elpsis thought. Needles unnerved her a bit. Still, vaccinations were important. Hopefully the Dominion were notAnyhow, it seemed Mara was in some distress. So the empath put a calming hand on her shoulder. "It's alright. You're safe here," she said softly. "Uh, so who are these guys you're talking about?" It was not nice to be left out because you could not see someone else's scrawls.



"They are evil, blasphemous men. Sith. The Disciples of the Vader. They take slaves, eat human flesh and practice the dark arts. One of the members of my pod was stationed in a village that was invaded by them. Everyone who was not taken as a slave was crucified. We found the bodies," she angrily brushed the tears away that swelled in her ears.



"There, there, let it out. Sith are savage monsters that need to be wiped out," Elpsis said fervently. This was not rhetoric or her playing to Mara, she honestly believed in. "I've fought plenty of them back where I come from. They're evil scum. And if your guys are a bunch of Vader fanboys that's just pathetic."


"You fight Sith? Does that mean you can help us destroy them?" Mara asked hopefully.


"Maybe - that depends on your leaders," Elpsis replied a bit evasively. Not her call to make. They were not here to fight someone else's war. The Dominion seemed ghastly to her, but she could not discount the possibility that their enemies might be just as bad or worse.





"There is one last thing, Battlemaster. Earlier I sensed a disturbance in the Force. Violence. Darkness. It came from the void of space. Would you care to elaborate on what transpired?" the Grandmaster asked - or rather demanded.


The Battlemaster grit his teeth. "A minor matter, Grandmaster. A pilot was possessed by one of the dark spirits that dwell in the void. One of the creatures of the abyss. It drove him to madness. His craft was pursued and destroyed. I understand he was able to wrest control from the spirit in his final moments. Alas, service in the glorious starfighter corps is a great trial."


"I see," the Grandmaster hissed, "and why was I not informed of this?"


"I did not wish to disrupt your meditation, Grandmaster. As you yourself say, it is of vital importance that you commune with the Force."


"It is your duty to inform me of anything that transpires in my realm. Who else can I rule?"


"I assure, Grandmaster, that I will inform you of any occurence that is deemed crucial for the security of the Dominion. You have many burdens on your shoulder. Burdens heavier than a mountain. It is the duty of the Council to lighten them."

#1848465 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 21 August 2018 - 06:06 AM




"Maybe you could chat Willow up. She's good in bed, sweet and would help you get out more!" Elpsis could not keep herself from teasing the girl. However, alas their trip into the mental desert had to come to an end. In an instant, the illusion dissipated and they were back in the museum. It looked like they'd never left.



Elpsis smirked. "Stick around with us and you might learn something', Pure." Oh, speaking of Willow, there she was. "Uh, did a Force VR trip thing." Smooth, Elpsis, very smooth. They had yet to figure out that the item could only be used by Force-users. Sadly, there was no manual, though she would have been unable to read it anyway.