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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

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#1794072 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on Yesterday, 02:45 AM




"Screw contracts. If they're this chit, you should quit." Elpsis had clear opinions on slavery and indentured servitude. Besides, the two could work for her!


Anyhow, they eventually caught up with the missionary couple. Both looked sweaty and irritated. "There you are at last. What took you so long?" the husband demanded. "Maid, tend to my wife. She has suffered much because of you stupidity."


"It wasn't my fault the boat drifted away, sir. You..."


"There you go again, acting uppity. Being around heathen natives is a bad influence on you."


"Or maybe you're just dumb and whiny," Elpsis said bluntly.


"How dare you?!" his wife thundered. "Apologise to my husband right now. You have no manners and dress like a common whore."


"Actually, I'm a very expensive whore." It was...kinda true. "And it's hot outside here, y'know."


By contrast, the missionaries were sweating in their outfits. "Don't give me lip, girl. Your parents would no doubt be ashamed of you! You have embraced the path of sin and become just like these uncivilised natives."


"Yep, that's the plan. I've decided to join a Dahomian tribe and become the bond-slave of my one true love," at this Elpsis gave Tempest an adoring look. "I want to spend my life worshipping her and become the one she loves most of her harem. I hope our babies have her beautiful skin. I'll raise them to be good Dahomians."

#1793826 [ENDGAME] - Shadow's Fall

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 25 May 2018 - 05:55 PM

Joycelyn Zambrano




"Weather forecast is...cloudy. With a chance of orbital bombardment. May rain SDs."


It was a bit awkward to converse over holocomm. Being blind, Elpsis could not see Siobhan's holographic apparition. She could imagine the frown of perpetual disapprovel though. "I've received word of similar attacks across Alliance space. Given their track record, I should not be surprised that they missed an armada suddenly popping up. I reckon a couple Jedi will turn traitor. I wonder who'll be this generation's Daella. There's always at least one closeted Sith. Can you get off the planet?"


"You know me. A horde of jackbooted space thugs and some phallic status symbols won't stop me."


"Then secure a transport and depart ASAP."


"I'm just...supposed to leave? Whole city's under attack. People are dying."


"As they do every day. It's war. One fighter more or less won't make a difference. The GA's a doomed cause. And they sold us out before."


"The leaders did. Little guy on the street didn't. That's who I care about." There was noise, it sounded like the rumble of thunder, though it was probably artillery. "And since stuff is blowing up around me, don't think I got much of a choice."


"Silly girl. Get out of there alive. Don't get yourself killed. Heroism is not far removed from stupidity." Did her lady mother actually sound...concerned?


"Aww, Mother, didn't know you cared."


"You're my daughter."


There was a pause. "That's...the first time you called me that. Ever."


"Don't get sappy. It's embarrassing."


"Yeah, I love you, too," Elpsis said in a low voice, barely above a whisper. The connection died.



That had been a good while ago. So here she was now. Upon the battlefield of the city she'd grown up in. Truth be told, Elpsis had few positive memories of Coruscant. People gave it fancy names such as galactic centre, eternal city and so on. She'd gone through the school of hard knocks in the slums, where sunlight was never seen. Given all the devastation that had been wrought upon the city-planet time and again, she could not help wonder if its people might not have been happier if their world had been less prominent.



But such thoughts were far from her now. Intense flak fire engaged Sith dropships that raced down from the sky. Galactic Alliance soldiers and their allies engaged hordes of ferocious monsters and Sith troopers that had made their way to the surface. Multi-coloured beams of laser fire filled the air as heavy repeating blasters, laser cannon emplacements and turbolasers roared. Hovertanks sped over the ground, unloading upon the largest creatures with mass drivers or turbolaser cannons. Cries of pain were heard as soldiers fell, be it to gunfire or due to being ripped by beasts. Explosions resonated across the streets, artillery thundered. On the bright side, all those ruins and buildings provided cover. Still, the melee would be fierce.



Elpsis gazed through the scope of her Boltgun, having taken up position behind a window, first floor, of one of the many buildings. This one was largely intact. The suffering of those who were dying or in the process of doing so called out to her. As did the fear that permeated the air. But she focused. Having lain down to make herself less visible, she scanned the area. Though deprived of physical sight, in some ways she saw more clearly than she had prior to her blinding. Thus she perceived the dark auras of malevolence of the beings that approached the GA's battle lines. The soldiers and their heavy armour were doing their best to deal with the horde of abominations.



Elpsis' senses prickled, the Force drawing her gaze towards a woman clad in imposing obsidian armour, with an aura of fury surrounding her. Elpsis' breathing slowed as she focused, her Force Sight following the woman's movements. The Force and unyielding faith steadied her aim, and her finger depressed the trigger of her bolter. A salvoe of explosive bolts shot towards the armoured Sith woman. With the bolts being armed at launch, the warheads would explode on impact. Any impact, including shields, Force powers, sabres and so on. The bolts had a good radius in which someone could get injured by blast wave or shrapnel and enough punch to be damage even light vehicle armour.

#1792280 Breaking the Machine

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 24 May 2018 - 04:49 AM

Ari Vox



It was pure bedlam. With their exit cut off, the group took what cover they could from the incoming barrage of blaster bolts. It all became a blur to Elpsis. One moment the scientist had been in the process of giving in, the next a plasma bolt had torn through his back and exploded inside his chest. His innards were sprayed across the floor, along with a copious amount of blood. Precognition had screamed inside her skull. Too late. She cursed herself for being this inattentive. This distracted.



The shockwave of energy swept across the ground, propelling her through the air at terrible velocity. The telekinetic slam made her feel like something had knocked the wind out of her. Her ribs howled in protest. She had enough presence of mind to thrust out her legs and kick herself off the wall rather than get ragdolled into it. This did not make her landing upon the duracrete floor any less unpleasant. Ouch.



Blood dripped out of a wound inside her forehead. Some vials fell upon her from a shelf. She could only hope they did not contain dangerous chemicals. Either way, glass shattered on her. There was chaos all around her. Firepower opened up on all sides as the security forces tried to corner the beleaguered rebels. Out of the corner of her ethereal eyes, she perceived Spire was on the ground, wrestling with a guard. Both struggled against one another, with the Zabrak being choked until she managed to use a hidden vibroblade to stab her enemy in the in the arm and ram her elbow into his face.



Kora was still on her feet, using the cover provided in the room to evade attacks. Having equipped herself with the weapon of a dead rebel, she unleashed a wide angle shotgun blast, filling the hall with energy as energised flechettes struck four guards at once. Their pained cries echoed through the hall as the shards ripped through them, but more rushed forward, blasting away."Grenade!" a rebel yelled, and leapt onto the deadly sphere. It exploded in a dud thull, ripping the man's insides apart, but causing no further damage. The man's suicidal bravery had saved the rest of the group.



Elpsis pulled herself together, as enemies confronted her. As enemies rushed her, she reached for her lightsabre. Willing it to fly like a javelin, she propelled it right through the skull of a guard. With blaster bolts and slug rounds flying everywhere, she moved quickly, crouching and barely avoiding another plasma shot tearing through the room. Using the Force, the director seemed to absorb or outright stop blaster shots that were coming her way. Of course, she'd only be able to do that against bolts she could see and anticipate.



The director's plasma cannon did have much AOE beyond causing a fire where it impacted, but when it hit, it bloody hurt. Elpsis found Ari amidst the chaos. "We gotta kill the bitch. Separate her from her mooks. I can draw her fire so you get the drop on her." Ari's jetpack might be useful in that regard. It was not much of a plan, but, hey, it was one.

#1791777 Awkward Arkas Assembly

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 23 May 2018 - 04:16 PM

Tegaea Alcori, Laira Darkhold



Laira was probably figuring out where Elpsis got her attitude towards relationships and casual sex from. Her adoptive parents did not just tolerate her promiscuitry, but encouraged it. "Aww, but, Mum, I wanted to have Laira perform for me in private," the empath pouted. In truth, Elpsis would sadly be unable to enjoy a riveting erotic dance. Unless there was a lot of skin contact. When she looked at someone she did not see their face or much of their figure. She saw a blurry shape and their aura, which might look appealing to her or not.



"Your choice, Laira. If you think you're up for the challenge. I must admit I'd be eager to see what the Zeltrons have taught you," Siobhan said, looking a bit amused. The Ranger was cute, after all! If nothing else, she could at least tease the couple a bit. The Firecougar sipped her Naboo wine, wiping her lips with a tissue.



"The Alderaanian system does not sound bad. Authority must be balanced with responsibility and low level autonomy. Firemane is obviously a business, not a planetary government, but the choice of leadership is not left to the whims of shareholders or a board of directors. That would only compromise our vision for by pursuing short-sighted personal agendas. Any successor to me will be trained rigorously, prove herself by serving in a variety of posts and working her way up the corporate ladder. I'd prefer a former soldier, but she'd need to have a good understanding of business and politics. And she will be appointed by myself, though I will accept input my wife and I suppose the Board."



The board was mentioned almost as an afterthought. Unsurprisingly, Siobhan had no intention of retiring for a long time. If she had her way, one of her young wards, Livia or Adril, would one day sit in her chair. But they were still children, so time would tell how realistic these aspirations were. It was convenient that Firemane was purely privately owned.

#1791490 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 23 May 2018 - 07:29 AM




"What a bunch of dicks. Are you sure we couldn't have left them on the island for a lil longer?" Elpsis wondered aloud when the couple sped off into the wilderness. She sighed. Presumably they'd have to follow them to make sure they didn't get eaten.


"Stupid white-skin," the maid muttered to herself. "No offence meant," she added since Elpsis was, in fact, a white-skin.


"None taken, sugar. Got no sympathy for pompous arsehats. Hey, let me look at that leg," she told the valet. Bending down, she rolled up the trousers to get a better view of his injured legs. Her white eyes glowed as she pulled at the threads of the Force, willing its energies to flow from her into him.


"Why are you dawdling? The hired help doesn't need attention. They've disappointed us more than enough," the wife yelled.


"Oh, sod off. Run into the wilderness if you like. Don't sulk if a Cylix pounces you," Elpsis retorted. "There, that's better ain't it?" she asked the valet, after she'd done her part. "You know you don't have to put up with them. If it's money, we pay a lot better," she gave the maid her best smile.

#1790794 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 22 May 2018 - 12:50 PM




"Maybe their deity has a sense of humour and decided to teach them a lil humility," Elpsis joked. The frightened missionaries kept shouting and waving. Feeling them grow more and desperate with each moment that passed, Elpsis felt a little bad for them. However, they did not look like they were in immediate danger, so the situation also amused her a bit.



Seeing the boat move, one of the missionaries shouted even louder. "Over here! Help us!" As the boat drifted away, he grew agitated. "Come back here, we're stranded!" Maybe he did not realise that the boat could only transport so many people at one time. "No civility on this uncivilised world," he muttered to himself.



Regardless, Ransom steered the boat to the shore and the three ladies disembarked, leaving him to save the unlucky offworlders. "Stay close, Purity," Elpsis advised the girl.They should be safe here, but one could not be too careful. As if to drive the point home, rustling noise could be heard from the bushes.

#1789565 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 20 May 2018 - 07:24 PM




Many people would have balked at the idea at feeding someone to crocodiles. However, while Elpsis was generally even-tempered and good-natured, she kindered fascists and slavers especially heinous. They'd brought such maledictions upon themselves through their wicked deeds and evil nature. Suffice to say idiotic Sith propaganda did not work on her. They were not misunderstood. Nor did they 'bring security at the price of freedom' or similar nonsense like that. They were evil.



Regardless, the boat cruised across the open lake. Stretching out with her sight, Elpsis gazed upon the waters. She could not see in the conventional sense, but in some ways she saw more clearly than her friends. For she saw patterns moving under the water. "I can see them. There's one," she pointed at the spot with her finger. "They're pretty." However, the moment was interrupted when the crew suddenly heard shouts and frightened cries coming from the shore...

#1788900 Breaking the Machine

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 19 May 2018 - 01:17 PM

Ari Vox



There was no time to waste. The team made good progress. A few more guards were taken out along the way, cameras destroyed. Elpsis fell in line, moving and acting mechanically. Instincts took over. Even though she felt every death that had occured since the start of the mission. Vividly. Viscerally. Empathy was both a blessing and a curse.



Even though she had erected armoured walls around her mind. The only way for an empath to stay sane if she decided to take up arms and become a warrior. It had been easier back in those days when she was just out for herself, trying to survive. Back then she told herself that she did not care. She had not been at it though.



Intense gunfire could be heard in the far distance. That, and the silent ping Spire had received from the rebel they'd left behind, was enough to tell them that guards were on the way. Judging by intense noise, he was holding off quite a force. Enough reason for the team to pick up the pace. As they snuck into a ventilation shaft, a loud boom could be heard in the distance. Elpsis winced, took a deep breath and muttered a silent prayer as she snuck after the rest of the group.



Finally they were at the laboratories. While the rebels lined up for cover, ever mindful of the thumping of boots on the ground - getting closer and closer - Kora prepared an explosive charge. Affixing it to the door, she quickly ran for cover, giving the team the signal to brace themselves. 3...2...1...Boom. The door was blown away by the hinges. A guard who had been standing too close was turned into a pancake. Spire blew away another with a quick salvoe, precise volleys from the rest of the team took out the rest.



"Don't shoot. I surrender!" a scientist with a bald head and dressed in a white labcoat cried out, having taken cover behind a table with one of his colleagues when the explosion occured. As the smoke cleared, he slowly arose, holding up his hands. He was trembling slightly. "I'm just a researcher."



"Ari, team, secure the room. Prep the charges. Kora, download the data," Spire ordered, levelling her rifle in the scientist's direction. "Where's the plasma railgun?" Not all researchers were so easily cowed. One of them, a Mirialan female, hastened to a console. Presumably to do something nefarious to impede their quest.

#1787732 Breaking the Machine

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 17 May 2018 - 04:51 PM

Ari Vox



With the huge spider bot blown to pieces, quiet descended upon the corridor. All knew that the reprieve would not last long. They had to keep moving. Scarlet ichor trickled from the cut Spire had sustained. Unexpectedly, Ari held out a medpack. The Zabrak eyed it for a moment, as if weighing how much taking the profferred medpack would impede the mercenary should she find herself in need of it. Then she took it, removing a bacta patch. "Thanks," she spoke while applying the salve.


Elpsis shook her head. "I'm fine." She did not look it. Her eyes turned elsewhere when she heard a pained groan. "Got a wounded here," quickly she crossed the distance, finding herself in front of the soldier Spire had dragged to safety earlier. Flechettes had torn nasty wounds through his right leg and shoulder. Blood flowed liberally. He would not be able to walk with injuries like that. One hand pressed against his leg wound, with the other he held his gun. One he'd been using to fire on the spider bot to give the team cover. "Get a medpack here," she called out. "Frak. It looks worse than it is. We'll get you back on your feet," she pressed against his wounds.


"Don't be daft, kid. I'm not gonna be walkin' with a leg like this," he responded.


"Can't you work your mojo on him? Fix him up again?" Kora interjected, as she applied a bacta salve.


Elpsis looked hesitant. "No...no, I can't. Not anymore." Once she had been able to heal. Enough to get him fixed up quickly enough? Debatable.


"I'll slow youw down. Lay me down somewhere where I got cover, leave me a bandage, a stim and some spare clips."


"We don't leave people behind," Elpsis urged.


"Do as he says," Spire cut the debate short in an authoritative, commanding voice.


"Well...I guess we do," the girl sounded dejected. "He'll die if we leave him. Let me stay here with him."


"I need you upfront. We need all hands on deck and you're the big gun," Spire said flatly in a voice that tolerated no contradiction. She removed her pistol from her holster and two grenades from her belt, handing them to the wounded soldier. For a moment her expression softened. "Cover our rear."


"Go kill some Sithies for me," he responded, accepting the pistol. Kora applied the bandage as best as she could and he was moved behind some cover. Spire turned away. "Team, move out." Consternation was written across Elpsis' features. Her vacant eyes gazed towards Ari, then she fell in line.

#1787638 Relic Run

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 17 May 2018 - 01:17 PM




And so the booze flowed...



Elpsis prided herself on having a strong constitution and a high alcohol tolerance, so she downed some drinks. By contrast, Nyssa did her best to drink as little as possible. Speaking of Elpsis, she looked perfectly innocent when Maiev shot her a mental glare. What? You don't like oil? How about...caramel syrup? Her perfectly innocent query was accompanied by a rather raunchy image. For someone who was blind, she was quite good at...vivid visualisation.



Eventually, it was time for the gang to depart. "Can we beat them up now?" Nyssa whispered as the gang members began to file out. Many of them were swaying or fumbling about. Quite a few smelt of booze and cigarette smoke.



"Hey, toots, you wanna come with us?" one of the gangers asked, slurring his words slightly. "Ain't safe in the streets this late in the night. Wouldn't want something to happen to ya." He wrapped an arm around Maiev's shoulder. Verily, his chivalry knew no bounds. His breath stank of beer and his hands were sweaty.

#1786964 Breaking the Machine

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 16 May 2018 - 12:26 PM

Ari Vox



Multi-coloured laser beams filled the air. Blasters whined, slugthrowers belched out rounds. While Ari and some other rebels took care of the droids that had appeared in the infiltration team's rear, the huge spider bot continued to advance. Despite being under continuous bombardment, its shell was able to tank a barrage of blaster and slugthrower rounds. Its shield flickered, as if under pressure, but held. With every shot that exited the muzzle of an energy weapon and was absorbed by the molecular shielding, its rate of fire intensified.



Of course, its shield could not hold indefinitely. The same, however, applied to the Force Barrier Elpsis had conjured. Hers gave up the ghost first. The backlash caused her to lose her footing as she stumbled. She rolled just in time to avoid laser salvoes shooting her way. Two smaller battle droids emerged and she wrapped her telekinetic willpower around one, throwing it into the other.



She found herself close to Spire, with both Firemane operatives firing a salvoe of rounds towards the inexorably advancing mechanical terror. "Don't waste blaster rounds. All you do is feed it. Use slugs or explosives if you have 'em. Spread out and hit it. Keep mobile," the Zabrak ordered grimly, peeking out of cover to take shots at the bot's legs. Her brown eyes met Elpsis' white, vacant ones. "Can you push it over?"



Elpsis thought for a brief moment, then shook her head. "Too big for me," she admitted. Her adoptive mother, Siobhan Kerrigan, would have been able to do so. At least before her stroke. After all, Mother could throw tanks and knock over walkers. Siobhan, who had defeated the present Dark Lord in single combat. Siobhan, who had freed Elpsis from her sadistic father... Stop being a wet hen. You fought in wars, you stood up to Matsu Xiangu, her inner voice chided her. As she heard a pained groan from a rebel, her mind was made up. "I'll dose it with fire. Overload it." Obviously she'd have to get close enough for that,



"Go. Kora, Grimes, covering fire. I'm gonna make it eat an EMP." High-velocity slug rounds bombarded the giant spider droid as it opened up with its blaster turrets. Sprinting, the rebels sought to evade the barrage of laser rounds coming their way as they put the droid under fire. Kora's well-oiled Boltgun Mk1 vomitted out two explosive micro-grenades in quick succession. Smoke filled the air as the explosive rounds found their target and detonated, causing a loud boom.



The droid's shield struggled under the pressure, then it charged up its cannon. A high-powered, singular laser beam erupted from it. Amidst all this, Elpsis bolted. Pulling the Force into her muscles, she ran. A Force-powered leap propelled her towards the huge automaton. Her landing was less than graceful. Indeed, she risked falling off when she impacted upon the bot's shell. For the moment she landed, the droid's electrical defence grid activated, and she received an electrical shock.



Pain shot through her, as did anger. Fire blossomed inside her hands and she dosed the machine with it. Flames could not burn through the droid's thick armour plating, at least not without continued effort. However, the thing about molecular shields was that feedback was the problem. Fire could not outright hurt the bot, but trigger the shield. Coming from the flank, Spire hit the ground. The machine swung a clawed leg at her and she winced when the sharp talons cut into her torso, but she dodged another slash, she dropped an EMP grenade, rolling it beneath the bot. To a spot where it would not be covered by its shields and where its circuitry would thus be vulnerable. In this moment, Elpsis threw herself off the bot, precognition screaming inside her mind as the feedback became too much for the shielding to bear. Overload triggered. The grenade exploded shortly afterwards. Boom. There was a magnificient flash. This should make taking out what was left of the bot a lot easier.

#1786110 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 15 May 2018 - 05:25 AM




Feeling a bit bad about upsetting the girl, Elpsis gave her hand a squeeze. "Sorry, Purity. I didn't want to make fun of you. You're a very nice, smart girl." Even though she was sadly forbidden fruit! As everyone knew, that kind tasted the sweetest. However, then a big croc showed up!



Luckily, their guide kicked the boat's engines into gear just before the second Kardok could eat them. The boat drove so fast that the passengers were splashed with water. Elpsis laughed. "Smart buggers," she remarked. "Shame we can't feed some space nazis to them," she added to Tempest.

#1785730 Breaking the Machine

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 14 May 2018 - 03:28 PM

Ari Vox









Carrying its explosive cargo, the turbolift raced down. The moment it came to a halt and its doors opened, the assembled security guards filled the air with blaster salvoes. They realised a moment too late that the bodies they were firing at were firstly already dead, secondly their own buddies and thirdly lying on a couple explosive charges. Oh, and the timer had reached zero. This was awkward.



Boom! The explosion was loud enough to be deafening. Indeed, it caused the ground to tremble. A good portion of the turbolift was blown apart. The same applied to the corridor in front of it. Columns of smoke and dust rose into the air, while body parts flew everywhere. Good luck identifying the leftovers.



Elpsis winced, stumbling a bit when all the deaths hit her like a hammer. “I'm fine, I'm fine,“ she insisted. “First one down!“ she declared and quickly descended down on the rope she'd prepared after firing her grappling hook. There was a flicker of something on Spire's face, but she followed suit, along with the others. Down they went into the darkness, eventually reaching the floor where the turbolift had stopped. There was not much left of it.



Corpses were sprawled across the ground. Some of the rebels helped themselves to spare powerpacks, magazines or grenades. Quickly they deployed themselves in a defensive formation as laid out by Spire with jabs of her fingers. Some assumed a rear guard position, enabling them to react quickly and warn their comrades should the enemy try to sneak up on them.



Following Kora's guidance, they moved down the corridor to the left. However, after a short distance had been crossed, the sound of metal scraping across the ground could be heard. Reacting to the potential threat, Elpsis and a rebel carrying a heavy repeating blaster moved to the front. Drawing upon the Force, Elpsis gathered her energy to manifest a shimmering barrier before the team.



Enough to cover them when their opponent, a very big, mean-looking spider-like droid with six long legs and and a dull silver finish rounded the corner and rotated a dual blaster turret towards them, unleashing a hailstorm of crimson bolts with its cannon. Two standard, bipedal battle droids followed in its wake, opening fire as well.



If Elpsis had had full use of her sword hand, she could utilised her sabre to reflect the salvoes, at least to a degree. But that would require precision, especially since they were in enclosed quarters and the bolts could easily ricochet off walls. Given her disability, she was reliant on the Force. The barrier flickered as it was peppered with a storm of bolts, but it held, protecting her comrades from the first volley and allow them to seek cover. However, sweat dripped down her face and back. Her expression showed it was a strain for her though.



As the rebel with the repeating blaster opened fire and some of the bolts reflected by Elpsis' barrier impacted upon the machines, the two normal bots were pulverised and blew up, but the spider droid was suddenly surrounded by a shield. Indeed, the machine intensified its salvoes, as if was absorbing some of the energy. Of course, a molecular shield could not hold indefinitely. Enough punishment would cause systems failure. However, just as the rebels were about to unload, one of them shouted a warning.



“Battle droids coming from the rear!“ These machines were of a similar design as the huge spider bot, but less big. A rebel cried out in pain when he was struck in the shoulder and leg by absurdly sharp shards fired from a droid's flechette launcher. Bolting, Spire fired a salvoe with her Magnetic Repeater, blowing away two legs from one of the spider bots. Grabbing the wounded, bleeding rebel, she pulled him into cover. Adjusting to the attempted encirclement, the rebels split up and retaliated with ion blasters, high-projectile firearms and grenades. The party would have to eliminate these threats quickly, lest they get pinned down.

#1784796 Meet the Family

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 13 May 2018 - 06:15 AM




"Are you sure, Purity? Having a bunch of cute chicks eating out of your hand can be so much fun," Elpsis could not resist trolling. She wondered how far she could push things before Tempest got cross. But she could not help it. Purity was so adorable and innocent.



"Bye, big girl," she said warmly when the bird flew away, its wings fluttering in the wind. The boat proceedrd to drift through the bayou. The marshes teemed with life, often concealed by the environment. Elpsis perceived a presence close by. "I see it. It's huge croc. Almost completely submerged in the water," she sounded excited.

#1784065 Breaking the Machine

Posted by Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori on 11 May 2018 - 06:40 PM

Ari Vox



For the time being, the tide of battle had turned in their favour. Such success would be fleeting. Alarm sirens howled loudly. Reinforcements would be here soon. They had to move fast. Elpsis' skull still felt like someone had applied a hammer to it, courtesy of the nearby detonation of a concussion grenade. The energy behind incoming blaster bolts had been absorbed by her, but the burns were still unpleasant. But she soldiered on like a soldier should. Unlike many a Jedi she knew that the ability to cast fireballs, swing a glowstick and move objects with her mind did not make her inherently better than those who could not. So she stuck with the team.



Hearing Ari's shout amidst the chorus of violence, she quickly linked up with her. She looked from the corpses back towards Ari, smiling slightly. "Nice shooting." The revolver in her hand sprayed guards with high-velocity projectiles. Bullets that flew so fast they would impact on a target before you heard them cut through the air. With her other hand, she drew upon the Force to rip guards' guns from their grasp - and proceed to turn them on them. The ranks of the guards were thinning as the rebels brought their firepower to bear. Light repeater salvoes created a hailstorm of multi-coloured bolts that ripped through guards or ricochetted off walls.



Bit by bit, rebels streamed into the room. When a rebel moved, a comrade provided a salvoe of covering fire, then followed suit, with their positions being reversed. The guards were pulling off a fighting retreat, blasting away as they pulled back so that they could regroup and attack with renewed vigour. Elpsis was grateful for her rebreather as a column of acrid smoke filled the air when they lobbed in smoke grenades to cover their retreat.



Meanwhile, Kora had used the circus to her advantage by slicing into a nearby terminal. Ducking and weaving her way through the circus of death, she hastened towards Ari, Elpsis and Spire. "I got the map of the facility. Follow me. I know where we gotta go. That lift can take us down," she declared, a bit out of breath, ducking quickly to avoid a blaster bolt shooting towards her.


"Let's move," Elpsis exclaimed before Spire grabbed her by the shoulder.


"How many do you sense down there?" the Firemane commando grunted. Her tone was not unkind, just commanding.


Rather than get sulky, the girl understood and focused, closing her eyes and planting her bruised hand on the ground for a moment. "Many," she spoke.


"Too many for a big-arse explosion?"


"Just the right number, boss."


"Get to the lift. Load it with timed det charges and sent it down. We use grappling hooks to get down once it's gone boom," Spire grunted. She could not say for certain, but suspected that the common security guards would just be fodder and the real challenges still awaited them. Intel had said something about prototype droids.