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Trextan Voidstalker

Trextan Voidstalker

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In Topic: Winds howl atop the mountain.

11 June 2018 - 11:30 AM

Armaud Eden

Right. Nuance. Had to be careful with that.

"By 'we' I do mean the people of Coruscant. The 'when' here is tends of thousands of years ago."

Trextan looked out of the window at the shards that jutted out of the irregular mass of building towards the sky. Then he turned to face Armaud again.

"It is a bit macabre when you think about it. It's been built on for so many thousands of years that you have to go down a mile to get close to the surface. You can't even see it most of them time. And there must have been life across all of that at some point."

In Topic: Winds howl atop the mountain.

07 June 2018 - 12:57 PM

Armaud Eden

As Armaud demonstrated an empathy and sensibility beyond his years, Trextan was thinking about how childlike he was. He had just trailed off half way through answering the question.

It didn't seem like anything else was coming so Trextan sat in silence. It hurt to sit in the confined chair. The inside of the bus was too warm. The silence was not comfortable.

"You know we killed off half the species in Coruscant so they actually imported some to refill the ecosystem?"

In Topic: Growing Pains

04 June 2018 - 06:28 PM

Choli Vyn

"That's fine," he said. There was a slightly relieved expression on his face. Not because the questions were over, but because the conversation hadn't turned to the sandstorm on Tatooine. It was what he suspected was prompting the line of questions.

"Sometimes I don't ask questions and regret it later. They weren't always encouraged back on Coruscant," he admitted. Despite how awkward it had felt he was glad that her approach to gaining clarity had led to more of an understanding between them on where they stood. There was a much larger cultural divide between them than he might have suspected before Tatooine.

"Maybe just relax for a bit after the sim?" He asked. Getting certified to get back into her profession was a big step after all.

This still felt like stolen time. Unexpected, but welcome. Questions were good. They still had a lot to learn about each other. Every answer brought entirely new questions. He loved the way she could turn an answer into a story.

He reached out and tucked that wayward strand of hair back for her. "Force can wait for a few minutes." It was mostly a suggestion and only a little bit of a question. Trextan shuffled around so that they were both facing the wide windows of the observation deck.

A little but if stolen time to learn a little more about each other.

In Topic: [ENDGAME] Lawful Neutrality (Polis Massa - Galactic Alliance, Outer Rim Coali...

03 June 2018 - 02:33 AM

Choli Vyn

He braced himself but it still hurt to be lifted onto the repulsor trolley. The staff then quickly unhooked the bacta dispenser from the arm on the bed and reattached it to the trolley.

Trextan's legs would have let him walk down to the hangar bay, but that wasn't the issue. Kurt had dropped him off on an Alliance medical frigate just minutes before he had keeled over. Kurt had stayed with him until they had stabilised him and found a bed. He had some good stories and promised to teach him to at least find all the right controls on a starfighter.

Some of his time had been a blur, but he had woken alone to the sight of the bright swirls of hyperspace. He had been through his scheduled surgery to deal with a perforated bowel right as the Alliance fleet was dispersed by a Sith assault. The word was that sith agents within the Alliance had betrayed them. Fleets were regrouping towards the rim and at remaining strongholds. Their leaders had done this before.

That was nearly twelve hours ago. Trextan looked down as one attendant pushed him quickly towards a lift. A clear pouch seemed to be stuck to his skin around the wound, forming a bacta bubble. He could barely see the wound now, but he could feel it.

The hangar was buzzing with activity. They were in orbit over Polis Massa and all the patients that could be moved were being ferried down to the surface. The fleet was staying put but the medical frigates were now beyond capacity. Specialist vehicles for the critical patients and GADF med-evac U-Wings for the others. Trextan was left against the wall with another ten patients.

He felt useless. Everything was moving so fast and he was left abandoned on the side of a hangar. Either their systems had been compromised or someone had deliberately locked out the terminal in his arm as he couldn't get a signal. Couldn't even browse the holonet to pass the time.

The ambient noise was too much to find any rest so he just stewed in his own thoughts and tried to ignore the pain. Pilots, crewman and nurses walked past him as if he wasn't there. A shadow of his former self that everyone saw through. Someone said Coruscant had fallen as they passed but didn't stop when Trextan tried to raise his voice to ask about. His voice had barely rises above a croak.

Nearly an hour went by before a soldier roughly yanked his trolley away from the wall. The young woman grumbled about doing busy work as she marched him towards a ship.

The trolley fixed itself into secure clamps on the wall. They didn't even wind down the engines. A perpetual hum continued as the other three patients were brought in. The soldier slapped the inside of the hull.

“Ready to go!” She called out before sliding shut the door.

The pilots exchanged a few words as they prepared to take off. Trextan recognised her voice immediately. His sullen mood was suddenly interrupted by a burst of elation at hearing her voice. Just sitting up a little brought fresh waves of pain. He gritted his teeth and then tried to call out.

“Cho-li…” It was too quiet. Barely a groan above the noise of the ship. He took a deep breath and tried to gather the strength to call out again.

In Topic: Measuring Up

02 June 2018 - 01:21 PM

Kurt Meyer

His prosthetic hand gripped the frame of Kurt's seat. His feet were wedged into spaces to try and keep him still. If Kurt pulled a tight maneuver and ended up with a Jedi sprawled across his console then they were both going to die.

The staple next to his navel had come loose and a constant tricky of blood was running down his side. He finally paid serious attention to the canvas of his chest and arms. There were bright red patches from the electrical shocks. Red and white flakey patches and blackened marks where Kivik had burned him. The thin beads of dried burgundy across his chest and then that final wound where the blade had been plunged hilt deep.

It was that last one that was a genuine threat. He tried in vain to turn his focus inwards to try and assess the damage with the Force.

The skin was swelling around the area and the pain was becoming excruciating. The acrid taste of blood wasn't a good sign either.

"Kurt, you don't want to do this," came a familiar voice. Perhaps this was where she would bargain to get Trextan back.