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Trextan Voidstalker

Trextan Voidstalker

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Full Circle

13 June 2018 - 11:24 AM

Choli Vyn

He braced himself but it still hurt to be lifted onto the repulsor trolley. The staff then quickly unhooked the bacta dispenser from the arm on the bed and reattached it to the trolley.

Trextan's legs would have let him walk down to the hangar bay, but that wasn't the issue. Kurt had dropped him off on an Alliance medical frigate just minutes before he had keeled over. Kurt had stayed with him until they had stabilised him and found a bed. He had some good stories and promised to teach him to at least find all the right controls on a starfighter.

Some of his time had been a blur, but he had woken alone to the sight of the bright swirls of hyperspace. He had been through his scheduled surgery to deal with a perforated bowel right as the Alliance fleet was dispersed by a Sith assault. The word was that sith agents within the Alliance had betrayed them. Fleets were regrouping towards the rim and at remaining strongholds. Their leaders had done this before.

That was nearly twelve hours ago. Trextan looked down as one attendant pushed him quickly towards a lift. A clear pouch seemed to be stuck to his skin around the wound, forming a bacta bubble. He could barely see the wound now, but he could feel it.

The hangar was buzzing with activity. They were in orbit over Polis Massa and all the patients that could be moved were being ferried down to the surface. The fleet was staying put but the medical frigates were now beyond capacity. Specialist vehicles for the critical patients and GADF med-evac U-Wings for the others. Trextan was left against the wall with another ten patients.

He felt useless. Everything was moving so fast and he was left abandoned on the side of a hangar. Either their systems had been compromised or someone had deliberately locked out the terminal in his arm as he couldn't get a signal. Couldn't even browse the holonet to pass the time.

The ambient noise was too much to find any rest so he just stewed in his own thoughts and tried to ignore the pain. Pilots, crewman and nurses walked past him as if he wasn't there. A shadow of his former self that everyone saw through. Someone said Coruscant had fallen as they passed but didn't stop when Trextan tried to raise his voice to ask about. His voice had barely rises above a croak.

Nearly an hour went by before a soldier roughly yanked his trolley away from the wall. The young woman grumbled about doing busy work as she marched him towards a ship.

The trolley fixed itself into secure clamps on the wall. They didn't even wind down the engines. A perpetual hum continued as the other three patients were brought in. The soldier slapped the inside of the hull.

“Ready to go!” She called out before sliding shut the door.

The pilots exchanged a few words as they prepared to take off. Trextan recognised her voice immediately. His sullen mood was suddenly interrupted by a burst of elation at hearing her voice. Just sitting up a little brought fresh waves of pain. He gritted his teeth and then tried to call out.

“Cho-li…” It was too quiet. Barely a groan above the noise of the ship. He took a deep breath and tried to gather the strength to call out again.

Growing Pains

19 March 2018 - 01:09 PM

Twelve hours after Raid at Mentina
Choli Vyn

Trextan departed the mess hall and headed for the cabin he'd been assigned. The compact stealth frigate had narrow corridors and he has to keep minding his head and ducking through the doors in the bulkheads. As soon as he reached the room he was going to grab a change of clothes and head down to the shower block. Apparently part of the stealth system has a body of water to dump excess heat into. The end result was a supply of hot water for real showers. He hadn't washed since the battle, instead heading for a room and crashing. By morning he had been more interested in food and had found his way to the mess still wearing battle marked robes. Now he needed to address the situation.

The U-Wing they had reached Mentina Station in was down below and inoperable. Choli was apparently heading down below to help the mechanics. That didn't surprise him. He knew because before Choli had arrived for breakfast the crew had been all too happy to tell him where she was likely to be in exchange for attempting to pry into their relationship.

They were an interesting bunch. He’d met almost the whole squadron at breakfast and had managed to say about three words without being interrupted despite their questions. The questions had stopped when Choli arrived.

Had a face to Janes’ voice now. Seemed young for his position. Swung back and forth between serious, using long words and talking quickly and being rather crude with short, blue words. Omar was worse, he’d asked some very pointed questions. Had barely kept them in check when they’d picked him up with the Scarred in the U-Wing. Tela had looked him up and down as if appraising a dress on a store rack. At least the twilek girl and fondorian seemed a bit more...regular.

Trextan had instantly become jealous at the amount of time they got to spend with Choli whilst he was several star systems away. He knew that was a selfish thought, but that didn't prevent him from feeling it. She joked and laughed with them and suddenly her behaviour on Polis Massa was easier to understand.

She had seemed even more hesistant than he had been on each occasion started to express some physical intimacy on Tatooine. Yet she’d joined in with their conversations that had nose dived into exceptionally crude with almost metronomic regularity. At one point she had caught herself and given him an abashed look out of the corner of her eye before falling silent. They were this little family. Rogues and Wraiths and Ghosts.

The Subversion had been diverted. They needed to cross the border to extract some assets and deploy some subspace buoys. It was going to be interesting to see how he fit into this particular dynamic. The ship was small, they liked to gossip. Those crude jokes could probably turn in their direction without much instigation.

Take back control

21 October 2017 - 05:31 PM


Miki Starfall

The light was lethargic down here. Trextan couldn't blame it. After descending through several hundred levels of Coruscant city Scape there wasn't much left to cast hazy fingers if light between the towers.

This particular district felt as if it had been wedged between two layers of Coruscant. It was a great, empty void between two shells. Towers rose up to fill the space, or descended from above. Some were tall enough - two hundred stories or more - to connect the two layers.

Coruscant's underworld hadn't been given the full attention of law enforcement during the One Sith occupation. In fact several sith had spent their time sponsoring factions and fighting private little wars for control. Now the war with the First Order had wound down to simmering tensions the crime lord's were coming under scrutiny. Even the Jedi were paying attention. But they wouldn't go without a fight.

The shuttle slowed and angled towards block seven. Little thrusters turned back and forth quickly to keep the shuttle balanced.

"Ready?" The pilot asked.

"Ready," Trextan replied. There were a lot of people in block seven but they were after just a few of them. The shuttle backed up to a window and the rear bay doors slid open. Trextan called on the Force and yanked the windows out of their frames. He leaped across the space and into the block. Right into a manufacturing centre for a particular refined spice.

All of this was watched from kilometers away on a monitor.

"Get the Jedi. Send a message," croaked an old man. He watched as the brilliant plume of flame rose up to meet the shuttle, which exploded in a brilliant flash. The man chuckled.

Looking for some characters to train in the Force

16 August 2017 - 04:05 AM

So I keep trying to take this next step in Trextan's development. However, the problem I continually face is working with new Jedi characters who get dropped within weeks.

I'm really looking for 1-2 characters who want to write some stories over the long term under Trextan's tutelage. Jacen Voidstalker will probably feature from time to time to supervise given Trextan's age.


07 July 2017 - 09:47 AM

At the time it had felt like a wise decision to return to Coruscant. The place held difficult memories for the young Jedi, but it had always been his home. He had been born here, he had been raised here. Sixteen of his eighteen years spent for the most part on this world. Yet thoughts of his last years on Coruscant had often brought anxieties. He'd looked it up on the holonet, instead of seeking out any advice, and found that returning to the cause could help. Repeated exposure to lessen the impact and all that. It didn't feel like it was helping.

On Sullust it had been easy to focus on the cause of the Alliance, on the war with the First Order. His raw abilities needed to be honed, there were padawans to be trained. Jacen had always placed the emphasis on the former, citing that Trextan had far more potential than he ever had but possessed just a fraction of the control. It wasn't easy to forget what has transpired here, but being far away with important duties seemed to place the memories behind a veil.

Looking up at the block where he had grown up placed those memories at the forefront of his mind. The One Sith had trampled all over his life by starting their war here. The Alliance had done the same by finishing theirs at the same place.

It was a nice apartment block. The man he had come to think of as his father - above the absent Jacen - had been well off. It was his now, inherited after they had both died. Yet instead he lived in a small, empty room at the new temple. Trextan suddenly noticed his surroundings beyond the windows of the apartment above he was focussed on. Airspeeders whined as they rushed overhead. The mid-morning sun that cut through the tower buildings cast fleeting shadows as they passed by. Coruscant moved quickly, but Trextan stayed fixed in place.

He couldn't bring himself to enter the building. Instead he was already setting himself on a different course without leaving that spot. He could - at a push - convince himself that he was just intending to do his duty for the rest of the day. To be a Justicar looking after the people. He knew that wasn't his motivation. As he turned and walked away he was doing one thing he didn't want to do and planning to do another that he wasn't supposed to. Trextan was running away whilst looking to start a different fight.


The light down here seemed lethargic. As if making the journey through the upper layers of Coruscant had drained it of its energy. It streaked through the misty air, fingers reaching for purchase on the grimy floors below. The mist was no natural weather, just a byproduct of the atmospheric control systems. It never seemed to truly clear on this district. It was perpetually murky, but the mist hugged the ground closely in the morning and evening. This was a district that law enforcement only entered in large numbers. Trextan walked through it alone, his lightsaber on brazen display, hanging from his belt. A small group at a street corner noticed it. One of the group ran off ahead.

Irina Volkov