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#1671141 The Woods Outside Keldabe

Posted by Connory on 16 November 2017 - 03:02 PM

Nita Quez Silas Mantis Mia Monroe


Retorts welled up as the recording wound down, but in death, Mia had captured the last word impeccably. Connory bit back a snarl. Wasn't much to be done except grab the case she'd mentioned, make sure the transmission finished, check the ship's sensors, and either torch it or fly off. It didn't feel like home anymore - no, it did, but perverted and twisted and ugly. 


On the other hand, if he burned the ship, she'd be right about him running away. 


He settled into the pilot's seat, dropped the unopened case on the other chair, and flipped the next few wakeup switches. The Liberty's Veil was unarmed; its survivability boiled down to good shields and great stealth, neither of which were active. Prudence suggested rectifying that as soon as possible, but the Veil was an old and jury-rigged boat. Finding security would take a few minutes. 


Visual inspection didn't reveal anything odd in the surrounding forest, and the tough glasteel viewports futzed with his helmet scanners just like the hull. After a minute or so, he coaxed the Veil''s sensor suite to life and gave the area a look. No obvious threats in the air, nothing closer than Keldabe traffic...


...but on the ground, there were two humanoids, darn close. Other sensor modes picked up concurrent metal deposits and electronic signatures. Mandos.

#1670261 Heart of the Demon Moon

Posted by Connory on 14 November 2017 - 08:58 PM

Darth Rage Ballen-Ist Diranor Cadain

The crystal pillar shattered in a satisfactory manner. The goal had been to divide the Sith Lord’s attention, and judging by the level of focus the Sith put into lowering the pillar to the ground, Connory had met that goal. An attack of some kind - telekinesis, lightning, something stranger - would probably follow.

In the meantime, Connory kept moving. Every moment the Sith spent preserving his pillar, the cavern remained uncollapsed. Connory pulsed his repulsor belt and leaped high above Rage’s Force-blast, moving away. The telekinetic wave’s edges sent him spinning against a rock wall and down into a bloody niche. The other Sith and the gunman had slaughtered cultists here, and were probably doing so nearby. Or had that flicker of motion higher up been one of them?

Out of easy sight for the moment, Connory eyed the collapsed main passage. A low-yield thermal detonator roared, then another. Two successive spherical cavities evaporated out of the rock, courtesy of the baradium charges. A choking, burning fog of vaporized stone rolled through the cavern. In the brief cover, Connory crouched and hustled down the field expedient tunnel.

#1670032 The Woods Outside Keldabe

Posted by Connory on 14 November 2017 - 02:05 PM

Silas Mantis Nita Quez

In the end, he didn't find the Liberty's Veil because of dogged search or special insight. For all their years together, Mia had become an enigma to him, a black-box decision-making process, when she'd torched half his homeworld. Maybe even before. No, he found the cloaked ship's landing site by retuning his lifeform scanners to pick up everything, not just human-sized critters - and then beelining for the uniform blank spot. A cloaking device obscured a cross-section of the forest's life-web. In short order he'd decloaked the ship and gone inside.

The Veil was a retrofitted Mon Cal medical sloop, and the first comprehensive stealth ship in centuries. Every ship that used the holy trinity of stygium cloak, thrust trace dampers, and gravitic modulator was a derivative of a derivative of this boat right here. More importantly, he and Mia Monroe had called it home for many years.

And even more important than that was the navicomputer log.

She'd had a child recently, by all accounts, maybe aboard this ship. He threw in the automated medbay logs without viewing them, and pulsed them offworld with the navigational data. Right now, anything nearby would be detecting a complex old ship coming to life, transmitting something heavily encrypted, decloaking-

Well, let them come.

#1669953 The Woods Outside Keldabe

Posted by Connory on 14 November 2017 - 11:02 AM

Veshok, greel, Concordian cedar - the forest had grown and grown well, despite Monroe's devastation. Connory felt private and safe, moving through the dense woods. That feeling was an illusion, of course, but he wasn't immune. Even through his helmet filters, the place smelled like home.

He paused on a ridge, under cover of some thick cedar shrubs, and looked down at Keldabe. The city and the plains had looked better. Over there was the dimple of sick grass where the old Death Watch had detonated a tactical nuke. Look another way, and there was the scar from Hadrix's orbital bombardment. And of course the civil war had only ended recently; smoke still rose here and there.

"Better days," he said under his breath, and turned to vanish into the woods.

#1669728 Operation "Gale Warning" - Levantine Liberation! - ORC Dominion...

Posted by Connory on 13 November 2017 - 10:12 PM

Jared Starchaser

Something about Oswaft Station made its architecture and atmosphere unmistakably familiar. For all his time at drafting boards and on space platforms, Connory had never been able to put his finger on it. He hadn't set foot here in a good five years, but still.

But still.

The place threatened to put him in a reverie, and that would get him killed. Ta'jar Blood were no joke, least of all now that they'd entrenched a foothold in the Academy. One Mandalorian could die as easily as the next man.

He turned a corner and raised his sonic carbine to the ceiling harmlessly. The men in front of him weren't Ta'jar, just a couple old Levantines and a guy in a TIE jumpsuit. The pilot snapped off a shot around another corner, and return fire splatted craters in the walls not too far from Connory.

Slinging the carbine across his back, Connory pulled out a sonic servodriver and began fiddling with a panel in silence. No comment required, at least so far as he was concerned. The others might look askance at a Mando using a sonic servo in the middle of a firefight; screw'em.

#1669698 Heart of the Demon Moon (ooc)

Posted by Connory on 13 November 2017 - 09:45 PM

Shame if it is, but then again it's been a nice little encounter.

#1668227 Heart of the Demon Moon

Posted by Connory on 11 November 2017 - 07:48 AM

Darth Rage Ballen-Ist Diranor Cadain

The MagnaGuard’s rocket brought down a good chunk of ceiling between Connory and the two droids. Between this, the fallen stalactites, and the Sith Lord's more targeted efforts, that tunnel was now well and truly blocked. Connory bit back a curse and turned to skid down a brief slope into a larger portion of cavern. He'd need to make his way across it to reach the fight at the other-

The other exit collapsed as well. His T-visor’s sensors focused on the probable cause: the enthroned Sith Lord on the crystal pillar. Connory didn't see a ton of cover between here and there, but so be it. He nestled his hard-sound carbine against his shoulder, took a guess at the resonant frequency range of the crystal, and fired. In a perfect world, that pillar would shatter in seconds.

He opted to shoot at the pillar rather than the Sith for two reasons. For one, a Sith's danger-sense centred on direct harmful intent; indirect damage tended to be harder to notice ahead of time. For another thing, the throne just plain looked important.

#1666794 Heart of the Demon Moon

Posted by Connory on 08 November 2017 - 08:57 PM

Priority one: MagnaGuards. Those droids could chew through supercommandos. Despite the bruising double impact of the repulsor on his chest and the wall against his back, Connory found himself grateful for the distance. The nearest stalactites - priority two - missed the droids, but tumbled through the same space as the energy grapnel. Good thing, too. Between the droid ambush and the blocked tunnel, tonight wasn't looking up.

He fell into a crouch, back against the wall, and unslung his hard-sound carbine. The chubby weapon screeched with force sufficient to shatter bone - or, more apropos to the moment, droid electronics. He had little doubt that he could put the MagnaGuards down or drive them off. He likewise had no doubt that the carbine's cacophony had just made him impossible to ignore. At least one Sith Lord, two serious others, a poorly-seen mob of locals - again, not ideal. Especially since his HUD suggested the only exit would be over by that mob.

A grenade popped thataway. Infighting: small mercies.

Ballen-Ist Diranor Cadain Darth Rage

#1666779 In from the cold (Spencer)

Posted by Connory on 08 November 2017 - 08:31 PM

Spencer Varanin


“It's not much, Your Majesty, but I like to think it cleans up well.”

Snow had piled halfway up the windows. Even at high noon, the workshop felt comfortably gloomy, like a perpetual twilight. Connory sat by a workbench, applying a sonic servodriver to his leg. An actuator twitched and shivered from heel to knee. He closed an access port and let the servodriver roll away across the bench.

“Sorry that you're catching me indisposed. Legs needed a tuneup bad enough that I couldn't make it up to the roof when you landed.” He rolled down his pants to the ankle and stood easily. “Welcome to my house, and thanks again for the invite."

#1666583 Heart of the Demon Moon (ooc)

Posted by Connory on 08 November 2017 - 03:38 PM

Darth Rage Ballen-Ist Diranor Cadain



#1666521 Heart of the Demon Moon

Posted by Connory on 08 November 2017 - 01:43 PM

Darth Rage Diranor Cadain Ballen-Ist


Tracking a dark master in a dark jungle had its challenges, to be sure. Humanoids lined up pretty well with some of the local fauna on lifeform scanners. Paired with the thaissen chip's waxing and waning glow, though, the scanners worked fine. Connory had no problem playing warmer-colder until he figured out which cluster of lifeforms was most likely to be the source of the dark side signature. 


A quick, low-visibility burst of his repulsor belt lowered him down into a cavern or ruin, where he hunkered down in cover. Maybe thirty metres away, three humanoids stood on a rocky outcropping. He blinked and flicked his tongue, and one of his eyepieces zoomed in somewhat. Mia Monroe was not among them.


He did his level best to manage his disappointment. Even if he'd found her, though, he was in no condition to fight her. Mia knew all his skills and much of his gear, and she knew his favorite tricks and inclinations to boot. And to use the thaissen chip in his helmet, he'd left his mechamiri pack on the ship. No, against the former love of his life and possible mother of his child, he wouldn't have lasted long at all. 


The excursion was a wash regardless, so far as his overarching goal went. Even so, Connory owed the Sith all kinds of recompense, and at least one of those three people was a strong Darksider. For the sake of argument, Connory put his money on the one with the drawn sword. 


A sonic grenade arced through the gloom, aimed to plop between the three men with a WHAKKARABOOM or something along those lines.

#1666480 Bard Independent

Posted by Connory on 08 November 2017 - 12:21 PM






  • Corporation Name: Bard Independent
  • Headquarters: Eshan
  • Locations: None
  • Operations: Connory's workshop develops personal gear (usually combat- or engineering-related) and dabbles in starship design consultation.
  • Tier: II (Workshop)


Bard Independent is a small, autonomous workshop specializing in personal gear, much of it designed to kill or inconvenience Sith Lords. In a hostile and unpredictable galaxy, Connory trusts few; only a handful of droids and associates populate the workshop, synthesizing Connory's designs and expanding on his prototypes. Connory's products are usually unique or close enough, though every once in a while he'll partner with various associates to make a creation more widely available. Connory also has a long history as a design consultant for multinational firms like Santhe/Sienar, MandalMotors, and Silk Holdings. Those arrangements have let him dabble in shipbuilding and creating tools for people like himself.



Bard Independent is the personal workshop of Rel Connory, a.k.a. Galeth Hennst, a.k.a. the Bard of the Hyperlanes - an Echani/Mandalorian inventor who once infiltrated both the Republic and the One Sith. Connory accepted an offer of shelter and sponsorship from Queen Spencer Varanin of Eshan, whom he'd served as a Senator. Connory's investments in the Foundation Trust (owner of shares in multiple tier-six corporations) bankrolled construction of a new facility. Buried in the Echani snowscape, the workshop hosts Connory's latest iteration of his longstanding penchant for invention. 


Subsidiaries: None

Parent Corporation: None

#1666209 Heart of the Demon Moon

Posted by Connory on 07 November 2017 - 10:49 PM

Darth Rage Ballen-Ist Diranor Cadain

Dxun had seen better days not too long ago, by Mandalorian reckoning. For a minute there, a camp on the Demon Moon had been the Mando government-in-exile. Mando blood ran deep here. His ex could be in any number of places; far as Connory was concerned, Dxun was as likely as anywhere.

Even do, the camp had come up dry. He'd expected as much; this wasn't the first moon he searched, and wouldn't be the last. An equal chance was still a pretty poor one, in a galaxy this size. She knew how to go to ground, her and her followers and her side of the civil war and - assuming he believed one of the bounty notices - their son.

At the edge of the run-down camp, Connory paused at his ship’s airlock and scanned the jungle. A tiny element in his HUD flickered with a touch of red, a thaissen fragment responding to a surge in the dark side of the Force. On the one hand, the Sith had as much history here as the Mandos, and random dark arts had every chance of irrelevance. On the other hand, folks considered his quarry a master of the dark side. She might be out there watching him for all he knew.

Connory headed into the forest. Simple choice, in the end.

#1657212 The Tenloss Job (Corporate Raid)

Posted by Connory on 22 October 2017 - 12:58 PM

"Is have question."


A Hutt trundled up to Hala Jast. A lascivious eye slithered over the guns, the bikes, the booze, and the curvaceous power armour, in no particular order.


"Is good bikes, yeh? Is much good. Jorga buy."


One hand rested on the nearest bike's saddle with a smack of ooze. The bike's repulsors whined under the additional weight.


"Jorga buy alladis, yeh?" 

#1657211 Calling in the big guns for the defence of Tenloss

Posted by Connory on 22 October 2017 - 12:53 PM