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#1735918 VIL45 Miniature Rocket

Posted by Connory on Yesterday, 06:58 PM


Intent: A new and improved wrist rocket compatible with existing wrist rocket technologies.
Image Source: N/A
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: Wrist rocket, T7 ion disruptor


Manufacturer: Bard Independent
Model: VIL45 Miniature Rocket
Affiliation: Closed Market, rogue Mandalorians
Modularity: No
Production: Semi-Unique (only available in quantities suitable for half a dozen users)
Material: Standard wrist rocket components, ion disruptor charge


Classification: Wrist rocket
Size: Very Small
Weight: Very Light
Ammunition Type: It is ammunition
Ammunition Capacity: Dependent on wrist rocket/micromissile launcher
Reload Speed: Average (no harder or easier to load into a launcher than any other wrist rocket)
Effective Range: Personal
Rate of Fire: Dependent on wrist rocket/micromissile launcher
Stopping Power: Extreme
Recoil: High


* Ion disruptor charge


* Very powerful antipersonnel/antivehicle rocket.
* Capable of disabling vehicles (e.g. speeders, tanks, light walkers) of a size proportional to the number of rockets fired.


* Short range for a wrist rocket.
* Unguided (no homing or maneuvering systems).
* Relatively high recoil for a wrist rocket.
* Disabling effect will interfere with, or neutralize, friendly systems if the target is within 5-10 metres of the launcher.


Pack an ion disruptor charge into a wrist rocket and there's not room for much else: homing systems, maneuvering gear, decent fuel capacity...

On the plus side, you can use a spread of these to knock out a tank, or put a patrol walker on its shebs with a hole in its armor and a lot of static in its systems. It's like shooting a small thermal detonator and an EMP grenade at the same time. You can fire them from any standard Mandalorian wrist rocket launcher or micromissile weapon.

For the love of all that's holy, just don't pull a Vilaz Munin and bring them to a formal governance event. The body count will be significant, even for Mando politics.

As for the name, Connory is not above lampooning the man who declared war on his infant son.

#1731625 Dar'ramaanla Vorpan ('Verdant Immortal')

Posted by Connory on 12 February 2018 - 11:16 PM

Gir Quee

Definitely not what I was going for. Picked a new word.

#1730957 Dar'ramaanla Vorpan ('Verdant Immortal')

Posted by Connory on 12 February 2018 - 12:56 AM



Intent: A battlecruiser for the Mandalorian Empire's First Fleet, under the command of Quoron Viszla
Image Source: “Sins of the Prophets: Covenant DRP-class cruiser” by Jared Harris, found at
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Mandalorian Empire (manufacture), Mandalorian shipwrights including Rel Connory (design)
Model: Dar’ramaanla Vorpan (Verdant Immortal) Battlecruiser
Affiliation: Present or future Mandalorian major faction (Mandalorian Empire currently)
Production: Unique
Material: Doonium hull


Classification: Heavy Battlecruiser
Length: 3500m
Width: 1000m
Height: 500m
Armament: Extreme
* Octuple barbette long-range turbolasers
* Quad heavy turbolaser batteries
* Quad ion cannon batteries
* Assault concussion missile launchers
* Autoturrets
* Antimissile octet batteries
Defenses: Extreme
* Reinforced internal bulkheads
* Doonium armor
* Advanced deflector shields
Hangar: 5 squadrons of Basilisk war droids
Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
Speed Rating: Low
Hyperdrive Class: 1


Life Support Systems
Communications Systems (Subspace and Hyperspace Transceivers)
Sublight Engines
Navigational Systems
Targeting Systems
Command Encryption Systems


Deflector Shields


* Extreme firepower
* Extreme durability
* Basilisk war droid complement


* Slow
* Sluggish maneuvering
* No normal fighter complement


The Dar’ramaanla Vorpan, or 'Verdant Immortal,’ has been tucked away for years in Mandalorian archives. Rel Connory and a shipwright team designed the battlecruiser during the Alor’e Council years, but could never secure the needed resources. Only under Ra Viszla did those resources come into Mandalorian possession.

Visually, the design isn't the most Mandalorian thing around. It looks downright Mon Calamari in some lights, courtesy of Connory's long experience with Dac's cruisers. A near-black hull and blue-green accents give it a graceful, aquatic aspect.

In combat, though, nobody would ever mistake the Dar’ramaanla Vorpan for anything but brutal and proud. It will hit you at any range, and that hit will hurt. Cowards run from long-range octuple emplacements; the brave face resilient shields, heavy broadsides, and courtesy calls from basilisk riders. Boarders, meanwhile, discover there's nothing so troublesome as getting their attack ships or hangar beachheads torn apart by basilisk claws.

Suffice it to say that Connory has taken some flak from his fellow enemies of the Mandalorian Empire.

#1729490 Desolation Path

Posted by Connory on 09 February 2018 - 09:39 PM

Courtyard - Surface

Sargon Vynea Ijaat Mereel Talia Fett

Connory closed his fist around the chest diamond. Had she been wearing this armor when Ra dragged her through the streets? "No, he's not my enemy," he said quietly. "I might be his, though. Fether burned half my homeworld out of pique. But if there's anyone the Mando Empire wants more than my kid, and if there's anyone they should fear more than me, it's him. So yeah, one day I'll probably put a blade through him or the other way around, but for now?"

He slipped the beskar rhomboid into a belt pouch and stood. The basilisk's belly clanged shut.

"Got too many enemies to make more on short notice."

A huge AT-B basilisk stomped up. Big fething claws hauled the wreck free of several dozen centuries' dirt.

#1729093 Connory's Bunker | Eshan

Posted by Connory on 09 February 2018 - 10:50 AM

Jairus Starvald


Well, ysalamiri use the Force to exert a powerful influence on their immediate surroundings.



-The Last Command Sourcebook, p. 101


Void stone and voidsteel have a significant negative effect on nearby Force use. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't interfere to some extent with a ysalamir's Force suppression effect. It's not like it would matter much to a Jedi standing in between a void stone and a ysalamir: they're screwed regardless. This is just kind of a niche case.


Ysalamir fields aren't absolute, either. For example, as noted above, vornskrs can still sense ysalamiri to some extent, and in Star by Star their voxyn derivatives would freak out with desire to kill an unseen ysalamir as soon as a Jedi entered the ysalamir's field of influence.

#1728589 Desolation Path

Posted by Connory on 08 February 2018 - 03:46 PM

Surface - Courtyard

Connory extricated himself from the guts of the basilisk and squinted up at the man who'd appeared on its back. He chewed on his words for a minute. Ijaat Mereel could have meant his statement as goodwill or tacit dominance or somewhere in between. Either way, he'd almost certainly been just as crucial to Mia's implosion as Velok's memories had been. But on the other hand, the past was the past, and if the Mandalorian Empire had two quintessential enemies, Mereel and Connory were it. He settled for a grunt and kept working. The shockwave rod thing had been new to him. He couldn't say whether he'd have caught it on his own.

#1728165 The Adenn ('Merciless') - Quoron Viszla

Posted by Connory on 07 February 2018 - 10:18 PM


///Intent: A personal warship for Quoron Viszla.
///Image Source: “Colossus” by D. Grishaev, found at https://www.artstati...m/artwork/3GKJB
///Canon Link: N/A
///Restricted Missions:N/A
///Primary Source: N/A

///Manufacturer: Mandalorians
///Model: The Adenn ('Merciless’)
///Affiliation: Quoron Viszla
///Production: Unique
///Material: Durasteel hull, turadium armor, matrix armor

///Classification: Unique Cruiser
///Length: 500m
///Width: 160m
///Height: 180m
///Armament: High
>>Ion cannons
>>Capital proton torpedo launchers
>>Quad lasers
>>Defensive autoturrets
///Defenses: Extreme
>>Advanced armor (turadium and matrix armor)
///Hangar: None
>>No fighter squadrons
>>Assorted shuttles and dropships
///Maneuverability Rating: Low
///Speed Rating: Average
///Hyperdrive Class: 0.75, backup Class 12

///Standard life support
///Standard navigation
///Standard sublight engines
///Standard hyperdrive
///Standard repulsorlifts
///Standard subspace and hyperspace communications
///Standard landing gear
///Standard targeting

///Modified hyperdrive
///Internal bridge
///Cap drains
///Advanced armor

///Outstanding durability. The Adenn has the best armor that money can buy, enough to make your average Star Destroyer think twice. Cap drains offer significant ion cannon resistance. Everything is recessed, reinforced, and plated within an inch of its life.
///Quick hyperdrive.
///Strong contingent of Mandalorian warriors for boarding and counter-boarding.

///No starfighter capacity. The Adenn is a brawler with no carrier functionality or fighter screen of its own.
///No combat shields. Ion cannons and other weapons impact directly on the hull. Boarding efforts, if they weather the Adenn’s guns and pick the right spot on the ultra-durable hull (e.g. an airlock or major viewport), can latch on just fine. But with all these field disruptors and shield-bypassing guns running around, who trusts shields anyway?
///All that mass equates to low maneuverability.

///The Adenn is what you might call a one-trick fathier. It shows up, it absorbs a ridiculous amount of damage, and it leaves. During that process, it dishes out respectable firepower and diverts an awful lot of attention away from its friends. It's excellent for frustrating the enemy and soaking up damage that would shatter just about any other cruiser around. The enemy may find the shieldless Adenn especially irritating when they try to board, can't cut through the armor, and eventually run into Mandalorian supercommandos.
///Mandalorian shipwrights constructed the Adenn for the warleader Quoron Vizsla. The shipwright Rel Connory consulted on the design before that little incident with the Cuir Rekr trying to murder his infant child. Since then, sensibly, the Mandalorians have scrubbed any systems with which Connory had direct contact.
///Since the rise of the Mandalorian Empire, the scarred little dreadnought has spooked any number of enemies who thought a shieldless light cruiser would be easy prey.

#1727762 Connory's Bunker | Eshan

Posted by Connory on 07 February 2018 - 12:34 PM






  • Structure Name: Sublevel Six, Bard Independent Offices
  • Classification: Bunker
  • Location: Eshan
  • Affiliation: Connory/Bard Independent
  • Accessibility: 
    • Sublevel Six is sealed behind various layers of biometric identification. Its use is restricted to Connory and select associates. It does not appear on the blueprints of the Bard Independent workshop, and its existence is need-to-know.
    • ​A thin layer of voidsteel, Connory's invention, prevents Force-sensitives from detecting or remote-viewing the bunker or its contents. It also prevents, for example, captive Sith from reaching out and being heard across the stars.
  • Security: 
    • Enclision grids and turadium blast doors protect the entrances. Connory has also concealed a few enclision grids inside the workshop, in case of emergency.
    • The sealed layer of voidsteel partially or completely insulates the bunker from all manner of Force effects, including illusion/mentalism, Sith magic, or the influence of ysalamiri. If this layer suffers major breaches, the insulating effect will no longer exist - and the insulation is far from perfect. Note also that, while the Force can be felt and influenced inside the bunker, explicitly sensing or affecting anything outside the bunker would be difficult. 
  • Description: Connory's bunker is the sixth and lowest sublevel of Bard Independent's snowed-in headquarters on Eshan. Connory uses the bunker to conceptualize and prototype many of his inventions. It's a great place for an NFU to study Force countermeasures without fear of Sith farsight or Jedi visions.



  • GENERATOR: Independent, shielded, and long-lasting.
  • HOLOTABLE: Hard-light holographic display capable of interfacing with a variety of droids and personal devices.
  • EMERGENCY QUARTERS: A small side chamber with a bunk, an unused child-sized bunk, a 'fresher, a heater, an air purifier, a blast door, a kitchenette, and a year of basic consumables. Connory uses it for naps.
  • MOLECULAR FURNACE: For when you just need to turn something (like Sith) into something else (like toilet paper).

Connory constructed Sublevel Six long before he built Bard Independent, though the voidsteel insulation is a new development. The bunker has seen transcendent moments of invention and the occasional experiment on captive Sith. 


He created the bunker after helping the Echani liberate Ord Mantell from an OMNI iteration during the Clockwork Crisis. The bunker served as his private analysis site for lethal OMNI technology, such as the nanites that had infected so many millions. Years later, between his stints undercover as a Republic Senator, Connory upgraded the site and purged the nanite samples due to their incredible hazard. Still later, concealed by the new voidsteel insulation, he lived here for a while after Mia Monroe scorched Mandalore. The bunker saw the occasional visit from Verity Shain, another key member of the Foundation Trust - almost always on business. The bunker sat empty during Connory's participation in the Foundation's mission to the companion galaxies.


When he learned that Monroe had given birth to a child, he returned to Eshan and established the bunker as his base of operations. He worked to build Bard Independent and locate his child as the Mandalorian Civil War wound down. The bunker became the sixth and lowest basement level of the Bard Independent workshop. 

#1727742 The Working Group

Posted by Connory on 07 February 2018 - 11:59 AM

The flashbangs would continue until morale improved. Nevertheless, Orn Pharr was indubitably on to something. A properly tuned electromagnetic field might very well interfere with ysalamiri coordination and collapse composite bubbles into individual bubbles with a reasonable degree of success. And success might mean drastically reducing the effective null radius of a Bral or a Mircin, at least temporarily. Something like that wouldn't be hard to prototype, either.


In the meantime, the medical droids had begun measuring neural activity in ysalamiri. They'd noted a spike - maybe awareness, effort, or both - when a Force-user stepped into the null radius. And as soon as that happened, vornskrs and voxyn (yes, the working group had a ratty old voxyn in a facility VERY far away) freaked out with desire to kill that ysalamir, sight unseen.1 That phenomenon had been the inspiration for the neural activity measurement. 


Connory sat back and took off his helmet to think. He blinked away the afterimage of his analytic HUD. In light of this new data, learning that ysalamiri couldn't consciously turn off the effect had significant but nebulous implications. Still just building blocks - so where to from here?


#1727134 The Working Group

Posted by Connory on 06 February 2018 - 02:43 PM

Skimming over Orn's notes, Connory's eyes went wide. He started typing, just rough notes.


What if nulling agents can interfere with each other? Underlying assumption: ysalamir effect = an innate force ability. Virtually certain. Rationale: Force doesn't stop existing in bubble (known b/c no adverse effects on life, life intrinsic to Force), ysalamir just evens out patterns so nobody can sense/interfere. 


Obviously you could use ixetal cilona against ysalamiri, get them stoned enough to turn off their fields, but at a deeper level-


Thin voidsteel barrier. Compare to AEI Velokite - secret substance involving powdered void stone suspended in nullification resin. 


Less likely to succeed, but worth trying: nullification resin, taozin white-noise/scrambler aura.


Apply barrier to ysalamiri bubble. (Would the barrier need to form an enclosure? Possibly.)


Drafting experiment: small voidsteel barrier, small voidsteel canister, equivalents in nullification resin and taozin flesh, thaissen, lightmeter, small FS creature/item, ysalamir. 


Control variable: distance from ysalamir, distance btw FS item/thaissen/lightmeter, ambient light level.


Independent variable: type of barrier/enclosure (x6).


Dependent variable: lightmeter reading. 


Within a very short amount of time, Connory found himself running around the lab gathering supplies. The experiment took perhaps ten minutes to set up. 


Simplest form first. Three items bound together: a thaissen crystal; a lightmeter; and a tiny Jedi artifact, just important enough to make the crystal glow blue - until the package entered the ysalamir field. Then the ysalamir field dampened the aura. In the pitch-black experiment chamber, the blue light winked out. One hundred percent as expected. 


Connory inserted a sheet of voidsteel between the package and the ysalamir, broad enough that it should intersect with the ysalamir field in a complete circle. The lightmeter twitched but didn't do much. Ysalamir victory. He grimaced and folded the voidsteel foil around the package into a rough capsule. The lightmeter twitched harder. The same thing happened when he wrapped the voidsteel sheet around the ysalamir and its frame - partial interference in the ysalamir's control over its environment. Absolutely useless information for nearly any kind of combat situation - but worth knowing. Yes indeed. He replicated all the steps using nullification resin, taozin leather, and even alchemized terentatek leather, and got no significant result. The void stone's aggressive wrongness was, after all, a lot more pervasive than those substances. Fresh taozin flesh right beside the ysalamir made it really fething uncomfortable, but the field stayed up. Again: worthless but worth knowing. 


The next step was simple enough: he had a young Force-sensitive assistant put on a suit of voidsteel armor, enough to dampen his Force abilities very seriously, and made him walk into a ysalamir bubble. The assistant promptly reported a total lack of the Force - ah well. No silver bullet solution. 

#1727058 The Working Group

Posted by Connory on 06 February 2018 - 12:44 PM

PROBLEM: The Mandalorian Empire gains a strategic and tactical advantage from Force-nulling agents (ysalamiri, void stone, ixetal cilona, etc.).


TASK: This working group, comprising Mandalorians unaffiliated with the Empire, as well as selected invitees, will identify, assess, and develop countermeasures for nulling agents. (OOC: Success means finding explicit canon or getting an explicit countermeasure through the Factory or Codex.)


RESOURCES: The working group is funded by an investment from Clan Rekali. Void stone, voidsteel, ysalamiri, and various ixetal cilona devices are available for testing. 


SETTING: Lower City, Taris, unaligned space. The former Addled Nuna tapcaf has been converted into a laboratory space. 




#1726168 A Time to Sow, A Time to Reap: Concord Dawn

Posted by Connory on 05 February 2018 - 03:03 PM

Connory offered Elam Vos a slow nod.


"Yeah, you do. Anywhere I am isn't a safe place for him, now that they all think I've got him."


His hand flicked, but instead of a throwing knife or a grenade, D'ral wound up facing a business card.





"You need anything for him, and I mean anything, call or drop in. Watch your back out there."

#1726086 A Time to Sow, A Time to Reap: Concord Dawn

Posted by Connory on 05 February 2018 - 01:02 PM

As candidates for Mandalore went, old war heroes and old friends back from the dead ranked pretty high in Rel Connory's mind. Therefore, he responded.


As he came down the shuttle's ramp, though, things went all kinds of sideways. He prided himself on seeing options before they happened. The possibility that D'ral Ordo would come out of hiding for this, carrying Connory's infant son, hadn't even registered for once. Maybe he was getting sloppy. Maybe they both were. 


Wouldn't be hard, would it, to draw and gun down the younger man, snatch up the kid he'd spent millions to find, and walk away. A month ago he might have, but Sargon Vynea's vision had told Connory that the kid was safe and loved. That was why he'd dropped the bounty on D'ral and called it claimed: to draw the kid's hunters after himself and make the kid that much safer. But if shooting D'ral in cold blood wasn't the order of the day...what was?


"Su cuy'gar, Mand'alor. I won't ask how you're back." Connory's faceless red helmet tracked toward the younger man. "D'ral Ordo, I presume. What's my son's name?"

#1725448 Desolation Path

Posted by Connory on 04 February 2018 - 04:09 PM

Courtyard - Surface

Elbows-deep in the guts of an ancient Basilisk, Connory watched the expedition take shape. They'd be leaving him soon, most of them, to venture into the caves.

"Call me Connory," he said to the new arrivals. They'd know his name; some might be carrying weapons he'd built. "My associate is Sargon Vynea - a master tracker and an old soldier. I've got work to do up here while you all explore. If more arrive, I'll send them down to join you."

He and Sargon had chatted en route. These rogue Mandalorians were a blank so far as Connory was concerned. Learning about their nature, plans, and usefulness was the goal here.

#1724648 Verity Shain [The Foundation Trust]

Posted by Connory on 03 February 2018 - 02:19 PM



///Intent: A face for the Foundation Trust and a potential antagonist/supporting character for some people RPing cyberpunk on Taris.
///Image Credit: “Android Legacy III” by Oliver Wetter, found at https://www.artstati...m/artwork/NN51N
///Role: Verity Shain is a corporate officer and strategist for the Foundation Trust. She takes a more hands-on and authoritative role than investors like Rel Connory, Linna Beorht, and Mara Merrill.
///Links: Silk Holdings, Royal Naboo Shipwrights, Akure Executive Interstellar


///Age: 41
///Force Sensitivity: None
///Species: Arkanian offshoot, cyborg
///Appearance: Pale woman, black hair, visible high-end cybernetics, tends toward a business casual wardrobe.


///Name: Verity Shain
///Loyalties: The Foundation Trust, a quiet investment group that owns stock in multiple megacorps.
///Wealth: Elite. The Foundation Trust purchased the major shipwright Iron Crown, shepherded it through exponential growth, and sold it. The Trust also profits from stock in AEI, RNS, and Silk, as well as smaller operations like iBorg. Verity Shain masterminded many of these initiatives.
///Notable Possessions: An elite penthouse in upper-city Taris and another on Coruscant.
///Skills: Business, economics, diplomacy, cybernetics, slicing, invention
///Personality: Verity strikes a balance between.hubris and openness to criticism or new ideas. She admires audacity tempered by a sense of proportion. She is not prone to profanity or displays of temper, and her only vice is assimilated memory snippets.


///Weapon of Choice: Her cybernetics contain a variety of small defensive implements. Notably, tiny vibroblades can deploy from under her fingernails, and her right thigh conceals a petite holdout blaster.
///Combat Function: Verity relies on bodyguards exclusively. If absolutely necessary, she'll use the small weapons concealed in her implants.


///Verity Shain was born into a life of privilege in the upper echelons of Tarisian society. She attended a prestigious university on Obroa-Skai. After an undergraduate stint as a radical left-wing activist, she earned credentials in business and engineering. Her mother Alia inducted her into the family business, a cybernetics firm. When Selka Ventus acquired the company and folded it into iBorg, Verity went along for the ride. Along with Ventus, Verity helped create the Foundation Trust.

///Verity found her calling in the Trust’s mission to preserve civilization during a future Dark Age. She masterminded many of the Trust’s investments and preservation vaults. After Ventus’ retirement, Verity effectively took the operational reins of the Trust. She worked closely with other founders and investors over the following years, but always kept a finger on the R&D pulse of a dozen companies.

///She never had much of a personal life, at least not publicly. Education, business, severe injury, physical therapy, and the Trust kept her busy for the bulk of her adult life.