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#1712744 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 20 January 2018 - 12:36 AM

Vilaz Munin Tusk Fabula Caromed Elijah Rekali Silas Mantis Quoron Viszla
Dreadnought - Aft
Above Pau City

Secret Mandalorian orders rolled through the secure comlink in Connory's new helmet.

"You'll hear this eventually, Munin," he ground out. "You know bodies won't fix me. You're after my baby boy, hut'uun."

Every Mando on that channel would hear - and they'd cut off or trace his comm access almost immediately. Still, some things needed to be said.

The hoverpack blasted him down another hall, through an armed squad before it could react. Hot and heavy impacts splashed against his armor or punched through his cybernetic legs. With both arms injured, shooting back wasn't an option. Then again it didn't need to be.

He didn't make for the hangars. He didn't try the escape pods. A data spike slammed into an airlock hatch, and then he was falling. Miles below, water gleamed at the bottom of Pau City.

"Rot in Hell, vode."

He ripped off the helmet and watched it spin away in the wind, falling at the same rate as his body. His bag of tricks fell away too, except for one.

A button clicked. A specific comm squelch went straight to the helmets of Fabula Caromed and Elijah Rekali. Fifteen seconds later, in the dreadnought's aft hangar, right between those gigantic sublight engines…

... Connory's ship detonated with extreme prejudice.

#1711541 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 18 January 2018 - 12:27 PM

Mandalorian Dreadnought
Airspace Above Pau City
ATTN: Vilaz Munin

Stay here too long and he'd die. That was clear enough even before shipwide gravity shifted. The force of gravity on Utapau was about nine meters per second, and the Dreadnought's artificial gravity was now putting out the same force on the opposite direction. The entire ship was now in zero-gee, and internal stresses had done as much damage as they could. Connory floated away from the ceiling and got to work again.

Artificial gravity generator panels relied on compressed spacetime knots, just like repulsorlifts and stranger things. He'd exposed a few of those modules earlier. Tying one to a blast door’s power line and emergency capacitor proved simple enough. To bridge or engineering crew, the upcoming power drain would just look like a blast door triggering, more or less.

Taking that knot module out of the gravity network made this room’s net gravity extremely light and oriented toward the floor. As his new helmet sensors picked up the two inbound squads on final approach, Connory took shelter behind a major life support console.

The blast door opened. The Mandalorians breached the room in excellent discipline, preceded by flashbangs and spraying all visible things with blasterfire. A heartbeat later, the trap activated.

Humans can adapt to two or three gravities. With the right compression gear, four or so. Go much higher and you start running into serious circulatory problems, fractured bones, and so forth. The repurposed knot module burned out after less than half a second. In that brief period, the oncoming Mandalorians experienced acceleration somewhere north of twenty gravities.


Connory winced in unexpected sympathy. He snagged a repulsor pack from one of the many unconscious men and jetted down the dark hall in zero-gee.

#1710157 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 16 January 2018 - 08:19 PM






ATTN: Vilaz Munin


Force, the weight of this ship. Mandalorian steel plating, durasteel internals, redundant systems, compartmentalized hull structure - a Rekr-class had true bulk. He'd always preferred lighter, nimbler ships himself, but he could see the appeal. Mandalorians serving on a Rekr could rest easy knowing that a staggering mass of metal protected them from the enemy. If they enjoyed visualizing themselves as big strong phallic weapons (and many did, in his experience), crewing this ship would feel like being the head of a sledgehammer. What would it mean to take away that sense of security, that deep-set certainty? What would it take?


He didn't have an answer to the first. He'd lost all comparable feelings a couple of tragedies ago. As for the second - well, a boarding effort was a start. Reversed gravity played into that as well. The gigantic mass of the dreadnought's hull bore down on itself with shearing force. Walk too far one way, and you'd wind up on the ceiling like Connory. Go up or down a few decks and you'd invert yourself in places where ceiling and floor wanted to meet. 


The lights flickered and died. Connory finished swapping his broken buy'ce for a dead man's helmet and laid down on the ceiling. This really was kind of peaceful, wasn't it, come what may.

#1709581 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 16 January 2018 - 12:57 AM

Mandalorian Dreadnought
Utapau Orbit
Enemies: Mandalorian Empire - attn. Vilaz Munin
Allies: Outer Rim Coalition, Fabula Caromed, Elijah Rekali

Connory's armor had taken relatively little damage, at least at the cosmetic level. Left bracer gun was dead, so were a lot of his helmet systems, but thirty seconds in a closet with a sonic servodriver changed his programmable paint from green to blood red. At that point he was just one more Mando moving with purpose.

Killing a Rekr-class Dreadnought was a lot like fighting a gelatinous cube. MandalMotors had decentralized the design for maximum survivability. It had no real nerve centers, no crippling vital points, no obvious flaws. Each segment of the ship had its own compartmentalized subsystems, the better to keep working even when the room next door evaporated. He'd examined the design en route. He'd come away impressed and almost entirely baffled.


Two Mandalorians manned this particular section's life support station. Connory dropped them both with his remaining bracer gun and got to work. A Rekr had a fantastic firewall system, but he wasn't after the main control computers. He jammed the doors and dug into the wire-splicing guts of the life support equipment.

“Here goes nothing,” he murmured, and sparks flew.

Throughout that section of the ship - between aft and midships, far back but probably not including the aft hangar - gravity reversed direction. Connory held on to a maintenance panel for dear life, spun around, and took the impact on his cybernetic legs.

A groan shuddered through the ceiling beneath his feet. The ship's artificial gravity fields began to work against each other - along with tens of thousands of tons of durasteel. Rivets popped like blackheads at points where gravity shear was at its worst.

Connory sat down on the ceiling to rest.

#1709110 Namana Namana Batman (Sargon)

Posted by Connory on 15 January 2018 - 01:07 PM

Sargon Vynea

Connory pocketed the chip with a nod of thanks. "You're a tracker. That, I didn't know. Spencer always was private about her students."

He mulled over the details of the databank's location and defenses. "Sounds well managed. I think I've even heard of the cover. I'm a member of the Foundation Trust." The Trust, a quiet association of investors, had stock in any number of companies. They'd bought a majority share in Iron Crown some years ago, expanded the business exponentially, and sold their stocks back to Darell Irani. Sargon, as an ICE shareholder, would know the name of the Trust; they'd radically increased the value of his investment.

#1708519 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 14 January 2018 - 04:38 PM

ENEMIES: Mandalorian Empire (in the person of Silas Mantis)
ALLIES: ORC and friends

Ginnie Ordo, and Jasper Ordo’s son. What had the boy’s name been? D’ull? Something like that. Connory slid the edges of the bacta patch through the bloody slit in his body glove and flexed his elbow experimentally. The patch stayed in place. As Mantis spoke, Connory touched a drug ampoule to his neck. The pain started to ebb. He wouldn't be combat-fit any time soon, but better off than Mantis. Gut-shot with damaged legs, there was a chance Mantis would never leave this room.

Then again, it would be a severe mistake to discount an ori'ramikad, no matter his injuries. And depending on the makeup of that body glove, even the abdominal wounds might not be too bad.

“Attack this portable shield and it'll fail in maybe forty seconds.” Connory snugged his bag of tricks over his shoulder. The modified disruptor chewed a hole in the floor. The next deck down looked innocuous enough. “I'd be careful on the drop if I were you. Good hunting, Mantis. And I'd really recommend getting off this ship.”

He dropped through - his cybernetic legs took the impact with ease - and vanished.

#1708473 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 14 January 2018 - 03:21 PM

ENEMIES: Mandalorian Empire (in the person of Silas Mantis)
ALLIES: ORC and friends

Now that Silas had gone from fighting to talking and bleeding, Connory did his level best to relax. His body remained keyed up, but he got a handle on his black rage. The context had changed. Maybe he'd still need to kill this man, but there were probably better targets - Munin, for example.

“Talk,” he gritted out, slapping a bacta patch to the deep cut on his elbow. A quarter inch farther and that tomahawk would have severed his brachial artery. “Who has my boy? All I know for sure is they're Clan Ordo. Who're you after?”

And how can I help, he almost said. If Silas was telling the truth about his motives and his target, that changed everything. Beneath the pain and the amped-up adrenal fury, Connory felt something a lot like joy. This was the kind of information he'd come here to procure. Wrecking Vilaz Munin’s dreadnought had only ever been a distraction.

“What about Munin and the rest? Are they still out for my son?”

#1708380 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 14 January 2018 - 01:23 PM

ENEMIES: Mandalorian Empire (in the person of Silas Mantis)
ALLIES: ORC and friends

Like heck was Connory going to allow another clinch. He'd fractured at least one of Mantis’ legs, but the younger man still had a physical advantage, not even counting that beskar arm. Connory skipped back to maintain some semblance of distance. His right prosthetic shin trembled - it had taken damage, hadn't it - and for a dizzying moment Mantis was clawing at his hand. Connory jerked his arm back, evading the grip, but the tomahawk's corner slashed through his body glove at the elbow. Hot blood slicked the inside of his bracer.

Not good. Very much not good.

All this backward motion, though, had returned him to the general vicinity of his bag of tricks. He scooped it up as well as he could with a broken left arm, and threw down a small portable shield. It wouldn't keep them separated for long - it was meant for sealing hull breaches, not for combat - but a little breathing room could let them get to the bottom of this.

“You've changed your mind about killing my boy?” he snapped in Mando’a, trying not to let his injured arms shake. Blood dripped from his fingertips. “Convince me.”

#1707627 Bucketheads vs Trash Panda's [Invasion of Utapau ME vs ORC OOC]

Posted by Connory on 13 January 2018 - 12:59 PM

Just noting that Silas Mantis has some stuff to attend to IRL, and I'm comfortable waiting for him as long as necessary. Nobody's dropping a ball, etc. All is well.

#1707259 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 13 January 2018 - 01:03 AM

ENEMIES: Mandalorian Empire (in the person of Silas Mantis)
ALLIES: ORC and friends

The kick landed with satisfying force, greave.against greave. The attack gave Connory a beautiful couple of heartbeats up scramble back. Some fighters specialized in working on their back - the Silver Jedi had a real reputation for it - but Connory was no master grappler. A little distance, now that he'd damaged Mantis’ mobility, could do him a world of good. He crab-walked back through the tumbled crates, fast as he could manage with a damaged arm. The tomahawk and a knife slashed out, inflicted what would have been flesh wounds on his legs if his legs had possessed flesh-

Speaking of knife, he'd lost his unused vibroblade. Well wasn't that just perfect.

Connory got a grip on the fallen shelves and scrambled to his feet. With his helmet kaput, firing his bracer gun required use of his hand. He brought his fist to bear on the implacable Mantis and fired at short range. The integrated bracer gun wasn't the highest-caliber weapon, but more than enough to rip through most Mando body gloves, maybe even face plates.

#1707049 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 12 January 2018 - 07:35 PM

ENEMIES: Mandalorian Empire (in the person of Silas Mantis)
ALLIES: ORC and friends

Connory got his arm up, just barely in time. Pain jarred through his forearm - a fracture, maybe - and his elbow and shoulder and neck. The tomahawk had sheared into his bracer, he realized, into the mechanism of the integrated slugthrower. There went half his ranged options and half the strength of his left arm. Fantastic.

The force of the impact drove him down, shoulders flat against the deck. That didn't put much of Mantis in knife range. Pushing off with his knife hand, though, Connory twisted left and scythed his cyborg leg through a kick parallel to the floor. The goal here was to ram his knee or shin into Mantis’ left side, leg, or whatever was close enough when the kick connected. The kid was fast, way too fast. Maybe that sliding attack had slowed him, but Connory didn't intend to put money on it.

Just a whole lot of PSI.

#1706888 Namana Namana Batman (Sargon)

Posted by Connory on 12 January 2018 - 03:29 PM

Sargon Vynea


"You'd be an asset for two reasons. You know these people and could help them integrate and get back up to speed. They used to work for you; in a way, it sounds like they still do. But that's only the first reason."


Connory slid out his knife again and started peeling another namana fruit.


"Reason number two is something I take more seriously than business. I spent, oh, a decade and a half as Mia Monroe's commonl-law husband. I left her when she helped burn my homeworld, Mandalore. I came back around the time she died, because I'd heard we had a baby. Now it turns out that some of Ra Vizsla's loyalists want that child dead. Mia didn't want me to have the kid - something about me being broken too, or maybe that was just spite because I left. Regardless, my goal is to find my son and arrange the untimely deaths of the people hunting for him. Vilaz Munin, Preliat and Silas Mantis, a few other grand old names." Connory snorted. "You can see why an old soldier might come in handy."

#1706884 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 12 January 2018 - 03:24 PM


In terms of time to react, Silas had a few seconds at best, far to few to do anything that would get him clear, so instead he got out from under the largest up the crates, held up the B1 and braced himself. As the avalanche of crates came tumbling down Silas was buried beneath, for a moment he simply laid there with his ears ringing, trapped in blackness with only the sounds of war echoing around him. But he would not stay down.


Leading with his prosthetic he dug his way out in a matter of seconds, anger burning so hot it seemed like it would peel away his skin. Hit with the augmented strength of his prosthetic the last crate in his path flew across the room like a rocket, slamming hard into the opposite wall as the seething Mantis emerged. He had a Westar drawn and ready, his shotgun was nowhere to be seen, but he didn't need it. 


Now he wanted things up close and personal. Letting out an angry snarl he clawed his way over the mess and hefted his blaster, firing repeatedly where he'd seen Connory last. He had no idea if the man had moved, but if Silas was going to be damn sure to make him regret it if he hadn't. His prosthetic remained an empty fist despite the presence of a second pistol, he had other things in mind.





ENEMIES: Mandalorian Empire (in the person of Silas Mantis)

ALLIES: ORC and friends


A handful of steps to the left took Connory around the other side of the falling shelves, and he dropped his bag of tricks and charged. Mantis' blasterfire shattered crates throughout the cluttered supply room. A piece cracked Connory upside the head, hard enough that the HUD futzed and died. His generic buy'ce remained a pretty decent shock absorber, though, so he kept the helmet on for now. 


Mantis had rooted himself pretty well to be throwing heavy things around like that. As Mantis came into clearer view through the tumble of crates, Connory sprinted and dove at the younger man's right side. He slid feet-first through the mess. The idea was to smash into Mantis' strongly rooted legs and snap them. Connory's prosthetics started at the knee. Cyborg joints snapped out to enhance the kick and compensate for lost momentum. Sliding through fallen cargo in beskar'gam wasn't the most ideal way to pick up speed, after all. 


He kept an eye out for that fething shotgun, so far as the situation allowed. A blaster could punch a hole in his body glove if Mantis brought it to bear; at ultra-close range, though, that shotgun was a lot scarier. As he slid, Connory drew a simple vibroknife for future options. His doorbreacher, sonic servodriver, and kit bag were now back behind him, on the other side of a fallen shelving unit and a lot of crates. No more tricks, not for the moment anyway. And he couldn't let himself dwell on his need to capture and interrogate Mandos who might know about the hunt for his son. 


Focus on anything other than killing the other man, and you'd be the one that got killed. Basic, basic, basic. 

#1706096 Namana Namana Batman (Sargon)

Posted by Connory on 11 January 2018 - 01:15 PM

Sargon Vynea


This trip hadn't been easy, but of all the things he'd expected to find, that offer wasn't among them. Connory did his level best to restrain his surprise. It didn't go well.


"That would be ideal. Unprecedented. I'm stunned, I'll admit. You say you can handle getting them out of First Order territory; let me know if I can help. As for finding them a safe place, new identities, jobs, housing for them and presumably their families - that's on me."


It would cost an obscene amount in credits and influence and attention and time, set his work back a couple of years...but once the situation stabilized, the investment would pay off. Substantially. 


"And I can make those arrangements," he said after a long moment's thought - but sincerely. Wouldn't do to come across as doubtful at this stage. "There's also a place for you if you want it."

#1706069 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Connory on 11 January 2018 - 12:24 PM

Supply Room Near Aft Hangar

Mandalorian Dreadnought

Utapau Orbit


ENEMIES: ME in the person of Silas Mantis


Somewhere close, Connory knew, Fabula Caromed and Elijah Rekali and the other boarders were making waves. The shelves trembled every couple of heartbeats - presumably the power hammer at work.


Silas Mantis came through the door with a B1 hulk as a shield. The slugs from Connory's wrist guns whined off or embedded themselves in the cheap battle droid. He ceased fire right away and leveled the door breacher - but not at the man he new recognized as Silas Mantis.


On either side of the corridor between them, shelf struts evaporated, especially those close to Silas. Clouds of metal vapor rose from supply crates as they avalanched down at Clan Mantis’ second-favorite son.


For all that Silas’ part in the baby-killing mission inspired a deep black rage, he would know the status of that mission. And even though the boarders meant to trash this dreadnought, Connory's primary mission was to kidnap men who might have that information. Men who might know how close the Mandalorian Empire was to finding and murdering his infant son.


The sonic screwdriver hummed just so in his left hand, and the data spike futzed into uselessness. The security door slammed shut behind Silas - the anvil to the avalanche’s hammer.