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The Woods Outside Keldabe

14 November 2017 - 11:02 AM

Veshok, greel, Concordian cedar - the forest had grown and grown well, despite Monroe's devastation. Connory felt private and safe, moving through the dense woods. That feeling was an illusion, of course, but he wasn't immune. Even through his helmet filters, the place smelled like home.

He paused on a ridge, under cover of some thick cedar shrubs, and looked down at Keldabe. The city and the plains had looked better. Over there was the dimple of sick grass where the old Death Watch had detonated a tactical nuke. Look another way, and there was the scar from Hadrix's orbital bombardment. And of course the civil war had only ended recently; smoke still rose here and there.

"Better days," he said under his breath, and turned to vanish into the woods.

In from the cold (Spencer)

08 November 2017 - 08:31 PM

Spencer Varanin


“It's not much, Your Majesty, but I like to think it cleans up well.”

Snow had piled halfway up the windows. Even at high noon, the workshop felt comfortably gloomy, like a perpetual twilight. Connory sat by a workbench, applying a sonic servodriver to his leg. An actuator twitched and shivered from heel to knee. He closed an access port and let the servodriver roll away across the bench.

“Sorry that you're catching me indisposed. Legs needed a tuneup bad enough that I couldn't make it up to the roof when you landed.” He rolled down his pants to the ankle and stood easily. “Welcome to my house, and thanks again for the invite."

Bard Independent

08 November 2017 - 12:21 PM






  • Corporation Name: Bard Independent
  • Headquarters: Eshan
  • Locations: None
  • Operations: Connory's workshop develops personal gear (usually combat- or engineering-related) and dabbles in starship design consultation.
  • Tier: II (Workshop)


Bard Independent is a small, autonomous workshop specializing in personal gear, much of it designed to kill or inconvenience Sith Lords. In a hostile and unpredictable galaxy, Connory trusts few; only a handful of droids and associates populate the workshop, synthesizing Connory's designs and expanding on his prototypes. Connory's products are usually unique or close enough, though every once in a while he'll partner with various associates to make a creation more widely available. Connory also has a long history as a design consultant for multinational firms like Santhe/Sienar, MandalMotors, and Silk Holdings. Those arrangements have let him dabble in shipbuilding and creating tools for people like himself.



Bard Independent is the personal workshop of Rel Connory, a.k.a. Galeth Hennst, a.k.a. the Bard of the Hyperlanes - an Echani/Mandalorian inventor who once infiltrated both the Republic and the One Sith. Connory accepted an offer of shelter and sponsorship from Queen Spencer Varanin of Eshan, whom he'd served as a Senator. Connory's investments in the Foundation Trust (owner of shares in multiple tier-six corporations) bankrolled construction of a new facility. Buried in the Echani snowscape, the workshop hosts Connory's latest iteration of his longstanding penchant for invention. 


Subsidiaries: None

Parent Corporation: None

Jorga the Hutt

07 May 2017 - 11:11 PM

NAME: Jorga Avicii Diorii


RANK: None


AGE: A spritely 100ish

SEX: As with all Hutts, hermaphroditic; generally presents/identifies as male

HEIGHT: Hutt height

WEIGHT: Lean for a Hutt

EYES: Muddy

HAIR: None

SKIN: Greenish brownish



+ Large and strong
+ Immune to mindwhammy
- Awkward in confined spaces
- Tiptoeing is not an option

Among other Hutts, Jorga is sensitive about his substandard weight. He's still capable of crushing a humanoid to a fine paste. Greenish-brownish, muscular, and bearing numerous scars, he's a little Hutt with big dreams.

Jorga grew up on Nar Shaddaa as the scion of a disgraced branch of the Diorii family. Never able to secure appropriate influence or grandeur, he pursued business opportunities across Hutt Space for decades. Every time he returned to his beloved Nar Shaddaa, he found it more and more changed. Hoo-mon business interests - the Red Ravens, the Black Ties, the Exchange, Black Sun, the Confederacy, the Republic - kept interfering. Frustrated, Jorga reevaluated his priorities and began ranging farther afield. He began pursuing riskier opportunities and losing his sense of proper Huttese detachment. He fell into strange company.

The 'Lean and Hungry Look,' an old Tiure-class yacht.

None yet

None yet



Flee from Ashes

06 May 2017 - 05:30 PM

I'm not the only one who needs another start. When I sit with the Foundation Trust around a holodisplay on the Tion Trade Nexus, I feel I'm among peers and similar souls. They've all lost something of themselves. Maybe they've lost as much as I have.

It's impossible to doubt that Mia was responsible for Mandalore. Varanin's evidence was too solid. I've never known her to show sympathy, but she did then. For Spencer's sake, she said. Those were good days, when I was the Senator and Jacobs was Queen. Possibilities felt endless. People built instead of burning.

I need to build again, and I can't do it here.

Fortunately, the Trust agrees. We've spent years evaluating options for preserving the galaxy's knowledge and genetic diversity as it teeters on the edge of another Dark Age. Wherever we turn, another feud or conquest jeopardizes our gene banks and archives. We've looked into the Unknown Regions, the Deep Core, even Otherspace. None of our sites offer the solitude and longevity we need.

I'm building the ship that'll take our future to Companion Desh. I tend to throw myself into work to forget my life's a wreck. All of us do.