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William Kerkov

William Kerkov

Member Since 24 Apr 2015
Offline Last Active Feb 06 2018 01:51 PM
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The Warmongers Reborn

This is a non-RPing group which is here to help design new and better ways to integrate warfare and strategy into SWRP Chaos. This is also an area for discussion of warfare, ship design and all oth...

  • Members: 25
  • Created: 01-February 15
Open Circle Armada

The Open Circle Armada is aimed to bring the best and brightest in naval and marine forces. We are a trained naval force bringing order to the galaxy. No matter whom, good or bad, we are ready to t...

  • Members: 9
  • Created: 25-April 15
Trade Conglomerate

Powerful and driven, funded and ever on the rise. A joining of numerous concerns, the Trade Conglomerate is the product of plentiful like minded businesses and associates. Garnering an expansive po...

  • Members: 16
  • Created: 28-June 15
The First Order

"The Galaxy is calling. We will let it know we have heard."   Dark winds are blowing in the Force, a new power is rising from the outer-reaches of the galaxy and the red maw of conquest is bei...

  • Members: 645
  • Created: 08-September 15
The Galactic Empire

  "Resistance...Rebellion, you will burn these ideas away"   - Galactic Emperor, Palpatine   Shattered Remains...   That is what we inherit, but finally, the true Galactic Empi...

  • Members: 197
  • Created: 28-November 16