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William Kerkov

William Kerkov

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A Little 411 on the Invasions against the Empire

27 January 2018 - 12:08 AM



A little laugh to break the tension waiting for the invasions to start. 

New Star Wars Movie Trailer

11 January 2018 - 07:36 PM



It is new, from a certain point of view. 

Fleet Training - Desmond C'artyom

13 September 2017 - 10:34 PM

 The two fleets are stationary in space, there is no organization, no attack craft support, no escape. 


 Fleet Kerkov begins its maneuvers, and forms into wedge formation, the three Star Destroyers forming a triangular center, whilst the six frigates form on the perimeter of the three star destroyers. Fleet Kerkov begins at 1/3 full speed towards the enemy fleet. SD-1 bombards the enemy fleet with organized bursts of its dual heavy turbolaser mounts once within range. Once within Light Turbolaser range, the bombardments are to seize, while SD-2, FG-3, and FG-4, propel +1000 Meters on the Z axis (Upwards relative to the Fleet Position), and SD-3, FG-, and FG-2, propel -1000 Meters on the Z axis (Downwards relative to the Fleet position), both are to maintain wedge position with frigates on the perimeter of their respective Star Destroyer. SD-1 and its escorts are to now be designated as Task Force 1, SD-2 and its escorts are now to designated Task Force 2, and SD-3 and its escorts are now to be designated Task Force 3. 


 Fleet Kerkov, now positioned, will engage the enemy fleet, at full speed. Task Force 1 shall focus all primary armaments on the fleet, while focusing auxiliary power to the forward deflector shields. Task Force 2 shall engage with all primary armaments and focus auxiliary power to the kiel deflector shields. Task Force 3 shall engage with all primary armaments and focus auxiliary power to the top side deflector shields. None shall enclose distance with the fleet on the Z axis, only on the X axis. 


Axis Key:

Z Up/Down Relative to Fleet Starting Position

X Forwards/Backwards Relative to Fleet Starting Position

Y Starboard/Port Relative to Fleet Starting Position


Fleet Kerkov

Tyrant Star Destroyers

  • (Flagship) SD-1 S|H 100|100
  • SD-2 S|H 100|100
  • SD-3 S|H 100|100

Bulwark Escort Frigates

  • FG-1 S|H 100|100
  • FG-2 S|H 100|100
  • FG-3 S|H 100|100
  • FG-4 S|H 100|100
  • FG-5 S|H 100|100
  • FG-6 S|H 100|100

Desmond C'artyom

Give me Liberty, or Give me Death (Open to GA, Others Ask)

08 April 2017 - 06:41 AM

 Kerkov sweat under the hot Terminusian sun. Today was a warm day, especially for the planet. The northern hemisphere was in its hottest season of its solar rotation. But the former Grand Admiral continued on in his speech, he had a rebellion to build, and faltering under such conditions would not due if he ever wanted to succeed. The crowd in front of him watched half heartedly as he droned on about the subject matter, only three hundred Terminusians had come to watch his speech of anti-Alliance rhetoric, a small victory nonetheless. This was only his third time doing such an event, and the crowd had grown from a measly three dozen he had attend only two weeks earlier. Of course, his speech wouldn't get far in the press, most likely to be covered in a brief minute overview on one of the numerous local news stations spread throughout the city. 


 The aging fifty something year old man sipped his glass of water before ending his speech, "For if we allow these war mongers disguised as saints to reign over our once free populace any longer, than the glory that was Terminus will be truly lost! I thank you, fellow compatriots, and urge all of you, man, woman, and child, to fight the jingoist Alliance dogs, and end their reign of military junta over our great planet! Good night." Applause followed his speech, nothing rousing or special, but it satisfied Kerkov for the time being. He waved to his supporters before steeping down from the stage, and entering a landspeeder with a protective detail. As members of his resistance group tidied up things at the plaza he had just given the address, Kerkov was brought to the headquarters of the Free Terminusians. 


 Slowly the landspeeder halted in front of the Open Circle Shipyards, an abandoned ship building complex once owned by Kerkov. Since Kerkov's disappearance during the battle against the Omega, his companies and their properties had gone defunct, whatever left of Kerkov's entrepreneurial enterprises being foreclosed by local government, or being lost into obscurity. Although he had already given up most of the duties of being CEO of the company when joining the First Order, the lack of willing to continue his organization after his supposed death brought the house of cards down. Now all Kerkov had left was his family on Terminus, and the former wanted nothing to do with him.  


 The protective detail led the experienced war fighter into a passcoded door in the east building of the complex, heading into a turbolift going down into he under workings of the shipyard. Reaching the third basement level, the doors opened to several dozen working members of the Free Terminusians. Several waved hello, or greeted him with the nickname, "Admiral." Although their insurgency was more organized than most, military protocol was not held in high regard down here. a man wearing a white uniform approached Kerkov, "How did the speech go, Bill?" Kerkov pinched the bridge of his nose, "Terribly, I couldn't have done worse had I been in my undergarments up there." Nublar smiled, "Well then, this will certainly cheer you up," Nublar handed Kerkov a datapad, "Operation Valkyrie is ready?" Nublar nodded, "With our old equipment from Polis Massa, we expedited the process, we can be ready to execute by 0800 tomorrow." Kerkov took a deep breath, "Put it in motion, the sooner our attack is made, the sooner Terminus will be freed." 


Silara Varis

Kaiden Rohn

Marcus Collier

Doctor Alura Omen

Seeking GA members to dissent against (A storyline rebellion, not an actual rebellion t...

03 April 2017 - 07:34 PM

 My character use to do things on Terminus, a lot. He had a company, a lot of PMC elements and property all over Terminus, did several RPs on it. Then he left, went MIA, and now Terminus is under the rule of the Galactic Alliance.  What I'd like to do is a storyline where Kerkov leads a rebellion akin to the ones of the early 20th century. 


What I'm looking for is GA members who'd like to be on the other side of this storyline to work against me, over several threads until Kerkov either gives up, gets captured/executed/etc., or somehow the GA loses control of the planet (Not through any rebellion I do) and Kerkov takes control. 


So, any takers?