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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

Member Since 03 May 2015
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 02:59 PM
  Faction Name Faction Stats
Commenor Systems Alliance

  Faction for the planets in Commenori space. It is an area steeped in trade that runs along hyperspace lanes and trade routes, providing a profitable layover for goods and people going in an...

  • Members: 94
  • Created: 15-September 16
Mandalorian Empire

Might and Mercy.   Follow the Resol'nare.    Restore the Life of Manda'yaim.   Ready Weapons.  

  • Members: 143
  • Created: 05-October 17
Mandalorian Clan Australis

Mandalorian Clan Australis Clan Australis is a Mandalorian Clan, an extended family, open to anyone and everyone. Though if you are gungan, ewok, or named Jar Jar or Tarfang, you will probably get...

  • Members: 17
  • Created: 10-February 18
The Corellian Confederation

  • Members: 13
  • Created: 10-February 18
Royal Houses of Zeltros

The Royal Houses of Zeltros, born from an alliance made by the new queen Stardust Bloodstone. The goal? To unite the many houses of Zeltros into one. Alongside this, the alliance also has a seconda...

  • Members: 11
  • Created: 18-March 18