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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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Today, 07:50 AM

Jax Vandal


What're you looking for exactly? What stories you hoping to tell here?

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Yesterday, 03:43 PM

I have one!


It was between me and Greed so I assume it counts for this faction :)



In Topic: Alliance's Vengeance [GA/ME Myrkr Skirmish]

22 April 2018 - 05:54 AM

The Dutchman's Bane

853 ABY

Hyperspace - 40 minutes outside of The Myrkr System

Kaine Australis | Aryn Teth | Lovely GA Fleeters


Kei sat back.


They had marched on Myrkr, the Galactic Alliance had made a fatal mistake. They had marched on the home of Clan Australis and the Mandolorian's wanted their blood. They had attacked Kei's home, the home of the Clan that had accepted him and Kei wanted blood. No-one marched on Kei's friends, his family and expected him to sit back and let them go about it. Kei would charge headfirst into battle to protect them, to protect his friends.


The Dutchman's Bane shot through the stars. It was a lumbering ball, by mass probably one of the larger military vessels in the galaxy. It was a lumbering ball with very powerful weapons, including the central superheavy proton beam cannon. That would tear through a ship with ease, based on the weapons used upon the original planet destroyers belonging to The Galactic Empire, if you believed the rumours of course.


Following behind were the remains of the battle against The Galactic Empire, the battle over Ukio. Kei had replaced those that had fallen with bigger, better ships and renamed others. Kei was taking the fight to The Galactic Alliance, they would be chased from the system and back to Courscant, Sullest or whatever they had come from. They'd be chased back there anyway, back into hiding as the angry Mandolorian's came for their heads.


The internal war bridge was full of activity, higher ranking officers preparing the ship for battle. The big space ball of death had it's weaknesses, the choice between engines and weapons was always tough. Kei didn't know what The Galactic Alliance had thrown at Myrkr, they could have very easily had the very large ships or they could have turned up in the smallest fighters and frigates that they owned. Kei wouldn't know until he arrived.




Kei raised a hand softly. He had used the holoprojector to hide the armour that he was trapped in, appearing as a regular male in a suit and tie. It almost surprised him to see his hands as skin once again, it was something he was just about getting used to. He preferred to appear in the armour when charging into battle, it tended to insert fear into the enemy, however he knew that the Mandolorian's wouldn't enjoy it.


He turned his head towards the commander, who walked over and stood besides him casually. He was an elderly man, had followed Kei from The Flying Dutchman, his flagship that he used when not working for The Mandolorian Empire. Kei trusted the man dearly, he was clever and he knew exactly what to do before Kei needed to do it. They were a team that offset each other extremely well and balanced each other well.


The man also enjoyed his promotion to Commander.


"We will wait in a neighbouring system until General Australis provides us with an accurate representation of the situation. When we hyperspace into the battle, I want all of the frigates to move in front of the Bane. They will absorb the damage while we move into position, locking weapons as we move. Once we are in range, I want the proton beam fired towards their biggest, strongest ships. We should be able to tear it apart, rip it from the sky with ease."


The Commander nodded, eyes still locked on Kei, hands clasped behind his back.


"The one strength of being in a large sphere is that we have weapons facing every single angle. Once we arrive, I want every battery firing on their smaller ships, their frigates. I want all fighters launched, bombers to remain behind. The frigates will be absorbing the damage, but they can feel free to fire upon any of their crusiers should they get a shot"


The Commander nodded once again. He was all to used to being given very detailed, long winded plans.


"See to it Commander. May the force be with you"


In Topic: Attack on Ukio! [ME Vs GE]

21 April 2018 - 08:53 AM

Not Quite Ukio

853 ABY

Cynthia RaxisDominic CrowleyRex TaffSkosk FettKaine AustralisRato HusSeto Du Couteau


Kei sat on the battle bridge of the Dutchman's Bane, hyperspace flashing around him. He wasn't used to the new spherical ship, he'd spent so long on his Star Destroyer that the big space astroid with even bigger guns felt unnatural to him. He was used to being able to sit on the bridge above the battle, looking over it. Using holoscreens to do it instead just felt odd to him, he wasn't used to it yet. He wasn't sure he would ever be used to it.


Behind him, The Flying Dutchman followed the giant space rock. Kei and Kaine had once made the joke of nicknaming it the "Not a Death Star" due to it's resemblence to the old Galactic Empire weapon of mass destruction. They were also followed by fifteen MandalArms Missle Corvettes, small pawns in a very large war. They would probably end up dead, however they'd be a sacrifice worth it if they won the war.


Kaine had arranged a rendezvous point outside of the system. The Galactic Empire would never know that they were coming, The Galactic Empire would be surprised when they appeared, all guns ready to fire. Kei's little fleet would be the perfect weapon to take out the forces of The Galactic Empire, the very large lazer on the space ball and the very large lazers on The Flying Dutchman made them perfectly violent ships.


The small pop heard when the fleet appeared behind Kaine's own fleet was the perfect noise. Kei leant back in his chair, armour of Darth Krayt on show for a change. No-one would see him, and therefore he didn't need to waste the holoprojector to hide himself. He slid the helmet onto his head, looking down towards a few sensors, smiling casually. He wanted to replace his control chair with a throne, he would do that someday.


"Mr Australis. We have... arrived"


In Topic: Alliance's Vengeance [GA/ME Myrkr Skirmish OOC]

21 April 2018 - 08:18 AM

I've been signed up for this for too long.


Who gets boom boomed?