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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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In Topic: The Admiral, The Traitor, The Murderer

15 January 2019 - 09:12 AM

He nodded.


He expected to be restrained and searched. He was unarmed, he didn't plan to fight back. He had nothing that would allow him to communicate on his person, he didn't even know who he would call. Anyone he could call wouldn't bother to help him, the one person he trusted had been the person who had killed him. Kei adjusted his jacket one last time, running his hand through his hair. He expected it to be a long time until he was free from his restraints.


He offered out his hands.


"The armour in question is buried deep on Corellia, under my own estate. It is locked up tight, I know the person who killed me made sure no-one else would ever be able to become controlled. As for the restraints, I expected as much. I understand that neither of you trust me, I know neither one of you has a reason to trust me. I shot a padawan because I was reckless and stupid. I did stupid things, for that I expect to be hated"


He flicked his eyes to Asaraa.


"I would like, if you would, a private chance to talk to you. To apologise. Once I'm bound, I can't run anywhere. You can even hold me at lightsaber point if it makes you feel comfortable. Someone also needs to water the plants while I'm away, I expect I won't be returning for a while. Hopefully someone will let the Queen know I won't be able to attend Commenor business for a while, you understand?"


He grinned, just slightly.


Yuroic XeraicAsaraa Vaashe

In Topic: Congratulations John Locke - January MOTM!

04 January 2019 - 03:20 PM

Oh yes lad.


Get in there bro!


John Locke

In Topic: Black Sabbath

29 December 2018 - 07:15 AM



He laughed. He wasn't wrong, the body had been rescued from hell, the neatherworld. Kei lead the duo through into the living room, however the living room wasn't furnished as it used to be. The furniture had been removed, replaced with workbenches and more tools than you could dream of. The workshop was an engineers dream, it had been designed to contain everything that would be needed for a long night of building and designing.


"I need your expertise John. This body, this mind, it's a builder. It scares me, a skill I never needed I now crave to learn. I need power armour, thin enough to wear into battle and armed to the teeth for when it all eventually goes wrong. I can probably use a welder and a wrech but I don't even know where to start on designing and weaponising. There's enough credits in it so that you can buy anything you've ever dreamed of, anything you've ever wanted"


He looked at John, using the force to pull two chairs up. The droid could stand, the droid was annoying the hell out of him.


"I know that you advise the Silver Jedi now. I expect you to tell them where I am, I wouldn't have it any other way. I know that they want my head, I know that to them I am nothing but a war criminal. However, I want your help first"


John Locke

In Topic: The Admiral, The Traitor, The Murderer

12 December 2018 - 07:22 AM

Kei looked at the two Jedi.


He felt Asaraa in the force, however he didn't recognise her. She had changed from how he remembered, in the same way that he had changed from how she would remember him. He run his hand through his hair, studying the young Jedi slowly. The pink hair was a little much, too in your face for Kei's liking. Then again, he was wearing a bright purple tie so who was he to judge clothing or hair sense?


He turned to face the second Jedi, the one who spoke.


The man had soft facial hair, his eyes deep and clearly knowledgable. He wasn't as angry as Asaraa seemed to be, much more relaxed. The man knew that the arrest was just a job, something that had to be done. For Asaraa it was personal, Kei had hurt her and Zavii. He licked his lips, adjusting his sleeves. He almost wanted to invite the two Jedi to drink with him, but he was aware neither of them would do it.


He looked towards the suit of armour one last time before flicking his eyes back to the two Jedi.


"I expected as much, Master Jedi. I assume this is the section of the arrest where you hope I beg for forgiveness, where you hope I feel sorry for everything I did. I'm sure you heard a version of events, I know my clone was arrested and I know my clone faced trial on Kashyyyk for my crimes and I'm sure he told you everything I had done. However, I can only assume that he never told you why"


Kei raised an eyebrow.


"The armour I sought to find would have been destroyed by the Silver Jedi before I had chance to wear it. It was a Darkside relic granting me powers beyond anything the Jedi could teach me. For once I just wanted to be able to take what I deserved. Take back my family name. I rebuilt my family while I was guided by the memories of Darth Krayt, of a number of other Sith who had worn the armour before me. They taught me the powers that were being kept from me but they also taught me the true cost of power. They lead me to my death"


Yuroic XeraicAsaraa Vaashe

In Topic: Choas bit sluggish

08 December 2018 - 03:06 PM

It seems to be getting worse for me.


You got anything news wise on this Veiere Arenais cause it's starting to make posting more difficult.