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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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#1935245 The Faction Discussion

Posted by Kei Raxis on 19 April 2019 - 08:55 AM

Hey folks.


I was having a conversation with someone earlier about factions. Namely those with the major tag. Let's all agree that the top three Chaos factions are the CIS, TSE and SJO. They've worked hard to get to where they are, they have an active memberbase and good writing. They have players in the factions who focus on faction growth more than anything and those three factions hold 99% of most writers main characters.


Where does this leave our smaller factions?


The Commenor System's Alliance is a good example I'll use. For anyone who doesn't know what this was, a pacafist faction focused on developing one planet and governments and stuff. Personally, I was a very big fan of the CSA and I know a few people were. The CSA hit many activity issues however, because 99% of it's playerbase had main characters elsewhere and during the so called "invasion" periods these writers never focused on alts.


Another example of this is the Chiss. They're a faction trying to do so much different but are being hit with the same issue. Their member base having characters elsewhere and therefore focusing on the big three more than the CA. It means that the CA, hey Thorne, are having to stress to try and complete doms while the big three are walking through three doms a month with no issue because everyone has their main character there. Chaos' faction system right now is set up to accomodate the big three more than the little guys. With the main focus of the faction system being on grinding to expand to get access to the big toys such as the SSD's, the big three which can achieve that end up massively overpowered. Chaos has always worked like it, it's just become more noticeable since the new map because you can clearly see how big these big three are.


I took the liberty of speaking to a few new players and all of them seem to say the same thing. They're drawn to these big three because they look intimidating, they have massive 300+ writer playerbases and they're absolutely massive. Why would you not go to that if you're a new player who's scared, confused and not really sure of what's going on? Those massive factions clearly look the best for helping you.


These new players then don't branch out because all three of these big three factions are very focused on themselves and not relations with other factions. These new players become that used to the three dom a month grinding nature that the factions out there offering really unique story ideas are overlooked and it really sucks. Now clearly, I'm not talking about every single new writer here but hey, the few I've spoken too all seem to be in agreeance.


I just..


Chaos is great. We all agree. The faction system right now isn't great, with the big three factions getting all the rewards while smaller, way more interesting factions struggle to see the light of day because they have to compete with the big three. How do you and your 20 writer team compete with a faction that's got 5x, sometimes 10x more hexes than you and at least 10x the writers? You simply can't.

#1933468 A New Dawn For Corellia [Corellian Confederation Rebellion of Corellia vs New...

Posted by Kei Raxis on 14 April 2019 - 11:42 AM

Location: Raxis Estate, Corellia

Wearing: Basic Tunic | Basic Pants 

Wielding: Dry Wit | Credits




It had served as home for years, the place that the man had settled down. It had been through so much, witnessed the wars tearing through the galaxy. They had stood tall, kept themselves together. Corellia, it's people were all a family. They were a family that wanted to rule themselves, control themselves like they had done before. Corellia had been under the control of these interplanatary governments for too long.


Now it wanted to be free.


Kei stood up from his desk. He grinned slowly, fingers tracing over the back of the chair. He looked from the window, looking out over the planet that would soon be free from the rule of the New Republic, free to rule itself. They were a rebellious bunch, this wasn't the first time they had declared independance and Kei doubted it would be the last time that Corellia declared independance from something.


He adjusted his tunic, blinking. He had always assumed Corellia would use the mess that the CIS, and in turn he had caused on Kuat to break free. He was just glad he had gotten to the planet in time to take part in the breaking free. He grinned, running his hand through his hair. Corellia was doing everything he expected it to do, and he was proud to call himself a Corellian male, a civilian on the planet.


He turned his back to the window, walking towards the door. He nodded towards the guards, motioning them to follow. 


He had work to do.

#1933155 Now I am the Master

Posted by Kei Raxis on 13 April 2019 - 01:41 PM

The guest would be draggged through the palace.


Kei looked forward to seeing her again, excited to see her reaction when she realised that Kei now held the power. She was the master once, he admitted that. Now he was the one in charge, he was the one with power. He waited, back to the door, looking out over the planet for the guest to be put in front of him. He was lying to himself, of course. She was hardly a guest, she was a prisoner in his house and she would remain that way until she explained herself.


The guard coughed.


The prisoner had arrived.


Kei turned in his chair, expecting the dramatic reveal. The heavy suit of armour sat in the corner, adding to the intimidaiton. He knew that she wouldn't recognise him by face, he expected her to recognise his force signature however. He run his hands through his hair, nodding to the two guards in the room. They left at the exact same moment Kei kicked his feet up onto the desk, looking at his prisoner, locking eyes with her.


"Master. It's been a while."



#1931721 Now I am the Master

Posted by Kei Raxis on 09 April 2019 - 12:45 PM

Kei grinned.


He sat in the office, the Corellian landscape in the window behind him. It was strange to be back in his own home, the estate that he built with his own money. He was home, on the planet that had birthed him. He was a true Corellian, always happy when he returned to the broken planet. The broken planet would always be more home to him than any other planet in the galaxy, any other apartment they owned.


The two guards stood at the door left.


He had his soldiers back, his ship back. Everything was going well, all he was missing was his weapon. He would craft one in time, he intended to make a lightsaber better the one he had previously held. However, before he did that he had one final loose end to tie up, one final loose end to secure and handle. He had a prisoner in his basement that he needed to deal with.


"Bring her to me, chained and ready to answer"


He watched as two guards stood at the desk left the room. He kicked his feet up on the desk, helping himself to the nibbles on his desk. He took a look a the screen on the desk, looking one last time at the graph. He would handle the business once he had handled the "guest" currently in his house, the guest was the biggest priority in his house. He cared for his guests, after all.



#1927027 Of Fallen Stars | The Confederacy

Posted by Kei Raxis on 26 March 2019 - 03:05 PM


Attire: Here


Celebrating and drinking.


Relaxing. The story behind the festival was pure, after everything the galaxy had been through those of Nivek still found hope. They were, for the first time, willing to share that hope with outsiders. They were, for the first time, willing to share that hope with the CIS. After everything the CIS had been through, all the fighting that had torn the galaxy apart and blacked out skies above innocent worlds, it was time to breathe.


Kei adjusted his suit one last time.


Gone was the business casual look. Gone was the armour. In was the formal wear, expensive wrist accessories and suits and shirts. The formal cloak he chose to drape over his shoulder was purple, the colour of wealth. His boots looked polished and spotless, they had been cleaned only minutes before Kei had walked into the city. He had spent hours perfecting his outfit, he didn't know why. He just wanted to look good.


He had spent time mingling with the locals, drinking the alcohol provided and relaxing. He knew it would be his only chance to relax, at least for a while. He already knew that his depature from Nivek would be the trust back into work that he was trying to avoid. His ship was already prepared, the moment he left the planet he would be flying to Balmorra, Commenor and Corellia in that specific order. He had to finally get back to work, even if he didn't want to.


But until then, he could relax.


The man ran his hand through his hair. He took a sip from the glass of Corellian Wine he had been given earlier in the night. He wanted food, that was priority. He hadn't eaten in a few hours and the hunger was setting in. He set his legs in motion, mingling every so often but just generally walking towards the nearest food sources. He was hungry but the people of Nivek were more important than he was. This was their festival, after all.


And above them, the stars twinkled.



#1926182 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Kei Raxis on 24 March 2019 - 12:08 PM



Location: Kuat City

Allies: CIS
Enemies: NR (Technically)
Equipment: Money, Power and Dry Wit






Slowly, walking through the city. No destination in mind, not really. Just walking. Shirt untucked, hair a mess and belt half fastened. Jacket, the only item of clothing that looked semi respected. The man looked tired, he felt tired. Only hours ago he had been asleep on a craft belonging to the CIS, enjoying the peace and quiet. Now he was on Kuat, he didn't remember the events between being dragged out of bed and walking through the city but he could only assume they sucked.


The CIS needed him. He owed them. He owed Adron.


He sipped his caf as he walked. He didn't know where he was going, not really. He had been given the address of a local business that had been reported to be suffering. He didn't really know what he was supposed to be doing there, he assumed he was going to be carrying out a publicity stunt as an apology for the CIS disturbance. If that wasn't the job he was supposed to be carrying out then he was going to be out of pocket and it was going to be seriously annoying.


Not bankrupting, not even close. Just annoying.


Kei put his caf down on a low wall. He buttoned up the top of his shirt, straightened his jacket and finally tucked in his shirt. He picked up his caf again and took a step into the store, the destination that he was expected to appear at. He looked around, raising an eyebrow. It was a smaller clothing store, stocking some relatively good quality clothing. Kei inspected a small cloak. It was nice, but wouldn't suit him.


Then the owner arrived.


Kei got to talking. Apparently the shop was started by the owners grandparents and carried on. They had come on some hardships, Kuat was suffering an economic depression and they were suffering. They were worried about closing, they didn't want to have to close but their financial troubles made it the only option unless a miracle was delivered to their doorstep and handed directly to them with no strings attached.


Kei was their no strings attached miricle.


He took the cloak anyway. He handed over a datachip and a signed note, his payment. He had added four or five extra zero's, he couldn't remember. The note would explain that the extra money was to save them from closing. He also willingly paid for the cloak, that was just polite. He stepped outside with his bag, sipping his caf once again. One location visited, many more locations to visit before that.


He needed to find the nearest spacebucks first though. He needed more caf.

#1924217 Mandate Removal

Posted by Kei Raxis on 17 March 2019 - 01:43 PM

Galactic Nomads is broken.




Galactic Nomads
Strength: Once a month, this Major Faction may abandon their current Influence Cloud & Capital Planet and relocate elsewhere on the map as if they were a creating a new Major Faction.
Weakness: The Major Faction may not use this Mandate's strength if the Major Faction is currently engaged in an incomplete Invasion, Rebellion, or Dominion.


The quote above shows exactly why it is broken. It allows factions to relocate as if they are creating a new major faction. This is clearly being abused right now, If a faction gets double invaded (as is currently occuring) all it needs to do is forefeit and move. If a faction keeps doing this, they can keep three hexes with no issues. The faction getting invaded loses literally nothing while the invading factions lose out really good story.


The weakness doesn't offset the strength, that's another issue with this as a mandate. The weakness, if this mandate is kept, needs to be massively changed. Maube make sure a major faction can't move within a 90 day period to help prevent the abuse.


So here's my suggestion. We remove the mandate completely or change the weakness.



#1924140 Reunion

Posted by Kei Raxis on 17 March 2019 - 08:59 AM



The guards looked at each other.


Both of them had been dragged onto shift. Neither of them knew why. Both of them wanted to sit around, smoke and drink and enjoy their downtime. Instead they had to gear up, weapons set to stun. They had been informed that four prisoners were free, roaming about the ship. They failed to understand why that concerned them, there was enough guards on duty to control four angry prisoners who probably just needed to be stunned and dragged back to their cells.


They were near the hangers, walking as slowly as they could towards the prisoner cells. They wanted the other guards to handle it so that they could turn up and then be sent back to their quaters because they weren't needed anymore. Both of them hoped that would be the situation, however both of them had a feeling it would never be that simple. They expected that it was going to be an extremely long night.


Then the saw something. Two people they didn't recognise.


"Stop, on the orders of the Silver Jedi"


Alden AkaranXobos YakieerAdron Malvern

#1922825 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Kei Raxis on 12 March 2019 - 03:38 PM

Time to break Kei out.


So, NR. Wanna dance?

#1922096 Reunion

Posted by Kei Raxis on 10 March 2019 - 01:17 PM



Everyone on the bridge was panicked, feet slapping off the metalic floors as crew men run about (some gently jogging) to try and figure out why they had lost communication. The Captain looked from the transparisteel viewports slowly. There was nothing in the area that could possibly be jamming them, it had to be a fault with the ship. It was a much older ship, it was bound to have some technological faults. He still felt uneasy.


"Get us out of here, fix the communiction array while we're travelling"


The Captain spoke, voice deep and rough. Experience lined his wrinkled face, grey hair protruding from both the top of his head and his face. He watched the two helmsmen readying their next destination. The Silver Jedi would understand why they hadn't checked in, they shouldn't have sent him with the oldest prisoner transport ship in the fleet. He was surprised the cells held most of the prisoners in place, the rust that coated the bars made them look unsafe.


The ship lurched forward, but it didn't enter hyperspace.


"Helm, get me a status report"


The Captain looked towards his two pilots, demanding answers.


"We appear to be caught in some sort of tractor beam. Entering hyperspace damn near tore the ship apart. We can't do that again without serious damage"


Another voice from another corner of the bridge.


"Whatever you just did has unlocked at least four cells. We have reports of at least four loose inmates free during a lockdown"


"A riot?"


"Potentially, sir"


The Captain shook his head. He couldn't be dealing with a riot while the ship was trapped in some sort of tractor beam. He looked out again, there was nothing near them. There was absolutely nothing in the area that could be producing a tractor beam. The Captain felt uneasy, something wasn't right. He wasn't getting paid enough to be torn apart by invisible space ghosts or invisible space pirates or whatever was attacking his ship.


"We hold out here. Ten minutes, that's all we need to hold out"




The jolt really kicked it into high gear.


Kei heard the sirens before he saw the guards. He looked through the bars on his cell, watched as the cell opposite opened. He realised pretty quickly that the ship wasn't moving. He placed his hand softly against the bars on the cell, another cell opening further down. He assumed the jolt they felt was the ship trying to jump to hyperspace and failing, either due to a mechanical fault or an external fault. The cell doors opening, he put that down to an electronics fault caused by the jolt.


It wasn't a mechanical fault that had caused the jolt. Kei offered a small grin. A mechanical fault wouldn't have caused the jolt, the only thing capable of causing such a jolt was the attempted use of the hyperdrive while locked in a tractor beam. Pirates didn't tend to have tractor beams, they cost too many credits for the average pirates. That meant that the tractor beam was being produced by someone who wanted something from the prisoner transport.


His backup had arrived.


Adron MalvernAlden Akaran |Xobos Yakieer

#1920662 Reunion

Posted by Kei Raxis on 05 March 2019 - 01:27 PM

He was actually annoyed.


The prison ship was cold and the food sucked. The tailored suits he was used to were gone, replaced with the simplest of outfits. The vast wealth was gone, waiting just outside of his grasp. He couldn't touch it until he was free. The soldiers and the ship were gone, hidden on the opposite end of the galaxy away from anyone who would pose a threat. The new armour was gone, locked away on Commenor, just waiting for him.


The force inhibiting collar around his neck was rubbing against the flesh, agitating the bare skin every time he breathed, every time he swallowed. 


He had managed to get a message to one of the few people still loyal to him. He could only hope that the message had been passed on, reached the intended target. He never intended to contact his killer again, he never intended to see the man again. Circumstances changed however, Adron was one of the few men in the galaxy with the power to break him out. Kei trusted that Adron would come up with a good plan as long as he believed the messanger. 


Kei had never hated the man. Kei respected the Sith Lord, he was too dangerous to be left alive. If it was Adron locked inside the Sith suit, Kei would have done the exact same thing.


The ship was barely holding together. It was rusty and the seats were torn up. The fights that took place between prisoners was almost calming, the tattered ship was almost calming. Both were a reminder that not everything was perfect. Kei didn't like perfect, things needed to go wrong so he could fix them. Kei didn't like quiet, things needed to be loud so he wasn't trapped with the images that continually flashed through his mind, two personalities clashing.


He heard a shot.


A stunning shot, aimed at a prisoner who had tried to start a fight. They had been on the ship close to a week and the fights were common place. Most of the prisoners didn't like each other, most had been members of a gang that had been shut down by The Silver Jedi. All of the members blamed each other for their downfall, all of their members wanted revenge on each other. Watching them fight was interesting, studying their patterns.


He felt the stun baton pressing against him, forcing him back into his cell. 


Then he heard the pop.


He blinked.


He had missed the familar pop back into real-space. It was something you grew used to when you spent years exploring the galaxy on a star destroyer, fighting for the Commenori people and the Mandalorian people and whoever else Kei had fought for throughout the years. He wouldn't have been surprised if someone told him he had fought for every side, the good and the bad and everything else left inbetween.


Kei had done the calculations. They had to be close to their destination, not many stops left. The stops were only to place their marker, allowing the ship to be tracked through the galaxy. There were some high value prisoners aboard, they couldn't afford to lose them. Kei sighed, looking out of the tiny viewport of his cell. The galaxy around them was bright, the stars were providing plenty of light. They were in real-space.


Real space, but not for long.


Adron Malvern | Xobos Yakieer | Alden Akaran

#1910107 Faction Vote: Merging

Posted by Kei Raxis on 04 February 2019 - 12:39 PM

My vote goes against.

#1905754 Annual Faction Elections

Posted by Kei Raxis on 23 January 2019 - 02:34 PM

I haven't even remotely read the replies, knowing how the internet works I'm surprised it isn't "America vs British" yet. However, reading the original post. I have opinions:


On one hand, yeah no this isn't a bad idea. It certainly keeps faction owners accountable, something that has been an issue on chaos in the past. I won't name names here. Having a system like this would ensure that the faction is being lead in the way the members want it to be lead. The entire point of factions on chaos is to please the members of said faction, this just ensures they are doing it. If the faction owner is doing a good job, then yes you vote for them.


On the other hand, this is too open to abuse. I've seen systems like this get abused day in and day out. People claim they have the best intentions for the faction they are voted as the leader of, then kick the faction admins and replace them with friends. 


I don't like it


Even though I kinda do.

#1883668 Black Sabbath

Posted by Kei Raxis on 21 November 2018 - 07:47 AM

Kei looked at the droid, blinking.


He couldn't figure the droid out, the droid seemed more human than any other droid Kei had ever come across. Either human or mental, either one was a good definition of the machine. Kei watched as droid and man had a mini argument, the droid clearly having been told the wrong information, or assuming the wrong information. It was almost strange how the best inventor in the galaxy had invented a very assuming droid that seemed to have issues.


Kei turned, hands behind his back. He looked out across the city through the floor to celing glass. He wasn't sure how to prove who he was to John Locke, he wasn't sure how to prove that he was Kei Raxis. He looked up towards the sky. Then it hit him. He spinned on his heels, using the force to pull a small holoprojector into his hand. His protocol droid walked up carrying caf, however Kei was quite happy to ignore the droid.


He messed with the holoprojector for a few moments, before he looked up at John.


"My name is Kei Raxis, Admiral of the Commenor Systems Alliance, or what's left of it. I spent a year trapped in a darkside currupted suit, learning about the past and becoming too powerful, too dangerous. I was killed by Adron Malvern because I was too dangerous to be left alive. We've met before, many times. You are one of the only inventors I trust, even though rumours tell me that you now work for the Silver Jedi, the people who want me arrested for attempted murder"


Kei pressed a button on the side of the holoprojector. A full hologram image of The Flying Dutchman appeared. Kei locked eyes with John Locke. He knew exactly how to make the man know that he was who he said he was. The one thing only Kei Raxis would know. Kei zoomed the hologram in on the ship, focusing on a small, private blank area that was not on any shipwide scans, a great design from the duo.


"In this gap is an Internal Command Bridge that you suggested. The password is something you set. You built this ship for me"


He just hoped that would work.


John Locke

#1883467 Mindabaal

Posted by Kei Raxis on 20 November 2018 - 04:30 PM

Darth Ophidia


It'll be included when I get round to Mindabaal eventually.


I don't want to ignore anyone's RP when it comes to this. I'll just slaughter the rest of the royal family.