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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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#1883668 Black Sabbath

Posted by Kei Raxis on 21 November 2018 - 07:47 AM

Kei looked at the droid, blinking.


He couldn't figure the droid out, the droid seemed more human than any other droid Kei had ever come across. Either human or mental, either one was a good definition of the machine. Kei watched as droid and man had a mini argument, the droid clearly having been told the wrong information, or assuming the wrong information. It was almost strange how the best inventor in the galaxy had invented a very assuming droid that seemed to have issues.


Kei turned, hands behind his back. He looked out across the city through the floor to celing glass. He wasn't sure how to prove who he was to John Locke, he wasn't sure how to prove that he was Kei Raxis. He looked up towards the sky. Then it hit him. He spinned on his heels, using the force to pull a small holoprojector into his hand. His protocol droid walked up carrying caf, however Kei was quite happy to ignore the droid.


He messed with the holoprojector for a few moments, before he looked up at John.


"My name is Kei Raxis, Admiral of the Commenor Systems Alliance, or what's left of it. I spent a year trapped in a darkside currupted suit, learning about the past and becoming too powerful, too dangerous. I was killed by Adron Malvern because I was too dangerous to be left alive. We've met before, many times. You are one of the only inventors I trust, even though rumours tell me that you now work for the Silver Jedi, the people who want me arrested for attempted murder"


Kei pressed a button on the side of the holoprojector. A full hologram image of The Flying Dutchman appeared. Kei locked eyes with John Locke. He knew exactly how to make the man know that he was who he said he was. The one thing only Kei Raxis would know. Kei zoomed the hologram in on the ship, focusing on a small, private blank area that was not on any shipwide scans, a great design from the duo.


"In this gap is an Internal Command Bridge that you suggested. The password is something you set. You built this ship for me"


He just hoped that would work.


John Locke

#1883467 Mindabaal

Posted by Kei Raxis on 20 November 2018 - 04:30 PM

Darth Ophidia


It'll be included when I get round to Mindabaal eventually.


I don't want to ignore anyone's RP when it comes to this. I'll just slaughter the rest of the royal family.

#1874807 Let's Talk About It

Posted by Kei Raxis on 25 October 2018 - 03:19 PM

He watched the balloon for a few moments.


He felt young, innocent. He remembered when he was a small child and a balloon was the best toy. He was amazed by how it floated, defied everything he had ever known about gravity. He always wondered how far up a balloon would go until it popped and what happened to the surviving segments of the balloon after it popped. Did they fall down to the planet or burn up in the atmosphere, never seen again. Perhaps they blew away in the wind and floated forever.


He went into autopilot, the force wrapping around the balloon and pulling it towards him. Kei felt the balloon touch his fingers, then he closed a grip on it. He opened his eyes, looking towards the person, the girl who had shouted. He walked over to her slowly, balloon in hand. It only felt right to take the string. It felt weird, the balloon made him look much younger, made him feel much younger.


He offered the string.


"There you go. Now then, what are you doing out alone at such a late hour?"



#1869732 Let's Talk About It

Posted by Kei Raxis on 09 October 2018 - 11:13 AM

Kei stepped from the elevator slowly.


He needed to wait in the lobby for a friend. He had pulled some strings to get the inventor onto the planet, the man that had built his ship. Kei was aware that John Locke wouldn't recognise him and therefore had decided to introduce himself as a butler of Kei before escorting the man to the penthouse to explain what had happened and why he was different.


He used the force to pull up a chair. The glass windows on the front of the building gave him a clear view of the street. He almost enjoyed the sport of people watching, studying people's movements. You could learn a-lot about people by their body language and by watching how they walked down the street, how they interacted with people and how they dealt with other people.


Kei kept his eyes on the door. He watched as a small Correlian walked past. Kei almost felt a connection with the small child, he looked like a Correlian but since he changed he felt much less Correllian. He still missed the planet but he knew that he couldn't visit just yet, he needed to secure Commenor before he left. He was waiting for Asajj to get back to him and then they could rebel.


He just hoped he wouldn't die.



#1868467 A Bottle of Wine, A Sith Armarda and an Old Friend Walk into a Bar

Posted by Kei Raxis on 06 October 2018 - 05:55 AM

What did he plan to do?


In all honesty, he wasn't sure. He knew that he was going to help liberate Commenor but he wasn't sure how. He wanted to free Commenor from her oppressors but he didn't know if he could. He didn't know if he was scared or excited to be getting back into it, getting back into what he tried to run away from previously. He didn't know if he was scared to fight or very very excited to be fighting once again.


"What do I plan to do? I'll try and rally together any civilians who want to free Commenor from their liberation. Whenever the fighting starts I'll set them up and then hope that my ship is above the planet. When the fighting starts I'll take up my former role of the Commenori Naval Minister and I'll go and command, go and do what I do best. It's been a while since I last had to command a fleet, it'll take some getting used to"


Asajj Novar

#1866512 A Bottle of Wine, A Sith Armarda and an Old Friend Walk into a Bar

Posted by Kei Raxis on 30 September 2018 - 11:59 AM

He breathed a sigh of relief.


He was glad in many ways that his crew were't dead. They had become a family to him over the years and he knew that they would be useful in the coming fight. They had been trained to survive in a battle, keep the ship floating. They would fight until they couldn't fight, until the ship went down and then they'd fight using bits of the ship. They were soldiers at heart, especially those that Kei trained personally.


Kei missed the men but he couldn't go and catch up just yet. He would be much more useful on the planet. Maybe when the battle kicked off he could get back to his crew and command like he did best, but until then he needed to do whatever he could to set up the Commenori people. He would train them to fight against the Sith while Asajj inspired hope. They would rebel against the Sith if it killed them, when it killed them.


"That is indeed good news. However, I must ask. Now what do you do?"


Asajj Novar

#1865332 A Bottle of Wine, A Sith Armarda and an Old Friend Walk into a Bar

Posted by Kei Raxis on 27 September 2018 - 08:39 AM

Kei answered the door, tiredness masking his features.


Asajj looked like someone had given her alcohol, lots of it. She was clearly hyper, clearly the opposite of Kei. Kei just wanted to sleep, he had a headache and couldn't hang with the Correlians anymore. Asajj on the other hand was a youthful Dathomir who looked hardly readly to pass out. Kei almost wanted, almost wished he could trade places with her and share the energy and excitement she had clearly been brewing.


Kei walked into the kitchen, turning on the caf machine before he lead Asajj through into the main sitting area. The floor to celing windows gave amazing views of the city normally, however they only gave views of the darkness and depression that had washed over Commenor since the arrival of the Sith forces. Kei used the force to activate the self tinting, masking the city and blocking out the depressing views of the outside.


Kei sat down as a protocol droid walked through with two cups. Kei had spent some time repairing the protocol droid that Rex Taff had built for him back in the Mandolorian days. He also had the astromech aboard his cruiser, however he hadn't seen the small droid in a while. Not since the battle of Commenor when the Dutchman had chosen to flee the system for safety. Kei ran his hand through his hair, sighing.


"I trust you've had a productive day?"


Asajj Novar

#1864957 A Bottle of Wine, A Sith Armarda and an Old Friend Walk into a Bar

Posted by Kei Raxis on 26 September 2018 - 01:07 PM

What could go wrong?


That was almost the story of his life. What could go wrong? Especially with current plans involving the half empty bottle of wine on the table, the sith armarda floating overhead and an old torturer turned ally. A bar almost go amiss right now, but Kei knew he had to wait for Asajj to turn up at his door with news. News of his crew, of his factories and of the men that Kei had sent her to.


It had gone way past midnight, he had started drinking at roughly 17:00 hours. He was on his... he struggled to remember. Forth, maybe fifth bottle of wine. He wasn't sure he truly wanted to die for the Queen. If preferable, he didn't want to die at all. He'd been there, he had done that and he wasn't okay with it. It had been a rather unplesant experience and something he wanted to forget.


He looked at the cold food on the side. He wasn't as young as he used to be, the nights drinking mentally drained him. Physically he was fine, mentally he just wanted a bed. He couldn't though, Asajj was due to arrive at some point. Kei didn't know when, he just knew somepoint. He assumed she'd gotten lost, he'd laugh if she had. He lived in a penthouse in one of the few surviving tall buildings, it was difficult to get lost.


Then he heard the bell.

#1863623 Common People

Posted by Kei Raxis on 23 September 2018 - 02:14 PM

He didn't live an entertaining life.


He didn't know what there was fun, not really. He was mostly focused on surviving, nothing seemed like fun with a large Sith Armarda overhead. To him, fun was just surviving one more day. He knew he could allow himself to have fun when Commenor was free, but he couldn't even remotely feel fun until then, he was too focused on freeing the planet from the cold grasp of the Sith. He run his hand through his hair, shrugging.


"No idea"


He stood, smiling. He offered a handshake to Asajj before he left. He wanted to return back to his penthouse, take a bubble bath and get ready to fight off the very angry Sith Empire.


Asajj Novar

#1863388 Common People

Posted by Kei Raxis on 23 September 2018 - 05:53 AM

He wished.


He wished he could be smuggled from the planet, hide away on Corellia in his estates with his men and private guards, butlers to do his every command. He wished he could simply walk down the bridge of the Flying Dutchman again, grin to the crew that had fled the Mandalorian's when he had died. He wished the biggest worry in his life was how he was going to smuggle spice past a few dodgy downworld dealers who were off their face.


He hated the force.


Since Dromund-Kaas, since he had learned of the force and his true family heratige, since he had met the Queen everything he had gone wrong. He'd made a friend in Kay but otherwise he had been dragged into a game of galactic politics that had quite quickly become galactic war that had caused friendly Silver Jedi Order bombs to explode in front of him, all but killing him. He had met and fought Sith Lords, been tortured by the bad guys.


He had served the bad guys.


He wished he could run away. He wanted to run away but he could not run away. The Queen had been the person to drag him from the Netherworld, she had been the person who had endured Thraxis for him. He and Kay had nearly been killed more than once together. Amellia Soren-Syrush, Kei had witnessed her apparent suicide and then slaughtered her guards when they tried to help the Queen. Amelia had blown up the office using external ships, made it look like an assassination. Of course Kei was going to protect the Queen, she had just been blown up.


Amelia wasn't desd, of course. She was manipulative like that.


The Hutt Cartel. Kei hadn't been there, he'd only heard stories of what the Queen had done. She had been a Senator then, it was just before she had met Kei. Way before she had ever even thought about becoming Queen. The Sith influenced her once. Kei reached to his side, nothing there but a memory. He had left his lightsaber with her once, vowed to return to collect it when she embraced the light again. He was a few years late in returning but he did return.


Even Veiere, Kei owed it to him. The man had tried to butcher Kei in the Battle of The Jedi Order and Kei still respected him, still owed it to him to help free Commenor from the grasp of The Sith. Veiere had at one time been his closest friend turned bitter enemy. Kei hadn't seen the man since his trial, didn't know where they stood. It was possible Veiere would just murder him on sight, or maybe that had been buried in the past.


"I don't want to risk my life but I know I have to risk my life, I owe it to Kay and the rest of the royal family. Contact those names and then come to the address at the bottom, my address. We will liberate this planet"


He wished.


Asajj Novar

#1863138 Common People

Posted by Kei Raxis on 22 September 2018 - 12:34 PM



He wanted to be free. He almost started to ask if she could get him from the world, from the planet, but he stopped himself. While running away would keep himself safe, it would mean there was one less body to fight the Sith occupation that was likely to occur. He could run and hide and leave Kay and Commenor to suffer, or he could fight and at least provide Kay and Commenor with an extra number, an extra fighter for the planet.


He grabbed a napkin, starting to write down names and addresses that Asajj could use, people she could talk to and recruit, people who wanted to fight against the Sith. He scribbed a few more names, looking up at Asajj slowly, running his hand through his hair.


"I want to be free, away from all this fighting. But I know I can't be, I owe it to the Queen to fight for her planet. So instead you can help me in other ways, you can help me locate my ship and my private soldiers. Both fled the system after the battle, I haven't been able to locate them since. Track them down, get me in contact with them and they're yours to use, or your fathers. Same with my weapons factories on Balmorra, anything they produce is available for use. Just find my men and my ship"


Asajj Novar

#1863079 Common People

Posted by Kei Raxis on 22 September 2018 - 08:31 AM



He stopped himself from shaking his head. A rebellion needed hope, but hope wouldn't win the war. Kei knew that, he'd once believed in hope and hope had failed him with Veiere Arenais had tried to kill him. A rebellion needed soldiers, needed pawns who would sacrifice themselves. Needed men who would charge headfirst into the armies of the Sith and probably not come out the other side breathing or feeling.


That wasn't Kei. Not anymore. He didn't want to die, not again.


He looked at Asajj for a few moments, silently judging her. He couldn't figure her out and it scared him. She was a Sith once, now she seemed to hold a dislike of them. It wasn't like Kei however, Kei didn't hate the Sith like she seemed to. Kei chose loyalty over the Sith, loyalty to the monarchy of Commenor, to his friends. That was his downfall, he was afraid of dying but when loyalty made death a likely option what did he do?


"I can name a number of people who are against the Sith Empire. I can put you in contact with them"


Asajj Novar

#1860808 Common People

Posted by Kei Raxis on 16 September 2018 - 03:37 PM

He walked.


He assumed he was being followed, he hardly looked back to check. He had gotten used to Commenor, he had mapped out the planet in his head and had located some of the best caf stores on the planet. There were a few, but none were as good as the place he was taking them to. They served some of the best caf in the city and their pastries were also top class. Also the owners could be trusted to keep quiet if a few credits were slid their way.


Kei had carried out more than one deal in the corner booth.


He led Assaj in slowly. He hoped Asajj would find a table while he ordered two cups of caf. He covered the cost of both, sliding over his usual addition to make sure that the owners didn't repeat anything they heard. Kei trusted them, mostly. They hadn't alerted anyone about the dodgy deals going on in the corner and so Kei trusted that they were unlikely to do it if he kept them paid up and happy.


He sat down, sipping his drink slowly. He talked quietly, sure that only Assaj could hear what he was saying.


"It's been a year and a half since the cage. We were held for a while until the Jedi managed to get us free during the night. We smuggled ourselves from the planet and back to Voss. Whatever your old friend did to me changed me though. I was seeing things, hearing things in my head. Meeting my father only made it worse until eventually I snapped. I nearly murdered a Zabrak padawan before I fought my way out of The Jedi Temple on Voss.


It was a long few months, manipulation and self hatred driving me to the darkside. Finding the armour of Darth Krayt and liberating that didn't help, that left my head full of the voices and memories of everyone who had ever donned that armour, including Krayt himself. It made me stupidly powerful, allowed me to access any of the powers that the former wearers could master. That included essence transfer, a skill that came in useful.


Eventually I took up refuge with The Mandalorians before I died, was killed in my sleep by someone I called a friend because I became too powerful. I don't blame him for assassinating me, if I were him I would have done it as well. I attempted to essence transfer out however only managed to lock myself in my own lightsaber crystal. I eventually had to feed off of Adron's energy to free myself from the crystal, free myself into this body and the netherworld.


Kay rescued me. Rescued by the Queen of Commenor, I won't ever live that down. We arrived back on Commenor just as The Sith armada arrived and tore through the planet like butter. I've been trapped here ever since, attempting to get any communication with anyone off planet to try and figure out any information I can. So far I've got nothing, none of my original ship crews, my soldiers or my factories on Balmorra. Every communication channel I have with them is silent.


I can't access Kay either. I don't know where the Queen or any of the family is, not that I've really looked. If anything I've just tried to blend in and live my life while I've been stranded here. I'm still making money from my weapons factories on Balmorra so I know they're not dead. I have money to live with and an apartment a few blocks away. I'm just living my life and doing my thing without being killed.


So why are you here?"


Asajj Novar

#1860790 Common People

Posted by Kei Raxis on 16 September 2018 - 02:57 PM

Well then.


Kei stood there awkardly for a few moments when she hugged him. He felt for a few moments the force within her, no longer corrupted by the dark. Whatever happened after he got free from the Dark Lady of the Sith had freed the girl from whatever connected her to the Darkside. Perhaps he had unfairly judged her, however he still argued with himself that he could justify it and that he had made the right choice to judge her as a follower of the Sith.


He looked between the people, the growing crowd as he was hugged. There were a few traders, no-one who looked or felt suspicious in any way. It was almost a good thing, none of them looked likely to report him for an assault. Even if they did, he could just use his connections to the Arenais family to free himself from whatever prison they chose to throw him in and lock him in. If they didn't free him he could at least pull and bribe a trial.


He smiled as Asajj let him go. All of the annoyance and anger from behind his eyes faded, replaced with the warm, relaxed, carefree eyes that Asajj would remember. Even when he was being brutalised by the Sith he still tried to keep himself in good spirts somehow, especially when Asajj was giving him some pretty decent food. Sometimes food and jokes kept one's morale decently high, high enough to withstand torture anyway.


Or, no. Not withstand torture, that still broke him. High enough to not go completely mad.


He looked around as the crowd began to clear. They had seen enough violence, most of them looked glad that they weren't about to witness anymore violence. The sunlight reflected from a window across the road, casting a shadow behind both Kei and Asajj. It was almost metaphoric in a way, both of them had left the darkness behind them and the shadow was completely behind them, casting the path into darkness.


"It's a long story, best told over Caf. I know a good cafe a few blocks away where we can talk"


Asajj Novar



#1860781 Common People

Posted by Kei Raxis on 16 September 2018 - 02:37 PM

Wait, what now?


She assumed that he was someone who had killed the real Kei? He actually chuckled out loud, eyes locked onto the force using Sith. It was unlikely in his mind that she was actually here for personal business, in his mind the more likely answer was that she was a spy for a Sith, one of the presumed many floating above the planet. She wasn't fighting back however, which was at least semi positive. If he could avoid a fight, he would do so.


Kei couldn't be bothered to fight.


"You assume I killed him? What if I did, Sith?"


He spat the word Sith as if it disgusted him. It felt wrong in many ways seems as he used to be a member of the Dark Side culture and it was the Dark Side of the force that allowed him access to his new body. He kept on the defensive, eyes locked on Asajj. He didn't trust her, but he figured that since she wasn't fighting back she wasn't a major threat. It also made sense that she wasn't fighting back, she didn't feel as dark as she once did.


"Or perhaps I am him. Perhaps I remember everything you and your little friend did to him!"


And now people were stopping and watching, staring at the confrontation in the street. It was like a really bad holodrama that the middle aged tended to watch, fighting in the streets with insults being traded. Kei just hoped that it was only insults, he was unlikely to be able to hold his own should a full on fight break out in the streets of Commenor. He didn't want the embarrasment of the loss.


Asajj Novar