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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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#1773130 Alliance's Vengeance [GA/ME Myrkr Skirmish]

Posted by Kei Raxis on 22 April 2018 - 05:54 AM

The Dutchman's Bane

853 ABY

Hyperspace - 40 minutes outside of The Myrkr System

Kaine Australis | Aryn Teth | Lovely GA Fleeters


Kei sat back.


They had marched on Myrkr, the Galactic Alliance had made a fatal mistake. They had marched on the home of Clan Australis and the Mandolorian's wanted their blood. They had attacked Kei's home, the home of the Clan that had accepted him and Kei wanted blood. No-one marched on Kei's friends, his family and expected him to sit back and let them go about it. Kei would charge headfirst into battle to protect them, to protect his friends.


The Dutchman's Bane shot through the stars. It was a lumbering ball, by mass probably one of the larger military vessels in the galaxy. It was a lumbering ball with very powerful weapons, including the central superheavy proton beam cannon. That would tear through a ship with ease, based on the weapons used upon the original planet destroyers belonging to The Galactic Empire, if you believed the rumours of course.


Following behind were the remains of the battle against The Galactic Empire, the battle over Ukio. Kei had replaced those that had fallen with bigger, better ships and renamed others. Kei was taking the fight to The Galactic Alliance, they would be chased from the system and back to Courscant, Sullest or whatever they had come from. They'd be chased back there anyway, back into hiding as the angry Mandolorian's came for their heads.


The internal war bridge was full of activity, higher ranking officers preparing the ship for battle. The big space ball of death had it's weaknesses, the choice between engines and weapons was always tough. Kei didn't know what The Galactic Alliance had thrown at Myrkr, they could have very easily had the very large ships or they could have turned up in the smallest fighters and frigates that they owned. Kei wouldn't know until he arrived.




Kei raised a hand softly. He had used the holoprojector to hide the armour that he was trapped in, appearing as a regular male in a suit and tie. It almost surprised him to see his hands as skin once again, it was something he was just about getting used to. He preferred to appear in the armour when charging into battle, it tended to insert fear into the enemy, however he knew that the Mandolorian's wouldn't enjoy it.


He turned his head towards the commander, who walked over and stood besides him casually. He was an elderly man, had followed Kei from The Flying Dutchman, his flagship that he used when not working for The Mandolorian Empire. Kei trusted the man dearly, he was clever and he knew exactly what to do before Kei needed to do it. They were a team that offset each other extremely well and balanced each other well.


The man also enjoyed his promotion to Commander.


"We will wait in a neighbouring system until General Australis provides us with an accurate representation of the situation. When we hyperspace into the battle, I want all of the frigates to move in front of the Bane. They will absorb the damage while we move into position, locking weapons as we move. Once we are in range, I want the proton beam fired towards their biggest, strongest ships. We should be able to tear it apart, rip it from the sky with ease."


The Commander nodded, eyes still locked on Kei, hands clasped behind his back.


"The one strength of being in a large sphere is that we have weapons facing every single angle. Once we arrive, I want every battery firing on their smaller ships, their frigates. I want all fighters launched, bombers to remain behind. The frigates will be absorbing the damage, but they can feel free to fire upon any of their crusiers should they get a shot"


The Commander nodded once again. He was all to used to being given very detailed, long winded plans.


"See to it Commander. May the force be with you"


#1772674 Attack on Ukio! [ME Vs GE]

Posted by Kei Raxis on 21 April 2018 - 08:53 AM

Not Quite Ukio

853 ABY

Cynthia RaxisDominic CrowleyRex TaffSkosk FettKaine AustralisRato HusSeto Du Couteau


Kei sat on the battle bridge of the Dutchman's Bane, hyperspace flashing around him. He wasn't used to the new spherical ship, he'd spent so long on his Star Destroyer that the big space astroid with even bigger guns felt unnatural to him. He was used to being able to sit on the bridge above the battle, looking over it. Using holoscreens to do it instead just felt odd to him, he wasn't used to it yet. He wasn't sure he would ever be used to it.


Behind him, The Flying Dutchman followed the giant space rock. Kei and Kaine had once made the joke of nicknaming it the "Not a Death Star" due to it's resemblence to the old Galactic Empire weapon of mass destruction. They were also followed by fifteen MandalArms Missle Corvettes, small pawns in a very large war. They would probably end up dead, however they'd be a sacrifice worth it if they won the war.


Kaine had arranged a rendezvous point outside of the system. The Galactic Empire would never know that they were coming, The Galactic Empire would be surprised when they appeared, all guns ready to fire. Kei's little fleet would be the perfect weapon to take out the forces of The Galactic Empire, the very large lazer on the space ball and the very large lazers on The Flying Dutchman made them perfectly violent ships.


The small pop heard when the fleet appeared behind Kaine's own fleet was the perfect noise. Kei leant back in his chair, armour of Darth Krayt on show for a change. No-one would see him, and therefore he didn't need to waste the holoprojector to hide himself. He slid the helmet onto his head, looking down towards a few sensors, smiling casually. He wanted to replace his control chair with a throne, he would do that someday.


"Mr Australis. We have... arrived"


#1772660 Alliance's Vengeance [GA/ME Myrkr Skirmish OOC]

Posted by Kei Raxis on 21 April 2018 - 08:18 AM

I've been signed up for this for too long.


Who gets boom boomed?

#1772659 Midnight in the Castle

Posted by Kei Raxis on 21 April 2018 - 08:16 AM


853 ABY

Adron MalvernDrogh | @Ra'a'mah | MercutioLord NexusStardust Bloodstone


Kei had strolled into the meeting only slightly late.


He was fasionably late, it made him laugh slightly. He was good at being fasionably late, it was a talent that he had. He locked eyes with Adron, the moff fit in well in the room. He looked like he fit into the room, held some power in the room. He didn't know anyone else, with the exception of Ra'a'mah. He didn't care to know for anyone else, so long as they chose to stay out his way then Kei wouldn't have an issue with them.


Kei took a seat, leaning back slightly. 


He was almost glad he chose the suit, he fit in with most people. There was of course one man who turned up looking as if he'd been dragged through a gutter. He would be Drogh, Ra'a'mah had informed Kei of him. He was a wildcsrd, dangerous and explosive but he was desperate. He had his goal and Ra'a'mah was going to help him. Kei also had his goals and Ra'a'mah had promised to help him, she promised to help him take Corellia.


"And why should I trust these people to help? Adron is a friend, as are you Ra. The rest of you? I've never met the rest of you, only heard stories that some of you are reckless and likely to get yourselves killed. So answer me, why should I trust you people to help me achieve my goals when you could all turn out to be bigger issues, bigger threats than the goals that I hope to acheieve, the planet I hope to take"

#1772645 Gray Would be Happy

Posted by Kei Raxis on 21 April 2018 - 07:59 AM

853 ABY

Kadia System

Kaine Australis


The pub?


Kaine knew him well, a simple Corellian who liked many of the same things as the rest of his planet's species. That included alcohol, Corellian or otherwise. That also included smuggling, although it has been way too many years since he had last smuggled anything, his ship of choice was a little too large to smuggle anything. Perhaps people would be able to be smuggled, but that was about it. It was a ship not designed for smuggling.


Kei followed the Mandolorian into the deep bowels of the station. Kei had only been to Kadia once, he'd built a very large training facility inside of a volcano that serviced Clan Australis and House Raxis. Kei grinned to himself, no-one but Kaine needed to know that Kei was training his own little personal army, his only little fighting force that he could control, who would be under his very command and would follow his orders.


No-one needed to know.


He smiled, taking a seat in the pub when he and Kaine entered. He nodded to one of the men who would order him a drink, polite. Kei could go for Corellian Ale, he could enjoy a good Corellian Ale right now. Corellian Ale was impressive, it was a drink that reminded him of home. His species was a patriotic folk, they quite enjoyed being at home on their own planet, no matter how broken it was and how ruined it was.


"How can I help, Kaine?"

#1772639 Behind this Soft Exterior

Posted by Kei Raxis on 21 April 2018 - 07:47 AM


853 ABY

Rex TaffCassiopeia Caranthyr


Kei let the duo rest.


He left them for an hour, vanishing to the shuttle docked behind the little encampment. The duo would be able to rest and eat, drink and relax before Kei tried to kill them again. It was less attempted murder and more aggressive training. Kei knew that it was one of the best ways to get the duo to learn, to master the power that they had, the power that would influence their lives. Kei knew it was a good way to force them to learn.


Once the duo had rested, the two shuttles that they had arrived on would raise up behind them. They would hover above the cliff, just waiting. The four soldiers who were shooting at the duo upon the cliff face would stand behind Kei, weapons obviously locked and loaded. They would be focused on the duo, Rex and Cassiopeia. Kei would grin towards them, gesturing towards the shuttles that were hoving in the middle of the valley, above the hundred and fifty foot drop.


"You both made it to the top, well done. However, for your next task we will be required to move from this location. The only way to get there is to access your specific shuttle. Cassiopeia, you will be trying to access the left shuttle while Rex tries to access the right. They will not open for you, they will not move closer to you. You will be required to use the force to pull open the shuttle door and then you will be required to use the force to make entry to your shuttle. We leave in five minutes, if you can't access your shuttle by then you will be left behind, you will be left here and you will be required to find a new way home"


"Am I understood?"

#1768841 Give MF a recall grace period when changing FOs

Posted by Kei Raxis on 15 April 2018 - 10:57 AM



This also applies to FWC who were recalled a few months ago.


They had elected a new FO to help them regain activity and reinvent the faction and they were recalled before the new Faction Owner had chance to do anything new and different to breath new life into the faction.


I kinda support this, not gonna lie. I think a grace period is a good thing however I know how it can be abused.

#1768747 The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

Posted by Kei Raxis on 15 April 2018 - 08:16 AM


853 ABY

Kaine Australis | Caz Australis | Rex Taff | Nibsani | Quoron | Cassiopeia Caranthyr | Gerarich Thanor | Skye Australis | N'Jay Crowe


Kei watched from a viewport as his ship floated in space.


He had been on Kaine's flagship before, it wasn't unusual for him to be on someone else's ship. He allowed his eyes to drift to the planet below, the big ball of green. Thousands upon thousands, if not millions of Mandalorian's would be down there, going about their regular lives. They would be training, making a living and sleeping, depending on their situation. They were all going about their regular lives, having fun.


The ships flying around, patrolling. Myrkr was one of the securist planets in the galaxy, no-one was getting in there unless they were supposed to be. It meant that everyone on the planet was secure, it meant that Clan Australis was the most secure Mandolorian Clan. The patrol ships in space, plus the ISD from Kei and the flagship from Kaine would keep people away. Kei was aware he wouldn't mess with the ships.


Ships were docking with the space stations in space.


Kei turned from the viewport. He was using the holoprojector to appear to be wearing a regular suit, tailored to him. Underneath the suit was the big Sith armour, the armour that made him a great military leader thanks to the memories of Darth Krayt and Raien Keth as well as his naval dominance that he had always had thanks to the blood that pumped through his veins, the blood that he had inherited from his parents.


And then Kei walked.

#1768713 ME/CSA Training Wargame OOC Signup

Posted by Kei Raxis on 15 April 2018 - 06:37 AM

I'm really conflicted and want in on both teams!


Team two. Let's do it.

#1768161 Common Intervention

Posted by Kei Raxis on 14 April 2018 - 09:02 AM


853 ABY

Darben SkiraeCato MarekDarlyn ExcronAdron MalvernLady KayEinonJairdainBradshaw Ku 


Kei lent back in his chair.


He didn't know why he was there. He knew it wasn't to face trial but that's about it, he wasn't any sort of minister. He held no power over Commenor, although replacing the dead Minister of Defence did sound quite nice should it ever be offered. He wondered silently why Kei had invited him to the meeting of her ministers, for Kei didn't fit the ranks of a Minister. Bradshaw Ku? He fit the role for he was the Prince and his advisor also fit the role for she was basically his regent.


But Kei?


He answered directly to The Minister of Defence, he held no power over her or the Grand Admiral, he just advised on the best method to keep as many ships alive as possible and advised on new trsining methods. He didn't really do anything ministerial related, he wasn't one for meetings and paperwork, he preferred being stuck into the battle and enjoying himself instead of being locked away trying to figure out how to get more budget.


Kei looked up, eyes darting around the room as the ministers began to talk. He assumed that they judged him for being there and he accepted that, for he felt like he wasn't supposed to be there. Adron had wanted to meet Kay's inner circle but that would have meant the ministers, Kei was never a member of Kay's inner circle. Sure he'd shot a few guys for her, guarded her a few times and become her naval advisor but that was about it.


"Darlyn, always polite I see"


He grinned towards the Minister for Justice, obviously only half joking.

#1767691 Vagrant Fleet Mandate

Posted by Kei Raxis on 13 April 2018 - 09:56 AM

I support this completely.


It's an awesome idea :)

#1767675 My first character to hit 1000 posts!

Posted by Kei Raxis on 13 April 2018 - 09:22 AM

Love Adron.


He's a character with a lovely backstory. You know his goals and you know exactly where I am when it's time to set new goals for the man. He's also a chill guy to hang out with.


The writer is decent as well

#1767640 Attack on Ukio

Posted by Kei Raxis on 13 April 2018 - 06:38 AM

Adron Malvern


Well this is awkward.


Agree to not kill each other for the sake of greater plans?

#1766610 Behind this Soft Exterior

Posted by Kei Raxis on 11 April 2018 - 07:07 AM


853 ABY

Rex TaffCassiopeia Caranthyr


Kei felt proud.


He could handle being chewed out by the female, even as she was questioning him he had a stupid grin plastered across his face. The lightsaber hovered inches from Cassiopeia, the gentle hum a signal for success. Kei felt the force radiating from Cassipeia, flowing from her with more power than it had flown from her since they began only minutes before. Kei felt the force pouring from her, power she had that could be controlled.


Kei deactivated the weapon, still hanging from the cliff with one hand. He clipped the weapon back to his belt, still grinning from ear to ear in the general direction of Cassiopeia. Kei leant back against the wall, reaching out in the force and feeling the two riflemen training their sights back on Cassiopeia. She had unlocked her potential, now she just needed to use it to finish the climb, get to the top and breath.


"It worked. I can feel the force from you, stronger than it has been all day. Now use that, expand that bubble to feel the bullets and finish the climb"


And then the shooting began once again.


Kei got out of there quickly, having scaled the cliff prior. He knew the best way to climb, plus he had the advantage of not being shot at like Cassiopeia and Rex. He was at the top of the cliff pretty quickly, watching as Cassiopeia made the climb, bullets raining down on her. Kei turned a dial on the side of his weapon, increasing the power once again. He knew he'd forget to do that if he left it, he always did.


Rex had made it to the top. He would find a small campfire as well as a small seating area and bread. He would be able to rest and eat. There would be a note, giving him a general hint of the next task. It was simply a drawing of a shuttle, not much of a hint but a hint none the less. They wouldn't be staying at the cliff face, Kei had lined up other challenges and brought other toys with him to teach the duo.


And so, they waited.

#1766090 Behind this Soft Exterior

Posted by Kei Raxis on 10 April 2018 - 09:44 AM


852 ABY

Rex TaffCassiopeia Caranthyr


Life and death.


It was the best way to feel the force. Life and death caused reactions in the force, the force completely took over one's body and allowed you to do stupid stunts to save one's life. It was a natural reaction to danger that the force provided a person. Cassiopeia knew she was force sensitive, she had witnessed the force take over her body and power her forward. The force had saved her life on many an occasion.


Kei reached to his side while Cassiopeia was closing her eyes, feeling out in the force. He turned a few dials on the side of his weapon, the lightsaber he had crafted when he was still hanging out with the lightside of the force. He had a theory, it was a good idea on how he could get Cassiopeia to tap into the force and accept that it was a thing that she could control and that she could manipulate to help herself.


She couldn't feel the force, but Kei could feel it pouring from her. Kei chose to instruct her to close her eyes again, keep picturing the bubble. It had been too long since he'd had to use the pretend bubble to master the force, it was now second nature to him. He no longer had to think of a bubble, he was good enough to just push the force from him and feeling it pour from his body, as well as everyone else.


He felt the force around Cassipeia. Then he ignited the lightsaber and swung it at the back of her head.