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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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#1838083 The First Tragic Attempt

Posted by Kei Raxis on 02 August 2018 - 08:39 AM

Kei swore.


It wasn't working, she couldn't feel him. He would need to get into her dream state, physically drag her out from whatever hell she was trapped in. The only downside is that he wasn't completely one hundred percent sure if he had the energy to get in there and pull her out. He needed to hope though, for her sake as well as his for she was the only one who knew the way out of the netherworld and back into the real world.


He put his hand on her shoulder once again. He closed his eyes, allowing the force to flow through his body. It was a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time, the force flowing through his body. It was like someone had hit him with a drug, stimulating his body with energy he hadn't felt in a long time. He forced the energy into the Commenori Queen, the force linking the duo, allowing Kei access to whatever hell she was stuck in.


To Kay, he would appear.


But he would appear as an inmate in the corner, rocking back and forth. That suggested that she would recognise him however, the new body she hadn't seen before. He had control though, not over his movements but over his voice. Only the Queen could control his movements, if she really wanted to she could control the entire world because it was in her head, the only issue was that she was too scared to do so.




Lady KayThraxis

#1837360 Quare Pugnare Debemus?

Posted by Kei Raxis on 01 August 2018 - 07:48 AM


854 ABY

Ayessa Kroan


The familer feel of the street underneath his feet.


The block almost looked normal. If you believed hard enough you could almost believe that nothing had happened, that a war hadn't torn the peaceful city apart. Kei looked at the scratch on his arm. He would lie and say he got in mid battle, it was cooler than the reality. The reality was that he had tripped post battle and cut his arm on a sharp bit of metal left by the war that had torn across the surface of the planet.


He wriggled his fingers slightly, almost glad he had hands. No-one ever knew how much you missed hands when you didn't have them, opposable thumbs were the best thing evolution had ever done. He shook his head as he walked. He was being stupid, still trying to get used to having a life once again. He ran his hand through his hair, cracking a knuckle soon after. He was exhausted, he hadn't slept in a few days because he was too busy helping people.


It felt wrong.

#1835637 Quare Pugnare Debemus?

Posted by Kei Raxis on 29 July 2018 - 01:36 PM


854 ABY

Ayessa Kroan

There was once a story about a good man who went to war.
Over time, there had been many good men who had gone to war in the Galaxy. To many, Carnifex was a good man. To others, Thurion Heavenshield was a good man. All of those men had gone to war and those men were good men in some eyes. What defined a good man however? Was it someone who torched cities for the greater good? Was it someone who remained peaceful and attempted to win a war via negotiation? Was it someone who didn't go to war?
The Sith Empire weren't good men.
Commenor was the proof of that. It was charred and broken, shattered and dead. It would be rebuilt in time, hopefully with pretty green places and new shopping malls. Kei had the best architects in the galaxy working on it, making Commenor pretty again. He knew he ought to make that into a slogen, put it on shirts and hats. Make Commenor Pretty Again! He made a mental note of getting that made into a sign somewhere on the planet.
He walked back towards his penthouse.
He needed a nap, but first he needed to make sure all the refugees had food and water and clothes. It felt strange for a Sith to be giving out clothes and rooms to refugees but the brain of whoever owned the body previously wouldn't have it anyway. That part of his body, or soul or whatever was taking control for a change. He walked quickly, through the streets back to the bit of the planet that had survived.
He just wanted a nap.

#1834919 Quare Pugnare Debemus?

Posted by Kei Raxis on 28 July 2018 - 06:48 AM


854 ABY

Ayessa Kroan


The battle with the Commenor System's Alliance and The Sith Empire had left Commenor worst for wear.


The capital of the former Systems Alliance was battered and broken, but it would be rebuilt. Kei had already made it clear that he would offer whatever funds that the Queen required. He had also made it clear that he himself would be partaking in the rebuilding effort, modernising Commenor for the second time in ten or so years. The planet had taken a beating before and bounced back, it would do it again.


Kei walked through the city streets. So many people had lost their homes and their jobs. It annoyed him more than he expected that his penthouse and remained standing, although the windows had been smashed in. Kei had done his best to repair the building and offer it out as a refuge for those who needed a roof and food and water. It would help those who needed help.


He didn't understand, in many ways why his new form seemed so intent on helping people. He had heard rumours that essence transfer could go wrong, the two minds occupying one body fighting for control. It would explain his new relaxed nature and want to help those who needed it, even though the body was currupted with the darkside, guided by the original mind of the original Kei body.


He traced his fingers over the ruin of a store.


He was a Sith, but he wasn't. He was kind, civil. He was kinder than he had been when he had originally died. He was a Sith, but he was following the same code he had once followed as a Jedi and he didn't know why. He was a Sith, but he wanted to tear The Sith Empire limb from limb for what they had done on Commenor. He was a Sith, but he was also a Jedi.


He was confused. He was stressed.


This new body stuff was difficult.

#1833402 Siege of Commenor-OOC and Sign Up

Posted by Kei Raxis on 25 July 2018 - 05:15 PM

Well then.


Due to Ophida's understandable LOA, I need a new.... dance partner from the TSE


Just tag me. I'll see it and kick your teeth in, or have my teeth kicked in. Probably the latter.

#1833128 New Folks!

Posted by Kei Raxis on 25 July 2018 - 07:04 AM

Jax Vandal

Dano Dil


Bar brawl thread?!


Madison M. Maxwell IV - Jedi vs Dark/Neutral Jedi? I am so in!

#1832702 Siege of Commenor-OOC and Sign Up

Posted by Kei Raxis on 24 July 2018 - 04:18 PM

Well then.

Darth Ophidia - time to finish what we started on Voss?

#1831980 The First Tragic Attempt

Posted by Kei Raxis on 23 July 2018 - 01:22 PM



He still had legs. That was useful. Legs were coming in extremely useful, tranversing the terrain of the Neatherworld. He was regaining his balance, getting used to the legs on the body. Kay was directly in front of him, he just needed to get to her and pull her out of whatever twisted nightmare she was stuck in. That was the difficult bit, he didn't even know if his body was force sensitive anymore. If it wasn't, he'd have to get seriously creative.


He slid besides the Queen, placing his hand on her shoulder. He hoped, and believed that she would feel it in the dream world. It was a teather, enough that she would hopefully break the cycle. If she didn't, he'd be required to enter her dream world and drag her out himself. That would be much more difficult and require levels of energy that he didn't know if he could muster since his "rebirth" in the new body.


He looked down. He was more tanned than he'd expected, he had actual abdominal muscles and a six pack. He looked like he'd been a warrior once, trained and ready to fight. He wondered if he actually packed a punch with a fist this time, he wondered if he could actually punch. Heavy armour would be nice, finally. He wondered about nanotechnology for a few moments, he'd heard from Adron that it had made great progresses since his death.


He kept his hand on the Queen's shoulder, and couldn't help but feel slightly guilty.


Lady KayThraxis

#1831137 Mayans MC

Posted by Kei Raxis on 22 July 2018 - 04:57 AM

I want a date!


I loved Sons of Anarchy! I need a date!


Edit: According to every source I can find, September 4th 2018 is the start date!

#1825172 The First Tragic Attempt

Posted by Kei Raxis on 12 July 2018 - 06:29 AM

Kei stumbled.


He hoped he was getting close to the Queen. He wanted to get out of hell before he was caught in his own personal hell and therefore got stuck with Kay. She would hate him if he got them both stuck in hell, therefore it was his plan to not get them stuck in hell. He kept walking, moving in some sort of general direction just hoping that he could find the Queen and just hoping that he would be able to free them both.


He felt her in the force, faint but there. That was the only indication that he was moving in the right direction, hell was pretty bad at sign posts and navigation computers didn't tend to work either. All he could do was walk and stumble, use the walking time to adjust to the new body that he was in and try and figure out the new differences between his old body and this new body, the new body that he had "borrowed".


He saw her. Over the hill, just sat there. Her eyes were closed, force signature faint but there. She was trapped in her own mind, reliving her fears that she'd faced once before. He could only assume that she was reliving torture, the suffering that she'd been through in the past. Or perhaps it was the trial of her husband, her worst fear was punishing her husband for what he'd done on Deneba. Perhaps it was something else.


He slid down the hill and moved towards her.


Lady KayThraxis

#1822456 Faction Owner Transfer Requests

Posted by Kei Raxis on 07 July 2018 - 12:15 PM

Faction Name: The Corellian Confederation

Current Owner: Kei Raxis

New Owner: Julius Sedaire

Reason: With everything going on, Julius can lead the Corellians way better than I can and pretty much every faction member agrees with me.

#1822353 The First Tragic Attempt

Posted by Kei Raxis on 07 July 2018 - 06:32 AM



That was the issue with Neatherworld, it brought out the worst nightmares in people. He had a feeling he knew what the Queen was experiencing, although he couldn't pull her out of it because he couldn't find her. He'd been wondering for going on twenty five minutes just for any sort of hint on her location. She was somewhere, he knew that, he just didn't know where. He felt the force that poured from her, but he couldn't track it for some reason.


He felt taller.


That was strange. From short to crystal to tall. He knew he had changed into a new body although he wasn't sure what body, who's body. He hadn't even had chance to look at himself in a reflective surface. He could have been a female for all he knew, however he was aware that he felt taller. He was oddly concerned about how Kay would recognise him, would she recognise him? Would she know he was the Kei Raxis who'd been assisting her monarchy for years?


He didn't know.


He just wanted to help her, free her from her personal hell. And then avoid being slapped. 


Lady KayThraxis

#1820065 Looking for character developement

Posted by Kei Raxis on 03 July 2018 - 02:49 PM

What is there to know about your character?


Give me basics and we'll get to work on... something


Nova Finley

#1814868 The First Tragic Attempt

Posted by Kei Raxis on 25 June 2018 - 01:00 PM

There was something depressing about being dead.


There was something better about being alive, reborn in the body of a human who'd died previously. It had taken so long to rebuild the energy to get free from the lightsaber that had served as his prison for months. Now, he was free but he wasn't free. He hadn't really planned the target, he just knew that it would be easier to essence transfer into a dead body than a live body.


So to hell he went.


Netherworld, so many had been trapped after being lost. Kei knew he had options, but he didn't know exactly where he would end up, in what body he would find himself in. He would experiment later, first he needed to try and find the two friends who he had brought to hell to get him out, the two people he trusted to remember the direction of the exit so that he could get out.


He hoped they could get out.


Lady Kay | Thraxis

#1809163 Attack of the Killer Nightmare

Posted by Kei Raxis on 16 June 2018 - 10:49 AM

Lady Kay was just one target.


He was winning over the Queen of Commenor slowly, working from the confines of his lightsaber crystal. He still hated that he'd overestimated that bad and gotten stuck in a weapon, his weapon that was now carried on the waist of his possible killer. The energy he had access to was limited, he was keeping himself alive via pure willpower and the force alone. 


He knew he would eventually die if he couldn't get free.


He had one person being won over, but it wasn't enough to help rescue him from his final target. Kay would need help, and Kei knew his next target. He'd make a friend in his days with the Silver Jedi, a friend who had become an enemy. However, Kei could manupulate her to rescue him, then he could make his peace with her. They would never truly agree, Jedi versus Sith and all that.


He needed her to fall asleep first.


He needed to wait until Asaraa Vaashe fell asleep. Then he could use whatever energy he had to get into her mind, talk to her. It would take time, it was unlikely that she would believe him first time. She wouldn't believe him first time, he knew that. He just wait, keep working on her and keeping getting her to see what was going on and that he needed her help to free him.


He waited.