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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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The Admiral, The Traitor, The Murderer

21 November 2018 - 08:05 AM

Kei sat.


He looked over Commenor from the floor to celing glass windows that made up the walls of his penthouse. He almost wished he had a book, but he knew he wouldn't have time to read it. Commenor had been liberated and now he knew that it was his time to suffer in payment for everyone he had caused to suffer. He sighed, adjusting his tie as he slouched into the chair.


Kei knew John Locke told the Silver Jedi of his location. Kei used farsight to "spy" on his former friend. He saw Asaraa Vaashe recieve the news, he saw Asaraa decide to come and find him. He saw Asaraa telling people of her mission, he saw a Jedi agree to travel with her, a Jedi he didn't know. It was almost as if they thought Kei could be dangerous, like he was dangerous. Maybe once he was dangerous, but he didn't want to fight anymore, he was done running.


Kei looked towards the suit of armour in the corner, the suit that had been built by him and John Locke. Kei wouldn't need it, he wasn't planning on fighting back. He was done running from his past. His plunge into the darkside had happened, he wouldn't deny that, however it was in the past, caused by the Sith armour that he had been locked in for a year, the Sith armour that had nearly killed him.


Kei had learned much about the past however, about Darth Krayt.


Kei raised to his feet, taking a glass of scotch from the protocol droid who was walking around, cleaning and serving. The astromech droid was on the Flying Dutchman, was having a good time. The Dutchman itself had returned back into Kei's life, was currently outside of the Kashyyyk system where it would wait until Kei had been arrested and had served his time. Kei had given the crew orders to turn themselves over to the Silver Jedi command if he was gone for a while.


He sipped his scotch.


He looked over the planet again, closing his eyes. He felt the presence of Asaraa, she was close. She felt different, but she was close. Kei instictively reached to his side, sighing. He missed his lightsaber, the weapon he had crafted and carried at his side for over five years. He would need to craft a new one while in prison, or once he was released. Either that, or he would be given a life sentance, torn from the force and never allowed to craft a new lightsaber, a new weapon.


That was a fate he couldn't think about.


Then he heard the ding of the lift. It was time.

Black Sabbath

09 October 2018 - 11:31 AM

Kei sat back.


He had waited in the lobby for his guest and had got distracted. Instead he had informed said guest to come upstairs to him. John Locke knew the location, he had visited the apartment before while designing The Flying Dutchman. It gave Kei time to get the caf warming, or have his protocol droid to it for him anyway. It came in useful having a butler droid.


Kei still needed to name the droid at some point.


He wasn't sure how he could win John Locke over. John had never seen his new face, Kei wasn't sure the man would believe he was who he said he was. He hoped it would be simple, he hoped John would just take the money that was being offered to him. Kei had the money to burn and so he planned to burn it to saite the creative, inventive part of his mind that had come into effect recently.


He adjusted his black tunic.


He had almost gotten used to a suit when he was starting his businesses. Now he had been stranded on Commenor he had a distinct lack of available suits. He knew he could have purchased one but he also knew that it would probably be destroyed the day he brought it. He had a feeling that the day he brought a new suit would be the day the people arrived to liberate.


Kei had heard fron his crew. Asajj had gotten them to finally contact him. They were scared Kei would overreact after they run away. Kei didn't overreact, he was almost pretty happy that his crew were still kicking and still alive. His soldiers had been willing to charge in and free him but Kei couldn't let them do that, he knew that they would be useful in the future.


He raised to his feet. He felt John Locke in the force. He was ready.

Let's Talk About It

09 October 2018 - 11:13 AM

Kei stepped from the elevator slowly.


He needed to wait in the lobby for a friend. He had pulled some strings to get the inventor onto the planet, the man that had built his ship. Kei was aware that John Locke wouldn't recognise him and therefore had decided to introduce himself as a butler of Kei before escorting the man to the penthouse to explain what had happened and why he was different.


He used the force to pull up a chair. The glass windows on the front of the building gave him a clear view of the street. He almost enjoyed the sport of people watching, studying people's movements. You could learn a-lot about people by their body language and by watching how they walked down the street, how they interacted with people and how they dealt with other people.


Kei kept his eyes on the door. He watched as a small Correlian walked past. Kei almost felt a connection with the small child, he looked like a Correlian but since he changed he felt much less Correllian. He still missed the planet but he knew that he couldn't visit just yet, he needed to secure Commenor before he left. He was waiting for Asajj to get back to him and then they could rebel.


He just hoped he wouldn't die.



A Bottle of Wine, A Sith Armarda and an Old Friend Walk into a Bar

26 September 2018 - 01:07 PM

What could go wrong?


That was almost the story of his life. What could go wrong? Especially with current plans involving the half empty bottle of wine on the table, the sith armarda floating overhead and an old torturer turned ally. A bar almost go amiss right now, but Kei knew he had to wait for Asajj to turn up at his door with news. News of his crew, of his factories and of the men that Kei had sent her to.


It had gone way past midnight, he had started drinking at roughly 17:00 hours. He was on his... he struggled to remember. Forth, maybe fifth bottle of wine. He wasn't sure he truly wanted to die for the Queen. If preferable, he didn't want to die at all. He'd been there, he had done that and he wasn't okay with it. It had been a rather unplesant experience and something he wanted to forget.


He looked at the cold food on the side. He wasn't as young as he used to be, the nights drinking mentally drained him. Physically he was fine, mentally he just wanted a bed. He couldn't though, Asajj was due to arrive at some point. Kei didn't know when, he just knew somepoint. He assumed she'd gotten lost, he'd laugh if she had. He lived in a penthouse in one of the few surviving tall buildings, it was difficult to get lost.


Then he heard the bell.

Common People

14 September 2018 - 09:21 AM

Kei looked up.


He was still, in many ways surprised that he had survived on Commenor as long as he had, however it made sense that there wouldn't be a butchery of the Commenori people. They were too valuable alive. Kei had learned to simply just had to blend in and go about his business, learning what he could from catninas and drunk homeless men and whatever illegal radio streams he could get a signal on.


He knew it was almost impossible to get off the planet, the very large fleet in orbit would put an end to those plans before those plans even got into motion. Instead, Kei had just gone about life like a normal Commenori civilian, eating and working. The former big bad Sith had gotten a job just to blend in, that disgusted him but it was a neccessity.


Kei had also done some digging. He'd learned the name of the former occupant of the body he was now living in. He'd dug up the man's past, learned more about his life. The man was hardly a warrior, although the abs that he was quite content to have would have made most people disagree. Instead he was but a tinkerer, interested in the molecular level and how to manipulate said level.




It would explain why his (his being Kei) head was now full of silly ideas that he wanted to try. He had no ideas on where to even start with most of them, except maybe John Locke. He wondered how the old Shipwright was doing, the man who had designed the Imperial Star Destroyer that Kei tended to travel the galaxy with because rich men travel in style.


On warships.


Kei hadn't heard from the crew since the battle, he assumed that they had fled and survived. He hoped that they had fled and survived, he didn't want to have to buy a new ship because they were slightly expensive and worth slightly more than he was. Only slightly, he was getting there. Money was still trickling into his accounts slowly, Balmorra obviously having been a good investment.


Weapons in a time of war, who would have known there was money to be made? Lots of money by the look of Kei's bank account, growing slowly. It shouldn't have been growing like it was, in a perfect world Kei would have been out spending but he couldn't. He was stuck on a planet and he'd visited pretty much every decent place since he'd been stuck there.


Dining with the locals? Check.

Gambling? Check.

Drinking till you couldn't drink anymore? Check

Drinking some more anyway? Check.


Kei almost paced around his penthouse. That was his biggest flaw, one he hadn't realised. He hated being still. Kei hated being kept to one place, being stuck on one planet because it was boring. Kei prefered the life of coming and going and he hadn't realised it until he was stuck in a stupid penthouse on a stupid planet in the stupid galaxy all because of the stupid Sith!


He was chill, he was chill.


He pushed the door open with the force, not even bothering to use his hands. He was getting used to the new body, it was beginning to feel like the one he had grown up in, only this time with triple the abs and double the height. It felt nice to be able to reach the top shelf again. Kei grinned to himself, stepping into the elevator. He needed fresh air.


He needed something. He was bored.