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Kei Raxis

Kei Raxis

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Quare Pugnare Debemus?

28 July 2018 - 06:48 AM


854 ABY

Ayessa Kroan


The battle with the Commenor System's Alliance and The Sith Empire had left Commenor worst for wear.


The capital of the former Systems Alliance was battered and broken, but it would be rebuilt. Kei had already made it clear that he would offer whatever funds that the Queen required. He had also made it clear that he himself would be partaking in the rebuilding effort, modernising Commenor for the second time in ten or so years. The planet had taken a beating before and bounced back, it would do it again.


Kei walked through the city streets. So many people had lost their homes and their jobs. It annoyed him more than he expected that his penthouse and remained standing, although the windows had been smashed in. Kei had done his best to repair the building and offer it out as a refuge for those who needed a roof and food and water. It would help those who needed help.


He didn't understand, in many ways why his new form seemed so intent on helping people. He had heard rumours that essence transfer could go wrong, the two minds occupying one body fighting for control. It would explain his new relaxed nature and want to help those who needed it, even though the body was currupted with the darkside, guided by the original mind of the original Kei body.


He traced his fingers over the ruin of a store.


He was a Sith, but he wasn't. He was kind, civil. He was kinder than he had been when he had originally died. He was a Sith, but he was following the same code he had once followed as a Jedi and he didn't know why. He was a Sith, but he wanted to tear The Sith Empire limb from limb for what they had done on Commenor. He was a Sith, but he was also a Jedi.


He was confused. He was stressed.


This new body stuff was difficult.

New Folks!

24 July 2018 - 09:11 AM

I'm bored.


I've got an awesome thread running with the wonderful Lady Kay and slightly terrifying Thraxis but other than that there's literally nothing going on. So I had an idea, something to pad Kei out and give me some sort of story development.


Chaos has a number of newer writers, writers who aren't as well known. Many of those unknown writers can churn out absolute gold on the daily but they get lost in the big messy world of Chaos where everyone has their bucket lists of awesome writers who they want to write with at some point. These unknown writers don't really get a chance to shine.


That's what I'm looking for. Some newer writers who can churn out absolute classic writing. I'm looking for something new and interesting, a story I can tell with some people who I've never heard of on Chaos before.


Let's see how this goes.


13 July 2018 - 04:23 PM



Science! Right! 


For IC reasons, Kei has a need for those sciency types of people. He needs those namely who understand anatomy of both humanoid and alien species and who can keep their mouth shut for a bag of credits. There's a really cool idea at work between a few writers but for it all to work Kei needs someone to put the IC work in.


Easiest way to contact me will be via discord (GhostOfProtocol#8945) because I won't be here from Sunday. However, I will get back to any PM sent to me so :)





The First Tragic Attempt

25 June 2018 - 01:00 PM

There was something depressing about being dead.


There was something better about being alive, reborn in the body of a human who'd died previously. It had taken so long to rebuild the energy to get free from the lightsaber that had served as his prison for months. Now, he was free but he wasn't free. He hadn't really planned the target, he just knew that it would be easier to essence transfer into a dead body than a live body.


So to hell he went.


Netherworld, so many had been trapped after being lost. Kei knew he had options, but he didn't know exactly where he would end up, in what body he would find himself in. He would experiment later, first he needed to try and find the two friends who he had brought to hell to get him out, the two people he trusted to remember the direction of the exit so that he could get out.


He hoped they could get out.


Lady Kay | Thraxis

Attack of the Killer Nightmare

16 June 2018 - 10:49 AM

Lady Kay was just one target.


He was winning over the Queen of Commenor slowly, working from the confines of his lightsaber crystal. He still hated that he'd overestimated that bad and gotten stuck in a weapon, his weapon that was now carried on the waist of his possible killer. The energy he had access to was limited, he was keeping himself alive via pure willpower and the force alone. 


He knew he would eventually die if he couldn't get free.


He had one person being won over, but it wasn't enough to help rescue him from his final target. Kay would need help, and Kei knew his next target. He'd make a friend in his days with the Silver Jedi, a friend who had become an enemy. However, Kei could manupulate her to rescue him, then he could make his peace with her. They would never truly agree, Jedi versus Sith and all that.


He needed her to fall asleep first.


He needed to wait until Asaraa Vaashe fell asleep. Then he could use whatever energy he had to get into her mind, talk to her. It would take time, it was unlikely that she would believe him first time. She wouldn't believe him first time, he knew that. He just wait, keep working on her and keeping getting her to see what was going on and that he needed her help to free him.


He waited.