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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

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#1843726 Padwan looking for a master

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 11 August 2018 - 09:58 PM

Jane Yang


Beware the likes of Matsu Ike for she is crafty and comes bearing Saori Snack Cakes.


If you need/want any training in non-Force related things (piloting, navigation, mechanical engineering, etc), feel free to hit me up.

#1826113 Container Wars | Corellia Digital Supply Run to the Outer Rim Coalition via R...

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 13 July 2018 - 08:01 PM

To be completely honest, the public statement on the Imperial Bloc Treaty had really just been a PR stunt.


Corellia Digital's major customers were the Outer Rim Coalition, Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Silver Jedi Order, so any opportunity to make a public statement to the effect of, hey guys, we hate the Imperials, too usually saw an increase in sales around Demonsgate, Druckenwell, and Kashyyyk. Not to mention the host of former Galactic Alliance planetary markets. 


With that said, Corellia Digital never objected to the color of money. It had sold to the One Sith when Corellia had been a Sith world, and it continued to operate a Corellia Digital Store on Voss under the regime of the Sith Empire. If the First Order was going to tax them for using the hyperlane, or conducting business in First Order space, it made complete and total economic sense to just pay the tax and move on with it.


This was a Corellian company. It understood the concept of paying the cost of doing business... provided that business was profitable.


And it was concern about profitability that had promoted this excursion. When the First Order declared that it was instituting military checkpoints between itself and the Outer Rim Coalition, that escalated the tension in the corporate board room regarding the ability of Corellia Digital to collect on a rather substantial investment in the Coalition. If this was a single contract, Corellia Digital would probably just terminated service to the region and moved on. However, the Outer Rim Coalition was one of the major sponsors of the corporation. That relationship represented millions of credits to the company, on the hundred million scale.


And that meant that the company was fully willing to spend credits in order to maintain the relationship with the Outer Rim Coalition as a vital source of income. So now the time had come to test the First Order's intentions with regard to its mandate over the hyperlanes that fed into Coalition space.


The eight ship formation had traveled from Corellia along the historic Corellian Trade Spine, reverted back to normal space just south of Yag'dhul in order to calculate a course along the Rimma Trade Route hyperlane. The formation had last checked its bearings at Eriadu and would shortly be dropping out of hyperspace in order to perform routine navigation computer checks in the Sluis Sector, in the vicinity of Dagobah. 


If allowed to continue from there, the group would continue down the Rimma hyperlane toward the destination of Pergitor, after which the formation would divide up to deliver parts and equipment to Demonsgate, Kesh, Utapau, and the Kathol Republic.


In any other sector of the galaxy, it would be an uneventful trip, the likes of which were made by unarmed freighters everyday. And if it proved to be such, then Corellia Digital would resume its normal shipping operations. Except, this was the First Order. And Corellia Digital had already lost some of its commercial shipping assets to the First Order. In many respects, the company owed its aggressive expansion into military-grade hardware to the ongoing conflict surrounding the First Order.


So what happened next would be completely up to the First Order to decide. They could do business or they could start some real Clone Wars chit.


Sor-Jan would prefer the former. He'd be lying if he said that Corellia Digital wouldn't jump at the opportunity to open up markets on Bespin, Skye, or Dosuum, but he was also prepared for the latter option should the First Order decide it would rather exchange turbolasers than credits.



Corellia Digital Corporate Fleet

1x MC80B Star Cruiser (Flagship)

SS Odyssey - 1200/1200

2x Recusant-class Light Destroyers

SS Intrepid - 1187/1187

SS Defiant - 1187/1187

3x MC63E Repellent-class Escort Cruiser

SS Guardian - 600/600

SS Sentry - 600/600

SS Defender - 600/600

2x Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mk III

Binary - 200/200

Hexadecimal - 200/200

Total Combat Fleet Length: 5,774m

#1823972 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 10 July 2018 - 05:53 AM


Location: Starport 7-Delta | Post Theme: Look to Your Orb for the Warning


This was a really bad plan.


Unfortunately, it was also the only plan.


The small BB unit was working at welding a hairline fracture that had formed on one of the landing struts. And while it legitimately was performing that task, it's ocular sensor was tracking the movement of the sentry patrol as it passed by the docking bay once more. As the Transdoshan security rounded the corner, the droid gave a warbling chirp to alert the rag-tag team inside of the Alderaan Queen.


The Felacatians started pouring out of the Corellian freighter like ants, forming a humanoid chain that was off-loading stores and supplies from out of the smuggling compartments tucked away inside of the ship.


The docking bay was open to the skyline, with several buildings around the surrounding Bilgewater support complex looking down on the starport. There were several interconnecting bays, for transferring cargo and fuel between ships, making the Queen's location one with any number of possible vantage points.


In short, they were just waiting to get caught. It was a when, not an if.


The sound of repulsorlifts rolled like thunder in the air, craning his head back to gaze up at the sky, the tow-headed Anzat shielded his eyes against the sun as he watched starfighters taking off from the starport and rising up into the air.


The Confederate assault on the blockade must have begun. In which case, at least air support was less of a worry.


A shrill whistle from BB-4 was the boy's warning. Spinning around, the youngling's hand pulled the blaster from the holster, leveled it and fired three shots in rapid succession.


The first was tracking a little wild, but it helped him to zero in for the shot that followed. That caught the Trandoshan sentry in the shoulder. The next struck him in the head.


The remaining sentry was giving the alarm, firing back at the youngling as the two traded volleys. "Keep moving those supplies," the boy called over to the Felacatians, adding, "I've got you covered!"


...now, who had him covered?

#1822905 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 08 July 2018 - 07:54 AM


Location: Starport 7-Delta | Post Theme: Short Change Hero


It was known as Bilgewater.


The original name of the small spaceport was Starport 7-Delta. This was from its founding nearly a thousand years ago, as an alternate fuel and ordnance refueling depot during the height of Galactic Civil War. At various times afterward, it was sometimes en vogue to refer to the city that had sprung up around the star port as D-Com, D-Town, or The D-T. But the residents had settled on a far less flattering name, which catered to the reality of living in place where the ground water, rivers, and lakes had been polluted over the course of centuries by industrial run-off from the fuel depot and its serviced starport.


When the Trandoshans had come, they'd capitalized on the fuel depot as a staging point for their off-world export operations. Dozens of slave ships pulled in and out of Bilgewater daily.


The Alderaan Queen was parked at a docking bay on the lowest east side. The Corellian freighter had arrived ahead of the Confederate Navy, ostensibly to pick up a shipment for the Corellia Digital Corporation that was waiting at Bilgewater. 


The loading ramp was open. The small Anzat and a blue-accented BB unit conducting a cursory inspection of the undercarriage of the Queen when the group of passing Trandoshan guards passed by.


The BB unit gave a low, warbling whistle.


Reaching up with his left arm, the small Anzat just leaned up against one of the freighter's landing struts. He kept his eyes on the passing guards, even inclining his head in acknowledgement of them.


...his right hand was casually resting atop the butt of the OM-P 376 soft holstered down on his thigh. With a slow, deliberate pull of his thumb, the boy popped the catch on the retaining strap that was hooked over the butt of the blaster pistol. Even as the patrol passed out of sight, the youngling still rocked the pistol in the holster to loosen it a little.


Peering out from behind the landing strut, the tow-headed boy let another moment pass before he used his left hand to give the signal. From out of the shadows, a rag-tag bunch of Felacatians emerged in a quickly moving gait for the Queen's loading ramp.


Keeping one hand on the butt of the blaster, the child-knight surveyed the docking back before casually turning to make his way back inside of the ship.


Smuggling the supplies down to the planet had been the easy part. Getting them off-loaded without attracting the attention of the Trandoshan guards was going to be significantly more difficult.


Hitting the fuel depot wasn't going to be a walk in the park either.


And there was the still the matter of trying to get a few high value assets off the planet, past that blockade.

#1822233 Tip of The Spear {Knight's Obsidian}

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 06 July 2018 - 11:41 PM

The small Anzat had his legs pulled up, so that he was sitting cross-legged.


Hunched over, the boy casually played the HoloBoy Advanced that was in his hands, the random game sounds echoing within the large chamber. The white stick of a lolipop was jutting out of his mouth, casually sucked on as the child's thumbs worked furiously over the controls of the game that he seemed to be absorbed into.


What was he sitting on?


Well, actually, he wasn't. The tow-headed youngling was levitating in mid-air.


A Protection Bubble extended out an arm's reach in any direction, shimmering in an ephemeral energy that seemed to surround him. Droids were crawling over the bubble, piled atop the barrier as they seemed confused about how to get to the small boy who was continuing to play video games even as the droids all hammered away at the bubble.


The acoustics in these bubbles were actually awesome.


No, not the sound of all that banging. The music and effects spewing out from the hologame device in the child's hands.


The fire got his attention. The flash and spark of the lightsaber-ing going on outside the bubble was distracting enough, but the glare cast by that roaring inferno was just going to get annoying.


Continuing to play for a moment, the youngling got to a good save location and then tucked the HoloBoy back into his hoodie. Extending his arms out to the side, the Anzat burst the bubble -- with enough force that the ensemble pile of droids became airborne -- and neatly vaulted over to the pillar where Kurenai Yumi and a few others seemed to have gathered at.


Turning around, the boy extended his hand out toward the encroaching flame. A large, telekinetic construct formed of the same, shimmery blue light coalesced into being, pressing back against the advancing flame.


"Hi, guys!" "I miss anything fun?" the boy asked, craning his head back to look up at all these annoying tall people.

#1815484 I Need A Hirou

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 26 June 2018 - 07:49 AM







  • Intent: Create a new holovid series, inspired by stories about a Nezumi warrior.
  • Image Source: Ryan Lang. Holoflix logo art by me.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Holovid | Sithier Things


  • Manufacturer: Holoflix
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Mass-Produced

  • Material: Holovid broadcast


  • 26 episodes that set up a toy marketing campaign that will make younglings excited and adults regard this as the bane of their existence.


  • Streamable content, able to be viewed anywhere in the galaxy on a compatible holographic projector.


  • Subscription required.
  • HoloNet access required.

Sometime after the events of the Omega War, Sor-Jan overheard stories about a Nezumi warrior who had been a turret gunner for Jorus Merrill's ship at the Battle of Castameer. Being that the source of this story was the "Baby Fett" clone cadet known as 3X744, Sor-Jan assumed that it was merely the product of a youngling's imagination. However, the enthusiasm with which the clone cadet told the story seemed to earnest and genuine that Sor-Jan didn't forget it tale and it stayed in the back of his mind.


Fast forward a few years, and Corellia Digital's holovid subsidiary was having problems successfully marketing a holo-cartoon that would allow them to expand their merchandising toward younglings. During a meeting with one of the art production staff, Sor-Jan relayed a few details of a Nezumi warrior and the idea curried favor with holovid animators who thought that such a kid-friendly character might easily captivate audiences.


I Need A Hirou follows the adventures of the titular protagonist, Hirou, a Nezumi knight in the Mouse Guard, in stories that unfold a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

#1814745 Tip of The Spear {Knight's Obsidian}

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 25 June 2018 - 06:17 AM

The boy gave a slight bow toward Cardinal Vi'dreya as the man said his piece.


He would not dispute the Dominus' point. No doubt it was informed by his own experiences, as Sor-Jan's was by his. In this, the Anzat merely signaled that he respected that, in this, they differed. Perhaps the Anzat would come to share the man's view on the nature of war, but even in the midst of the Clone Wars the youngling knight had managed with a Jedi robe and a Corellian prayer.


Six tonnes of telekinetic force didn't hurt either.


When one of the new arrivals, a young man, asked about the Jedi, Sor-Jan had been about to reply when the Dominus beat him to it. The young Corellian took the hint. The Dominus had other things planned for this meeting aside from philosophical discourse on the Force and the Jedi religion.


Of course, Sor-Jan was an Anzat.


He was not limited to verbal communication.


The mind-vampire's thoughts brushed against those of Cerik Soloman as the boy's mental shields were relaxed just enough to open his own thoughts to the Force and the myriad of connections that permeated through all of them. It was not intended to be intrusive, but a gentle suggestion meant to convey his meaning. I know what the Jedi were. I served the Jedi in an era of peace that no one living now could imagine, when the Jedi were guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.


What the Jedi were. It seemed unconscionable that the padawan of Azul Gol would make that distinction, but the young Anzat would make no claim to know what the Jedi had become. The actions taken at Dromund Kaas, the raising of a clone army, and the inaction at Mandalore all stood in stark contrast to everything that Sor-Jan felt the Jedi represented. Perhaps in nine hundred years, that had changed.


But Sor-Jan had not changed. So, instead, he had parted ways with the Jedi orders of the modern era and found an escape in the life of a corporate CEO who was beholden to his employees. Which, was a far more rewarding experience than that of being beholden to a Jedi Council that had seemingly forgotten what life outside of an ivory tower on Coruscant was like.


As the familiar sight of Kurenai Yumi entered into the room, the small Anzat turned to give the woman an exuberant greeting with a large wave that shook his entire arm, not just his hand. The youngling bounced up and down with the energy and momentum of the movement.


If his words painted him as very old, his mannerisms painted him as very young.


As the Dominus heralded the start of whatever this was, the boy's other senses were activated as the lights dropped. His eyes worked to adjust, but already the child's empathic awareness was heightened. Rather than perceiving the environment around him visually, the mind-vampire was mapping out the mindfields. The varied consciousness of the individuals.


Anastasia Vi'dreya | Cezar Alexandrescu | Cerik Soloman | Qaarssk Roark | Nine Lives

#1814213 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 24 June 2018 - 07:02 AM



Corellia Digital Corporate Flagship

gear_load={HUD-G \\ OM-P 376 \\ Paperweight \\ HoloBoy Advanced \\ Howlys}


Druckenwell was where Corellia Digital laundered its money.


So when something the size of a space station popped up on com-scan, it merited investigation. And it seemed as though Sor-Jan wasn't the only one who had taken notice.


"Shall I signal the Invictus, General?"


Captain Gerald. The master and commander of the Intervention. The man that Sor-Jan had placed as responsible for the safe navigation and well-being of a ship that represented a significant investment on the part of the company.


The Confederate ship was no surprise here. This was Confederate space, after all. 


"That won't be necessary," the boy noted simply, before explaining, "The Intervention will hold position here. I'll take the Alderaan Queen over and see if I can get a look inside."


Turning, the boy started to make his way off the bridge.


"In the meantime, send out some Stingrays to map the exterior of the station."

#1814092 Tip of The Spear {Knight's Obsidian}

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 24 June 2018 - 12:08 AM

The lady who walked in behind him was Lechner.


The chick in the Atrisian or Epicanthix or... whatever kind of robe that was, was Lives. There was an uncommon name.


The Dominus was not what the boy had been expecting either. To be honest, up until this moment, the boy hadn't reflected on just what he had been expecting. But, thinking back on it now, he supposed he'd still expected someone like Asajj Ventress or Count Dooku to be somewhere in the shadows, pulling the strings of some classically diabolical plot. The dark skinned man before him hardly seemed to be the Dooku-type. And he certainly lacked the figure to pull off Ventress cosplay.


Of course, that merited discussion of just what the Dooku-type even was. After all, not only had the man been the Jedi Master to Qui-Gon Jinn, but he'd also been Yoda's padawan.


As a Transdoshan entered, the boy glanced away in order to acknowledge the new arrival with a short bow. Then, he looked back toward the Dominus. The man spoke of armor and tapped his own chest.


What? Was he serious? If Sor-Jan wore that, he'd looked like a armored Ewok.


An armored Ewok playing dress up.


Plus, Sor-Jan was not at all against playing with action figures on the floor. He'd yet to find armor with that kind of weight and flexibility, not to mention comfort, in mind.


"The Jedi believe that there are always alternatives to fighting," the youngling noted, recalling to mind an endless trope he'd heard countless times. From his master. From other masters. From the Jedi Council. Even from the crappy Squib Jedi holo-cartoon serials.


"For myself, I find the best armor is simply avoiding notice."


Cardinal Vi'dreya | Qaarssk Roark | Nine Lives | Alwine Lechner

#1814054 Sor-Jan Xantha's Pathfinder Armor

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 23 June 2018 - 11:08 PM





  • Intent: A Star Wars variant of modernist ranger armor for use by Sor-Jan Xantha.
  • Image Source: Child's Finn Costume (Partycity.com), Jake Lloyd headshot from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (screenshot). Photoshop by me.
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: ExplorCorps Youngling Field Kit



  • Classification: Multipurpose (Stealth)
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:

- Blasters: High

- Vibroblades: High

- Kinetic: Very Low

- Lightsabers: None

- Sonic: None

- EMP/ION: None

- Elemental: Low

- Other (Mechanical-based Sensors): Average




  • Force Camouflage. The Taozin skin nodules stitched into the reinforced shoulders of the jacket function in a manner that cloaks the wearer's presence within the Force.
  • Sensor Jammer. The baffleweave underlay interferes with most motion tracking or mechanical-based sensory input devices.
  • Spider Silk Armor: The use of shell spider silk in the shirt and trousers allows those components to deflect blaster fire as well as vibroblade strikes.
  • Durable Construction: The core of the jacket functions like a light armored blast vest, while the use of duranex in the trousers and spacer's leather in the sleeves extends the wear of the clothing even with frequent use. It's not high fashion, nor is it fine fabric, but it doesn't tear easily and holds up to even.
  • Water Resistant: The trousers and jacket are both treated for water resistance, allowing them to retain their thermal retention properties in incremental weather or very humid environments.


  • Must be wearing the jacket in order to benefit from the Taozin effect.
  • Must be wearing the jacket in order to benefit from the sensor jammer.
  • No Lightsaber Protection or Resistance.
  • No Sonic, Ion, or EMP Protection.
  • Low Ballistic/Kinetic Resistance.
  • No Head Protection: No enclosed helmet or air supply means this suit provides no respiratory support or head protection in case of accident or attack.
  • Low Elemental Protection: This suit is designed for all weather in temperate climates. It is not designed for prolonged exposure in desert or arctic conditions. The overall design lacks sufficient thermal retention to provide adequate protection under extremes of cold. The suit is flame retardant, but lacks adequate thermal protection to shield the wearer from extremes of heat.

At first blush, Sor-Jan Xantha's chosen "armor" may have merely seemed to be common spacer's attire for a Corellian scoundrel. While intended to support the slicer's high-tech adventures, the concept and construction of the armor was very low tech by design. The armor concealed his presence within the Force while also greatly reducing the effectiveness of motion sensor tracking to discern his movements. As Anzati racial traits render them undetectable to most life sign or biometric sensory devices (appearing on medical scanners as humanoid corpses), this allowed the Corellian Jedi to pass undetected by most conventional systems and Force-based perception. Highly trained Force Users could still be capable of perceiving him, however.


The armor incorporated components woven of Shell Spider Silk, which provided protection against the two most common weapons in the galaxy; blasters and vibroblades. However, the armor exhibited Sor-Jan's overall reliance on the Force as it provided minimal protection against the environment (for which Jedi have Tapas) and no head protection at all.


The jacket itself, outside the Taozin shoulder reinforcements and baffleweave underlay, was a rather unremarkable model from off the rack in any number of stores around the Corellian or Duros sectors of the galaxy. The trousers were constructed of a durable material and featured the second-class Corellian bloodstripe decoration on them. The shirt was collarless, made in a wrap-around style that formed a V at the neckline. The utility belt included a drop-leg style holster that could hold a small pistol strapped to the right thigh. The items included in the utility belt were identical to those carried by Sor-Jan while a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars.


Though very few would recognize it today, the front of the jacket included the rank insignia tab of a general in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic at the time of the Clone Wars.

#1813609 Tip of The Spear {Knight's Obsidian}

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 23 June 2018 - 09:40 AM




There was nothing to do this early in the morning.


Seriously, the only holo-cartoon on at this hour was Pa'un Patrol. Ugh. So much ugh. Many nope. Much no thank you.


The dude behind the curtain of the organization that styled itself the Knights Obsidian had called a meeting here. As Sor-Jan was still getting a feel for the Confederacy and the people involved with it, it was a good opportunity to gather more information and take stock of what it represented. After that situation on Secundus Ando, putting some names with faces would be ideal.


The precise sequence of events could have easily taken place in the boy's own Old Republic, except something about the Vicelord's tone - leave none alive - didn't sit well with the young Anzat.


It was only too easy to draw parallels between that kind of statement and the Confederacy of Independent Systems that he had known as a Jedi Knight, during the Clone Wars. When everything had been cast in shades of black and white. The Republic had been the good guys. The Confederacy had been the bad guys.


And then it had all come crashing down. The Republic had slain the leaders of the Confederacy and then declared victory through the formation of the Galactic Empire.


The leaders of the Republic had never been the good guys. They'd just done a better job with the propaganda and marketing. Maybe that's all there was. No heroes. No good guys.


That wasn't the outlook that his master had shared with him. And it wasn't the outlook that Sor-Jan had passed to his own padawan. But the galaxy had been different then. The Republic had it's problems. Feth, the Galactic Senate was far from having been perfect. But the universe of the Old Republic had nothing like the battles that seemed to rage across the stars in these modern nights. Fondor. Coruscant. Sullust.


Hell, people waged war over Dagobah like the mudball was worth a Hutt.


Which, it wasn't.


The Galactic Alliance was broken. The Sith Empire was expanding. The First Order was a danger. And the Mandalorians had recovered from the devastation of Mandalore to become a rampaging armada once more.


And then there was the Confederacy.


For himself, it was easy enough to come up with a reason why the CEO of a major telecommunications company would visit Ryloth. The planet was one of the major metropolis in the Outer Rim. So that part of his cover as one of the Knights Obsidian Pathfinders was easy enough to maintain.


The tow-headed youngling came strolling down the hall. The child was dressed in a short-sleeved, lightweight hoodie that seemed to accentuate his youth. Bouncing against his left hip as he walked, a Jedi lightsaber radiated with a softly pulsating aura of the lightside of the Force. It's Ilum crystal centuries old now, gathered from a time when the Jedi had been the guardians of peace in a galaxy that had known a golden age up until its waning years.


As the child crossed between the shadow and the light, he looked up at the dark figure that was dropping the cowl back to reveal the face of an older man. Pausing, the boy gave a bow in the Jedi manner before he addressed the stranger.




Cardinal Vi'dreya

#1806114 Orientation (Wyyrlok-Solusar) (Open)

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 11 June 2018 - 08:28 AM



It had to be Arkania.


Nevermind that planet was a frozen tundra. Nevermind that the average Arkanian had an ego the size of the Death Star. These people seriously creeped him the feth out.


To start with, their hands. Three fingers and a thumb. It was wrong. It was seriously wrong. Sor-Jan wasn't even human and he still managed to have five fingers.


Second, their eyes. What fresh hell was this? Where even were these people looking? And how the holy Hutt could you tell?


Seriously creepy.


As soon as he'd seen that the orientation was going to be held here, he'd almost totally bailed on this college. He still might, if someone came at him with those creepy Arkanian hands. But, the concept behind the school appealed to him.


It was a different perspective on the Force. And there were not a whole lot of times, at least in the last decade, that Sor-Jan had been confronted with a fresh perspective on something he'd been doing for about six decades now.


Sor-Jan used the Force all the time, but he rarely thought about what he was actually doing. What physical reactions were occurring? It was a pragmatic approach to something that Jedi just handwaved with the classic, stretch out with your feelings.


Which, why were Jedi stretching out with their feelings if the whole Jedi mantra was based around the notion that there was no emotion? If there was no emotion, what were they feeling?


But, I digress...


The nice part about being a four foot nothing youngling with a bowl cut was that absolutely no one was paying him the slightest bit of attention. They probably thought that he was someone's kid who'd gotten off the leash. Which was true, from a certain point of view, now that he thought about it.


The Anzat was lingering with his chin resting atop this booth that promised to alchemize swords. First, swords were cool. Sure, Sor-Jan was fifty-someodd years old. He was still a youngling. And thus, cool factor totally counted for attaining and keeping his attention span.


Second of all, he really didn't understand this whole alchemy thing. So if he actually got to see one of these demonstrations, that would at least be something new.


Richard Von | Janick Beauchamp | Simon Mur

#1804707 The Ugly [Mini-Board Event Auction]

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 09 June 2018 - 06:06 AM

The youngling had half a Pop-Tart hanging out of his mouth.


Both hands were working away at the keyboard in front of him, when the droid came over to deliver the message Kurenai Yumi had sent in reply to the boy's earlier transmission.


Interesting. So the Underground had intel on this guy, but the Confederates -- or at least the Knights Obsidian -- hadn't crossed paths with him. It lent credence to Jorus' point about Masterra being located along the Mara Trade Corridor.


The Galactic Empire?


The Outer Rim Coalition and the Empire were about the only two entities, outside of the Confederacy, that operated even remotely near Masterra. And this kind of glorified carbonite bomb was definitely something that Sor-Jan could see the Empire having an interest in.


Reaching up, the boy took a bite out of the pop-tart, continuing to type with the one hand as he opened up a message window and began composing a message back to the Pathfinder.


An auction popped up in the Dark Net. I thought it would be the usual, but it turns out it's some kind of new biological WMD being sold over the HoloNet. The encryption on these transmissions is INSANE, but we're working through the traffic analysis to try and decipher the entry and exit nodes.


I've enclosed the recording of the auction stream so far. There are a couple of name-dropped entities in the stream, but I've been focused on trying to get a better ID on the broker, who claims to be Olavi.


My contacts in the Underground believe Olavi's a medically trained scientist operating on Masterra.


Apparently the bio-weapon has already been employed there. "Masterra" is a pretty hot tag on social media at the moment, and the HoloNet postings I've seen are consistent with the description of the WMD... some kind of Super Carbonite that Olavi refers to as AMBER.

#1804644 The Ugly [Mini-Board Event Auction]

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 09 June 2018 - 03:03 AM





The message from Jorus Merrill just served to confirm a couple of suspicions.


Whatever this AMBER was meant to be, it seemed similar to carbonite as having origins in some organic preservative technology. The description given as part of the auction indicated that it preserved the beings inside for several weeks. Developing that, a background in organic chemistry and biological life sciences would make sense.


Or else that was one hell of a happy coincidence.


"Bring up all the HoloNet IP addresses associated with Masterra," the young slicer remarked, as the bank of monitors overhead all began scrolling through a plethora of hexadecimal strings. "Copy those addresses to all the analyst droids for cross-comparison with any addresses associated with the auction."


That's assuming that they could get to ground truth on the addresses being used by the auction.


"And send Jorus a copy of the auction stream that we've recorded thus far," the Anzat added, almost as afterthought. "Tell him I'm working on trying to decipher the encryption on the transmission, but the Underground or Runners might be able to distill some data from here that we've missed."


Not to mention, a couple of names had been dropped. Those didn't mean much to Sor-Jan, but they might to the Underground.


He wasn't interested in the buyers though. The dealer was the source of the boy's focus.


In the meantime, he had an auction to pretend to be participating in.


LOT A - Aurodium ingots of equivalent market value to 1,750,500CR


Melvand Zrimmir | Connory | Adron Malvern | Terrance Olavi

#1804486 Should Major Factions Be Provided Incentives For Winning Rebellions?

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 08 June 2018 - 10:41 PM


The answer is no, of course. There's already an incentive: you keep the hex and the SSD (as applicable). Keeping the territory you conquer is the point of the map game, which in turn is the point of being a Major Faction.


Precisely this.


There's no "flaw" with our current Rebellion ruleset that isn't inherent to the map game itself. The incentive to the Major Faction is keeping their footprint on the map, because only a Major Faction can even have a footprint on the map.