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#1773139 Ready Player One

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 22 April 2018 - 06:31 AM

Obligatory Theme Setting


[ Corellia Digital ship Intervention in orbit of planet Druckenwell ]


The Venator was an archaic design for a star destroyer, originating in the last days of the Old Republic.


The inclusion of two bridge towers had been driven by necessity. The port tower had handled all ship-based functions, primarily the navigation of the ship, overseeing operation of the reactor core, and fire control over the main batteries. The starboard tower had handled all squadron-based functions, primarily debarkation control and de-conflicting starfighter flight profiles with the firing arc of the ship's main batteries. By the time of the Declaration of a New Order, the two bridge tower design had merged into a single tower. Over time, modernization efforts improved efficiency to where a single bridge could handle the functions of what had been two entirely distinct crews.


The Intervention was not merely an archaic design, the ship itself was a piece of history. Recovered from the surface of the planet Boz Pity, this ship had been Jedi General Anakin Skywalker's flagship in the Fifth Fleet during the Clone Wars. While it wasn't the Sentinel, the ship of the same class helmed by Jedi General Sor-Jan Xantha during the war, the connection to his own past had been too much for the young Anzat to pass up when he had discovered the wreckage during Silver Jedi exploration of the Tingel Arm region.


Today, the Intervention looked nothing like a Venator for eight centuries past. Not internally anyway. Firemane, Sasori, and Lucerne Labs technology had modernized the ship's power and navigation systems. Corellia Digital software and hardware allowed the mainframe to run calculations in a third the time it would have taken the Clone Wars era computers.


The port tower continued to serve it's original function. That being, it controlled the ship. Though now those functions included management and oversight of the hangar bay.


The starboard tower? That had become the mobile headquarters of the Corellia Digital corporation, including observation decks and a lavish apartment for the company's chief executive. A commercial quality holovid theater had even been installed, allowing the ship to demonstrate the quality and flexibility of its streaming holovid service through hosted exhibitions.


After having socialized with the elite of the Confederacy at Stewjon, the young Anzat had decided to host one such exhibition in orbit of Druckenwell, a planet where Corellia Digital and the Confederacy had collided through political and economic chance.


The holovid theater was playing a stream of movies. Classics, such as Younglings of the Corn, Sithspawn from the Black Lagoon, and Silence of the Droids.


A pair of sock-clad feet slid over the smooth floor, as the corporate executive appeared wearing pajamas. The shirt was a size too big for him, with the sleeves extending past his hands, and was emblazoned with a faded Endormon Go graphic. The pajama pants were decorated with colorful graphics depicting different characters from the Endormon franchise.


While the HoloNet and Holoflix demonstration was going on, the boy had invited the apprentice that he had met on Stewjon for a hologame tournament.


It was strictly business. She had a friend who needed a new hologame. So Sor-Jan was going to demonstrate several different games for her to see what she... er, that is, her friend might like.


And what else went with hologames and pajamas? Pizza of course!


Honestly, he had no idea who to expect. He'd invited Srina, but told her that she could invite anyone from the Confederacy that she wanted. He'd heard about the Knights Obsidian. And something called Mando-Gora? Man-Boar-Hora? Something like that, but he had no idea what that was about.


He just hoped that whoever came liked Mandalorian, because Sor-Jan was not about to touch the Mandalorian pizza. Pineapple and nerf had their time and place, and his pizza was neither the time nor the place for those things to go together.


Srina Talon | Meritephia Lothaneos | Katrine Van-Derveld

#1772497 Night to Remember | CIS Dominion of Stewjon (S,50)

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 20 April 2018 - 11:27 PM



The youngling perked up immediately. Yes, he could discuss HoloNet service contracts. Yes, he could talk through the intricacies of O/S Cresh. But when it came to having a passion, hologaming was always at the top of his list.


"Manifest Destiny? Then he'd probably love Event horizon: Zero Dawn," the boy offered, the enthusiasm coming through as the youngling seemed to almost be bouncing as he spoke. "It has aspects of action gaming and puzzle-solving. And if he'd be interested in multiplayer, player-versus-player combat, there's also World of Build-a-Bear Knights."


As the conversation shifted to Srina's role in the Confederacy, the drop of the word apprentice caused the child to mellow slightly. There was an odd mixture of both mirth and sadness, a Cheshire Cat smile ghosting across the youngling's face as he contemplated both the familiar frustration and humble surrender to reality that he could hear behind her words.


"Don't underestimate the apprentice," the boy offered, in an almost whimsical way. Visions of Thisspiasians and Twi'leks danced in his eyes. Infuriating, headstrong, willful people who were the bane of Sor-Jan's life as a padawan and a knight respectively.


And there had been no better friends.


And, in the case of his apprentice, no better Jedi either.


"We are all beholden to something," the young Anzat remarked finally, as his brooding thawed to return back where he was. As he looked back at the woman, he offered this advice. "Once, I was a Jedi Knight who answered to the will of the Council. Now, I'm a businessman who answers to the will of the board of directors. So, in that sense, nothing's changed."


At the invitation to order food, Sor-Jan indulged by ordering the highest culinary masterpiece known to man.


Bantha nuggets.


As he waited for the basket of bantha nuggets and fries to arrive, the question turned to his age. No doubt, between talking about hologaming to apprentices, he had pierced the veil of his usual juvenile demeanor for something a little less cute.


"A simple question with a... complicated answer."


Srina Talon

#1772444 Expedition: Dragonflower | CIS Dominion of Hex (T, 43)

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 20 April 2018 - 10:07 PM


[ Corellia Digital ship Odyssey in orbit of planet Druckenwell ]



While Corellia Digital's so-called self-defense force was comprised of a mixture of Firemane and Kuat Drive System dreadnoughts, it's core exploration force was steadfastly Mon Calamari. Originally composed of just three MC42 Ruisto-class exploration frigates, that force had grown to become part of a paradigm that was known to the corporate board as the triad.


At the foundation of the triad was the company's shipping and commercial freighters, which constituted the bulk of Corellia Digital's interstellar traffic.


Second, as a result of the repeated attacks on their shipping, was the self-defense force. Vindica- and Venator-class star destroyers, supported by Recusant-class light destroyers, Sasori Hammerhead-class cruisers, and Jast First Rate pocket carriers.


But the heart of the triad were the ship's that pushed the boundaries of known space, mapping new trade routes and opening new possibilities for trade in an age of rediscovery and war. The MC80b, Odyssey, was the lead ship of that group. With a crew gathered from the Kathol Outback, the Levantine Astronautical Academy, and the Underground, they were the epitome of fringe explorers.


As such, being in orbit of a Mid-Rim planet was something of a disappointment. The Odyssey and it's crew had been routed north along the Corellian Trade Spine in order to deliver several trade and tax documents to the company's financial institution on the planet of Druckenwell. There, they had also undergone several crew rotations.


Captain Maddick had departed the Odyssey for command of one of the company's Recusant-class destroyers, a move that seemed typical of the corporate board to rotate the officers of the shipping, exploration, and combat ships in order to spread those knowledge, skills, and experience among the different platforms.


Horatio Janis had arrived as the Odyssey's new first officer, arriving from one of the Liorre-class superfreighters. The man stood on the bridge, receiving reports and tracking the vessel's status as he anxiously awaited the arrival of the Odyssey's new master and commander.


The stores had all been on-loaded. All departing crew had voyaged off. All expected crew were being checked aboard. Engineering reported all systems nominal. Once the captain arrived, the Odyssey would be ready to depart.


"Commander Janis, the hangar bay reports that the captain has arrived and is en route to the bridge."


Janis stiffened slightly at the news. Recovering his composure quickly, the man remarked, "Excellent." Hesitating only a moment, he started to ask, "Did the hangar report who we should expec..."


Behind him, the heavy blast doors could be heard opening as the mag-locks disengaged. The entry parted to allow passage, the biometric sensors having detected a corporate identicard that allowed access to the restricted area of the ship's command and control center.


A pair of dark trousers with a Corellian bloodstripe down the sides. A white, banded-collar shirt dressed his torso. A short, Corellian green cape hung from off his shoulders -- a trade off between the Jedi robes of his former life and the spacer's jacket of his personal preference. Soft, Selonian half-boots moved quietly across the deck plates, as the small Anzat youngling made his way across the bridge.


Janis blanched at recognition of the corporation's Chief Executive Officer, stumbling over his words as he managed to blurt out, "Gen... General Xantha, we... are delighted at your presence." Seriously. What the Hutt was the company president doing here?


Bowing slightly, the boy merely took the greeting in stride. "Are all stations ready to depart?" the child asked, curiously.


Janis blanched slightly more at the question. The company present couldn't possibly be intending to take them out? Coughing, Janis cleared his throat before managing to say, "At your command, General."


The boy gave only a nod, before walking to the edge of the command platform that overlooked the massive, dome-shaped bridge. A large, oval shaped transparisteel window peered out into the vastness of space, with the glow of Druckenwell illuminating the lower portion. One hand on the guardrail, the boy turned and looked back at the man. "Mister Janis, you were a navigator on one of the Liorres?"


The company president knew his name? Swallowing, Janis stiffened as he answered formally, "The Yamato, sir."


An enigmatic, Cheshire Cat smile ghosted along the little vampire's face. "Have you ever piloted a starcruiser out of orbit, Mister Janis?"


"No, sir."


The child merely beckoned toward Janis, before wordlessly turning and facing out toward the transparisteel porthole.


No pressure. No pressure at all. "Very good, sir," Janis squeaked, as he turned to issue commands down the well deck below them. "Hyperdrive core to power. Standby braking thrusters," the man issued, pausing a moment before adding, "Ion drive, ahead one-quarter power."


It was another moment before the affirmation came from below. "Ion drive, one-quarter power, sir."


Beyond the window out into space, the planet Druckenwell fell away from view. As the stars seemed to tilt and change perspective, the voice of the navigator trickled up as they heard, "We are clear of Druckenwell orbit and free to maneuver. What course shall I set, sir?"


Janis gave a sigh of relief. "Make your course for Silver Sta..."


"That will be all, Mister Janis," the boy intoned simply, before raising his voice and announcing, "This is General Xantha, I have the bridge."


"Very good, sir," Janis answered with a short nod. "Odyssey is yours to command, General."


A slight wave of one hand triggered a nearby intercom. Turning to peer around the bridge, the boy said, "Command Odyssey, this is Sor-Jan Xantha. I know that many of you were looking forward to making port at Silver Station, but I'm afraid that I must you to wait just a little longer."


Droids and humanoids alike were now peering up at the walkway as the boy continued. "Some time ago, the Confederacy of Independent Systems located a planet inside the Dragonflower Nebula," Sor-Jan noted, letting that revelation linger before he plunged on. "It appears on no star charts. There are no known or established communications with this world, it's history, or it's people... if there are any."


He was working with explorers. Fringers. People who liked walking the line where the map ended.


And now he had their attention.


"...let's go be part of history," the boy noted simply. "Xantha out."


As he stepped back to the edge of the walkway, leaning against the railing, the child said, "Helm, make my course two-eight-seven mark five."


"Two-eight-seven mark five, aye, sir."


"The hyperdrive core at nominal power levels. Diagnostics are green, sir."


"Navi-computer route calculated, General. Hyperdrive at your command."


"Punch it."



#1770723 Night to Remember | CIS Dominion of Stewjon (S,50)

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 18 April 2018 - 05:58 AM


The child beamed as the woman responded with a greeting of her own.


He liked this Srina person. She seemed nice.


"I'm the perfect age for Corellia Digital," the youngling answered, clearly in jest as he added, "Haven't you noticed that kids are way better with computers than are?"


The smile as he delivered the punchline lit up his eyes, pristine and clear as a cloudless sky. He could appear both cute and disarming. Which could be disquieting if one realized that the cause for his chubby cheeks were the proboscis organs concealed there, evolved for the task of picking apart the humanoid brain while still in the skull.


"We offer the full range of telecommunications services," the boy stated, his exuberance only highlighted by the animated gestures of his hands as he spoke. "Need another subspace radio line installed for your home, space station or ship? Ready to upgrade to a faster, more reliable HoloNet connection? We've got you covered from the Kathol Outback to the Core Worlds to the Mara-Parlemian Trade Corridor and the Tingel Arm."


This was a terror unlike any other. The mighty midget who felled the cortorsis wielding Yinchorri. The clone breaker who had walked through the flames of Order 66. This was... Sor-Jan the Salesman. "But, you've got a fast, reliable connection to the HoloNet... now what?" the boy posed, rhetorically, as he shifted the sales pitch from communications to subscription based services. "We've got you covered there, too. Do you like to stream holovids and movies? Our Holoflix service makes it easy to watch your shows where ever you are, on whatever device you choose."


But what would you stream on? He had that covered, too. "And if you need devices, we have a wide range of option for yourself, your starcruiser, home, speeder, or star destroyer."


He didn't know if she had a star destroyer or not, but it was a good line.


Plus, she might. He owned a company that, at first, just made datacards. And he had a whole fleet of star destroyers now. Speaking of which, "We've got hologame platforms and holo-entertainment options for the whole family," the boy said, underplaying the products that had fueled the rebirth of Corellia Digital in the modern era. Instead, he turned the conversation to it's newest foray in light of the repeated confrontations with the First Order along the Corellian Trade Spine. "And if you're worried about pirates attacking while you're out in the interstellar medium, we've even got a fleet of battle droids from starfighters to escort frigates."




That had been a lot. As animated as he was, the boy was slightly out of breath and red-faced as he concluded the off-the-cuff delivery about Corellia Digital.


Had he come here alone?


"It's just me," the boy answered, lowering his voice slightly as he confided in the woman. "Trying to get my staff to leave the Corellian System is like trying to get a Mandalorian to take off their armor."


Of course, it was Corellia. Why would you ever want to leave? Other than the massive bar tab, huge gambling debt, possible outstanding fugitive warrant, or worse... tax collector looking to audit you.


But, enough about talking Corellia Digital. Or, talking about him, rather. Sor-Jan had come here to talk about Corellia Digital and the Confederacy. Might as well toss a fishing line out into the proverbial water. "Plus, we have a subsidiary on Druckenwell, so it seemed like getting to know the Confederacy might be past due," the boy offered, before turning the conversation back toward the woman, as she led him to one side.


"And yourself? What do you do, Miss Talon?" the child inquired curiously, as he joined her at the table.


Srina Talon

#1769440 Night to Remember | CIS Dominion of Stewjon (S,50)

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 16 April 2018 - 08:35 AM

Sor-Jan's Theme


A presence in the Force.


Spinning around, the chubby cheeked youngling turned to face a woman possessed of hair so fair that it was nearly white. In contrast to his own sandy mop, it made his straw-colored hair seem positively brown by comparison. The child smiled brightly as the stranger approached, the innocent gesture made more pronounced by the bright, cerulean blue eyes that peered up at her as the child craned his head back to look up at the taller woman.


He was quite young.


He was quite old.


Both were true, depending on one's point of view. The youngest Anzat were whispered to be ancient. Assuming that people even believed that Anzati existed at all. Some preferred to believe that they didn't, that such creatures couldn't be real.


"Hi!" the youngling offered the woman with both enthusiasm and sincerity, as a child, as though genuinely happy at their meeting. "I'm Sor-Jan," the child supplied in kind, as he stretched out to take the woman's hand.


Anzat were telepaths.


It was the means by which the vampires stalked their prey across mindfields that spanned entire galaxies. The older the Anzat, the more fearsome their power.


Sor-Jan was, as yet, still a child. Not yet awakened to the hunger that shaped the people and culture he belonged to, instead masquerading as though human -- as though Corellian. It was another unique trait to the Anzat. To hide their young in plain sight, assimilated into the very cultures and populations on which they would later prey upon.


Still, what might she feel at the touch of his hand? Youth, sadness, joy, fear, happiness, grief... all occupied some part of the child's being. Some more easily than the rest. Some more openly. Yet each was integral to who and what he was.


After he had let go of her hand, the child gave a bow with an animated, exaggerated flourish. "Sor-Jan Xantha of the Corellia Digital Corporation, at your service!"


It was, hopefully, a name she would not recognize. Or, if she did, he'd rather it be from a Fortune 500 magazine.


Preferably not from any connection with General Sor-Jan Xantha, the Silver Jedi who had gone to Mandalore on the eve of interstellar war to offer aid to the self-proclaimed enemies of the Jedi on the eve of the devastation of the Mandalorian homeworld.


A damn fool's crusade. He had nearly brought civil war down on a planet already tearing itself apart when Clan Rekali had openly opposed the Mand'alor's call for the Silver Jedi aid fleet to be attacked as they tried to rescue survivors.


As a gambler, he'd played an Idiot's Array and somehow won the bet. The Mand'alor had backed down and Sor-Jan's flotilla of ships had been able to work with Clans Raxis and Rekali to make a difference for the survivors of Mandalore. But he had distanced himself from the Jedi after that, escaping into the world of business and finance.


A place where his reckless gambits effected only the corporate bottom line, not the fate of innocent people struggling to breathe through swirling clouds of ash, while overhead the armchair generals aboard their starships measured whose turbolaser was bigger.


Srina Talon

#1769433 Starfighter Procurement: Calling All Shipbuilders [ORC]

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 16 April 2018 - 07:45 AM


The Corellian System


"Sir, the board wanted me to pass along a new starfighter procurement offer that came in."


This news would have likely caught most CEOs in a board meeting. Or on an important phone call. Or maybe on the lido deck of their personal yacht on Vaynai.


Corellia Digital? Sor-Jan was underneath his desk, playing with a strange mix of action figures from any number of franchises. Scooting forward on his knees so that he was peering up from under his desk, the tow-headed boy craned his head back as he asked, "Who's the buyer?"


That would determine if he was actually interested in this or not. If it was from someone with some legitimate business chops, like Siobhan Kerrigan or Makai Dashiell then playtime was about to be totes over. And maybe their second quarter might be saved. Not to mention their mid-year bonuses.


"It's ORC, sir."


The boy's nose wiggled as the youngling made a face. It was hard to describe the mix of emotions that flashed by as he did. Then, bluntly, the child asked, "Did their check even clear last time?"


The aide cleared his throat. "They, uh... that is, the accountant representing a Miss Joza Perl made clear that was a minor misunderstanding," the man clarified, making a small gesture with one hand to indicate just how minuscule that said misunderstanding had been.


For his part, Sor-Jan wasn't buying what dude was selling. Rising up so that he was standing on his knees, the youngling crossed his arms as he asked, "And the time before that?"


Sor-Jan had been doing business with the Outer Rim Coalition, Kathol Outback, Underground, Runners, and whatever else nerf herders were calling themselves these days... for a rather long time. They were dependable when it came to running up a bar bill. Paying it? Not so much, no.


"Mister Bryce Bantam was most apologetic about that, sir."


The child's head tilted forward as he asked, "...and the time before that?"


"Mister Jorus Merrill had some, uh, unanticipated expenses for that quarter apparently."


And the man had said that with a straight face? Maybe Sor-Jan should get this man on the stand-up comedy circuit. "Pfft. He probably ran up the tab at Rebellion Actual and Rekha Kaarde told him to pay that chit," the boy uttered flatly, dragging himself up so that he was now standing and walking around his desk.


"All right, if the board's hard up for this contract, I'll go talk to them," the boy offered, swiping a couple of datapads pre-loaded with the current Corellia Digital catalogs. "Where's this going down at?"


"Foundation, sir."


"What's in orbit?"


"Excelsior, sir. They report that they can depart within the hour."

#1769426 Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mk III

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 16 April 2018 - 07:17 AM





  • Manufacturer: Corellia Defense
  • Model: Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mk III
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • ProductionMass-Produced
  • Material: Durasteel hull


  • Classification: Corvette Carrier
  • Length: 200m
  • Width: 70m
  • Height: 40m
  • Armament: Very Low
  • Defenses: Low
  • Hangar: 3 Squadrons
  • Maneuverability RatingLow
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1


  • Standard Communications Array: CD-9i Subspace Radio
  • Standard Ion Engines
  • Standard Navigational Systems  
  • Standard Astromech Droid Corral (Port/Starboard)
  • Standard Weapons: Light Blaster Cannons
  • Standard Deflector Shield



  • Can support up to 3 squadrons of droid starfighters.
  • Can support a mix of combat and/or exploration mission profiles.
  • Multiple software and hardware safeguards against slicing.


  • Very light armament. This ship relies on its starfighter defense screen for defense and offense.
  • No organic life support.
  • Droid ship means that the ship is vulnerable to ion energy.
  • No atmospheric flight support. This ship is deep space only.


As an interstellar corporation, Corellia Digital struggles to provide security for its freight and shipping operations. In the past, as a smaller entity whose business was restricted to transactions occurring between Corellia and Voss, the company dealt with this issue by contracting with James Justice's mercenary organization to provide security for Corellia Digital's product in transit. As the company expanded into the Mid- and Outer Rim however that arrangement became unwieldy. Today, as an organization that spans the Galactic Alliance to the Mara-Parlemian Trade Corridor and the Tingel Arm to the Kathol Outback, Corellia Digital has grown a corporate fleet capable of defending its shipping interests in confrontations with geo-political powers, such as the First Order (which is seen as the greatest threat to Corellia Digital's reliance on the southern hyperlanes which the First Order has repeatedly attacked).


The problem with that tactic is that star destroyers and other dedicated carriers represent a huge resource investment, both in credits and in human capital. The return on investment for a starfighter pilot is extremely low, hence Corellia Digital's reliance on droid starfighters. But, fundamentally, Corellia Digital has a significant problem: It's unarmed freighter traffic significantly outnumbers its combat capable craft.


Simply put, there are more freighters headed to more destinations that Corellia Digital has star destroyers. So it can't be everywhere or guard everything. This has led to a priority system, which has resulted in several unguarded freighters being lost to attack.


The Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mk III is the solution. A fully independent droid operator capable of fielding deep space operations, the Mk III is a high mobile deployment platform for Corellia Digital's heavy starfighter (the Mk I), fast attack aerospace superiority starfighter (the Mk II) or its non-combat ISR probe droid (the Stingray). This enables Corellia Digital to have a droid ship assigned as escort to its commercial freighters, or serve as a probe droid launch platform supporting Corellia Digital's exploratory ventures. Capable of fielding a mix of droid starfighter types, the Mk III is a versatile platform in the Corellia Digital catalog.


With no life support systems, the Mk III's internal volume is incompatible with hosting an organic crew. Parts or sections of the ship may even be exposed to vacuum. In lieu of a human crew the ship is, instead, supported by a compliment of astromech droids. The astromechs service not only the host vessel, but also the auxiliary vessels when they are housed aboard the Mk III, extending the service life of the droid starfighters until the ship and its components can be more robustly refurbished or maintained in a depot or dry dock.

#1768720 Dear Jedi (Any Jedi)

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 15 April 2018 - 06:56 AM


Captain Jorus Merrill


--begin transmission--

J, you know I'm usually the first to say that history survives only because objects of the past allow us to understand the present and how we got here. Which may or may not be relevant to the future, as everything we think we know about the past is colored by strata of biases, perceptions, and ill-conceived notions that we know what we're talking about when we discuss what people a literal bajillion years ago were thinking this time a Hutt-ton millennia ago.


As many times as that ol' witch Jocasta made me copy Yoda's holocron by hand, I'm sure he'd have a different perspective on this, but I can't feel that the best answer is to GET RID OF IT.


Full stop.


All caps.






Bury it in the core of a gas giant. Shoot it into the event horizon of a collapsing neutron star. Have Julius Sedaire fart on it after having some of those greasy gorba melts from CoroNet City... you know, the ones from that food truck outside the space ports west exit, assuming the environmental protection laws haven't declared it a violent eco-terrorist group harboring weapons of mass destruction.


But I digress...


Trying to understand this thing is laudable, but having it somewhere that it can be touched by people is a recipe for a lot of different possibilities. Most of them bad. Especially if the people touching it are Force sensitive. For the love of the Force, encourage the Thyferrans to put this where it will be of no use to anyone.




--message ends--



#1768580 Night to Remember | CIS Dominion of Stewjon (S,50)

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 15 April 2018 - 01:47 AM

This thread needs some music

Okay, so he managed to at least dress appropriate.


The biots that Matsu Ike had cursed his childhood with had even managed to get him into the bath for the occasion. Sor-Jan had drawn the line at combing his hair however. Granted, he generally drew a line at baths too, but there were lines and then there were lines. Adults claimed not to understand this, but kids knew it to be true.


Lines were like when your parents told you to go to bed or not eat a cookie before dinner. Sure, you were supposed to respect the line, but it was more like a guideline than an actual rule.


Lines, on the other hand, were serious, like, bombad, mega-ultimate-serious business. Like dividing by zero. It was just something you didn't, you couldn't, and you never wanted to do.


How simple of a concept was that? And yet, adults didn't understand. Some of them claimed to have been children once, but Sor-Jan wasn't sure he saw it. People like Thurion Heavenshield or Connor Harrison just seemed like they'd been born old.


Plus, his hair was only going to get messed up again. So the point of combing it was... what, exactly?


The truth was, no matter what Sor-Jan did or how he dressed, he was still just going to look like a little kid. So if he was going to stand out anyway, then it went to his mind that he might as well just embrace it.


So while most were standing around chatting and ignoring the music playing in the room around them, the young Anzat was instead doing what younglings did best. And that was moving. Primarily in ways that few wearing a formal suit would dare to do so. But it got attention.


Not that he could have avoided attention. He was a bowl-cut wearing, four-foot-something juvenile in the middle of the kind of adult-only gala that lacked even the idea of a kid's table.


Maybe he could get the energy up in the room. Or just give the adults something else to talk about. Who knew?


With the Confederacy moving up to Druckenwell, where Corellia Digital kept its major banking operation, the people in this room represented a new, emerging market for the technology giant.


And if there was one thing Sor-Jan wasn't afraid of, it was meeting new people.


Or making a complete fool of himself in front of them for that matter.

#1761134 Introductions!

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 02 April 2018 - 09:16 AM

Sor-Jan is an Anzat, one of the vampire-like species in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.


He's roughly 10-ish in comparison with a human of similar physical development. Sor-Jan is currently 64 years old, which is just over halfway through childhood for his species, based on the original EU text (which is contradicted by the later D20 roleplaying game supplemental materials that were published).


He eats regular food (at least his body weight in chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and fish sticks), but he has no pulse and doesn't appear to breathe. Life form scanners won't pick him up either, all of which goes to the vampire motif. When he turns 100 and hits puberty, he'll wean off food and start eating "soup" (brain juice).


Instead of fangs, he has two tendril like appendages (proboscis) on either side of his face. The tendrils are retracted and coiled inside of cheek pouches concealed in the skin folds of his face.


Having been a Jedi for 50 years, Sor-Jan is a master-level Force User in theory. In reality, he has a lot more in common with the padawans than he does the knights or masters.


Sor-Jan was born on Corellia and identifies as Corellian. He typically wears ordinary (spacer) style clothing, but when he wears Jedi clothing his robe is green to denote the Green Jedi of Corellia.

#1761124 Sor-Jan's Toybox

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 02 April 2018 - 09:03 AM

Capital Ships

The Star Destroyer Intervention

IMAX Holo-Vid Theater

0.5 lightspeed


Personal Ship

The Alderaan Queen


HoloStation 4

World of Build-a-Bear Knights

Event Horizon: Zero Dawn

The Secret of Mynock Island


HoloBoy Advanced Portable Gaming System

Angry Mynocks

Endormon Go!


Corellia Digital Storefront




The Bounce House

The Corellia Digital Building on Drall


Personal Weapons

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#1728055 How many Corellians do we have?

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 07 February 2018 - 07:27 PM

Julius Sedaire


Hokey religions and ancient Outer Rim ghost stories are no match for a good lightsaber by your side...

#1727671 How many Corellians do we have?

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 07 February 2018 - 07:46 AM

Sor-Jan Xantha

I never cheat at cards!


Said every Corellian ever.

#1727395 How many Corellians do we have?

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 06 February 2018 - 09:56 PM

Darth Anarchis


Please join. A thread with just Corellians in it only ends one way.


The beer runs out, there's a bar fight, and [spoiler alert] they're cheating at cards. Which may or may not have started the bar fight.


Also, your ship gets stolen. But that last part could be anywhere. Coruscant. Druckenwell. If a guy on Lothal says he's missing a YT-2400, I know nothing.

#1726000 Finding a Long Forgotten Home

Posted by Sor-Jan Xantha on 05 February 2018 - 10:32 AM

A few ground rules...


The young Anzat gave a cryptic, Cheshire Cat smile as the man spoke. They stood at the precipice of knowledge. The frontier, beyond which, lay darkness and light -- metaphorically and literally. And what Sor-Jan heard in the man's warning made him introspective of the question: what did the Jedi bring with them?


When one journeyed into places such as this, the encounter often reflected only what the Jedi brought with them.


Was it fear? Doubtless not called that. Concern was a trap by which many well-meaning Jedi succumbed to worry and anxiety, carrying it with them even while they championed the notion that there was no fear.


There was also supposed to be no attachment, which would be cause for concern, but then Sor-Jan was a Corellian. Their pragmatic Jedi denomination had long ago eschewed the traditional notions regarding attachment. Even still, it was curious to listen to Matthias' words and hear the echo of his own voice echoing somewhere. From the boy's perspective, it was only twenty or so years ago that he'd taken a padawan by the name of Dilandau and raised him to become a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic.


Like Sor-Jan had been, or his master before him.


The bonds between padawan and master were sacrosanct, making it even more hypocritical that they claimed attachment was forbidden. Sor-Jan cared for his master like family. A bond stronger than blood. The only bond that had ever been greater had been his affection for his apprentice. Yes, were Dilly beside him, Sor-Jan would have heard himself saying those same words. Twenty or so years ago...


...except it had been nearly a thousand years ago now.


The separation of a desperate hyperspace jump in a damaged ship placing him far and away from everything that he'd known. Standing there, at the mouth of the temple, Sor-Jan thought of the last time that he'd seen Dilandau. There was no greater Jedi in Sor-Jan's eye, and no better friend. He had taken a padawan for himself, a young Gran named Teela. Sor-Jan would have liked to have imagined that the two had many adventures together, visiting the sacred places of the galaxy, secrets made known to him by his master, which Sor-Jan had passed down.


He feared reality may have been much different than what he imagined. Much harsher. Much shorter. It was a guilt he was ever mindful of, for the fact that it was what he brought with him. And so that was what the darkness and light ahead reflected. Somewhere, on the edge of hearing, the fading echoes of a familiar voice was speaking. Somewhere, on the peripheral of vision, shadows on the wall moved in the silhouette of a Twi'lek. Or a Gran. Or a Thisspiasian. The ghosts of Jedi past, whom Sor-Jan had struggled in his vanity to make proud, and feared in his guilt to have disappointed.


So the boy listened and reflected on Mathias' words, questioning the meaning behind them, and offering what was perhaps a different point of view. "Some paths we must walk alone."


If the Force was here then it was very possible two people could be walking beside each other and become separated. If there was any prophecy here, that was rarely intended for an audience. When the Force spoke to any of them, it did so in private.


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