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Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu

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#1951150 The will of the fang on the path to Meifumado.....

Posted by Lao Tzu on 04 June 2019 - 07:47 PM

There was no warning, beyond that of something coming out of hyperspace over the CIC planet of Jerrilek.


At the front was the Kyr'am Cabur. To its immediate starboard was three Essex-II (Tengu, Takeda, and Taira) , and the Rusur Akaan'ade was beneath it, heading for the planet's surface. To the port of Kyr'am was a Valiant class super carrier which was immediately deploying its star fighters as it entered normal space. A Archon heavy frigate named the Guan Yu was exited hyperspace above the Super Carrier. The five Dire-class Patrol ships dropped in to behind the main fleet. They too were heading straight planet side.


Every gun was pointed at something, given it was in range, at the enemy and firing. Varies missiles, and turrets were firing with accuracy and will no reserve. The jamming capabilities of the Guan Yu were limited but they were activated as all the communications between these vessels were already encrypted and encoded for each other as they coordinated this assault.


Lao was already on the Rusur. This wild dog of a man, was sent to CIC space for one reason and only a few knew the particulars. He wanted to be here for the combat, for it's own sake and he was let lose, again. Other men would have had honor, or glory, or gold as there aim. No, not Lao. He was simple and straightforward. He wasn't here for stuff. He wasn't here for honor. He was here for the thrill of it all. For the adventure....For the kill....For the blood......For the skulls....


He stood there in his Westar Assault Armor, his clan armor, tinted in orange with his jet black wavy hair down to the mid of his back looking more like a person found on the fringe of space drinking at an Alliance bar on V day. He had two weapons on him, a singular lightsaber and his Lil Monster submachine gun with various clips, some for other Force users and some for other people that didn't use the Force. He watched at the battle unfolded in front of him. Soon he would depart to the planet below, but first, he wanted to see how they initially responded.


Blood Oni Fleet:








Rusur Akaan'ade


Dire-class Patrol ships


Kyr'am Cabur




Aedan Miles

#1948273 Black Rain

Posted by Lao Tzu on 27 May 2019 - 12:39 AM

He had three things with him. His robes, his lightsaber and his rifle. He had been to Rishi before. He knew these coordinates damn near by heart. It was a rather huge field of grass. Large enough to land a few personal vessels and still have some space over. He was here for a fight. A fight.


He knew he had been causing problems for his clan head of Akaata as Lao did what he pleased and not what he was told to do. He had brought a few things into the fold but not everything. But that probably wasn't the issue. But problems would continue to follow him. It was his lot in life. Perhaps in a previous life he had pissed off the fates. At least he had reincarnated to pay for some of those previous sins, but he had made more.....


And so he stood alone, on the field with the grass, the ground and the sky as company until the other showed up, which he hoped for. He wanted to fight on Rishi. He knew a few of the Mandalorian rules and this was the only real place that could give him and edge, if any. And he would take every inch and run as far and as fast as he could with it. It was in his nature, if he didn't would he even be able to face himself, left alone a common street thug. 


He had the patience....for now.......


Personal Equipment:

http://starwarsrp.ne...-armored-robes/ - Robes

http://starwarsrp.ne...submachine-gun/ - Gun w/ Sith Killer rounds

http://starwarsrp.ne...r/#entry1903313 - Lightsaber


Yasha Cadera Aedan Miles

#1918485 Putting The Closure In Enclosures

Posted by Lao Tzu on 26 February 2019 - 11:57 AM

Lao Tzu walked into the bridge. He had his armored robes with his shotgun, submachine gun and lightsaber. He saw this purely as something to do and to help out Ela. Lao spoke to Ela, asking...


"So whats the plan. Kill them all? Leave the kids? And where is the rally point on the world?"


Lao was pretty direct. He was hear to get the job done and that is about it. He was fully prepared to take a drop ship down to the planet and kill everyone. It was a job, that he was here to do. Lao waited patiently for a response, he hoped that he didn't come across as too much of an ass. Lao did want to see combat and use his weapons and the Force.


Ela Saako Orex Mauda

#1914806 First Order.... I want Endor

Posted by Lao Tzu on 15 February 2019 - 11:57 PM

Damn straight. Let's do it!!!!

#1912226 I went super inactive but now I'm back hopefully

Posted by Lao Tzu on 09 February 2019 - 10:17 PM

Kitrine Corsair, if your wanting a rival or an enemy. I’d be game.

#1911888 I went super inactive but now I'm back hopefully

Posted by Lao Tzu on 08 February 2019 - 10:47 PM

Welcome back!

#1911341 The Oyar'u Experience (M.E. Only)

Posted by Lao Tzu on 07 February 2019 - 01:38 PM

For Lao it was simple, he wanted to know more and see more before his time would come and his god would welcome him to his hall. But until then, Lao was still a new Mandalorian of Clan Akaata. His armor he had gotten from his Clan and walked into the bar. He had his helmet under his left arm with his submachine gun and lightsaber on his person. Lao's black and curly hair was down past his shoulders and was not done neatly up. He walked into the bar.


Lao gave a quick glance around and walked up to the bar and took a stool. He was atleast a few from the nearest person and ordered a drink. He didn't say anything other than the order and pulled out his datapad. He started going over some pertinent info on his datapad with his arms on the bar. He was still aware of his surrounds, mostly due to the Force.

#1910744 Take What We Want, Take What We Need

Posted by Lao Tzu on 06 February 2019 - 12:09 AM

Konstantin Makarev OOC: I was expecting resistance, and that's fine.


Lao stepped out into hell with a Force Wave aimed towards the first line of FO troops. He saw one of his drop ships had been shot down and had crashed probably into a near by building only to come to rest a number of meters behind the one he had landed on. He suspected casualties but that would be expected, but not like he could ask the FO troops to please stop firing. Not on this battle field. After throwing out the first few Force Waves at enemy troops. Lao found cover behind a landspeeder that was basically trashed that could be used for cover. Here he set a quick message to rally on his position and to attack the garrison, but expect resistance. He was expecting some resistance fighters and he knew they had a lack of air support, currently.


Once the Rusur Akaan'ade had deployed its troops, which shouldn't be much longer it would return to low orbit next to the Kyr'am Cabur. But it was still a sitting duck even though it did have some fire power, some. The second wave, of Blood Fleet Oni was what he was expecting soon. Hopefully they would come some time soon, he hoped that they weren't held up by others.....the Kyr'am Cabur could hold off, for now.....The tide was slowly turning on the space front as both sides were firing off shots. This side was holding nothing back at the FO ships. They rained hell, and continued to fire with precision.


It was here where the fight was and now Lao was expected both of himself and of his men to lead. It was expected to only target Uniform combatants of the FO. All others were civies and were not to be targeted. Yes, they had standards, some thing that Lao was going to uphold. It was now his time to lead from the front and for him to take the lead. His hands went first for his submachine gun that was already loaded with .38 specials. He had just a few clips of those and Sith Killer Rounds, just in case (http://starwarsrp.ne...h-killer-round/ ). He was at least prepared for other Force Users, he was always expecting those since he was one. And so quickly got to his feet and let loose one last Force Wave at the enemy troops and then put his lil monster submachine gun to his shoulder and let it loose at the first avaible FO troops he could as he walked down the street towards the Main Garrison. His men, Mandalorian shock troopers, following behind him and his lead probably around 150 left he suspected with the rest of his troops behind him but probably delayed.



Kyli DT-6767 Saren

#1910106 Faction Vote: Merging

Posted by Lao Tzu on 04 February 2019 - 12:37 PM

I'm voting against this.

#1910015 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Lao Tzu on 04 February 2019 - 09:08 AM

All I see is a ton of smack talk by losers. Just sayin....

Clan Akaata will show. We will hold the line.

#1909045 Rinn Tin-Tin (PM for invite)

Posted by Lao Tzu on 01 February 2019 - 03:29 PM

Lao dropped the three fingered man he had been force choking and produced his lightsaber again. The three fingered one fell to the ground coughing. Lao it ignited and growled as it came alive. He took the man's head at the neck with his lightsaber without hesitation. Lao then deactivated his lightsaber and put it on his belt as he walked around to his speeder bag and started rifling through it.


A few moments later he produced it, a locator for beacons that one could attach to stuff such as droids. He turned it out. It took a moment to come on. Meanwhile looked around at the chaos that broke out in the village. Lao could see that there were two forces fighting. Seemed to slavers and non slavers. He did not know what the fight was over so did not want to get involved, just yet at least. He was here for her, Shiva. He needed to find her, again. After she was stolen from him.


And then the locator beeped. He found her. She was near. Lao started running to the far side of the village.

#1908983 Take What We Want, Take What We Need

Posted by Lao Tzu on 01 February 2019 - 12:06 PM


The Kyr'am Cabur had deployed its squadron of fighters with the priority of any defensive fleet that could cause problems. The Rusur Akaan'ade was also on it is way down plant side to drop off its troops.


Lao was on the lead Patrol Ship. He would have it no other way. He had to lead his troops from the front and by example. No way to lead other wise for him. He could see out the window that there was still some chaos in the defense force. Lao smiled his plans had worked this far, but he was still expecting a Fleet from the FO. They did not know that he was planning on burning the planet. All of it. A Scorched Earth policy was his default, but the FO did not know that and Lao was expecting a minimal response from them for the first response. He was expecting the buearcy be slow and not to really expect the force that was coming. This force of 200 Mandalorian shock troopers with another full corps of Mandalorians, 50k Mandalorians in which he was at the helm for a planet that Lao knew didn't have the defenses to stop.


Only a few knew the next stop after this on his campaign across the FO space and that was the planet of YN, and he would make his path to Terminus across FO space. And there would nothing they could do to stop him. Only his clan head could stop this wild dog in the FO play pin. Until them. There was nothing. He would continue forward, until dawn on the next planet.


If there was a time for any of the Mercs that he had hired, Lao knew that any moment would be good time for them to show up. Before the "blockade" by the FO.


Lao felt the bump as the patrol ship hit the atmosphere. Lao smiled, they were getting closer and he could feel the adrenaline dump. The heart beats, the breathing increased, and the general feel of excitement. It was then that Lao saw him. A single defensive force soldier on the of the highest buildings. It looked like he was carrying a twig of some sort from this distance but Lao knew better. It was a RPG. Lao shouted over the comms. Was it too late?





#1908687 Take What We Want, Take What We Need

Posted by Lao Tzu on 31 January 2019 - 12:37 PM

Lao suspected that Aedan was expecting this day since the beginning. Since the first engagement. Lao had gathered his men and mercs for raid on a First Order planet of Phu. The planet stood alone in its own Hex, so Lao suspected that any and all reinforcements could take a bit, but that there would be reinforcements. Not that he was hedging his bets on this but the more delay, the better. He knew there would people of FO to kill, and that was what he wanted. There was more on this and for this than it being a simple 'raid'. And that is what he was gunning for. He had notified his superior of this engagement and was cleared for it.


Lao wondered what would become of him, but it didn't matter to him. He would continue to push forward his ideals and work for his clan, Akaata, and nothing else. He was here for war, and to fight. Everything else was second at this point in time. His mind went to Lady Kay and her group. He wondered if he would ever see her again. The small amount of solace he found in the Galaxy was with her. And he suspected that he would never get it back. But he could not cry. It was against his code, and no way he could been seen doing that. He could not show weakness. Not now, not ever. Even in death. He was here to hold the line for his clan, for Mandalore, for his men, and for his ancestors. For them all. He had made promises he was going to keep. Even beyond death if needed, if called he would show and help his line continue. He knew only the front lines, since he was a teen, there was only forward....until dawn.


He had fought on many fronts with many different groups, but here was different. He had chosen this and not told to be there. This was his line, his front. And he knew his nature was that of a wild dog that had learned how to fight with the best. And now he was leading them on his line, on his front. 


Lao stood aboard the Rusur Akaan'ade. And surveyed his fleet as they were going through Hyperspace. A Mandalorian working comms relayed a message to him,


"Why are we Jumping close to this planet, Phu."


"That's the point. To take by surprise, and after this they will know we are here. Please relay, once we exit hyperspace to lit up all FO ships and start the landing process for our troops on the Kyr'am Cabur and the Patrol Ships. Relay to the Patrol ships to provide air support planet side, while the Kyr'am Cabur returns to the Rusur to provide support. And expect FO ships to jump in. Fire and engage them when they get here. Hold nothing back, they won't."


Lao turned and started walking towards the ships docking by for the Patrol Ships. He was going to lead this engagement. No need to expect his troops to do something he wasn't going to do himself. He and bulk of the forces would land at the Main Garrison on Phu and take it out, and then head to the other Garrisons on the Planet. This wasn't a take and hold mission, this wasn't an invasion, this was a raid. Lao was wearing his full weapon layout with his lightsaber and Sith Killer rounds in his submission gun, and his armor were the Sasori Armored Robes in the colors of his clan, Akaata. He remember the Vitae Alliance when was loading up his weapons. He would always remember them. He stood out from the rest of the Heavy Troopers with the Shock Troopers being on the Patrol Ships (200 in total). When he got to the docking bay he went aboard the lead Patrol Ship and from there he would send out his message to the troops.


"We are here to show the FO the might of our Mandalorian clan. We are here to Raid this planet. Expect Resistance. They will be well armored and got great equipment. But we are better, we are Mandalorians. Our clan head is watching over us. I expect glory and honor to be found on the battle field. I expect us to be successful. Anything less is not worth it. For our Ancestors, For Akaata, For Mandalore."


Lao felt the bump as they left hyperspace and entered real space. It was then sent over comms to Lao that they had exited hyperspace and in low orbit over Phu. Lao sent back a comm to them,


"Time to fight. You know your orders. I expect them to be completed."


It was then that the Patrol ships started leaving their docking areas. Lao turned to this men when as they left the docking area with him and nodding of approval of his men. Once the Patrol Ships left the docks on the Rusur, Lao could see the Mandalorie ships lighting up as they fired on the various FO defenses. He smiled, it had started.


Forces Under Lao Tzu, Fleet Blood Oni:

Rusur Akaan'ade 100% / 100%

5x Dire-class Patrol ships (Flight Group Charlie)

Kyr'am Cabur 100% / 100%




*By Force - Take as many FO Garrisons as possible and destroy them. No need to take and hold.

*Resources - Take from them, everything or put it to the flame.

*BYOO - Do what you want, cause problems.



Aedan Miles


Padran Rodarch

Khonsu Amon


#1904935 Rinn Tin-Tin (PM for invite)

Posted by Lao Tzu on 22 January 2019 - 12:22 AM

Lao heard the shots go off behind him and then explosions. He smiled at the one stopping his Speeder as this one with the three fingers looked away. That was the distraction that he needed. He did not go for his shot gun even though his fingers did caress it moving to his lightsaber. Lao didn't need much time as there were only four there with him in the village including the one in front of him. Lao activated his lightsaber as he leapt off of his lightsaber. The lightsaber erupted in a crimson red beam that crackled as it came alive, and obvious from an unstable crystal if had that particular knowledge.


The first strike was simple enough as he disarmed the one with three fingers at the forearm, literally. His second strike flowed from the first with simplistic grace as Lao went for the second arm as the hulk in front of him went down. Lao then dropped his Lightsaber and it disactivated before it hit the ground, it was Force activated. And pulled his shot gun already loaded with slugs and started to make work of the remaining others with it using Force speed to aim and cock his shot gun. His precision and stance reeked of Mandalorian training and precision as he finished them off.


He hand moved off and away from the hulk on the ground that was rolling in pain with Lao's lightsaber. To take care of the others. It didn't take long. Lao was trained for such things.


He put his shot gun away, not paying mind to his surrounds, as he walked up to the hulk on the ground. He used Force pull to retrieve his lightsaber from the one on the ground. He then used Force Choke to lift him into the air, still alive but choking. And Lao shouted at him...


"Where is she?"

#1904120 Rinn Tin-Tin (PM for invite)

Posted by Lao Tzu on 20 January 2019 - 12:34 AM

Lao Tzu pulled up to one of the entrances to the village in his 74-Z Speeder Bike. He was here in search of a Droid, aChiss and a Twi'lek. He hoped that he could find one of them here because they all had ties to Mercs and slavers. The irony he thought to himself as he slowed his speeder to a very cauasl pace as he entered the village. He saw the various Mercs and they had their weapons drawn, well some of them did. He didn't pay much attention to the locals. He was here for them or to acquire slaves.


Lao Tzu wore his usual armor, the Sasori Medium bodyarmor, and had his shotgun and lightsaber with him, both easily visible and easy to get too. If one was keen enough, the colors of his armor represented the Akaata clan. A Mandalorian clan that he had allegiance too. He looked around the village as he slowly made his way through, for he was in no hurry as he could sense something was off. It could be the obvious slavers or the mercs or the fact that he was Force sensitive and could feel it.


That is, until he was stopped by a rather large and imposing humanoid in heavy armor with a helmet on and three fingers on each hand standing in front of his bike. Lao slowed it to a stop and said with an obvious smirk,


"Did I forget to pay the the toll? Or are you on your period?"