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Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu

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The Third Option

04 March 2019 - 05:57 PM

I have noticed with Dominions and Invasions it is usually, for the most part, Faction A attacking Faction B or Rebels or whom ever has the planet/Hex prior. And that is usually it, baring the thread and it being judged afterwards. This suggestion would not change the judging aspect of it, and it would not change the current norm of Faction A invading/attacking Faction B concept.


The Submission as follows:


Rebels/Defiance/Third Option

  • Pirates/Rebels/Third Faction participating in an invasion with clear obviously stated objectives that they could very well run counter to the defense and/or assault of the location/planet/hex, or could be attacking both parties (the invading force and the defending force).
  • These numbers of writers can be limited, my suggestion is Five (5), and without the consent of the two warring parties.
  • Pirates/Rebels/Third Faction still must conform to the rules of the board and thus the invasion/dominion, and thus have clear objectives.

Ako Prime System

01 March 2019 - 10:36 AM



  • Star System Name: Ako Prime
  • Region: Abrion Sector, Outer Rim Territories, (AA,46)
  • Affiliation: Zuverian Government has laid claim to the entire system, and just this system.
  • Accessibility: Isolated
  • Description: This system is a diamond in the rough.


  • Size: Large
  • Wealth: Medium
  • Major Imports: Building materials, some minor medical supplies, and Galactic standard tech.
  • Major Exports: Various Ores, and minerals need for the construction of ships, and this includes Beskar. Various Crystals, some of which are lightsaber quality.
  • Unexploited Resources: Large pockets of Beskar and Durasteel Ore, in various parts of the system.
  • Hyperlanes: Manda Merchant Run, runs through the sector. Its the physically the closest Hyperlane.


  • Population: Sparse
  • System Traffic: Low
  • Demographics: All permanent population is localized on the Planets of Ako, Kalisha, and Feaveria. The only permanent population that is allowed are Zuverians. Some temporary places have been set aside for None Zuverians, but the quarters are limited.
  • Native Species: None
  • Immigrated Species: Zuverians (http://starwarsrp.ne...40689-zuverian/)


Suns: 1

Asteroid Belts: 3

Planets: 5 (Numar, Delitaish, Ako, Kalisha and Feaaveria)

Gas Giants: 2(Enuroshia and Katakalia)


SUN:::::Numar::::::::Delitaish::::Ako:::Asteroid Belt:::::Kalisha:::::Feaveria::::::Asteroid Belt::::::Katakalia:::::Asteroid Belt::::::Enuroshia
Security Rating: Medium

Security Assets:

  • Planetary Shields for Ako, Kalisha and Feaveria. This includes back up generations and back up systems.
  • 12 Planetary Guns per planet, Ako, Kalisha and Feaveria.
  • Various Militia Forces

Up until 15 Galactic years ago, this system had been isolated from the rest of Galaxy, mainly due to the fact that is almost in Wild Space. 15 years ago a scouting party from the Zuverian Flotilla found it, and started colonization efforts in secret. Many of the ships were original used in the construction of the various planetary shields, which since have been updated. Ako, was the first planet to be colonized by the Zuverians.



Side Note: I will posting up planet subs for Ako, Kalisha and Feaveria.

Port of the Blue Kraken

27 February 2019 - 04:48 PM





  • Spaceport Name: Port of the Blue Kraken
  • Location: Metatron
  • Affiliation: Clan Akaata and Mandalorian Empire
  • Classification: Up to Stellar Class.
  • Population: Moderately Staffed
  • Accessibility: Private Access Only
  • Traffic: Insignificant
  • Description: A primary refueling and repairing shipyard for the Akaata Clan and any other Mandalorian.


  • Droid bays - Various and many droid bays allow for around the clock and extensive repairs to be done on any ship up to Stellar Class.
  • Medical Bays - Various ones for any injured Mandalorians and families only.
  • Extensive Armory - Allowing for weapon and armor maintenance and upgrades with proper smiths, and extensive supply of weapons and armor.
  • Barracks - For the 1 Unit of Mandalorian Troopers stationed there and any others that be using it as stop over.


  • 20 Heavy Ion Cannons spread evenly around it.
  • 20 Heavy Turrets spread evenly around it.
  • 20 Light Turrets spread evenly around it.
  • 1 Units of Mandalorian Troopers on the space port for Security
  • 20 Heavy Torpedo bays spread evenly around it.


This installation is fairly new, both in its place and its manufacturing. The purpose was simple, a place to refuel, resupply and repair.

Akira Minamoto

27 February 2019 - 02:48 PM

Name: Minamoto Akira
Full Name: Minamoto No Nervarria Tiear Ako Akira
Clan: Nevarria
Family: Minamoto
Date of Birth: 350 years old

Faction: Independent
Rank: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Female
Species: Zuverian (http://starwarsrp.ne...40689-zuverian/)
Height: 7'1”
Weight: 275 lbs (<10%BMI)
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Skin Color: Light Purple

She knows she is attractive and stands out in a crowd. And she has the confidence to back it up. She has the look of an Amazon, a pure breed female warrior. When she isn't wearing her armor she tends to wear a basic shirt, that is usually too small for her, and shorts. She really doesn't strut her stuff, but she does have an air of confidence in what she does. Her light blue hair is down just pasted her shoulders. Her light purple eyes are the color of the entire eye. For she is a Pure breed Zuverian, thus her iris's take up almost all of her eye. She has wings that are proportional to her size.

She has almost no scars on her body, but that is not because of a lack of injuries but because of the two things, her species has some advanced healing and she takes excellent care of herself. She thoroughly dislikes the feeling of dirt, and being dirty. She feels as though she is no germ a phoba but she not only takes excellent physical care of her own well being but a part of that drive is the dislike of feeling dirty. So one will find her for the most part, very clean, smelling good, and every hair in the right place.

With her height she towers over most other females of most other species (save the Wookiees and Hutts). She is fine in her skin, so for her skin, so her height does not really have a detrimental effect on her, but on how others see her and that can be either a freak or a Amazon. And she is fine with both. She has dealt with both in the past. Beyond her height, her look and appeal are very attractive by most standards of Humans or their Near brethren. And she can use this attractiveness when she wants to. But the lines on her face where painted on and when she is with her Clan or Family.

Aggressive, dominate and unforgiving. If a person a can get past that they can find that she is extroverted in the fact that she is action oriented and looks for breadth of knowledge and influence, not depth. She is also very much business-like in everything that she does. She tends to be very controlling, and highly competitive in everything she does. She feels as thought she has to be number 1. She is intuitive in how she makes her decisions. But she prefers information that is in the present, tangible and concrete. She plenty confident, almost over confident borderline arrogance. She can be very callous to other peoples needs.

She is a borderline sociopath. She definitely has an incapacity for love, a need for stimulation, and a total lack of remorse. It is the fact that she doesn't care about others needs. Just about her coin purse, as she puts it. As far as contracts go, she performs them to a the character. She can operate quite well within the confines of a legal box of a society. But that is not where she thrives. She thrives on both on the hunt for something or someone and in combat. And one can read that passion in the way she goes about it. But one of her personality flaw is the fact that she is very nomadic in nature. And that it really doesn't matter what organization or person she is attached to for the moment, it is just that. For the moment or three if your lucky, your attractive and your stimulating.

Desensitized - She has seen just about everything, literally. Very few things phase him anymore. She had his best friend die in her arms during the Contact Wars and helped a women give birth three months later. She has seen people blow to pieces, literally. And so, very few things phase her anymore on any level, physically, mentally or emotionally. There is no surprise anymore. There is no jolt from one's surroundings. There is life. There is death, and everything in between.

Doesn't Give a Damn - Her ability to care is in direct proportion to the coin in her purse. Other wise, she doesn't give a bantha's left nut who you are, where you come from and what your sob story is. She has some empathy, but is lacking for the most part. In addition to that it tends to boarder being a sociopath.

Archaic - She has slowly realized that her thoughts, feels, opinions and knowledge is from a different era, a different point in time. And so she is not "up to date" with all of the "youngsters" that's around her. This also carries over to technology. She knows she a bit 'behind the times' when it comes to current technology, especially new terms.

Extensive Experience: She has seen more than enough, and been through more. She knows what to do in most situation. She has a well of knowledge that she can rely on.


Marksmen: She has a natural ability to shoot well. In addition to that she has had plenty of time shooting stuff to get good at it. She has had extensive training in all things blaster related when she was going through her Species training.

Physical Prowess: By natural standards, she is still young and in the prime of her life. She physically strong and physically very fit. She is on par with most Republic Commandos in terms of her physical prowess.

DL 44 Heavy Blaster Pistol


Akira was born into the Warrior Caste of her people, the Zuverian. She spent the first part of her life like most Zuverian Warriors, training hard and long. It started first on the day of his eighth birth day and continued for the next seventeen years. Every day, virtually every hour was regulated to his people's rigorous military standing. Of those seventeen years it is divided into three sections. Section I and II is five years, while Section III is seven. During all three sections corporal punishment is the only form of punishment that is allowed. At least a few die in training every year, which is expected, and there is some amount that do leave with some sort of physical disability due to the training and the corporal punishment. Roughly 71% of all applicants make it through all three Sections. From the Zuverian perspective, that is a great number.

- Section I, has no direct equivalent that is closer than that of 'Basic Training'. But it is really more of a combination of both basic and advanced training. This training consist of basic, novice and intermediate training that covers basic hand to hand combat, various edged weaponry, various ranged weaponry, various armor and survival (both urban and rural). During this section, an individual's first change would have happened. The individual is sent home after their first change so they can go through their own tribe's right of passage. In addition to this she got training in weapons and equipment in ground combat operations. Duties which include but not limited to operating and maintaining weapons, such as blaster rifles, blaster pistols, and hand grenades; locating, constructing, and camouflaging infantry positions and equipment; evaluating terrain and recording topographical information; operating and maintaining field communications equipment; assessing need for and directing supporting fire; placing explosives and performing mine sweeping activities on land; and participating in basic reconnaissance operations.

- Section II consist of extensive training in xeno-linguistics, basics and introductions to engineering, biology, chemistry, and history. The areas of mathematics, and politics are touched upon. By the time an individual graduated from the program, would be considered a Type II.

- Section III consist of the individual's advanced training in their chosen area of expertise. This area of expertise consist of seven years of serious training in the area of their choosing which is broken down into two parts, A and B respectively. Part A, two years, consist of advanced training and Part B, five years, consist of actual usage of a particular individuals area of expertise.

Akira graduated and excelled in Sections I and II, which meant that she could chose her area of expertise without it having been given to her. So she chose Infantry, with the subset 'Sniper'. This meant that she got advanced and master level training in the areas of hand to hand combat, various edged weaponry, various ranged weaponry, various armor and survival (both urban and rural) over the next seven years. This also included a one year intensive training at Sniper school.

Akira was twenty five when she graduated from the program. Young by most short lived species, even younger by those that could live seven hundred and fifty years . She spent the next twenty five years wondering the galaxy, as do most Zuverian. But most usually wonder the galaxy until they are around two hundred years old and then settle down, by some minimal amount of standards. Akira was different, after only twenty five years of wondering the galaxy she started cause problems. The Shi-itte Empire would never admit to the fact that their third Civil War in seven hundred years was started by none other than this man, who was blind drunk off of a rare beverage by the name of Red Rum. Soon after that incident, in the next sector over, the Kilorirete Cartel was taken down in less than a lunar cycle, thirty one days, by this woman in a drunken rage due to an argument over a prostitute (And yes, she was worth it) (And yes, I mean she). The Kilorirete Cartel, was a major cartel over three sectors of the Rishi Maze. The remaining members of the Kilorirete Cartel managed to put this young Zuverian behind bars for over three hundred and fifty years in the prison known as Hell's Kitchen (Officially: Keloti Prison Colony) for multiple sentences of murder and various other felonies committed during the drunken rage. He was released on "Good Behavior", after fifty years of time and after she killed half the inmates in the prison, with a toothpick and tea cup.

At this point in time she was seventy five years old, most humans or even near humans would consider this old but she was just getting started. She ventured out of the Rishi Maze the first time in her life. She took the coordinates from a foreigner, someone off world, and then took a series of jumps. These jump would change his life. She firsted jumped into orbit of Falleen, the home of Black Sun. This was where she learned the inner workings of a criminal organization. She took his time to rise up to the position of Hand of Black Sun. It was then, five years later that she left Black Sun for the larger Galaxy. As most people of just up and leave an organization, a large bounty was placed on her head. But continued to make the jumps and search the Galaxy for her next big adventure.


Winter Wolf

26 February 2019 - 11:23 AM


Intent: To create a heavy Infantry for Clan Akaata , Aedan Miles, and Lao Tzu
Image Credit: N/A
Role: Rank and File for Clan Akaata
Links: Zuverian ( http://starwarsrp.ne...40689-zuverian/ )



Unit Name:
Winter Wolf
Affiliation: Aedan Miles, Lao Tzu, Mandalorian Empire (This specific Order)
Classification: Heavy Infantry


Equipment: (Typical Equipment)

3 men per squad equipped with M-25 Mandalorian River Gun L3 variant

4 men per squad equipped with Monroe-Horak Multipurpose Combat Rifle

3 Men per squad equipped with SR-52 Nephilim 2 Assault Rifle

1 man per squad equipped with M-29 Mythosaur Grenade Launcher

1 man per squad equipped with Westar MG-02

Each man equipt with Heavy Repeating Ripper

Each man has a Beskad

Each man wearing Allit’gam
Squad leaders wear Westar Assault Armor Raxi’gam

Each man carries 5 cannisters of Bio-foam




These soldiers are combat veterans, in all aspects. They can supplement or lead in almost any combat area but they are focused in the combat Function as Heavy Infantry. These soldiers do have plenty of skills that are combat related and not. This soldiers are highly skilled at combat. They were solely recruited from a race, Zuverian. They have not fought together under the clan Akaata or Mandalorian Empire banner before.


Unit Size: Large

Unit Availability: Limited (2 Units) 
Unit Experience: Veteran
Combat Function: Heavy Infantry

Heavy Armored and Hitting: Purely heavy infantry when they arrive they tend to hit hard and take quite a few hits.

Veteran Troops

Highly Trained and Versatile

Seasoned Warriors


Species Allergies

Limited Number of available troops.


This Unit was made to boost the ranks of Clan Akaata, and too provide a veteran force that could do some serious damage on the front line. These seasoned warriors were activity recruited solely from the the race known as Zuverians. Prior to this, all of them, were a few hundred years old with the youngest being just over 190 Galactic years old. Many of them have multiple different skills and skill sets and can use many different weapons beyond the ones listed. They are all able to pilot most crafts with some amount of experience.


Lao Tzu recruited them into Clan Akaata.


Aedan Miles