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Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu

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The will of the fang on the path to Meifumado.....

04 June 2019 - 07:47 PM

There was no warning, beyond that of something coming out of hyperspace over the CIC planet of Jerrilek.


At the front was the Kyr'am Cabur. To its immediate starboard was three Essex-II (Tengu, Takeda, and Taira) , and the Rusur Akaan'ade was beneath it, heading for the planet's surface. To the port of Kyr'am was a Valiant class super carrier which was immediately deploying its star fighters as it entered normal space. A Archon heavy frigate named the Guan Yu was exited hyperspace above the Super Carrier. The five Dire-class Patrol ships dropped in to behind the main fleet. They too were heading straight planet side.


Every gun was pointed at something, given it was in range, at the enemy and firing. Varies missiles, and turrets were firing with accuracy and will no reserve. The jamming capabilities of the Guan Yu were limited but they were activated as all the communications between these vessels were already encrypted and encoded for each other as they coordinated this assault.


Lao was already on the Rusur. This wild dog of a man, was sent to CIC space for one reason and only a few knew the particulars. He wanted to be here for the combat, for it's own sake and he was let lose, again. Other men would have had honor, or glory, or gold as there aim. No, not Lao. He was simple and straightforward. He wasn't here for stuff. He wasn't here for honor. He was here for the thrill of it all. For the adventure....For the kill....For the blood......For the skulls....


He stood there in his Westar Assault Armor, his clan armor, tinted in orange with his jet black wavy hair down to the mid of his back looking more like a person found on the fringe of space drinking at an Alliance bar on V day. He had two weapons on him, a singular lightsaber and his Lil Monster submachine gun with various clips, some for other Force users and some for other people that didn't use the Force. He watched at the battle unfolded in front of him. Soon he would depart to the planet below, but first, he wanted to see how they initially responded.


Blood Oni Fleet:








Rusur Akaan'ade


Dire-class Patrol ships


Kyr'am Cabur




Aedan Miles

Black Rain

27 May 2019 - 12:39 AM

He had three things with him. His robes, his lightsaber and his rifle. He had been to Rishi before. He knew these coordinates damn near by heart. It was a rather huge field of grass. Large enough to land a few personal vessels and still have some space over. He was here for a fight. A fight.


He knew he had been causing problems for his clan head of Akaata as Lao did what he pleased and not what he was told to do. He had brought a few things into the fold but not everything. But that probably wasn't the issue. But problems would continue to follow him. It was his lot in life. Perhaps in a previous life he had pissed off the fates. At least he had reincarnated to pay for some of those previous sins, but he had made more.....


And so he stood alone, on the field with the grass, the ground and the sky as company until the other showed up, which he hoped for. He wanted to fight on Rishi. He knew a few of the Mandalorian rules and this was the only real place that could give him and edge, if any. And he would take every inch and run as far and as fast as he could with it. It was in his nature, if he didn't would he even be able to face himself, left alone a common street thug. 


He had the patience....for now.......


Personal Equipment:

http://starwarsrp.ne...-armored-robes/ - Robes

http://starwarsrp.ne...submachine-gun/ - Gun w/ Sith Killer rounds

http://starwarsrp.ne...r/#entry1903313 - Lightsaber


Yasha Cadera Aedan Miles

The Third Option

04 March 2019 - 05:57 PM

I have noticed with Dominions and Invasions it is usually, for the most part, Faction A attacking Faction B or Rebels or whom ever has the planet/Hex prior. And that is usually it, baring the thread and it being judged afterwards. This suggestion would not change the judging aspect of it, and it would not change the current norm of Faction A invading/attacking Faction B concept.


The Submission as follows:


Rebels/Defiance/Third Option

  • Pirates/Rebels/Third Faction participating in an invasion with clear obviously stated objectives that they could very well run counter to the defense and/or assault of the location/planet/hex, or could be attacking both parties (the invading force and the defending force).
  • These numbers of writers can be limited, my suggestion is Five (5), and without the consent of the two warring parties.
  • Pirates/Rebels/Third Faction still must conform to the rules of the board and thus the invasion/dominion, and thus have clear objectives.

Ako Prime System

01 March 2019 - 10:36 AM



  • Star System Name: Ako Prime
  • Region: Abrion Sector, Outer Rim Territories, (AA,46)
  • Affiliation: Zuverian Government has laid claim to the entire system, and just this system.
  • Accessibility: Isolated
  • Description: This system is a diamond in the rough.


  • Size: Large
  • Wealth: Medium
  • Major Imports: Building materials, some minor medical supplies, and Galactic standard tech.
  • Major Exports: Various Ores, and minerals need for the construction of ships, and this includes Beskar. Various Crystals, some of which are lightsaber quality.
  • Unexploited Resources: Large pockets of Beskar and Durasteel Ore, in various parts of the system.
  • Hyperlanes: Manda Merchant Run, runs through the sector. Its the physically the closest Hyperlane.


  • Population: Sparse
  • System Traffic: Low
  • Demographics: All permanent population is localized on the Planets of Ako, Kalisha, and Feaveria. The only permanent population that is allowed are Zuverians. Some temporary places have been set aside for None Zuverians, but the quarters are limited.
  • Native Species: None
  • Immigrated Species: Zuverians (http://starwarsrp.ne...40689-zuverian/)


Suns: 1

Asteroid Belts: 3

Planets: 5 (Numar, Delitaish, Ako, Kalisha and Feaaveria)

Gas Giants: 2(Enuroshia and Katakalia)


SUN:::::Numar::::::::Delitaish::::Ako:::Asteroid Belt:::::Kalisha:::::Feaveria::::::Asteroid Belt::::::Katakalia:::::Asteroid Belt::::::Enuroshia
Security Rating: Medium

Security Assets:

  • Planetary Shields for Ako, Kalisha and Feaveria. This includes back up generations and back up systems.
  • 12 Planetary Guns per planet, Ako, Kalisha and Feaveria.
  • Various Militia Forces

Up until 15 Galactic years ago, this system had been isolated from the rest of Galaxy, mainly due to the fact that is almost in Wild Space. 15 years ago a scouting party from the Zuverian Flotilla found it, and started colonization efforts in secret. Many of the ships were original used in the construction of the various planetary shields, which since have been updated. Ako, was the first planet to be colonized by the Zuverians.



Side Note: I will posting up planet subs for Ako, Kalisha and Feaveria.

Port of the Blue Kraken

27 February 2019 - 04:48 PM





  • Spaceport Name: Port of the Blue Kraken
  • Location: Metatron
  • Affiliation: Clan Akaata and Mandalorian Empire
  • Classification: Up to Stellar Class.
  • Population: Moderately Staffed
  • Accessibility: Private Access Only
  • Traffic: Insignificant
  • Description: A primary refueling and repairing shipyard for the Akaata Clan and any other Mandalorian.


  • Droid bays - Various and many droid bays allow for around the clock and extensive repairs to be done on any ship up to Stellar Class.
  • Medical Bays - Various ones for any injured Mandalorians and families only.
  • Extensive Armory - Allowing for weapon and armor maintenance and upgrades with proper smiths, and extensive supply of weapons and armor.
  • Barracks - For the 1 Unit of Mandalorian Troopers stationed there and any others that be using it as stop over.


  • 20 Heavy Ion Cannons spread evenly around it.
  • 20 Heavy Turrets spread evenly around it.
  • 20 Light Turrets spread evenly around it.
  • 1 Units of Mandalorian Troopers on the space port for Security
  • 20 Heavy Torpedo bays spread evenly around it.


This installation is fairly new, both in its place and its manufacturing. The purpose was simple, a place to refuel, resupply and repair.