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Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu

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When The Wolf Comes.......

18 February 2019 - 05:19 PM

Lao stood there in his Mandalorian armour on the world of Mandalore, specifically one for his clan Akaata. He waited for his new recruit. Ebos. Some kid. Lao stood there facing the walk way, with his back to his ship The Last Ronin, just a YT-1300 ship. Lao had some small modifications to it but nothing much really. Lao was holding his helmet, letting his long black curly hair wave in the breeze. His armour had the orange and his clan Insignia.


Lao knew he was probably too old for this, but knew that his clan needed new blood even if he would catch some poodoo from that Pirate King turned War Master. His thoughts quickly changed over to his own children. He wondered where they were now. Especially the twins. A few in the Galaxy knew he had children. He wanted to keep it that. Best way to keep them shield from retaliation or influence from others.


Lao only hoped that this one could fly. It would be his first test. Pass and they were good, and fail.......well poodoo. Standing there he did reach out with Force. If only to sense this surroundings better. He knew that he could get in trouble for using Force Powers on Mandalore, but he hoped to get away with it, just once. No all rules were meant to be enforced at all times.



Native Son

10 February 2019 - 10:58 PM



  • Manufacturer: Crimson Dragon ( http://starwarsrp.ne...crimson-dragon/ )
  • Affiliation: Faction Name (Clan Akaata)
  • Model: 96
  • Modularity: Minimally
  • Production: Limited

  • Material: Neutronium and Durasteel


  • Classification: Speederbike/Motorcycle
  • Role: Transport
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight:Average
  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimal Crew: 1
  • Propulsion: Wheels
  • Speed:Very Fast
  • Maneuverability:Very High
  • Armaments: Very Low
  • Defenses:  Average
  • Passenger Capacity: 2
  • Cargo Capacity: Small

Technical specifications
- Wheelbase: 2.0574 m (81 in)
- Seat height: 0.73660 m (29 in)
Weight: 500 kg (1102.31 pounds)
Crew: 1 (Minimal)
Passengers: 2 (Max)
Maximum speed: 750 kph / 466.03 mph
- (Estimated, never pushed over 625kph / 388.36mph in field tests and not near the red line.)
Maximum altitude: Land based
Fuel Capacity: 47.318 L (12.5 gallons)
Maximum Distance: 965.606 km (600 Miles)


  • Military grade and highly detailed HUD (Wrap around variant).
  • Has two areas on either side of the back wheel for weapon attachments, nothing larger than a heavy repeating blaster rifle. The firing arc is vary limited. This attachment area can also carry extra cargo if needed.
  • Minor deflector shields that wrap around the bike and it includes the pilot and passenger, but it's cramped. This shields have various nodes placed all around the vehicle and can shield up to a heavy repeating rifle, most hand grenades, RPGs (one before the shields need time to reload) and mines for extended periods of time. The shields have be redirected and flexed to maximize the aerodynamics of bike.

Cargo capacity: 1.3 m^3

Primary: Ground Transportation
Secondary: Transportation of people of interest.

Tri Layered Reinforced Durasteel Frame with a Neutronium armor underlay.


  • Excellent Speed, and Maneuverability.


  • Limited Shields and Armour
  • Limited Weapons

The vehicle is perfectly balanced and can be driven solidly with one hand, though two hands are preferred. The HUD, can display battlefield readouts of troops and position, city plans, typographical information, and can interface with most military HUDs, programs and other wireless data, and other digital platforms. This bike, has been triple copper plated to help combat against EMP, and it's defense is up to vehicular in scale.

The tires, the ones that come standard, are heavy tread and are great for outdoor use and street use. The type of transmission for the bike is a seamless shift automatic 6 speed transmission, which allow almost instantaneous changing of gears with an absolute minimum loss of drive while shifting between gears. Shift times for the Native Sun is in the area of 0.04531 seconds. The mix of fuel for the bike is that of Methanol, Gasoline (Petrol), and Nitromethane. The pockets for storage is space equally over the bike so that items can be placed to help balance the bike. There is no Repulsar lift technology on the bike.
The designers of the bike wanted to create a throw back machine. Something from the "Old Days" with new technology. The designers wanted, essentially, a modern twist on an old favorite.


07 February 2019 - 09:51 AM



  • Manufacturer: Crimson Dragon (http://starwarsrp.ne...crimson-dragon/)
  • Affiliation: Faction Name Clan Akaata and a few minor parties. 
  • Modularity: Nope
  • Production: Limited

  • Material:organocatalysis and cryoban tech.


  • Weapon Specifications
    Basic Information:
    Weight: 1kg / 5kg / 25kg / 30 kg / 1000 kg / 2.500kg
    Maneuverability: None on its own.
    Protection: Minimal
    Lightsaber Resistant: Minimal

  • 12.5 centimeters [Personal]
  • 0.3 meter [Speeder]
  • 1.25 meters [Anti Vehicular]
  • 1.75 meters [Starfighter]
  • 500 meters [Star Ship]
  • 1700 meters [Continent]

Damage: Extensive Endothermic Explosion (Cold Explosion)

Range (Blast Radius):

  • 2.5 meters [Personal]
  • 5 meters [Speeder]
  • 10 meters [Anti Vehicular]
  • 25 meters [Starfighter]
  • 2k meters [Star Ships]
  • 30 million meters [Continent]

Technical Specifications / Description:

It is a bomb. It explodes when triggered. It is not an exothermic but rather endothermic explosion.

It can have a digital or analog trigger or can be equipped on a missile and fired from there. The analog trigger is not effected by EM, EMP, and ION counter measures while the digital can. The range and sizes correlates to the various sizes of it. Personal being roughly like that of a grenade and it goes up from there.


The digital triggers can be hacked, in addition to this they do have their own separate power source.

Amarok uses an organocatalysis in addition to the same Cryoban tech used in cryoban grenades, except allows for an expansive and extensive endothermic reactions across the blast radius. It works similarly to that if a Cryoban grenade which covers targets in its blast radius with supercooled chemicals, causing pain and temporarily trapping a person within the ice formed by the blast. The cold itself could also damage equipment such as droids, electronics, and vehicles that were not specially adapted for cold-weather use.

The biomocules in it allow for the post reaction products to be extremely flammable. And, without the proper protective equipment, the fumes from this are seriously harmful to most humanoid species upper respiratory organs. It causes various acute upper and lower respiratory issues such as asthma, inflammation and fluid build up. The fumes do obscure vision and severely irritates the eyes on most humanoid species while the eyes are exposed. The fumes cause minimal issues to armor directly but does stress any breathing units/filters to work twice as hard to filter the fumes.

If the fumes were to be ignited they burn roughly around 4700 degrees Fahrenheit for close to 3 Galactic seconds. This can cause various sorts of burns to unprotected skin of various races. The product of this reaction has high concentrations of Sodium Chloride.


Note: Only the Continent variant is a bomb and can't be 'fired' but can be detonated from a remote detonator. It comes in only a digital format or a timed analog trigger.

Other: Inside of doing a different tech device for every range increment I have decided to lump it all together.



  • Extremely cold and extensive explosion.
  • Acts just like a cryoban grenade (but different on size).


  • The Bomb variants can be deactivated on site.
  • One time use per bomb/missle. Can't be reloaded.


Crimson Dragon

07 February 2019 - 09:51 AM


  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Corporation Name: Crimson Dragon
  • Headquarters: Nar Shaddaa
  • Locations: Nar Shaddaa
  • Operations: Manufacturer of missiles, bombs, and personal vehicles.


Company makes and produces a variety of missiles, bombs and personal vehicles. Almost every thing is on built on site under strict conditions, with various strict protocols for everything in place. No customers are allowed on site and everything is done off site having to deal with customers and orders. Company is through strict in all aspects and has no problem enforcing these policies. No one has ever left the company and has had no history of any 'disgruntled' former employee.



Company originaly owned by some retired Republic soldiers and was bought out by Lao Tzu. Most of the company are veterans either Republic or otherwise. There are strict control on all the weapons on site regardless to who is welding them. Force Users are not allowed on site. Crimson Oni doesn't meddle in the particular day to day operations.

Subsidiaries: None



Parent Corporation: Crimson Oni (http://starwarsrp.ne...18-crimson-oni/)

Deathlock Drum

06 February 2019 - 11:05 PM


  • Intent:A Chaingun or Rotary cannon variant for the Akaata Clan.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms
  • Affiliation:Faction Name: Clan Akaata, extremely limited for everyone else.
  • Model: 1.214
  • Modularity: Moderate
  • Production:MinorFor Clan Akaata Only

  • Material: Neuranium, Durasteel, and Quadanium Steel


  • Classification: Chaingun
  • Size:Large
  • Weight:Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: High Military Grade Plasma based Blaster Bolt, Hybrid Rounds or Iridium Isotope / Quadanium slug rounds
  • Ammunition Capacity:Depends on Ammo.
  • Reload Speed: Slow

  • Effective Range: Average to Long Range
  • Rate of Fire: Very High
  • Stopping Power:Very High
  • Recoil:Average
  • Basic Information:
    - Total: 20.75 kg
    - Backpack: 10.75 kg
    - Weapon: 10.0 kg
  • Length:
    1,654 mm (Overall Length)
    1,143 mm (Barrel Length)

    Rate of Fire:
    Plasma: 925 to 975 rounds per minute
    Hybrid: 875 to 925 rounds per minute
    Slug: 800 to 850 rounds per minute


  • Types of Ammo:
  • High Military Grade Plasma based Blaster Bolt
    Basic plasma bolts that have been treated with Tibanna gas.
  • Hybrid Rounds
    Trimantium shell with encased Tungsten in a plasma state. This round is meant to damage both shields and armor.
  • Iridium Isotope / Quadanium slug rounds
    The shell of the round is Quadanium, with a Iridium tip. After the initial impact of the round, it violently explodes and fragments further into the target. The shells and rounds have been treated with high levels radiation.
  • Range:
    Plasma: 500 meters (400 Optimal)
    Hybrid: 450 meters (300 Optimal)
    Slug: 300 meters (175 Optimal)


  • High accuracy for chaingun.
  • Very High stopping power and rate of fire.
  • Different types of ammo.
  • Cooling system allows for continuous function up to two hours.


  • Models very on type of ammo used. Munitions can't be switched out or changed, like Hybrid rounds used in a Slug thrower.
  • Not immune to EMP and Ion attacks
  • Can go through ammo fast.

Deathlock Drum is purely a blunt object, but in a ranged capacity. It has been built to fire rounds, regardless of type, at a high rate and with some actual accuracy. The firing chambers for the three different types are the biggest difference between the three. There are some other minor differences basic on the munitions fired. The rest of the gun has been highly tuned to fire and essentially shot its munitions as well as physically possible. The firing chambers, and the triggers have been highly modified and customized so that they fire with extreme precision and power, at the expense of range (regardless of munition used).

The munitions regardless of the type, hit hard and with plenty of power. If the bolt or slug doesn't destroy the target, it will definitely register as a hit. The Deathlock Drum is classified as a heavy weapon and can be mounted on a tripod and fired. The HUD for this weapon can synced with most available military grade armors that are on the market which allows for both low light and infrared enhancement for use in night combat or when sight is an issue. And because it does sync with the user's armor and it can help with the accuracy of the firing.

The advanced cooling system that has been installed in this weapon allows for it to be fired for up to two hours without needing to cool off regardless of the munition. In addition to that the fire control and targeting software for this gun, syncs with most armor's AI and HUD seamlessly. The targeting software alone is cutting edge in precision. It has solid amount of AI algorithms which allows it to meet most military standards for such software and compensate up to even extreme situations and environments with at least a modest level of accuracy. This is of course without the usage of outside computers. It does have the access ports to sync with most military grade armors.

Two slug rounds from here can pierce most heavy armor chest pieces and damage it enough to do render most chest pieces useless. The same goes for the other rounds when it comes to hitting the armor straight on.